The Integral example

Pictures of Integral with OpenGL or X3D

The pictures below have been generated from the data base of the satellite Integral. This data base is created using the Geant3 system. The Geant data base has been converted to a Root data base via:

    g2root integral.rz integral.C
integral.C is a C++ procedure generated automatically by the conversion program g2root. The Root data base called integral.root has been generated in an interactive Root session. This data base can be viewed by Root (you need version 1.01/05) using the following commands:
Root >  TWebFile f("");
Root >  integral.Draw();

The first command connects a remote file using the services of the Root class TWebFile. The second command displays the picture of the object called "integral" in this Root file using some default settings. The picture can be interactively rotated via the X3D or OPENGL viewers by selecting the corresponding items in the VIEW toolbar menu.

The two pictures below are OPENGL views of subparts of the Integral detector.

The picture below is a wireframe view using X3D.