Production Version 3.01


ROOT is available in binary and source form. The binaries are available for most supported platforms. The source is available as a tarball or from anonymous CVS and can easily be compiled on any supported platform/compiler combo.

For what is new in this version see the development notes.

Via Anonymous FTP



Note 1: Before downloading a binary version make sure your machine contains the right run-time environment. In most cases it is not possible to run a version compiled with, e.g., egcs on a platform where only gcc 2.95 is installed. In such cases you'll have to install ROOT from source.

Note 2: ROOT supports TrueType fonts also on X11 systems. On how to get TrueType font support in ROOT enabled see the TrueType install page. Please read this before downloading a binary version.

To install, unzip and untar the file. For example:

$ gunzip root_v3.01.06.HP-UX.B.10.20.aCC.tar.gz
$ tar xvf root_v3.01.06.HP-UX.B.10.20.aCC.tar

This will create the directory root. Before getting started read the file README/README. Remember, you can find the full documentation of the ROOT classes on this web site at the location Classes and Members. The distribution also contains all tutorials and a set of test programs.

Rene Brun, Fons Rademakers
Last update 10/07/2001 by RB