ROOT status and short review

René Brun

CERN/IT, 1211 Geneva 23

Fons Rademakers

GSI/Darmstadt and Hewlett-Packard


The ROOT system initially developed in the context of NA49 at CERN is now being used by tens of experiments in HEP, Nuclear Physics, Astrophysics, data mining, etc. This paper summarizes the functionality of the current version 1.03 and its performance.

1. Project history

2. ROOT Users

3. Functionality: a quick summary

4. Benchmarks

5. Distribution

6. Areas for improvement

We list below some of the many improvements we intend to implement in the coming months:


Masahuru Goto is playing a fundamental role in the development of the C++ interpreter. Despite the distance, the communication channels are pretty effective. We would like to thank our colleagues Nenad Buncic and Valery Fine for their involment in the project. The NA49 collaboration has provided an excellent environment to prototype the system. Many thanks to Andres Sandoval and Gunther Roland in particular.