Production Version 5.22


ROOT is available in binary and source form. The binaries are available for most supported platforms. The source is available as a tarball or from anonymous Subversion and can easily be compiled on any supported platform/compiler combo.

For what is new in this version see the development notes.

There is currently a patch release available. For more information see the patch release information page.

Via Anonymous FTP




Note 1: Before downloading a binary version make sure your machine contains the right run-time environment. In most cases it is not possible to run a version compiled with, e.g., gcc4.3 on a platform where only gcc 3.4 is installed. In such cases you'll have to install ROOT from source. See the configurations used to build the binaries below.

To install, unzip and untar the file. For example:

$ gunzip   root_v5.22.00.Linux.slc4.gcc3.4.tar.gz
$ tar xvf  root_v5.22.00.Linux.slc4.gcc3.4.tar

This will create the directory root. Before getting started read the file README/README. Remember, you can find the full documentation of the ROOT classes on this web site at the location Classes and Members. The distribution also contains all tutorials and a set of test programs.

Linux SLC5

Linux SLC4


Mac OS X


Windows Installer Packages

Regular Windows installer package also setting up the required environment variables. With uninstall via "Control Panel" / "Add or Remove Programs". Simply download and start, or open directly.

Windows tar files

Note valid for all Windows versions

This version has been compiled with the ANSISTREAM compatibility option. To use this version, you may have to:
  1. Add the option -GX in your compiler options.
  2. In your includes replace iostream.h by Riostream.h
  3. Replace reference to MSVCIRT.LIB by MSVCPRT.LIB when linking.

The win32 versions have been compiled under VisualC++ 7.1. These versions may not run correctly under Windows95 or Windows98 (we do not support these obsolete versions anymore). To use these files with the old VisualC++ 6, you may have to download the following DLLs and store them in a directory accessible in your PATH: You may also need the MSVCR71.DLL file if you have VC++8. However several reports have indicated difficulties in using the binaries compiled with VC++7.1 with VC++8.0.

Procedure to install the FREE Microsoft VisualC++ The files described above have been compiled with the commercial version of VC++7.1 under Windows/XP Professional. Installing ROOT with the FREE version of VisualC++ has also been tested by Bertrand Bellenot. See Bertrand's instructions to install this FREE version.
See also Nick van Eijndhoven ROOT kit for Windows.

Some old Windows systems may also require:

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