Roadmap of the ROOT Web Site

If this is your first visit to the ROOT site and you don't know what ROOT is, read the following chapters first:

If you are intrigued and want to know more, continue with:

If you want to play with the system yourself, download your own copy:

For a gentle hands-on introduction, follow the tutorials:

You like the system and want to use it for your own application:

Before reinventing the wheel have a look a the different HOWTO's:

For detailed help on all ROOT classes and members functions, see the reference manual:

If your question persists, have a look at the digest of the roottalk mailing list:

See how others are using ROOT:

Some miscellaneous items, like:

And in the unfortunate situation you find a bug in ROOT let us know as soon as possible:

We hope ROOT will help you solve your problems and that you have fun using it.

Rene Brun, Fons Rademakers
Last update 15/8/2000 by FR