ROOT version 4.00 Development Notes

2004-07-09 21:24  brun

	* base/inc/RVersion.h, build/version_number:
	Stamp Production Release 4.00/08
	Next updates will go to the development version 4.01/01
2004-07-09 19:40  brun

	* base/src/TMath.cxx:
	Fix a compilation error for Solaris
2004-07-09 19:35  brun

	* test/
	from  Maarten Ballintijn
2004-07-09 19:22  brun

	* base/: inc/TMath.h, src/TMath.cxx:
	From Eddy Offermann
	1) New function GeomMean which caclculates the geomteric mean of
	    a sample
	2) Added the possibilty to use weights in the calculations of Mean
	    and Median
2004-07-09 18:31  brun

	Add Anna Kreshuk for her contribution to TMath, TH1::Chi2Test, TFitter GraphFitChisquare and more
2004-07-09 18:21  brun

	* test/README:
	From Eddy Offermann:
	Update the list of test programs in README
2004-07-09 18:21  brun

	* tree/: inc/TTree.h, src/TTree.cxx:
	Move TTree::SetTreeIndex implementation from the header to the cxx file.
	add comments concerning ownership of the TTreeIndex.
	Delete the TTreeIndex in TTree::BuildIndex if it is a Zombie.
2004-07-09 18:19  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TTreeIndex.cxx:
	Add additional protections in TTreeIndex constructor against impossible cases.
	When such cases are detected, the TreeIndex is MakeZombie. The object will be
	deleted by TTree::BuildIndex.
2004-07-09 14:47  brun

	* gui/src/TGPicture.cxx:
	The variable Bool_t retc was defdined twice and could be unitialized
2004-07-09 14:36  rdm

	* qt/src/.cvsignore:
	ignore the generated moc_*.cxx files.
2004-07-09 14:34  rdm

	* g3d/src/TPadOpenGLView.cxx, gui/src/HelpText.cxx,
	removed compile time ifdef R__QT and GDK_WIN32 by using run time check
	using gVirtualX->InheritsFrom("TGX11") or "TGQt".
2004-07-09 14:32  rdm

	* Makefile, configure, config/Makefile.depend, qt/,
	qt/, qt/, qtroot/
	correction in configure and build system for Qt modules.
2004-07-09 14:30  brun

	* build/unix/
	Exclude the vmc directory from the static build
2004-07-09 12:55  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TTreeIndex.cxx:
	Extend the functionality of TTreeIndex::GetEntryNumberFriend to support additional
	cases like a Tree Index in the friend disconnected from the parent Tree.
	Add more comments in this key function explaining the steps and decisions.
2004-07-09 12:41  brun

	* tree/src/TTree.cxx:
	In TTree::AddFriend functions, do not print a Warning message when the friend Tree
	has less entries than the parent Tree, but has a Tree Index
2004-07-09 11:21  brun

	* qt/LICENSE.QPL, qt/, qt/,
	qt/, qt/inc/LinkDef.h, qt/inc/TGQt.h,
	qt/inc/TObjectExecute.h, qt/inc/TQMimeTypes.h,
	qt/inc/TQUserEvent.h, qt/inc/TQtApplication.h,
	qt/inc/TQtApplicationThread.h, qt/inc/TQtBrush.h,
	qt/inc/TQtClientFilter.h, qt/inc/TQtClientGuard.h,
	qt/inc/TQtClientWidget.h, qt/inc/TQtEvent.h,
	qt/inc/TQtEventQueue.h, qt/inc/TQtMarker.h, qt/inc/TQtRConfig.h,
	qt/inc/TQtRootApplication.h, qt/inc/TQtRootThread.h,
	qt/inc/TQtThread.h, qt/inc/TQtThreadStub.h, qt/inc/TQtUtil.h,
	qt/inc/TQtWidget.h, qt/inc/TRootMainThread.h,
	qt/inc/TVirtualX.interface.h, qt/inc/TWaitCondition.h,
	qt/src/GQtGUI.cxx, qt/src/GQtGUIThread.cxx, qt/src/TGQt.cxx,
	qt/src/TGQtDummy.cxx, qt/src/TQMimeTypes.cxx,
	qt/src/TQtApplication.cxx, qt/src/TQtApplicationThread.cxx,
	qt/src/TQtBrush.cxx, qt/src/TQtClientFilter.cxx,
	qt/src/TQtClientGuard.cxx, qt/src/TQtClientWidget.cxx,
	qt/src/TQtEvent.cxx, qt/src/TQtEventQueue.cxx,
	qt/src/TQtMarker.cxx, qt/src/TQtRootApplication.cxx,
	qt/src/TQtRootThread.cxx, qt/src/TQtThread.cxx,
	qt/src/TQtWidget.cxx, qtroot/, qtroot/inc/LinkDef.h,
	qtroot/inc/TQtRootGuiFactory.h, qtroot/src/TQtRootGuiFactory.cxx:
	Add a new package "qt". Developed by Valeri Fine (, this new
	package is an implementation of TVirtualX based on the Qt library from Trolltech AS, Norway.
	The package is optional. When configuring ROOT, you can generate the libQtRoot
	library by adding, eg
	 --enable-qt \
	 --with-qt-incdir=$QT/include \
	 --with-qt-libdir=$QT/lib \
	where $QT points to the directory where the Qt software has been installed.
	The Qt version >= 3.1 is required for this interface.
	The Qt package itself must have been compiled with the same compiler
	and compiler options used to compile ROOT.
	Once the $ROOTSYS/lib/ (dll) library is created, one has
	the possibility to select this library as an alternative to libGX11
	by adding the following two lines in the local ".rootrc" file
	  Gui.Backend:                qt
	  Gui.Factory:                qt
	The package has currently been tested on Linux only.
	This first implementation may show some deficiencies compared to
	the libGX11 default version.
	Please report any problems with this version to as well as
2004-07-09 11:00  brun

	* gpad/src/TPad.cxx:
	Modify TPad::DrawCrosshair to use by default the full canvas range.
	Still  give the possibility to have the crosshair only in the pad
	if TPad::SetCrosshair(2) is called (default is 1).
2004-07-09 10:14  brun

	* minuit/src/TFitter.cxx:
	Fix a typo in comments
2004-07-09 10:10  brun

	* geom/inc/TGeoMedium.h:
	Add a new function SetId required by TGeant3 when TGeo is called directly
2004-07-09 10:02  brun

	* minuit/src/TFitter.cxx:
	In GraphFitChisquare, when using the effective variance technique,
	the chisquare must be divided by 2.
	Add comments about this technique (thanks Eddy Offermann)
2004-07-09 09:54  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TTreeIndex.cxx:
	Add an additional protection in TTreeIndex constructor in case one
	of the variables in the expression is not valid.
2004-07-09 09:41  brun

	* treeplayer/: inc/TTreeIndex.h, src/TTreeIndex.cxx:
	Rename the FormulaP to FormulaParent (members and functions)
2004-07-09 09:23  brun

	* base/src/TSystem.cxx:
	TSystem::SplitAclicMode was not protected against strings like
	"(px^2+py^2>4) && py>0"
	for example when executing the tutorial ntuple1.C
	valgrind reported invalid read access for local string arg.
2004-07-09 08:26  brun

	* winnt/src/Win32Splash.cxx:
	From Bertrand Bellenot
	Fix for the following problem with Win32
	While the splash screen is displayed, the first character typed in
	the command shell is missed.
2004-07-09 08:15  brun

	* rpdutils/src/rpdutils.cxx:
	select the call to ruserok with char* instead of const char* for alpha too.
2004-07-09 06:45  brun

	* proof/src/TPacketizer2.cxx:
	In  TPacketizer2::ValidateFiles remove unused variable Bool_t done
2004-07-09 06:40  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TTreePlayer.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	The choice of allowing TTree::Draw to take a filename is having
	an unplanned consequence.  We can call:
	We can also call
	However this means that
	now issues
	     Error in <TUnixSystem::ExpandFileName>: input: Entry$, output: Entry$
	     Error in <TUnixSystem::ExpandFileName>: input: ...
	     Error in <TUnixSystem::ExpandFileName>: ...
	The attached patch fix this problem.
	However if the user tree has a variable name var$var (well not nice but
	legal), we still get:
	     Error in <TUnixSystem::ExpandFileName>: input: var$var, output: var$var
	     Error in <TUnixSystem::ExpandFileName>: input: ....
2004-07-09 03:34  rdm

	* proof/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TProofDraw.h, inc/TProofPlayer.h,
	inc/TStatus.h, src/TDrawFeedback.cxx, src/TProofDraw.cxx,
	src/TProofPlayer.cxx, src/TStatus.cxx:
	From Maarten:
	- Implement TStatus to hold and communicate the status between players
	  (master and slave) and selectors
	- Use of TStatus in player
	- Use TStatus in TProofDraw and cleanup
2004-07-09 02:38  rdm

	add Abdelhalim Ssadik who ported the TGDockableFrame widget.
2004-07-09 02:36  rdm

	* test/guitest.cxx, tutorials/guitest.C:
	change dock window title.
2004-07-09 02:36  rdm

	* gui/: inc/TGDockableFrame.h, src/TGDockableFrame.cxx:
	some refinements (active highlighting when mouse moves over buttons).
2004-07-08 19:55  rdm

	* net/inc/TInetAddress.h, net/src/TInetAddress.cxx,
	unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx, winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	TInetAddress now has two extra vectors keeping alternative addresses
	and aliases for a host. They are filled when doing, e.g.:
	TInetAddress a = gSystem->GetHostByName("")
2004-07-08 19:50  rdm

	* freetype/
	fix in freetype path for MacOS X.
2004-07-08 19:42  brun

	* cint/src/: func.c, ifunc.c:
	From Philippe:
	 solve more problems with templated operator>>, operator<<, operator> and operator>.
2004-07-08 19:42  brun

	* base/: inc/TMath.h, src/TMath.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	TMath: Add a 3rd argument to the SortImp template to allow the size of the array to be
	a different type from the index. Also finally fix the compilation and linking on MSVC++ 6.0
2004-07-08 19:18  brun

	* gpad/: inc/TPad.h, src/TPad.cxx:
	When the crosshair is activated in a subpad, it is automatically activated also
	for the canvas pad and all its subpads
2004-07-08 19:11  rdm

	* proof/src/TPacketizer2.cxx:
	From Maarten:
	- fix slave per filenode limit bug
	- fix slave per filenode get entries bug
2004-07-08 19:01  rdm

	* gui/src/TGDockableFrame.cxx:
	From Valeriy:
	emits the Dock and Undock signals at the right places.
2004-07-08 18:18  brun

	* win32gdk/gdk/src/gdk/win32/rc/: cursor0c.cur, cursor0e.cur,
	cursor10.cur, cursor46.cur, cursor60.cur:
	New cursor shapes (X11 like) from Bertrand
	When installing this fix, before recompiling remove the
	following file:
	 rm  $ROOTSYS/win32gdk/gdk/src/gdk/win32/gdk.res
2004-07-08 16:45  brun

	* hist/: inc/TH2.h, src/TH2.cxx:
	from Anna Kreshuk:
	The function Chi2Test is implemented for 2-d histograms
2004-07-08 16:45  brun

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	Several protections added in TH1::Chi2Test by Anna Kreshuk.
2004-07-08 16:40  rdm

	* gui/, gui/inc/LinkDef3.h, gui/inc/TGDockableFrame.h,
	gui/inc/WidgetMessageTypes.h, gui/src/TGDockableFrame.cxx,
	test/guitest.cxx, tutorials/guitest.C:
	new TGDockableFrame widget, ported from xclass by Abdelhalim Ssadik.
	A TGDockableFrame is a frame with handles that allow it to be
	undocked (i.e. put in a transient frame of its own) and to be docked
	again or hidden and shown again. It uses the TGDockButton, which is a
	button with two vertical bars (||) and TGDockHideButton, which is a
	button with a small triangle. The TGUndockedFrame is a transient frame
	that on closure will put the frame back in the dock.
2004-07-08 16:18  brun

	* base/src/TMath.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	This patch work around the deficiency of MSVC++ 6.0 template instantiation mechanism.
2004-07-08 15:16  brun

	* tutorials/treefriend.C:
	Add a new tutorial treefriend.C
	// This tutorial illustrates how to:
	//   - create a simple TTree
	//   - Copy a subset of this TTree to a new TTree
	//   - Create a Tree Index
	//   - Make a friend TTree
	//   - compare two TTrees
	//   - Draw a variable from the first tree versus a variable
	//     in the friend Tree
2004-07-08 14:45  brun

	* base/src/TMath.cxx:
	From Anna Kreshuk:
	A simplified/faster version of TMath::Median functions.
2004-07-08 14:18  brun

	* base/src/TStyle.cxx, histpainter/src/THistPainter.cxx:
	In TStyle::SetOptFit implement a variant of an existing option
	// The type of information about fit parameters printed in the histogram
	// statistics box can be selected via gStyle->SetOptFit(mode).
	//  The parameter mode can be = pcev  (default = 0111)
	//    v = 1;  print name/values of parameters
	//    e = 1;  print errors (if e=1, v must be 1)
	//    c = 1;  print Chisquare/Number of degrees of freedom
	//    p = 1;  print Probability
	//    When "v"=1 is specified, only the non-fixed parameters are shown.
	//    When "v"=2 all parameters are shown.
	In THistPainter::PaintStat, take into account this option.
	By default fixed parameters are not shown.
2004-07-08 13:52  rdm

	* thread/inc/TThread.h, thread/src/TPosixThread.cxx,
	thread/src/TThread.cxx, tutorials/threads.C:
	several cleanups and a fix that allows TThreads to run also when not
	in the TApplication eventloop.
2004-07-08 13:50  rdm

	* base/: inc/TApplication.h, src/TApplication.cxx:
	add new method IsRunning() which returns true when TApplication::Run()
	has been called. It is sometime important to know is e.g. synchronous
	timers will run and they will not run when IsRunning() is false.
2004-07-08 12:19  rdm

	* gui/inc/TGMenu.h:
	xlC needs forward declarations for all friend classes.
2004-07-08 12:02  brun

	* gui/: inc/TGImageMap.h, inc/TRootContextMenu.h,
	src/TGImageMap.cxx, src/TRootContextMenu.cxx:
	From valeriy Onuchin:
	rename fCleanup by fTrash to avoid collisions
	VS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
2004-07-08 11:12  brun

	* base/inc/TZIPFile.h:
	Fix a compiler error in an enum declaration (extra ",")
2004-07-08 10:19  brun

	* base/: inc/TMath.h, src/TMath.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	The TMath::Sort functions are implemented via a templated function.
	This saves a lot of code.
	Other functions like Mean, RMS, BinarySearch will follow.
2004-07-08 10:17  brun

	* gui/inc/TGClient.h:
	Fix a wrong return type for GetListOfWindows.
	   THashList       *GetListOfWindows() const { return fWlist; }
2004-07-08 10:09  brun

	* treeplayer/: inc/TTreePlayer.h, src/TTreePlayer.cxx:
	add new function BuildIndex (called from TTree::BuildIndex).
	This new function craetes an instance of teh new TTreeIndex class.
	TTreePlayer::UpdateFormulaLeaves also takes care of updating
	the TTreeIndex TTreeFormula.
2004-07-08 10:08  brun

	* tree/: inc/TTree.h, src/TTree.cxx:
	The function BuildIndex is replaced by a call (via the TVirtualtreePlayer)
	to TTreePlayer::BuildIndex.
	New function TTree::LoadTreeFriend(Int_t entry, TTree *T)
	  // called by TTree::LoadTree when TTree *T looks for the entry
	  // number in a friend Tree (this) corresponding to the entry number in T.
	  // If the friend Tree has no TTreeIndex, entry in the friend and entry
	  // in T are the same.
	  // If the friend Tree has an index, one must find the value pair major,minor
	  // in T to locate the corresponding entry in the friend Tree.
	TTree::LoadTree has been modified to call the new function TTree::LoadTreeFriend.
	The functions: TTree::GetEntryNumberWithBestIndex,
	               TTree::GetEntryNumberWithIndex and TTree::GetEntryWithIndex
	have been modified to call the corresponding functions in the TTreeIndex.
	TTree::Streamer issues a Warning when reading an old style Index.
2004-07-08 10:08  brun

	* treeplayer/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TTreeIndex.h, src/TTreeIndex.cxx:
	This new class replaces the previous Tree index code.
	The class derives from the abstract interface TVirtualIndex.
	It provides the same functionality as the previous code, but
	in addition, it supports more complex cases.
	When a Tree friend has a TTreeIndex (created as before via
	TTree::BuildIndex), the friend tree and the parent Tree do not
	need to have the same serial numbers.
	The friend tree may have less or more events.
	When getting an entry in the parent tree, the corresponding entry
	in the friend will be computed via the index. Note that to support
	this new feature, the parent Tree does not need an index. Only the
	friend Tree must have an index. see comments in the TTreeIndex
2004-07-08 10:08  brun

	* tree/inc/TVirtualTreePlayer.h:
	Add a new function BuildIndex
2004-07-08 10:07  brun

	* tree/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TVirtualIndex.h, src/TVirtualIndex.cxx:
	New abstract interface to create Tree index classes.
	This interface is currently designed to support the new TTreeIndex class.
	It will evolve to support other types of indexing (bit slices, event list,e tc)
2004-07-08 10:07  brun

	* gui/inc/TGClient.h:
	From valeriy Onuchin:
	add two getters to TGClient class
	 - added TGClient::GetListOfWindows returns the list of all ROOT windows
	 - added TGClient::GetListOfPopups returns the list of all ROOT popup windows
2004-07-08 09:39  brun

	* gpad/src/TPad.cxx:
	In TPad::ExecuteEvent remove a special case for WIN32
2004-07-08 09:23  brun

	* win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx:
	From Valeri Onuchin:
	- fix entering Latex/Text in the pad under win32gdk
2004-07-08 07:25  brun

	* cint/: lib/prec_stl/map, lib/prec_stl/multimap, src/BaseCls.cxx,
	src/Method.cxx, src/expr.c, src/func.c, src/ifunc.c, src/new.c,
	src/newlink.c, src/parse.c, src/quote.c, src/var.c:
	From Philippe:
	This update imports the following CINT patches:
	 * 2068, uninitialized G__value::isconst
	 * 2071, TMath::pow wrong call
	 * 2072, f(arg) {const double x=arg;}
	 * 2088, FOO::operator> bug fix
	It also import some variables initalization and re-import some fixes using
	Masa's coding style.
2004-07-08 02:30  rdm

	* config/Makefile.macosx, config/Makefile.macosxxlc,
	config/, freetype/, test/Makefile.arch:
	more changes for port to MacOS X 10.4 (Tiger preview). ROOT now works on
	Tiger with gcc 3.5.
2004-07-08 02:28  rdm

	* cont/src/TClassTable.cxx:
	allow for longer class name when printing table.
2004-07-08 02:19  rdm

	* base/src/TZIPFile.cxx:
	used accidentally fArchiveName instead of fArchiveName.Data() in Info()
2004-07-08 01:25  rdm

	* base/, base/inc/LinkDef3.h, base/inc/TArchiveFile.h,
	base/inc/TFile.h, base/inc/TZIPFile.h, base/src/TArchiveFile.cxx,
	base/src/TFile.cxx, base/src/TZIPFile.cxx, config/,
	two new classes to read archive files. TArchiveFile is an abstract class
	which uses the plugin manager to load a concrete archive reader. Currently
	the TZIPFile class provides a ZIP archive reader. One can also imagine a
	TTARFile to read tar files. We advice however to use ZIP archives since they
	allow direct access to all its members via a directory structure which
	is part of the file. The archive file access has been integrated into TFile
	which also functions as byte reader to access the archive. This has the
	enormous benefit that archives can be accessed using all the existing
	remote file access classes, like TNetFile, TRFIOFile, TCastorFile, etc.
	When creating ZIP files containing ROOT files make sure that the ROOT files
	are not compressed since normally they are already ZIP compressed. on Linux
	one can create a ZIP archive doing:
	    zip -n root multi file1.root file2.root file3.root ...
	which creates the archive, with all files ending with .root
	not compressed.
	The ROOT files in an archive can be simply accessed like this:
	    TFile *f = TFile::Open("")
	    TFile *f = TFile::Open("root://pcsalo/")
	where the second form opens the 3rd ROOT file in the archive via rootd.
	A TFile can also be used to just browse an archive file, like:
	     TFile *f = TFile::Open("")
	A TBrowser interface will follow shortly.
	The core ZIP reading code has been kindly provided by Lassi Tuura.
2004-07-08 00:44  rdm

	* base/src/TDirectory.cxx:
	use Info() and Error() instead of cout and cerr.
2004-07-08 00:42  rdm

	* base/: inc/TDatime.h, inc/TTimeStamp.h, src/TDatime.cxx,
	add code to decode DOS encoded UInt_t time value.
2004-07-07 19:47  brun

	* eg/inc/TParticleClassPDG.h:
	The function Print argument Option_t *option has now a default value=""
2004-07-07 19:46  brun

	* base/inc/TBenchmark.h:
	The function Print argument Option_t *option has now a default value=""
2004-07-07 19:44  brun

	* physics/inc/: TVector2.h, TVector3.h:
	The function Print argument Option_t *option has now a default value=""
2004-07-07 17:03  brun

	* minuit/src/TMinuit.cxx:
	Add additional comments (thanks Fred James) about
	Minuit parameter errors in the presence of limits
2004-07-07 17:02  brun

	* gui/: inc/TGComboBox.h, inc/TGListBox.h, inc/TRootBrowser.h,
	src/TGListBox.cxx, src/TRootBrowser.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- keep history of draw option settings in browser
	- add few usefull methods, i.e.
	  TGLBEntry *TGListBox::GetEntry(Int_t id)
2004-07-07 12:17  brun

	* gui/: inc/TGComboBox.h, src/TGComboBox.cxx, src/TRootBrowser.cxx:
	From Valeri Onuchin:
	 - followups after last changes. Unmap listbox on button press outside listbox area.
	 - small correction to TRootBrowser "Draw Option"
2004-07-07 11:50  rdm

	* treeplayer/inc/LinkDef.h:
	fix typos:
	ROOT::TArrayProxy<UShort_t>  -> ROOT::TArrayProxy<Short_t>
	ROOT::TClaArrayProxy<UShort_t>  -> ROOT::TClaArrayProxy<Short_t>
	this fixes also the duplicate entry warning at startup (don't ignore the
	warnings :-)).
2004-07-07 11:23  brun

	* gui/: inc/TGComboBox.h, src/TGComboBox.cxx:
	From Valeri Onuchin:
	 - place combo box's listbox when arrow button is pressed
	 - add  text selection to text entry combo box
	 - code cleaning
2004-07-07 09:01  brun

	* geom/inc/TGeoMedium.h:
	From Andrei Gheata:
	Add a new Setter for TGeoMaterial (FLUKA business)
2004-07-06 18:34  rdm

	* rint/src/TTabCom.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	cleaner fix without ifdef for Win32.
2004-07-06 16:57  brun

	* minuit/src/TFitter.cxx:
	Remove unused variables fm and fp in GraphFitChisquare
2004-07-06 16:55  brun

	* graf/src/: TGraphAsymmErrors.cxx, TGraphBentErrors.cxx:
	Update misleading comments in the GetErrorX,Y functions.
2004-07-06 16:48  brun

	* graf/src/TGraph.cxx, minuit/src/TFitter.cxx:
	Improvement in TGraph::Fit:
	 a little different approach to approximating the uncertainty in y because of the
	 errors in x, is to make it equal the error in x times the slope of the line.
	 The improvement, compared to the first method (f(x+ exhigh) - f(x-exlow))/2
	 is of (error of x)**2 order. This approach is called "effective variance method".
	 This improvement has been made in version 4.00/08 by Anna Kreshuk.
2004-07-06 16:46  brun

	* gui/src/TGMenu.cxx:
	From Valeri Onuchin:
	- fix for menu bar hot key activation.
	 unmapping popup menu with Return/Enter, Escape keys
	 blocked the latest hotkey.
2004-07-06 15:53  rdm

	* rint/src/TTabCom.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	fix for loop in file name expansion on Win32.
2004-07-06 15:23  brun

	* gui/src/TGTextEntry.cxx:
	From Valeri Onuchin:
	- this fix makes highlight area in the TGTextEntry to be nicely centered
2004-07-06 12:57  brun

	* gui/: inc/TGMenu.h, src/TGMenu.cxx:
	From Valeri Onuchin:
	- binding arrow, Return, Enter, Escape keys for popup menu navigation
	  broke entering Latex/Text in TCanvas.
	  Here is the fix: bind keys, remove key bindings dynamically when
	  popup menu is placed/dispalced.
2004-07-06 12:55  brun

	* gui/: inc/TGComboBox.h, inc/TRootBrowser.h, src/TGComboBox.cxx,
	From Valeri Onuchin:
	 - new constructor added to TGComboBox class
	   TGComboBox(const TGWindow *p, const char *text)
	   That creates editable combobox.
	 - Use editable combobox for setting "Draw Option" in TBrowser
2004-07-06 11:04  rdm

	* base/src/TMath.cxx:
	use Info() and Error() instead of printf. Correct some formatting (identation
	must be 3 and not 2).
2004-07-06 10:34  brun

	* base/src/TMath.cxx:
	Fix a bug in the new function TMath::Sort(Long64_t...
	An internal variable was declared Long_t instead of Long64_t
2004-07-06 09:45  brun

	* graf/src/TGraphAsymmErrors.cxx:
	In TGraphAsymmErrors::BayesDivide add an option "w"
	 By default the function does not check this assertion.
	 if option "w" is specified, the function will fail if the histograms
	 have been filled with weights not equal to 1.
2004-07-06 09:28  brun

	* base/src/TMath.cxx:
	In TMath::BetaCf increase the maximum number of iterations from 100 to 500.
2004-07-06 09:11  brun

	* graf/src/TGraphAsymmErrors.cxx:
	Fix typos
2004-07-06 09:10  brun

	* base/src/TMath.cxx:
	In TMath::Betacf add a \n in a printf statement
2004-07-05 19:52  rdm

	* base/src/TString.cxx:
	the functions IsAlpha(), IsAlnum(), IsDigit() and IsHex() return false
	in case the string length is 0.
2004-07-05 19:51  brun

	* base/: inc/TMath.h, src/TMath.cxx:
	Add new prototype for TMath::Sort.
	   static void Sort(Long64_t n, const Long64_t *a, Long64_t *index, Bool_t down=kTRUE);
	This new prototype will be used by the new TTreeIndex class.
	Add new functions
	   static Double_t  ErfInverse(Double_t x);
	   static Double_t  ErfcInverse(Double_t x) {return TMath::ErfInverse(1-x);}
	TMath::Erf computes the inverse of the error function
2004-07-05 15:31  brun

	* table/src/TTableSorter.cxx:
	From Valeri Fine & Yuri Fisiak
	It fixes a crash when the user custom compare method is provided
2004-07-05 10:52  brun

	* geom/src/TGeoElement.cxx:
	From Andrei Gheata:
	added a protection against double instantiation of TGeoElementTable.
2004-07-05 09:02  brun

	* hist/src/TF1.cxx:
	Modify the original algorithm in TF1::Moment and TF1::CentralMoment to use
	the new C functions TF1_ExpValHelperx and TF1_ExpValHelper instead
	of the interpreted functions. This removes several limitations.
	Also initialize the parameters for the helper functions.
2004-07-05 08:55  brun

	* graf/src/TGraphAsymmErrors.cxx:
	In TGraphasymmErrors::BayesDivide, the test for histograms filled with weights
	was wrong.
2004-07-05 08:43  brun

	* graf/inc/TGraphAsymmErrors.h:
	The argument option is now optional in TGraphAsymmErrors::BayesDivide
2004-07-05 08:42  brun

	* ged/src/: TAttFillEditor.cxx, TAttLineEditor.cxx,
	TAttMarkerEditor.cxx, TAttTextEditor.cxx, TAxisEditor.cxx,
	TPadEditor.cxx, TPaveStatsEditor.cxx:
	Add more comments in headers.
	Rename gif files
2004-07-04 19:57  rdm

	* config/: Makefile.macosx, Makefile.macosxxlc:
	some more changes for Tiger.
2004-07-04 19:57  rdm

	* base/src/TString.cxx:
	remove out of place comment.
2004-07-04 19:48  rdm

	* base/src/TSystem.cxx, net/src/TNetFile.cxx,
	proofd/src/proofd.cxx, rpdutils/src/globus.cxx,
	From Gerri:
	1. TSystem.cxx, TNetFile.cxx:
	   two checks in TSystem::ConsistentWith and TNetSystem::ConsistentWith
	   were wrong in such a way to compensate each other;
	2. rpdutils.cxx:
	   missing extension in renaming .rhosts made permission
	   check ineffective
	   an initialization flag setting was misplaced
	3. globus.cxx, proofd.cxx
	   force null termination of std::string's after string::insert
	   I have seen the problem with gcc2.96 (also a guy that contacted
	   me saw the same): the new length is ok, but the newly allocate
	   memory is not reset; gcc2.95 should also have the problem, at least
	   looking at the gcc code, while for 3.x the STL implementation
	   seems completely re-written.
2004-07-03 22:39  brun

	* hist/src/TH2.cxx:
	In the functions ProjectionX,ProjectionY,SlicesX,SlicesY
	copy the attributes of the TH2 axis to the projection axis.
2004-07-03 22:37  brun

	* hist/: inc/TAxis.h, src/TAxis.cxx:
	Add a new function
	  void TAxis::ImportAttributes(const TAxis *axis)
	This new function is called from TH2::ProjectionX,Y and TH2::SlicesX,Y
2004-07-03 15:47  brun

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	In the TH1::Add functions do not use the absolute  value of the multiplying
	coeefficients when computing the resulting statistics, but their value.
2004-07-03 11:34  brun

	* metautils/inc/TClassEdit.h, utils/src/rootcint.cxx:
	Replace the enum kNone by kNotSTL to avoid a possible clash with
	the kNone in GuiTypes.h
2004-07-02 23:51  brun

	* tree/src/TEventList.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	Attached is a new format to eventlist->Print("all") in response to
2004-07-02 23:50  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TSelectorDraw.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	This patchs avoid crashing if the name of the TEventList used in TTree::Draw
	refers to an existing non-TEventList object.
	For example:
	   ntuple->Draw("px>>elist"); ntuple->Draw(">>elist");
	was crashing and now issues:
	   Error in <TSelectorDraw::Begin>: An object of type 'TH1F' has the same name as the requested event list (elist)
2004-07-02 23:48  brun

	* cint/iosenum/iosenum.win32:
	From Philippe:
	The iosenum.h is empty for windows and the default are inappropriate for the
	MS compiler.  Hence a simple command like:
	        ifstream f("myfile.txt",ios::in
	does not work (because ios::in
	The attached iosenum.win32 was (harduously) generated for the MS compiler
	and solved the problem (see
2004-07-02 20:36  rdm

	* base/inc/MessageTypes.h, base/inc/TSystem.h,
	base/src/TSystem.cxx, net/inc/LinkDef.h, net/inc/TFTP.h,
	net/inc/TNetFile.h, net/src/TFTP.cxx, net/src/TNetFile.cxx,
	rootd/src/rootd.cxx, unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	Patch to support 'system' functionality via the rootd daemon, so one
	can get file stat and access info and directory browsing via rootd.
	- TNetFile.h, .cxx
	  New class TNetSystem inheriting from TSystem.
	- net/inc/LinkDef.h
	  Added #pragma for TNetSystem
	- TFTP.h, .cxx
	  New methods AccessPathName, GetPathInfo, GetDirEntry,
	  OpenDirectory, FreeDirectory
	- TSystem.h, .cxx
	  New method ConsistentWith to allow different matching
	  criteria in the search for existing helpers (method
	- rootd.cxx
	  New functions RootdAccess, RootdFreeDir, RootdGetDirEntry,
	- MessageTypes.h
2004-07-02 17:43  brun

	* ged/src/: TAttFillEditor.cxx, TAttLineEditor.cxx,
	TAttMarkerEditor.cxx, TAttTextEditor.cxx, TAxisEditor.cxx,
	TPadEditor.cxx, TPaveStatsEditor.cxx:
	from Ilka
	add pictures showing the ged for all classes supporting the new editor
2004-07-02 15:46  brun

	* gpad/: inc/TUtilPad.h, src/TUtilPad.cxx:
	Add a static member
	     static Int_t   fgPanelVersion;   //DrawPanel version (0=old, 1= new)
	in TUtilPad::DrawPanel, add 2 lines to invoke the class TGedDrawpanel
	when fgPanelVersion>0
	fgPanelVersion may be set via
2004-07-02 15:42  brun

	* hist/src/TH2.cxx:
	In the functions TH2::FitSlicesX and TH2::FitSlicesY add new options "G2","G3","G4","G5"
	to group 2,3,4 or 5 consecutive bins when making the projections.
2004-07-02 15:25  brun

	* hist/: inc/TH1.h, src/TH1.cxx:
	From Anna Kreshuk
	Add new function
	Double_t TH1::Chi2Test(TH1 *h, Option_t *option, Int_t constraint)
	  //The Chi2 (Pearson's) test for differences between h and this histogram.
	  //a small value of prob indicates a significant difference between the distributions
	  //if the data was collected in such a way that the number of entries
	  //in the first histogram is necessarily equal to the number of entries
	  //in the second, the parameter _constraint_ must be made 1. Default is 0.
	  //any additional constraints on the data lower the number of degrees of freedom
	  //(i.e. increase constraint to more positive values) in accordance with
	  //their number
	  //"O" -overflows included
	  //"U" - underflows included
	  //"P" - print information about number of degrees of freedom and
	  //the value of chi2
	  //by default underflows and overflows are not included
	  //algorithm taken from "Numerical Recipes in C++"
2004-07-02 09:44  brun

	* tutorials/multicolor.C:
	New tutorial illustrating how to use a THStack to show
	 a 2-D histogram with cells drawn with different colors
2004-07-02 00:50  rdm

	* build/unix/, build/unix/,
	config/Makefile.macosx, config/Makefile.macosxxlc:
	changes needed for port to MacOS Tiger Preview.
2004-07-01 23:27  brun

	* tree/: inc/TNtuple.h, src/TNtuple.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	This patch allows for the 2nd arguments of TNtuple::Fill to have a default value.
2004-07-01 22:02  brun

	* cint/src/gcc3strm.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	I attached the modifications that are needed in gcc3strm.cxx to compile with gcc 3.4.0.
	There are 2 problems.
	One is that I could not find any trace of
	    ostream& operator<< (ostream&,const streampos&);
	in the gcc 3.3.1 or the gcc 3.4.0 header files.
	However it is in cint/lib/gcc3strm/iostrm.h and of course in gcc3strm.cxx
	The second problem is more fundamental.  In gcc 3.4.0, streamoff is defined
	as (include/c++/3.4.0/bits/postypes.h)
	  #ifdef _GLIBCXX_HAVE_INT64_T
	    typedef int64_t       streamoff;
	    typedef long long     streamoff;
	in turn int64_t is platform dependent.  In particular, on my node int64_t
	is typedef to an int.  In
	This leads to the compilation error:
	  cint/src/gcc3strm.cxx: In function `int G__G__stream_6_4_0(G__value*, const char*, G__param*, int)':
	  cint/src/gcc3strm.cxx:149: error: 'const class std::fpos<mbstate_t>' has no member named 'operator long int'
	As a quick fix, I simply replaced the implementatio of the wrapper so
	that it does not do an explicit call to the operator long:
	   const fpos<mbstate_t>*pos = (const fpos<mbstate_t>*)(G__getstructoffset());
	instead of
	   G__letint(result7,108,(long)((const fpos<mbstate_t>*)(G__getstructoffset()))->operator long());
	Of course, this is fundamentally wrong, since on a 64 bit platform, this will truncate the long long
	into a long.
	I am not sure what would be good solution (theoritically, it would require to make sure that the
	dictionary for fpos<mbstate_t> is different (long vs long long) on the appropriate platforms).
2004-07-01 20:49  rdm

	* net/src/TAuthenticate.cxx, proofd/src/proofd.cxx,
	From Gerri:
	Fix backward compatibility problem with 4.00.06 for the SSH method.
2004-07-01 20:45  rdm

	* base/: inc/TString.h, src/TString.cxx:
	add number of protections to avoid passing 0 to strlen.
	Add new methods: IsAlpha(), IsAlnum(), IsDigit(), IsHex().
2004-07-01 20:41  rdm

	* proof/src/TPacketizer2.cxx:
	From Maarten:
	Fix typo in new packetizer.
2004-07-01 18:27  brun

	* histpainter/src/TPainter3dAlgorithms.cxx:
	From Olivier:
	- When a THStack is drawn as a lego plot (option LEGO1), the top of each
	  bin is now drawn with the color of the highest non empty stack element
	  (for that particular bin). If all the stack elements are empty for a
	  given bin, the color of the lowest stack element is used. Previously the
	  top of the bin was always drawn with the color of the highest stack
	  The following macro shows the improvement:
	void legocol() {
	   TCanvas *c1 = new TCanvas;
	   Int_t nbins = 10;
	   TH2F *h1 = new TH2F("h1","h1",nbins,-4,4,nbins,-4,4);
	   TH2F *h2 = new TH2F("h2","h2",nbins,-4,4,nbins,-4,4);
	   TH2F *h3 = new TH2F("h3","h3",nbins,-4,4,nbins,-4,4);
	   THStack *hs = new THStack("hs","3 plots");
	   TRandom r;
	   Int_t i;
	   for (i=0;i<20000;i++) h1->Fill(r.Gaus(),r.Gaus());
	   for (i=0;i<20000;i++) h2->Fill(r.Gaus(),r.Gaus());
	   for (i=0;i<20000;i++) h3->Fill(r.Gaus(),r.Gaus());
	   Int_t bin;
	   bin = h1->GetBin(5,4);
	   bin = h1->GetBin(5,3);
	   bin = h1->GetBin(5,5);
2004-07-01 17:14  brun

	* geom/: inc/TGeoMaterial.h, src/TGeoElement.cxx:
	From Andrei Gheata:
	Minor changes in the element names
2004-07-01 17:10  brun

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	Add comments in TH1::GetRMS
2004-07-01 06:57  brun

	* html/src/THtml.cxx:
	From Axel Naumann:
	THtml sigsegvs when encountering a class with an unknown base class,
	trying to build the inheritance diagram. This fixes it.
2004-07-01 06:55  brun

	* base/: inc/LinkDef4.h, inc/TDirectory.h, src/ManualBase4.cxx,
	src/ManualBase4.h, src/ManualBase4Body.h, src/TDirectory.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	This patches renames TDirectory::GetObjectAny into TDirectory::GetObject.
	Since this interface has not been 'released' yet, no backward compatibility
	is provided.
2004-07-01 00:50  rdm

	* test/RootShower/.cvsignore:
	ignore build products.
2004-07-01 00:47  rdm

	* proof/src/TPacketizer2.cxx:
	From Maarten:
	fix off by one error.
2004-06-30 21:38  brun

	* configure:
	Fix to the configure by Axel for finding X11/Xlib.h
2004-06-30 20:42  brun

	* cint/src/ifunc.c:
	From Philippe:
	This patch avoids the buffer overrun condition that lead to a segmentation fault.
2004-06-30 18:52  rdm

	* configure, build/unix/
	put special thread detection case for win32gcc in configure and not
	in to avoid spread of special cases over too many files.
2004-06-30 15:04  brun

	* ged/: inc/TAxisEditor.h, src/TAxisEditor.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	additional code in TAxisEditor as follows:
	- fDecimal - new check button in the axis editor
	- DoDecimals(Bool_t on) - slot connected to the decimal part setting of
	axis labels.
2004-06-30 14:59  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TTreeProxyGenerator.cxx,
	tutorials/h1analysisProxy.C, tutorials/h1analysisProxy.h,
	From Philippe:
	This patch introduces a new conventions to access the user code in a TTreeProxy.
	As previously the input to the TTreeProxy is a script file (for example h1analysisProxy.C) and an optional cut script file (for example h1analysisProxyCut.C).
	MakeProxy generate a selector with a Process method containing:
	   if (h1analysisProxyCut()) htemp->Fill(h1analysisProxy());
	The addition is that, optionally, the generated selector will also
	call method named scriptname_methodname in each of 6 main selector
	methods if the method scriptname_methodname
	Concretely, with the script h1analysisProxy.C,
	  The method         calls the method (if it exist)
	  Begin           -> h1analysisProxy_Begin
	  SlaveBegin      -> h1analysisProxy_Begin
	  Notify          -> h1analysisProxy_Begin
	  Process         -> h1analysisProxy_Begin
	  SlaveTerminate  -> h1analysisProxy_Begin
	  Terminate       -> h1analysisProxy_Begin
	This means that now
	are equivalent (i.e. should produce the same result in the same
	amount of time (approx).
2004-06-30 13:54  brun

	* unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx:
	From Axel naumann:
	removes the "ldd not found"
	error at the startup of root, by calling cygcheck instead.
2004-06-30 12:40  brun

	* configure, build/unix/, config/Makefile.win32gcc:
	From Axel Naumann:
	Philippe fixed a typo in Makefile.win32gcc.
	The -pthread switch also needs to be removed when linking. Instead of
	introducing another if clause in configure I filtered it out in De we need REENTRANT here as well?
	configure checks for the X libs, but not for the X headers. At least for
	cygwin it has happened several times now that people ran into problems
	with that: configure completes successfully, even though only X11 libs
	were installed, but no headers. This patch adds a check
	for X11/Xlib.h, and tells people to install X11-devel if not found.
2004-06-30 12:31  brun

	* geompainter/src/TGeoTrack.cxx:
	Fix a mismatch between new and delete in TGeotrack::Draw
	   delete opt1;
	   delete [] opt1;
2004-06-30 12:30  brun

	* test/RootShower/icons/: Alice.xpm, cern.xpm, right.xpm,
	Remove unused icons
2004-06-30 11:57  brun

	* test/RootShower/: Makefile, RootShower.rc, icons/about.xpm,
	icons/browser.xpm, icons/help.xpm, icons/infos.xpm,
	icons/license.xpm, icons/manual.xpm, icons/open.xpm,
	icons/quit.xpm, icons/save.xpm, icons/settings.xpm,
	From Bertrand Bellenot:
	Here are a few mods for RootShower :
	 - Delete all files into RootShower/icons directory
	   and copy the new ones (gnome-like icons).
	 - Add RootShower.rc into RootShower directory (win32
	   resource script).
	 - Apply the patch on Makefile.
	This patch add rc compiler command and hides console
	window when executing RootShower (only for win32).
	It is also a good example showing how to add resources
	on a win32 application.
2004-06-30 11:34  brun

	* xml/src/TXMLPlayer.cxx:
	New version from Sergey Linev with enhancements to support STL containers.
2004-06-30 00:31  rdm

	* thread/
	use -D_REENTRANT instead of the -pthread flag on win32gcc.
2004-06-29 23:36  brun

	* html/src/THtml.cxx:
	From Axel Naumann:
	with this patch, classes starting with "ROOT::" are not known to THtml
	anymore, so no doc for them will be generated.
2004-06-29 19:39  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TTreePlayer.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	This patch fixes a problem in the protection against empty files in
2004-06-29 18:59  brun

	* cint/src/ifunc.c:
	From Philippe:
	Fix a problem (improper parsing of operator<< <xxx>())
2004-06-29 16:45  brun

	* xml/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TXMLBuffer.h, inc/TXMLDtdGenerator.h,
	inc/TXMLEngine.h, inc/TXMLFile.h, inc/TXMLPlayer.h,
	inc/TXMLSetup.h, src/TXMLBuffer.cxx, src/TXMLDtdGenerator.cxx,
	src/TXMLEngine.cxx, src/TXMLFile.cxx, src/TXMLPlayer.cxx,
	From Sergey Linev:
	I slightly modify xml package. I remove non used class TXMLDtdGenerator. I
	plan to move it's code in TXMLPlayer class later, when all code generation
	will be done. Do not forget to delete TXMLDtdGenerator.* files from
	root/xml/inc, root/xml/src and root/include directory.
	I fix problem for the case, when class inherits from STL class.
	I also add some comments to new TXMLPlayer class.
2004-06-29 08:49  brun

	* tree/src/TNtuple.cxx:
	Add more comments in TNtuple::Fill
2004-06-28 22:52  brun

	* cint/src/func.c:
	From Philippe:
	Support for %1$i in sprintf was not implemented in CINT
	It is implemented with the attached patch.
2004-06-28 19:31  brun

	* tutorials/tree2a.C:
	Correct comments to indicate that this example cannot be run with CINT
2004-06-28 19:00  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TBranchProxyDirector.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	One more problem fixed for hp-ux
2004-06-28 18:42  brun

	* treeplayer/inc/TBranchProxyDirector.h:
	Fix for a compilation error on hp-ux (by Phylippe)
2004-06-28 18:38  brun

	* treeplayer/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TBranchProxy.h,
	inc/TBranchProxyClassDescriptor.h, inc/TBranchProxyDescriptor.h,
	inc/TBranchProxyTemplate.h, src/TBranchProxy.cxx,
	From Philippe:
	Fix a problem with CR/LF characters at the end of the lines
	giving a problem with gcc2.95
2004-06-28 14:14  brun

	* histpainter/src/THistPainter.cxx:
	In THistPainter::PaintInit, optimize the computation of the Y range
2004-06-28 11:12  brun

	* xml/src/TXMLPlayer.cxx:
	Fix a portability problem with a redefinition of a loop index
2004-06-28 10:59  brun

	* rpdutils/src/rpdutils.cxx:
	Fix a mismatch between {} (thanks Olivier)
2004-06-28 10:46  brun

	* geom/: inc/TGeoElement.h, inc/TGeoMaterial.h,
	src/TGeoElement.cxx, src/TGeoManager.cxx, src/TGeoMaterial.cxx,
	From Andrei Gheata;
	Fix for a back incompatibility in TGeoMaterial.
	few other modifications for setting some
	material flags and cleaning-up the element table at the end.
2004-06-28 07:29  brun

	* treeplayer/: inc/TBranchProxyClassDescriptor.h,
	inc/TBranchProxyDescriptor.h, src/TBranchProxyClassDescriptor.cxx,
	src/TBranchProxyDescriptor.cxx, src/TTreeProxyGenerator.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	Fix a portability problem (gcc2.95)
2004-06-26 15:38  brun

	* graf/: inc/TCutG.h, src/TCutG.cxx:
	Add a new function:
	Double_t TCutG::Integral(TH2 *h, Option_t *option) const
	   // Compute the integral of 2-d histogram h for all bins inside the cut
	   // if option "width" is specified, the integral is the sum of
	   // the bin contents multiplied by the bin width in x and in y.
2004-06-26 01:12  rdm

	* net/src/TAuthenticate.cxx, unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx:
	From Kris Gulbrandsen:
	1) TUnixSystem::TempFileName uses TUnixSystem::ConcatFileName. ConcatFileName
	returns a string which is suppose to be deleted. TempFileName just set a
	TString equal to it and doesn't delete the returned string.
	2) TAuthenticate (non-default) constructor makes the variable "sproto" (with
	StrDup), eventually setting the TString fProtocol equal to it, but never
	deletes sproto.
	3) TAuthenticate::ReadRootAuthrc defines "char* authrc". There are numerous
	ways to leave this function without deleting authrc or setting authrc to
	something else without deleting the previous contents.
2004-06-26 00:49  rdm

	* test/.cvsignore:
	ignore test build products.
2004-06-26 00:45  rdm

	* treeplayer/inc/: TBranchProxy.h, TBranchProxyClassDescriptor.h,
	TBranchProxyDescriptor.h, TBranchProxyDirector.h,
	TBranchProxyTemplate.h, TTreeProxyGenerator.h:
	correct multiple inclusion ifdefs, must be of the form ROOT_<filename - .h>.
2004-06-26 00:44  rdm

	* base/src/TParameter.cxx:
	explicit instantiation not needed, types are already instantiated in the
2004-06-25 21:52  brun

	* test/RootShower/MyDetector.cxx:
	Remove unused parameters when calling the constructor of TGeoMaterial,
	to avoid an ambiguity with the new TGeoMaterial constructor.
2004-06-25 20:42  brun

	* tree/inc/TTree.h, tree/inc/TVirtualTreePlayer.h,
	tree/src/TTree.cxx, treeplayer/inc/LinkDef.h,
	treeplayer/inc/TTreePlayer.h, treeplayer/inc/TTreeProxyGenerator.h,
	From Philippe:
	This introduces the implementation of MakeProxy and Draw of a C++ function which
	is run in a context where the name of the branches can be used as a C++ variable.
	In TTree, we added a method MakeProxy and modified the behavior of TTree::Draw
	(by modifying TTreePlayer::DrawSelect).
	In TTreePlayer we added TTreePlayer::MakeProxy and TTreePlayer::DrawScript
	TTreeProxyGenerator is a new class implementing the generation of the skeleton.
	(TBranchProxyDescriptor and TBranchProxyClassDescriptor are helper class).
	A priori the tree parsing done by TTreeProxyGenerator could be used to
	re-implement improved an improve MakeClass/MakeSelector.
	TBranchProxy is the base class of a new hierarchy of classes implementing the
	indirect access to the branch of a TTree.  The main features are
	        - protection against array out-of-bound
	        - on-demand loading of branches
	        - ability to use the 'branchname' as if it was a data member.
	For example with Event.root:
	                Double_t somepx = fTracks.fPx[2];
	somepx is updated with the current fPx of the 3rd track.
	TTree::Draw as been updated so that upon seeing
	If h1analysis.C (and h1analysisCut.C in the 2nd case) are readable files,
	the new MakeProxy will be used __instead of__ TTreeFormula.  Currently
	TTreeFormula and 'TBranchProxy' can not be used together.
	In which case the means of parameters to TTree::Draw are more like:
	   Int_t TTree::Draw(const char *filename, const char *cutfilename,
	                     Option_t *option="",
	                     Int_t nentries=1000000000, Int_t firstentry=0);
	Both files are expected to be source file which contains at least a free
	standing function with the signature:
	        x_t filename();
	        y_t cutfilename();
	x_t and y_t needs to be type that can convert respectively to a double
	and a bool (because the code does; if(cutfilename()) htemp->Fill(filename());
	The 2 free standing function are run in a context such that the branch names
	are available as locally avaiable variable of the correct (read-only) type.
	If 'filename' is suffixes with an ACLiC mode, the ACLiC mode is inforced
	(Note that at this time, interpreted mode is not supported and if no ACLiC
	mode is specified, a '+' is used by default).
	The generated script file (currently generatedSel.h but subject to change in
	a future release) is intentionally __not__ deleted at the end of the processing.
	Also if the file already exist, it is updated if and only if the new version
	is different.  In particular this means issues twice in a row:
	does __not__ result in a second (useless) compilation.
	For example to draw px in hsimple.root just have a hsimple.C file:
	        double hsimple() {
	           return px;
	and do:
	        new TFile("hsimple.root")
	        tree = ntuple
	I attached a few examples, including a full port of the h1analysis tutorials.
	To use the h1analysis do:
	        TChain chain("h42");
	      chain.Add("$H1/dstarmb.root");  //  21330730 bytes  21920 events
	        chain.Add("$H1/dstarp1a.root"); //  71464503 bytes  73243 events
	      chain.Add("$H1/dstarp1b.root"); //  83827959 bytes  85597 events
	      chain.Add("$H1/dstarp2.root");  // 100675234 bytes 103053 events
	I also have an example working of all the new Event files:
	        new TFile("");
	        TTree * tree = (TTree*)file->Get("T");
	script0.C needs to be used for
	Also you can just generate the skeleton by doing:
	Where the non-split branches, will be made to look as if there were
	split up to 'splitLevel'. (i.e mean that their data members will
	be syntactically available as if they were split).
2004-06-25 19:27  rdm

	* base/, base/inc/LinkDef3.h, base/inc/MessageTypes.h,
	base/inc/TParameter.h, base/inc/TVirtualProof.h,
	base/src/TParameter.cxx, base/src/TSystem.cxx, net/src/TSocket.cxx,
	proof/inc/LinkDef.h, proof/inc/TDrawFeedback.h,
	proof/inc/TPacketizer.h, proof/inc/TPacketizer2.h,
	proof/inc/TProof.h, proof/inc/TProofPlayer.h,
	proof/src/TDrawFeedback.cxx, proof/src/TPacketizer.cxx,
	proof/src/TPacketizer2.cxx, proof/src/TProof.cxx,
	proof/src/TProofPlayer.cxx, proof/src/TProofServ.cxx,
	From Maarten:
	- new class TParameter
	- new class TDrawFeedback
	- fixes to the feedback of performance histograms
	- selection of the packetizer
	- cleanups
	Example commands:
	... package setup ...
	TDSet *d = make_tdset(2)
	TList *fb = new TList
	fb->Add(new TObjString("EventsHist"))
	fb->Add(new TObjString("CpuTimeHist"))
	TDrawFeedback *dfb = new TDrawFeedback((TProof*)gProof)
2004-06-25 19:15  brun

	* gui/src/: TGFrame.cxx, TRootCanvas.cxx:
	From Ilka
	Changes descrived in previous check-in
2004-06-25 19:13  brun

	* ged/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TAttFillEditor.h, inc/TAttLineEditor.h,
	inc/TAttMarkerEditor.h, inc/TAttTextEditor.h, inc/TAxisEditor.h,
	inc/TGedEditor.h, inc/TGedFrame.h, inc/TPadEditor.h,
	inc/TPaveStatsEditor.h, src/TAttFillEditor.cxx,
	src/TAttLineEditor.cxx, src/TAttMarkerEditor.cxx,
	src/TAttTextEditor.cxx, src/TAxisEditor.cxx, src/TGedEditor.cxx,
	src/TGedFrame.cxx, src/TPadEditor.cxx, src/TPaveStatsEditor.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	- implemented new method ConnectSignals2Slots() to avoid non pleasant
	behavior of selected object in the canvas;
	- improved comments;
	- TGGroupFrame::DrawBorder() - fix in border drawing to avoid extra space
	in the bottom of the group frame;
	-TRootCanvas::ReallyDelete() - missing a call to DeleteEditors() method;
	TPadEditor class provides GUI for an easy control of pad/canvas attributes.
	Users can set log scales, ticks and grids along x, y,z; border mode and
	size, etc.
	TPaveStatsEditor provides GUI for editing TPaveStats options.
2004-06-25 18:55  brun

	* xml/inc/LinkDef.h:
	reintroduce LinkDef.h with class TXMLPlayer
2004-06-25 18:53  brun

	* xml/: inc/TXMLPlayer.h, src/TXMLPlayer.cxx:
	New class from Sergey Linev (described later)
2004-06-25 18:50  rdm

	* xml/inc/LinkDef.h:
	remove pragma for unavailable class TXMLPlayer.
2004-06-25 18:49  rdm

	* configure, config/, config/,
	globusauth/src/GlobusAuth.cxx, krb5auth/src/Krb5Auth.cxx,
	net/, net/inc/AuthConst.h, net/inc/TAuthenticate.h,
	net/inc/THostAuth.h, net/inc/TSocket.h, net/src/TAuthenticate.cxx,
	net/src/TSocket.cxx, proof/src/TProofServ.cxx,
	proof/src/TSlave.cxx, rpdutils/, rpdutils/inc/rpdp.h,
	rpdutils/src/rpdutils.cxx, srputils/src/SRPAuth.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	- "Added support for Blowfish encryption for passwords and
	  tokens based on OpenSSL, in addition to the existing RSA
	  encoding. The type of key with highest priority is defined via the
	  "RSA.KeyType" variable in .rootrc (default is Blowfish).
	  The server side decides what to use according to its
	  own availability and the client request."
2004-06-25 18:30  brun

	* xml/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TXMLBuffer.h, inc/TXMLEngine.h,
	inc/TXMLSetup.h, src/TXMLBuffer.cxx, src/TXMLEngine.cxx,
	src/TXMLFile.cxx, src/TXMLSetup.cxx:
	From Sergey Linev;
	New version with some optimisation including a pre/post-processing for TObject and TString classes.
2004-06-25 14:53  rdm

	* sapdb/src/: TSapDBResult.cxx, TSapDBRow.cxx:
	change order of include files so TString.h is before the SAPDB includes.
	The SAPDB includes define min and max and that interferes with std::string
	which is included in TString.h.
2004-06-25 14:13  brun

	* geompainter/: inc/TGeoPainter.h, src/TGeoPainter.cxx:
	From Andrei Gheata:
	Remove all PaintNext functions.
2004-06-25 14:00  brun

	* tutorials/geodemo.C:
	From Andrei Gheata:
	tutorial geodemo.C modified to take into account the new shapes.
2004-06-25 13:59  brun

	* geom/:, inc/LinkDef1.h, inc/TGeoBBox.h,
	inc/TGeoBoolNode.h, inc/TGeoCompositeShape.h, inc/TGeoCone.h,
	inc/TGeoElement.h, inc/TGeoManager.h, inc/TGeoMaterial.h,
	inc/TGeoParaboloid.h, inc/TGeoPcon.h, inc/TGeoPgon.h,
	inc/TGeoShape.h, inc/TGeoSphere.h, inc/TGeoTorus.h, inc/TGeoTube.h,
	inc/TGeoXtru.h, inc/TVirtualGeoPainter.h, src/TGeoBBox.cxx,
	src/TGeoBoolNode.cxx, src/TGeoCompositeShape.cxx, src/TGeoCone.cxx,
	src/TGeoElement.cxx, src/TGeoEltu.cxx, src/TGeoManager.cxx,
	src/TGeoMaterial.cxx, src/TGeoParaboloid.cxx, src/TGeoPcon.cxx,
	src/TGeoPgon.cxx, src/TGeoSphere.cxx, src/TGeoTorus.cxx,
	src/TGeoTube.cxx, src/TGeoXtru.cxx:
	From Andrei Gheata:
	- TGeoShape::PaintNext() removed from all shapes (for the new
	visualization system to be introduced shortly).
	The new mechanism is implemented in
	TGeoPainter::PaintShape (uses gGeoManager as we discussed), but it also
	affect some shapes (TGeoCompositeShape at least)
	- New  files: TGeoElement.h /.cxx representing a chemical element. This
	is very helpful for the implementation of TFluka. Materials/mixtures can
	be now built also based on this new class. An element table is kept
	always transient in memory.
	- Mihaela implemented the TGeoParaboloid shape: new files:
2004-06-25 12:17  brun

	* base/src/TBrowserImp.cxx:
	Forgot classname in constructor!
2004-06-25 12:10  brun

	* base/: inc/TBrowserImp.h, src/TBrowserImp.cxx:
	Remove a compiler warning for an unused argument
2004-06-25 11:56  brun

	* base/: inc/TSystem.h, src/TSystem.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	Add a new function:
	 Bool_t TSystem::IsFileInIncludePath(const char *name)
	    // Return true if 'name' is a file that can be found in the ROOT include
	    // path or the current directory.
	    // If 'name' contains any ACLiC style information (aka trailing +[+][g|O]),
	    // it is first strip of 'name'.
2004-06-25 01:34  rdm

	* base/src/TKey.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	Thist patch adds support for the self referencing of __any__ object being read.
2004-06-25 00:55  rdm

	* tutorials/: h1analysis.C, h1analysis.h:
	new version that works on PROOF with the updated TSelector class.
2004-06-24 18:57  rdm

	* histpainter/src/THistPainter.cxx:
	From Matt LeBourgeois:
	fixes the problem with the drawing of empty bins. The fix was easy because
	if there is a log scale then there can't be any negative values for z
	therefore the logic statement was changed to if z==0 and
	(zmin>0 or Hoption.logz) then continue.
2004-06-24 17:19  rdm

	* proof/etc/proof.conf.sample:
	forgot to update some example lines to the new prefferred "master" and
	"worker" directives.
2004-06-24 16:54  rdm

	* proof/etc/proof.conf.sample:
	use the new "master" and "worker" directives to describe the PROOF cluster.
2004-06-24 16:54  rdm

	* proof/src/TProof.cxx:
	Following changes:
	- change "node" line to "master" in PROOF config file (of course "node"
	  remains supported too). In addition to "slave" also "worker" is recongnized
	  to describe slave servers.
	- first look for a "master" line in the config file, if the current node is
	  not a valid master return. Previously slaves were directly created while
	  reading of the file and then the session could still be terminated in case
	  the master line was not correct (after possibly having started many slaves).
	- in Collect(), mess can be 0 in case the remote server died, this was
	  not protected.
2004-06-24 11:12  brun

	* matrix/src/TMatrixD.cxx:
	Add support for reading version 1 TMatrixD objects. This piece of code was lost
	in a recent modification.
2004-06-24 08:17  brun

	* utils/src/rootcint.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	This patch insures that the name of the helper functions (for example
	ShowMembers for a foreign class) are consistent even when the template
	parameter is a Long64_t (or ULong64_t).
2004-06-23 22:46  brun

	* gpad/src/TCanvas.cxx:
	From Valeri Fine:
	Fixes in some constructors rationalizing the test fCanvasID == -1
	This was generating occasional crashes with the old win32 or the new Qt version.
2004-06-23 21:41  brun

	* cint/src/tmplt.c:
	From Philippe:
	Currently when parsing a class, the template lookup does not look at the
	result of using statement done in the global namespace.
	Also when parsing a class, the template lookup does not at the result
	of using statement done in the enclosing namespaces (if any)
	This patch corrects both situations.  The patch is against
	cint 5.15.138.  The diffs contains a lot of white spaces changes.
2004-06-23 21:23  brun

	* win32gdk/gdk/src/gdk/win32/gdkwindow-win32.c:
	From Bertrand Bellenot:
	Patch solving the problem reported by Ed  Oltman on the forum :
	GUI question: special characters in window name? ( )
2004-06-23 10:57  brun

	* tutorials/: portfolio.C, stock.root:
	From Eddy Offermann:
	The data are now stored in a tree as integers (after
	multiplying by 100.) . Previous version with Float_t
	had some spurious rounding issues, making the
	compression not optimal . Current stock.root file
	is around 164 Kb
	The portfolio.C has a change in the definition of
	(p2/p1 instead of p2-p1) .
2004-06-23 10:32  rdm

	* test/
	add script that shows how to make a PROOF package the will build libEvent
	on PROOF.
2004-06-23 10:31  rdm

	* base/src/TFile.cxx:
	improve algorithm to decide to use a local TFile in case specified host
	and local host are the same in a TFile::Open("root://...."):
	If the url points to the localhost and the file will be opened in
	readonly mode and the current user has read access or the specified
	user is equal to the current user then open local TFile.
2004-06-23 00:00  brun

	* base/inc/RConfig.h:
	From Philippe:
	To fix alpha/egcs, the RConfig.h needs to be correct by defining R__PLACEMENTINLINE
	for that configuration.
2004-06-22 23:55  brun

	* utils/src/rootcint.cxx:
	Fix a failure on windows/VC++, alpha/cxx6 and sgi/CC
	due to a difference in the library loading order.
2004-06-22 21:57  brun

	* matrix/: inc/TMatrixDBase.h, inc/TMatrixFBase.h, inc/TVectorD.h,
	inc/TVectorF.h, src/TMatrixD.cxx, src/TMatrixDBase.cxx,
	src/TMatrixDSparse.cxx, src/TMatrixDSym.cxx, src/TMatrixF.cxx,
	src/TMatrixFBase.cxx, src/TMatrixFSym.cxx, src/TVectorD.cxx,
	From Eddy Offermann:
	A new patch for the Streamer functions:
	- The version of 4 classes has been increased by one :
	    TMatrixFBase,TMatrixDBase,TVectorF and TVectorD  .
	- The kStatus bit meaning has been reversed:
	   0 : valid
	   1 : invalid
	  Increasing the class version makes it backward compatible
	This patch should solve backward compatibility issues after
	introducing on 27-may-2004 TObject::fBits to store validity state
	for vectors and matrices (instead of making fNrows =-1) .
	  It was noted by Kris Gulbrandsen .
	It also fixes a bug when reading (!)  a vector with
	length <= 5 .
	For the cvs-record a summary of the version history:
	             3.10/02      4.00/a   4.00/b   4.00/c now
	TMatrixFBase   -          2        2        2       4
	TMatrixF       -          3        3        3       3
	TMatrix        2          3        3        3       3
	TMatrixFSym    -          1        1        1       1
	TMatrixDBase   -          2        3        3       4
	TMatrixD       2          3        3        3       3
	TMatrixDSym    -          1        1        1       1
	TMatrixDSparse -          -        1        1       1
	TVector        2          3        3        3       3
	TVectorF       -          2        2        2       3
	TVectorD       2          2        2        2       3
	4.00/a : (Jan 25 2004) introduced new classes/inheritance scheme,
	         TMatrix now inherits from TMatrixF
	4.00/b : (May 12 2004) introduced TMatrixDSparse and added new element
	         fNRowIndex to TMatrixFBase and TMatrixDBase
	4.00/c : (May 27 2004) Used the TObject::fBits to store validity state
	          for vectors and matrices
2004-06-22 20:47  brun

	* base/src/TROOT.cxx, meta/inc/TStreamerInfo.h,
	meta/src/TStreamerInfoReadBuffer.cxx, utils/src/rootcint.cxx,
	From Philippe:
	Update IncrementLevel and DecrementLevel to call their TBuffer
	Increase the class version to allow backward compatibility test
	(STL containers of pointer to a class not inheriting from TObject
	but with a ClassDef.)
	TXmlBuffer.cxx TStreamerInfo.cxx
	formatting updates
	rootcint.cxx TROOT.cxx
	Made sure that the version number of a STL continer's TClass is
	always the same as TStreamerInfo's class version.
	Fix a backward compatibility problem with STL containers of
	pointer to a class not inheriting from TObject but with a ClassDef.
2004-06-22 20:11  brun

	* meta/src/TStreamerInfo.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	Disable optimisation in case a class has consecutive data members
	of type char*
2004-06-22 20:09  brun

	* base/: inc/TBuffer.h, src/TBuffer.cxx:
	From Philippe
	TBuffer manages a stack of TStreamerInfo filled by IncrementLevel
	and DecrementLevel.
2004-06-22 19:30  brun

	* winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	From Bertrand  Bellenot:
	fix for a problem reported by Ed Oltman with subdirectory names
	finishing with a backslash
2004-06-22 18:27  rdm

	* gui/: inc/TGFrame.h, src/TGFrame.cxx:
	From Valeriy:
	- new method TGCompositeFrame::SetCleanup() added. If fCleanup flag is kTRUE
	  Cleanup() method will be called in destructor. We recommend to apply
	  SetCleanup() for every created TGCompositeFrame. That allows to
	  deallocate all subframes recursively when a toplevel frame is deleted.
	  But be aware that layout hints cannot be shared in that case!
2004-06-22 18:18  brun

	* graf/src/TGraph.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- allow to set draw option via TBrowser for browsing TGraph
2004-06-22 18:05  rdm

	* win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	fix focus change in case of tooltips.
2004-06-22 17:36  brun

	* base/inc/TBrowser.h, base/inc/TBrowserImp.h,
	gui/inc/TRootBrowser.h, gui/src/TGTextEntry.cxx,
	gui/src/TRootBrowser.cxx, hist/src/TF1.cxx, hist/src/TH1.cxx,
	hist/src/THStack.cxx, tree/src/TBranch.cxx,
	tree/src/TBranchElement.cxx, tree/src/TLeaf.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- this patch allows to set draw option while  browsing TFiles/TTrees
2004-06-22 17:13  rdm

	* test/Makefile:
	fix link procedure of qprandom now Quadp is not anymore in root-config lib list.
2004-06-22 16:55  rdm

	* config/
	use -pthread for linux (was already for freebsd).
2004-06-22 16:25  rdm

	* proof/src/TProof.cxx:
	don't ask status from all slaves, including bad ones which, of course, will
	cause the system to hang. Only ask status of Active slaves.
2004-06-22 16:23  rdm

	* config/
	don't link by default with libQuadp.
2004-06-22 15:50  brun

	* build/unix/
	Exclude ruby from the list of packages in the static version.
2004-06-22 13:01  rdm

	* globusauth/src/.cvsignore:
	ignore the file globus_gsi_credential.c generated by configure.
2004-06-22 10:39  rdm

	* base/src/TQObject.cxx:
	don't check for fListOfSignals in case of class wide signals, which are
	in the list slist which is checked to exist.
2004-06-22 08:42  brun

	* tree/: inc/TChain.h, src/TChain.cxx:
	Implement function TChain::GetEntryWithIndex.
	The function in the base class TTree cannot work for TChain.
2004-06-22 08:18  brun

	* tree/src/TTree.cxx:
	Add more comments in the TTree::AddFriend functions.
2004-06-21 17:53  brun

	* matrix/inc/LinkDef.h, matrix/inc/TMatrixD.h,
	matrix/inc/TMatrixDBase.h, matrix/inc/TMatrixDSparse.h,
	matrix/inc/TMatrixDSym.h, matrix/inc/TMatrixDUtils.h,
	matrix/inc/TMatrixF.h, matrix/inc/TMatrixFBase.h,
	matrix/inc/TMatrixFSym.h, matrix/inc/TMatrixFUtils.h,
	matrix/inc/TVectorD.h, matrix/inc/TVectorF.h,
	matrix/src/TMatrixD.cxx, matrix/src/TMatrixDBase.cxx,
	matrix/src/TMatrixDSparse.cxx, matrix/src/TMatrixDSym.cxx,
	matrix/src/TMatrixDUtils.cxx, matrix/src/TMatrixF.cxx,
	matrix/src/TMatrixFBase.cxx, matrix/src/TMatrixFSym.cxx,
	matrix/src/TMatrixFUtils.cxx, matrix/src/TVectorD.cxx,
	matrix/src/TVectorF.cxx, test/stressLinear.cxx:
	from Eddy Offermann:
	This update contains the following changes:
	1) Added the classes TMatrixDSub_const and TMatrixDSub:
	   These classes provide a reference to a sub part of
	   a matrix .
	   TMatrixDSub(a,1,3,1,3) = TMatrixDSub_const(b,5,7,8,10)
	   (this copies a (2x2) matrix from b to a)
	   TMatrixDSub(a,1,3,1,3) *=TMatrixDSub_const(b,5,7,8,10)
	   (this multiplies a (2x2) matrix of a by b)
	2) SetSub and GetSub have TMatrixD/FBase as one of the
	   arguments, so a TMatrixDSym can fill a TMatrixDSym or
	   TMatrixDSparse matrix .
	   Also the otherway around a TMatrixDSparse can fill
	   any other kind . This transfer between a dens and sparse
	   matrix was orginally not foreseen, now it is !
	3) Functions of type void now return a reference tol "*this",
	   for instance :
	   void ResizeTo(Int_t nrows,Int_t ncols,Int_t nr_nonzeros=-1)
	   TMatrixDBase &ResizeTo(Int_t nrows,Int_t ncols,Int_t nr_nonzeros=-1)
	4) Many assignments in the matrix view classes TMatrixD/FRow,
	   TMatrixD/FColumn, TMatrixD/FDiag and TMatrixD/FFlat
	   were too restrictive for instance
	    void TMatrixDRow::operator=(const TMatrixDRow_const &mr)
	   demanded that the underlying matrices were compatible instead of
	   just the rows ! This has been changed !
	5) Made sure that everywhere, a call to Error  goes together with a
	   Invalidate() of the appropriate matrix.
	6) Added test for TMatrixDSub in stressLinear.cxx
2004-06-21 17:41  brun

	* tutorials/galaxy_image.C:
	From Reiner.Rohlfs:
	I modified slightly the galaxy_image.C macro to define the margins on all
	sides. I think now the image looks better.
2004-06-21 14:42  rdm

	* gui/: inc/TGColorDialog.h, src/TGColorDialog.cxx,
	From Ilka:
	- correction of signature of ColorSelected() signal
	- set the ROOT colors from index 10 to 58 as pallette colors
	- setup the first 10 ROOT colors in TG16CColorSelector + complete the
	  rest with other ROOT colors (proposed by Bertrand).
2004-06-21 12:47  brun

	* gpad/src/TCanvas.cxx:
	In TCanvas::SavePrimitive and SaveSource, do not save the editor status.
2004-06-21 11:49  rdm

	* configure, base/src/TROOT.cxx, config/Makefile.linux,
	config/, thread/
	on linux and fbsd use -pthread option for compiling and linking instead
	of -D_REENTRANT and -lpthread.
2004-06-21 08:05  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TSelectorDraw.cxx:
	Add more comments in TSelectorDraw::TakeEstimate and fix a memory leak
	in case of T.Draw("y:x")
2004-06-20 16:46  brun

	* config/Makefile.linux:
	Add -lpthread to SYSLIBS.
	This is required when linking and --disable-shared
	has been specified.
2004-06-19 17:57  brun

	* hist/: inc/TH1.h, src/TH1.cxx:
	Remove function TH1::SmoothMedian and replace it by TMath::MedianSorted
2004-06-19 17:47  brun

	* graf/: inc/TGraphAsymmErrors.h, src/TGraphAsymmErrors.cxx:
	Remove the local protected function TGraphAsymmErrors::Betacf
	and replace it by calls to the new function TMath::BetaCf.
2004-06-19 16:02  brun

	* tutorials/mathStudent.C:
	New tutorial illustrating some of the new functions in TMath.
2004-06-19 15:38  brun

	* base/: inc/TMath.h, src/TMath.cxx:
	Add new functions to TMath:
	   //Mean, Median, RMS
	   static Double_t  Mean(Int_t n, const Short_t *a);
	   static Double_t  Mean(Int_t n, const Int_t *a);
	   static Double_t  Mean(Int_t n, const Float_t *a);
	   static Double_t  Mean(Int_t n, const Double_t *a);
	   static Double_t  Mean(Int_t n, const Long_t *a);
	   static Double_t  Mean(Int_t n, const Long64_t *a);
	   static Short_t   Median(Int_t n, const Short_t *a);
	   static Int_t     Median(Int_t n, const Int_t *a);
	   static Float_t   Median(Int_t n, const Float_t *a);
	   static Double_t  Median(Int_t n, const Double_t *a);
	   static Long_t    Median(Int_t n, const Long_t *a);
	   static Long64_t  Median(Int_t n, const Long64_t *a);
	   static Double_t  MedianSorted(Int_t n, Double_t *a);
	   static Double_t  RMS(Int_t n, const Short_t *a);
	   static Double_t  RMS(Int_t n, const Int_t *a);
	   static Double_t  RMS(Int_t n, const Float_t *a);
	   static Double_t  RMS(Int_t n, const Double_t *a);
	   static Double_t  RMS(Int_t n, const Long_t *a);
	   static Double_t  RMS(Int_t n, const Long64_t *a);
	   // Statistics
	   static Double_t Beta(Double_t p, Double_t q);
	   static Double_t BetaCf(Double_t x, Double_t a, Double_t b);
	   static Double_t BetaIncomplete(Double_t x, Double_t a, Double_t b);
	   static Double_t BinomialI(Double_t p, Int_t n, Int_t k);
	   static Double_t FDist(Double_t F, Double_t N, Double_t M);
	   static Double_t FDistI(Double_t F, Double_t N, Double_t M);
	   static Double_t Student(Double_t T, Double_t ndf);
	   static Double_t StudentI(Double_t T, Double_t ndf);
2004-06-19 11:18  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TSelectorDraw.cxx:
	Reintroduce optimisation in TSelectorDraw::TakeEstimate when drawing
	a scatter-plot and the output into a user histogram has been requested.
	In this case, one must DrawCopy the histogram before filling it and before
	drawing the TGraph.
2004-06-19 00:26  brun

	* ged/src/TGedEditor.cxx:
	Remove debug print statements
2004-06-19 00:13  brun

	* ged/src/TAttTextEditor.cxx:
	#include "snprintf.h" was also missing in this file
2004-06-19 00:10  brun

	* ged/src/TAttMarkerEditor.cxx:
	Add missing #include "snprintf.h"
	The file did not compile on Windows (and may be other systems)
2004-06-18 23:46  brun

	* ged/: inc/TGedFrame.h, src/TGedFrame.cxx:
	This new class was forgotten in the previous check-in
2004-06-18 23:13  brun

	* base/src/TMath.cxx:
	One of the coefficients in TMath::BesselK0 was wrong (7.4e-5 instead of 7.4e-6)
2004-06-18 17:55  brun

	* ged/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TAttFillEditor.h, inc/TAttLineEditor.h,
	inc/TAttMarkerEditor.h, inc/TAttTextEditor.h, inc/TAxisEditor.h,
	inc/TGedAttFrame.h, inc/TGedPropertyFrame.h,
	src/TAttFillEditor.cxx, src/TAttLineEditor.cxx,
	src/TAttMarkerEditor.cxx, src/TAttTextEditor.cxx,
	src/TAxisEditor.cxx, src/TGedAttFrame.cxx,
	From Ilka:
	- new classes:
	  TGedElement      - service class for registering the available attribute
	                     editors and the canvas they are related to;
	  TGedFrame        - base class of attribute editors
	  TGedNameFrame    - in use to show the selected object name
	  TAttFillEditor   - attribute editor related to the TAttFill class
	  TAttLineEditor   - attribute editor related to the TAttLine class
	  TAttMarkerEditor - attribute editor related to the TAttMarker class
	  TAttTextEditor   - attribute editor related to the TAttText class
	  TAxisEditor      - attribute editor related to the TAxis class
	- removed classes:
2004-06-18 17:50  brun

	* ged/: inc/TGedEditor.h, src/TGedEditor.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	- TGedEditor class is changed completely to allow the freedom of loading any
	  available attribute editor. There is a name convention to follow for this
	  purpose: the name of the attribute editor is the class name + 'Editor',
	  (i.e. the attribute editor of TAxis should be called TAxisEditor)
2004-06-18 17:49  brun

	* base/: inc/TVirtualPadEditor.h, src/TVirtualPadEditor.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	- new interface method DeleteEditors()
2004-06-18 17:48  brun

	* gui/src/TRootCanvas.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	- call fEditor->DeleteEditors() to clean up all attribute editors connected
	  to the canvas before to delete the real canvas (TCanvas)
2004-06-18 17:48  brun

	* gpad/: inc/TCanvas.h, src/TCanvas.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	- correction in the argument type of Selected() method -
	  first agrument was changed to TPad in February but it should be
	  TVirtualPad (as by origin)
2004-06-18 17:47  brun

	* meta/: inc/TClass.h, src/TClass.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	- added a new data member and its getter:
	  TList  *fClassEditors;    //list of class editors
	  TList  *GetEditorList()
2004-06-18 15:57  rdm

	* gui/inc/TRootEmbeddedCanvas.h:
	make HandleContainer methods protected and virtual.
2004-06-18 15:46  rdm

	* configure:
	when --enable-ruby is selected also force explicitlink option.
2004-06-18 13:55  brun

	* win32gdk/gdk/src/gdk/win32/gdkevents-win32.c:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	  - reported
	    that AddInput(kKeyPressMask | kKeyReleaseMask  ...) doesn't work under win32gdk.
	    Here is the fix.
2004-06-18 13:05  rdm

	* base/src/TString.cxx:
	TString::Form(), less agressive in initial space allocation.
2004-06-18 12:46  brun

	* graf/src/TMultiGraph.cxx:
	Optimize the computation of the range along Y in case of log scales
2004-06-18 12:28  brun

	* hist/src/THStack.cxx:
	Optimize the computaion of the range in Y in case of log scales.
2004-06-18 12:20  brun

	* gui/src/TGFrame.cxx, gui/src/TGMenu.cxx, hist/src/THStack.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- these mods allows to have the same key bindings for different frames.
2004-06-17 23:12  brun

	* pyroot/:, src/RootWrapper.cxx:
	From Wim Lavrijsen:
	  * Prevent crash when CINT dictionary is missing for a class by creating
	    a dummy python class. If this dummy class is used, a python exception
	    will occur which can be handled as the user sees fit
	  * Remove pre-loading of ROOT libs in as loading is now automatic
	  * Add globals to be exported on "from ROOT import *"
2004-06-17 22:00  brun

	* html/src/THtml.cxx:
	Fix a compilation error on alpha/cxx.
	Never use std::endl  (simply endl)
2004-06-17 21:57  brun

	* proof/src/TPacketizer2.cxx:
	Fix a compilation error on alpha/cxx
2004-06-17 19:37  brun

	* treeplayer/: inc/TFormLeafInfo.h, src/TFormLeafInfo.cxx,
	From Philippe:
	In preparation for the new TTreeProxy class, this updates separates the code for the TFormLeafInfo from
	TTreeFormula.cxx into TFormLeafInfo.h and TFormLeafInfo.cxx
2004-06-17 19:32  brun

	* utils/src/rootcint.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	There was a problem for STL container pointer to an object of a class that has
	a ClassDef but did not inherit from TObject.
	This patch fixes the problem.
2004-06-17 19:31  brun

	* base/src/TDirectory.cxx:
	In TDirectory::WriteTObject and WriteObjectAny, fix a problem
	when writing an object to a subdirectory and options "OverWrite" or "WriteDelete"
	are specified. Note that when these functions are called, the current directory "gDirectory"
	is not necessarily this directory.
2004-06-17 17:33  brun

	* graf/inc/TGaxis.h:
	Add function SetNdivisions
2004-06-17 16:47  rdm

	* utils/src/rootcint.cxx:
	if defined pass on to CINT WIN32 and GDK_WIN32 flags. This fixes problem
	of wrong TInterpreter inheritance.
2004-06-17 12:54  rdm

	* zip/: inc/zutil.h, src/zutil.c:
	use ROOT convention of R__ to make a common entry point ROOT specific.
2004-06-17 12:54  rdm

	* gui/src/TGClient.cxx, winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	From Valeriy:
	- revert changes in  TGClient::WaitFor method (I appologize)
	- add check "gROOT->IsLineProcessing() && !gVirtualX->IsCmdThread()"
	  to TWinNTSystem::DispatchOneEvent that prevents deadlock occured
	  when gClient->WaitFor method is called (directly or indirectly) from
	  interpreted code.
2004-06-17 11:51  brun

	* Makefile:
	I checked in by mistake a private version. Now reverting to the good version.
2004-06-17 11:20  brun

	* Makefile, tree/src/TEventList.cxx:
	From Helmut Gerhard SCHMUECKER
	Speed improvement in TEventList::Enter
2004-06-16 22:23  brun

	* zip/: inc/zutil.h, src/zutil.c:
	Rename function z_errmsg to z_ROOT_errmsg to avoid a conflict on MacOS
	with other packages also using gzip (geant4 or ROOT freetype)
2004-06-16 18:45  brun

	* gui/src/: TGClient.cxx, TGMsgBox.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- in TGClient::WaitFor repalce "gSystem->InnerLoop();"  by "gSystem->ProcessEvents();"
	  That guarantee that all events in aplication loop will be processed.
2004-06-16 14:00  brun

	* base/src/TDirectory.cxx:
	Fix an unfortunate typo in TDirectory::WriteObject (overwite" instead of "overwrite"
2004-06-16 12:23  rdm

	* base/: inc/TString.h, src/TString.cxx:
	new method TString::Form() to format a string using a printf style format
2004-06-16 12:21  brun

	* config/:,
	Thanks to for reporting this:
	in the previous root distributions <=4.00/06, the mime type for the
	relatively new integer histogram classes TH1I, TH2I, TH3I
	were somehow forgotten. This results in default
	icons for these histograms in the TBrowser,
	instead of showing histogram icons. Thus confusing users...
	The patterns in  the mimes files
	should be extended to
	pattern = TH1[CSFDI]
	(for TH2, TH3, respectively).
	I also added the mime for TH1K
2004-06-16 12:07  brun

	* gui/src/TGMenu.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	 few more improvements of key handling in popup menus:
	 -  deactivate menu title when Return,Escape keys pressed
	 - skip disabled menu entries during "arrow keys navigation"
2004-06-16 11:51  brun

	* hist/src/TF1.cxx:
	The method TF1::GetProb was not taking into account the number of fixed parameters.
	The method uses now the member fNDF instead of using ndf=npfits-npar
2004-06-16 11:18  brun

	* gui/src/TGMenu.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- ungrab pointer when Return/Enter pressed. That solves possible deadlock
	  when TGMsgBox(transient frame) is activated.
2004-06-16 10:58  rdm

	* ged/: inc/TGedMarkerSelect.h, inc/TGedPatternSelect.h,
	src/TGedMarkerSelect.cxx, src/TGedPatternSelect.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	- correct signatures of the PatternSelected() and MarkerSelected()
	  signals so they be correctly connected to slots
	- both signals were not emitted any time when the choice of
	  pattern/marker was changed.
2004-06-16 10:51  brun

	* graf/src/TGaxis.cxx:
	Fix a conversion problem in TGaxis::ImportAttributes
2004-06-16 10:42  rdm

	* config/: Makefile.linuxia64ecc, Makefile.linuxicc:
	suppress for the time being warning message about tail padding.
2004-06-16 10:26  brun

	* win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- TGWin32::MapWindow moves window to foreground if this
	  window is  top-lelel one.
2004-06-16 10:23  brun

	* graf/inc/TGaxis.h, graf/src/TGaxis.cxx, hist/inc/TAxis.h,
	In TAxis class
	Add a new data member
	   UShort_t     fBits2;          //second bit status word
	Add new enum kDecimals
	Add new functions:
	         Bool_t  GetDecimals() const;
	  virtual void   SetDecimals(Bool_t dot=kTRUE);  // *TOGGLE*
	// Set the Decimals flag
	// By default, blank characters are stripped, and then the
	// label is correctly aligned. The dot, if last character of the string,
	// is also stripped, unless this option is specified.
	// One can disable the option by calling axis.SetDecimals(kTRUE).
	// The flag (in fBits2) is passed to the drawing function TGaxis::PaintAxis
	in TGaxis class
	Add new function:
	   virtual void  SetDecimals(Bool_t dot=kTRUE);
	     (same as TAxis::SetDecimals)
	Modify TGaxis::PaintAxis to take into account the SetDecimals:
	// Format of labels.
	// -----------------
	//   Blank characters are stripped, and then the
	//   label is correctly aligned. the dot, if last
	//   character of the string, is also stripped,
	//   unless the option "." (a dot, or period) is specified.
	//   if SetDecimals(kTRUE) has been called (bit TAxis::kDecimals set).
	//   all labels have the same number of decimals after the "."
	//   The same is true if gStyle->SetStripDecimals(kFALSE) has been called.
2004-06-16 10:16  brun

	* gui/: inc/TGMenu.h, src/TGMenu.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	-  small improvements in arrow key navigation in popup menus
	-  add handling Return/Enter, Escape  keys in popup menus
2004-06-16 01:03  rdm

	* config/Makefile.macosx, config/Makefile.macosxxlc,
	define MACOSXTARGET in Makefile and use it in freetype/ when
	building the freetype.dylib.
2004-06-16 01:00  rdm

	* build/unix/
	use the MacOS X command sw_vers in a backward compatible way.
2004-06-15 17:53  brun

	* graf/src/TGaxis.cxx:
	Document option "." in TGaxis::PaintAxis
2004-06-15 17:53  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TSelectorDraw.cxx:
	When generating a TGraph in the 2-d projections, the graph inherits
	all its graphics properties from the Tree.
2004-06-15 16:39  brun

	* utils/src/rootcint.cxx:
	From Philippe
	Fix a problem in latest version of rootcint
2004-06-15 16:18  rdm

	* eg/
	on MacOS X need to link libEG with libPythia6 because the latter one defines
	the HEPEVT common, which cannot be defined in libEG since that will generate
	multiple defined errors (MacOS X fortran/C mixing problem).
2004-06-15 16:16  rdm

	* unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx:
	on MacOS X use also DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH to find shared libs GetDynamicPath.
2004-06-15 16:15  rdm

	* config/Makefile.macosx:
	option -Xlinker not needed.
2004-06-15 16:13  rdm

	* gui/src/TGFontDialog.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	was missing ClassImp, which caused the HTML generator not to find the source
2004-06-15 12:56  rdm

	* freetype/
	make a libfreetype.dylib instead of using libfreetype.a on MacOS X.
	Needed to avoid duplicate symbol errors when using explicitlink.
2004-06-15 12:53  rdm

	* build/unix/
	support explicitlink on MacOS X and general cleanup of script.
2004-06-15 12:52  rdm

	* config/Makefile.macosx:
	create all dylibs with the -single_module option. Fixes problem linking
	libHbook.dylib with cernlib.
2004-06-15 12:30  brun

	* gui/: inc/TGMenu.h, src/TGMenu.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- arrow keys navigation in popup menus is finally implemented
2004-06-15 10:19  brun

	* tree/src/TChain.cxx:
	Add important remarks in TChain::SetBranchAddress and SetBranchStatus:
	// In case TChain::SetBranchStatus is called, it must be called
	// BEFORE calling this function.
2004-06-15 09:56  brun

	* win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	  -  keep focus in console window while it is not obscured by any other window,
	    i.e. when any window is mapped and raised do not move focus into it if it doesn't
	    overlap console window.
2004-06-15 00:58  rdm

	* net/src/TNetFile.cxx:
	close socket in Close() and not in dtor. This allows proper behaviour when
	Close() is called by itself (and not via the dtor). Problem reported by
	Burt Holzman.
2004-06-14 22:58  brun

	* utils/src/rootcint.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	This patch allows the correct pruning of the dictionary pathname on Windows.
2004-06-14 20:52  brun

	* win32gdk/: gdk/src/gdk/win32/gdkwindow-win32.c, src/TGWin32.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- keep focus in console window while it is not obscured by any other window,
	  i.e. when any window is mapped and raised do not move focus into it if it doesn't
	  overlap console window.
2004-06-14 19:00  brun

	* tree/src/TTree.cxx:
	Change again the behaviour of TTree::ChangeFile:
	  // In case a file named "_N" already exists, the function will try
	  // a file named "__N", then "___N", etc.
	A Warning message is printed in this case.
2004-06-14 18:18  rdm

	* unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx:
	in case of a socket creation or connection error add host and port to error
2004-06-14 18:16  rdm

	* base/src/TColor.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	make color matching treshold dependent on number of color planes.
2004-06-14 17:52  brun

	* win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx, winnt/src/Win32Splash.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	 - Set console name ("ROOT session") for root started with logo
	   supressed (previously it was set only when splash screen is created).
2004-06-14 13:17  brun

	* tree/src/TTree.cxx:
	Improve the behaviour of TTree::ChangeFile.
	  // In case a file named "_N" already exists, the function increments
	  // fFileNumber until it finds a non-existing file.
2004-06-14 12:28  rdm

	* gui/: inc/TGTextEdit.h, inc/TGTextEntry.h, src/TGTextEdit.cxx,
	SetFocus() calls directly the new TGWindow::RequestFocus() method.
2004-06-14 12:19  rdm

	* cont/src/TClonesArray.cxx:
	add comment that one cannot use the different Add() methods in the class
2004-06-14 11:38  brun

	* tree/src/TChain.cxx:
	Change an ambiguous test in TChain::GetEntry, replacing:
	   if (LoadTree(entry) < 0 || fTree==0) return 0;
	   if (LoadTree(entry) < 0) return 0;
	   if (fTree==0) return 0;
2004-06-14 10:51  rdm

	* build/: unix/, win/
	forgot to export several .root files and the Ruby macros in tutorials.
2004-06-14 10:50  brun

	* tree/src/: TLeafI.cxx, TLeafL.cxx, TLeafS.cxx:
	In the PrintValue functions, add support for unsigned types
2004-06-14 10:26  brun

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	Make SetNameTitle consistent with SetTitle
2004-06-14 10:01  brun

	* win32gdk/: gdk/src/gdk/gdkwindow.h,
	gdk/src/gdk/win32/gdkwindow-win32.c, inc/TGWin32.h,
	inc/TGWin32VirtualXProxy.h, src/TGWin32.cxx,
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	 - TGWin32::DestroySubwindows implemented.
	    This method acts similar to DestroyWindow, i. e. destroys all child windows,
	    but not destroys window itself.
	-  revert previous mods which "corrected focus behavior according X11"
2004-06-14 02:11  rdm

	* Makefile:
	prevent tutorials/stock.root from being deleted during distclean.
2004-06-14 02:07  rdm

	* proof/
	no special flags for authentication need to be specified anymore.
2004-06-14 02:00  rdm

	* proof/
	Why was -I$(KRB5INCDIR) added?
2004-06-13 18:26  rdm

	* proof/inc/LinkDef.h, proof/inc/TEventIter.h,
	proof/inc/TPacketizer.h, proof/inc/TPacketizer2.h,
	proof/inc/TPerfStats.h, proof/inc/TProofPlayer.h,
	proof/inc/TProofServ.h, proof/inc/TProofStats.h,
	proof/src/TEventIter.cxx, proof/src/TPacketizer.cxx,
	proof/src/TPacketizer2.cxx, proof/src/TPerfStats.cxx,
	proof/src/TProofPlayer.cxx, proof/src/TProofStats.cxx,
	base/, base/inc/LinkDef3.h, base/inc/TVirtualPerfStats.h,
	base/src/TFile.cxx, base/src/TVirtualPerfStats.cxx,
	net/src/TNetFile.cxx, proof/, proof/src/TProofServ.cxx,
	rint/src/TRint.cxx, tree/src/TDSet.cxx:
	From Maarten and Kristjan Gulbrandsen:
	PROOF and file I/O performance monitoring framework. The TVirtualPerfStats
	abstract class allows adding monitoring events in base classes (TFile and
	TNetfile). The performance monitoring info allows detailed study of PROOF
	performance (which files accessed by which slaves, latency, read/write times,
	packet size, etc.). The result is send back to the client in the form of a
	memory based TTree.
	Remove TProofStats.h and TProofStats.cxx, .d, .o from proof/inc and src.
2004-06-13 16:53  brun

	* matrix/: inc/TDecompBase.h, inc/TDecompChol.h, inc/TDecompLU.h,
	inc/TDecompQRH.h, inc/TDecompSVD.h, inc/TDecompSparse.h,
	src/TDecompBase.cxx, src/TDecompChol.cxx, src/TDecompLU.cxx,
	src/TDecompQRH.cxx, src/TDecompSVD.cxx, src/TDecompSparse.cxx:
	From Eddy Offermann:
	1) Initialized fIndex data member of TDecompLU
	   in the constructors
	2) Added to all TDecompXXX classes, a Print()
	   procedure .
2004-06-12 16:56  brun

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	Protect TH1::BufferEmpty in case there is no buffer.
2004-06-12 07:35  brun

	* pyroot/:, inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TPyReturn.h, inc/TPython.h,
	src/MethodDispatcher.cxx, src/MethodDispatcher.h,
	src/MethodHolder.cxx, src/MethodHolder.h, src/PropertyHolder.cxx,
	src/PropertyHolder.h, src/RootWrapper.cxx, src/RootWrapper.h,
	src/TPyClassGenerator.cxx, src/TPyClassGenerator.h,
	src/TPyReturn.cxx, src/TPython.cxx, src/Utility.cxx, src/Utility.h:
	From Wim Lavrijsen:
	Files for new class TPyReturn:
	this is a carrier object that results from TPython::Eval() and allows
	implicit conversion to builtin types:
	 root> double d = TPython::Eval( "1.5+math.pi")
	 root> d
	as well as the original API (but now an explicit cast is required as
	CINT doesn't use the implicit one):
	 root> TBrowser* b = (TBrowser*) TPython::Eval( "ROOT.TBrowser()" )
	 root> b
	 (class TBrowser*)0x8d057b0
	Files for new class PropertyHolder:
	which is similar to MethodHolder, but holds on to public data types as
	requested by Juan in the form of a python property. Not all conversions
	are implemented, though, so not all types of data members can be accessed,
	as I'm factoring the commonality out of PropertyHolder and MethodHolder.
	Files for intercepting requests for Python classes:
	which is only very rudimentary right now.
	Changes to existing files:
	  o reduced number of loaded libs in
	  o set interval check in to follow python2.3
	  o generate dictionary for TPyReturn
	  o use TPyReturn for TPython::Eval
	  o use new style classes in RootWrapper
	  o collect public data members and enter in pyclass dict
	  o moved type scanning to Utility
2004-06-11 17:59  brun

	* gui/src/TGWindow.cxx, win32gdk/inc/TGWin32.h,
	win32gdk/inc/TGWin32VirtualXProxy.h, win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx,
	From valeriy Onuchin:
	- TGWin32::ReparentWindow is implemented
2004-06-11 17:38  rdm

	* eg/inc/Hepevt.h:
	multiple inclusion protection define was not correct.
2004-06-11 17:37  rdm

	* test/Makefile.arch:
	set optimization options for test programs equal to optimization options
	used to build ROOT itself.
2004-06-11 17:35  rdm

	* build/unix/, config/Makefile.macosx,
	fix detection of OS version, "sw_vers -productVersion" only exists on 10.3.
2004-06-11 16:39  rdm

	* gui/: inc/TGColorSelect.h, src/TGColorSelect.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	correct signature of ColorSelected() signal method so a slot can be
	correctly connected to it.
2004-06-11 16:38  brun

	* tutorials/: portfolio.C, stock.root:
	From Eddy Offermann
	Add a new tutorial and its input file illustrating the use of the Quadratic Programming package
2004-06-11 15:38  brun

	* win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- correct "focus behavior" according X11, i.e.
	   do not move keyboard focus to window which is being mapped.
2004-06-11 15:35  rdm

	* gui/: inc/TGWindow.h, src/TGWindow.cxx:
	new methods:
	needed for new widgets.
2004-06-11 15:34  rdm

	* base/inc/TVirtualX.h, base/src/TVirtualX.cxx, x11/inc/TGX11.h,
	new methods: DestroySubwindows() and ReparentWindow(), needed for new
2004-06-11 09:33  brun

	* hist/src/TAxis.cxx:
	In TAxis::FindBin(const char *label), set automatically the bit kCanRebin
	on the parent histogram when fLabels=0.
	Detect validity range of the axis and fix it in case fXmax<=fXmin.
	With this change, one can create a histogram without setting the limits,
	without calling SetBit(TH1::kCanRebin) and fill it directly with strings.
2004-06-11 09:29  brun

	* matrix/: inc/TDecompLU.h, src/TDecompLU.cxx:
	Member fImplicitPivot was not initialized in 3 contructors.
	(problem found with valgrind when executing the new tutorial portfolio.C).
	Move the default constructor to the implementation file.
2004-06-10 21:55  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TSelectorDraw.cxx:
	Fix a problem in TSelectorDraw::Process when using options "box" and "same"
2004-06-10 20:58  brun

	* win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx:
	From Bertrand Bellenot:
	Fix to previous Valeriy's patch that should fix a problem with guitest menus.
2004-06-10 17:23  rdm

	* tutorials/guitest.C:
	remove unused argument in method DoText().
2004-06-10 16:38  brun

	* win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- fix in TGWin32::QueryPointer(Window_t id, Window_t &rootw, Window_t &childw,
	   Int_t &root_x, Int_t &root_y, Int_t &win_x, Int_t &win_y, UInt_t &mask)
	  Returned values of  root_x, root_y, win_x, win_y were wrong.
2004-06-10 16:25  rdm

	* gui/: inc/TGButton.h, src/TGButton.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	a fix in TGButton::SetDown(Bool_t on) method to keep the status of
	disabled buttons (problem reported by Andrea Bulgarelli on the forum).
2004-06-10 11:56  brun

	* win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- another inconsistency between x11 and win23gdk versions of TVirtualX.
	   Do not allow GrabPointer if window is unmapped.
2004-06-10 11:44  brun

	* hist/: inc/TGraph2D.h, src/TGraph2D.cxx:
	Implement the following getters:
	TAxis *TGraph2D::GetXaxis() const
	TAxis *TGraph2D::GetYaxis() const
	TAxis *TGraph2D::GetZaxis() const
2004-06-10 07:15  brun

	* html/src/THtml.cxx:
	From Axel Naumann:
	This patch shows the library and the include file containing a given
	class in a box, top right, next to the class name. The include file
	won't match if the build environment needs a path (for root that's not a
	problem). I've removed the lib's extension to make it OS independent
	(gSystem->Load() adds the ext anyway, as far as I remember). Both file
	infos are checked for availability first; if none exist no box will be
	Also fixed a minor indent prob.
2004-06-10 00:08  brun

	* quadp/src/TGondzioSolver.cxx:
	Fix a wrong style comment in a dummy argument
2004-06-09 23:51  brun

	* tree/src/TBranchElement.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	This patch removes an obsolete comment.
2004-06-09 18:22  brun

	* meta/inc/TStreamerInfo.h:
	Add new getter in TStreamerInfo
	  Version_t  TStreamerInfo::GetOldVersion() const  {return fOldVersion;}
2004-06-09 18:19  brun

	* win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx:
	From valeriy Onuchin:
	I found small inconsistency in TVirtualX::TranslateCoordinates
	method between x11 and win23gdk versions.
	 - do not return child window in TGWin32::TranslateCoordinates
	    if this window is either disabled or unmapped.
2004-06-09 15:52  brun

	* xml/src/TXMLFile.cxx:
	In case a TTree is written to a TXMLFile, print a WARNING and not an error.
	The current implementation is ok for memory resident Trees.
2004-06-09 15:40  brun

	* hist/: inc/TPrincipal.h, src/TPrincipal.cxx:
	From Eddy Offermann
	Replave TMatrixDSym by TMatrixD for back compatibility with old versions of TPrincipal
	saved in ROOT files.
2004-06-09 14:23  brun

	* quadp/: inc/TGondzioSolver.h, inc/TMehrotraSolver.h,
	inc/TQpProbBase.h, inc/TQpProbDens.h, inc/TQpProbSparse.h,
	src/TGondzioSolver.cxx, src/TMehrotraSolver.cxx,
	src/TQpDataDens.cxx, src/TQpDataSparse.cxx,
	src/TQpLinSolverDens.cxx, src/TQpLinSolverSparse.cxx,
	src/TQpProbDens.cxx, src/TQpProbSparse.cxx, src/TQpResidual.cxx,
	src/TQpSolverBase.cxx, src/TQpVar.cxx:
	From Eddy Offermann;
	- Added to the another MakeData to TQpDataDens/Sparse
	  Added some checks for zero-length constraints
2004-06-09 14:21  brun

	* matrix/src/: TMatrixD.cxx, TMatrixDSparse.cxx, TMatrixDSym.cxx,
	TMatrixF.cxx, TMatrixFSym.cxx, TVectorD.cxx, TVectorF.cxx:
	From Eddy Offermann:
	- Allow in the matrix/vector package construction
	  of elements with zero length (fNrows = 0 or fNcols = 0
	  This is useful for the quadp package when some of
	  the constraints have zero elements
2004-06-09 11:59  brun

	* matrix/src/TMatrixD.cxx:
	Fix a very unfortunate problem in TMatrixD::Streamer.
	It was not possible to read TMatrixD objects written with version 3.10
2004-06-09 09:21  brun

	* tutorials/spheres.C:
	Add a new tutorial illustrating the random number generator and 3-d polymarkers
2004-06-09 08:46  brun

	* base/: inc/TRandom.h, src/TRandom.cxx:
	Add new random generator function:
	void TRandom::Sphere(Double_t &x, Double_t &y, Double_t &z, Double_t xlong)
	   // generates random vectors, uniformly distributed over the surface
	   // of a sphere of given radius.
2004-06-09 08:10  rdm

	* config/Makefile.depend, ruby/
	use $(CRYPTLIBS) which is set in the machine dependent makefile (-lcrypt
	is not available on all platforms).
2004-06-09 08:10  brun

	* meta/src/TClass.cxx, meta/src/TStreamerElement.cxx,
	tree/src/TBranchElement.cxx, tree/src/TTree.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	This patches implements splitting of TClonesArray and vectors which are embedded in a base class (as opposed to pointed to).
	Also more of the 'CanSplit' decision making has been move into TClass (where it belongs).
	In TTree::Merge and MergeLists, add more cleanup of the addresses
	being set to reduce the side-effects.
2004-06-08 23:11  brun

	* winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	From Bertrand Bellenot:
	While debugging TASImage, I found a bug into TWinNTSystem.cxx, so please
	apply the patch in attachment.
	It solves "User Breakpoint" in debug mode, due to an attempt to delete a
	pointer (delete [] winPath) returned by getenv()
2004-06-08 22:41  brun

	* graf/src/TGaxis.cxx:
	In TGaxis::Paint add support for automatic toggle between lin/log scales.
2004-06-08 21:35  brun

	* config/Makefile.depend, ruby/
	From Axel:
	Makefile.depend and ruby/ need this patch against an
	unresolved reference (_crypt in ruby's rb_str_crypt). I had to move
	/lib/libruby-static.a's position on the link line, in front of
	LIBRUBYEXTRA, to allow libruby to pick up symbols from LIBRUBYEXTRA.
2004-06-08 20:56  brun

	* cint/src/expr.c:
	Fix a typo
2004-06-08 20:54  brun

	* cint/src/expr.c:
	From Philippe:
	The following patch solves all the outstanding Athlon 64 problems.
	The problem comes from the fact that in C (as opposed to C++) abs returns a int
	even if the parameter is a long int.  This
	in G__setiparseobject.
2004-06-08 15:56  rdm

	* Makefile, cint/iosenum/iosenum.win32,
	cint/iosenum/iosenum.win32gdk, cint/iosenum/iosenum.win32old,
	config/Makefile.depend, config/, gl/,
	additional fixes to rename win32gdk to win32 and win32 to win32old.
2004-06-08 14:57  brun

	* postscript/src/TSVG.cxx:
	From Olivier:
	- Markers are now supported in TSVG (implemented by tcsoka)
2004-06-08 12:49  rdm

	* gui/src/TRootCanvas.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	don't show by default the 3d horizontal line that is part of the GED.
2004-06-08 12:48  rdm

	* configure, config/ARCHS, config/Makefile.win32,
	config/Makefile.win32gdk, config/Makefile.win32old,
	config/, test/Makefile, test/Makefile.arch,
	add to root-config option --platform which returns the ROOT name for the OS.
	The existing option --arch returns the compiler/OS combo like "linuxicc"
	where --platform returns "linux".
	Also made win32gdk the default win32 version and moved win32 to win32old.
	So to get the obsolete win32 version do: ./configure win32old.
2004-06-08 12:43  rdm

	* base/src/TSystem.cxx, winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	report correctly list of explicitely linked shared libraries.
2004-06-08 12:26  brun

	* vmc/: inc/TVirtualMC.h, src/TVirtualMC.cxx:
	From Ivana;
	- Added Bool_t return value to methods
	  SetCut(), SetProcess(), DefineParticle(), DefineIon()
	- Removed  DefineParticles()
2004-06-08 12:26  brun

	* graf/: inc/TPave.h, src/TPave.cxx:
	Implement the Hash function and IsSortable function returning kTRUE.
	With this change, objects of the TPave family can be added to THashList (eg gDirectory).
2004-06-08 12:24  brun

	* base/inc/RVersion.h, build/version_number:
	Start development cycle for version 4.00/07
2004-06-08 10:20  brun

	* matrix/src/: TMatrixDBase.cxx, TMatrixFBase.cxx, TVectorD.cxx,
	Fix a back incompatibility problem in the Streamer functions.
	The object read must be declared valid by a call to Makevalid.
2004-06-05 07:22  brun

	* base/src/TSystem.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	This patch remove the backward incompatibility by forcing TSystem::GetLibraries to keep the customized portion of
	fLinkedLibs (instead of discarding it altogether).
2004-06-05 07:19  brun

	* tree/: inc/TChain.h, inc/TTree.h, src/TChain.cxx, src/TTree.cxx:
	From Maarten:
	Here is the patch with the PROOF style merge function.
	It seems a protection is need to not call CopyAddresses()
	for a TTree with zero entries.
2004-06-04 21:11  brun

	* base/inc/LinkDef1.h:
	Cleanup, removing unnecessary declarations (Philippe)
2004-06-04 18:47  rdm

	* base/src/TSystem.cxx:
	disable the usage of GetLinkedLibraries() on WIN32. Now ACliC works again.
2004-06-04 18:40  brun

	* tree/src/TTree.cxx:
	n the new function TTree::MergeTrees, I forgot to call CopyAddress
	when moving to a new tree (thanks Philippe)
2004-06-04 18:28  brun

	* base/inc/RConfig.h, base/inc/TDirectory.h,
	base/src/TDirectory.cxx, base/src/TObject.cxx, xml/inc/TXMLFile.h,
	From Philippe:
	This patch rename WriteObject(const TObject*, const char*, Option_t)
	into WriteTObject(const TObject*,const char*, Option_t)
	This prevent any ambiguity with the template
	     WriteObject(const T*, const char*, Option_t)
2004-06-04 18:28  brun

	* histpainter/src/THistPainter.cxx:
	In THistPainter::PaintContour, double the size of the allocated buffers
	Instead of kMAXCONTOUR, use 2*kMAXCONTOUR.
2004-06-04 18:05  brun

	* gui/inc/TGFrame.h:
	Remove a typo at line 41 (a "S" character)
2004-06-04 17:57  rdm

	* gui/: inc/TGFrame.h, inc/TGWindow.h, src/TGFrame.cxx,
	From Valeriy:
	- put DestroyWindow() into TGWindow destructor.
	- move SetWindowName() into TGWindow class.
	  That is useful for GUI debugging (facility is under development).
2004-06-04 13:00  rdm

	* cint/
	strip off possible leading path from compiler command name.
	Suggested by Andreas Hirstius to be able to use distcc.
2004-06-04 10:35  brun

	* tree/: inc/TTree.h, src/TTree.cxx:
	Add a new static function:
	TTree *TTree::MergeTrees(TList *list)
	   //static function merging the Trees in the TList into a new Tree.
	   //Trees in the list can be memory or disk-resident trees
	   //The new tree is created in the current directory (memory if gROOT)
	This function is, eg, useful to merge memory-resident Trees generated
	by PROOF servers.
2004-06-04 10:17  brun

	* geom/src/TGeoPgon.cxx:
	From Andrei & Ivana:
	Fix a bug in TGeoPgon constructor:
	 instead of
	 TGeoPgon::TGeoPgon(Double_t *param)
	         : TGeoPcon(0, 0, 0),
	 it should be
	 TGeoPgon::TGeoPgon(Double_t *param)
	         : TGeoPcon()
2004-06-04 07:16  brun

	* base/: inc/TDirectory.h, src/TDirectory.cxx:
	Move the inline definition of the templated WriteObject to TDirectory.cxx.
	The inline definition requires TClass.h. Many classes did not compile.
2004-06-04 02:39  rdm

	* base/inc/: LinkDef1.h, RConfig.h, TDirectory.h:
	From Philippe:
	work around a MS 6 compiler deficiency.
2004-06-04 00:46  rdm

	* base/
	correct a few typos in comments.
2004-06-03 23:10  brun

	* Makefile, main/
	From Philippe:
	Recently -lGpad was added to the Makefile ROOTLIBS variable but
	the dependency was not modify accordingly.
2004-06-03 23:06  brun

	* xml/: inc/TXMLKey.h, src/TXMLKey.cxx:
	Change signature of TMLKey::ReadObjectAny, adding a dummy argument
	to be in phase with TKey::ReadObjectAny and avoid a compiler warning.
2004-06-03 23:05  brun

	* base/:, inc/LinkDef4.h, inc/TDirectory.h,
	src/ManualBase4.cxx, src/ManualBase4.h, src/ManualBase4Body.h,
	From Philippe:
	This patches put in sync the compiled and interpreted interface to TDirectory::ReadObjectAny
	and TDirectory::WriteObject.
	In particular to save __any__ objects (including TObject*) in both
	compiled code and interpreted code, just do:
	        ptrclass *ptr;
	Note that WriteObjectAny(T*,const char*) is renamed WriteObject.
	To read back an object, the prefered interface for both compiled code
	and interpreted code for non TObject* is (It also works with TObject*).
	        ptrclass *ptr = 0;
	Note that void* GetObjectAny(const char*) was renamed GetObjectAnyUnchecked.
	To emulate the template member function behavior in interpreted code,
	we introduce a semi-handed coded dictionary which provided hand-written
	function wrappers.  The hand-written wrappers are stored in ManualBase4Body.h
	A pre-prepared dictionary (ManualBase4.cxx) is including ManualBase4Body.h and
	should have to be regenerated only when the CINT dictionary format changes.
	So there are 4 new files:
2004-06-03 21:28  brun

	* config/Makefile.depend:
	From Philippe:
	A typo in Makefile.depend disable the dependency of libQuad on libMatrix (making parallel build fail in some cases).
2004-06-03 16:11  brun

	* base/inc/RVersion.h, build/version_number:
	Make version 4.00/06
2004-06-03 16:04  brun

	* tutorials/demo.rb:
	One more fix in demo.rb + comments
2004-06-03 15:56  brun

	* tutorials/demo.rb:
	Forgot to update ntuple.rb to ntuple1.rb
2004-06-03 15:29  brun

	* winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	From valeriy Ounchin:
	 - add ("put back") syncronization between TSystem::DispatchOneEvent and
	console threads
	Thanks to Boris Hippolyte and Valri Fine for reporting the problem.
2004-06-03 15:07  brun

	* ruby/src/drr.cxx, tutorials/canvas.rb, tutorials/demoshelp.rb,
	tutorials/fillrandom.rb, tutorials/framework.rb,
	tutorials/hksimple.rb, tutorials/hsimple.rb, tutorials/hstack.rb,
	tutorials/hsum.rb, tutorials/latex.rb, tutorials/multigraph.rb,
	tutorials/ntuple.rb, tutorials/ntuple1.rb, tutorials/surfaces.rb:
	Rename ntuple.rb to ntuple1.rb to be consistent with ntuple1.C and
	All *.rb examples have
	as the last statement of the script. This gives the opportunity to play with the graphics.
2004-06-03 14:41  brun

	* pyroot/inc/LinkDef.h:
	Declare the class TPython instead of the static functions.
	With this change, make map will add TPython in system.rootmap
	and it is possible to do directly
	root > TPython::Prompt()
2004-06-03 12:20  brun

	* gpad/src/TCanvas.cxx:
	Undo changes intriduced yesterday by Valeriy
2004-06-03 12:03  brun

	* gpad/src/TCanvas.cxx:
	In TCanvas::Close move the statement
	This may solve timing problems on multi-threaded ROOT
2004-06-03 11:05  rdm

	* Makefile:
	use condition statement to use only .NOTPARALLEL when target map is specified.
2004-06-03 08:51  brun

	* tutorials/demoshelp.rb:
	Fix a typo ( "py" instead of "rb")
2004-06-03 08:49  brun

	* ruby/src/drr.cxx:
	In Init_libRuby force the loading of the most frequently used shared libs.
2004-06-03 07:11  brun

	* rint/src/TRint.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	This patch insures that if an exception or segmentation fault is raised
	during the 'processing' of the command line argument then the terminal is
	properly reset.
2004-06-02 21:07  brun

	* base/src/TDirectory.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	This patch protect against a missing or corrupted headerkey (which in a specific case resulted in the temporary
	'headerkey' to be kept in the list of keys even after its deletion).
2004-06-02 19:03  brun

	* base/: inc/TDirectory.h, inc/TKey.h, src/TDirectory.cxx,
	From Philippe:
	This patch improves the current TDirectory::ReadObject.  In particular, in the previous code
	only the following syntax was supported:
	        finalclass *ptr;
	Any other syntax or variation of the types would lead to splicing and/or crash.
	Instead the idiom is
	        ptrclass *ptr; // can point to ptrclass or any derived class
	In compiled code this can be simplified as:
	        ptrclass *ptr;
	Also GetObjectAny always return the finaltype address and still need to be used as
	        finalclass *ptr = (finalclass) directory->GetObjectAny("name");
	For better checks, the user can use
	        ptrclass *ptr = (ptrclass*) directory->GetObjectAnyChecked("name","ptrclass");
	In compiled code, the following is recommended:
	        ptrclass *ptr = 0;
2004-06-02 17:45  brun

	* hist/: inc/TGraph2D.h, src/TGraph2D.cxx:
	From Olivier:
	- It is now possible to change the maximum number of iterations done to
	  find Delaunay's triangles from TGraph2D. Example:
	       TGraph2D* gr = new TGraph2D();
	  The default value is 100000.
2004-06-02 17:42  brun

	* matrix/: inc/TDecompSparse.h, inc/TMatrixDBase.h,
	inc/TMatrixFBase.h, src/TDecompSparse.cxx, src/TMatrixDBase.cxx,
	From Eddy Offermann:
	TMatrixD/FBase::Print(Option_t *name) :
	now allows an optional name to be printed.
	This decomposition class is (as stated in the header)
	only for symmetric matrices . The routine wants
	only the upper triangle (including diagonal) of the
	matrix . Therefore, add functionality to accomplish
	this .
	The routine Solve() contained a bug and some of the
	logic was rearranged.
	The initialization in InitPivot was also rearranged so
	that the pivoting threshold is set correctly
	Due to these changes, the quadratic programming with
	sparse matrices is now functional .
2004-06-02 17:17  brun

	* gpad/: inc/TCanvas.h, src/TCanvas.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	 - add thread safety for few more methods of TCanvas class
2004-06-02 17:17  rdm

	* gui/src/TGStatusBar.cxx:
	remove code introduced during a debug session.
2004-06-02 16:52  rdm

	* Makefile:
	make target "Makefile" also not parallel.
2004-06-02 16:36  rdm

	* configure:
	check if ruby exist before trying to use it to find its own location.
2004-06-02 16:06  rdm

	* base/src/TEnv.cxx:
	use TString in GetValue() instead of sprintf on fixed length buffer.
	Malicious users could pass a very large name as argument and write outside
	the fixed buffer.
2004-06-02 16:02  rdm

	* Makefile:
	force target "map" to never run in parallel mode. This solves problems
	for platforms not properly supporting file locking (and rlibmap is so
	fast there is nothing gained from running it in parallel anyway).
2004-06-02 15:58  rdm

	* utils/src/rlibmap.cxx:
	disable use of lockf on FreeBSD.
2004-06-02 13:00  brun

	* histpainter/src/THistPainter.cxx:
	In THistPainter::PaintInit take into account the case where the specified
	normalisation factor is positive and the integral negative, or vice-versa.
2004-06-02 11:39  brun

	* graf/src/TGaxis.cxx:
	In TGaxis::PaintAxis activate the maxDigits algorithm also in case
	of 2-d or 3-d histograms.
2004-06-02 11:25  rdm

	* base/src/TString.cxx:
	add in description of Form() explicit warning about the change that the
	Form() buffer may be reused by lower level ROOT internal methods.
2004-06-02 10:42  brun

	* base/src/TEnv.cxx:
	Reimplement TEnv::Getvalue without using Form.
	TEnv::Getvalue is being called in many places and generates many recursive
	calls to Form, spoiling the internal static buffer in TString.cxx.
	This solves a problem reported by Gene Van Buren.
2004-06-02 08:45  brun

	* quadp/src/: TGondzioSolver.cxx, TQpDataDens.cxx,
	TQpDataSparse.cxx, TQpLinSolverDens.cxx, TQpLinSolverSparse.cxx,
	From Eddy Offermann:
	Updates for quadp and matrix:
	Both in TQpLinSolverDens and TQpLinSolverSparse,
	set the matrix in the constructor instead of
	each call to Factor since the matrix does not change.
	TMatrixD/FBase::Print(Option_t *name) :
	now allows an optional name to be printed.
	This decomposition class is (as stated in the header)
	only for symmetric matrices . The routine wants
	only the upper triangle (including diagonal) of the
	matrix . Therefore, add functionality to accomplish
	this .
	The routine Solve() contained a bug and some of the
	logic was rearranged.
	The initialization in InitPivot was also rearranged so
	that the pivoting threshold is set correctly
	Due to these changes, the quadratic programming with
	sparse matrices is now functional .
2004-06-02 02:12  rdm

	* configure, config/
	add flag --bindir to root-config.
2004-06-01 19:53  brun

	* proof/inc/: TPacketizer.h, TPacketizer2.h:
	From Maarten Balinjtin
	Fix for the Solaris compiler
2004-06-01 17:26  rdm

	* gui/src/TGComboBox.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	TGComboBox::Select(Int_t id) was not emitting the Selected() signals.
2004-06-01 16:41  rdm

	* proof/: inc/TPacketizer2.h, src/TPacketizer2.cxx:
	From Maarten:
	correct patch for TPacketizer2.
2004-06-01 16:36  rdm

	* treeviewer/src/TTreeViewer.cxx:
	remove debug message on window close.
2004-06-01 16:36  rdm

	* x3d/src/TViewerX3D.cxx:
	use DeleteWindow() in CloseWindow() method to delete window via timer
	and avoid a potentially danagerous test of kNotDeleted bit.
2004-06-01 13:46  brun

	* geom/: inc/TGeoBoolNode.h, inc/TGeoCompositeShape.h,
	src/TGeoBoolNode.cxx, src/TGeoCompositeShape.cxx:
	From Andrei Gheata:
	I have added the possibility to create composite shapes based on
	pointers to basic shapes/matrices complementary to the option based on
	an expression. The advantage with the pointers
	approach is that it's less error prone and easier to debug. In addition,
	it avoids complications when some names are not unique.
	 The procedures to create a composite shape become:
	 1) TGeoCompositeShape("myShape", "(A:m1+B:m2)*C:m3")  - based on expression
	 2) TGeoUnion *u = new TGeoUnion(ptrA, ptrB, ptrM1, ptrM2);
	     TGeoCompositeShape *cs1 = new TGeoCompositeShape("intermediate", u);
	     TGeoIntersection *i = new TGeoIntersection(cs1, ptrC, 0
	/*identity*/, ptrM3);
	     TGeoCompositeShape("myShape", i);
2004-06-01 13:15  brun

	* hist/src/TMultiDimFit.cxx:
	Cleanup the class TMultiDimFit with valgrind.
	pointer fTestSampleSize was not preset in the constructors.
	In the destructor, Clear the list of histograms with option "nodelete".
	Histograms are typically deleted when closing a file.
	In the function Clear, do not set the arrays fPowerIndex and fFunctionCodes
	In function MakeChi2, fix a mismatch between new/delete
	In function MakeParameterization, set the arrays fPowerIndex and fFunctionCodes.
	In function MakerealCode generate code that can be executed outside ROOT,
	replacing Int_t and Double_t by int and double.
2004-06-01 11:56  brun

	* graf/src/TSpline.cxx:
	In the TSpline5 constructors, the loop index must go to the number of points
	and not fNp-end
2004-06-01 11:08  brun

	* graf/src/TLatex.cxx:
	In TLatex::CheckLatexSyntax preset the internal array buf. In some cases,
	eg when executing the tutorial second.C, one element was not initialized.
	Found with valgrind.
2004-06-01 10:56  brun

	* base/src/TView.cxx, physics/src/TFeldmanCousins.cxx:
	In the TView constructors preset to 0 the arrays fX1,fX2,fY1,fY2,fZ1,fZ2.
	These arrays were not initialized but used in case of a TGraph2D.
2004-06-01 08:16  brun

	* matrix/inc/: TMatrixDUtils.h, TMatrixFUtils.h:
	From Eddy Offermann:
	operator [] was not correctly defined.
2004-05-31 20:05  brun

	* graf/src/TGraph.cxx:
	Fix a bug in TGraph copy constructor
2004-05-31 19:22  rdm

	* configure, config/Makefile.depend, ruby/
	support $RUBYDIR in configure. Add RUBYLIBDEP to dependencies in ruby/
2004-05-31 18:52  rdm

	* cint/: inc/Class.h, inc/DataMbr.h, inc/G__ci.h, inc/Type.h,
	inc/common.h, inc/global.h, include/array.h, include/darray.h,
	include/makefile, include/makemat, include/matrix.cxx,
	include/matrix.h, include/matrixstream.h, include/matrixstream.hi,
	lib/dll_stl/makestr, lib/dll_stl/makevec, lib/dll_stl/str.h,
	lib/prec_stl/string, src/Class.cxx, src/ifunc.c, src/parse.c,
	import of CINT 5.15.138.
	For what else is new see
2004-05-31 18:44  brun

	* configure, config/Makefile.depend, ruby/,
	ruby/inc/LinkDef.h, ruby/src/TRuby.cxx, ruby/src/drr.cxx:
	Port Ruby installation on Windows
2004-05-31 01:16  rdm

	* proof/: inc/TPacketizer.h, src/TPacketizer.cxx:
	From Maarten:
	- Rename TPacketizer2 into stable TPacketizer, in preparation
	  for further packetizer developement
2004-05-31 01:15  rdm

	* xml/
	remove unused Makefile variable.
2004-05-31 01:15  rdm

	* Makefile, configure, config/, ruby/
	small corrections for building Ruby binding.
2004-05-31 01:14  rdm

	* proof/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TPacketizer2.h, inc/TProof.h,
	inc/TProofStats.h, src/TPacketizer2.cxx, src/TProofPlayer.cxx,
	From Maarten:
	- Cleanup and refactor packetizer functionality into utility classes
	- Fix bugs in round-robin distribution of work
	- Fix bugs in processing sub-range of the TDSet
	- Add "slaves per file node monitoring" histogram and trace event
	- Rename TPacketizer2 into stable TPacketizer, in preparation
	  for further packetizer developement
2004-05-30 20:37  brun

	* win32gdk/gdk/src/gdk/win32/gdkcc-win32.c:
	From Bertrand  Bellenot:
	Fix for a color problem
2004-05-30 20:19  brun

	Add Elias Athanasopoulos for the development of the Ruby interpreter interface.
2004-05-30 20:17  brun

	* Makefile, configure, config/, ruby/,
	ruby/inc/LinkDef.h, ruby/inc/TRuby.h, ruby/src/TRuby.cxx,
	ruby/src/drr.cxx, ruby/src/rrcommon.h, ruby/src/rrenums.h,
	tutorials/canvas.rb, tutorials/demo.rb, tutorials/demoshelp.rb,
	tutorials/fillrandom.rb, tutorials/framework.rb,
	tutorials/hksimple.rb, tutorials/hsimple.rb, tutorials/hstack.rb,
	tutorials/hsum.rb, tutorials/latex.rb, tutorials/multigraph.rb,
	tutorials/ntuple.rb, tutorials/surfaces.rb:
	Add new package "ruby" by  Elias Athanasopoulos  <>
	For more information on this new package, see the new HOWTO at:
2004-05-30 18:15  rdm

	* globusauth/src/GlobusAuth.cxx, net/src/TSecContext.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	Fix a bug in deleting a globus security context.
2004-05-30 18:15  rdm

	* net/: inc/TAuthenticate.h, src/TAuthenticate.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	Add default option "k" to TAuthenticate::CleanupSecContextAll
	to give the possibility to cleanup the security contexts
	without deleting the keys.
2004-05-30 18:13  rdm

	* rpdutils/: inc/rpdp.h, src/rpdutils.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	Global restructuring of RpdUpdateAuthTab and of the
	logic to update and check the tab file. Two new
	methods added to reduce code duplication.
	Max auth tab file set to 50MB (instead of 1GB) corresponding
	to about 1M authentication entries.
2004-05-30 17:42  brun

	* win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx:
	From Bertrand Bellenot:
	 removal of useless code.
2004-05-30 17:39  brun

	* base/src/TColor.cxx, win32gdk/gdk/src/gdk/win32/gdkcc-win32.c:
	From Bertrand Bellenot:
	This patch solves the problem of Root colors pointed out by Ilka,
	on Win32gdk and linux.
2004-05-29 22:36  brun

	* tree/src/: TBranch.cxx, TTree.cxx:
	In TTree::Print and TBranch::GetTotalSize, take into the special case when all baskets
	are in memory when counting the total number of bytes.
2004-05-29 19:42  brun

	* base/inc/TBuffer.h:
	Add member TStreamerInfo* fInfo in TBuffer.
	fInfo is set when calling TBuffer::IncrementLevel(info).
	fInfo may be used and may simplify some operations in TBuffer
	for classes derived from TBuffer like tBufferXML.
2004-05-29 15:00  brun

	* base/src/TVirtualPS.cxx:
	Fix a problem in TVirtualPS::PrintFast.
	In case the string to be printed was > 2*kMaxBuffer, the array fBuffer
	was overwritten.
2004-05-29 14:37  brun

	* win32gdk/inc/TGWin32InterpreterProxy.h:
	Forgot to check-in the .h file when I modified the .cxx file
2004-05-28 22:32  brun

	* meta/src/TClass.cxx:
	Fix a portability problem in the new function GetSharedLibs
2004-05-28 22:30  brun

	* win32gdk/src/TGWin32InterpreterProxy.cxx:
	Implement missing GetClassSjaredLibs function
2004-05-28 22:21  brun

	* winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	From Bertrand Bellenot:
	Here is the diff for the new TWinNTSystem::GetLinkedLibraries(),
	It does not use OpenPipe() anymore, butpure Win32 API.
	It avoid DOS console popup at the beginning of ROOT
	applications, and does not have external dependencies
	anymore (as objdump or dumpbin).
2004-05-28 20:14  rdm

	* meta/: inc/TClass.h, src/TClass.cxx:
	new method GetSharedLibs() returning the library containing the code of the
	class and the libraries it depends on. This information is obtained from
	TCint and cached in TClass.
2004-05-28 20:13  rdm

	* meta/: inc/TCint.h, inc/TInterpreter.h, src/TCint.cxx:
	new method GetClassSharedLibs() returning the shared library containing
	the code of a class and the libraries it depends on.
2004-05-28 18:39  brun

	* gui/src/TGFrame.cxx:
	From Ilka;
	- fix of layout manager saving in SavePrimitive()
2004-05-28 15:38  brun

	* vmc/inc/TVirtualMC.h:
	From Ivana:
	Added method     virtual void StopRun() = 0;
	   virtual void ProcessRun(Int_t nevent) = 0;
	   virtual Bool_t ProcessRun(Int_t nevent) = 0;
2004-05-27 22:20  brun

	* matrix/: inc/TDecompBase.h, src/TDecompChol.cxx,
	src/TDecompLU.cxx, src/TDecompQRH.cxx, src/TDecompSVD.cxx,
	From Eddy Offermann:
	The change of the status handling in the decomp classes
	introduced a bug . We have to reset the entire
	status flag after a call to SetMatrix .
2004-05-27 15:17  brun

	* matrix/inc/: TMatrixDBase.h, TMatrixFBase.h, TVectorD.h,
	From Eddy Offermann:
	The SetBit and ResetBit were switched in the TMatrixD/FBase.h and TVectorD/F.h classes
2004-05-27 11:03  rdm

	* net/: inc/TSocket.h, src/TSocket.cxx:
	variables and argument names should not start with a Capital letter.
2004-05-27 11:02  rdm

	* proof/src/TSlave.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	there was a bit of the next SSL patch in ...
2004-05-27 10:39  rdm

	* proof/src/TSlave.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	This is to get rid of multiple calls to the same method
	within the same scope.
2004-05-27 10:37  rdm

	* proofd/src/proofd.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	fixes a typo in a debug statement.
2004-05-27 10:36  rdm

	* net/src/TAuthenticate.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	fixes two small memory leaks in TAuthenticate.
2004-05-27 10:32  rdm

	* base/: inc/TTimeStamp.h, src/TStopwatch.cxx:
	From Maarten:
	bring TTimeStamp (micro and nanosecond (Win32)) precision to TStopwatch.
2004-05-27 10:17  brun

	* ged/inc/TGedMarkerSelect.h:
	From Ilka:
	GetMarkerStyle should return Style_t not Pixel_t
2004-05-27 09:31  brun

	* ged/inc/TGedPatternSelect.h:
	Return type of TGedPatternSelect::GetPattern was Pixel_t instead of Style_t
	(thanks valeri fine0
2004-05-27 08:44  brun

	* pyroot/src/: MethodHolder.cxx, MethodHolder.h:
	From Wim Lavrijsen:
	updates following on Peter's and Phillipe's mails:
	improved use of CINT/ROOT class info APIs
2004-05-27 08:39  brun

	* matrix/: inc/TDecompBase.h, inc/TDecompLU.h, inc/TDecompQRH.h,
	inc/TDecompSVD.h, inc/TMatrixDBase.h, inc/TMatrixFBase.h,
	inc/TVectorD.h, inc/TVectorF.h, src/TDecompBase.cxx,
	src/TDecompChol.cxx, src/TDecompLU.cxx, src/TDecompQRH.cxx,
	src/TDecompSVD.cxx, src/TDecompSparse.cxx, src/TMatrixD.cxx,
	src/TMatrixDSparse.cxx, src/TMatrixDSym.cxx, src/TMatrixF.cxx,
	src/TMatrixFSym.cxx, src/TVectorD.cxx, src/TVectorF.cxx:
	From Eddy Offermann
	Implemented the matrix status through TObject::fBits .
	Also removed the fStatus data member of TDecompbase
	and use now TObject::fBits .
	User can now reset the matrix status through
2004-05-26 22:41  brun

	* cint/src/ifunc.c:
	From Philippe:
	The patch cint_26 contains one change that belong to the cint OLDIMPLEMENTATION2061
	but was missed (it is essential to the proper functioning of the support for
	templated constructors).
2004-05-26 19:25  brun

	* cint/src/ifunc.c:
	Remove a C++ style comment
2004-05-26 19:04  rdm

	* cint/: inc/Class.h, inc/G__ci.h, inc/Type.h, inc/common.h,
	inc/fproto.h, inc/global.h, lib/dll_stl/makestr,
	lib/dll_stl/makevec, lib/pthread/Makefile, src/Class.cxx,
	src/decl.c, src/expr.c, src/global2.c, src/ifunc.c, src/loadfile.c,
	src/pcode.c, src/struct.c, src/tmplt.c, src/var.c:
	import of CINT 5.15.137.
	For what else is new see
2004-05-26 17:11  brun

	* geom/:, inc/LinkDef1.h, inc/TGeoCache.h,
	inc/TGeoHelix.h, src/TGeoCache.cxx, src/TGeoHelix.cxx,
	From Andrei Gheata:
	  - Bug in TGeoCache.cxx affecting the current global matrix branch when
	doing Push/Pop (extremely severe - VMC list should be notified to update
	TGeo !)
	- Minor bug fix affecting TGeoManager::FindNormalFast()
	New development - not yet fully completed - TGeoHelix class. Quoting
	from TGeoHelix.cxx:
	// A helix provides:
	//   - propagation to a given Z position (in global frame)
	//   Double_t *point = TGeoHelix::PropagateToZ(Double_t z);
	//   - propagation to an arbitrary plane, returning also the new point
	//   - propagation in a geometry until the next crossed surface
	//   - computation of the total track length along a helix
2004-05-26 14:30  brun

	* mlp/: inc/TMultiLayerPerceptron.h, src/TMultiLayerPerceptron.cxx,
	From Christophe Delaere:
	Fixed a bug preventing to read a TMultiLayerPerceptron object from a TFile.
2004-05-26 13:32  brun

	* hist/: inc/TProfile2D.h, src/TProfile2D.cxx:
	Implement TProfile2D::SavePrimitive. The function calls TH1::SavePrimitiveHelp.
2004-05-26 13:31  brun

	* hist/src/TProfile.cxx:
	TProfile::savePrimitive calls the new function TH1::SavePrimitiveHelp
2004-05-26 13:30  brun

	* hist/: inc/TH1.h, src/TH1.cxx:
	Add a new protected helper function
	    virtual void     SavePrimitiveHelp(ofstream &out, Option_t *option);
	The function TH1::savePrimitive is now calling SavePrimitiveHelp.
	The new function is also called from TProfile::SavePrimitive and TProfile2D::SavePrimitive.
2004-05-26 13:19  rdm

	* pyroot/
	cleanup lib/ and lib/ROOT.pyc (or the bin version on Win32) when
	doing distclean.
2004-05-26 13:08  rdm

	* test/Makefile:
	no need to specify libQuadp explicitely, it has already been added to the
	list of libs returned by "root-config --libs".
2004-05-26 12:38  rdm

	* base/src/TTimer.cxx:
	call ROOT::GetROOT() to force creation of TROOT object in TTimer::Reset().
	This method could be called before the global gROOT is created during the
	initialization of the global gSingleShotCleaner object.
2004-05-26 12:34  rdm

	* alien/src/TAlienFile.cxx, net/src/TNetFile.cxx:
	set also SetBit(kWriteError) in case WriteBuffer() fails. Other remote
	I/O classes go via TFile::WriteBuffer() are therefore ok.
2004-05-26 12:32  rdm

	* base/src/TFile.cxx:
	put error number in message in case len<0 in WriteBuffer().
2004-05-26 12:32  rdm

	* Makefile:
	add optional module pyroot and xml to the list of modules to always distclean.
2004-05-26 12:31  rdm

	* quadp/
	some layout changes.
2004-05-26 12:20  brun

	* test/Makefile:
	When linking QPRANDOM the library libQuad must be specified.
2004-05-26 11:44  brun

	* base/src/TDirectory.cxx:
	In TDirectory::WriteObject add a protection in case the object is null.
	Add more comments to WriteObjectAny
2004-05-26 10:57  brun

	* base/src/TBuffer.cxx:
	Fix typo in comment
2004-05-26 09:48  brun

	* tree/: inc/TTree.h, src/TTree.cxx:
	Modify the signature of TTree::Autosave
	    virtual Int_t     AutoSave(Option_t *option="");
	The function returns the number of bytes written to the file. A null value
	indicates an error while writing.
2004-05-26 09:40  brun

	* base/src/TDirectory.cxx:
	In TDirectory::WriteObject and TDirectory::WriteObjectAny
	return 0 in case an error has occured while writing to the file.
2004-05-26 09:38  brun

	* base/src/TFile.cxx:
	Modify TFile::WriteBuffer to set the bit kWriteError when an error
	of the type "error writing all requested bytes to file" occurs.
2004-05-26 08:26  brun

	* graf/src/TMultiGraph.cxx:
	In TMultiGraph::Paint optimize the computation of the minimum and maximum along y.
2004-05-25 18:53  brun

	* hist/src/TF12.cxx:
	In TF12::EvalPar, the function InitArgs for the TF2 function must be called
	before calling TF2::EvalPar in case of a CINT or compiled function.
	The code was OK for standard simple functions.
2004-05-24 17:39  brun

	* hist/src/: TH1.cxx, TH2.cxx, TH3.cxx:
	In the default constructors, initialize the number of bins to include
	1 bin + underflow + overflow.
	This fixes a problem (thanks Maarten) when running with valgrind
	and creating a TH1,2,3 with the default constructor.
2004-05-24 17:09  brun

	* test/: Makefile, QpRandomDriver.cxx:
	From Eddy Offermann
	New test program for the new quad package
2004-05-24 16:36  brun

	* config/
	Add quadp case
2004-05-24 16:31  brun

	* gui/src/TGTextView.cxx:
	Initialize members fMarkedFromX fMarkedFromY in the Init function.
	Problem reported by valgrind
2004-05-24 16:02  brun

	* rpdutils/src/rpdutils.cxx:
	For AIX the arguments to ruserok are all char* and not const char*
2004-05-24 14:45  brun

	* quadp/: inc/TGondzioSolver.h, inc/TMehrotraSolver.h,
	inc/TQpDataBase.h, inc/TQpDataDens.h, inc/TQpDataSparse.h,
	inc/TQpLinSolverBase.h, inc/TQpLinSolverDens.h,
	inc/TQpLinSolverSparse.h, inc/TQpProbBase.h, inc/TQpProbDens.h,
	inc/TQpProbSparse.h, inc/TQpResidual.h, inc/TQpSolverBase.h,
	inc/TQpVar.h, src/TGondzioSolver.cxx, src/TMehrotraSolver.cxx,
	src/TQpDataBase.cxx, src/TQpDataDens.cxx, src/TQpDataSparse.cxx,
	src/TQpLinSolverBase.cxx, src/TQpLinSolverDens.cxx,
	src/TQpLinSolverSparse.cxx, src/TQpProbBase.cxx,
	src/TQpProbDens.cxx, src/TQpProbSparse.cxx, src/TQpResidual.cxx,
	src/TQpSolverBase.cxx, src/TQpVar.cxx:
	Fix correct CVS directory naming and authorship
2004-05-24 14:20  brun

	* config/Makefile.depend:
	Add dependencies for the new package quadp (depends on matrix0.
2004-05-24 14:04  brun

	* quadp/:, inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TGondzioSolver.h,
	inc/TMehrotraSolver.h, inc/TQpDataBase.h, inc/TQpDataDens.h,
	inc/TQpDataSparse.h, inc/TQpLinSolverBase.h,
	inc/TQpLinSolverDens.h, inc/TQpLinSolverSparse.h,
	inc/TQpProbBase.h, inc/TQpProbDens.h, inc/TQpProbSparse.h,
	inc/TQpResidual.h, inc/TQpSolverBase.h, inc/TQpVar.h,
	src/TGondzioSolver.cxx, src/TMehrotraSolver.cxx,
	src/TQpDataBase.cxx, src/TQpDataDens.cxx, src/TQpDataSparse.cxx,
	src/TQpLinSolverBase.cxx, src/TQpLinSolverDens.cxx,
	src/TQpLinSolverSparse.cxx, src/TQpProbBase.cxx,
	src/TQpProbDens.cxx, src/TQpProbSparse.cxx, src/TQpResidual.cxx,
	src/TQpSolverBase.cxx, src/TQpVar.cxx:
	Introduction of a new package for "quadratic Linear Programing" by Eddy Offermann.
	Documentation coming later.
2004-05-24 13:49  brun

	* build/unix/
	Exclude pyroot qt qtroot quadp and xml when building the static library.
2004-05-24 13:45  brun

	* gui/src/TGText.cxx:
	Thanks to valeri Fine for reporting bugs of the type:
	  delete fString
	instead of
	  delete [] fString
2004-05-24 13:24  brun

	* Makefile, base/inc/GuiTypes.h:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- Create default constructor for GCValues_t structure.
	  Default values taken from X11 GC.
2004-05-24 13:23  brun

	* win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- use ::WindowFromPoint instead of ::ChildWindowFromPoint
	   in TGWin32::QueryPointer. Now it returns correct child window.
2004-05-22 08:08  brun

	* base/src/TKey.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	Remove a memory leak in an error case of TKeyReadObjectAny.
	+ minor code clean-up.
2004-05-22 08:02  brun

	* pyroot/src/MethodHolder.cxx:
	From Wim Lavrijsen
	remove reliance on class name starting with 'T' in return types
2004-05-21 22:39  brun

	* graf/src/TGraphAsymmErrors.cxx:
	In the previous implementation, the test to detect histograms with weights
	not equal one was not correct.
2004-05-21 21:07  brun

	* graf/src/TGraphAsymmErrors.cxx:
	From Andy Haas
	New version of TGraphAsymmErrors with more comments and protections.
2004-05-21 20:55  brun

	* pyroot/src/MethodHolder.cxx:
	From Wim.Lavrijsen
	bug fix for array overload resolution
2004-05-21 20:54  brun

	* winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	From Bertrand Bellenot:
	patch to avoid segmentation violation on WinNT when
	TWinNTSystem::OpenPipe() returns NULL.
	The origin of the problem is into TWinNTSystem::GetLinkedLibraries() :
	 FILE *p = OpenPipe(Form("objdump -p %s", exe), "r");
	gives the message :
	'objdump' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
	operable program or batch file.
	then returns 0...
	objdump.exe is available as a tool included into GNU binutils, and can be used without
	additional dlls (unlike objdump.exe from cygwin who needs at least cygwin1.dll).
	this info could be useful for some windows users...
2004-05-21 18:03  brun

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	From Christos Leonedipoulos
	Optimisation of the errors in TH1::GetAsymmetry
2004-05-20 17:07  brun

	* rpdutils/src/rpdutils.cxx:
	From Gerri Ganis
	A recently introduced debug printout was badly placed and
	screwing up the socket synchronization for proofd daemons
	started by xinetd.
2004-05-20 16:50  brun

	* matrix/src/TMatrixDSparse.cxx:
	From Eddy Offermann:
	-removed memory acces problem in
	-removed memory acces problem in
2004-05-19 21:41  brun

	* treeplayer/src/: TSelectorDraw.cxx, TTreeFormula.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	This patch corrects the parsing of nested operator[] in TTreeFormula, eg:
	In this case the nested [] were (incorrectly) used twice :(
	Also we now properly handle the case where 2 (or more) variable
	size arrays are being used and the index for one of them is given
	by an expression which is also a variable size array.  There was
	an error when the size of 'index' expression was reaching the value 1.
	I.e If fNpoint is a variable size array whose size happens to be 1 for
	the entry 0, the expression:
	now works properly (it was previouls drawing sizeof(fMeasures) values
	instead  of just one value).
	Also issue an error in TSelectorDraw::Begin and stop the processing if
	the name of the histogram requested already exist and point to something
	that is NOT an histogram (the worst case scenario is when you use the
	same name as the TTree ! )
2004-05-19 18:12  rdm

	* utils/src/rlibmap.cxx:
	don't include vector<string> and std::pair<> in the library map file.
2004-05-19 17:56  rdm

	* Makefile, config/Makefile.macosx, config/Makefile.macosxxlc,
	config/Makefile.win32gcc, config/
	win32gcc also requires the forced linking of libraries to avoid not used
	libraries to not be loaded.
2004-05-19 17:47  brun

	* matrix/src/: TDecompSparse.cxx, TMatrixDSparse.cxx,
	From Eddy Offermann:
	removed 2 bugs related to sparse matrices:
	1. index mistake in the protected routine
	2. TMatrixDSparseDiag::operator() and
	   TMatrixDSparseRow::operator() :
	   forgot to update several pointers after a call
	   to InsertRow
2004-05-19 17:32  rdm

	* net/inc/NetErrors.h, net/src/NetErrors.cxx,
	From Gerri:
	for ssh authentication the scp'ed file's ownership was not correctly
	modified in case rootd was started via (x)inetd.
2004-05-19 16:38  brun

	* gpad/src/TPad.cxx, postscript/src/TPDF.cxx:
	From Olivier:
	- Landscape orientation in PDF files is now supported
2004-05-19 15:54  brun

	* graf/src/TGraphAsymmErrors.cxx:
	Fix portability problems: fabs replaced by TMath::Abs
2004-05-19 15:48  brun

	Add contribution for TGraphAsymmErrors to Andy Haas.
	Add Marc Paterno for his contribution to the new TGraphAsymErrors
	utility functions.
2004-05-19 15:47  brun

	* graf/: inc/TGraphAsymmErrors.h, src/TGraphAsymmErrors.cxx:
	Implement a new TGraphAsymErrors constructor taking two histograms
	in input. The resulting graph is obtained by dividing the two histograms.
	The asymmetric errors are computed by the new function BayesDivide.
	A new set of small utility functions (origin Marc Paterno) is introduced
	in the class.
	Code originally proposed by Andy Haas.
2004-05-19 14:34  rdm

	add Kristjan Gulbrandsen for the minitoring facility for PROOF.
2004-05-19 11:43  brun

	* rpdutils/src/rpdutils.cxx:
	On SGI, the function ruserok is declared
	 ruserok(char *rhost, int superuser, char *ruser, char *luser);
	instead of
	ruserok(const char *rhost, int superuser, const char *ruser, const char *luser);
2004-05-19 09:15  brun

	* rpdutils/src/rpdutils.cxx:
	Introduce dummy version of ruserok for cygwingcc
2004-05-19 07:14  brun

	* cint/src/: decl.c, ifunc.c, tmplt.c:
	From Philippe:
	   support for templated constructor in a class template
	   fix parsing of templated member functions in a class template in
	     case the name is preceded by '&' or '*' or 'const*' or a combination
	   fix the parsing of (which fails also if the function is not a template).
	     template <class U>
	       shared_ptr<T> const*n4(const shared_ptr<U>&)  { SHOW; return this; }
2004-05-19 01:43  rdm

	* rpdutils/src/rpdutils.cxx:
	ruserok() exists on Alpha but prototype is missing in system headers.
2004-05-19 00:21  rdm

	* rpdutils/src/rpdutils.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	remove erroneous return statement causing warning about unreachable code.
2004-05-19 00:20  rdm

	* krb5auth/src/Krb5Auth.cxx, net/src/TPSocket.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	The return of kinit was implicit checked by the subsequent
	check valid credentials; I made it explicit.
	However, the real problem was elsewhere: in TPSocket, in
	case of failed authentication, I forgot to set a flag to
	false, so it was trying Init() and hanging at
	TServerSocket::Accept. This was introduced last week.
2004-05-18 22:04  brun

	* matrix/src/TMatrixDSparse.cxx:
	From Eddy Offermann:
	TMatrixDSparse a; a.ResizeTo(n,m)
	caused Allocate to give an error message because
	the number of non-zeros in the argument list was -1
2004-05-18 17:54  brun

	* net/src/TAuthenticate.cxx:
	From Bertrand Bellenot:
	patch solving unresolved externals on windoze
2004-05-18 16:28  brun

	* matrix/src/TMatrixDSparse.cxx:
	Fix compilation errors
	  delete [] v ; when v is a cont Int_t*
2004-05-18 16:21  brun

	* matrix/inc/: TMatrixDSym.h, TMatrixFSym.h:
	Fix more comments in arguments of type pointer
2004-05-18 16:16  brun

	* matrix/inc/: TMatrixD.h, TMatrixF.h:
	Fix wrong format in comments of arguments
2004-05-18 16:13  brun

	* xml/src/TXMLEngine.cxx:
	From Bertrand Bellenot
	-In case of old VC++6 add declaration of external functions _ftol and _ftol2
2004-05-18 16:09  brun

	* test/stressLinear.cxx:
	From Eddy Offermann:
	- Added to stressLinear.cxx tests for sparse matrix slices (TMatrixDSparsdeRow, TMatrixDSparsdeDiag)
2004-05-18 16:01  brun

	* matrix/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TMatrixD.h, inc/TMatrixDBase.h,
	inc/TMatrixDSparse.h, inc/TMatrixDSym.h, inc/TMatrixDUtils.h,
	inc/TMatrixF.h, inc/TMatrixFBase.h, inc/TMatrixFSym.h,
	inc/TMatrixFUtils.h, inc/TVectorD.h, src/TDecompSparse.cxx,
	src/TMatrixD.cxx, src/TMatrixDBase.cxx, src/TMatrixDSparse.cxx,
	src/TMatrixDSym.cxx, src/TMatrixDUtils.cxx, src/TMatrixF.cxx,
	src/TMatrixFBase.cxx, src/TMatrixFSym.cxx, src/TVectorD.cxx,
	From Eddy Offermann:
	- Changed behavior of
	   TMatrixDSparse::operator()(Int_t i,Int_t j)
	   TMatrixDSparseRow::Double_t operator ()(Int_t i)
	   old: if position (i,j) did not exist in the sparse table.
	        as defined by fRowIndex and fColIndex, an error
	        message was printed and fJunk position returned.
	   new: if position (i,j) does not exist, it is added to
	        the index table.
	        fJunk data member of TMatrixDSparse removed:
	- Bug : removed several Double_t in TMatrixF.. classes
	- Added SetRowIndexArray and SetColIndexArray
	(opposite of
	    GetRowIndexArray....) to base classes
	- Added InsertRow and ExtractRow to base classes
	- Moved SetSub to the base classes; removed bugs from
	   TMatrixSparse::SetSub version
	- Added to TMatrixDSparse own version of Randomize and
	- Added TMatrixDSparsdeDiag_const and
2004-05-18 13:56  rdm

	* config/, net/inc/TAuthenticate.h,
	net/src/TAuthenticate.cxx, net/src/TSecContext.cxx,
	net/src/TSocket.cxx, proofd/src/proofd.cxx, rootd/src/rootd.cxx,
	rpdutils/inc/rpdp.h, rpdutils/src/error.cxx,
	From Gerri:
	o SSH
	 - authentication via scp
	   (ssh2rpd must be kept for backward compatibility)
	 - automatic retry in case of failure due to daemon busy;
	   this happens when many requests are sent simultaneously
	   such that the maximum MaxStartups specified in
	   /etc/ssh/sshd_config is reached
	   Number of retries can be set via env SSH.MaxRetry
	   (default 100).
	o Support for 'no authentication' mode for server daemons
	  (option '-noauth'); also useful to judge the overhead due
	  to authentication.
	o Support for UsrPwd authentication via /etc/hosts.equiv
	  and/or $HOME/.rhosts
	To insure backward compatibility I had to increase the
	client and server protocol numbers.
2004-05-18 13:32  rdm

	* config/, proof/inc/LinkDef.h, proof/inc/TPacketizer2.h,
	proof/inc/TProofPlayer.h, proof/inc/TProofStats.h,
	proof/src/TPacketizer2.cxx, proof/src/TProofPlayer.cxx,
	proof/src/TProofServ.cxx, proof/src/TProofStats.cxx:
	From Maarten and Kristjan Gulbrandsen:
	Performance histograms and trace tree for monitoring PROOF peformance.
	Enabled via gEnv.
2004-05-18 12:39  rdm

	* configure, config/Makefile.depend:
	in configure check for iconv.h and iconv_a.lib for Win32.
2004-05-18 11:34  rdm

	* unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx:
	added some comments to GetLinkedLibraries() and returned "exe" char* is
	not const.
2004-05-18 11:33  rdm

	* winnt/: inc/TWinNTSystem.h, src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	also implemented GetLinkedLibraries() for WinNT.
2004-05-18 06:55  brun

	* unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	On Solaris ldd returns (note the last line);
	<bldsunos28> ldd bin/root.exe =>    /var/tmp/root/lib/ =>    /var/tmp/root/lib/ =>    /var/tmp/root/lib/ =>    /var/tmp/root/lib/ =>  /var/tmp/root/lib/ =>    /var/tmp/root/lib/ =>    /var/tmp/root/lib/ =>  /var/tmp/root/lib/ =>    /var/tmp/root/lib/ =>     /opt/SUNWspro/lib/ =>    /usr/lib/ =>   /usr/lib/ =>        /usr/lib/ =>  /usr/lib/ =>     /usr/lib/ =>     /usr/lib/ =>    /usr/lib/
	The attached patch solves the problem.
2004-05-18 06:52  brun

	* cint/src/ifunc.c:
	From Philippe:
	Fix to previous patch that did not compile on Windows
2004-05-17 23:06  brun

	* cint/src/ifunc.c:
	From Philippe:
	Currently CINT does not parse well something like:
	      friend bool operator< <> (const RCPtr<T>& p1, const RCPtr<T>& p2);
	      friend bool operator< <T> (const RCPtr<T>& p1, const RCPtr<T>& p2);
	CINT internal records
	i.e. without the necessary white space.  This lead to the creation of
	a dictionary file with incorrect syntax.
	This patch attached solve the problem (inserts a white space at the appropriate
2004-05-17 21:33  brun

	* base/src/TSystem.cxx, physics/
	From Philippe:
	This patch adds the proper dependency in physics/
	It also add a important missing protection in the previous update of TSystem::Load.
2004-05-17 19:40  rdm

	* utils/src/rlibmap.cxx:
	fix problem with null being passed to strcmp().
2004-05-17 19:16  rdm

	* config/
	add forced loading of ROOT libraries for Win32 too.
2004-05-17 17:56  rdm

	* Makefile:
	fix typo in name of dictionary symbols to force loading of libs.
2004-05-17 17:06  rdm

	* unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx:
	in GetLinkedLibraries find executable using PATH.
2004-05-17 16:16  rdm

	* Makefile:
	force linking unreferenced libraries also on Win32. TTree is now again
	available in root.exe.
2004-05-17 14:34  brun

	* xml/src/TXMLDtdGenerator.cxx:
	One more fix for Windows VC++
2004-05-17 14:30  brun

	* win32gdk/: inc/TGWin32InterpreterProxy.h,
	The new function TInterpreter::EnableAutoLoading is abstract.
	It must be implemented in TGWin32InterpreterProxy.
	Compilation obviously failed under Windows.
2004-05-17 14:29  brun

	* xml/src/TXMLDtdGenerator.cxx:
	Fix compilation problems (VC++6 only)
2004-05-17 14:28  brun

	* base/src/TDirectory.cxx:
	void* idcur must be initialized in GetObjectAny
2004-05-17 14:15  rdm

	* base/src/TApplication.cxx, meta/inc/TCint.h,
	meta/inc/TInterpreter.h, meta/src/TCint.cxx:
	enable auto loading of shared libraries only after TROOT has been fully
	created and all linked libraries have been initialized.
2004-05-17 14:13  rdm

	* base/inc/TSystem.h, base/src/TSystem.cxx, unix/inc/TUnixSystem.h,
	new protected method GetLinkedLibraries(). Returns the shared libs that
	were loaded at program startup. Previously this info was obtained from
	compiledata.h, but now on Linux, Solaris and MacOS X we get this info
	by running ldd (or otool for MacOS X) on the executable itself. This
	has the benefit that gSystem->ListLibraries() shows the full path
	of all loaded libraries (and not only -lCore, -lCint, etc. for the
	libraries specified to the linker). If GetLinkedLibraries() fails (no ldd)
	the old behaviour is used.
	Also TSystem::Load() checks if a library has already been loaded. Previously
	this check was left to CINT but CINT had no knowledge of the libs loaded at
	program startup due to explicit linking.
2004-05-17 14:03  rdm

	* Makefile, config/, main/,
	MacOS X has a very lazy linker, by marking the dictionary setup methods
	undefined we force the loading at startup of all libraries referenced during
	linking. Also in root-config mark these methods undefined. In TRint it is
	now not necessary anymore to dynamically load the libraries that are
	specified during linking (was causing libraries to be loaded twice on
	other platforms).
2004-05-17 13:29  brun

	* config/Makefile.depend:
	In case of Windows, add a XMLLIBEXTRA  = iconv_a.lib Ws2_32.lib
	For Windows users, it is suggested to copy iconv_a.lib in the
	  c:/Program Files/Microsoft Visual studio .NET/Vc7/PlatformSDK/lib
	This directory contains Ws2_32.lib
	The iconv_a.lib may be downloaded from:
	 Take the file:
2004-05-17 13:29  brun

	* configure:
	Search for libxml2_a before libxml2. This is essential on Windows.
2004-05-17 10:00  rdm

	* cint/: inc/G__ci.h, inc/Method.h, inc/common.h, inc/fproto.h,
	lib/dll_stl/mp.h, lib/gl/setup, src/Apiif.cxx, src/end.c,
	src/func.c, src/init.c, src/pause.c, src/scrupto.c, src/struct.c,
	import of CINT 5.15.135.
	For what else is new see
2004-05-17 09:53  brun

	* gui/src/TGFrame.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	~gui/src/TGFrame.cxx - the saze of group frame is saved now
2004-05-15 09:31  brun

	* base/src/TROOT.cxx:
	#include <io.h> must be specified for WIN32 to use function isatty
2004-05-15 02:34  rdm

	* base/src/TROOT.cxx:
	reintroduce the usage of the ROOTDEBUG shell variable to set gDebug. This
	feature got lost in the merge of 13-Nov-2003 (1.105 -> 1.06).
2004-05-14 19:17  rdm

	* meta/src/TCint.cxx:
	turn autoloading on MacOS X for the time being.
2004-05-14 18:59  rdm

	* base/src/TString.cxx:
	fix for broken $&^#*& HPUX aCC.
2004-05-14 18:35  rdm

	* utils/src/rlibmap.cxx:
	on MacOS make sure the .dylib extension is changed into .so. Only .so
	bundles are dynamically loadable while dylib shared libraries can only
	be linked against.
2004-05-14 18:34  rdm

	* utils/src/rlibmap.cxx:
	fix a problem on HP-UX where fgets() does not return 0 in case a size of
	0 is specified.
2004-05-14 17:03  brun

	* meta/src/TClass.cxx:
	In TClass::EscapeChars, also escape the character "~"
	This solves a problem reported when generating the Postscript file
	produced by DrawClass. The destructors were printed in ZapfDingbats font.
2004-05-14 16:49  rdm

	* meta/src/TCint.cxx:
	use a proper dynamic_cast<>() instead of an old style down cast.
2004-05-14 16:49  rdm

	* utils/src/rlibmap.cxx:
	namespace fix for old HP aCC compiler.
2004-05-14 16:30  brun

	* xml/: inc/TXMLBuffer.h, inc/TXMLDtdGenerator.h, inc/TXMLEngine.h,
	inc/TXMLFile.h, inc/TXMLKey.h, inc/TXMLSetup.h, src/TXMLBuffer.cxx,
	src/TXMLDtdGenerator.cxx, src/TXMLEngine.cxx, src/TXMLFile.cxx,
	src/TXMLKey.cxx, src/TXMLSetup.cxx:
	From Sergey Linev
	1. TXMLFile can be opened with "create", "recreate", "open", "new", "update"
	   options. Special string like "2xoo" can be specified to "recreate" xml file with
	   specific xml options (explained in TXMLSetup class).
	   Close() and ReOpen() methods are implemented.
	2. Correct writing and reading of TStreamerInfo classes to xml file.
	   Before they were skiped them when reading.
	   This can be optional (default on) (first cross in "2xoo")
	3. Any data, which are stored directly to TBuffer like TBuffer::WriteBuf,
	   will be stored as binary block of data and restored when reading from file
	4. According to compression level of TFile:
	   ==0: no any repetition counters in arrays;
	   >0: repetition counter in array, in future also for TClonesArray fields
	   >5: file created without space indentation and new lines
	   Binary data compressed by zip with the same compression level
	5. Namespaces are introduced (optional - default off).
	   If on, any data member get prefix according to class name.
	   To test, create file option should be "2xox" (last cross set namespaces on).
	   Object will look like:
	       <TAttLine xmlns:TAttLine="" version="1">
	          <TAttLine:fLineColor v="1"/>
	          <TAttLine:fLineStyle v="1"/>
	          <TAttLine:fLineWidth v="1"/>
	   Important for DTD (in future) and just for convenient viewing of xml file.
	6. Generic layout of XML file is introduced again.
	   still have some problems how it looks (because reading is ok), which
	   should be solved later.
	   In list of options it is first number 3 "3xoo".
	   Number 2 is default for class specific layout.
	   I keep several numbers for some variants, which may come later.
	7. gXML global pointer is removed. Now each instance of TXMLFile creates own
	   copy of TXMLEngine object.
	8. TXMLBuffer parent always set to correpondent TXMLFile. Important for TRef
	9. Comments for TXMLFile, TXMLBuffer, TXMLKey are created. Other in progress
	10. Small changes according to recent changes in TDirectory and in TKey
	classes for not TObject classes.
2004-05-14 11:46  brun

	* proof/inc/TProofProgressDialog.h:
	Make destructor virtual (compilation warning)
2004-05-14 11:45  brun

	* vmc/inc/TGeoMCGeometry.h:
	Remove compilation warning about unused parameter in opeator=
2004-05-14 10:26  brun

	* base/: inc/TDirectory.h, src/TDirectory.cxx:
	Implement new functions
	   -void   *GetObjectAny(const char *namecycle);
	    to read an object non deriving from TObject)
	   -Int_t  WriteObjectAny(const void *obj, const char *classname, const char *name)
	    This function is a variant of the already existing TDirectory::WriteObjectAny.
	    With this function, the user does not need to know about TClass.
	TDirectory::Get has been modify to be able to return also a non-TObject.
2004-05-14 10:18  brun

	* base/: inc/TKey.h, src/TKey.cxx:
	Implement new function
	  void  *TKey::ReadObjectAny()
	to read a key with a class not deriving from TObject (written with TKey::WriteObjectAny)
	This function is called by the new function TDirectory::GetObjectAny
2004-05-13 21:39  brun

	* graf/: inc/TPaveStats.h, src/TPaveStats.cxx:
	Remove dummy implementation of TPaveStats::SetLabel.
	Implement support for a TPaveStats top label in TPaveStats::Paint
2004-05-13 19:47  rdm

	* meta/: inc/TCint.h, src/TCint.cxx:
	activate library dependency loading. For example:
	root [0] TPythia6 p
	loads first libEG and then libEGPythia6 (need still to supress CINT
	"note" saying that a lib is already loaded).
2004-05-13 19:45  rdm

	* configure:
	by default don't build (Pythia5) anymore.
2004-05-13 19:44  rdm

	* Makefile:
	remove debug statement and force creation of new mapfile when doing
	"make dist".
2004-05-13 13:42  rdm

	* utils/src/rlibmap.cxx:
	new portable version of rlibmap that uses the LinkDef information to
	find classes and libs instead of trying to nm the shared libraries.
2004-05-13 13:41  rdm

	* meta/src/TCint.cxx:
	use new rootmap format.
2004-05-13 13:40  rdm

	* base/: inc/TString.h, src/TString.cxx:
	From Eddy and me:
	New method TString::Tokenize():
	This function is used to isolate sequential tokens in a TString.
	These tokens are separated in the string by at least one of the
	characters in delim. The returned array contains the tokens
	as TObjString's. The returned array is the owner of the objects,
	and must be deleted by the user.
2004-05-13 13:38  rdm

	* proof/: inc/TProofProgressDialog.h, src/TProofProgressDialog.cxx:
	added ClassDef/ClassImp.
2004-05-13 13:38  rdm

	* Makefile, alien/, asimage/, chirp/,
	config/Makefile.alphakcc, dcache/, eg/,
	proof/inc/LinkDefGui.h, fumili/, g3d/,
	ged/, gedold/, geom/,
	geompainter/, gl/, gpad/,
	graf/, gui/, hbook/, hist/,
	histpainter/, html/, ldap/,
	matrix/, minuit/, mlp/, mysql/,
	pgsql/, physics/, postscript/,
	proof/, pyroot/, pythia/,
	pythia6/, rfio/, rint/, sapdb/,
	table/, thread/, tree/,
	treeplayer/, treeviewer/, venus/,
	vmc/, win32/, win32gdk/, x11/,
	x11ttf/, x3d/, xml/
	add the "map" target, which calls the new rlibmap to extract all class
	and library and dependent library information from the LinkDefs and the
	library and libdep macros.
2004-05-13 12:46  brun

	* tree/src/TTree.cxx:
	Fix a bug in TTree::CopyEntries crashing stress15
2004-05-13 12:09  brun

	* histpainter/src/THistPainter.cxx:
	From Olivier:
	- When a TH2 is painted with the option "BOX SAME" the minimum and maximum
	  values along the Z axis are taken from the first TH2 in the Pad.
	void boxsame() {
	   c = new TCanvas("c","Example of BOX plots with option SAME",200,10,700,500);
	   TH2F *h1 = new TH2F("h1","h1",40,-3,3,40,-3,3);
	   TH2F *h2 = new TH2F("h2","h2",40,-3,3,40,-3,3);
	   TH2F *h3 = new TH2F("h3","h3",40,-3,3,40,-3,3);
	   TH2F *h4 = new TH2F("h4","h4",40,-3,3,40,-3,3);
	   for (Int_t i=0;i<100000;i++) {
	      double x,y;
	      if(x>0 && y>0) h1->Fill(x,y,4);
	      if(x<0 && y<0) h2->Fill(x,y,3);
	      if(x>0 && y<0) h3->Fill(x,y,-2);
	      if(x<0 && y>0) h4->Fill(x,y,1);
	   h2->Draw("box same");
	   h3->Draw("box same");
	   h4->Draw("box same");
2004-05-13 11:57  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TTreeFormula.cxx:
	Previous fix was not complete for Windows
2004-05-13 11:54  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TTreeFormula.cxx:
	VC++ does not accept a cast from an unsigned long long to a double.
	It accepts only a cast from a long long to a double
2004-05-13 11:45  brun

	* matrix/src/TMatrixDSparse.cxx:
	Fix more const problems
2004-05-13 11:10  brun

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	Fix typo in comment
2004-05-13 11:06  brun

	* matrix/src/TMatrixDSparse.cxx:
	Fix portability problems, replacing statements like
	     const Int_t * const oIp = fColIndex;
	     const Int_t * = fColIndex;
2004-05-13 00:43  rdm

	* hist/src/TFormula.cxx, treeplayer/src/TTreeFormula.cxx:
	From Philippe and Maarten:
	This patch includes the implementation by Maarten of the support for
	Long64_t in non-split objects in TTreeFormula.
	It also include a correction in the error case detection of TFormula's
	strstr (was leading to a core dump (instead of a parsing error) if the
	first argument was not a char*).
2004-05-12 21:11  brun

	* table/src/TVolumeView.cxx:
	Remove a useleess const declaration incompatible with the prototype declaration.
	This was generating a warning on alpha/cxx
2004-05-12 20:24  brun

	* matrix/: inc/TMatrixD.h, inc/TMatrixDSparse.h, inc/TMatrixDSym.h,
	inc/TMatrixDUtils.h, inc/TMatrixFSym.h, src/TMatrixDSparse.cxx,
	src/TMatrixDSym.cxx, src/TMatrixFSym.cxx:
	From Eddy Offermann:
	patch resolving:
	1) Bug in TMatrixDSparse::SetMatrixArray and
	   where and array was accessed beyond last element
	2) Bool_t operator== was missing in TMatrixD/FSym
	3) One version of SetSub was missing from TMatrixFSym
2004-05-12 18:19  rdm

	* base/inc/TCanvasImp.h, gpad/src/TGroupButton.cxx:
	from Ilka:
	call TRootCanvas::ReallyDelete() via TCanvasImp interface. That should also
	take care of the memory leak.
2004-05-12 15:56  brun

	* matrix/src/TMatrixDSparse.cxx:
	One more portability problem (multiple loop index definition)
2004-05-12 15:50  brun

	* matrix/: inc/TMatrixDSparse.h, src/TMatrixDSparse.cxx,
	Fix a few more portability problems on Windows and alpha/cxx
2004-05-12 15:30  brun

	* matrix/src/: TMatrixDSym.cxx, TMatrixFSym.cxx:
	Forgot to change the return type of Apply in the cxx files
2004-05-12 15:27  brun

	* matrix/inc/: TMatrixDSym.h, TMatrixFSym.h:
	Fix a problem with the return type of the Apply functions in TMatrixDsym and TMatrixFsym
2004-05-12 15:05  rdm

	* proof/src/TSlave.cxx:
	from Gerri:
	This adds a couple of consistency checks before sending
	password information to proofserv, to avoid problems
	when the master does not acquire tokens (fRemoteOffset == -1).
2004-05-12 15:04  rdm

	* globusauth/src/GlobusAuth.cxx:
	from Gerri:
	This fixes a small problem with catching errors from the server.
2004-05-12 15:02  rdm

	from Gerri:
	This patch adds a version consistency cross-check among
	the versions of three Globus/VDT header files in configure.
2004-05-12 14:36  brun

	* histpainter/src/THistPainter.cxx:
	In THistPainter::PaintInit, do not recompute the minimum scale if
	the contents and errors are nearly equal
2004-05-12 14:30  rdm

	* configure:
	add -liconv for all Solaris platforms.
2004-05-12 13:35  rdm

	* matrix/inc/: TMatrixD.h, TMatrixDBase.h, TMatrixDSparse.h,
	TMatrixDSym.h, TMatrixDUtils.h, TMatrixF.h, TMatrixFBase.h,
	remove many warnings of the type:
	include/TMatrixF.h(106): warning #858: type qualifier on return type is meaningless
	    inline const Float_t            operator()(Int_t rown,Int_t coln) const;
2004-05-12 13:20  rdm

	* Makefile:
	make compilation of libRXML dependent on the finding of the xml2 include
	directory and the libxml2 library.
2004-05-12 13:08  brun

	* gpad/src/TGroupButton.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- use single shot timer to close a canvas
	  Thanks to Sergey Linev.
2004-05-12 12:39  brun

	* matrix/inc/LinkDef.h, matrix/inc/TDecompBase.h,
	matrix/inc/TDecompChol.h, matrix/inc/TDecompLU.h,
	matrix/inc/TDecompQRH.h, matrix/inc/TDecompSVD.h,
	matrix/inc/TDecompSparse.h, matrix/inc/TMatrixD.h,
	matrix/inc/TMatrixDBase.h, matrix/inc/TMatrixDEigen.h,
	matrix/inc/TMatrixDSparse.h, matrix/inc/TMatrixDSym.h,
	matrix/inc/TMatrixDUtils.h, matrix/inc/TMatrixF.h,
	matrix/inc/TMatrixFBase.h, matrix/inc/TMatrixFSym.h,
	matrix/inc/TMatrixFUtils.h, matrix/inc/TVectorD.h,
	matrix/inc/TVectorF.h, matrix/src/TDecompBase.cxx,
	matrix/src/TDecompChol.cxx, matrix/src/TDecompLU.cxx,
	matrix/src/TDecompQRH.cxx, matrix/src/TDecompSVD.cxx,
	matrix/src/TDecompSparse.cxx, matrix/src/TMatrixD.cxx,
	matrix/src/TMatrixDBase.cxx, matrix/src/TMatrixDSparse.cxx,
	matrix/src/TMatrixDSym.cxx, matrix/src/TMatrixDUtils.cxx,
	matrix/src/TMatrixF.cxx, matrix/src/TMatrixFBase.cxx,
	matrix/src/TMatrixFSym.cxx, matrix/src/TMatrixFUtils.cxx,
	matrix/src/TVectorD.cxx, matrix/src/TVectorF.cxx,
	test/stressLinear.cxx, tutorials/pythiaExample.C:
	From Eddy Offermann:
	1) patch for the matrix directory (cvs diff -a matrix)
	2) tar file containing new modules:
	3) new stressLinear.cxx
	Description of changes:
	1) many updates of comments in code
	2) possibility to construct random matrices, general
	   symmetric and positive definite
	3) Introduction of new matrix class: TMatrixDSparse .
	   It defines a general sparse matrix in
	   format (sparse structure definition optimized for
	   matrix-vector multiplications).
	   Like all the other matrix classes, it derives from
	4) Introduction of a new decomposition class:
	   TDecompSparse . It allows decomposition (and
	   therefore equation solving) of sparse symmetric
2004-05-12 12:37  brun

	* xml/src/TXMLBuffer.cxx:
	Fix by Sergey solving a problem when saving TGeoManager objects.
2004-05-12 11:07  brun

	* xml/src/TXMLDtdGenerator.cxx:
	Fix portability problems with VC++6 and hp-ux
2004-05-12 11:04  rdm

	* config/Makefile.depend, pythia/, pythia6/,
	linking of pythia libs was not consistent with other libs depending on
	external libraries. Now properly links against libPythia and
	will automatically load libPythia (if LD_LIBRARY_PATH is properly set).
2004-05-12 10:23  brun

	* xml/src/TXMLEngine.cxx:
	Reintroduce fix preventing a compilation problem on Solaris
2004-05-12 10:01  brun

	* tutorials/rootgeom.C:
	Do not open the X3D viewer in batch mode
2004-05-12 10:00  brun

	* test/RootShower/RootShower.cxx:
	From Bertrand Bellenot:
	Solves the message :
	"Error in <TGVSplitter::SetFrame>: resize frame must have kFixedWidth
	option set"
	Also select OpenGL on win32 and X3D on X11 for 3D View menu entry.
2004-05-12 09:02  brun

	* geom/src/TGeoManager.cxx:
	In TGeoManager::Export and TGeoManager::Import, replaces calls to
	the TFile constructor by calls to TFile::Open to support network files
	or XML files.
2004-05-11 20:52  brun

	* xml/: inc/TXMLBuffer.h, inc/TXMLFile.h, inc/TXMLSetup.h,
	src/TXMLBuffer.cxx, src/TXMLDtdGenerator.cxx, src/TXMLEngine.cxx,
	src/TXMLFile.cxx, src/TXMLKey.cxx, src/TXMLSetup.cxx:
	New version from Sergey Linev.
	StreamerInfos are now stored and read from the XML files.
2004-05-11 17:57  brun

	* meta/src/TStreamerInfoWriteBuffer.cxx:
	In TStreamerInfo::WtiteBufferAux, a call to TBuffer::DecrementLevel
	is added just before a return statement.
2004-05-11 17:32  brun

	* meta/src/: TClass.cxx, TStreamerInfoReadBuffer.cxx,
	Move the calls to TBuffer::Incrementlevel and TBuffer::DecrementLevel
	from TClass::readBuffer/WriteBuffer to TStreamerInfo::ReadBuffer and WriteBuffer.
	With this changes the XML I/O works for TClonesArrays.
2004-05-11 17:31  brun

	* base/inc/TFile.h:
	Make virtual the functions GetStreamerInfoList, ShowStreamerInfo
2004-05-11 15:25  rdm

	* configure, config/Makefile.solarisCC5:
	move -liconv for solaris to configure so it will cover all Solaris versions.
2004-05-11 15:20  rdm

	* base/src/TFile.cxx:
	hopefully ultimate patch for netfile detection, use regexp "^root.*:"
	to cover all cases.
2004-05-11 14:12  brun

	* base/src/TFile.cxx:
	From Gerri ganis:
	this is a more correct patch, otherwise the other authentication
	  protocols (e.g. "rootg:") would not work.
2004-05-11 14:02  brun

	* config/Makefile.solarisCC5:
	Add XMLLIBEXTRA = -liconv
2004-05-11 14:01  brun

	* gui/src/TRootCanvas.cxx:
	Add case "xml" in ProcessMessage for "SaveAs"
2004-05-11 13:53  brun

	* xml/src/: TXMLDtdGenerator.cxx, TXMLEngine.cxx:
	Fix portability problems with VC++6 and Solaris
2004-05-11 12:49  rdm

	* base/src/TFile.cxx:
	in Open() for rootd protocol check explicit for the filename to start with
	"root:", "roots:" or "rootk:" and not just "root" since that fails in
	case of a local file like "rootstat1.root".
2004-05-11 12:07  brun

	* xml/src/TXMLBuffer.cxx:
	Protection in case of a null pointer.
2004-05-11 10:26  rdm

	* configure, config/Makefile.linux:
	link libxml2 with pthread for all linux platforms and win32gcc. Remove
	special case in Makefile.linux.
2004-05-11 10:19  brun

	* config/Makefile.win32:
	Remove definition of XMLLIBEXTRA. On Windows iconv.lib should be in the PATH
2004-05-11 10:06  brun

	* config/: Makefile.depend, Makefile.win32:
	Remove XMLLIBEXTRA from Makefile.depend and define it in Makefile.win32
2004-05-11 09:17  brun

	* config/Makefile.linux:
	define XMLLIBEXTRA   = -lpthread
2004-05-11 09:16  brun

	* config/Makefile.depend:
	On Windows, iconv_a.lib must be in the system path, not in XMLDIR
2004-05-11 09:04  brun

	* gpad/src/TPad.cxx:
	Modify TPad::Print to use directly TFile::Open instead of the plugin manager.
2004-05-11 02:19  rdm

	* rint/src/TRint.cxx:
	forgot to re-activate input handler after catching signal using Activate()
	(was of Add()).
2004-05-11 01:50  rdm

	* xml/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TXMLBuffer.h, inc/TXMLDtdGenerator.h,
	inc/TXMLEngine.h, inc/TXMLFile.h, inc/TXMLKey.h, inc/TXMLSetup.h,
	src/TXMLBuffer.cxx, src/TXMLDtdGenerator.cxx, src/TXMLEngine.cxx,
	src/TXMLFile.cxx, src/TXMLKey.cxx, src/TXMLSetup.cxx:
	header files did not have standard ROOT guard tokens (must be ROOT_T<Class>)
	and there were ifdef's missing to prevent opening already read includes.
	Copyright notice did not have up to date year.
2004-05-11 01:28  rdm

	* xml/
	on Windows extra libs needed by libxml2 comes from config/Makefile.depend.
2004-05-11 01:26  rdm

	* base/src/TFile.cxx, config/
	correct regexp to detect files ending in ".xml", remove special case for
	xml in TFile::Open() which defeats the purpose of the plugin manager.
2004-05-11 01:20  rdm

	* configure, config/Makefile.depend, config/
	some fixes in libxml2 detection and cleanup in xml/
2004-05-10 23:38  brun

	* cint/src/init.c:
	From Philippe:
	Fix a problem with loading shared libraries under Solaris.
	(thanks Reiner Rolfs for reporting the problem)
2004-05-10 23:29  brun

	* Makefile, configure, config/, xml/,
	xml/inc/LinkDef.h, xml/inc/TXMLBuffer.h,
	xml/inc/TXMLDtdGenerator.h, xml/inc/TXMLEngine.h,
	xml/inc/TXMLFile.h, xml/inc/TXMLKey.h, xml/inc/TXMLSetup.h,
	xml/src/TXMLBuffer.cxx, xml/src/TXMLDtdGenerator.cxx,
	xml/src/TXMLEngine.cxx, xml/src/TXMLFile.cxx, xml/src/TXMLKey.cxx,
	Introduce new package xml.
	  Originally proposed by Hans Essel from GSI.
	  Main implementation by Sergey Linev from GSI.
	  Adaptation to ROOT framework by Rene Brun.
	"xml" is an optional package that can be used to write file.xml
	instead of file.root. XML files do not have any advantages
	compared to the normal ROOT files, except that the information
	in these files can be edited via a normal editor.
	The main motivation for this new format is to facilitate the
	communication with other non ROOT applications. Currently
	writing and reading XML files is limited to ROOT applications.
	It is our intention to develop a simple reader independent
	of the ROOT libraries that could be used as an example for
	real applications.
	The XML format should be used only for small data volumes,
	typically histogram files, pictures, geometries, calibrations.
	The XML file is built in memory before being dumped to disk.
	Like for normal ROOT files, XML files use the same I/O mechanism
	exploiting the ROOT/CINT dictionary. Any class having a dictionary
	can be saved in XML format.
	This first implementation does not support subdirectories
	or Trees.
	The shared library may be loaded dynamically
	via gSystem->Load("libRXML"). This library is automatically
	loaded by the plugin manager as soon as a XML file is created
	via, eg
	TFile::Open returns a TXMLFile object. When a XML file is open in write mode,
	one can use the normal TObject::Write to write an object in the file.
	Alternatively one can use the new functions TDirectory::WriteObject and
	TDirectory::WriteObjectAny to write a TObject* or any class not deriving
	from TObject.
	example of a session saving a histogram to a XML file
	  TFile *f = TFile::Open("Example.xml","recreate");
	  TH1F *h = new TH1F("h","test",1000,-2,2);
	  delete f;
	example of a session reading the histogram from the file
	  TFile *f = TFile::Open("Example.xml");
	  TH1F *h = (TH1F*)f->Get("h");
	A new option in the canvas "File" menu is available to save
	a TCanvas as a XML file. One can also do
	Configuring ROOT with the option "xml"
	The XML package uses the public XML parser and toolkit
	from Gnome. You should download the latest version 2-6.9
	On Unix systems dowload "libxml2-2.6.9.tar.gz" and create
	XMLDIR pointing to the directory libxml2-2.6.9. in the XMLDIR
	directory, run the normal
	On Windows, from the same web site download
	unzip the two files, then copy the file iconv.h from the iconv/include file
	to $XMLDIR/include. Also copy iconv.dll, iconv.lib and iconv_a.lib
	from the iconv/lib directory to $XMLDIR/lib.
	You are now ready to configure ROOT with the XML option. do:
	  ./configure -enable-xml -enable-xxxxx, etc
	The "xml" package is currently under development. A more complete
	documentation will be provided shortly in the classes reference guide.
	See classes TXMLFile, TXMLKey, TXMLBuffer, TXMLEngine, TXMLSetup
	and TXMLDtdGenerator.
	An example of XML file corresponding to the small example below
	can be found at
2004-05-10 19:31  rdm

	* base/inc/TSystem.h, base/inc/TTimer.h, base/src/TSystem.cxx,
	base/src/TTimer.cxx, unix/inc/TUnixSystem.h,
	  TTimer::InterruptsSyscall()    to  IsInterruptingSyscalls()
	  TTimer::SetInterruptSyscall()  to  SetInterruptSyscalls()
2004-05-10 19:18  brun

	* metautils/src/TClassEdit.cxx, utils/src/rootcint.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	there was an inconsistency introduced in the return value
	of rootcint's IsSTLContainer.  This patch solves the problem.
2004-05-10 18:00  rdm

	* krb5auth/src/Krb5Auth.cxx, net/src/TAuthenticate.cxx,
	net/src/TPSocket.cxx, net/src/TSocket.cxx,
	rpdutils/src/rpdutils.cxx, srputils/src/SRPAuth.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	This should fix the problem with double connection.
	Crossed backward compatibility should be ok at least back to 3.05.07.
	Also fixes problem with undefined fSecContext in SRPAuth and
	Krb5Auth when talking to old servers.
2004-05-10 17:08  brun

	* tree/src/TTree.cxx:
	From Axel Naumann:
	TChain's and TTree's LoadTree behave differently when requesting an
	entry which doesn't exist. A loop
	TTree* tree=...
	Int_t entry=0;
	while (tree->LoadTree(entry)>=0) {
	works for tree being a TChain, but not for TTrees, as TTree::LoadTree
	will return the entry number even if it's out of range. With the
	attached patch TTree::LoadTree(Int_t) returns -2 if the entry does not
	exist, just as TChain::LoadTree does.
2004-05-10 17:06  brun

	* gpad/src/TCanvas.cxx, win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx,
	From valeriy Onuchin:
	- followups after the last mods:
	   o  add thread safety to few more methods of TCanvas class ,
	       i.e. Clear, Close, CopyPixmaps, UseCurrentStyle
	   o small cosmetic mods in TGWin32, TGWin32ProxyBase
2004-05-10 16:25  brun

	* config/
	Add XML plugin
2004-05-10 16:23  brun

	* base/src/TFile.cxx:
	Add support for "file.xml" in TFile::Open (via the plugin manager)
2004-05-10 16:20  brun

	* base/src/TVirtualPS.cxx:
	From Olivier:
	- The previous change must be done in all contructors (obviously !)
2004-05-10 16:16  brun

	* gui/src/TRootCanvas.cxx:
	Add the menu item "SaveAs canvas.xml" in the "File" menu
2004-05-10 16:15  brun

	* gpad/src/TPad.cxx:
	Add "xml" case in the TPad::Print and TPad::SaveAs functions.
	When the file name is of the form file.xml, the canvas is saved as a XML file.
	The TXMLFile is invoked via the plugin manager. Example
	   Assuming a TCanvas* c1;
	  root > c1.Print("c1.xml");
	To view the xml file in another session do
	  root > Tfile::Open("c1.xml");
	  root > c1->Draw();
	the file must be available in the library path.
	Note that the canvas can also be saved via the canvas menu "File"
	by selecting the "SaveAs canvas.xml"
2004-05-10 15:49  rdm

	* base/: inc/TDirectory.h, src/TDirectory.cxx:
	made a few more methods const correct.
2004-05-10 14:10  brun

	* win32gdk/inc/TGWin32.h, win32gdk/inc/TGWin32InterpreterProxy.h,
	win32gdk/inc/TGWin32VirtualXProxy.h, win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx,
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- mods in TGWin32, TWinNTSytem fix the problem of  deadlocking of ROOT
	session after moving canvas  while hsimple.C is executing.
2004-05-10 14:09  brun

	* gpad/src/TCanvas.cxx, gui/inc/TRootApplication.h,
	gui/inc/TRootCanvas.h, gui/src/TRootApplication.cxx,
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	 - thread safe technique introduced for TCanvas::Update, TCanvas::Resize
	   methods, i.e. use gInterpreter->Execute.
	   These mods should improve robustness of win32gdk version and remove
	   platform dependency of TRootCanvas.
2004-05-10 14:09  brun

	* base/src/TObject.cxx:
	TObject::Write calls the new function TDirectory::WriteObject
2004-05-10 14:09  brun

	* base/: inc/TKey.h, src/TKey.cxx:
	Add constness in the following functions:
	    TKey(const char *name, const char *title, const TClass *cl, Int_t nbytes);
	    TKey(const TString &name, const TString &title, const TClass *cl, Int_t nbytes);
	    TKey(const TObject *obj, const char *name, Int_t bufsize);
	    void   SetParent(const TObject *parent);
	Add a new constructor to create a TKey with an object not deriving from TObject.
2004-05-10 14:08  brun

	* base/: inc/TDirectory.h, src/TDirectory.cxx:
	Add a new member:
	   Int_t       fBufferSize;      //Default buffer size to create new TKeys
	Add the following functions:
	   virtual Int_t   GetBufferSize();
	   virtual void    SetBufferSize(Int_t bufsize);
	   virtual Int_t   WriteObject(const TObject *obj, const char *name=0, Option_t *option="");
	   virtual Int_t   WriteObjectAny(const void *obj, const TClass *cl, const char *name, Option_t *option="");
	the fBufferSize member may be used to specify the buffer size used
	when creating a new key in the directory. If the member is null (default),
	the buffer size used is the average buffer size for all keys created so far.
	The new functions WriteObject and WriteObjectAny may be used to
	write a TObject* or any object non deriving from TObject.
	WriteObject is now called from TObject::Write.
2004-05-10 14:08  brun

	* base/: inc/TBuffer.h, src/TBuffer.cxx:
	Improve constness of several functions
	   void     WriteObject(const void *actualObjStart, const TClass *actualClass);
	   void     MapObject(const void *obj, const TClass *cl, UInt_t offset = 1);
	   Version_t  ReadVersion(UInt_t *start = 0, UInt_t *bcnt = 0, const TClass *cl = 0);
	   Int_t    WriteObjectAny(const void *obj, const TClass *ptrClass);
	   void     ReadFastArray(void  *start , const TClass *cl, Int_t n=1, TMemberStreamer *s=0);
	   void     ReadFastArray(void **startp, const TClass *cl, Int_t n=1, Bool_t isPreAlloc=kFALSE, TMemberStr
	   void     WriteFastArray(void  *start,  const TClass *cl, Int_t n=1, TMemberStreamer *s=0);
	   Int_t    WriteFastArray(void **startp, const TClass *cl, Int_t n=1, Bool_t isPreAlloc=kFALSE, TMemberSt
	   void     StreamObject(void *obj, const TClass *cl);
2004-05-10 14:08  brun

	* base/inc/TVirtualX.h:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- TVirtualX::IsCmdThread is introduced.
	   By default (for UNIX) ROOT is a single thread application
	   For multithreaded ROOT it returns kTRUE if "we are" inside of server/cmd thread,
	   otherwise kFALSE.
2004-05-10 11:55  brun

	* base/src/TVirtualPS.cxx:
	From Olivier:
	- rootn.exe crashed when a PS file was generated from the "Save as" pad's
	  menu. fBuffer array is now created as char[fSizBuffer+1].
2004-05-10 10:17  rdm

	* net/src/: TPSocket.cxx, TSocket.cxx:
	remove R__zip and R__unzip external decl, not used here anymore.
	correct some typos in comments.
2004-05-10 10:16  rdm

	* krb5auth/src/Krb5Auth.cxx:
	make Krb5CheckSecCtx a static function.
2004-05-10 10:15  rdm

	* base/: inc/TTimer.h, src/TTimer.cxx:
	fix error in example in class description.
2004-05-10 10:14  rdm

	* base/inc/TApplication.h, base/src/TApplication.cxx,
	rint/inc/TRint.h, rint/src/TRint.cxx:
	rename SetNoechoMode() to SetEchoMode(), kFALSE=off, kTRUE=on.
2004-05-10 10:12  rdm

	* clib/src/Getline.c:
	don't use C++ comment in C code.
2004-05-10 10:05  brun

	* base/inc/TApplication.h, base/src/TApplication.cxx,
	clib/src/Getline.c, rint/inc/TRint.h, rint/src/TRint.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	 - add TApplication::SetNoechoMode method.
	    It could be used for
	      o handling passwords
	      o cases described at
2004-05-10 10:03  brun

	* base/src/TROOT.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	-call "fCanvases->Delete();    SafeDelete(fCanvases);" at TROOT destructor
	 only for "old win32". That fixes "printing gdk warning messages on root[].q"
2004-05-10 09:33  brun

	* hist/: inc/THStack.h, src/THStack.cxx:
	From Axel Naumann
	Implement a new THStack constructor accepting a TH2 or TH3 as input.
	THStack::THStack(const TH1* hist, Option_t *axis /*="x"*/,
	                 const char *name /*=0*/, const char *title /*=0*/,
	                 Int_t firstbin /*=-1*/, Int_t lastbin /*=-1*/,
	                 Int_t firstbin2 /*=-1*/, Int_t lastbin2 /*=-1*/,
	                 Option_t* proj_option /*=""*/, Option_t* draw_option /*=""*/): TNamed(name, title) {
	// Creates a new THStack from a TH2 or TH3
	// It is filled with the 1D histograms from GetProjectionX or GetProjectionY
	// for each bin of the histogram. It illustrates the differences and total
	// sum along an axis.
	// Parameters:
	// - hist:  the histogram used for the projections. Can be an object deriving
	//          from TH2 or TH3.
	// - axis:  for TH2: "x" for ProjectionX, "y" for ProjectionY.
	//          for TH3: see TH3::Project3D.
	// - name:  fName is set to name if given, otherwise to histo's name with
	//          "_stack_<axis>" appended, where <axis> is the value of the
	//          parameter axis.
	// - title: fTitle is set to title if given, otherwise to histo's title
	//          with ", stack of <axis> projections" appended.
	// - firstbin, lastbin:
	//          for each bin within [firstbin,lastbin] a stack entry is created.
	//          See TH2::ProjectionX/Y for use overflow bins.
	//          Defaults to "all bins"
	// - firstbin2, lastbin2:
	//          Other axis range for TH3::Project3D, defaults to "all bins".
	//          Ignored for TH2s
	// - proj_option:
	//          option passed to TH2::ProjectionX/Y and TH3::Project3D (along
	//          with axis)
	// - draw_option:
	//          option passed to THStack::Add.
2004-05-10 08:58  brun

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	In the TH1::Add functions use c1^2 instead of c1 when increementing fTsum2
	(thanks Gero Flucke)
2004-05-08 20:08  brun

	* Makefile:
	I comitted this file by mistake with xml in the list of directories.
2004-05-08 18:37  brun

	* Makefile, net/src/TSocket.cxx:
	Remove compiler warning due ti unused declaration of kMAXBUFF
2004-05-08 16:34  brun

	* base/inc/TBuffer.h:
	Several TBuffer functions are made virtual by default.
	This change is required for the new XML implementation
	that implements a class TXmlBuffer deriving from TBuffer.
	This change has some impact on the performance, in particular
	when reading non-compressed files. We expect to regain
	this loss in a future version with a further optimisation
	of the function TStreamerInfo::Compile.
	The table below indicates the loss in performance
	on some machines.
	                    normal     virtual   penalty
	Linux gg3.2
	stress -b 30          752rm     732rm      2.7%
	stress -b 1000        628rm     623rm      0.8%
	bench -b -q           624rm     602rm      3.5%
	Event 5000 0 0 1     24.74s     25.67s     3.8%
	Event 5000 0 0 20     7.49s      8.45s    12.8s
	Event 5000 1 0 1     54.21s     55.12s     1.7%
	Event 5000 1 0 20    15.58s     16.75s     7.5%
	Event 5000 0 9 1     23.50s     24.24s     3.1%
	Event 5000 0 9 20     7.38s      8.29s    12.3%
	stress -b 30          860rm     843rm      1.9%
	stress -b 1000        749rm     726rm      3.1%
	bench -b -q           714rm     693rm      2.9%
	Event 5000 0 0 1     18.85s     19.09s     1.3%
	Event 5000 0 0 20     6.40s      7.03s     9.8%
	Event 5000 1 0 1     44.07s     45.18s     2.5%
	Event 5000 1 0 20    10.20s     11.05s     8.3%
	stress -b 30         194rm      192rm      1.1%
	stress -b 1000       177rm      171rm      3.5%
	bench -b -q          186rm      183rm      1.6%
	Event 5000 0 0 1     74.82s     80.49s     7.6%
	Event 5000 0 0 20    29.37s     35.54s    21.0%
2004-05-08 16:16  brun

	* gpad/src/TCanvas.cxx:
	Fix in TCanvas::Streamer (set Editor bar width to 0) in case of a batch session.
2004-05-08 15:40  rdm

	* krb5auth/src/Krb5Auth.cxx, rpdutils/src/rpdutils.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	I have found a bug in RpdKrb5Auth in the allocation of
	the space for KRB5CCNAME: the length was wrongly calculated;
	my daemons were crashing at krb5_cc_close.
	Also, the targetUser should be validated by krb5_userok
	only if different from gUser, otherwise one is forced
	to have a .k5login file with its own principal in it.
	Finally, we do not need to forward the credentials to rootd.
2004-05-08 12:18  brun

	* gpad/src/TCanvas.cxx:
	Protect TCanvas::Streamer in case fCanvasImp is null (new code taking into account
	the Editor bar width).
2004-05-08 09:08  brun

	* tree/src/TBranch.cxx:
	In the TBranch constructors reduce the initial size of fMaxBaskets from 1000 to 10.
	The original allocation generated a overhead of about 12 Kbytes per branch.
	In case of many Trees with hundreds of branches, the overhead in memory
	was non negligible.
	The arrays of size fMaxBaskets are automatically reallocated in case
	a branch has more baskets than the current allocation.
2004-05-08 07:53  brun

	* meta/src/TStreamerInfo.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	Fix a severe problem when when a pointer to a TObjecct with the -> option
	is followed by an int.
2004-05-07 22:47  brun

	* pyroot/src/: ConstructorDispatcher.cxx, ConstructorDispatcher.h,
	MemoryRegulator.cxx, MemoryRegulator.h, MethodDispatcher.cxx,
	MethodDispatcher.h, MethodHolder.cxx, MethodHolder.h,
	ObjectHolder.cxx, ObjectHolder.h, PyBufferFactory.cxx,
	PyBufferFactory.h, PyROOT.h, RootModule.cxx, RootWrapper.cxx,
	RootWrapper.h, Utility.cxx, Utility.h:
	From Wim Lavrijen
	  o) use C-style headers to be both standard compliant and VC++6 compatible
	  o) (re-)enabled copy constructors
	  o) correctly build ROOT inheritance tree on the python side
	  o) some cosmetic changes
2004-05-07 18:35  rdm

	* base/inc/TSystem.h, base/src/TSystem.cxx, unix/inc/TUnixSystem.h,
	new protected method:
	void SigAlarmInterruptsSyscall(Bool_t)
	this method will be called for the a-synch timer that is going
	to timeout next, where the argument depends on TTimer::InterruptsSyscall().
2004-05-07 18:32  rdm

	* base/: inc/TTimer.h, src/TTimer.cxx:
	new methods:
	void   TTimer::SetInterruptSyscall(Bool_t)
	Bool_t TTimer::InterruptsSyscall()
	When the argument is true the a-synchronous timer (SIGALRM) signal
	handler is set so that interrupted syscalls will not be restarted
	by the kernel. This is typically used in case one wants to put a
	timeout on an I/O operation. By default interrupted syscalls will
	be restarted.
2004-05-07 18:27  rdm

	* dcache/src/TDCacheFile.cxx:
	fix error in description text in ctor.
2004-05-07 15:29  brun

	* meta/src/TStreamerInfo.cxx:
	Fix a bug in the new function TStreamerInfo::GetStreamerElementReal
	Add more comments to this function.
2004-05-07 15:01  brun

	* gui/src/TRootCanvas.cxx:
	From Valeri Onuchin:
	Fix a problem when calling "Quit" from the canvas menu. The canvas was not deleted.
2004-05-07 12:06  brun

	Add Pere Mato and Wim Lavrijsen for the development of the PyRoot package
	Add Sergey Linev for the development of the XML package
2004-05-07 11:51  brun

	* net/src/TMessage.cxx:
	Remove a compliation warning (comparing integer with unsigned integer)
2004-05-07 11:13  brun

	* meta/src/TClass.cxx:
	Add calls to the new TBuffer functions TBuffer::IncrementLevel and TBuffer::DecrementLevel
	in the functions ReadBuffer and WriteBuffer.
	These calls are required by the coming XML interface.
2004-05-07 11:12  brun

	* meta/src/: TStreamerInfoReadBuffer.cxx,
	Add calls to the new TBuffer function SetStreamerElementNumber in the ReadBuffer and WriteBuffer
2004-05-07 11:11  brun

	* meta/: inc/TStreamerInfo.h, src/TStreamerInfo.cxx:
	Add new function:
	TStreamerElement* TStreamerInfo::GetStreamerElementReal(Int_t i, Int_t j) const
	   //  if i is the index in the compressed array fElems and
	   //  ise the corresponding serial number in the uncompressed array fElements
	   //  the function returns the TStreamerElement corresponding to "ise+j"
	   //  in fElements.
	   //  This function is typically called from Tbuffer, TXmlBuffer
	In TStreamerInfo::ReadBuffer and TStreamerInfo::WriteBuffer add a call
	to the new function TBuffer::StreamerElementNumber.
2004-05-07 11:08  brun

	* base/inc/TBuffer.h:
	New functions added to TBuffer in view of the coming XML interface
	   virtual void IncrementLevel(TStreamerInfo*)
	   virtual void SetStreamerElementNumber(Int_t)
	   virtual void DecrementLevel(TStreamerInfo*)
	The IncrementLevel & Decrementlevel functions are called by the
	TClass::ReadBuffer and TClassWriteBuffer functions.
	The function SetStreamerElementNumber is called by
	TStreamerInfo::ReadBuffer and TStreamerInfoWriteBuffer
	to pass to the buffer the loop index.
	This new version of TBuffer is still experimental.
	If ROOT is compiled with the option R__BufferVirtual, several
	functions from TBuffer are declared virtual. The default is
	to have the TBuffer functions non virtual.
	We are currently investigating the performance penalty induced
	by making these functions virtual.
2004-05-07 07:27  brun

	* ged/src/TGedAttFrame.cxx:
	The font precision was always reset to 0 when editing text.
2004-05-07 00:01  rdm

	* configure:
	when -enable-python is specified and the python libs are found the
	explicitlink option will be automatically turned on.
2004-05-06 20:37  rdm

	* configure:
	only build python module when also option --enable-explicitlink has been
2004-05-06 18:57  rdm

	* net/src/TFTP.cxx, net/src/TNetFile.cxx, proof/src/TSlave.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	after CreateAuthSocket() sockets were only checked for validity,
	and not for for authentication as it should.
2004-05-06 18:47  rdm

	* unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx:
	allow up to FD_SETSIZE (on Linux = 1024) file descriptors to be monitored
	by select(), was 256. First large scale PROOF test with 316 slaves needed
2004-05-06 17:59  brun

	* base/src/TObject.cxx:
	Fix a problem in TObject::Write when the options kOverwrite or kWriteDelete
	are specified. One must use gDirectory->GetKey(name) instead of
	GetKey returns the top level cycle while FindObject returns the lowest cycle.
2004-05-06 15:04  rdm

	* net/src/TPSocket.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	fix a problem with TPSockets, now tutorials pserv.C and pclient.C work
2004-05-06 14:58  brun

	* graf/src/TGraph.cxx:
	Add comments in TGraph::Fit and LeastSquareLinearFit
2004-05-06 14:32  brun

	* cont/src/: TArrayC.cxx, TArrayD.cxx, TArrayF.cxx, TArrayI.cxx,
	TArrayL.cxx, TArrayS.cxx:
	Implement a symmetric system between writing and reading in the Streamer functions.
	Always use WriteFastArray when writing instead of WriteArray.
	This change is required for the coming XML driver.
2004-05-06 11:45  brun

	* gpad/src/TPad.cxx:
	From Olivier:
	- New option "Preview" in TPad::Print
2004-05-06 11:43  brun

	* graf/src/TGraphErrors.cxx:
	Minor correction to avoid a compiler warning
2004-05-06 11:40  brun

	* graf/: inc/TGraphErrors.h, src/TGraphErrors.cxx:
	Implement a new TGraphErrors constructor reading data from a file (like TGraph)
	TGraphErrors(const char *filename, const char *format, Option_t *)
	// filename is assumed to contain at least 3 columns of numbers
	// convention for format (default="%lg %lg %lg %lg)
	//  format = "%lg %lg"         read only 2 first columns into X,Y
	//  format = "%lg %lg %lg"     read only 3 first columns into X,Y and EY
	//  format = "%lg %lg %lg %lg" read only 4 first columns into X,Y,EX,EY
2004-05-06 10:07  brun

	* ged/src/TGedAttFrame.cxx, gpad/src/TCanvas.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	- fix in TCanvas::SaveSource to save the effective canvas size excluding
	the editor
	- protection in TGedAttFillFrame::ProcessMessage in the case fPad=0
2004-05-05 17:36  brun

	* win32gdk/src/: TGWin32.cxx, TGWin32InterpreterProxy.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- revert last changes in TGWin32InterpreterProxy::CheckClassInfo
	  That created side effects.
	- use refresh timer only for processing WM_PAINT events.
	  That solves the problem of  deadlocking of ROOT session after
	   moving canvas  while hsimple.C is executing.
2004-05-05 17:33  brun

	* tree/src/TTree.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	This patch adds a missing iterator increment in TTree::SetBranchAddress (for cloned trees).
2004-05-05 16:44  rdm

	* tutorials/: hclient.C, hserv.C, hserv2.C, pserv.C:
	show the use of the new message compression feature.
2004-05-05 16:43  rdm

	* base/inc/MessageTypes.h, net/inc/TMessage.h, net/inc/TSocket.h,
	net/src/TMessage.cxx, net/src/TPSocket.cxx, net/src/TSocket.cxx:
	allow TMessages to be compressed before sending them. To have a specific
	message compressed use TMessage::SetCompressionLevel(n) where 0 < n <= 9,
	like for TFile::SetCompressionLevel(). To have all messages send over
	a specific TSocket compressed, use TSocket::SetCompressionLevel().
	When a compressed message is received it is automatically uncompressed.
	See modified tutorials/hclient.C on how this feature is used.
2004-05-05 16:27  rdm

	* zip/src/ZInflate.c:
	make R__slide static.
2004-05-05 16:27  rdm

	* zip/README:
2004-05-05 15:11  brun

	* minuit/src/TMinuit.cxx:
	Print the message 'PARAMETER    3  IS CONSTANT.   IGNORED.' only
	if fISW[4] >= 0)
2004-05-05 14:52  brun

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	In the TH1 default constructor, initialize the bar offset and width.
2004-05-05 14:19  rdm

	* gui/: inc/TGSlider.h, src/TGSlider.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	I have decided to override the TGFrame::Resize methods in
	TGVSlider/TGHSlider classes and to hide from the users the
	additional 16 pixels needed by both DoRedraw algorithms.
2004-05-05 14:09  brun

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	In TH1::SavePrimitive, generate the code to add the TF1 objects in the list of functions.
2004-05-05 11:32  rdm

	* config/Makefile.depend, postscript/
	need to add also a POSTSCRIPTLIBDEP macro and make the linking of
	libPostscript dependent on the existence of libGraf otherwise parallel
	make will fail.
2004-05-05 11:23  rdm

	* net/src/TAuthenticate.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	This patch always forces `fgPromptUser = kFALSE` when
	a username is specified in the Url; in some configurations
	this was not true.
2004-05-05 10:59  brun

	* winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- small correction for CNTRL-C handling
2004-05-05 10:57  brun

	* win32gdk/src/TGWin32InterpreterProxy.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- call gInterpreter::CheckClassInfo directly (not via proxy class).
	  That fixes deadlocking of ROOT session after moving canvas
	  while hsimple.C is executing.
2004-05-05 08:13  brun

	* meta/inc/TStreamerElement.h:
	Implement the following Getter functions required by the coming XML interface
	   const char *TStreamerBasicPointer::GetCountClass()   const
	   Int_t       TStreamerBasicPointer::GetCountVersion() const
	   const char *TStreamerLoop::GetCountClass()   const
	   Int_t       TStreamerLoop::GetCountVersion() const
2004-05-04 18:44  brun

	* config/Makefile.depend:
	Add correct dependencies for Postscript (WIN32 case)
2004-05-04 18:40  brun

	* config/Makefile.depend:
	Add -lGraf in the dependencies of POSTSCRIPTLIBEXTRA
2004-05-04 18:25  brun

	* postscript/src/TPDF.cxx:
	Fix a compilation error when calling GetTextExtent
2004-05-04 18:12  brun

	* postscript/src/TPDF.cxx:
	From Olivier:
	Improvements in TPDF::Text:
	  - Text alignment is now correctly handled
	  - \n characters are filtered (multi-lines text like in latex3.C was not
2004-05-04 17:57  brun

	* meta/inc/: TStreamerElement.h, TStreamerInfo.h:
	Implement the following setter functions required by the coming XML package:
	   void  TStreamerInfo::SetCheckSum(UInt_t checksum);
	   void  TStreamerElement::SetTypeName(const char *name);
	   void  TStreamerbase::SetBaseVersion(Int_t v);
	   void  TStreamerBasicPointer::SetCountVersion(Int_t count);
	   void  TStreamerBasicPointer::SetCountName(const char *name);
	   void  TStreamerBasicPointer::SetCountClass(const char *clname);
	   void  TStreamerLoop::SetCountVersion(Int_t count);
	   void  TStreamerLoop::SetCountName(const char *name);
	   void  TStreamerLoop::SetCountClass(const char *clname);
	   void  TStreamerSTL::SetSTLtype(Int_t t);
	   void  TStreamerSTL::SetCtype(Int_t t);
2004-05-04 17:24  brun

	* winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	 - handle Ctrl-C interrupt "a la linux", i.e. do not terminate ROOT session, but
	   terminate an execting macro. That works if ROOT is started from DOS prompt or
	   WinExplorer. That doesn't work (yet) if ROOT started from
	   cygwin shell, because cygwin overrides ROOT's Ctrl-C handler and terminates  ROOT session.
	 - unload neapi32 library after usage.
2004-05-04 16:47  brun

	* win32/: inc/TWin32Canvas.h, src/TWin32Canvas.cxx:
	Implement new signature for function GetWindowGeometry
2004-05-04 16:41  brun

	* base/inc/TCanvasImp.h, geompainter/src/TGeoPainter.cxx,
	gpad/src/TCanvas.cxx, gui/inc/TRootCanvas.h,
	gui/src/TRootCanvas.cxx, tutorials/geodemo.C:
	Modify TCanvasImp::GetWindowGeometry (and TRootCanvas::GetWindowGeometry) to return the editor width.
	Change TCanvas::Streamer to save the effective canvas size excluding the editor.
2004-05-04 16:09  rdm

	* proof/src/TProof.cxx:
	From Kris and Maarten:
	use TSystem::SplitAclicMode() to get filename of script to execute.
2004-05-04 16:06  rdm

	* rpdutils/src/rpdutils.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	I have just found that the list of available methods sent
	back by the server is incomplete. This is due to the fact
	that the function SPrintf, introduced recently to check
	buffer lengths, does not work for recursive printing.
2004-05-04 12:01  brun

	* graf/src/TLatex.cxx:
	From Olivier:
	- GetHeight now tests the gPad dimensions and not the Canvas dimensions.
2004-05-04 10:46  brun

	* mlp/src/TMLPAnalyzer.cxx:
	In TMLPAnalyzer::CheckNetwork replace the two Form in the same statement
	by simple printf.
2004-05-04 09:59  brun

	* mlp/src/: TNeuron.cxx, TSynapse.cxx:
	Initialize member fDEDw in the constructors
2004-05-03 21:56  brun

	* mlp/src/TMultiLayerPerceptron.cxx:
	One more patch to fix a compiler warning with VC++6 and hp-ux
2004-05-03 21:17  brun

	* winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	From Bettrand Bellenot:
	Fix to the current broken version in CVS.
2004-05-03 18:46  brun

	* mlp/src/TMLPAnalyzer.cxx:
	Fix several compilation problems in the new class
2004-05-03 18:30  brun

	* mlp/inc/LinkDef.h, mlp/inc/TMLPAnalyzer.h,
	mlp/inc/TMultiLayerPerceptron.h, mlp/src/TMLPAnalyzer.cxx,
	mlp/src/TMultiLayerPerceptron.cxx, tutorials/mlpHiggs.C:
	From Christophe Delaere
	New class TMLPAnalyzer: This class grouping several utilities is designed
	for analyzing a Neural Network.
	The tutorial mlpHiggs.C has been modified to illustrate this new class.
2004-05-03 17:33  rdm

	* meta/src/TCint.cxx:
	don't load libCore in autload callback since libCore is always loaded
	anyway. The load requests might happen at startup when not all Core lib
	dictionaries have been loaded yet.
2004-05-03 17:27  brun

	* build/win/, winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	This patch should make 4.00/04 working under win98 and win2000
	 1. load netapi32.dl dynamically
	 2. initialise and use pointers to functions instead of direct call of functions from netapi32.dll
2004-05-03 17:01  brun

	* postscript/src/TPDF.cxx:
	In TPDF::Open open the file with the "binary" option only on R__WIN32
2004-05-03 16:51  brun

	* postscript/src/TPDF.cxx:
	From Olivier:
	- On Windows the compressed parts of a PDF file were corrupted by CTRL-M.
	  To avoid this problem the PDF file is now open in binary mode. This
	  works also on Linux (no #ifdef required).
2004-05-03 15:37  brun

	* gui/src/TGButton.cxx:
	Remove a useleess statement (makes a compiler warning) in TGButton::HandleButton
2004-05-03 14:56  brun

	* gui/: inc/TGButton.h, src/TGButton.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- the latest mods broken handling button's hotkey handling.
	  I introduced protected method TGButton::EmitSignals to fix it.
2004-05-03 12:45  rdm

	* proof/src/TProof.cxx:
	small fix in format of debug print.
2004-05-03 12:43  rdm

	* gui/inc/TGWindow.h:
	make all methods virtual.
2004-05-03 12:42  rdm

	* gui/: inc/TRootCanvas.h, src/TRootCanvas.cxx:
	three separator widgets were not deleted while their windows had been
	closed. Caused benchmarks.C to fail.
2004-05-01 17:13  brun

	* ged/: inc/TGedPropertyFrame.h, src/TGedPropertyFrame.cxx:
	TGedPropertyFrame was crashing when the referenced object was deleted.
	Implement method TGedPropertyFrame::RecursiveRemove.
	The TGedPropertyFrame adds itself to gROOT->GetListOfCleanups()
	and the destructor removes it.
2004-04-30 16:57  brun

	* gui/src/TGButton.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin
	- generate signals and SendMessage only if pointer is located inside button.
	  Thanks to Ed Oltman for reporting it.
2004-04-30 15:28  brun

	* gpad/src/TPad.cxx:
	From Olivier:
	- Pads with a white background (gStyle->SetCanvasColor(0)) had a red border.
2004-04-30 12:57  brun

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	In TH1::Add take into account a possible normalisation factor.
	See the IMPORTANT note added in thsi function.
	This fixes a problem when a histogram with a normalisation factor is added
	to a THStack.
2004-04-30 12:31  rdm

	* treeviewer/src/TTreeViewer.cxx:
	use proper way to close window (SendCloseMessage(). Fixes problem where
	valgrind reports access to freed memory.
2004-04-30 09:03  brun

	* hist/: inc/THStack.h, src/THStack.cxx:
	Implement a suggestion from Sergey Linev
	Add function THStack::RecursiveRemove to automatically cleanup
	the THStack object if one of the histograms is deleted.
	This also solves the problem when the same histogram is referenced
	multiple times in the THStack.
	The THStack constructor registers automatically itself to
	gROOT->GetListOfCleanups. The destructor removes itself.
2004-04-30 08:34  brun

	* graf/src/TPolyLine.cxx:
	From Otto Schaile
	a better implementation of TPolyLine::SetPolyLine that fixes a problem with the
	derived class TCurlyLine
2004-04-30 08:27  brun

	* base/src/TColor.cxx:
	Improve TColor::GetColor replacing a test on equality of floating point
	numbers with a test on the difference (suggested by V.Fine)
2004-04-30 08:13  brun

	* pyroot/:, src/RootWrapper.cxx:
	From Wim Lavrijsen
	 call gInterpreter.EndOfLineAction() after interactive commands
2004-04-30 02:27  rdm

	* tree/src/TChain.cxx:
	From Victor:
	TFile::Open() can return 0, adjust tests accordingly.
2004-04-30 01:43  rdm

	* proof/: inc/TProof.h, src/TProof.cxx:
	From Maarten:
	Can now use 1 slave server:
	- 1 or more slaves -> parallel (i.e. run on slave servers)
	- 0 slaves -> sequential (execute on/in master)
	before the option of 1 slave was not possible, because we always
	reverted in that case to running on the master.
2004-04-29 23:10  brun

	* rpdutils/src/rpdutils.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	Fix a compilation problem with SGI/kCC
2004-04-29 19:43  brun

	* physics/: inc/TVector2.h, inc/TVector3.h, src/TVector2.cxx,
	From Kirill Shileev
	Overload TVector2::Print and TVector3::Print to print the vector in Cartesian
	or Spherical coordinates
2004-04-29 19:05  brun

	* dcache/: inc/TDCacheFile.h, src/TDCacheFile.cxx:
	From Bill Tanenbaum + Philippe
	There were a couple of issues in TDCacheFile.
	The number of call to dc_stat in case of opening a file in read-only
	mode was 6.  This patchs reduce it to 1 by checking existing and read permission
	only in case of failure and by caching the size of the file.
	The testing of the file in the update/create mode was incorrect in some circuntances
	(this is due to gSystem->AccessPathName requiring an uri to proper work).
2004-04-29 18:04  rdm

	* pyroot/src/MethodHolder.cxx:
	static class members cannot portably be defined in the class itself.
2004-04-29 16:46  brun

	* ged/src/TGedAttFrame.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	Align combo box entries: now in order Bottom... -> Middle... -> Top...
2004-04-29 16:35  brun

	* gui/src/: TGButton.cxx, TGMenu.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- binding key with  kAnyModifier broke TVirtualX::RequestString
	  when key is "hot char". That broke latex input while canvas editting.
	  Here is a fix. Case unsensetive hotkeys handling is preserved.
2004-04-29 12:08  rdm

	* rpdutils/src/rpdutils.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	fix in the way Krb5 tickets are cached.
2004-04-29 12:04  rdm

	* config/
	From Gerri:
	more acurate description of Krb5 options.
2004-04-29 11:58  rdm

	* base/src/TROOT.cxx:
	don't make it an error in LoadClass() when the library is already loaded.
	Fixes an issue with the TCint::AutoLoadCallback().
2004-04-29 10:27  brun

	* base/inc/TMath.h:
	Prevent a double declaration of ceil and floor on Windows. Move the declaration
	in the block already foreseen for R_WIN32
2004-04-29 10:23  brun

	* base/inc/TMath.h:
	The extern declaration for ceil and floor is mandatory on Solaris/CC
2004-04-29 10:12  brun

	* base/inc/TMath.h:
	Under Windows the functions ceil and floor must be declared as
	   _CRTIMP double ceil(double);
	   _CRTIMP double floor(double);
2004-04-29 09:52  brun

	* base/: inc/TMath.h, src/TMath.cxx:
	Functions TMath::Ceil and TMath::Floor are now inline functions
2004-04-29 09:42  brun

	* win32gdk/gdk/src/gdk/win32/gdkwindow-win32.c:
	From Bertrand Bellenot
	Fix a focus problem with tooltips
2004-04-29 08:46  brun

	* pyroot/src/: MemoryRegulator.cxx, MemoryRegulator.h,
	From Pere Mato
	solve the loading pb of into CINT, let's just
	make the construction of init_PyROOT_NoneType conditional on
	the construction of the first MemoryRegulator object.
2004-04-29 00:04  rdm

	* pyroot/:,, src/RootModule.cxx,
	changed lib/ to lib/ to adhere to ROOT conventions.
2004-04-28 20:54  brun

	* pyroot/src/: MemoryRegulator.cxx, MethodDispatcher.cxx,
	MethodHolder.cxx, ObjectHolder.cxx, RootWrapper.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	There were several problem when compiling pyroot with MS6.0.
	MS 6.0 does not put the C stdio routines (like sprintf, strcpy, etc) into the
	std namespace (as a note for Wim, instead of using std::xyz in the __source__
	file, he could just add 'namespace std {} using namespace std;' at the start
	of his source file).
	MS 6.0 does not support class template specialization (hence the need for
	run-time function call instead of compile time value).
	MS 6.0 does not properly understand the type of templated function (hence
	the need for a regular function wrapper).
2004-04-28 17:32  rdm

	* table/
	TABLELIBDEP was missing in depency and caused failure of parallel build.
2004-04-28 17:30  rdm

	* pyroot/
	copy pyroot/ to bin (Win32) or lib (Unix).
2004-04-28 17:05  rdm

	* build/: unix/, win/
	add *.py files in binary distribution.
2004-04-28 15:36  rdm

	* configure:
	fixed wrong test, not if object (file/directory) exists, but if object
	is a regular file.
2004-04-28 15:06  brun

	* main/src/hadd.cxx:
	Add an optional argument "-T" (1st argument) to specify that Trees should not be merged
2004-04-28 14:19  brun

	* base/src/TMath.cxx:
	Change Abs() to TMath::Abs() in function hypot (KCC only)
2004-04-28 14:13  brun

	* base/inc/TMath.h:
	Add protections in TMath::ACos and TMath::ASin in case the argument
	is outside [-1,1]
2004-04-28 13:45  rdm

	* config/, krb5auth/src/Krb5Auth.cxx,
	From Gerri:
	patch fixing the use of the 'us:' key.
2004-04-28 13:43  rdm

	* configure:
	added support for python detection on MacOS X.
2004-04-28 11:29  brun

	* graf/src/TGraph.cxx:
	In TGraph::Fit, implement automatic initialisation of the fit parameters
	in case the TF1 function is "landau'
2004-04-28 11:15  brun

	* gui/src/TRootCanvas.cxx:
	From Ilka;
	code that keeps the canvas
	size while the pad editor is shown avoiding the scrollbars.
2004-04-28 10:06  brun

	* base/src/TMath.cxx:
	Implement suggestions (and code) from Kevin Lynch <>
	in the TMath functions "hypot", "ASinH","ACosH", "Normalize", "Poisson".
	... the functions I've "fixed" are those
	that are not internally protected against numerical overflow in
	intermediate calculations, but whose final results should be
	  ... I have tested all this suggested code, although not extensively.
	In the regions where the current TMath functions are safe, these
	replacements behave similarly;  they also work in regions where the
	current functions fail, including the region where Ken Bloom reported
	the problem, for instance:
	root [2] TMath::Poisson(170,70)
	Error: Symbol inf is not defined in current scope  FILE: LINE:0
	*** Interpreter error recovered ***
	root [3] TMathnew::Poisson(170,70)
	root [4] TMath::Poisson(10,5)
	root [5] TMathnew::Poisson(10,5)
2004-04-27 18:09  brun

	* cint/src/init.c:
	In function G__platformMacro, the macro G__XLC is defined twice in case of AIX.
	Protect these macro definitions, such that they are not active for AIX
2004-04-27 18:02  brun

	* pyroot/inc/LinkDef.h, tutorials/
	From Pere Mato
	more fixes needed following the change of function names
2004-04-27 16:44  rdm

	* Makefile, configure, build/win/, config/,
	pyroot/, pyroot/inc/LinkDef.h, pyroot/inc/TPython.h,
	from Pere:
	fixes in the configure script, Makefile and make for the
	PyROOT module.
	Also class TPython now adheres to ROOT naming conventions.
2004-04-27 15:15  rdm

	* meta/: inc/TCint.h, src/TCint.cxx:
	use new Cint autoloading interface (G__set_class_autoloading_table()) and
	callback mechanism to load the needed library (TCint::AutoLoadCallback()).
2004-04-27 15:13  rdm

	* base/: inc/TEnv.h, src/TEnv.cxx:
	add some more getters to TEnvRec.
2004-04-27 14:45  rdm

	* base/inc/RVersion.h, build/version_number:
	Version 3.10/03 created on the v3-10-02-patches branch.
2004-04-27 14:31  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TSelectorDraw.cxx:
	In TSelectorDraw::TakeAction and TSelectorDraw::TakeEstimate, one should not
	convert anymore the user coordinates to pad coordinates when a scatter-plot
	is generated. This logic was necessary at the time when TGraph was not
	supporting log scales. It is not necessary anymore.
2004-04-27 14:06  rdm

	* rpdutils/src/rpdutils.cxx:
	small typo in comments.
2004-04-27 11:20  rdm

	* pyroot/:, inc/TPython.h:
	add proper cvs tokens.
2004-04-27 11:13  brun

	* ged/src/TGedAttFrame.cxx:
	from Ilka;
	fix in the log scale management when a canvas has multiple pads
2004-04-27 11:00  brun

	* pyroot/ROOT.pyc:
	Remove this binary file (Python byte code). Should not be in CVS
2004-04-27 10:42  rdm

	* config/
	layout correction.
2004-04-27 10:42  rdm

	* Makefile, configure:
	fix some problems introduced during the introduction of the PyROOT module.
2004-04-27 10:41  rdm

	* pyroot/
	small changes to comply to Module standard.
2004-04-27 09:30  rdm

	* base/: inc/TQCommand.h, src/TQCommand.cxx:
	fix cvs identification string.
2004-04-27 08:50  brun

	* base/inc/RVersion.h, build/version_number:
	Make version 4.00/04
2004-04-27 08:28  brun

	* Makefile, configure, config/, pyroot/,
	pyroot/, pyroot/ROOT.pyc, pyroot/inc/LinkDef.h,
	pyroot/inc/TPython.h, pyroot/src/ConstructorDispatcher.cxx,
	pyroot/src/ConstructorDispatcher.h, pyroot/src/MemoryRegulator.cxx,
	pyroot/src/MemoryRegulator.h, pyroot/src/MethodDispatcher.cxx,
	pyroot/src/MethodDispatcher.h, pyroot/src/MethodHolder.cxx,
	pyroot/src/MethodHolder.h, pyroot/src/ObjectHolder.cxx,
	pyroot/src/ObjectHolder.h, pyroot/src/PyBufferFactory.cxx,
	pyroot/src/PyBufferFactory.h, pyroot/src/PyROOT.h,
	pyroot/src/RootModule.cxx, pyroot/src/RootWrapper.cxx,
	pyroot/src/RootWrapper.h, pyroot/src/TPython.cxx,
	pyroot/src/Utility.cxx, pyroot/src/Utility.h, tutorials/,
	tutorials/, tutorials/, tutorials/,
	tutorials/, tutorials/, tutorials/,
	tutorials/, tutorials/,
	tutorials/, tutorials/, tutorials/,
	tutorials/, tutorials/, tutorials/,
	tutorials/, tutorials/, tutorials/,
	tutorials/, tutorials/, tutorials/
	Introduce new package pyroot by Pere Mato & Wim Lawrijsen.
	pyroot is a Python interface to any class having a CINT dictionary.
	pyroot is an optional package. It can be selected at configure time with, eg
	 --enable-explicitlink \
	 --enable-python \
	 --with-python-incdir=/usr/local/include/python2.3 \
	 --with-python-libdir=/usr/local/lib/python2.3 \
	enable-explicitlink is mandatory to build pyroot.
	Note that python2.3 or above is required. You can download it from
	The installation is currently certified only on Linux with gcc3.2.
	python/ROOT tutorials are available in $ROOTSYS/tutorials/*.py.
	To run the python tutorials, you can do
	  setenv PYTHONDIR $ROOTSYS/pyroot:$ROOTSYS/lib
	  cd $ROOTSYS/tutorials
2004-04-26 23:50  rdm

	* cint/: inc/Apiifold.h, inc/G__ci.h, inc/cbstrm.h, inc/sunstrm.h,
	lib/cbstream/Makefile, lib/cbstream/iostrm.h,
	lib/cbstream/linkdef.h, lib/dll_stl/makestr, lib/dll_stl/makevec,
	lib/dll_stl/setup.bat, lib/gcc3strm/iostrm.h,
	lib/gcc3strm/linkdef.h, lib/iccstrm/iostrm.h,
	lib/iccstrm/linkdef.h, lib/pthread/Makefile, lib/snstream/Makefile,
	lib/snstream/iostrm.h, lib/snstream/linkdef.h,
	lib/vc7strm/iostrm.h, lib/vc7strm/linkdef.h, src/Apiif.cxx,
	src/Apiifold.cxx, src/bcstrm.cxx, src/disp.c, src/gcc3strm.cxx,
	src/iccstrm.cxx, src/init.c, src/libstrm.cxx, src/newlink.c,
	src/struct.c, src/sunstrm.cxx, src/vc7strm.cxx, src/vcstrm.cxx,
	import of CINT 5.15.133.
	For what else is new see
2004-04-26 21:49  brun

	* graf/inc/TSpline.h:
	Fix a compiler warning about an unused argument in function SaveAs
2004-04-26 18:53  brun

	* base/src/TQCommand.cxx:
	Fix portability problem on HP-UX
2004-04-26 18:45  brun

	* base/: inc/LinkDef2.h, inc/TQCommand.h, src/TQCommand.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- new classes TQCommand, TQUndoManager are introduced.
	 These classes are supposed to be used in WYSWYG editors like ged and gui builder.
	 The implementation is based on the  command design pattern.
	 The Command design pattern is based on the idea, that all editing
	 in an application is done by creating instances of command objects.
	 Command objects apply changes to the edited object and then are
	 stored  on a command stack. Furthermore, each command knows how to
	 undo its changes to bring the edited object back to its previous
	 state. As long as the application only uses command objects to
	 change the state of the edited object, it is possible to undo
	 a sequence of commands by traversing the command stack downwards and
	 calling the "undo" method of each command in turn. It is also
	 possible to redo a sequence of commands by traversing the command
	 stack upwards and calling the "redo" method of each command.
	 1. Create a new command
	 TQCommand *com = new TQCommand("TH1", hpx, "SetFillColor(Color_t)"
	 1st parameter - the name of class
	 2nd parameter - object
	 3rd parameter - the name of do/redo method
	 4th parameter - the name of undo method
	 Since redo,undo methods in this example are the same, undo name can be omitted, e.g.
	 TQCommand *com = new TQCommand("TH1", hpx, "SetFillColor(Color_t)");
	 For objects derived from TObject class name can be omitted, e.g.
	    TQCommand *com = new TQCommand(hpx, "SetFillColor(Color_t)");
	 2. Setting undo, redo parameters.
	    Color_t old_color = hpx->GetFillColor();
	    Color_t new_color = 4;  // blue color
	    com->SetRedoArgs(1, new_color);
	    com->SetUndoArgs(1, old_color);
	 1st argument - the number of undo, redo parameters
	 the other arguments - undo, redo values
	 Since the number of undo,redo parameters is the same one can use
	    com->SetArgs(1, new_color, old_color);
	 3. Undo, redo method execution
	    com->Redo(); // execute redo method
	    com->Undo(); // execute undo method
	 4. Merged commands
	 It possible to group several commands together so an end user
	 can undo and redo them with one command.
	    TQCommand *update = new TQCommand(gPad, "Modified()");
	// add update command to "SetFillColor" command
	 5. Macro commands
	 "Merging" allows to create macro commands, e.g.
	    TQCommand *macro = new TQCommand("my macro");
	 During Redo operation commands composing macro command are executed
	 sequentially in direct  order (first in first out). During Undo,
	 they are executed in reverse order (last in first out).
	 6. Undo manager.
	 TQUndoManager is recorder of undo and redo operations. This is
	 command history list which can be traversed backwards and upwards
	 performing undo and redo operations.
	 To register command TQUndoManager::Add(TObject*) method is used.
	    TQUndoManager *history = new TQUndoManager();
	 TQUndoManager::Add automatically invokes execution of command's
	 Redo method.
	 Use TQUndoManager::Undo to undo commands in  history list.
	 Redo is Undo for undo action. Use TQUndoManager::Redo method for that.
2004-04-26 16:41  brun

	* base/inc/TStopwatch.h:
	TStopwatch had a Classdef with version=0
2004-04-26 16:22  brun

	* graf/src/TSpline.cxx:
	Implement TSpline::SaveAs(cont char *filename) as well as
	TSpline3::SaveAs and TSpline5::SaveAs.
	These functions generate a C++ code (ROOT independent) corresponding
	to the spline function.
2004-04-26 15:45  brun

	* ged/src/TGedAttFrame.cxx, graf/inc/TSpline.h,
	From Ilka:
	a forgotten fix in DoDivisions slot.
2004-04-26 15:06  brun

	* geom/: inc/TGeoArb8.h, inc/TGeoManager.h, src/TGeoArb8.cxx,
	From Andrei Gheata:
	- TGeoManager: possibility to clear/delete the list of physical nodes
	- TGeoArb8: Implementation of Safety() (even if shape is twisted) -
	Finally all primitive shapes have full implementation of all navigation
	methods: Contains(), DistToIn(), DistToOut(), Safety(), ComputeNormal()
2004-04-26 10:25  brun

	* graf/src/TGaxis.cxx:
	The algorithm using fgMaxDigits is only applied to the y axis for 1-d histogram
	and the z axis for 2-d histograms
2004-04-26 09:30  brun

	* graf/src/TGaxis.cxx:
	Add two improvements to TGaxis:
	  -When the axis multiplication factor (10^N) is drawn, N is always a multiple of 3
	  -When the option "+-" is specified, the labels are correctly aligned
2004-04-25 19:16  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TSelectorDraw.cxx:
	In TSelectorDraw::TakeAction and TSelectorDraw::TakeEstimate replace calls
	to DrawCopy by Draw and remove the logic to set/reset the kNostats bit.
	This code was necessary when these two functions were in TTreePlayer,
	but the TSelectorDraw class takes care of removing the temporary histogram
	created for 2-d and 3-d scatter plots.
	This removes a memory leak when drawing scatter plots via TTree::Draw,
	a problem found by Philippe.
2004-04-24 21:55  brun

	* tutorials/binomial.C:
	Change print format following the change of return type of TMath::Binomial
2004-04-24 21:36  brun

	* base/: inc/TMath.h, src/TMath.cxx:
	Change the return type of TMath::Binomial from Int_t to Double_t.
	As Int_t, it overflows for n>31
2004-04-24 19:10  brun

	* tutorials/binomial.C:
	New tutorial from Federico Carminati testing TMath::Binomial
2004-04-24 19:09  brun

	* tutorials/permute.C:
	New version of the tutorial testing TMath::Permute, following the new API
	and the new initialisation method
2004-04-24 18:48  brun

	* base/src/TMath.cxx:
	Fix typo
2004-04-24 18:42  brun

	* base/: inc/TMath.h, src/TMath.cxx:
	From Federico Carminati:
	Change calling API for TMath::Permute(Int_t, Int_t *a)
	Add new function TMath::Binomial
	see comments in functions
2004-04-24 15:50  brun

	* gui/src/TGStatusBar.cxx:
	Add protections in TGStatusBar::SetParts to avoid an object twice.
2004-04-24 13:00  brun

	* gui/src/HelpText.cxx:
	From Bertrand Bellenot
	Here is a patch solving the error "string too long,
	trailing characters truncated" on win32.
2004-04-24 07:59  brun

	* base/src/TMath.cxx:
	Fix a problem in TMath::Permute in the C++ code initializing the array
2004-04-23 22:29  rdm

	* base/src/TMath.cxx:
	white space, remove of tabs, punctiation of comments.
2004-04-23 19:25  brun

	* tutorials/permute.C:
	From Philippe:
	This patch works around the bug in CINT concerning passing variable by references.
2004-04-23 18:25  brun

	* gui/src/HelpText.cxx:
	New version of the canvas HelpText from Ilka explaining the new canvas
	pull down menus and the new graphics editor
2004-04-23 18:23  brun

	* tutorials/permute.C:
	New version from Federico with additional tests to understand machine discrepancies
2004-04-23 18:18  brun

	* base/src/TMath.cxx:
	One more fix for the redefinition of the loop index i
2004-04-23 14:42  brun

	* geom/src/TGeoCache.cxx:
	Change a printf statement in TGeoNodeCache::BuildIdArray to prevent
	a compiler warning
2004-04-23 14:36  brun

	* ged/src/TGedAttFrame.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	- added tooltips of axis widgets
	- fixed some typos
	- put in order the name of service composite frames used for the layout
2004-04-23 14:21  brun

	* base/src/TMath.cxx:
	Fix a portability problem in TMath::Permute (redefinition of a loop index)
2004-04-23 13:55  brun

	* tutorials/permute.C:
	Add new tutorial illustrating the use of the new function TMath::Permute
	(by Federico Carminati)
2004-04-23 12:30  brun

	* base/: inc/TMath.h, src/TMath.cxx:
	New function TMath::Permute by Federico Carminati
	see doc in function
2004-04-23 11:38  brun

	* config/
	Make the new graphics editor the default editor.
	If you want to change the default editor to the old editor, you must edit
	the file $ROOTSYS/etc/system.rootrc with the two following lines
	Plugin.TVirtualPadEditor:  Ged TPadEditorOld GedOld       "TPadEditorOld()"
	#Plugin.TVirtualPadEditor: Ged TGedEditor    Ged          "TGedEditor(TCanvas*)"
2004-04-23 10:53  brun

	* base/inc/TComplex.h:
	From Federico
	Add operator ()
2004-04-23 08:37  brun

	* gui/src/TGPicture.cxx:
	From Valeri Fine
	I still need you replace in
	TGPicture *TGPicturePool::GetPicture
	#ifdef GDK_WIN32
	#if defined(GDK_WIN32) || defined(R__QT)
2004-04-23 08:27  rdm

	* win32gdk/gdk/src/gdk/win32/gdkevents-win32.c:
	From Bertrand:
	Sometimes, cursor was lost (deleted) in GrabPointer, as
	i.e. fSplitCursor of TGSplitter. So here is the patch.
2004-04-23 02:03  rdm

	* cont/inc/TArrayI.h:
	fixed problem with Reset() introduced in version v3-10-01a and higher,
	don't use memset to set array to non 0 values (memset sets bytes, not
2004-04-23 01:49  rdm

	* gui/src/TGToolBar.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	avoid access in the dtor to objects that have (potentially) already
	been deleted.
2004-04-23 00:57  rdm

	* configure, config/ARCHS, config/Makefile.freebsd5:
	From Radim Kolar:
	in preparation for new FreeBSD 5.x.
2004-04-23 00:24  rdm

	* geom/src/TGeoCache.cxx:
	fix warning:
	geom/src/TGeoCache.cxx:188: warning: int format, long unsigned int arg (arg 2)
2004-04-23 00:21  rdm

	* rint/src/TRint.cxx:
	fix warning on MacOS X:
	rint/src/TRint.cxx:210: warning: variable `Long_t retval' might be clobbered by
	   `longjmp' or `vfork'
	rint/src/TRint.cxx:215: warning: variable `Int_t nfile' might be clobbered by
	   `longjmp' or `vfork'
2004-04-22 20:23  brun

	* gui/src/TGFSContainer.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- total number of items was counted twice.Here is the fix.
2004-04-22 19:53  brun

	* ged/src/TGedAttFrame.cxx:
	Fix a bug in TGedAttAxisFrame::DoTicks.
	When button is up, SetTicks must be called with an empty string
2004-04-22 19:04  brun

	* gui/src/TRootCanvas.cxx:
	Fix a compilation error on hp-ux (loop index redefined)
2004-04-22 19:00  brun

	* cint/src/decl.c:
	From Philippe:
	Fix a bug in CINT decl.c, a mismatch in size between internal arrays
2004-04-22 18:28  brun

	* base/inc/TAttAxis.h, ged/inc/LinkDef.h, ged/inc/TGedAttFrame.h,
	ged/inc/TGedEditor.h, ged/inc/TGedPropertyFrame.h,
	ged/src/TGedAttFrame.cxx, ged/src/TGedEditor.cxx,
	ged/src/TGedPropertyFrame.cxx, ged/src/TGedToolBox.cxx,
	gpad/inc/TCanvas.h, gpad/src/TCanvas.cxx, gui/inc/TGNumberEntry.h,
	gui/inc/TRootCanvas.h, gui/src/TGNumberEntry.cxx,
	Mega patch from Ilka:
	   ~ SetTitleSize default value was wrong
	   ~ included the new classes:
	ged/inc/TGedAttFrame.h, cxx
	   ~ add comments on data members
	   ~ new classes:
	     TGedAttAxisFrame - axis attribute frame
	     TGedAttAxisTitle - axis title attribute frame
	     TGedAttAxisLabel - axis label attribute frame
	   ~ layout hints changed mostly everywhere to gain space for axis
	     attribute widgets in the editor window
	   ~ code cleaning
	   ~ added comments everywhere
	   ~ new methods in class TGedAttFrame: ExecuteChar(), Update()
	ged/inc/TGedEditor.h, cxx
	   ~ removed fToolBox data member
	   ~ changes required by removing of fToolBox
	ged/inc/TGedPropertyFrame.h, cxx
	   ~ added three new property farmes
	   ~ the number of property frames is set via kNPropertyFrames
	   ~ added axis, axis title, axis label attribute frames
	   ~ changes in: layout manager and button names
	gpad/inc/TCanvas.h, cxx
	   ~ new data members: fSelectedX, fSelectedY keeping the (X,Y)
	     of selected object + corresponding getters
	   ~ removed '!' from the comments of fShowToolBar, fShowEditor
	   ~ changed class version from 4 to 5
	   ~ changes in SaveSource to save the status of toolbar and pad
	     editor in .C macro
	gui/inc/TGNumberEntry.h, cxx
	   ~ new signal ValueSet() needed by pad editor
	gui/inc/TRootCanvas.h, cxx
	   ~ new data members:
	     fFileSaveMenu   // save cascade submenu
	     fEditClearMenu  // clear cascade submenu
	     fViewWithMenu   // view with... cascade submenu
	   ~ menu reorganization
	   ~ keeping the canvas size when showing the pad editor
	   ~ moving the canvas scroll bars according to the (X,Y) of
	     selected object to make it visible
	   ~ draw primitive buttons added to the tool bar
2004-04-22 17:49  brun

	* tutorials/geodemo.C:
	There were missing ";" at the end of teh gPad->Update() statements
2004-04-22 17:40  brun

	* tutorials/geodemo.C:
	New version from Andrei where "ray tracing" is now a toggle
2004-04-22 16:29  brun

	* geom/src/TGeoXtru.cxx:
	Remove unused variable "endcap" in TGeoXtru::Safety
2004-04-22 16:29  rdm

	* base/: inc/TComplex.h, src/TComplex.cxx:
	adjust layout to ROOT style.
2004-04-22 16:22  brun

	* winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	From Bertrand Bellenot
	A diff to bypass the fact that on XP, administrator
	is also member of other groups, as Debugger Users.
	So, into TWinNTSystem::CollectMembers() fActUser is affected
	on first match (should be the group with highest rights).
2004-04-22 16:09  brun

	* tutorials/geoshapes.C:
	Remove obsolete tutorial geoshapes.C. Une new tutorial geodemo.C instead
2004-04-22 16:07  brun

	* geom/inc/TGeoArb8.h, geom/inc/TGeoBBox.h,
	geom/inc/TGeoCompositeShape.h, geom/inc/TGeoCone.h,
	geom/inc/TGeoEltu.h, geom/inc/TGeoPara.h, geom/inc/TGeoPcon.h,
	geom/inc/TGeoPgon.h, geom/inc/TGeoPhysicalNode.h,
	geom/inc/TGeoShape.h, geom/inc/TGeoSphere.h, geom/inc/TGeoTorus.h,
	geom/inc/TGeoTrd1.h, geom/inc/TGeoTrd2.h, geom/inc/TGeoTube.h,
	geom/inc/TGeoXtru.h, geom/src/TGeoCompositeShape.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoCone.cxx, geom/src/TGeoEltu.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoPcon.cxx, geom/src/TGeoPgon.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoPhysicalNode.cxx, geom/src/TGeoPolygon.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoSphere.cxx, geom/src/TGeoTorus.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoTube.cxx, geom/src/TGeoXtru.cxx,
	geompainter/src/TGeoPainter.cxx, tutorials/geodemo.C:
	From Andrei Gheata:
	- TGeoXtru navigation now fully implemented by Mihaela
	- Improvements in the ray-tracing algorithm
	- Added TGeoShape::GetNmeshVertices() to be used by visualization and by
	the overlap checker in case of composite shapes (currently the checker
	does not work with composites)
	- I have created a new demo macro (see /tutorials/geodemo.C in the
	attachment) to replace /tutorials/geoshapes.C. Functionality:
	  - all previous functionality of geoshapes.C
	  - new shapes examples added: TGeoTorus, TGeoXtru, TGeoCompositeShape
	  - can call rootgeom.C
	  - ray-tracing can be switched on/off
	  - comments can be switched on/off
	  - demonstrates alignment
2004-04-22 15:53  brun

	* test/: Makefile, ctorture.cxx:
	Add a test program for the new class TComplex (Federico Carminati)
	Modify Makefile to generate the test. To execute the test, run
2004-04-22 15:30  rdm

	* gui/src/TGFontDialog.cxx, win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx:
	mods to make the TGFontDialog work on Win32.
2004-04-22 15:14  rdm

	* rootd/src/rootd.cxx:
	missed some warnings on MacOS X.
2004-04-22 15:10  rdm

	* net/src/TAuthenticate.cxx, proofd/src/proofd.cxx,
	remove some compile errors on MacOS X.
2004-04-22 09:05  brun

	* base/inc/TComplex.h:
	Remove the qualifier "std::" from the definition of operators ">>" and "<<"
	It generates fatal errors on alpha/cxx, hp-ux/aCC
2004-04-22 08:56  brun

	* base/: inc/LinkDef2.h, inc/TComplex.h, src/TComplex.cxx:
	Introduce new class TComplex by Federico Carminati
2004-04-21 17:06  brun

	* html/src/THtml.cxx:
	From Axel Naumann:
	Suppress "unknown class" warning for STL classes when running
2004-04-21 12:13  rdm

	* gui/src/TGListBox.cxx, proof/src/TProofProgressDialog.cxx:
	small corrections in comments.
2004-04-21 12:13  rdm

	* gui/src/TGFSContainer.cxx, winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	Here is another diff, allowing to use gSystem->GetUserInfo(fUid) into
	TGFSContainer the same way on Win32 as on Unix.
	Also gSystem->GetUserInfo(fUid) returns current user infos if fUid == 0.
2004-04-21 11:28  rdm

	* rpdutils/src/netpar.cxx:
	add special (messy) case to remove compiler warning on ALPHA.
2004-04-21 10:51  brun

	* rpdutils/: inc/rpdp.h, src/net.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	Fix warnings for hp-ux
	  One of the functions was only used internally, so I have
	  slightly changed its name, made it static and dropped
	  the prototype from the header file.
2004-04-21 10:36  brun

	* gui/src/TGListBox.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- selected TGLineLBEntry is drawn with white(default) foreground.
	Thanks to  Ilka proposal.
2004-04-21 00:12  rdm

	* main/src/ssh2rpd.cxx, rpdutils/inc/rpdp.h:
	prehistoric HP aCC still has string in global namespace and not in std.
2004-04-21 00:00  rdm

	* clib/, main/, proofd/,
	rootd, proofd and ssh2rpd must link with clib/src/snprintf.o.
2004-04-20 23:32  brun

	* main/src/ssh2rpd.cxx, net/src/TFTP.cxx, proofd/src/proofd.cxx,
	rootd/src/rootd.cxx, rpdutils/src/error.cxx,
	From Gerri
	Fix portability problems
2004-04-20 23:21  rdm

	* winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	use EPIPE instead of WSAEPIPE.
2004-04-20 23:20  rdm

	* gui/src/TGFSContainer.cxx:
	with additional fix from Bertrand 1.17 does (and can) compile under windows.
2004-04-20 21:35  brun

	* proof/src/TProofProgressDialog.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	This patch prevents a nasty crash if the user double click on the Close button of the TProgressDialog.
2004-04-20 19:01  brun

	* winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	Temporary fix to get the class to compile. WSAEPIPE is unknown.
2004-04-20 19:00  brun

	* gui/src/TGFSContainer.cxx:
	Reintroduce previous version of this file. the new version does not (and cannot) compile
	under Windows.
2004-04-20 17:33  rdm

	* net/src/TAuthenticate.cxx:
	snprintf.h include was missing.
2004-04-20 17:25  rdm

	* tutorials/spy.C:
	add protection in case spyserv did die.
2004-04-20 17:25  rdm

	* krb5auth/src/Krb5Auth.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	- fix problem with Krb5 credential exporting for daemons
	  with superuser privilegies; complete cleanup of allocated memory
	  on server side; improved support for non-default principals.
2004-04-20 17:24  rdm

	* config/
	From Gerri:
	corrections in comments.
2004-04-20 17:23  rdm

	* globusauth/src/GlobusAuth.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	- fix problem with message synchro in case of error in globus.
2004-04-20 17:23  rdm

	* proof/src/: TProof.cxx, TSlave.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	- add support for username specification in TProof ctor, ie.
	  gROOT->Proof("<user>@<host>") (proof/src/TProof.cxx, proof/src/TSlave.cxx).
2004-04-20 17:22  rdm

	* proofd/, rootd/
	From Gerri:
	- fix compilation problem occuring when AFS and Krb5 were both
	  enabled (rootd/, proofd/
2004-04-20 17:21  rdm

	* proofd/src/proofd.cxx, rootd/inc/rootdp.h, rootd/src/rootd.cxx,
	rpdutils/inc/rpdp.h, rpdutils/src/daemon.cxx,
	rpdutils/src/error.cxx, rpdutils/src/globus.cxx,
	rpdutils/src/net.cxx, rpdutils/src/netpar.cxx,
	rpdutils/src/rpdutils.cxx, rpdutils/src/ssh.cxx,
	From Gerri:
	- use snprintf (or std::string's) to avoid boundary violation
	  (rpdutils/src/*.cxx , rootd/src/rootd.cxx, proofd/src/proofd.cxx
	- fix problem with Krb5 credential exporting for daemons
	  with superuser privilegies; complete cleanup of allocated memory
	  on server side; improved support for non-default principals
	  (rpdutils/src/rpdutils.cxx, krb5auth/src/Krb5Auth.cxx,
	- reduced use of globals for rootd/proofd <-> rpdutils
	  communications; provided specific methods for transmission of
	  the relevant variables.
	  (rpdutils/src/*.cxx , rootd/src/rootd.cxx, proofd/src/proofd.cxx,
	  rpdutils/inc/rpdp.h, rootd/inc/rootdp.h).
	- fix problem with AFS authentication in case shadow passwords
	  are inaccessible to the process
2004-04-20 17:17  rdm

	* net/inc/TAuthenticate.h, net/src/TAuthenticate.cxx,
	net/src/TPSocket.cxx, net/src/TSocket.cxx,
	unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx, winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	close socket on client side in case of failure due to
	"Broken Pipe" (errno = EPIPE) or "Connection reset by peer"
	(errno = ECONNRESET); this to avoid futher attempts
	to use the socket and the related multiple-failure messages.
	(unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx, net/src/TSocket.cxx, net/src/TPSocket.cxx,
	net/inc/TAuthenticate.h, net/src/TAuthenticate.cxx).
2004-04-20 17:08  rdm

	* gui/src/TGFSContainer.cxx:
	remove many Win32 ifdefs, only two remaing concerning file access bits.
2004-04-20 16:48  brun

	* gui/src/: TGColorDialog.cxx, TGFSComboBox.cxx, TGTextView.cxx,
	From Valeriy
	Remove ifdefs on GDK_WIN32
2004-04-20 11:29  brun

	* physics/src/TLorentzVector.cxx:
	Fix a typo in the description of a Lorentz boost transformation
2004-04-20 11:27  rdm

	* cont/src/TOrdCollection.cxx:
	small white space correction.
2004-04-20 11:27  rdm

	* base/inc/TSysEvtHandler.h, base/src/TSysEvtHandler.cxx,
	rint/src/TRint.cxx, unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx:
	fix problem that caused system to hang (i.e. waiting for keyboard input) after
	executing a command. The problem was that we removed and added the
	keyboard input handler before and after processing a command. However
	the re-adding of the handler caused it to be added at the end of the list
	of handlers and to be executed again. When purely using the command line
	the problem was not visible because as soon as a key was hit the system
	was back to its normal state. However, GUI actions would be blocked
	till a key was hit. Now instead of removing and adding the handler we
	de-activate and activate the handler (add fIsActive flag to TSysEvtHandler).
	and check for this is-active flag when looping over the file handlers.
2004-04-20 10:45  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TSelectorDraw.cxx:
	From Philippe
	Cleanup tabs and alignment
2004-04-20 09:55  brun

	* main/src/hadd.cxx, tutorials/hadd.C:
	In case a directory contains a key with more than one cycle, hadd
	keeps only the highest cycle.
2004-04-20 08:49  brun

	* gui/src/TGPicture.cxx:
	In TGPicturePool::GetPicture invert the logic with #ifndef GDK_WIN32
2004-04-20 08:31  brun

	* matrix/: inc/TMatrixDSym.h, src/TMatrixDSym.cxx,
	From Eddy Offermann:
	1) TVectorF.cxx , memcpy in ResizeTo used
	   sizeof(Double_t) instead of sizeof(Float_t)
	   (bug found by Remi Mommsen)
	2) Added operator=(const TMatrixFSym &source)
	   to TMatrixDSym in order to fix a compile
	   problem with VC++
2004-04-19 16:01  brun

	* base/inc/TMath.h:
	Fix a bux in TMath::ATan2(y,x). When x=y=0, the function must return 0.
	(thanks Nick van Eijndhoven)
2004-04-19 15:41  brun

	* postscript/src/TPostScript.cxx:
	Fix last compilation problem under hp-ux/aCC
2004-04-19 15:37  brun

	* postscript/src/TPostScript.cxx:
	Fix another compilation problem on hp-ux/aCC
2004-04-19 15:33  brun

	* postscript/src/TPostScript.cxx:
	Fix a compilation problem on hp-ux/acc
	Error 197: "postscript/src/TPostScript.cxx", line 733 # Jump past initialization of variable 'i'.
	          if( n == 0) goto END;
2004-04-19 15:28  brun

	* main/src/hadd.cxx:
	Remove statement
	using std::string
2004-04-19 12:25  rdm

	* cint/: inc/Class.h, inc/G__ci.h, inc/common.h,
	lib/dll_stl/makestr, lib/dll_stl/makevec, lib/pthread/Makefile,
	src/Api.cxx, src/Class.cxx, src/newlink.c, src/pcode.c,
	src/struct.c, src/stub.c:
	import of CINT 5.15.132.
	For what else is new see
2004-04-18 20:28  brun

	* win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx:
	From Bertrand Bellenot:
	Here is anotherpatch for TGWin32::RequestString().
	It removes the GUI lock caused by the while loop.
2004-04-18 00:22  rdm

	* test/RootShower/RootShower.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	add vertical splitter in RootShower, allows you to change the size of
	the event tree pane.
2004-04-17 19:56  rdm

	* win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	Here is a patch for TGWin32::RequestString.
	There was a strange behaviour, gCws->window was loosing focus from time
	to time... Will have a deeper look at this point as soon I find some time
	for it... This patch solve the CR or ESC key press problem, the remaining
	cursor problem and the sometimes disappearing text problem.
2004-04-17 08:39  brun

	* cint/inc/Class.h, cint/src/Class.cxx, tree/src/TSelectorCint.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	Using this patch insure that a selector which is interpreter is really deleted (instead of just its compiled part).
2004-04-17 08:38  brun

	* minuit/: inc/LinkDef.h, src/TMinuit.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	TMinuit was still using the old ROOT I/O which does not
	(and has not plan to) support variable size array of objects.
2004-04-16 22:53  brun

	* base/src/TObject.cxx, meta/inc/TClass.h, meta/src/TClass.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	Following up on a question from Bill, this patch adds the ability for TClass
	to dump any objects for which there is a rootcint dictionary.
2004-04-16 19:03  rdm

	* base/inc/TSystem.h, base/src/TSystem.cxx,
	dcache/src/TDCacheFile.cxx, unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx,
	fix error string propagation from TFile plugins. These plugins use SetErrorStr()
	to set the error string to be used via SysError(). However, SysError() is using
	TSystem::GetError() and GetError() was not looking at the error string set
	via SetErrorStr(), thus RFIO errors were not properly reported. This is now
	fixed in GetError().
2004-04-16 13:32  brun

	* gui/src/TRootContextMenu.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	 - fix for placing context menu in case of embedded canvas
	   The problem was reported at
	   Thanks to Andrea Bulgarelli.
2004-04-16 11:08  brun

	* histpainter/src/THistPainter.cxx:
	From Olivier;
	- Useless line removed in MakeChopt
2004-04-16 00:33  rdm

	* base/inc/TUUID.h:
	add macro undefining GetCurrentTime on Win32.
2004-04-15 20:00  rdm

	* cint/src/Api.cxx:
	fix a global variable access race condition.
2004-04-15 18:41  brun

	* histpainter/src/THistPainter.cxx:
	From Olivier:
	- The option TEXT is now also valid for 1D histograms. The TEXT angle can
	  be specified: TEXTnn where n in an angle in degrees (0<nn<90)
	- Improvements in the option E management.
2004-04-15 13:53  brun

	* zip/src/ZInflate.c:
	Protection proposed by Mathieu de Naurois in case of an overwritten buffer.
	Without this protection the program crashes. With the protection,
	the error is recovered by TBasket::ReadBasketBuffers.
2004-04-15 12:13  rdm

	* base/inc/TUUID.h, base/src/TQConnection.cxx,
	gui/src/TGListBox.cxx, gui/src/TGTextEntry.cxx:
	fix several white space issues. Everybody, please use editors that strip spaces and
	tabs at end of lines.
2004-04-15 12:09  brun

	* ged/: inc/TGedAttFrame.h, src/TGedAttFrame.cxx:
	Change TGedAttFrame::MakeTitle(char *c) to MakeTitle(const char *c)
	to avoid compiler warnings
2004-04-15 11:43  brun

	* gui/src/TGButton.cxx:
	From valeriy Onuchin:
	- this mod makes case insensitive handling of button hotkeys
2004-04-15 11:21  brun

	* matrix/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TMatrixD.h, inc/TMatrixDSym.h,
	inc/TMatrixF.h, inc/TMatrixFLazy.h, inc/TMatrixFSym.h,
	inc/TMatrixFUtils.h, inc/TVectorD.h, inc/TVectorF.h,
	src/TMatrixD.cxx, src/TMatrixDSym.cxx, src/TMatrixF.cxx,
	src/TMatrixFSym.cxx, src/TMatrixFUtils.cxx, src/TVectorD.cxx,
	From Eddy Offermann:
	This patch contains changes to make the new
	matrix package more backward compatible:
	1) Added
	 const TMatrixD EigenVectors(TVectorD &eigenValues)
	 to TMatrixD/F and TMatrixD/FSym
	2) Added TMatrixRow, TMatrixColumn, TMatrixDiag,
	         TMatrixFlat and TLazyMatrix .
	   They all inherit diretly from their TMatrixF...
2004-04-15 11:16  brun

	* gui/src/TGFontDialog.cxx:
	In TGFontDialog::GetFontName remove unused variables width and height
2004-04-15 11:14  brun

	* postscript/src/TPDF.cxx:
	Remove unused variables kMaxBuffer, xup, yup
2004-04-15 08:41  brun

	* metautils/inc/TClassEdit.h, metautils/src/TClassEdit.cxx,
	utils/src/RStl.cxx, utils/src/rootcint.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	This fixes a parsing problem when encountering a typedefed STL containers inside a class template.
	template <class T> class x {
	  typedef map<...> xyz_t;
	  xyz_t datamember;
2004-04-14 17:41  brun

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	From Olivier:
	GetContourLevelPad returned wrong values in case of user defined contours
	and logarithmic scale along the Z axis (problem seen by Otto Schaile).
2004-04-14 17:02  brun

	* base/src/TQConnection.cxx:
	Fix problems in copy constructors (Valery Onuchin0
2004-04-14 16:50  brun

	* gui/src/TRootDialog.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	a bug fix in TRootDialog::Popup() reported by Andrea Bulgarelli
	(ROOT Discussion Forums) - the root dialog window was moved to
	a point outside of the screen when is invoked via context menu of a
2004-04-14 16:17  brun

	* graf/src/TGraph.cxx:
	In TGraph::DistancetoPrimitive authorize picking outside the frame area.
2004-04-14 15:14  brun

	* postscript/src/TPostScript.cxx:
	From Olivier:
	In some places the line width was changed to 1 but not reset to its current
2004-04-14 13:31  rdm

	* base/: inc/TQConnection.h, src/TQConnection.cxx:
	From Valeriy:
	- TQSlot objects can be shared. Create/Delete new TQSlot object via TQSlotPool
	  instead of using new/delete operators.
	- add copy constructor to TQConnection class
2004-04-13 19:42  rdm

	* proof/src/TProof.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	protect SendFile() when gProof initialization failed.
2004-04-13 19:41  rdm

	* base/src/TQObject.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	make sure that the signal list still exist when we iterate over it.
2004-04-13 19:41  rdm

	* base/src/TQConnection.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	don't actually delete the slot when it is 'executing', let's do it after the end
	of the execution.
2004-04-13 18:36  rdm

	* gui/src/TGMenu.cxx:
	From Valeriy:
	make hotkey handling again case insensitive.
2004-04-13 17:24  rdm

	* base/src/TQObject.cxx:
	reset gTQSender for each slot that is being called. It could have been
	reset during the execution of a slot in case the slot method also emits
	a signal.
2004-04-13 16:32  rdm

	* g3d/inc/LinkDef.h:
	add enum EHelixRangeType to dictionary.
2004-04-13 12:58  rdm

	* cint/src/Api.cxx:
	fix void function that was returning a value.
2004-04-13 11:55  rdm

	* Makefile:
	With distclean remove *.def files that are left over from "make cintdlls".
2004-04-13 11:52  rdm

	* gui/:, inc/LinkDef3.h, inc/TGFontDialog.h,
	From Bertrand and me:
	dialog that allows selection of fonts, style, alignment and color. Works
	fine on Unix and compiles also fine on Windows except that TGWin32::ListFonts()
	does not yet work correctly.
2004-04-13 09:50  brun

	* geom/src/TGeoManager.cxx:
	From Andrei:
	In TGeoManager::CheckOverlaps one must call ClearOverlaps to reset
	the previous overlap counter.
2004-04-13 09:04  brun

	* geom/inc/TGeoAtt.h, geom/inc/TGeoManager.h,
	geom/inc/TGeoMaterial.h, geom/inc/TGeoMedium.h,
	geom/inc/TGeoPhysicalNode.h, geom/inc/TGeoVolume.h,
	geom/inc/TVirtualGeoPainter.h, geom/src/TGeoArb8.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoAtt.cxx, geom/src/TGeoBBox.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoBoolNode.cxx, geom/src/TGeoCompositeShape.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoCone.cxx, geom/src/TGeoEltu.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoManager.cxx, geom/src/TGeoMaterial.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoPara.cxx, geom/src/TGeoPcon.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoPgon.cxx, geom/src/TGeoPhysicalNode.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoSphere.cxx, geom/src/TGeoTorus.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoTrd1.cxx, geom/src/TGeoTrd2.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoTube.cxx, geom/src/TGeoVolume.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoXtru.cxx, geompainter/inc/TGeoPainter.h:
	From Andrei Gheata:
	- All shapes.cxx - added shape name in InspectShape() + some corrections
	in error messages (Bjorn requirement)
	- TGeoAtt.cxx - activity flag added (not yet taken into account by tracking)
	- TGeoMaterial/Medium - added Cerenkov properties by Andreas (for FLUKA)
	- TGeoVolume.h, TGeoManager.k - added *TOGGLE* 's
	- TGeoPhysicalNode - possibility to align a physical node. One can
	define a physical node according a path, then change its local
	transformation matrix OR shape - the corresponding branch is decoupled
	from the logical tree and a new trackable branch is created. A
	post-alignment check for overlaps can be perfomed for the aligned node.
2004-04-12 13:11  brun

	* test/RootShower/: RootShower.cxx, RootShower.h:
	From Bertrand Bellenot:
	- added key shortcuts (HandleKey())
	- added opened file name in the windowtitle bar
	- remove some global variable use
	- open first treelist items at simulation startup, in order to be able
	 to decide to keep current simulation running or not, depending
	 on first children (useful in case of time consuming events)
2004-04-12 13:08  brun

	* meta/src/TStreamerInfoReadBuffer.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	This patch prevents crashes if the file is missing some PIDS or when
	the kIsReferenced bit is unexpectedly set (which would result in
	requesting a non-existent PID).
2004-04-11 23:35  rdm

	* gui/src/TGComboBox.cxx:
	make some globals static (file scope only).
2004-04-11 20:18  rdm

	* globusauth/src/GlobusAuth.cxx, net/src/TAuthenticate.cxx,
	proof/inc/TProofServ.h, proof/src/TProofServ.cxx,
	proofd/src/proofd.cxx, rpdutils/src/daemon.cxx,
	From Maarten and me:
	in proofd make a dup of the socket away from the stdin, stdout and stderr
	standard descriptors to avoid that printfs go to the socket (before this
	was done in proofserv itself but this was too late in case there were
	prints in the global object ctors.
	Also provide TProofServ::GetSessionDir() method.
	Also set PROOF_SANDBOX env variable (to SessionDir), this env var can
	be used in the package setup scripts.
2004-04-11 20:12  rdm

	* cint/src/: newlink.c, stub.c:
	From Philippe:
	Concerning verion 131, I noted only 3 problems:
	One was my using a C++ comment instead of C comment (in newlink.c).
	Also there was a mssing patch in newlink.c.
	In stub.c the order of the test in one if statement is important and
	was in the wrong order.
2004-04-11 15:19  rdm

	* cint/: inc/G__ci.h, inc/fproto.h, lib/dll_stl/makestr,
	lib/dll_stl/makevec, lib/pthread/Makefile, src/Api.cxx,
	src/Class.cxx, src/Method.cxx, src/disp.c, src/end.c, src/ifunc.c,
	src/init.c, src/macro.c, src/newlink.c, src/parse.c, src/struct.c,
	src/stub.c, src/var.c:
	import of CINT 5.15.131.
	For what else is new see
2004-04-08 19:58  rdm

	* matrix/: inc/TMatrixDEigen.h, src/TMatrixDEigen.cxx:
	make function cdiv() and variable cdivr and cdivi static to not polute
	the global namespace.
2004-04-08 18:49  rdm

	* configure:
	fix test of nohowto.
2004-04-08 16:05  rdm

	* gpad/src/TPad.cxx, win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx, x11/src/TGX11.cxx:
	From Valeriy:
	- reverted mods in TGX11,TGWin32 DrawBox method.
	- paint white background filled area only for pads and
	  when pad fFillStyle is >3000 and < 3026 (hatched).
	  That fixed the problem with drawing TPad (hatched) after resizing.
2004-04-08 12:53  rdm

	* base/inc/TMath.h:
	From Philippe:
	fix prototype for ldexp() for MSV7.
2004-04-07 17:10  rdm

	* gui/src/TGFrame.cxx,
	From Valeriy:
	- these mods allow to do grab several {keycode, modifier} pairs for the
	  same window.
	- remove unnecessary AddInput(kKeyPressMask | kKeyReleaseMask);
	  from TGMainFrame constructor.
2004-04-07 16:11  rdm

	* base/inc/TMath.h:
	From Eddy:
	It would be nice tod add "ldexp" to TMath : TMath::Ldexp(Double_t x, Int_t xep)
	The ldexp() function computes x * 2^exp.
2004-04-07 00:55  rdm

	* base/inc/RConfig.h, config/Makefile.macosxxlc,
	unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx, utils/src/rootcint.cxx:
	From Federico:
	I have taken into account the definition of the __xlc__ macros we just
	discovered. Hence I removed the -D_xlc_ options and changed the code
2004-04-06 23:56  rdm

	* main/src/hadd.cxx:
	From Philippe and Andy Buckley:
	The current hadd is unable to handle TTree's inside a directory.
	The patch in attachment fixes the problem.
	Added -h and --help argument handling.
2004-04-06 23:50  rdm

	* rpdutils/src/rpdutils.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	There is, indeed, an incompatibility for TFTP with version 3.05.07
	(and probably previous ones too) (TNetFile is ok, as far as I can see).
	The attached patch should fix this.
2004-04-06 23:36  rdm

	* histpainter/src/THistPainter.cxx:
	From Olivier:
	In PaintContour, the patch done in the revision 1.167 was not correct. It
	produced the following side effect: SetContour() called with a single
	integer had no effect. This new version is similar to the logic we have in
	other Paint functions using contours.
2004-04-06 23:24  rdm

	* gui/inc/TGFrame.h, gui/src/TGGC.cxx, proof/inc/TProofDraw.h:
	some code layout changes.
2004-04-06 23:19  rdm

	* gui/: inc/TGLabel.h, src/TGLabel.cxx:
	fix in font handling and force redraws when label attributes are changed.
2004-04-06 23:12  rdm

	* gui/: inc/TGClient.h, inc/TGFont.h, src/TGClient.cxx,
	added extra argument to GetFont() and GetFontByName() to not load the
	"fixed" font by default if the requested font cannot be loaded.
2004-04-06 23:06  rdm

	* ged/: inc/TGedAttFrame.h, inc/TGedMarkerSelect.h,
	inc/TGedPatternSelect.h, src/TGedAttFrame.cxx,
	src/TGedMarkerSelect.cxx, src/TGedPatternSelect.cxx,
	small corrections in comments.
2004-04-06 18:40  rdm

	* base/inc/TVirtualX.h, base/src/TVirtualX.cxx,
	win32gdk/inc/TGWin32.h, win32gdk/inc/TGWin32VirtualXProxy.h,
	win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx, win32gdk/src/TGWin32VirtualXProxy.cxx,
	x11/inc/TGX11.h, x11/src/GX11Gui.cxx:
	change first argument of ListFonts() from "char*" to "const char*".
2004-04-06 18:34  rdm

	* hist/src/TFormula.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	'e1' was mistaken for a number that did not evaluate.
2004-04-06 18:21  rdm

	* cint/: inc/G__ci.h, inc/common.h, lib/dll_stl/makestr,
	lib/dll_stl/makevec, lib/prec_stl/memory, lib/pthread/Makefile,
	import of CINT 5.15.130.
	For what else is new see
2004-04-06 00:05  rdm

	* cont/inc/TArrayI.h:
	fixed problem with Reset() introduced in version v3-10-01a and higher,
	don't use memset to set array to non 0 values (memset sets bytes, not
2004-03-30 23:14  rdm

	* base/src/TROOT.cxx:
	use R__WIN32 instead of WIN32 for consistency.
2004-03-30 23:13  rdm

	* minuit/src/TMinuit.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	this patchs adds a few minuit initializations in the constructor of TMinuit.
2004-03-30 15:32  rdm

	* .cvsignore:
	ignore the config.status file that is generated by ./configure.
2004-03-30 15:31  rdm

	* Makefile, configure, build/unix/
	From Axel:
	let make automatically re-run ./configure in case one of the files
	used by ./configure has been changed.
2004-03-30 15:10  rdm

	* proofd/src/proofd.cxx, rootd/src/rootd.cxx:
	remove some krb5 copyright info that is not relevant anymore.
2004-03-30 01:21  rdm

	* cint/lib/prec_stl/memory:
	From Matevz Tadel:
	fix for the problem:
	Generating dictionary for Safr
	rootcint -f -c Safr.h Safr_LinkDef.h
	cint internal limitation in cint/src/typedef.c 977
	cint internal limitation in cint/src/typedef.c 977
	Syntax error FILE:prec_stl/memory LINE:52
	Syntax error FILE:prec_stl/memory LINE:56
	Syntax error FILE:prec_stl/memory LINE:57
	Limitation: reference or pointer type not handled properly FILE:prec_stl/list LINE:48
	Limitation: reference or pointer type not handled properly FILE:prec_stl/list LINE:49
	Warning: Error occured during reading source files
	Warning: Error occured during dictionary source generation
	!!!Removing Safr_Dict.h !!!
	Error: rootcint: error loading headers...
	make: *** [] Error 1
	adding two 'typename's to cint/lib/prec_stl/memory fixes the problem.
2004-03-30 00:52  rdm

	* cint/src/Class.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	patch, which is necessary for G__ClassInfo::GetInterfaceMethod to
	work correctly.
2004-03-30 00:35  rdm

	* matrix/src/: TMatrixDBase.cxx, TMatrixFBase.cxx:
	From Eddy:
	fix in Delete_m() pointed at by Matevz Tadel.
2004-03-30 00:22  rdm

	* cint/: inc/G__ci.h, inc/fproto.h, lib/dll_stl/str.h,
	lib/prec_stl/iterator, src/CallFunc.cxx, src/Class.cxx, src/disp.c,
	src/fread.c, src/ifunc.c, src/init.c, src/newlink.c, src/pause.c,
	import of CINT 5.15.129.
	For what else is new see
2004-03-29 18:12  rdm

	* graf/src/TGraph.cxx, hist/src/TGraph2D.cxx, hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	From Eddy:
	initialize the fitter with the number of function parameters, was fixed to 25.
	Idem in TGraph and TGraph2D. Also fixed potential memory leak in case function
	is invalid.
2004-03-26 23:40  brun

	* meta/src/TClass.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	This patch fixes part of the Ruben's problem.
	Namely, reading a file that was produced by a process that
	has in memory a class A and TWO streamerInfo for one of
	its base class will now be readable.
	This is done by avoiding the (spurious) recreation of
	the current TStreamerInfo if the TStreamerInfo for a non-existing
	version is requested.
2004-03-26 19:00  rdm

	* base/inc/GuiTypes.h, gui/src/TGFrame.cxx:
	From Valeri Fine:
	handle kButtonDoubleClick events that can be generated directly by some
	graphics back-ends, notably the Qt back-end.
2004-03-26 18:35  rdm

	* base/src/TApplication.cxx, rootx/src/rootx.cxx:
	also support option --help in addition to -h and -? to get help.
	The --help is widely used in GNU applications.
2004-03-26 18:28  brun

	* hist/src/TFormula.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	This patches fixes a TFormula parsing problem.
	(i.e. properly parse when variable ends in a number followed by an 'e').
2004-03-26 18:15  brun

	* histpainter/: inc/THistPainter.h, src/THistPainter.cxx:
	From Olivier:
	- First version of the option E (error bars) for 2D histograms. Ex:
2004-03-26 17:49  rdm

	* base/inc/KeySymbols.h:
	added kAnyKey which is to be used with GrabKey().
2004-03-26 17:47  rdm

	* net/src/TAuthenticate.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	Following a thread in roottalk I have found a bug causing
	authentication problems at master/slave level.
	This is due to the fact that, as it is now, ClearAuth saves
	the password-hash in fgPasswd, instead of the password. And
	that is the quantity transmitted to the master for authentication
	to the slave. This of course cannot work if the pass-hash
	on the slave is different from the one on the master (different
	I have fixed this by filling fgPasswd with orginal passwords.
2004-03-26 17:43  brun

	* base/src/TBuffer.cxx:
	In TBuffer::ReadVersion replace test cl->IsForeign by cl->GetClassVersion() !=0
	to take into account an additional case when one reads a foreign class
	without the shared library.
2004-03-26 16:35  rdm

	* build/unix/
	From Remi Mommsen:
	Here's another patch which might be worthwhile to incorporate into the
	repository. It enables the configure option '--enable-soversion' on Mac
	OS X. The version information is written into the library using the
	linker options '-compatibility_version ${MAJOR} -current_version
	${MAJOR}.${MINOR}.${REVIS}'. In addition the libraries are named
	libfoo.${MAJOR}.${MINOR}.dylib with corresponding symlinks. This patch
	is used since a long time for the fink version of root.
	The versioning is only done if '--enable-soversion' is active.
	Otherwise the behavior is unchanged. These changes should not affect
	any other platform.
2004-03-26 14:00  brun

	* gui/src/TRootCanvas.cxx,
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- More fixes for TGWin32::GrabKey method.
	I also added
	to TRootContainer::HandleButton. That will make easy "Ctrl-S" for TCanvas
	Back to "case-un-sensitive Ctrl-S problem" says:
	"The keyboard is not grabbed and the specified key (which can itself be a modifier key)
	is logically pressed when the specified modifier keys are logically down, and no other modifier keys are logically down"
2004-03-26 13:50  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TTreeFormula.cxx:
	Modify TTreeFormula destructor such that the possible TCutG objects
	in fMethods are not deleted.
2004-03-26 13:03  brun

	* base/src/TBuffer.cxx:
	In TBuffer::ReadVersion, read the checksum only when the class version is null AND
	the class is foreign.
2004-03-26 08:19  brun

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	Add comments in several functions explaining the bin numbering convention
2004-03-25 22:47  brun

	* test/Makefile.arch:
	From Remi Monnsen
	the change in root 4.00/03 to use dynamic_lookup for Mac OS X 10.3
	brakes the $ROOTSYS/test/Makefile unless the user has the environment
	variable MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET set to 10.3. The attached patch fixes
	it in $ROOTSYS/test/Makefile.arch.
2004-03-25 19:09  brun

	* histpainter/src/THistPainter.cxx:
	From Olivier:
	- Two improvements in PaintColorLevels:
	  1) Because of rounding errors, it may happened that a cell's color was
	     outside the palette even for a z value smaller than the maximum.
	  2) The bins with zero content are not painted only if the minimum of the
	     histogram isn't negative.
2004-03-25 16:09  brun

	* win32gdk/gdk/src/gdk/win32/gdkevents-win32.c:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- ungrab key on key release is added.
	  That fixes the side-effect of the last mods in TGWin32::GranKey, i.e.
	  "TGTextEntry is working only when caps is on"
2004-03-25 08:26  brun

	* graf/src/TGraphAsymmErrors.cxx:
	gStyle->SetEndErrorSize() was ignored by TGraphAsymmErrors::Paint
2004-03-24 20:42  brun

	* base/src/TSystem.cxx:
	From Axel:
	tiny (one char) bug in TSystem::CompileMacro's doc:
	      g : compile with debug symbol
	      O : optimized the code (ignore if 'd' is specified)
	Doc for "O" should read: "(ignored if 'g' is specified)"
2004-03-24 18:26  brun

	* net/src/TAuthenticate.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	fSecContext was not initialized to 0
	  in the ctor.
2004-03-24 16:56  brun

	* matrix/src/: TVectorD.cxx, TVectorF.cxx:
	From Eddy:
	Found the problem in the old symmetric matrix
	multiplication code: I had forgotten to reset the
	vector elements to zero :-)
2004-03-24 14:55  brun

	* matrix/src/TVectorD.cxx, matrix/src/TVectorF.cxx,
	From Eddy:
	Patch for the bug in
	Problem is temporarily solved by copying the code for
	a general matrix
	stressLinear now also tests the case for a vector
	multiplied by a symmetric matrix
2004-03-24 14:38  rdm

	* meta/src/TToggle.cxx:
	method Bool_t GetState() was not returning a value.
2004-03-24 12:44  brun

	* matrix/src/TVectorD.cxx:
	From Eddy:
	AddElemDiv was missing some important brackets
2004-03-23 21:39  brun

	* cint/src/Class.cxx:
	From Philippe
	In cint/src/Class.cxx the test -1==ifunc->pentry[index]->filenum is
	obsolete since CINT is now recording the file number even for compiled
	scripts.  This prevents G__ClassInfo::GetInterfaceMethod from properly
	return the interface method which in turn break G__ClassInfo::New.
2004-03-23 19:05  brun

	* histpainter/src/THistPainter.cxx:
	From Olivier:
	- When the option logz was set on a contour plot (option CONT or CONT0
	  only) on the linear plot from the Pad pull down menu, the plot
2004-03-23 17:38  brun

	* cint/lib/prec_stl/vector:
	From Philippe:
	The previous fix to the gcc 3.1 cintdlls was insufficient.
	        #include <list>
	        #include <vector>
	lead to a core dump (problably due to the __gnu_cxx namespace).
2004-03-23 16:39  brun

	* net/src/TAuthenticate.cxx:
	From Gerri Ganis:
	  There was a check
	  on kind==kROOTD_AUTH and stat==1 after USER that now, in the
	  global re-arrangement, has disappeared.
	  The attached patch to the present CVS head should fix this.
2004-03-23 16:22  brun

	* ged/src/TGedEditor.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	The dialog editor shows up with no reduced size.
2004-03-23 16:16  brun

	* matrix/: inc/LinkDef.h, src/TMatrixF.cxx, src/TVectorF.cxx:
	TVector and TMatrix were not back compatible.
	Implement custom Streamers for TVector and TMatrix to read old versions.
2004-03-23 07:03  brun

	* cint/lib/prec_stl/: deque, iterator, vector:
	From Philippe:
	This patch repairs (again:() the cintdlls for gcc v3.1
2004-03-23 01:12  rdm

	* krb5auth/src/Krb5Auth.cxx, net/src/TAuthenticate.cxx,
	net/inc/TSocket.h, srputils/src/SRPAuth.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	I found that a check of error conditions was misplaced in SRPAuth.cxx
	and Krb5Auth.cxx. This was hanging the session in one peculiar case,
	so it would be nice to have it fixed asap ...
	Patch in TAuthenticate fixes a backward compatibility problem with
	fSecContext mentioned by Fedor Ratnikov.
2004-03-22 22:51  brun

	* cint/src/CallFunc.cxx:
	Remove a debug print statement
2004-03-22 19:35  brun

	* net/inc/TSocket.h:
	From Joern Adamczewski:
	It seems to me that this is due to the fact that the pointer fSecContext
	to the newly introduced TSecContext object is not initialized properly
	to zero in the TSocket _default_ constructor. However, default ctor of
	TSocket is used in TServerSocket::Accept. Close() of TSocket in non blocking
	server socket mode will try to access fSecContext if not zero.
2004-03-22 18:26  brun

	* cint/: lib/dll_stl/str.h, src/CallFunc.cxx, src/fread.c,
	From Philippe:
	This patch to cint 5.15.128 has the following changes:
	cint/lib/dll_stl/str.h: remove duplicate pragmas
	cint/src/ClassFunc.cxx and cint/src/fread.c: properly recover from arguments that are too long.
	cint/src/init.c: initialize ptype in one more G__dictposition object.
2004-03-22 17:13  brun

	* matrix/inc/TMatrixDUtils.h, matrix/src/TDecompBase.cxx,
	matrix/src/TDecompQRH.cxx, matrix/src/TDecompSVD.cxx,
	matrix/src/TMatrixDUtils.cxx, test/stressLinear.cxx,
	test/vmatrix.cxx, test/vvector.cxx:
	From Eddy:
	Removed dummy 2nd argument in constructors of TMatrixD/FDiag and TMatrixD/FFlat
2004-03-22 17:03  brun

	* ged/src/TGedPropertyFrame.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	- re-emit the Selected signal after connecting
	the new pad editor to the canvas (if the canvas exists).
	The pad editor shows up with the property frames of
	the last selected object.
2004-03-22 16:57  rdm

	* tree/inc/TEventList.h:
	make SetRapplyCut() a *TOGGLE* context menu item.
2004-03-22 16:57  rdm

	* treeviewer/inc/TTVSession.h:
	make SetAutoexec() a *TOGGLE* context menu item.
2004-03-22 16:56  rdm

	* graf/: inc/TGraph.h, src/TGraph.cxx:
	make SetEditable() a *TOGGLE* context menu item.
2004-03-22 16:56  rdm

	* graf/: inc/TEllipse.h, src/TEllipse.cxx:
	make SetNoEdges() a *TOGGLE* context menu item.
2004-03-22 16:39  brun

	* gui/src/TGMenu.cxx, gui/src/TGString.cxx,
	From Valery Onuchin:
	- fix for handling hot-keys under win32gdk
	  Tested under win32gdk and linux.
2004-03-22 16:26  rdm

	* net/src/TAuthenticate.cxx:
	use /dev/urandom instead of /dev/random. Fix was already in rpdutils.cxx
	but forgotten in TAuthenticate.cxx. Thanks to Axel for finding it.
2004-03-22 16:16  rdm

	* build/unix/, config/Makefile.macosxxlc:
	From Fed:
	fixes to link with xlC instead of ld.
2004-03-22 16:06  brun

	* html/src/THtml.cxx:
	Add protection in Class2Html (side-eefect of the new pair classes)
2004-03-22 16:04  rdm

	* base/src/TBuffer.cxx:
	if fParent==0 buffer likely not from file, correct error message.
2004-03-22 15:49  brun

	* base/src/TBuffer.cxx:
	in TBuffer::CheckByteCount print the name of the file when printing the message
	  class::Streamer not in sync with data on file:
2004-03-22 15:20  brun

	* matrix/inc/TVectorF.h:
	Change class version from 2 to 3
2004-03-22 15:09  brun

	* cint/inc/G__ci.h:
	Remove a C++ style comment
2004-03-22 14:59  rdm

	* cint/: inc/G__ci.h, include/strstream, lib/dll_stl/cinteh.h,
	lib/dll_stl/makestr, lib/dll_stl/makevec, lib/dll_stl/mp.h,
	lib/dll_stl/str.h, lib/gl/TOP.h, src/CallFunc.cxx, src/disp.c,
	src/init.c, src/loadfile.c, src/newlink.c, src/pause.c,
	src/scrupto.c, src/var.c:
	import of CINT 5.15.128.
	For what else is new see
2004-03-22 13:41  rdm

	* build/unix/
	fix for ACliC on MacOS X 10.3.
2004-03-22 12:43  brun

	* test/stressLinear.cxx:
	New version from Eddy
2004-03-22 12:00  brun

	* win32gdk/: gdk/src/gdk/gdk.def, gdk/src/gdk/gdk.h,
	gdk/src/gdk/win32/gdkwindow-win32.c, src/TGWin32.cxx:
	From valeriy Onuchin:
	- TGWin32::GrabKey reimplemented
2004-03-22 11:59  brun

	* tutorials/invertMatrix.C:
	New version from Eddy that can be used with ACLIC
2004-03-22 11:50  brun

	* matrix/: inc/TMatrixDBase.h, inc/TMatrixFBase.h, inc/TVectorD.h,
	inc/TVectorF.h, src/TMatrixDBase.cxx, src/TMatrixFBase.cxx,
	src/TVectorD.cxx, src/TVectorF.cxx:
	The second argument of the Delete_m functions must be passed by reference,
	otherwise doing m=0 in the function has no effect in fElements.
	This fixes a nasty buf reported by F.X.Gentit
2004-03-22 10:37  brun

	* ged/src/TGedAttFrame.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	if there is a selected object in the canvas the embedded pad editor
	opens with the property frames related to this object; if the user
	selects a new object having more properties, the pad editor
	shows the property frames cut in the bottom.
2004-03-22 09:34  brun

	* matrix/: inc/TDecompBase.h, inc/TDecompChol.h, inc/TDecompLU.h,
	inc/TDecompQRH.h, inc/TDecompSVD.h, src/TDecompBase.cxx,
	src/TDecompChol.cxx, src/TDecompLU.cxx, src/TDecompQRH.cxx,
	From Eddy:
	Added to the decomposition class constructors in
	which just the matrix size is given as argument .
	Also a new state (kMatrixSet) was added .
	Instead of
	TMatrixD a;
	TDecompLU lu(a);
	one can do
	TMatrixD a;
	TDecompLU lu(n);
	The SetMatrix command resizes, if necessary, the
	data members in the decomposition class .
	This set up willl be usefull when one wants to
	matrices in a loop
2004-03-21 22:15  brun

	* matrix/src/: TMatrixD.cxx, TMatrixF.cxx:
	From Eddy Offermann
	A small change to matrix classes TMatrixD/F :
	issue a warning instead of error when the determinant
	under/over flows
2004-03-21 22:13  brun

	* tutorials/invertMatrix.C:
	From Eddy Offermann.
	A new tutorial about matrix inversion with the Matrix package
2004-03-21 13:55  brun

	* tutorials/solveLinear.C:
	From Eddy Offermann
	solveLinear.C was still using Adopt instead of Use
2004-03-21 11:52  brun

	* matrix/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TMatrixD.h, inc/TMatrixDBase.h,
	inc/TMatrixDSym.h, inc/TMatrixF.h, inc/TMatrixFBase.h,
	inc/TMatrixFSym.h, inc/TVectorD.h, inc/TVectorF.h,
	src/TMatrixDBase.cxx, src/TMatrixFBase.cxx, src/TVectorD.cxx,
	From Eddy Offermann
	1. Added to TVectorD/F : friend function operator*(Double_t,const TVectorD &);
	2. Added to TVectorD/F and TMatrixD/FBase functionality to check whether the
	   storage array is owned by the class : Bool_t IsOwner() const { return fIsOwner; }
	3. Removed in TVectorD/F and TMatrixD/F destructors wasteful calls to Invalidate()
	4. Cleaned-up default constructors of TVectorD/F TMatrixD/F TMatrixD/FSym,
	   no reason to Invalidate() here
	5. In Clear() of TVectorD/F TMatrixD/F TMatrixD/FSym, reset the number of elements
	   (fNrows for vector and fNelems for matrix) to 0 .
	6. Removed possible memory leak:
	   The following scenario would cause a memory leak n vector/matrix:
	   a. operation makes object invalid (Invalidate() which just sets fNrows = -1)
	   b. next operation on this object is a ResizeTo(..)
	      ResizeTo was the only operation which would tolerate an invalid object;
	      it would allocate memory (reason was that the default constructors initialized
	      the objects to inalid) .
	   c. initalizing object as valid (removing Invalidate() in def constr, see 4.)
	   d. do not allow ResizeTo to operate anymore on invalid objects
	      ResizeTo is available through TVectorD/F and TMatrixD/FBase.
	7. Explicitly allow in ResizeTo to handle sizes of zero, by calling
2004-03-21 10:32  brun

	* base/inc/RVersion.h, build/version_number:
	First attempt to build 4.00/03
2004-03-20 22:14  brun

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	In TH1::Rebin preserve axis attributes
2004-03-20 18:45  brun

	* gpad/src/TPad.cxx:
	In TPad::PaintFillArea and TPad::PaintPolyLineNDC fix a memory leak
	in case the number of points is exactly 1002. This case happens
	when the number of bins in a histogram is exactly 500.
2004-03-20 18:29  brun

	* test/: stressLinear.cxx, vmatrix.cxx:
	From Eddy
	Change "Adopt" to "Use"
2004-03-20 09:49  brun

	* hist/src/TGraph2DErrors.cxx:
	Fix a bug in the constructor (twice a test on ey instead of ey and ez)
	Thanks to Joerg Stelzer for reporting the problem
2004-03-19 23:30  brun

	* cint/lib/dll_stl/str.h:
	From Phhilippe:
	There were a few more std::string operator missing in str.h (namely operator == and != with char* arguments).
2004-03-19 18:42  brun

	* vmc/: inc/TGeoMCGeometry.h, src/TGeoMCGeometry.cxx:
	Mods from Ivana Hrivnacova
	Do not modify (truncate) the volume names
2004-03-19 15:45  brun

	* histpainter/: inc/TPainter3dAlgorithms.h, src/THistPainter.cxx,
	From Olivier:
	- If a contour is paint (with option SAME) on a 3d plot (surface, lego
	  or triangles), the contour lines are painted in 3d too.
	   h2->Draw("CONT1 SAME");
2004-03-19 15:24  brun

	* graf/src/TGraph.cxx:
	Fix a memory leak in the new version of TGraph::Eval
2004-03-19 15:20  brun

	* matrix/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TDecompChol.h, inc/TDecompLU.h,
	inc/TDecompQRH.h, inc/TDecompSVD.h, inc/TMatrixD.h,
	inc/TMatrixDBase.h, inc/TMatrixDEigen.h, inc/TMatrixDSym.h,
	inc/TMatrixDUtils.h, inc/TMatrixF.h, inc/TMatrixFBase.h,
	inc/TMatrixFSym.h, inc/TMatrixFUtils.h, inc/TVectorD.h,
	inc/TVectorF.h, src/TDecompBase.cxx, src/TDecompChol.cxx,
	src/TDecompLU.cxx, src/TDecompQRH.cxx, src/TDecompSVD.cxx,
	src/TMatrixD.cxx, src/TMatrixDBase.cxx, src/TMatrixDEigen.cxx,
	src/TMatrixDSym.cxx, src/TMatrixDSymEigen.cxx,
	src/TMatrixDUtils.cxx, src/TMatrixF.cxx, src/TMatrixFBase.cxx,
	src/TMatrixFSym.cxx, src/TMatrixFUtils.cxx, src/TVectorD.cxx,
	From Eddy Offermann:
	1. Removed streaming of matrix view classes (TMatrixDRow,TMatrixDColumn,TMatrixDDiag,TMatrixDFlat)
	   because a. we  want these classes to be as light as possible
	           b. old implementation was wrong, some member elements were "(!)" out
	2. Added a series of functions to support upcoming quadratic programming functionality:
	    - AddElemMult(TVectorF &t,Float_t alpha,const TVectorF &s1,const TVectorF &s2);
	      t += alpha * s1*s2 , where "s1*s2 is an element-wise multiplication
	    - AddElemMult(TVectorF &t,Float_t alpha,const TVectorF &s1,const TVectorF &s2,const TVectorF &map);
	      t += alpha * s1*s2 , where "s1*s2 is an element-wise multiplication. It is only performed
	           for those elements i where map[i] != 0
	    - AddElemDiv (TVectorF &t,Float_t alpha,const TVectorF &s1,const TVectorF &s2);
	      t += alpha * s1\s2 , where "s1\s2 is an element-wise division
	    - AddElemDiv (TVectorF &t,Float_t alpha,const TVectorF &s1,const TVectorF &s2,const TVectorF &map);
	      t += alpha * s1\s2 , where "s1\s2 is an element-wise division. It is only performed
	           for those elements i where map[i] != 0
	    - ElementMult(TVectorF &t,const TVectorF &s,const TVectorF &map);
	      t += t*s , where "t*s" is an element-wise multiplication. It is only performed
	           for those elements i where map[i] != 0
	    - ElementDiv (TVectorF &t,const TVectorF &s,const TVectorF &map);
	      t += t/s , where "t/s" is an element-wise division. It is only performed
	           for those elements i where map[i] != 0
	    - TVectorD &SelectNonZeros       (const TVectorD &select);
	      put elements for which select[i] == 0 to zero
	    - Bool_t    MatchesNonZeroPattern(const TVectorD &select);
	      verify that elements are != 0 for which select[i] != 0
	    - Bool_t    SomePositive         (const TVectorD &select);
	      verify that all elements > 0 for which select[i] != 0
	    - void      AddSomeConstant      (Double_t val,const TVectorD &select);
	      Add val to those elements for which select[i] != 0
	    - TVectorF &TVectorF::Invert()
	      v[i] = 1/v[i]
	    TVectorD/F and TMatrixD/FBase:
	    - virtual Double_t Sum () const;
	    - virtual Double_t Min () const;
	    - virtual Double_t Max () const;
	3. Added another data member fA to TDecompChol . Unlike the other decomposition schemes, it is not
	   possible to store the original input matrix in one of the decomposition members
	4. Added method "SetMatrix(const TMatrix.. &)" to all decomposition classes . It allows to
	   change the matrix that should be decomposed. Of course it resets the class status to kInit
	   and triggers a new factorization.
	5. Added private methods to TMatrixD and TMatrixDSym
	  const TMatrixD EigenVectors(TVectorD &eigenValues) const;  // This function is now obsolete (and not implemented), you
	                                                             // should use TMatrixDSymEigen or TMatrixDEigen .
	6. Changed the name "Adopt" to "Use" to be in agreement with the convention that the memory management
	   of adopted members is now the reponsibility of the class
2004-03-19 13:35  brun

	* graf/: inc/TGraphAsymmErrors.h, src/TGraphAsymmErrors.cxx:
	Add new constructor taken a TH1 as input.
	Add corresponding setter functions.
	        TGraphAsymmErrors(const TH1 *h);
	        virtual void    SetPointEXlow(Int_t i, Double_t exl);
	        virtual void    SetPointEXhigh(Int_t i, Double_t exh);
	        virtual void    SetPointEYlow(Int_t i, Double_t eyl);
	        virtual void    SetPointEYhigh(Int_t i, Double_t eyh);
2004-03-19 12:03  brun

	* base/src/TView.cxx:
	In TView::PadRange initialize xgraf[0] and xgraf[3] in all cases.
2004-03-19 09:10  brun

	* html/src/THtml.cxx:
	Add several protections.
	Initialize the table of classNames from nOK+1 to numberOfClasses to 0.
2004-03-19 07:53  brun

	* html/src/THtml.cxx:
	From Axel Naumann
	Do not add the STL pair classes in the ClassIndex
2004-03-18 22:35  brun

	* histpainter/src/THistPainter.cxx:
	Add support for histograms with a normalisation factor (TH1::SetNormFactor
	has been called) in THistPainter::DistancetoPrimitive and ExecuteEvent
2004-03-18 21:41  brun

	* hist/src/THStack.cxx:
	Fix a problem in THStack::Paint when option "same" is specified.
	The string "same" must be removed from the list of options passed to
	the histograms to avoid option "e" (from "same") to be used.
2004-03-18 15:22  brun

	* gui/src/TGMenu.cxx, win32gdk/gdk/src/gdk/gdk.def,
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	 - TGWin32::GrabButton was implemented.
	   That fixed many problems with popup menus.
2004-03-18 14:52  brun

	* graf/: inc/TGraph.h, src/TGraph.cxx:
	Extend functionality of the new function TGraph::Eval
	Double_t TGraph::Eval(Double_t x, TSpline *spline, Option_t *option) const
	// Interpolate points in this graph at x using a TSpline
	//  -if spline==0 and option="" a linear interpolation between the two points
	//   close to x is computed. If x is outside the graph range, a linear
	//   extrapolation is computed.
	//  -if spline==0 and option="S" a TSpline3 object is created using this graph
	//   and the interpolated value from the spline is returned.
	//   the internally created spline is deleted on return.
	//  -if spline is specified, it is used to return the interpolated value.
2004-03-18 14:12  brun

	* hist/src/TH3.cxx:
	Implement a suggestion from Thomas Bretz in TH3::Project3D
	In case an histogram with the same name and type as the histogram
	to be generated in the projection, the old histogram is reset
	and used for the projection.
2004-03-18 08:10  brun

	* tree/src/TBranchElement.cxx:
	From Markus Frank and Philippe:
	Replace direct use of fCollProxy by GetCollectionProxy
	added calls in SetAddress to insure that fCollProxy is initialized
	if fObject is initialized.
2004-03-17 22:44  brun

	* cint/src/scrupto.c:
	From Philippe.
	Fix for a problem appearing when doing, eg:
	   root [0] const int n2 = 1;
	   root [1] TString a2[n2];
2004-03-17 20:55  brun

	* cint/src/: CallFunc.cxx, init.c, loadfile.c, pause.c, scrupto.c:
	From Philippe:
	In this patch:
	        add more initialization
	        make sure it is used by scrupto __before__ deleting it in G__closeinputfile
	        insure that there is no memory over-write in case the arguments is too long
	        (however this does not lift the real restriction).
2004-03-17 20:10  brun

	* zip/src/: Inflate.c, ZInflate.c:
	Rename Inflate.c to ZInflate.c to avoid a clash with inflate.c on Windows
2004-03-17 20:03  brun

	* zip/src/ZDeflate.c:
	include ZTrees.h instead of Trees.h
2004-03-17 20:01  brun

	* zip/inc/: Trees.h, ZTrees.h:
	Rename Trees.h to ZTrees.h to avoid a clash on Windows with trees.h
2004-03-17 19:57  brun

	* zip/: inc/Deflate.h, inc/ZDeflate.h, src/Deflate.c,
	Rename files Deflate.h to ZDeflate.h and Deflate.c to ZDeflate.c
	to avoid a clash on Windows with deflate.h and deflate.c respectively
2004-03-17 19:08  brun

	* cint/inc/G__ci.h:
	Remove line with C++ style comments
2004-03-17 19:05  brun

	* zip/inc/Tailor.h:
	Replace C++ style comments by C style comments
2004-03-17 18:52  rdm

	* README/README.GLOBUS, cint/inc/G__ci.h, etc/hostcert.conf,
	globusauth/src/GlobusAuth.cxx, main/src/ssh2rpd.cxx,
	net/inc/NetErrors.h, net/inc/TAuthenticate.h,
	net/src/NetErrors.cxx, net/src/TAuthenticate.cxx,
	net/src/TPSocket.cxx, net/src/TSecContext.cxx, net/src/TSocket.cxx,
	proof/src/TProofServ.cxx, proofd/, proofd/src/proofd.cxx,
	rootd/, rootd/src/rootd.cxx, rpdutils/inc/rpdp.h,
	rpdutils/src/daemon.cxx, rpdutils/src/globus.cxx,
	rpdutils/src/rpdutils.cxx, rpdutils/src/ssh.cxx:
	From Gerri:
	  o Added support for creation of authentication tokens
	    exclusive to parent daemon and its childs; by default
	    tokens have inclusive nature, i.e. can be checked by another
	    server on the same machine with having access to the key files
	    (option -E to rootd/proofd)
	  o Added support for non-standard file name for daemon access rules
	    (option -D <rootdaemonrc> to rootd/proofd)
	  o Added support for non-standard file name for authentication directives
	    (PROOF only: option -A [<rootauthrc>] to proofd; see header of
	  o Improved security in ssh authentications
	Bug fixes:
	  o Fix a few inconsistencies in treating error conditions
	  o Fix bug with default init strings for ProxyDuration and ProxyKeyBits
	  o Fix problem with checking for valid globus proxies
	  o fixed message desynchronization problem in case of non valid offset
	  o Modified error call in case of failure of Krb5 initialization:
	    execution continues (call Err instead of ErrFatal)
	  o Fix (again) problem with cygwingcc definition in rpdutils.cxx
	  o Fix problem with fgUser not being correctly saved in case
	    of successful authentication in TAuthenticate.cxx
	  o Fix a problem with duplication in socket list (TPSocket)
	  o Set fContext=0 after deletion TPwdCtx (in TSecContext::Deactivate).
	  o Fix link problem with the globus patched function in rootd/
	    and proofd/
	  o Added function ProofdTerm (equivalent of RootdTerm) to terminate
	    correctly in case of interrupting signal SIGTERM or SIGINT (proofd.cxx)
	  o Fix several incorrect comments.
2004-03-17 18:47  brun

	* cint/src/CallFunc.cxx, postscript/src/TPDF.cxx:
	In TPDF::WriteCompressedBuffer, replace the illegal declaration
	   char out[2*fLenBuffer];
	   char *out = new char[2*fLenBuffer];
2004-03-17 18:35  brun

	* base/inc/TVirtualPS.h, base/src/TVirtualPS.cxx,
	gpad/src/TPad.cxx, postscript/inc/TPDF.h, postscript/src/TPDF.cxx,
	postscript/src/TPostScript.cxx, postscript/src/TSVG.cxx:
	From Olivier:
	- PDF driver now support zlib compression
	- Many improvements in the PDF driver
2004-03-17 18:34  brun

	* zip/: README, inc/Bits.h, inc/Tailor.h, inc/crc32.h,
	inc/deflate.h, inc/inffast.h, inc/inffixed.h, inc/inflate.h,
	inc/inftrees.h, inc/trees.h, inc/zconf.h, inc/zlib.h, inc/zutil.h,
	src/Inflate.c, src/adler32.c, src/compress.c, src/crc32.c,
	src/deflate.c, src/gzio.c, src/infback.c, src/inffast.c,
	src/inflate.c, src/inftrees.c, src/trees.c, src/uncompr.c,
	From Olivier.
	The zlib package has been added to the zip directory.
	see new README file in the zip directory for more details.
	R__zip and R__unzip now have a zlib version which can be
	  activated via the flag R__ZLIB in the files zip/src/Inflate.c and
	The current version is introduced to test the portability of the new files.
	We will add a dedicated namespace to avoid possible conflicts with users of zlib.
2004-03-17 13:37  brun

	* win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx:
	From valeriy Onuchin:
	- WindowAttributes_t.fYourEventMask was not initiated in
	   TGWin32::GetWindowAttributes. That fixes it.
2004-03-17 10:31  brun

	* tree/: inc/TTree.h, src/TTree.cxx:
	Make second argument of TTree::BuildIndex optional with default value="0"
	 Int_t BuildIndex(const char *majorname, const char *minorname="0");
	Make second argument of the following functions optional (=0):
	 Int_t     GetEntryWithIndex(Int_t major, Int_t minor=0);
	 Int_t     GetEntryNumberWithBestIndex(Int_t major, Int_t minor=0) const;
	 Int_t     GetEntryNumberWithIndex(Int_t major, Int_t minor=0) const;
	Reimplement the function TTree::GetEntryWithIndex
	//  If the Tree has friend trees, the corresponding entry with
	//  the index values (major,minor) is read. Note that the master Tree
	//  and its friend may have different entry serial numbers corresponding
	//  to (major,minor).
2004-03-17 08:52  brun

	* graf/: inc/TGraph.h, src/TGraph.cxx:
	Add a new function
	 Double_t Eval(Double_t x, TSpline *spline=0) const;
	 // Interpolate points in this graph at x using a TSpline
	 //  -if spline==0 a TSpline3 object is created using this graph
	 //   and the interpolated value from the spline is returned.
	 //   the internally created spline is deleted on return.
	 //  -if spline is specified, it is used to return the interpolated value.
	Make TGraph::GetPoint const
2004-03-17 08:52  brun

	* graf/: inc/TSpline.h, src/TSpline.cxx:
	Change the TSpline3 and TSpline5 constructors to use
	const TGraph* or const TF1* instead of TGraph* and TF1*
2004-03-16 21:25  brun

	* utils/src/rootcint.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	re-allow the usage of const data member in ShowMembers.
2004-03-16 17:15  rdm

	* base/src/TROOT.cxx:
	load libTreePlayer before loading libProof in the Proof() method.
2004-03-16 07:18  brun

	* cint/src/loadfile.c, cint/src/scrupto.c, meta/src/TCint.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	I fixed a few problems discovered by Valgrind in the new implementation 2014.
	(Mostly out-of-bounds memory reads).
2004-03-16 07:15  brun

	* cint/: inc/G__ci.h, lib/dll_stl/cinteh.h, lib/dll_stl/mp.h:
	From Philippe:
	This patch corrects the problems on Solaris/CC5.2
	G__ANSI can __not__ be defined on Solaris because it causes
	wide-spread issues in other places.   Instead we can define FIX1.
	In addition the cintdlls where failing due to some interaction
	between the 'exception' in math.h and in std's exception.  This
	is fixed.
2004-03-15 18:13  rdm

	* gui/src/TGClient.cxx:
	remove a WIN32GDK special ifdef that is not needed anymore.
2004-03-15 18:06  brun

	* cint/inc/G__ci.h:
	From Philippe:
	Set G__ANSI for all GCC 3.x and for all Solaris compiler.
2004-03-15 17:55  rdm

	* cint/inc/G__ci.h:
	disabled G__ERRORCALLBACK till it is properly ported. Anyway, GNUC should
	have G__ANSI set.
2004-03-15 17:23  rdm

	* cint/src/newlink.c:
	missed patch.
2004-03-15 16:01  rdm

	* rint/src/TRint.cxx:
	ROOT files passed as arguments to root.exe are now made available as
	TFile* with names _file0, _file1, etc. It used to be that the pointer got
	the name of the file, but the file name could contain characters that are not
	allowed in variable names (-, +, etc).
2004-03-15 15:13  rdm

	* cint/: inc/Apiif.h, inc/CallFunc.h, inc/G__ci.h, inc/common.h,
	inc/fproto.h, inc/global.h, inc/longif.h, inc/longif3.h,
	lib/dll_stl/makestr, lib/dll_stl/makevec, lib/dll_stl/mp.h,
	lib/dll_stl/pr.h, lib/dll_stl/setup, lib/dll_stl/setup.bat,
	lib/dll_stl/setupbc.bat, lib/dll_stl/str.h, lib/longlong/longdbl.h,
	lib/prec_stl/deque, lib/prec_stl/list, lib/prec_stl/map,
	lib/prec_stl/multimap, lib/prec_stl/multiset, lib/prec_stl/set,
	lib/prec_stl/string, lib/prec_stl/vector, lib/qt/qtfunctions.h,
	src/Apiif.cxx, src/CallFunc.cxx, src/Class.cxx, src/Method.cxx,
	src/cast.c, src/decl.c, src/disp.c, src/expr.c, src/fread.c,
	src/func.c, src/global2.c, src/ifunc.c, src/inherit.c,
	src/loadfile.c, src/newlink.c, src/pause.c, src/pragma.c,
	src/scrupto.c, src/shl.c, src/struct.c, src/tmplt.c, src/val2a.c,
	src/var.c, stl/_map, stl/_multimap, stl/_utility:
	import of CINT 5.15.127.
	For what else is new see
2004-03-15 13:23  brun

	* geom/src/: TGeoTorus.cxx, TGeoTube.cxx:
	Fixes from wrong protections in tests like;
	if (iact<3 && *safe) {
	should be
	if (iact<3 && safe) {
	(thanks to Andreas Zoglauer)
2004-03-15 13:11  brun

	* geom/: inc/TGeoXtru.h, src/TGeoManager.cxx, src/TGeoXtru.cxx:
	From Andrei Gheata
	TGeo: - from Mihaela: TGeoXtru - DistToOut implemented
	 - modification in TGeoManager::Import() to preserve gFile (I saw this
	was needed running example02 of the VMC - when geometry was retreived
	from file)
2004-03-14 19:15  brun

	* hist/src/TFormula.cxx:
	Fix a bug in the new implementation of TFormula::EvalPar
	for the case kExpo (shift by 1 in the use of parameters)
2004-03-14 10:12  brun

	* tree/: inc/TTree.h, src/TTree.cxx:
	Change TTree::BuildIndex from void to Int_t.
	The return value contains teh number of entries in the Tree.
	A return value=-1 indicates a failure.
	Add more comments to the documentation of this function to indicate
	how to create an index with only "majorname"
2004-03-13 12:20  rdm

	* Makefile:
	switch order of treeplayer and proof in the list of modules to fix
	build problem.
2004-03-13 09:23  brun

	* hist/src/TProfile.cxx:
	Fix TProfile copy constructor. fScaling was not copied
2004-03-13 00:01  brun

	* hist/src/TLimit.cxx:
	Add more references to the header of TLimit following a long set
	of discussions in the statistics news group between Jim Linnemann
	and Tom Junk.
2004-03-12 23:40  brun

	* hist/src/TProfile2D.cxx:
	Fix a problem in the TProfile2D copy constructor.
	The member fScaling was not copied.
2004-03-12 22:45  brun

	* base/src/TROOT.cxx, metautils/inc/TClassEdit.h,
	metautils/src/TClassEdit.cxx, utils/src/RStl.cxx,
	From Philippe:
	This patches prevents a confusion due to possible aliasing of STL container of Long64_t.
	This patches also transform TClassEdit from a class with only static member to a namespace.
	(The same should be done for TMath).
	This allow some simplication by allowing the usage of
	        using namespace TClassEdit;
	which removes the need to always use TClassEdit:: to refer to the functions.
2004-03-12 22:43  brun

	* hist/src/TFormula.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	In case of a formula like
	   f = new TFormula("f2","\"af(d+gd\"+2");
	this patches make sure to avoid a possible infinite loop
	(due to incorrect counter manipulation).
	When a string is used in an arithmetic evaluation, it is
	evaluated as the value 0. (Hence the above example always
	return the value 2).
2004-03-12 18:41  brun

	* win32gdk/gdk/src/gdk/win32/gdkevents-win32.c:
	From valeriy Onuchin:
	 more fixes (rollback) for solving grab pointer problem
2004-03-12 18:01  brun

	* hist/src/TLimit.cxx:
	Some cosmetic changes in teh documentation
	Add reference to a pdf file (now in the root/doc directory)
2004-03-12 17:45  brun

	* html/src/THtml.cxx:
	Add a protection in THtml::CreateHierarchy in case basePtr->GetListOfBases()==0
	This may happen with the new classes created for STL collections.
2004-03-12 17:31  brun

	* gpad/src/TCanvas.cxx:
	Protection in TCanvas::Flush in case gPad is null
2004-03-12 17:13  brun

	* win32gdk/gdk/src/gdk/win32/gdkevents-win32.c:
	From valeriy Onuchin:
	- fix for broken menus under win32gdk
	- fix automatic active grab under win32gdk
	Passive grab (GrabButton) does not work correctly yet.
2004-03-12 17:07  rdm

	* eg/inc/Hepevt.h:
	don't redefine common in case of MacOS X.
2004-03-12 17:05  brun

	* base/inc/Rpair.h:
	From Philippe:
	This fixes a problem by not importing exception into the global namespace
	on Solaris.
2004-03-12 17:02  brun

	* hist/src/TLimit.cxx:
	Move reference to Tom Junk paper on Confidence Limits to the header description
2004-03-12 16:42  brun

	* base/src/TMath.cxx:
	Fix a bug in TMath::RootCubic
2004-03-12 16:20  brun

	* histpainter/src/TGraphPainter.cxx:
	From Olivier:
	- New option PCOL in TGraph2D. Draws a marker at each vertex. The color of
	  each marker is defined according to its Z position.
2004-03-12 16:05  brun

	* gpad/src/TPad.cxx:
	Protection added to TPad::Paint in case gPad is null
2004-03-12 15:54  rdm

	* proof/inc/TProofPlayer.h:
	work around problem accessing protected method from embedded TCleanup class.
2004-03-12 15:53  brun

	* base/inc/: LinkDef3.h, Rpair.h:
	From Philippe,
	Hopefully a final fix from Philippe for the G__Base3.cxx problem with std::pair
2004-03-12 15:17  rdm

	* gui/src/TGFrame.cxx:
	remove leftover unneeded (char*) cast.
2004-03-12 14:09  brun

	* gui/src/TGFrame.cxx:
	Fix a problem with const char* on Solaris (Ilka)
2004-03-12 10:45  rdm

	* hist/: inc/TAxis.h, src/TAxis.cxx:
	also make CenterLabels() and CenterTitle() *TOGGLE* context menu items.
2004-03-12 09:56  brun

	* utils/src/rootcint.cxx:
	Temporarily disable the generation of the code with "Assert".
2004-03-12 09:53  brun

	* meta/src/TMethod.cxx:
	Replace a char* by a const char* (fatal on Solaris)
2004-03-12 09:35  rdm

	* build/unix/, build/unix/,
	config/Makefile.macosx, config/Makefile.macosxxlc, eg/inc/Hepevt.h,
	test/Makefile, test/Makefile.arch:
	From Federico:
	mods for MacOS X 10.3, main change is in linking, option
	"-undefined suppress" changed to "-undefined dynamic_lookup".
2004-03-12 01:31  rdm

	* graf/inc/TGaxis.h, gui/src/TRootContextMenu.cxx,
	gui/src/TRootDialog.cxx, meta/src/TDataMember.cxx:
	various small comment typos.
2004-03-12 01:30  rdm

	* hist/: inc/TAxis.h, src/TAxis.cxx:
	change methods RotateTitle(), SetMoreLogLabels(), SetNoExponent() to
	*TOGGLE* type. Several more methods toggling status bits can be changed
	to *TOGGLE* type. Olivier, please check.
2004-03-12 01:25  rdm

	* meta/: inc/TMethod.h, src/TMethod.cxx, src/TToggle.cxx:
	add support for *TOGGLE* context menu methods that are not related to a
	data member with the same name (e.g. a method that changes a bit in a data
	member with a different name). For these methods one can add the comment option:
	to say what the getter method to use, like:
	void SetNoExponent(Bool_t noExponent=kTRUE);  //*TOGGLE* *GETTER=GetNoExponent
2004-03-12 01:18  rdm

	* main/
	TREEPLAYERLIBS variable does not exist and is not needed since libTreePlayer
	is part of PROOFLIBS.
2004-03-11 21:20  brun

	* win32gdk/gdk/src/gdk/win32/gdkevents-win32.c:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- rollback for grab pointer problem.
	- Improvement for handling root context menus
2004-03-11 19:51  brun

	* main/
	Fix a typo
2004-03-11 19:47  brun

	* Makefile, proof/inc/LinkDef.h, proof/inc/TProofPlayer.h:
	A few more updates from Maarten
2004-03-11 19:34  brun

	* utils/src/rootcint.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	Some compiler don't recognize ::pair even after a 'using namespace std;' and there is no risk of confusion
	with a Shadow class since it is a template.  Hence with use 'pair' instead of '::pair'.
2004-03-11 19:06  brun

	* config/Makefile.depend, main/, proof/inc/LinkDef.h,
	proof/inc/TProofDraw.h, proof/src/TProofDraw.cxx:
	Add new class TProofDraw.
	make necessary changes in the Linkdef and dependency files (Proof
	depends on libTreePlayer)
2004-03-11 13:23  brun

	* win32gdk/gdk/src/gdk/win32/gdkevents-win32.c:
	m Valeriy Onuchin:
	- small but very important fix. Now,  TGWin32::GrabPointer works "correctly".
	  That fixes numerous problems like "sticking menus" etc.
2004-03-11 12:02  brun

	* config/, proof/inc/TProofPlayer.h,
	proof/src/TPacketizer2.cxx, proof/src/TProofPlayer.cxx,
	proof/src/TProofServ.cxx, tree/src/TDSet.cxx:
	From Maarten Ballintijn
	first patch implementing the most basic 1d histogramming using PROOF.
2004-03-11 11:47  brun

	* config/Makefile.depend:
	Remove dependencies THREADLIBEXTRA from GPADLIB
2004-03-11 11:40  brun

	* thread/src/TThread.cxx:
	Remove direct dependencies of the class TThread from TCanvas.
	Direct calls to TCanvas::Constructor and Destructor functions are executed
	via gROOT->ProcessLine
2004-03-11 09:04  brun

	* utils/src/rootcint.cxx:
	In WriteClassInit comment the statement "Assert(sizeof(.." generated
	in the GenerateInitInstance function.
	This code does not compile (at least on Windows and Alpha/cxx).
	To be fixed.
2004-03-11 07:17  brun

	* base/, base/inc/LinkDef3.h, cint/lib/dll_stl/mp.h,
	cint/lib/dll_stl/multmp.h, cont/src/TEmulatedVectorProxy.cxx,
	meta/src/TClass.cxx, utils/src/rootcint.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	base/inc/LinkDef3.h, mp.h, multmp.h move the creation of pairs from cintdlls to libCore to force the creation of the
	I/O.  This is necessary to allow the std::pair I/O when the cintdll are created.
	TEmulatedVectorProxy: fix a memory leak
	TClass: set a uninitialized value in constructor.  Also remove trailing spaces.
	base/ remove warnings from G__Base3.cxx for icc.
2004-03-10 17:23  rdm

	* base/src/TVirtualPadEditor.cxx, gpad/src/TCanvas.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	remove redundant checking for fgPadEditor.
2004-03-10 17:12  brun

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	When a new histogram has the same name as an existing one,
	the existing one is removed from the directory.
	This patch also set the fDirectory member to 0 for the existing histogram.
2004-03-10 15:43  brun

	* gpad/src/TPad.cxx, win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx, x11/src/TGX11.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- fix problem with setting hatched fill style for TPad/TCanvas
2004-03-10 15:13  rdm

	* asimage/, base/inc/RConfig.h, config/Makefile.macosxxlc,
	updates for IBM xlC compiler.
2004-03-09 22:17  brun

	* tree/src/TChain.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	With this updates, TChain handles more elegantly the case where
	one of the tree is 'missing' (i.e. could not open the file, TTree
	not present in the file, etc.).
	Instead of just failing (and doing a bad job at error recovery),
	we set up the TreeOffset in such a way that the missing tree is
	counted as an empty tree.
	In particular, this allows the perfect usage of a chain with a
	missing tree.
2004-03-09 22:12  brun

	* cint/lib/dll_stl/: dqu.h, lst.h, mp.h, multmp.h, multst.h, que.h,
	st.h, stk.h, vec.h:
	From Philippe:
	For ROOT I decided to add the dictionary of std::string as part of one of the ROOT dictionary.  In consequence
	even-though G__STRING_DLL is not defined when generating
	the 'cintdlls', we should generate the stl containers of string's dictionarys.
	Hence I replace in the cintdlls linkdef file the line
	#ifdef G__STRING_DLL
	#if defined(G__STRING_DLL) || defined(G__ROOT)
2004-03-09 18:08  rdm

	* tree/src/TBranchElement.cxx:
	fix small typo in comment and error message.
2004-03-09 17:51  brun

	* tree/src/TBranchElement.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	This patch extend the previous test to negative value (in addition to
	large value) of the index.
	It also adds the protection in the MakeClass case.
2004-03-09 17:44  brun

	* proof/src/TProofPlayer.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	This patch updates TProofPlayer to use the ACLiC file name analyser to
	streamline the parsing of the ACLiC extensions (hence next time we add a
	feature to ACLiC we won't have to change TProofPlayer).
2004-03-09 16:57  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TSelectorDraw.cxx:
	In TSelectorDraw::Begin reimplement the logic to detect option "same".
	The old implementation had a side effect on option "e" that worked only
	when the "e" was the first character in the option string.
	This had a dramatic effect in tqo queries like
	The second Draw was showing error bars different between tyhe first and second plot!
2004-03-09 15:34  brun

	* gui/src/TGComboBox.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	minor fix about linewidth combo box.
	the first entry with 0 width is removed from the list.
2004-03-09 15:01  brun

	* win32gdk/: inc/TGWin32.h, inc/TGWin32VirtualXProxy.h,
	src/TGWin32.cxx, src/TGWin32VirtualXProxy.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- TGWin32 code cleaning (some unused private mathods remove, some renamed)
2004-03-09 14:43  rdm

	* proof/src/TProofPlayer.cxx:
	From Kris Gulbrandsen:
	support +g and +O options as extensions for ACliC on PROOF.
2004-03-09 12:35  rdm

	* rootd/src/rootd.cxx:
	in rootdtab store in addition to the inode also the device id to make the
	file identification really unique (same inode can be on different devices).
	Use both device and inode to check if a file is already being accessed.
2004-03-09 09:16  brun

	* tree/: inc/TBranchElement.h, src/TBranchElement.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	In the previous implementation in the case where the user set the pointer
	(used by SetBranchAddress) pointing to a TClonesArray to zero after
	constructing the branch that is split, NOTHING was saved in the main branch
	(where the size of the collection is supposed to go).
	In this new version, we insert the value zero that when reading back,
	it is considered as an empty collection.
	In addition we updated the read mechanism so that it detects case where
	the value read for the index is greater than the maximum.
	When this is the case, we check  whether we are in the case where
	nothing has been saved in which case we set the length to 0 (instead of
	the random value used in the previous implementation) and rewind the
	buffer appropriately.
	If we are not in this known case, we issue an error message and set the
	length to 0 and we do NOT rewind the buffer.
2004-03-08 18:09  brun

	* tutorials/hadd.C:
	Add a note indicating to use the executable module $ROOTSYS/bin/hadd
	instead of this macro, kept for back compatibility
2004-03-08 18:07  brun

	* main/src/hadd.cxx:
	Implement in hadd.cxx the same logic as already implemented in tutorial hadd.C
2004-03-08 18:06  brun

	* tree/src/TChain.cxx:
	In TChain::LoadTree add support for the special case where all Trees
	in the chain have 0 entries. The first Tree in the chain is loaded
	such that TTree::CloneTree can still work.
2004-03-08 17:02  rdm

	* x11/src/GX11Gui.cxx:
	make sure window IsViewable before calling XSetInputFocus trying to avoid
	a BadMatch error when going to other workspace in KDE before window has been
2004-03-08 16:03  rdm

	* rfio/src/TRFIOFile.cxx:
	fix typo in comment.
2004-03-08 15:54  rdm

	* Makefile, README/README.SELECTOR, treeplayer/inc/TTreePlayer.h,
	From Maarten:
	README.SELECTOR provides description of TSelector framework. Also to be
	put in the User Guide. TTreePlayer update to add more comments in generated
	selector code reflecting the SlaveBegin and SlaveTerminate, etc.
2004-03-08 15:05  brun

	* meta/src/TClass.cxx:
	Fix a typo in TClass::Streamer
2004-03-08 09:04  rdm

	* gpad/src/TCanvas.cxx, gui/src/TRootEmbeddedCanvas.cxx:
	report x,y of kMouseEnter and kMouseLeave events, previously x,y was always
	0,0 for these events.
2004-03-06 22:31  brun

	* hist/src/TF1.cxx:
	In TF1::Eval, call EValPar instead of TF1::EvalPar to allow classes
	deriving from TH1 to call their own function EvalPar
2004-03-06 11:10  brun

	* tree/src/TTree.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	Fix to a problem reported bi Dimitri Smirnov when creating a branch with a name
	specified with a std::string
2004-03-05 18:48  brun

	* g3d/src/TSPHE.cxx:
	Memner fNdiv was potentially uninitialized when calling SetNumberOfDivisions
	from the constructor with floats.
2004-03-05 12:53  brun

	* geom/inc/TGeoManager.h, geom/inc/TVirtualGeoTrack.h,
	geom/src/TGeoManager.cxx, geompainter/inc/TGeoTrack.h,
	From Andrei Gheata:
	modifications needed for adding tracks for which
	you do not know the parent at creation time.
	   TVirtualGeoTrack *TGeoManager::MakeTrack(Int_t id, Int_t pdg, TObject
	  adding as daughter to other track:
	  Int_t TVirtualGeoTrack::AddDaughter(TVirtualGeoTrack *other);
	returning the new daughter index.
2004-03-05 12:29  rdm

	* gui/: inc/TGClient.h, src/TGClient.cxx:
	add comments to GetRoot(), GetDefaultRoot() and SetRoot().
2004-03-05 12:13  rdm

	* gui/: inc/TGClient.h, src/TGClient.cxx:
	change fgRoot to fDefaultRoot. This allows for potentially more than one
	TGClient in case of multiple displays.
2004-03-05 08:47  brun

	* geom/inc/TVirtualGeoTrack.h:
	Fix a typo (thanks Lee Kerry)
2004-03-04 13:00  rdm

	* gui/src/TGFrame.cxx:
	small correction layout.
2004-03-04 12:47  rdm

	* gui/: inc/TGListBox.h, src/TGListBox.cxx:
	From Valeriy:
	fix problem with setting line style via new editor.
2004-03-04 12:29  rdm

	* gui/: inc/TGFrame.h, src/TGFrame.cxx, src/TGWindow.cxx:
	From Valeriy:
	make SavePrimitive() work for embedded mainframes.
2004-03-04 10:04  rdm

	* winnt/: inc/TWinNTSystem.h, src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	patch removing some global variables.
2004-03-03 14:26  rdm

	* win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx, winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	from Philippe:
	This patch repairs a few problem that appears with MSVC 6. This problems
	are double deletion of some memory. When this happens windows claims that
	there is a user breakpoint (while it is really an exception but oh well).
	The thread locking in TGWin32::CloseDisplay() does not work properly and it
	can be executed twice at the same time resulting in double deletes of the
	In the attached patch I minimized the risk for double delete, However, could
	you properly fix the lock mechanism.
	Also TWinNTSystem::CollectMembers assumes __wrongfully__ that NetApiBufferFree
	set its parameter to zero. This patch fix this problem.
	With this patches on MSVC6, I can not reproduce any more of the
	'user breakpoint' and other startup and closedown crashes.
	Also TWinNTSystem.cxx contains 2 globals variables (groupIdx and memberIdx
	which I renamed gGroupIdx and gMemberIdx).
2004-03-03 14:17  rdm

	* ged/src/TGedPatternSelect.cxx:
	From Valeriy:
	fix for placement hatched pattern select popup and tooltips.
2004-03-02 14:09  rdm

	* winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	from Bertrand:
	fixing problem getting progname.
2004-03-02 14:03  rdm

	* net/src/TUrl.cxx:
	from Maarten:
	forgot to copy fUser and fPasswd in copy ctor and assignment operator.
2004-03-02 14:02  rdm

	* cint/inc/longif3.h:
	make G__int64 cast only for MS 6 and 7 compilers, not for all compilers.
2004-02-28 18:51  rdm

	* Makefile:
	when doing distclean clean also all remaining .d and .o of removed or moved
2004-02-28 03:10  brun

	* test/Makefile:
	From Remi Mommsen
	Fix a problem in the Makefile for MacOsX
2004-02-27 21:18  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TTreeFormula.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	This patch repair cases where TTreeFormula was looking up the current
	TStreamerInfo instead of looking the actual streamerInfo used by
	the branch.
2004-02-27 21:08  brun

	* hist/src/TH3.cxx:
	Fix a bug in TH3I::AddBinContent and TH3I::SetBinContent.
	Short_t was used instead of Int_t
2004-02-27 21:06  brun

	* hist/src/TH2.cxx:
	Fix a bug in TH2I::SetBinContent and TH2I::AddBinContent.
	Short_t was used instead of Int_t
2004-02-27 19:10  brun

	* cint/lib/: dll_stl/str.h, prec_stl/string:
	From Philippe:
	This patch add the dictionary for the operators between std::sting and
	const char* (eg.  std::string a; a = a + "b";)
2004-02-27 15:30  brun

	* hist/src/TFormula.cxx:
	In TFormula::Compile, delete the arrays fParams and fNames in case
	the formula has no parameters. This fixes a problem with TF12.
	This fix had already been done a few months ago, but had been lost
	in a more recent version of TFormula.
2004-02-27 05:59  brun

	* hist/: inc/TH1.h, src/TH1.cxx:
	Make TH1::GetRandom const
2004-02-27 02:03  rdm

	* ged/inc/TGedAttFrame.h, ged/inc/TGedPropertyFrame.h,
	ged/src/TGedAttFrame.cxx, ged/src/TGedPropertyFrame.cxx,
	gpad/inc/TCanvas.h, gpad/src/TCanvas.cxx, gpad/src/TPad.cxx,
	gui/src/TGClient.cxx, gui/src/TRootCanvas.cxx,
	From Valeriy:
	TCanvas::ObjectEdited() replaced by Selected() signal.
2004-02-26 21:42  brun

	* config/Makefile.linuxkcc, rootd/src/rootd.cxx,
	From Philippe:
	The linux kcc build was broken since the introduction of support long file
	(use of lseek64).  This patch corrects it.
2004-02-26 14:38  brun

	* ged/src/TGedPatternSelect.cxx, win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- fix for setting background color of stippled bitmap.
	- slightly inhance drawing ged pattern frame
2004-02-26 04:25  rdm

	* utils/
	link on Win32 with imagehlp.lib to get the UnDecorateSymbolName()
	function used to demangle the symbol name.
2004-02-25 16:08  rdm

	* meta/src/TCint.cxx:
	don't use G__sout to avoid linking problem on Win32.
2004-02-25 16:00  rdm

	* utils/src/rlibmap.cxx:
	fix by Valeriy to make rlibmap compile on Win32, but it still will not produce
	a map as we need to be able to find the equivalent of nm on Win32.
2004-02-25 15:03  rdm

	* meta/inc/TClass.h:
	From Philippe:
	This simple patch to work around an issue in icc8 -ansi flag's usage.
2004-02-25 09:49  rdm

	* utils/src/rlibmap.cxx:
	updated version of rlibmap with some suggestions from Axel. Win32 case still
	to be implemented.
2004-02-25 09:45  rdm

	* meta/: inc/TCint.h, src/TCint.cxx:
	add support for autoloading libraries when an unknown class is being
	referenced. The autoloading mechanism reads the files
	$ROOTSYS/etc/system.rootmap, ~/.rootmap and ./.rootmap (via TEnv) to
	try to map the unknown class to a library. If the library is found it is
	loaded and CINT will create the class object. The rootmap files are
	created with the rlibmap tool.
2004-02-25 09:36  rdm

	* etc/.cvsignore:
	ignore system.rootmap.
2004-02-25 09:36  rdm

	* Makefile:
	added target "make map" which will build etc/system.rootmap. Calling
	"make install" will trigger also the building of the map.
2004-02-25 09:30  rdm

	* cint/inc/longif3.h:
	re-apply patch to fix problem on Win32.
2004-02-24 16:57  brun

	* cint/src/newlink.c:
	From Philippe:
	gcc 2.96 seems to insist that the address of a member function function
	should be take explicitly.
	The attached patch insures compilation on gcc 2.96 and icc8.
2004-02-24 16:02  brun

	* main/src/h2root.cxx:
	New optimisation of h2root from Khamit Ardashev.
	Hbook types compressed in 1 byte go to a char
	Hbook types compressed in 2 bytes go to a short.
	Default buffer size for the generated Tree changed from 8K to 64KBytes
2004-02-24 02:01  rdm

	* cint/: inc/G__ci.h, inc/longif3.h, lib/prec_stl/deque,
	lib/prec_stl/iterator, lib/prec_stl/list, lib/prec_stl/map,
	lib/prec_stl/multimap, lib/prec_stl/multiset, lib/prec_stl/set,
	lib/prec_stl/vector, src/expr.c, src/fread.c, src/func.c,
	src/init.c, src/newlink.c, src/pause.c, src/pcode.c, src/stub.c,
	import of CINT 5.15.124.
	For what else is new see
2004-02-24 01:26  rdm

	* cint/lib/dll_stl/error:
	remove tmp file.
2004-02-24 00:52  brun

	* gui/src/: TGListBox.cxx, TRootCanvas.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- TRootCanvas: added protection against NULL fEditor pointer in destructor
	- TGLineLBEntry code improved (previous was driven by the problem with
	   setting line GCs under windows)
2004-02-24 00:50  brun

	* win32gdk/: gdk/src/gdk/gdk.def, gdk/src/gdk/gdkgc.h,
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	 - fix problem of setting  line attributes under win32gdk
2004-02-24 00:49  brun

	* gui/: inc/TGFrame.h, inc/TGWindow.h, src/TGFrame.cxx,
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	 - fix binding keys for embedded main frame
	 - fix for TGWidget::GetMainFrame when main frame is embedded
2004-02-22 18:23  rdm

	* config/
	small correction in comment.
2004-02-22 12:50  brun

	* base/inc/TVirtualPadEditor.h, ged/inc/TGedMarkerSelect.h,
	ged/inc/TGedPatternSelect.h, ged/inc/TGedToolBox.h,
	ged/src/TGedMarkerSelect.cxx, ged/src/TGedPatternSelect.cxx,
	From Ilka:
	- fix in a comment of TVirtualPadEditor.h about the name of the pad editor
2004-02-22 12:31  brun

	* graf/: inc/TCutG.h, inc/TGraph.h, inc/TGraphAsymmErrors.h,
	inc/TGraphBentErrors.h, inc/TGraphErrors.h, src/TCutG.cxx,
	src/TGraph.cxx, src/TGraphAsymmErrors.cxx,
	src/TGraphBentErrors.cxx, src/TGraphErrors.cxx:
	Implement copy constructor for all TGraph family of classes
2004-02-21 09:39  brun

	* base/src/TKey.cxx:
	Protect TKey against TKey titles greater than kTitleMax=32000 characters.
	Because fKeylen is a Short_t, one must limitate the size of the key title.
	Note that this does not affect the object title in case the object being
	written derives from TNamed and has a title>32000 characters.
	In this case the object title is correctly streamed. The limitation
	is only for the TKey title.
2004-02-20 19:22  rdm

	* net/: inc/TAuthenticate.h, src/TAuthenticate.cxx:
	change srppwd argument of CheckNetrc() and GetUserPasswd() from Bool_t&
	to Bool_t. The
2004-02-20 19:14  brun

	* net/inc/TAuthenticate.h:
	From Gerri;
	Fix a problem with a method set to private by mistake
2004-02-20 18:36  brun

	* base/inc/TVirtualPadEditor.h:
	TVirtualPadEditor does not inherit from TNamed anymore.
2004-02-20 18:09  brun

	* base/src/TVirtualPadEditor.cxx, ged/src/TGedAttFrame.cxx,
	gedold/src/TPadEditorOld.cxx, gui/src/TRootCanvas.cxx:
	Fix a few bugs with the old editor.
2004-02-20 17:30  rdm

	* base/inc/TVirtualPadEditor.h, base/src/TVirtualPadEditor.cxx,
	ged/inc/TGedEditor.h, ged/src/TGedEditor.cxx,
	fix to avoid confusion between embedded editor and editor in dialog.
	Each TCanvas (i.e. via TRootCanvas) own its editor obtained via
	TVirtualPadEditor::LoadEditor(). However, there is only one editor dialog
	for the entire application, which is referenced via
	TVirtualPadEditor::GetPadEditor() (using the fgPadEditor static member).
	Clicking the WM close button on this dialog does not delete, but just hide
	the dialog for later use. Assigning an object to be edited by the editor in
	the dialog is not yet fully functional.
2004-02-20 17:00  brun

	set correct email address for Khamit Ardashev
2004-02-20 13:32  brun

	* gui/: inc/TRootCanvas.h, src/TRootCanvas.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	The graphics editor is now craeted dynamically. This should fix a problem
	under Windows when running benchmarks.C
2004-02-20 10:52  rdm

	* proofd/src/proofd.cxx, rpdutils/src/net.cxx,
	rpdutils/src/netpar.cxx, rpdutils/src/ssh.cxx:
	compilation fixes for Solaris with gcc 3.
2004-02-20 10:51  rdm

	* etc/.cvsignore:
	ignore also system.rootdaemonrc.
2004-02-20 10:50  brun

	* postscript/src/TSVG.cxx:
	From Olivier:
	fLenBuffer was not initialized in TSVG::Open
2004-02-20 10:49  rdm

	* test/Makefile:
	distclean removes now also all remaining .lib and .dll's from DrawTest on Win32.
2004-02-20 00:47  brun

	* cont/inc/TVectorProxy.h:
	From Philippe:
	Fix for a problem affecting TBenchDict on Windows
2004-02-19 23:07  brun

	Add Khamit Ardashev for his optimisation of h2root
2004-02-19 22:48  brun

	* hbook/src/THbookFile.cxx, hbook/src/hntvar2.f,
	From Khamit Ardashev
	I have modified h2root to put integers of <=16 bit into shorts
	for cwn ntuples. hntvar2.f needed one more argument for that.
	Test on my data ntuple gave me 10% savings in disk space and therefore on
	speed also since I need to do less I/O now.
	use new option [optcwn] to turn on savings.
	class THbookFile modified to be consistent with the additional argument in hntvar2.
2004-02-19 21:00  brun

	* cint/inc/longif3.h, cont/inc/LinkDef.h, cont/inc/TVectorProxy.h,
	From Philippe:
	This patch allows the compilation of TBenchDict.cxx on windows 6.0 and 7.0
	Supporting this 2 compilers makes the code much less elegant :(
	Also generated dictionary for TVirtualCollecionProxy
	Also a fix in longif3.h for vc6
2004-02-19 20:08  brun

	* build/win/, winnt/inc/TWinNTSystem.h,
	From Bertrand Bellenot
	Here is the latest (and hopefully definitive) diff for users/groups info on Windows.
	Implementation has been made for both versions - win9x (dummy) and NT/2k/XP.
	Tested only on NT and XP.
2004-02-19 18:43  brun

	* matrix/src/: TMatrixDCramerInv.cxx, TMatrixFCramerInv.cxx:
	From Eddy Offermann:
	The following little tweek (replace / by *)
	made the 3x3 go faster than 4x4
2004-02-19 18:29  brun

	* gui/src/TGFrame.cxx:
	Comment code generation for CompositeFrames in TGMainFrame::SavePrimitive
2004-02-19 17:53  brun

	* ged/src/TGedMarkerSelect.cxx:
	Remove warnings in struct markerDescription_t using const char* instead of char8
2004-02-19 17:48  brun

	* base/src/TVirtualPadEditor.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	protections in TVirtualPadEditor.cxx
	if there is a canvas without menus and the new editor is active.
2004-02-19 16:49  brun

	* base/src/TVirtualPS.cxx, gui/inc/TGClient.h,
	Move inline definition of GetDefaultRoot from inline to implementation function.
2004-02-19 16:47  brun

	* postscript/: inc/TPDF.h, src/TPDF.cxx:
	Clean CRTL/M characters
2004-02-19 16:39  brun

	* postscript/: inc/TPDF.h, src/TPDF.cxx:
	From Olivier:
	- Markers are now implemented.
	 - Use double instead of int to draw the basic primitives (it is more
	 - Initialize fNByte and fStream to 0 in TVirtualPS constructor.
2004-02-19 16:36  brun

	* ged/inc/TGedAttFrame.h, ged/src/TGedAttFrame.cxx,
	ged/src/TGedDrawPanel.cxx, ged/src/TGedEditor.cxx,
	ged/src/TGedMarkerSelect.cxx, gui/inc/LinkDef2.h,
	gui/inc/TGListBox.h, gui/src/TGComboBox.cxx, gui/src/TGListBox.cxx:
	From Valeriy
	- ged works on linux OK
	- OK (except line styles) on windows
2004-02-19 16:00  brun

	* geom/: inc/TGeoPhysicalNode.h, src/TGeoPhysicalNode.cxx:
	from Andrei
	modifications for the inclusion of the new class
	TGeoPhysicalNode (new files TGeoPhysicalNode.h/.cxx). This represents a
	branch of the geometry tree (represented by a path) and can be
	visualized in addition to the default visualization. They will be used
	also for aligning the geometry, but this is not yet implemented.
2004-02-19 15:52  brun

	* ged/src/: TGedDrawPanel.cxx, TGedPatternSelect.cxx:
	Fix portability problems on HP-UX/aCC
2004-02-19 13:58  brun

	* geom/, geom/inc/LinkDef1.h, geom/inc/TGeoManager.h,
	geom/src/TGeoManager.cxx, geompainter/inc/TGeoPainter.h,
	From Andrei Gheata:
	modifications for the inclusion of the new class
	TGeoPhysicalNode (new files TGeoPhysicalNode.h/.cxx). This represents a
	branch of the geometry tree (represented by a path) and can be
	visualized in addition to the default visualization. They will be used
	also for aligning the geometry, but this is not yet implemented.
2004-02-19 13:19  brun

	* rpdutils/src/rpdutils.cxx:
	m Gerri,
	Move a misplaced statement affecting compilation under CYGWIN/gcc
2004-02-19 10:44  brun

	* gui/: inc/TGComboBox.h, src/TGComboBox.cxx:
	Replace static member by a const kMaxFonts
2004-02-19 10:00  brun

	* net/src/TSocket.cxx:
	Fix an overload ambiguity reported by Solaris/CC
2004-02-19 09:55  brun

	* net/src/TPSocket.cxx:
	Fix a compiler bug on Solaris/CC
	"net/src/TPSocket.cxx", line 119: Error: Cannot use const char* to initialize char*.
2004-02-19 09:50  brun

	* net/src/TAuthenticate.cxx:
	Fix the following bugs reported by the Solaris/CC compiler:
	net/src/TAuthenticate.cxx", line 2199: Error: Cannot use const char* to initialize char*.
	"net/src/TAuthenticate.cxx", line 2276: Error: Cannot use const char* to initialize char*.
	"net/src/TAuthenticate.cxx", line 3734: Warning: kRfio hides TAuthenticate::kRfio.
2004-02-19 09:45  brun

	* ged/src/TGedPropertyFrame.cxx:
	Replace #include "TGedPadEditor.h" by #include "TGedEditor.h"
2004-02-19 09:10  brun

	* ged/inc/LinkDef.h:
	Remove reference to TGedPadEditor
2004-02-19 09:09  brun

	* base/src/TVirtualPadEditor.cxx, ged/inc/TGedPadEditor.h,
	ged/src/TGedPadEditor.cxx, gedold/inc/TPadEditorOld.h,
	Add an optional argument TCanvas* to TPadEditorOld, such that one can have
	one single calling sequence to consider in TVirtualPadEditor constructor.
	Remove the unused class TGedPadEditor. The plugin manager calls directly
2004-02-19 09:04  brun

	* config/
	Change the settings for calling the old/new pad editors.
	Plugin.TVirtualPadEditor:  Ged TPadEditorOld GedOld       "TPadEditorOld(TCanvas *canvas)"
	#Plugin.TVirtualPadEditor: Ged TGedEditor    Ged          "TGedEditor(TCanvas *canvas)"
	The default editor is the old editor.
	To activate the new editor, comment the first line and uncomment the second one.
2004-02-19 08:56  brun

	* gpad/src/TControlBar.cxx:
	In the constructors, the call to SetOrientation must be done before calling Initialize
2004-02-19 08:24  brun

	* test/Aclock.cxx:
	Replace call to TPad::DrawLine (obsolete) by TPad::PaintLine
	Initialize member fPrevTimeValue in ClockHand constructor
2004-02-19 07:06  brun

	* base/inc/RVersion.h, build/version_number:
	Stamp version 4.00/02
2004-02-19 02:31  rdm

	* build/unix/
	fix dependency rule for dictionary files (G__*.cxx). When one of its
	dependency files is changed re-run rootcint to regenerate the dictionary
	file. Previously it was just recompiled, but not regenerated.
2004-02-19 02:03  rdm

	* test/Makefile:
	delete stressLinear.o with make distclean.
2004-02-19 01:17  rdm

	* utils/src/rootcint.cxx:
	small formatting fixes (2 instead of 3 spaces).
2004-02-19 01:16  rdm

	* ged/, gedold/, gui/inc/TGListBox.h:
	two methods were returning a "const int" which makes no sense.
2004-02-19 01:15  rdm

	* config/Makefile.depend:
	add also dependencies for GED and GEDOLD for explicit linking on Unix.
2004-02-19 01:12  rdm

	* etc/.cvsignore:
	ignore system.rootauthrc.
2004-02-19 01:11  rdm

	base/inc/TROOT.h, base/inc/TSystem.h, base/src/TFile.cxx,
	base/src/TROOT.cxx, clib/src/Getline.c, config/,
	config/, config/,
	globusauth/src/GlobusAuth.cxx, krb5auth/src/Krb5Auth.cxx,
	main/src/ssh2rpd.cxx, net/, net/inc/AuthConst.h,
	net/inc/LinkDef.h, net/inc/NetErrors.h, net/inc/TAuthenticate.h,
	net/inc/THostAuth.h, net/inc/TNetFile.h, net/inc/TPSocket.h,
	net/inc/TSecContext.h, net/inc/TSocket.h, net/src/NetErrors.cxx,
	net/src/TAuthenticate.cxx, net/src/TFTP.cxx, net/src/THostAuth.cxx,
	net/src/TNetFile.cxx, net/src/TPServerSocket.cxx,
	net/src/TPSocket.cxx, net/src/TSecContext.cxx,
	net/src/TServerSocket.cxx, net/src/TSocket.cxx,
	proof/etc/proof.conf.sample, proof/inc/TProof.h,
	proof/inc/TProofServ.h, proof/inc/TSlave.h,
	proof/src/TEventIter.cxx, proof/src/TProof.cxx,
	proof/src/TProofServ.cxx, proof/src/TSlave.cxx,
	proofd/src/proofd.cxx, rootd/src/rootd.cxx, rpdutils/inc/rpdp.h,
	rpdutils/src/globus.cxx, rpdutils/src/rpdutils.cxx,
	rpdutils/src/ssh.cxx, srputils/src/SRPAuth.cxx,
	Big authentication patch by Gerri:
	General purpose:
	Add support for 'authenticated' sockets on client side
	and prepare for support of server authenticated sockets.
	Main changes:
	o TSocket, TPsocket:
	  Added support of 'authenticated' sockets: authentication
	  is delegated to TSocket by calling a static method
	  CreateAuthSocket() returning a TSocket*.
	  TSocket is now the only class calling TAuthenticate.
	o TFTP, TNetFile, TSlave:
	  modified to cope with new socket authentication scheme.
	o TAuthDetails replaced by TSecContext containing:
	  - local authentication info
	  - expiration time
	  - pointer to a security context for the method (if any)
	  - information for cleanup (via TSecContextCleanup)
	o A list of valid TSecContext has been added to TROOT,
	  accessible via gROOT->GetListOfSecContexts().
	o THostAuth rewritten using arrays to avoid multiple use
	  of 'new'; functionality extended by the addition of
	  several new methods.
	o TAuthenticate:
	  - Loading of information from .rootauthrc has been optimized;
	    this allowed to simplify method signatures and drop several
	    methods. Also collection and transmission of authentication
	    information from TSlave to TProofServ gets simplified by the
	    new scheme.
	  - Added support for server dependent directives in .rootauthrc
	  - Added check for changes in .rootauthrc each time a new
	    TAuthenticate is instantiated, so that changes in the file
	    are picked-up interactively.
	  - Checking for an existing TSecContext (previously TAuthDetails)
	    has been improved
	  - Improved diagnostics for SshAuth
	  - Enlarged support for authentication method indication in protocol:
	       UsrPwd: rootup/proofup
	          SRP: roots/proofs           (already supported)
	         Krb5: rootk/proofk           (already supported)
	       Globus: rootg/proofg
	          SSH: rootsh/proofsh
	       UigGid: rootug/proofug
	o GlobusAuth.cxx, Krb5Auth.cxx, SRPAuth.cxx
	  - Adapted to new class TSecContext
	  - Added support for improved search for reusable TSecContext
	  - Drop globals used to store established security contexts
	    (saved in TSecContext) and related methods
	o Automatic creation of <RootDir>/etc/system.rootauthrc from
	  compilation flags; this has priority on old envs
	  'Rootd.Authentication' and 'Proofd.Authentication' and is
	  superseded by $HOME/.rootauthrc
	o Automatic creation of <RootDir>/etc/system.authdaemonrc from
	  compilation flags; this is superseded by $HOME/.rootauthrc
	o rpdutils:
	  - several almost identical methods moved in from rootd/proofd
	  - several new methods to simplify manipulation of the
	    authentication tab file
	  - moved (and improved) check for running of sshd in RpdSshAuth,
	    performed only in case of failure (to avoid spurious messages
	    printed by sshd in /var/log/messages)
	o proofd.cxx, rootd.cxx
	  - increased protocol version
	  - all initialization stuff (included authentication and
	    login) done via RpdInitSession
	  - postpone opening of parallels sockets after authentication
	    (to solve problem of Kerberos/Globus authentication with
	    parallel sockets)(rootd)
	  - Fixed problem with kerberos and globus authentication in rootd
	    with parallel sockets.
2004-02-19 00:55  rdm

	* etc/example.rootauthrc, net/inc/TAuthDetails.h,
	net/src/TAuthDetails.cxx, etc/system.rootdaemonrc:
	from Gerri:
	files removed.
2004-02-18 23:42  brun

	* ged/src/TGedToolBox.cxx:
	Remove an extra "," in a enum
2004-02-18 23:39  brun

	* ged/src/TGedDrawPanel.cxx:
	Remove an extra "," in a enum
2004-02-18 21:57  brun

	* icons/: curlyline.xpm, latex.xpm:
	Add missing icons
2004-02-18 21:52  brun

	* config/Makefile.depend:
	Add dependencies for libraries libGed, libGedOld on Windows
2004-02-18 21:31  brun

	* ged/src/: TGedAttFrame.cxx, TGedDrawPanel.cxx,
	Add missing #include <snprintf.h>
2004-02-18 21:13  brun

	* Makefile, base/inc/Buttons.h, base/inc/LinkDef1.h,
	base/inc/TCanvasImp.h, base/inc/TStyle.h, base/inc/TVirtualPad.h,
	base/inc/TVirtualPadEditor.h, base/src/TAttFill.cxx,
	base/src/TAttLine.cxx, base/src/TAttMarker.cxx,
	base/src/TAttText.cxx, base/src/TROOT.cxx, base/src/TStyle.cxx,
	base/src/TVirtualPadEditor.cxx, config/, ged/,
	ged/inc/LinkDef.h, ged/inc/TGedAttFrame.h, ged/inc/TGedDrawPanel.h,
	ged/inc/TGedEditor.h, ged/inc/TGedMarkerSelect.h,
	ged/inc/TGedPadEditor.h, ged/inc/TGedPatternSelect.h,
	ged/inc/TGedPropertyFrame.h, ged/inc/TGedToolBox.h,
	ged/src/TGedAttFrame.cxx, ged/src/TGedDrawPanel.cxx,
	ged/src/TGedEditor.cxx, ged/src/TGedMarkerSelect.cxx,
	ged/src/TGedPadEditor.cxx, ged/src/TGedPatternSelect.cxx,
	ged/src/TGedPropertyFrame.cxx, ged/src/TGedToolBox.cxx,
	gedold/, gedold/inc/LinkDef.h, gedold/inc/TPadEditorOld.h,
	gedold/src/TPadEditorOld.cxx, gpad/inc/TCanvas.h, gpad/inc/TPad.h,
	gpad/src/TCanvas.cxx, gpad/src/TPad.cxx, gui/,
	gui/inc/LinkDef2.h, gui/inc/TGComboBox.h, gui/inc/TGListBox.h,
	gui/inc/TRootCanvas.h, gui/inc/WidgetMessageTypes.h,
	gui/src/TGCanvas.cxx, gui/src/TGColorDialog.cxx,
	gui/src/TGComboBox.cxx, gui/src/TGFrame.cxx, gui/src/TGListBox.cxx,
	gui/src/TGListTree.cxx, gui/src/TGMenu.cxx, gui/src/TGMsgBox.cxx,
	gui/src/TGSplitter.cxx, gui/src/TGTextEditDialogs.cxx,
	gui/src/TRootBrowser.cxx, gui/src/TRootCanvas.cxx:
	The following mega patch is from Ilka. She has integrated and further
	developed the original classes from Marek Biskup (summer student last year)..
	Valeriy Onuchin has also contributed by extending/adapting existing
	GUI classes.
	Very first prototype of the new pad editor is available for testing and
	feedbacks. It was started by Marek Biskup as his project during the
	Summer Student Program 2003.
	The new pad editor helps ROOT GUI to become closer to the well known
	application GUIs; to be user friendly, having easier and faster access
	to the ROOT graphics, to be more intuitive. It is embedded in the
	TCanvas window every canvas has an editor.
	The editor frame is on the left side of the canvas window. The user can
	show it via Edit/Editor menu selection. The editor frame contains a set
	of picture buttons for selecting well known graphical primitives for
	drawing; below them there are widgets for attribute changing. When an
	object is selected its name appears with a set of options available for
	changing: fill style and color; line style, width and color; text font,
	size and style; marker style, size and color.
	New Classes:
	TGFontTypeComboBox - a combo box with fonts for a choice;
	TGLineWidthComboBox - a combo box with line widths;
	TGLineWidthLBEntry - list box entry for different line widths
	TGLineStyleComboBox - a combo box with line styles;
	TGLineStyleLBEntry - list box entry for a line style
	TGedEditor - the new editor containing tool-box and attribute frames of
	the selected object;
	TGedToolBox - frame with picture buttons for a primitive drawing
	TGedAttFrame - a base class for all attribute frames
	TGedAttNameFrame - a frame showing the selected object name (if exists)
	TGedAttFillFrame - a frame showing the fill attributes
	TGedAttLineFrame - a frame showing the line attributes
	TGedAttTextFrame - a frame showing the text attributes
	TGedAttMarkerFrame - a frame showing the marker attributes
	TGedPatternFrame - popup window for fill pattern selection
	TGedPatternSelector - a button for pattern selection
	TGedSelect - service class for selecting
	TGedPopup - service class for popup attribute window
	TGPatternSelect - a button for selected pattern
	TGedMarkerPopup - popup window for marker selection
	TGedMarkerSelect - a button for selected marker
	Several changes are made in TCanvas, TPad, TRootCanvas to adapt them for
	the new GUI interface. The old GUI interface is kept and it can be used
	too. The class TPadEditorOld provides its functionality.
2004-02-18 21:03  brun

	* icons/cut.xpm:
	A better cut icon
2004-02-18 21:01  brun

	* icons/: Splash1.bmp, arc.xpm, arrow.xpm, browser.xpm, button.xpm,
	curlyarc.xpm, cut.xpm, diamond.xpm, ellipse.xpm, graph.xpm,
	inspect.xpm, interrupt.xpm, line.xpm, marker.xpm, marker1.xpm,
	marker16.xpm, marker18.xpm, marker2.xpm, marker20.xpm,
	marker21.xpm, marker22.xpm, marker23.xpm, marker24.xpm,
	marker25.xpm, marker26.xpm, marker27.xpm, marker28.xpm,
	marker29.xpm, marker3.xpm, marker30.xpm, marker4.xpm, marker5.xpm,
	marker6.xpm, marker7.xpm, marker8.xpm, modify.xpm, newcanvas.xpm,
	open.xpm, pad.xpm, pave.xpm, pavelabel.xpm, pavestext.xpm,
	pavetext.xpm, pointer.xpm, properties.xpm, refresh.xpm,
	refresh1.xpm, save.xpm:
	New icons (Ilka & Marek Biskup) for the new graphics editor
2004-02-18 18:10  rdm

	* meta/src/TDataType.cxx:
	use Long64_t instead of "long long" and "__int64", idem for ULong64_t.
2004-02-18 17:59  brun

	* minuit/src/TMinuit.cxx:
	Put a Printf statement under debug condition (thanks Peter Hristov)
2004-02-18 17:17  rdm

	* gui/: inc/TGClient.h, src/TGColorDialog.cxx,
	src/TGColorSelect.cxx, src/TGComboBox.cxx, src/TGFSContainer.cxx,
	src/TGImageMap.cxx, src/TGPicture.cxx, src/TGResourcePool.cxx,
	src/TGTextEdit.cxx, src/TGTextEntry.cxx:
	From Valeriy:
	use gClient->GetDefaultRoot() instead of GetRoot(). This allows the widgets
	to be embedded but ensures popups to still be a child of the real X11 root
2004-02-18 16:36  rdm

	* base/inc/RConfig.h:
	from Simon Lang:
	some changes to bring FreeBSD more in line with Linux config.
2004-02-18 16:06  brun

	* gui/src/: TGButton.cxx, TRootContextMenu.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- fix  for placement of TGButton tooltip and ContextMenus
	  in case of main frame is embedded. Tested on linux and win32gdk
2004-02-18 15:36  brun

	* matrix/: inc/TDecompLU.h, src/TMatrixDCramerInv.cxx,
	From Eddy Offermann:
	First, a patch to the matrix directory is attached. It
	turned out that that 3x3 Jacobi inversion code, did
	calculate the determinant right . Of course,
	stressLinear caught and I did not run it :)
2004-02-18 15:35  brun

	* test/stressLinear.cxx:
	From Eddy Offermann:
	A few more comments in verbose mode
2004-02-18 09:50  brun

	* meta/src/TDataType.cxx:
	The new version of TDataType::GetType did not compile under Windows.
	Statements like typeid(unsigned long long) must be replaced by
	typeid(unsigned __int64)
2004-02-18 08:28  brun

	* cont/inc/TEmulatedVectorProxy.h, cont/inc/TVectorProxy.h,
	cont/src/TEmulatedVectorProxy.cxx, meta/inc/TClass.h,
	meta/inc/TDataType.h, meta/src/TDataType.cxx,
	metautils/src/TClassEdit.cxx, tree/src/TBranchElement.cxx,
	From Philippe:
	This patch implements TTree::Draw for vector.  The current convention is the same
	as for TClonesArray, namely after dereferencing a collection, the right hand of
	the expression is request for the content and not for the container.
	        Make sure that a non-split branch containing an stl container contain
	one leaf.
	TVirtualCollectionProxy, TEmulatedVectorProxy, TVectorProxy
	        Add the ability to retrieve the data type when it is a numerical type
	        Fix some problem in the addressing caching mechanism
	        Correct the ROOT::GetClass templates to properly return the TClass
	object in case when the parameter is a pointer to pointer (or more).
	        Avoid thinking that vector<xxx>::iterator is an stl container!
	        Add support for stl container (actually ANY container which a
	know TVirtualCollectionProxy).  Added TFormLeafInfoCollection and
	TFormLeafInfoNumerical (non struct, non class container content).
2004-02-17 18:11  brun

	* base/src/TStopwatch.cxx:
	From Eddy Offermann;
	I have made gTicks
	Double_t because the current code does first the
	division and then cast it to Double_t . The
	solution is making gTicks Double_t .
2004-02-17 17:20  brun

	* matrix/src/: TMatrixDCramerInv.cxx, TMatrixFCramerInv.cxx:
	From Eddy Offermann:
	a patch to the fast(!) inversion
	option for the 3x3 matrix .
	It speeds it up so that it is faster than (4x4).
2004-02-17 17:19  brun

	* tree/src/TTree.cxx:
	Fix a typo in comment
2004-02-17 16:19  brun

	* cint/src/val2a.c:
	From Masa
	Fix a problem with a bad array subscription preventing to compile
	under AIX/xlC, Solaris/CC and HP-UX/aCC
2004-02-17 11:28  rdm

	* cint/: inc/Apiif.h, inc/Class.h, inc/G__ci.h, inc/global.h,
	src/Apiif.cxx, src/Class.cxx, src/expr.c, src/global2.c,
	src/ifunc.c, src/newlink.c, src/shl.c, src/struct.c, src/stub.c,
	src/val2a.c, src/var.c:
	import of CINT 5.15.123.
	For what else is new see
	I had to disable mod 1985 because it caused interpreted stress.cxx to fail.
2004-02-17 09:18  brun

	* tree/: inc/TTree.h, src/TTree.cxx:
	Add a new data member
	  TList *fUserInfo;
	and the correesponding getter function
	  TList *TTree::GetUserInfo();
	With this addition, it is possible to add any user defined object to the Tree
	that is not depending on the entry number.
	Without this facility, users were forced to derive from TTree to add
	their own attributes or objects.
	By default, the list is not created. The list is created at the first call
	to GetUserInfo().
2004-02-17 08:52  brun

	* base/inc/RConfig.h:
	From Harufumi Tsuchiya
	For installing ROOT v4.00/01(CVS 2004 Feb 12th) on a machine
	running FreeBSD 5.1-RELEASE, I added  define R__THROWNEWDELETE
2004-02-16 23:49  rdm

	* config/, net/inc/TUrl.h, net/src/TUrl.cxx:
	remove magic special protocol strings from TUrl.cxx and put them in
	system.rootrc under the key: Url.Special. This allows for easy extension
	of the TUrl parser to handle other URLs that have only a protocol and a file
	part, like: aap:/path/file.root, for which the rootrc extension would be:
	+Url.Special:  aap:
2004-02-16 16:53  brun

	* histpainter/src/THistPainter.cxx:
	Add support for graphical cuts in THistPainter::PaintContour.
	h2.Draw("cont1 [mycut]") works OK now.
2004-02-16 13:45  brun

	* gui/src/TGProgressBar.cxx:
	Initialize members fDrawBar and fBarWidth in the constructors.
	fDrawBar is not initialized when DoRedraw is called.
2004-02-16 11:12  rdm

	* configure, config/Makefile.freebsd4, config/
	from Simon Lang:
	some more refinements in the thread compile option handling fro FreeBSD.
2004-02-16 10:34  brun

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	Fix a typo
2004-02-16 10:24  brun

	* hist/: inc/TH1.h, src/TH1.cxx:
	Add an optional argument to TH1::GetMinimum and TH1::GetMaximum
	  Double_t TH1::GetMinimum(Double_t minval=-FLT_MAX)
	The function returns the minimum value of the histograms for bins
	with a content greater than minval. For example, h->GetMinimum(0) returns
	the minimum of all bins with non zero contents.
	Symmetric behaviour for TH1::GetMaximum.
2004-02-16 09:47  brun

	* histpainter/src/THistPainter.cxx:
	In case all bin errors are null, force option "hist" unless another option
	is specified.
2004-02-15 19:31  rdm

	* config/: Makefile.freebsd4,
	add thread support for freebsd4 based on input by Simon Lang.
2004-02-13 21:26  brun

	* config/
	Add PDF plug-in
2004-02-13 21:12  brun

	* pythia6/src/TPythia6.cxx:
	Protect TPythia6::PyName making sure that the returned string is terminated by a 0 character.
2004-02-13 20:30  brun

	* tutorials/Rolke.C:
	Change script such that it can be executed with ACLIC
2004-02-13 20:25  brun

	* gl/src/TRootOIViewer.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	This prevents a crash when starting an OpenInventor windows
	starting from a 1D canvas.
2004-02-13 19:57  rdm

	* utils/src/rlibmap.cxx:
	From Simon Lang:
	add case for FreeBSD.
2004-02-13 19:53  rdm

	* configure:
	replace ${!c} for a portable construct.
2004-02-13 19:16  rdm

	* configure:
	disable usage of ${!c} construct since only supported by /bin/bash.
2004-02-13 18:04  brun

	* base/inc/TVirtualPS.h, base/src/TStyle.cxx,
	base/src/TVirtualPS.cxx, gpad/src/TPad.cxx,
	gui/src/TRootCanvas.cxx, postscript/inc/LinkDef.h,
	postscript/inc/TPDF.h, postscript/src/TPDF.cxx:
	From Olivier;
	First version of the PDF driver. All the basics are there except the
	markers and the fill patterns.
2004-02-13 17:49  rdm

	* configure, config/Makefile.macosx, config/,
	compile on MacOS X by default also with pthreads, like on Linux.
2004-02-13 17:34  rdm

	* configure, base/inc/TROOT.h, base/src/TApplication.cxx,
	base/src/TROOT.cxx, config/, rootx/src/rootx.cxx:
	add new option "root -config" which prints the environment variables and
	options used by ./configure. This allows us to see which non-defaults were
	used when configuring ROOT.
2004-02-13 17:32  rdm

	* table/src/TIndexTable.cxx:
	add missing cvs identification line.
2004-02-13 15:26  rdm

	* chirp/inc/TChirpFile.h, chirp/src/TChirpFile.cxx,
	geompainter/inc/TGeoPainter.h, graf/inc/TGraphBentErrors.h,
	graf/src/TGraphBentErrors.cxx, hist/inc/TPrincipal.h,
	hist/src/TPrincipal.cxx, physics/inc/TFeldmanCousins.h,
	physics/inc/TRolke.h, physics/src/TFeldmanCousins.cxx,
	physics/src/TRolke.cxx, table/inc/TDsKey.h, table/inc/TFileIter.h,
	table/inc/TIndexTable.h, table/inc/TTableMap.h,
	table/src/TDsKey.cxx, table/src/TFileIter.cxx,
	added missing cvs "// @(#)..." ident lines.
2004-02-13 15:17  rdm

	* table/inc/TResponseIterator.h:
	remove unused header file.
2004-02-13 14:40  brun

	* physics/inc/TRolke.h:
	Protect include "TObject.h" against recursive inclusion
2004-02-13 12:25  rdm

	* cont/: inc/TClassTable.h, src/TClassTable.cxx:
	fixes so loading a plugin containing libCore does not crash on MacOS X.
2004-02-13 08:12  brun

	* base/src/TROOT.cxx, meta/inc/TClass.h, meta/src/TClass.cxx,
	meta/src/TStreamerInfo.cxx, tree/src/TTree.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	This patch repairs several issues dealing with loading a library
	and a corresponding root file when they define/contain stl containers.
	   The dictionary loading has a recursive behavior which implies
	that some entry are actually loaded several time (mostly harmless
	but hard to prevent).  This leads to a case where the const char*
	is modified during the loading of the dictionary.
	TClass.h and TClasss.cxx:
	   Add the following convenience static functions:
	      TClass::GetClass  equivalent to gROOT->GetClass
	      TClass::GetDict   equivalent to TClassTable::GetDict
	   Fix a problem where the TClass object stored in the current
	class TStreamerInfo were not refreshed when the TClass object
	was replace.  The fix is to insure that the current TClass is
	in the listOfClasses when the replacement might happen
	TTree.cxx and TStreamerInfo.cxx
	   If an stl container is a base class, it ends up with a
	TStreamerInfo on the file.  However TStreamerInfo for stl
	containers are not always built.   Anyway the StreamerInfo
	is not used.  So it should not be on the file (fix in TTree).
	However for backward compatibility we now handle the case in
2004-02-12 14:46  brun

	* pythia6/src/TPythia6.cxx:
	From Andreas Morsch
	Fix a problem in the return type of TPythia6::PyMass.
	The function was declared to return an int instead of double.
2004-02-12 14:03  brun

	* matrix/inc/TDecompBase.h, matrix/inc/TDecompChol.h,
	matrix/inc/TDecompLU.h, matrix/inc/TDecompQRH.h,
	matrix/inc/TDecompSVD.h, matrix/src/TDecompBase.cxx,
	matrix/src/TDecompChol.cxx, matrix/src/TDecompLU.cxx,
	matrix/src/TDecompQRH.cxx, matrix/src/TDecompSVD.cxx,
	matrix/src/TMatrixD.cxx, matrix/src/TMatrixF.cxx,
	From Eddy
	The decomposition is not done in the constructors anymore.
	It is done on the fly when requested.
2004-02-12 10:46  brun

	* postscript/src/TPostScript.cxx:
	From Olivier:
	 Since introduction of the new character "Angstrom" the sigma was
	represented as a vertical bar in PS files
2004-02-11 23:06  brun

	* hist/src/TFormula.cxx, treeplayer/src/TTreeFormula.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	This patches properly handles error cases where the streamer info is missing in the file.  Instead of fixing the
	symptoms (as in previous
	patch), this patch prevent the formula parsing of incorrect cases.
	In particular it introduces the following error messages:
	root [3] Error in <TTreeFormula::DefinedVariable>: Missing StreamerInfo for evt.CosmicOOTLow.  We will be unable to
	*ERROR 31 :
	 The Variable :  "evt.CosmicOOTLow" exists but is not accessible
	Error in <TTreeFormula::DefinedVariable>: Address not set when the type of the branch is negatif for for evt.  We will
	be unable to read!
	*ERROR 31 :
	 The Variable :  "evt.fBits" exists but is not accessible
2004-02-11 19:05  brun

	* hbook/src/THbookFile.cxx:
	Protection added in constructor and destructor in case of a non-existing file.
2004-02-11 18:00  brun

	* base/inc/RtypesImp.h, utils/src/RStl.cxx, utils/src/rootcint.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	This patch ensures that the symbols that are duplicated (in particular
	GenerateInitInstance for stl container) are declared static while those
	that are not (GenerateInitInstance for other classes) are kept extern
	to allow access (by ClassImp for example).
2004-02-11 15:08  brun

	* hist/src/TFractionFitter.cxx:
	Fix by Frank Filthaut for a precision problem in a if statement
2004-02-11 14:23  brun

	* pythia6/src/TPythia6.cxx:
	Fix typo in comment
2004-02-11 14:14  brun

	* pythia6/src/TPythia6.cxx:
	Add a comment in TPythia::Pyname indicating that the array name must be
	dimensioned to name[16] in the calling program.
2004-02-11 09:51  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TSelectorDraw.cxx:
	Always draw the histogram in case of a custom histogram (>>myhisto used)
	and the number of selected rows is null.
2004-02-11 09:20  brun

	* tree/src/TBranchElement.cxx, treeplayer/src/TTreeFormula.cxx:
	Several protections added to protect the code when processing a Tree
	writing with old versions of ROOT when the StreamerInfo record was not written
	to the file.
2004-02-10 19:22  brun

	Add Jiri Masik to the CREDITS file.
	Jiri has made many contributions to the ROOT system, submitting many
	suggestions, finding and fixing bugs, helping many users with installation
	and configuration problems.
	His name was unfortunately forgotten in the CREDITS file.
	Our apologies to Jiri for discovering this unfortunate omition so late.
2004-02-10 14:46  brun

	* vmc/src/TVirtualMCApplication.cxx:
	Add initialisation of fgInstance to the default constructor
2004-02-10 14:39  brun

	* hist/: inc/TProfile2D.h, src/TProfile2D.cxx:
	Add support for statistics along Z for TProfile2D
2004-02-10 11:29  brun

	* gpad/src/TPad.cxx:
	Recode the part of TPad::PaintModified processing the option date.
2004-02-10 09:56  brun

	* geom/src/: TGeoCache.cxx, TGeoMatrix.cxx, TGeoPatternFinder.cxx,
	More speed improvements
2004-02-10 07:58  brun

	* geom/src/TGeoBBox.cxx:
	Several speed improvements
2004-02-09 22:43  rdm

	* alien/src/: TAlien.cxx, TAlienFile.cxx:
	remove warning about unused function args.
2004-02-09 22:38  rdm

	* table/inc/TTable.h:
	make iterator typedefs public.
2004-02-09 22:12  rdm

	* table/inc/TTable.h:
	from Philippe:
	patch so TTable dictionary compiles with icc v8.
2004-02-09 22:11  rdm

	* cint/: inc/G__ci.h, inc/Type.h, inc/common.h, inc/longif.h,
	inc/longif3.h, include/ReadF.C, include/ReadF.cxx, include/ReadF.h,
	include/_iostream, include/climits, lib/dll_stl/clim.h,
	lib/dll_stl/error, lib/dll_stl/makestr, lib/dll_stl/makevec,
	lib/dll_stl/setup, lib/dll_stl/setup.bat, lib/dll_stl/setupbc.bat,
	lib/dll_stl/str.h, lib/dll_stl/vec.h, lib/dll_stl/vecbool.h,
	lib/longlong/longdbl.h, lib/longlong/longlong.h,
	lib/longlong/makelongif, lib/longlong/makelongif3,
	lib/posix/posix.h, lib/prec_stl/climits, lib/prec_stl/deque,
	lib/prec_stl/iterator, lib/prec_stl/list, lib/prec_stl/map,
	lib/prec_stl/memory, lib/prec_stl/multimap, lib/prec_stl/multiset,
	lib/prec_stl/set, lib/prec_stl/string, lib/prec_stl/vector,
	lib/pthread/Makefile, lib/qt/Makefile, src/Apiif.cxx, src/expr.c,
	src/fread.c, src/func.c, src/global2.c, src/ifunc.c, src/init.c,
	src/loadfile.c, src/longif.cxx, src/longif3.cxx, src/new.c,
	src/newlink.c, src/parse.c, src/pause.c, src/pcode.c, src/tmplt.c,
	src/val2a.c, src/value.c, src/var.c, stl/_climits, stl/_climits.h,
	stl/_vector, stl/bstring.h, tool/makecint.c:
	import of CINT 5.15.122.
	For what else is new see
2004-02-09 22:00  rdm

	* test/stress.cxx:
	define gPrintSubBench outside the #ifndef __CINT__ clause so that the script
	again works in interpreted mode.
2004-02-09 16:44  brun

	* clib/src/Getline.c:
	Change C++ style comments to C style
2004-02-09 16:43  brun

	* physics/src/TRolke.cxx:
	Move declaration of loop index i outside a switch statement
2004-02-09 15:29  brun

	* geom/inc/TGeoXtru.h:
	Remove unused (and not implemented) constructor TGeoXtru(const char*name, Int_t n)
2004-02-09 15:21  brun

	* histpainter/src/THistPainter.cxx:
	From Olivier:
	THistPainter::PaintTriangles now takes care of option SAME.
2004-02-09 15:10  brun

	* minuit/src/TMinuit.cxx:
	Remove print statements left from a debugging session
2004-02-09 15:03  brun

	* geom/, geom/inc/LinkDef1.h, geom/inc/TGeoManager.h,
	geom/inc/TGeoShape.h, geom/inc/TGeoXtru.h,
	geom/inc/TVirtualGeoPainter.h, geom/src/TGeoManager.cxx,
	geom/src/TGeoXtru.cxx, geompainter/inc/TGeoPainter.h,
	geompainter/src/TGeoPainter.cxx, minuit/src/TMinuit.cxx:
	From Andrei Gheata:
	I have attached the new files and all modifications done by Mihaela to
	include the new shape TGeoXtru representing the old TXTRU shape.
	Currently she implemented the Contains() method. The shape can be also
	visualized in the pad or x3d (see atached macro). The only limitation in
	x3d is that the end-polygons are not decomposed into convex polygons, so
	in case the section of the TGeoXtru is concave the drawing is not well
	  I also included a minor modification in TGeoManager.h needed by FLUKA
	(that now can perform tracking and completers gAlice->Run() with TGeo!!!)
2004-02-09 10:51  rdm

	* base/inc/TKey.h:
	make GetDatime() const and let it return a const reference, so the object
	cannot be changed.
2004-02-09 10:50  rdm

	* base/inc/TApplication.h, base/src/TApplication.cxx,
	chane int to Int_t in the method signatures.
2004-02-09 10:48  rdm

	change a , to a .
2004-02-09 10:34  brun

	* clib/src/Getline.c:
	Fix by Valeriy Onuchin for Windows
2004-02-09 09:28  brun

	* gui/inc/: TGFrame.h, TGWindow.h:
	Undo previous changes by Valeriy. They had side-effects under X11
2004-02-09 08:24  brun

	* gui/inc/: TGFrame.h, TGWindow.h:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- I added setting keyboard focus when main frame is mapped or raised.
	  After this fix one doesn't need "click on some frame and then click back
	   to main frame" in order to make possible  "Save As".
2004-02-08 19:54  brun

	* base/inc/TKey.h:
	Add new function
	   TDatime& GetDatime()
	returning the fDatime object.
2004-02-08 16:51  brun

	Add Jan Conrad for the development of the class TRolke and tutorial Rolke.C
2004-02-08 16:48  brun

	* tutorials/Rolke.C:
	New tutorial Rolke.C illustrating the use of the new class TRolke.
	From Jan Conrad
2004-02-08 16:46  brun

	* physics/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TRolke.h, src/TRolke.cxx:
	New class TRolke by Jan Conrad.
	See class documentation
2004-02-07 23:34  brun

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	Modify TH1::GetMean and TH1::GetRMS to support 3-D histograms
2004-02-07 23:32  brun

	* hist/: inc/TH3.h, src/TH3.cxx:
	Add the statistics parameters to TH3.
	New data members:
	   Stat_t     fTsumwy;          //Total Sum of weight*Y
	   Stat_t     fTsumwy2;         //Total Sum of weight*Y*Y
	   Stat_t     fTsumwxy;         //Total Sum of weight*X*Y
	   Stat_t     fTsumwz;          //Total Sum of weight*Z
	   Stat_t     fTsumwz2;         //Total Sum of weight*Z*Z
	   Stat_t     fTsumwxz;         //Total Sum of weight*X*Z
	   Stat_t     fTsumwyz;         //Total Sum of weight*Y*Z
	New functions:
	   virtual Stat_t  GetCorrelationFactor(Int_t axis1=1,Int_t axis2=2) const;
	   virtual Stat_t  GetCovariance(Int_t axis1=1,Int_t axis2=2) const;
	The statistics members are computed at filling time.
2004-02-07 22:19  brun

	* histpainter/src/THistPainter.cxx:
	In THistPainter::PainStat add the drawing of Meany and RMSy
	in case of TProfile.
2004-02-07 22:17  brun

	* hist/: inc/TProfile.h, src/TProfile.cxx:
	Add new data members fTsumwy and fTsumwy2 to store the y distribution
	for a TProfile. The Fill/Get/Operations functions are modified
	to increment or compute these quantities.
2004-02-07 12:19  brun

	* clib/src/Getline.c:
	Revert to the previous Getline.c
2004-02-07 11:42  brun

	* cint/src/pause.c, clib/src/Getline.c, gui/inc/TRootBrowser.h:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- console corruption problem under win32gdk (after stdout redirection) is solved
	- I reverted all my mods in cint/src/pause.c
	- GetMenuBar(),  GetToolBar() methods added to TRootBrowser
	  which would be usefull for embedded browser. i.e. hiding tool,menu bars
2004-02-07 09:54  brun

	* tutorials/arrow.C:
	Draw the arrows with a smaller line width.
2004-02-07 09:54  brun

	* graf/src/TArrow.cxx:
	Improvement (by Kalen Martens) in TArrow::Paint to avoid asymmetries
	visible when drawing Feymann diagrams.
2004-02-06 20:52  brun

	Reintroduce Robert Hatcher (updating his email address). Sorry Robert ::)
2004-02-06 17:25  brun

	* matrix/: inc/TDecompQRH.h, inc/TDecompSVD.h, inc/TMatrixDEigen.h,
	inc/TMatrixDSymEigen.h, src/TDecompQRH.cxx, src/TDecompSVD.cxx,
	src/TMatrixDEigen.cxx, src/TMatrixDSymEigen.cxx:
	From Eddy Offermann:
	a patch that slightly iproves speed
	by Adopting a work array that is on the stack
2004-02-06 16:37  brun

	* hist/src/TAxis.cxx:
	In TAxis::ExecuteEvent, implement zooming for the Z axis of a TH3
2004-02-06 15:36  brun

	Add Andrew Haas for his contribution to GraphFitChisquare
2004-02-06 15:32  brun

	* fumili/src/TFumili.cxx, minuit/src/TFitter.cxx:
	Add support for graphs with asymmetric errors in the computation
	of the chisquare (based on original code by Andy Haas)
2004-02-06 15:30  brun

	* base/: inc/TMath.h, src/TMath.cxx:
	Add new function TMath::RootsCubic computing the roots of a cubic polynomial
2004-02-06 13:57  brun

	* unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx:
	From Andrew Maier
	Fix for alpha Linux
2004-02-05 21:37  brun

	* cint/src/pause.c:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	 - use freopen again
	 - store/restore STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE added
2004-02-05 19:18  brun

	* matrix/src/: TDecompBase.cxx, TMatrixD.cxx, TMatrixDSym.cxx,
	TMatrixF.cxx, TMatrixFSym.cxx, TVectorF.cxx:
	From Eddy Offermann:
	Changed the default tolerance of a matrix to
	DBL_EPSILON, it was sqrt(DBL_EPSILON) . This tolerance
	is/was passed on to the decomposition routines .
	In case of fancy constructors using matrix inversion,
	the user has no chance to manipulate the tolerance .
	Therefore, it is temporarily set for the inversion to
	a small number .
	This should solve Marek's problem .
2004-02-05 19:02  brun

	* hist/src/TGraph2D.cxx:
	From Olivier:
	Variable fZout was not initialized in the TGraph2D constructors.
2004-02-05 15:28  brun

	* tutorials/: FeldmanCousins.C, PhaseSpace.C:
	Automatic load of
2004-02-05 14:16  brun

	* base/inc/RConfig.h:
	Activate R__PLACEMENTINLINE for gcc2.95 and above.
	Was only active for gcc3xx
2004-02-05 13:49  brun

	* gui/src/TRootBrowser.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	   ExecuteDefaultAction signal was emitted after action
	  (during action browser might be deleted).
	   I placed signal before action to fix it.
2004-02-05 11:05  brun

	* base/inc/TApplication.h, base/src/TApplication.cxx,
	clib/inc/Getline.h, clib/src/Getline.c, rint/src/TRint.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	there was request (and few related requests in the past)
	for console keys  polling
	To make it possible I added signals to TApplication class:
	virtual void    Terminate(int status = 0);   //*SIGNAL*
	virtual void    KeyPressed(int key);         //*SIGNAL*
	virtual void    ReturnPressed(char *text );  //*SIGNAL*
2004-02-05 08:38  brun

	* test/JetEvent.cxx, test/JetEvent.h, tutorials/JetEvent.cxx,
	tutorials/JetEvent.h, tutorials/jets.C:
	Move JetEvent.h,cxx from test to tutorials
2004-02-05 07:24  brun

	* main/src/h2root.cxx:
	Increase maximum file length for the input file (was limited to 120 characters)
2004-02-05 01:31  rdm

	* etc/example.rootauthrc:
	small correction in comment.
2004-02-05 01:30  rdm

	* tutorials/: sqlcreatedb.C, sqlfilldb.C, sqlselect.C:
	function names did not match the file name.
2004-02-05 01:30  rdm

	* build/: unix/, win/
	runcatalog.sql was not distributed. The win version was not uptodate.
2004-02-04 22:57  brun

	* tutorials/staff.C:
	Close the tree and the file before leaving teh script.
2004-02-04 22:51  brun

	* tutorials/motorcycle.C:
	Change the creation of the ifstream object such that it can work under Windows.
2004-02-04 22:27  brun

	* tutorials/solveLinear.C:
	New tutorial by Eddy Offermann
2004-02-04 19:11  brun

	* tutorials/htmlex.C:
	Replacd gHtml by THtml htmlex
2004-02-04 19:10  brun

	* tutorials/: copytree.C, copytree2.C, copytree3.C, tree4.C:
	Replace references to by libXXXXX in gSystem->Load
2004-02-04 19:09  brun

	* tutorials/games.C:
	Tetris works on Windows
2004-02-04 18:23  brun

	* win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx, win32gdk/src/TGWin32ProxyBase.cxx,
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	 - these mods improve socket performance under win32gdk.
	root [1] .x pserv.C
	50000000 bytes received in 43.452999 seconds
	 1.08 MB/s
	root [0] .x pserv.C
	Receive 100 buffers of 500000 bytes over 5 parallel sockets...
	50000000 bytes received in 1.532001 seconds
	30.68 MB/s
	Unfortunately TPServerSocket/TPSocket still have unscale behaviour
	 under win32gdk.
2004-02-04 18:12  brun

	* matrix/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TDecompBase.h, inc/TDecompChol.h,
	inc/TDecompLU.h, inc/TDecompQRH.h, inc/TDecompSVD.h,
	src/TDecompBase.cxx, src/TDecompChol.cxx, src/TDecompLU.cxx,
	src/TDecompQRH.cxx, src/TDecompSVD.cxx:
	From Eddy Offermann:
	1. LinkDef.h : Added NormalEqn friend functions from
	               TDecompChol class
	2. TMatrixDBase: GetDecompMatrix() returns a TMatrixD
	                instead of TMatrixDBase
	                Added Solve and TransSolve functions
	                that return the solution (others
	                the input argument which is
	                when output vector size is smaller
	                input (in ncase of fit).
	                Also added Invert that returns matrix
	                instead of replacing the input
	                This is convinient for a generalized
	                (pseudo) inverse: in (m x n) out (n x
	3. TDecompChol: Solve/TrnasSolve had incorrect
	                backward substitution function ! Tests
	                have been added to stressLinear to
	                Added NormlEqn solver which can handle
	                weights in data
	4. TDecompSVD:  Bug in Solve function ! index was
	                ping one too early . Was not noticed
	                stressLinear because the linear
	                test wasnumerically to difficult
	                causing accuracy tolerances to be not
	                strict enough (was 0.005 , is now
	                DBL_EPSILON on a diagonal dominant
2004-02-04 18:12  brun

	* test/stressLinear.cxx:
	More tests added to stressLinear.
	Benchmark renormalized
2004-02-04 11:13  rdm

	* tutorials/pclient.C:
	use by default localhost (customize ip address for real WAN tests).
2004-02-04 00:15  brun

	* meta/src/TStreamerInfo.cxx:
	Fix by Philippe in TStreamerInfo::BuildOld in case of SGI where the sizeof(void*)
	must be set to 8 (even when compiling with the option N32)
2004-02-03 23:19  brun

	* meta/src/TStreamerInfo.cxx, metautils/src/TClassEdit.cxx:
	From Philippe
	Fix a back incompatibility introduced in a recent fix and affecting Minos code.
2004-02-03 17:59  brun

	* hist/src/TGraphDelaunay.cxx:
	From Olivier:
	make TGraphDelaunay::Enclose faster
2004-02-03 17:50  brun

	* matrix/: inc/TDecompBase.h, inc/TDecompChol.h, inc/TDecompLU.h,
	inc/TDecompQRH.h, inc/TDecompSVD.h, src/TDecompBase.cxx,
	src/TDecompChol.cxx, src/TDecompLU.cxx, src/TDecompQRH.cxx,
	From Eddy Offermann:
	This patch contains some cleaning up and filling in some holes
	in the TDecompQRH class .
2004-02-03 17:49  brun

	* test/stressLinear.cxx:
	New version from Eddy with a new small test  for using the Invert() to generate pseudo-Inverse
	in case of (m x n) matrix where m > n
2004-02-03 17:45  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TTreeFormula.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	This patch adds a protection for rare cases of internal mis-naming of classes
2004-02-03 13:43  brun

	* geom/: inc/TGeoManager.h, src/TGeoManager.cxx:
	From Andrei Gheata:
	  - fixed a bug in Safety() introduced when inlining the method
	TGeoVoxelFinder::IsSameVoxel() - I observed it just now when debugging
	IsSameLocation - several daughters of a voxelized volume were not
	checked resulting in an overestimated safety and in some cases wrong
	snext computation (only with TGeant3)
	  - fixed IsSameLocation which was resetting some parameters due to
	direct calls to FindNode in case of MANY (you know, the geometry of
	Alain has MANY's)
	  - IsSameLocation called now only for new points x,y,z are not within
	previous safety distance.
	- eliminated the useless call to FindMatrixOfDaughterVolume() inside
	TGeoManager::SetTopVolume() that made the visualization slower and even
	produced a crash in case of very large geometries (see my today post in
	the forum
2004-02-02 18:14  brun

	* rint/src/TTabCom.cxx:
	Replace the non portable
	 if (!file1.is_open())
	if (!file1)
2004-02-02 16:37  brun

	* hist/src/TFractionFitter.cxx:
	From Axel Naumann:
	here's a patch for TFractionFitter (cvs current cvs) which prevents it
	from ending up in an infinite loop (with key params being NAN).
2004-02-02 16:32  brun

	* cint/src/pause.c, clib/src/Getline.c, rint/src/TTabCom.cxx,
	win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx, win32gdk/src/TGWin32VirtualXProxy.cxx,
	From valeriy Onuchin:
	console corruption is solved:
	 - the problem was in cint/pause.c
	   For stdout/stderr redirection "freopen" is used. At "freopen" the current
	   stdout/stderr is closed. That causes console curruption.
	   I replaced "freopen" with "fopen". The problem dissapeared.
	- I replaced in TTabCom the calls like
	   gROOT->ProcessLine(".class > somefile") with direct
	   calls of CINT API, e.g.  G__display_class(fout,"",0,0)
	long time at exit:
	-  fixed according LIFO(last in first out) principle for releasing resources
2004-02-02 16:30  brun

	* cint/src/expr.c:
	From Masa:
	Fix to a problem reported at:
2004-02-01 17:52  rdm

	* test/
	check if gmake exists, if not try make. On MacOS gmake does not exist but
	make is GNU make. Otherwise script just fails.
2004-02-01 16:57  rdm

	* config/Makefile.hpuxacc:
	compile with flag __HPACC_STRICTER_ANSI__ to avoid name clash with "times()"
	symbol in TStopwatch.cxx.
2004-01-31 17:06  brun

	* clib/src/Getline.c, win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx:
	From valeriy Onuchin
	- revert the latest Getline.c changes
	- more mods in TGWin32::CloseDisplay methods.
	  Calling   gVirtualX->CloseDisplay terminates server thread and
	  switches ROOT to batch mode.
2004-01-31 14:36  brun

	* winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	Fix a misplaced #endif in case of the old win32
2004-01-31 12:57  brun

	* base/inc/RConfig.h, newdelete/src/NewDelete.cxx:
	Add option R__PLACEMENTINLINE for AIX and HP-UX
	In NewDelete, special case for HP-UX/ACC, using bad_alloc instead of std::bad_alloc
2004-01-31 09:59  brun

	* base/inc/RConfig.h, base/inc/TString.h, base/src/TROOT.cxx,
	base/src/TString.cxx, meta/src/TCint.cxx, meta/src/TClass.cxx,
	meta/src/TStreamerElement.cxx, meta/src/TStreamerInfo.cxx,
	meta/src/TStreamerInfoWriteBuffer.cxx, metautils/inc/TClassEdit.h,
	metautils/src/TClassEdit.cxx, treeplayer/src/TTreeFormula.cxx:
	Reintroduce Philippe's patch, now corrected for several machines.
	stress, bench and runs correctly.
	Still problem in running on SGI (cc,gcc,kcc). Likely due
	to an alignement problem with the handling of the new type Double32_t
2004-01-30 19:44  brun

	* gui/src/TRootCanvas.cxx:
	This patch reintroduces the simplified version of
	TRootCanvas::GetWindowGeometry proposed by Valeri Fine and the code
	layout introduced by Fons.
2004-01-30 19:30  brun

	* hist/src/TGraph2D.cxx, hist/src/TGraphDelaunay.cxx,
	From Olivier Couet:
	- In TGraph2D::TGraph2D(TH2 *h2) only the bins having a contain between
	  h2 minimum and h2 maximum are converted in points in the TGraph2D.
	- Logz implemented for option CONT5
	- Option Z implemented with TRI1 and TRI2
2004-01-30 19:27  brun

	* cont/src/TClassTable.cxx:
	Patch from Philippe fixing a problem reported by Axel Naumann.
2004-01-30 19:23  brun

	* win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx:
	From valeriy Ounchin:
	-  protection added in several methods of TGWin32 class
	-  add asignment of gInterpreter, gVirtualX to "real objects" in TGWin32::CloseDisplay()
2004-01-30 14:58  brun

	* base/src/TRef.cxx:
	Fix a bug in TRef::GetObject in case the TRef has a EXEC statement in the comment field
2004-01-30 09:17  brun

	* cint/inc/G__ci.h:
	From Eddy Offermann:
	Do not define G__VAARG_NOSUPPORT on Macosx
2004-01-30 09:12  brun

	* base/inc/RConfig.h, base/inc/TString.h, base/src/TROOT.cxx,
	base/src/TString.cxx, cont/src/TClassTable.cxx,
	gui/src/TRootCanvas.cxx, meta/src/TCint.cxx, meta/src/TClass.cxx,
	meta/src/TStreamerElement.cxx, meta/src/TStreamerInfo.cxx,
	meta/src/TStreamerInfoWriteBuffer.cxx, metautils/inc/TClassEdit.h,
	Withdraw all changes made since yesterday night.
	The changes were unfortunately introduced withouth enough testing.
2004-01-30 08:07  brun

	* base/inc/RConfig.h, meta/src/TCint.cxx, meta/src/TClass.cxx,
	From Philippe:
	There are a few more index to be replaced and R__PLACEMENTINLINE is also
	needed on windows (however I only tried vc 6.0).
2004-01-30 03:28  rdm

	* base/inc/RConfig.h, base/inc/TString.h, gui/src/TRootCanvas.cxx,
	add #include <string> to TString.h and provide ifdef for compilers where
	string is in global namespace. Also since <string> pulls in <new> we have to
	define R__PLACEMENTINLINE for icc otherwise NewDelete.cxx does not compile.
	Replace index() by strchr() in TClassEdit.cxx.
2004-01-30 02:54  rdm

	* clib/src/snprintf.c:
	some corrections by Mariappan Asokan:
	- return -2 in case of an error in the format specification
	- distinguish between missing precision and a specified precision of 0
2004-01-30 00:08  brun

	* base/inc/TString.h, base/src/TROOT.cxx, base/src/TString.cxx,
	cont/src/TClassTable.cxx, meta/src/TCint.cxx, meta/src/TClass.cxx,
	meta/src/TStreamerElement.cxx, meta/src/TStreamerInfo.cxx,
	meta/src/TStreamerInfoWriteBuffer.cxx, metautils/inc/TClassEdit.h,
	From Philippe:
	This patch should resolve completely the issue discovered by Minos (related to
	typename being typedefs).  It also repairs the I/O for fixed size array of
	        add constructor and operator= taking a std::string argument
	        GetClass now properly resolve templateClass<typedef>.
	      Previously the typedef resolution was restricted to the full name.
	        Look for an existing TClass directly in TROOT::fListOfClasses to
	        avoid the potential loading behavior of TROOT::GetClass
	        Also look for possible alias name in the list of TClass objects.
	        In particular, depending on the load order of libraries and file,
	        the Emulated class for container<int> might be container<Int_t> or
	        vce et versa.
	        When we have a templated class, also look for existing Emulated
	        class which may have a different name.
	        Use the name with resolved typedef in the TStreamerElement.
	        Also repair the I/O for fixed size array of TObjects.
	        Add a utility to resolve the typedefs inside a typename.
	        This resolution has 2 modes.  One where it resolved all
	        typedefs which should be used to compare 2 typename and
	        establish equality.  A second where it resolved all
	        typedefs __except__ for the ROOT integral type typedefs,
	        this version is used to create the typename that will be
	        save on file.  This is necessary to avoid the replacement
	        of (for example) Long64_t by its platform dependent version.
2004-01-29 22:57  brun

	* matrix/src/: TMatrixDBase.cxx, TMatrixFBase.cxx, TVectorD.cxx,
	From Eddy Offermann:
	The matrix ResizeTo routines were not initializing
	new memory when the matrix was made larger .
	Made the initialization in the vector ResizeTo
	similar to the matrix one .
2004-01-29 19:31  brun

	* base/src/Match.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	This patch prevent the pattern matching function to read passed the end of the input string.
2004-01-29 17:08  brun

	* matrix/src/TDecompSVD.cxx:
	From Eddy Offermann:
	I have rephrased the convergence criteria in
	TDecompSVD so that it is (hopefully) platform
2004-01-29 17:06  brun

	* html/src/THtml.cxx:
	From Axel Naumann
	here's the patch correcting issues with
	* a missing </tr>, which currupted Netscape 4.x's display
	* cell borders being displayed in konqueror.
	* tables without td fields when a class has no derived classes.
	I've added a caption for the hierarchy chart - esp. if there are no base
	nor derived classes it looks funny & confusing otherwise.
	I've tested it with IE 6, Mozilla 1.6, NS 4.78, and W3C's html validator.
2004-01-29 17:03  brun

	* matrix/inc/TVector.h:
	Fix a bug reported by Thomas Kuhr
	I have found a bug in the header file TVector.h in the head version of
	root. The line
	#ifndef ROOT_TVector
	before the include of "TVectorF.h" should be
	#ifndef ROOT_TVectorF
	Otherwise TVectorF.h is never included.
2004-01-29 17:02  brun

	* winnt/: inc/TWinNTSystem.h, src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin
	 - Ed Oltman reported about TGShutter animation slowdown in 4.00 version.
	   These mods make a fix.
2004-01-29 13:36  rdm

	* proofd/src/proofd.cxx, rootd/src/rootd.cxx,
	use /dev/urandom instead of /dev/random to seed the random generator.
	The problem is that /dev/random can hang on Linux (due to lack of entropy)
	in which case rootd and proofd hang during authentication. With urandom
	there is no such problem since in case of lack of entropy it will fall
	back on a software algorithm (it will never hang). This was observed in
	the ALICE Data Challenge.
2004-01-29 13:11  brun

	* clib/src/Getline.c:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	 - the latest mods in Getline.c broke "scrolling feature"  when a long string
	is entered.
2004-01-29 12:59  brun

	* geom/: inc/TGeoPolygon.h, src/TGeoManager.cxx,
	src/TGeoMaterial.cxx, src/TGeoPolygon.cxx:
	From Andrei Gheata:
	few patched files (TFluka compatibility).
	 From Mihaela: fix in TGeoPolygon class for convex polygon decomposition
2004-01-29 12:57  brun

	* gpad/src/TInspectCanvas.cxx, meta/src/TDataType.cxx:
	Replace non portable snprintf by strncpy
2004-01-29 12:20  brun

	* base/src/TDirectory.cxx, gpad/src/TInspectCanvas.cxx,
	Add several protections when processing keys with very long names
	or inspecting objects with very long names or titles
2004-01-29 11:21  brun

	* gui/src/TRootCanvas.cxx:
	A simplified version of TRootCanvas::GetWindowGeometry proposed by Valeri Fine.
2004-01-29 09:58  brun

	* matrix/: inc/TMatrixDSym.h, inc/TMatrixFSym.h,
	src/TMatrixDSym.cxx, src/TMatrixFSym.cxx:
	Implement custom Streamers for symmetric matrices
2004-01-29 09:58  brun

	* test/stressLinear.cxx:
	From Eddy:
	Implement persistency test for symmetric matrices.
	benchmark normalized to give 600 Rootmarks on pcbrun
2004-01-29 08:37  brun

	* html/src/THtml.cxx:
	Change the "->" notation to "<-"
2004-01-28 23:33  brun

	Add Gerhard Brandt for his contribution to THtml
2004-01-28 23:31  brun

	* html/: inc/THtml.h, src/THtml.cxx:
	Add an interesting extension to THtml by Gerhard Brandt + integration
	by Axel Naumann to generate a clickable class hierarchy in the class.html pages
2004-01-28 20:11  brun

	* test/stressLinear.cxx:
	Improvement by Eddy to bypass a CINT problem
2004-01-28 20:06  brun

	* gui/src/TGFrame.cxx, rint/src/TRint.cxx:
	Fix an AutoRepeat problem (Valeriy Onuchin)
2004-01-28 17:36  brun

	* matrix/src/: TMatrixDBase.cxx, TMatrixFBase.cxx:
	In TMatrixD::Print and TMatrixF::Print replace the Assert statement
	by a test followed by a call to Error if the test fails.
2004-01-28 16:52  brun

	* test/stressLinear.cxx:
	New version from Eddy
2004-01-28 16:49  brun

	* postscript/: inc/TPostScript.h, src/TPostScript.cxx:
	From Olivier;
	New method SetLineJoin in TPostScript allowing to change the joining style
	of PostScript lines (see the method's comments for details).
2004-01-28 12:28  brun

	* win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx, winnt/inc/TWinNTSystem.h,
	From Valeriy Onuchin
	 - more cleaning in TWinNTSystem. I grouped non-TSystem (old win32 related)
	   methods in TWinNTSystem which must be removed when we
	   separate win32gdk and win32 versions.
	- I increase GUI refresh timer interval.
2004-01-28 11:00  rdm

	* net/src/TPSocket.cxx:
	fix in Close() in case fSockets = 0 (can happen when initial socket connection
	failed as observed in the ALICE data challenge).
2004-01-28 08:39  brun

	* matrix/: inc/TDecompLU.h, src/TDecompLU.cxx, src/TMatrixD.cxx,
	From Eddy Offermann:
	Reacting to Philippe's worry , I have removed
	one TDecompLU constructor .
	Answering George's Irwin question, I noticed
	that I forgot to forward a change for the
	inversion of symmetric matrices: I was
	using the Cholesky decomp which wants the matrix
	to be also positive definite
	The patch  rectifies these issues .
2004-01-28 03:41  rdm

	* base/inc/TSystem.h, base/src/TSystem.cxx, rint/src/TTabCom.cxx,
	unix/inc/TUnixSystem.h, winnt/inc/TWinNTSystem.h:
	add GetPathInfo() with Long_t size for backward compatability. This call
	will print an Error in case the file is larger than 2 GB and the machine
	has a long of 4 bytes.
2004-01-27 21:46  brun

	* win32gdk/: inc/TGWin32InterpreterProxy.h,
	Fix by Philippe for Windows
2004-01-27 21:14  brun

	* table/src/TDataSet.cxx:
	Fix a missing space in a dummy argument comment
2004-01-27 21:01  brun

	* base/src/TError.cxx:
	Remove unused variable "bp" in the new function debugPrint
2004-01-27 20:56  brun

	* hist/src/TSpectrum.cxx:
	Fix a bug in TSpectrum::Search whem option "goff" is specified.
2004-01-27 20:52  brun

	* base/inc/TROOT.h, base/src/TROOT.cxx, meta/inc/TCint.h,
	meta/inc/TClass.h, meta/inc/TInterpreter.h,
	meta/inc/TStreamerElement.h, meta/inc/TStreamerInfo.h,
	meta/src/TCint.cxx, meta/src/TClass.cxx,
	meta/src/TStreamerElement.cxx, meta/src/TStreamerInfo.cxx,
	utils/src/RStl.cxx, utils/src/rootcint.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	This patches improves the consistency of the naming convention for the TClass
	of STL containers.  Previous, std::vector<float>, vector<float>, etc. could be
	considered as 2 different entities by part of the ROOT code.  This rationalizes these
	cases.  It should fix all reported related bugs.
2004-01-27 20:50  brun

	* cont/: inc/TVectorProxy.h, src/TEmulatedVectorProxy.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	Remove compilation warnings.
	Add support for Double32_t, ULong64_t and Long64_t to the vector emulation I/O layer.
	Fix some uninitialized memory read in the compiled vector I/O layer.
2004-01-27 18:43  brun

	* build/unix/
	Add $ROOTSYS/tutorials/mlpHiggs.root to the binary distribution
2004-01-27 18:37  brun

	* base/src/TError.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- I introduced debugPrint function which
	  prints debugging message to stderr and to the system debugger under Windows.
	Printing to the system debugger is usfull for debugging pure GUI (without console)
	appications under MS Windows.
2004-01-27 18:26  brun

	* matrix/inc/: TMatrixDUtils.h, TMatrixFUtils.h:
	From Eddy Offermann
	Change in a class definition that could solve a problem with alpha/gcc
2004-01-27 18:18  brun

	* clib/src/Getline.c:
	From Bertrand Bellenot/Valeriy Onuchin
	The problem:
	    multiple pressing of arrow key changes console cursor position.
	    But cursor became visible only at last position.
	 This mods made by Bertrand fixed the problem.
2004-01-27 17:28  brun

	* base/: inc/TMath.h, src/TMath.cxx:
	Implement support for Long64 and ULong64_t types with the new functions:
	   static Long64_t Abs(Long64_t d);
	   static Long64_t Sign(Long64_t a, Long64_t b);
	   static Long64_t Min(Long64_t a, Long64_t b);
	   static ULong64_t Min(ULong64_t a, ULong64_t b);
	   static Long64_t Max(Long64_t a, Long64_t b);
	   static ULong64_t Max(ULong64_t a, ULong64_t b);
	   static Int_t  LocMin(Int_t n, const Long64_t *a);
	   static Int_t  LocMax(Int_t n, const Long64_t *a);
	   static Int_t BinarySearch(Int_t n, const Long64_t *array, Long64_t value);
	   static Int_t BinarySearch(Int_t n, const Long64_t **array, Long64_t value);
	   static void Sort(Int_t n, const Long64_t *a, Int_t *index, Bool_t down=kTRUE);
2004-01-27 14:41  brun

	* hist/inc/TLimit.h, hist/src/TLimit.cxx,
	hist/src/TLimitDataSource.cxx, mlp/src/TMultiLayerPerceptron.cxx,
	tutorials/limit.C, tutorials/mlpHiggs.C:
	From Christophe Delaere:
	TLimit has been modified to take into account statistical errors from the MC.
	Tutorial limit.C modified accordingly.
	In TMultiLayerPerceptron, add the possibilite to export the NN
	in Python format.
	Corrected a problem with TEventlist when 2 NN are in the same directory.
	Update the example mlpHiggs.C
	The web page describing this work has also been updated. see:
2004-01-27 14:28  brun

	* hist/inc/TFractionFitter.h, hist/inc/TGraph2D.h,
	hist/inc/TGraph2DErrors.h, hist/inc/TGraphDelaunay.h,
	hist/inc/TSpectrum.h, hist/inc/TVirtualHistPainter.h,
	hist/src/TFractionFitter.cxx, hist/src/TGraph2D.cxx,
	hist/src/TGraph2DErrors.cxx, hist/src/TGraphDelaunay.cxx,
	hist/src/TSpectrum.cxx, histpainter/inc/TGraphPainter.h,
	histpainter/inc/THistPainter.h, histpainter/src/TGraphPainter.cxx,
	Cleanup of many files havind trailing CR/LF
	Restrustruring of TGraph2D::GetContourList with the algorithm in histpainter (by Olivier)
2004-01-27 14:17  brun

	* winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- minory mods in TWinNTSystem, i.e.
	  hThread1renamed as gConsoleEvent, hThread1 as gConsoleThreadHandle etc.
2004-01-27 09:12  brun

	* asimage/src/TASImage.cxx, matrix/inc/TMatrixD.h,
	matrix/inc/TMatrixDBase.h, matrix/inc/TMatrixDSym.h,
	matrix/inc/TMatrixF.h, matrix/inc/TMatrixFBase.h,
	matrix/inc/TMatrixFSym.h, matrix/inc/TVectorD.h,
	matrix/inc/TVectorF.h, matrix/src/TDecompBase.cxx,
	matrix/src/TDecompChol.cxx, matrix/src/TDecompLU.cxx,
	matrix/src/TDecompQRH.cxx, matrix/src/TDecompSVD.cxx,
	matrix/src/TMatrixD.cxx, matrix/src/TMatrixDBase.cxx,
	matrix/src/TMatrixDCramerInv.cxx, matrix/src/TMatrixDEigen.cxx,
	matrix/src/TMatrixDLazy.cxx, matrix/src/TMatrixDSym.cxx,
	matrix/src/TMatrixDSymEigen.cxx, matrix/src/TMatrixDUtils.cxx,
	matrix/src/TMatrixF.cxx, matrix/src/TMatrixFBase.cxx,
	matrix/src/TMatrixFCramerInv.cxx, matrix/src/TMatrixFLazy.cxx,
	matrix/src/TMatrixFSym.cxx, matrix/src/TMatrixFUtils.cxx,
	matrix/src/TVectorD.cxx, matrix/src/TVectorF.cxx,
	test/stressLinear.cxx, test/vmatrix.cxx:
	Rename GetElements to GetMatrixArray
	Rename SetMatrixElements to SetMatrixArray
	Rename GetMatrixElements to GetMatrix2Array
	Add a private function GetElements
2004-01-27 07:36  brun

	* matrix/inc/: TMatrixDUtils.h, TMatrixFUtils.h:
	From Eddy: Remove some friend declarations.
2004-01-26 23:29  brun

	* test/: stressLinear.cxx, vmatrix.cxx, vvector.cxx:
	New version should work with gcc2.95
2004-01-26 22:15  brun

	* matrix/src/: TMatrixD.cxx, TMatrixF.cxx, TVectorD.cxx,
	Fix several compiler warnings (SGI/KCC and GCC)
2004-01-26 21:57  brun

	* matrix/inc/: TMatrixDLazy.h, TMatrixFLazy.h:
	Attempt to fix a problem on AIX
2004-01-26 21:03  brun

	* matrix/: inc/TMatrixDBase.h, inc/TMatrixDLazy.h,
	inc/TMatrixFBase.h, inc/TMatrixFLazy.h, src/TMatrixD.cxx,
	src/TMatrixDLazy.cxx, src/TMatrixF.cxx, src/TMatrixFLazy.cxx,
	src/TVectorD.cxx, src/TVectorF.cxx:
	Update from Eddy
2004-01-26 18:41  brun

	* matrix/inc/TMatrixDBase.h:
	fix for aix/xlc
2004-01-26 18:21  brun

	* gpad/src/TPad.cxx:
	Fix a memory leak in TPad::PaintModified when the option OptDate is active.
2004-01-26 18:07  brun

	* test/Makefile.arch:
	Patch from Philippe that should solve the link problem on SGI/CC
2004-01-26 17:43  brun

	* matrix/src/TMatrixDSym.cxx:
	Fix a problem in the copy constructors to avoid a recursive infinite llop
	(message from VC++). Copy constructors are not correct, they should be revisited.
2004-01-26 17:20  brun

	* test/vmatrix.cxx:
	Fix a compilation error on Solaris (Eddy)
2004-01-26 16:29  brun

	* test/: stressLinear.cxx, vmatrix.cxx:
	Some changes in handling precision by Eddy
2004-01-26 15:37  brun

	* matrix/inc/TMatrixDLazy.h, matrix/inc/TMatrixFLazy.h,
	matrix/src/TMatrixDLazy.cxx, matrix/src/TMatrixFLazy.cxx,
	Several changes from Eddy to solve linking problems on some machines
2004-01-26 15:19  brun

	* test/vmatrix.cxx:
	Portability fix
2004-01-26 15:09  brun

	* matrix/src/TMatrixDEigen.cxx, matrix/src/TMatrixDSymEigen.cxx,
	Remove trailing CR
2004-01-26 15:04  brun

	* x11/src/TGX11.cxx:
	From Olivier:
	Fix a memory leak in TGX11::GetTextExtent. CBox was allocated
2004-01-26 14:58  brun

	* test/: stressLinear.cxx, testbits.cxx, vmatrix.cxx, vvector.cxx:
	Remove duplicated loop index
2004-01-26 13:15  brun

	* matrix/src/: TDecompBase.cxx, TDecompSVD.cxx,
	More loop index changse
2004-01-26 13:08  brun

	* matrix/src/: TDecompBase.cxx, TDecompSVD.cxx, TMatrixDEigen.cxx,
	Remove multiple loop index definitions in the same function (HP-UX only)
2004-01-26 12:52  brun

	* cont/src/TBits.cxx:
	Fix a problem with multiple definitions of a loop index
	in the same function (HP-UX only)
2004-01-26 12:28  brun

	* matrix/inc/: TMatrixD.h, TMatrixF.h:
	Because TMatrixD::Adopt uses GetElements (defined as inline), the inlining
	of Adopt must be after the inlining of GetElements. Same for TMatrixF::Adopt.
	The problem is reported by the SGI compilers.
2004-01-26 12:15  brun

	* net/src/TAuthenticate.cxx:
	Remove unused variable retval
2004-01-26 12:14  brun

	* net/src/TFTP.cxx:
	Remove unused variable kind
2004-01-26 12:10  brun

	* cont/inc/TBits.h:
	Move the definition of ResetBitNumber as an inline function
	after the definition of the inline function SetBitNumber.
	To avoid a fatal error with SGI compilers.
2004-01-26 10:49  brun

	* win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx, winnt/inc/TWinNTSystem.h,
	From valeriy Onuchin:
	 - Sometimes execution of macros blocks GUI updating.
	    For example, while running hsimple.C it is not possible to
	    interact with canvas menus etc. To fix it I introduced
	    refresh timer which periodically forces processing windows messsage.
	    That fixes the problem.
2004-01-26 09:06  brun

	* test/stressLinear.cxx:
	Rename second declaration of class FillMatrix to FillMatrix2.
	The second class declaration was not accepted on alpha/gcc and Linux/gcc2.95
2004-01-26 08:57  brun

	* test/stressLinear.cxx:
	Must declare the default constructor for class FillMatrix
2004-01-26 08:34  brun

	* matrix/src/: TVectorD.cxx, TVectorF.cxx:
	Remove redundant const declarations
2004-01-26 08:01  brun

	* matrix/inc/TMatrixD.h, matrix/inc/TMatrixF.h,
	matrix/src/TMatrixD.cxx, matrix/src/TMatrixF.cxx,
	From Eddy Offermann
	One more update for the matrix directory in
	the accompanied tarball. I have removed some
	operator=='s since they are redundant .
	Also attached another update for stressLinear.cxx
	I have tried to make it completely Cint compliant
	and I have reduced the number of loops for Cint
	so that the stress does not take too long .
	A diff with the previous version will show you
	what had to be done to make it Cint compliant .
	They are a bunch of scoping issues which
	are well-known Cint "features" but new to me is
	for (Int_t i = m.GetRowLwb(); i <= m.GetRowUpb(); i++)
	 mi(i,i) = 1/(m(i,i)=i-m.GetRowLwb()+1);
	does not work and had to be changed to
	for (Int_t i = m.GetRowLwb(); i <= m.GetRowUpb(); i++)
	  mi(i,i) = 1/m(i,i);
	"Form" statements on Mac in Cint result also in
	Still remaining issue is that
	Double_t array[] = {....} with more than
	16 values gives a Cint error !! This has to be
	fixed by Masa .
2004-01-26 00:28  rdm

	* matrix/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TMatrixDBase.h, inc/TMatrixFBase.h,
	inc/TVectorD.h, inc/TVectorF.h, src/TVectorD.cxx, src/TVectorF.cxx:
	the VerifyMatrixValue() and VerifyVectorValue() methods had "const Float_t"
	or "const Double_t" arguments. In these case "const" is redundant and icc
2004-01-25 23:18  brun

	* test/: vmatrix.cxx, vvector.cxx:
	Changes by Eddy fixing link problems on some machines
2004-01-25 22:32  brun

	* test/stressLinear.cxx:
	Portability fix by Eddy
2004-01-25 21:48  brun

	* matrix/: inc/TMatrixUtils.h, src/TMatrixUtils.cxx,
	Remove obsolete files
2004-01-25 21:33  brun

	* base/inc/TVirtualUtilHist.h, config/Makefile.macosx,
	hist/inc/TH1.h, hist/inc/TH2.h, hist/inc/TPrincipal.h,
	hist/inc/TUtilHist.h, hist/src/TH1.cxx, hist/src/TH2.cxx,
	hist/src/TPrincipal.cxx, hist/src/TUtilHist.cxx,
	matrix/inc/LinkDef.h, matrix/inc/TDecompBase.h,
	matrix/inc/TDecompChol.h, matrix/inc/TDecompLU.h,
	matrix/inc/TDecompQRH.h, matrix/inc/TDecompSVD.h,
	matrix/inc/TMatrix.h, matrix/inc/TMatrixD.h,
	matrix/inc/TMatrixDBase.h, matrix/inc/TMatrixDCramerInv.h,
	matrix/inc/TMatrixDEigen.h, matrix/inc/TMatrixDLazy.h,
	matrix/inc/TMatrixDSym.h, matrix/inc/TMatrixDSymEigen.h,
	matrix/inc/TMatrixDUtils.h, matrix/inc/TMatrixF.h,
	matrix/inc/TMatrixFBase.h, matrix/inc/TMatrixFCramerInv.h,
	matrix/inc/TMatrixFLazy.h, matrix/inc/TMatrixFSym.h,
	matrix/inc/TMatrixFUtils.h, matrix/inc/TVector.h,
	matrix/inc/TVectorD.h, matrix/inc/TVectorF.h,
	matrix/src/TDecompBase.cxx, matrix/src/TDecompChol.cxx,
	matrix/src/TDecompLU.cxx, matrix/src/TDecompQRH.cxx,
	matrix/src/TDecompSVD.cxx, matrix/src/TMatrix.cxx,
	matrix/src/TMatrixD.cxx, matrix/src/TMatrixDBase.cxx,
	matrix/src/TMatrixDCramerInv.cxx, matrix/src/TMatrixDEigen.cxx,
	matrix/src/TMatrixDLazy.cxx, matrix/src/TMatrixDSym.cxx,
	matrix/src/TMatrixDSymEigen.cxx, matrix/src/TMatrixDUtils.cxx,
	matrix/src/TMatrixF.cxx, matrix/src/TMatrixFBase.cxx,
	matrix/src/TMatrixFCramerInv.cxx, matrix/src/TMatrixFLazy.cxx,
	matrix/src/TMatrixFSym.cxx, matrix/src/TMatrixFUtils.cxx,
	matrix/src/TVectorD.cxx, matrix/src/TVectorF.cxx, test/Event.cxx,
	test/Makefile, test/Makefile.arch, test/TBench.cxx,
	test/guitest.cxx, test/stressLinear.cxx, test/testbits.cxx,
	test/vlazy.cxx, test/vmatrix.cxx, test/vvector.cxx:
	New Linear Algebra package from Eddy Offermann.
	This new package reimplements the previous classes TMatrix and TMatrixD.
	The new classes should be back compatible with the previous version except
	the function GetElements.
	New classes have been introduced for symmetric matrices,
	lazy matrices.
	New algorithms (LU, SVD) have been introduced.
	A new test suite test/stressLinear.cxx is introduced.
	A complete description of this package will be posted in the coming days.
	The classes are well documented in the implementation headers.
2004-01-25 18:59  rdm

	* base/inc/TSystem.h, base/src/TSystem.cxx,
	unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx, winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	change in TFdSet class for WinNT. Both TUnixSystem and TWinNTSystem have
	now their own TFdSet and don't derive anymore from an abstract TFdset base.
	This is needed since the orguments to the WinNT TFdSet methods are a Long_t
	(for Win32 SOCKET type which is 64 bits on WIN64) and not simple Int_t.
2004-01-25 16:48  brun

	* winnt/: inc/TWinNTSystem.h, src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	Previous fix by Valeriy had broken the win32 version.
2004-01-25 13:02  brun

	Add Filip Pizlo <> for his contribution to the TBits class
	and the corresponding test program testbits.cxx
2004-01-25 12:59  brun

	* test/testbits.cxx:
	New test for the TBits class by Filip Pizlo <>
2004-01-25 12:56  brun

	* cont/inc/TBits.h, cont/src/TBits.cxx, test/Makefile:
	Extension of TBits by Filip Pizlo <>
	New getters/setters:
	   //----- Optimized setters
	   // Each of these will replace the contents of the receiver with the bitvector
	   // in the parameter array.  The number of bits is changed to nbits.  If nbits
	   // is smaller than fNbits, the receiver will NOT be compacted.
	   void   Set(UInt_t nbits, const Char_t *array);
	   void   Set(UInt_t nbits, const UChar_t *array) { Set(nbits, (const Char_t*)array); }
	   void   Set(UInt_t nbits, const Short_t *array);
	   void   Set(UInt_t nbits, const UShort_t *array) { Set(nbits, (const Short_t*)array); }
	   void   Set(UInt_t nbits, const Int_t *array);
	   void   Set(UInt_t nbits, const UInt_t *array) { Set(nbits, (const Int_t*)array); }
	   void   Set(UInt_t nbits, const Long64_t *array);
	   void   Set(UInt_t nbits, const ULong64_t *array) { Set(nbits, (const Long64_t*)array); }
	   //----- Optimized getters
	   // Each of these will replace the contents of the parameter array with the
	   // bits in the receiver.  The parameter array must be large enough to hold
	   // all of the bits in the receiver.
	   // Note on semantics: any bits in the parameter array that go beyond the
	   // number of the bits in the receiver will have an unspecified value.  For
	   // example, if you call Get(Int*) with an array of one integer and the TBits
	   // object has less than 32 bits, then the remaining bits in the integer will
	   // have an unspecified value.
	   void   Get(Char_t *array) const;
	   void   Get(UChar_t *array) const { Get((Char_t*)array); }
	   void   Get(Short_t *array) const;
	   void   Get(UShort_t *array) const { Get((Short_t*)array); }
	   void   Get(Int_t *array) const;
	   void   Get(UInt_t *array) const { Get((Int_t*)array); }
	   void   Get(Long64_t *array) const;
	   void   Get(ULong64_t *array) const { Get((Long64_t*)array); }
	New test program testbits in the test directory.
2004-01-25 10:40  brun

	* meta/src/TCint.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	fix a problem with the initialisation of a G__value on Windows.
2004-01-25 00:07  brun

	* base/inc/TSystem.h, base/src/TSystem.cxx,
	unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx, winnt/inc/TWinNTSystem.h,
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	TSocket and TMonitor (ak select) now work both under
	linux and  under windows. The main reason was that
	in windows file descriptors has different format than in unix.
	 - I declared TFdSet class from TSystem.h as abstract one and
	   wrote its implementations: TUnixFdSet (in TUnixSystem) and TWinFdSet (in TWinNTSystem).
	- I also changed fReadready, fReadmask, fWriteready, fWritemask, fSignals from TSystem
	  to pointers which initiated either as TUnixFdSet or TWinFdSet.
	- I added select(multiplexing file descriptors) to TWinNTSystem::DispatchOneEvent.
	  Now TMonitor class works correctly.
	- TWinNTSystem code has been "tidely" cleaned.
	As a result hserv.C hserv2.C hclient.C macros are now
	full functional under win32gdk and linux.
2004-01-24 17:10  brun

	* cint/lib/prec_stl/string:
	From Philippe:
	This should repair string for vc70 when using the new iostream.
2004-01-24 16:34  brun

	* tutorials/peaks.C:
	Remove obsolete option "new" when calling TSpectrum::Search
2004-01-24 16:02  brun

	* hist/src/TGraphDelaunay.cxx:
	Disable temporarily TGrahDelaunay::GetContourList.
	This function uses TGraph that cannot be in hist.
	This function should be moved to THistPainter.
2004-01-24 12:20  brun

	* rootd/src/rootd.cxx:
	Fix a compilation error for SGI and SUN
2004-01-24 01:03  brun

	* histpainter/src/TGraphPainter.cxx:
	Forgot this file in previous checkin
2004-01-24 00:52  rdm

	* cont/src/TCollection.cxx:
	remove dummy TCollection copy ctor. It was needed for testing broken SEAL
	dictionary, but its presence prevents further detection of other equally
	broken code.
2004-01-24 00:33  brun

	* histpainter/inc/TGraphPainter.h:
	New file forgotten in previous checkin
2004-01-24 00:30  brun

	* graf/inc/LinkDef2.h, graf/inc/TGraph2D.h,
	graf/inc/TGraph2DErrors.h, graf/src/TGraph2D.cxx,
	graf/src/TGraph2DErrors.cxx, hist/inc/LinkDef.h,
	hist/inc/TGraph2D.h, hist/inc/TGraph2DErrors.h,
	hist/inc/TGraphDelaunay.h, hist/inc/TSpectrum2.h,
	hist/src/TGraph2D.cxx, hist/src/TGraph2DErrors.cxx,
	hist/src/TGraphDelaunay.cxx, hist/src/TSpectrum2.cxx,
	histpainter/inc/Hoption.h, histpainter/inc/LinkDef.h,
	histpainter/inc/THistPainter.h, histpainter/src/THistPainter.cxx:
	From Olivier:
	TGraph2D is now split into 3 classes:
	- TGraph2D (now in hist) to handle the basic graph 2d data
	- TGraphDelaunay (in hist) to generate a Delaunay triangulation of a TGraph2D.
	- TGraphPainter (in histpainter) to paint a TGraphDelaunay (used via
	- New function GetContourList in TGraph2D
	- New option CONT5: draws a TGraph2D as a contour (using Delaunay
	- New TGraph2D constructor (from a TH2).
	The class TSpectrum2 has been removed (still waiting for fixes from Miroslav)
	NOTE: it is recommended to make distclean  make
	or at least
	 rm hist/src/G*  graph/src/G*
2004-01-23 23:00  brun

	* meta/src/: TStreamerInfo.cxx, TStreamerInfoReadBuffer.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	fix a problem of backward compatibility when inheriting from STL containers.
2004-01-23 22:38  brun

	* meta/src/TCint.cxx:
	Fix by Philippe for an unitialized structure
2004-01-23 22:35  brun

	* cint/
	Frokm Philippe:
	using iccstrm and longif3
	for vc6 and vc70, iostream on the CINT prompt now works nicely on all MS compilers.
2004-01-23 19:50  brun

	* base/inc/TMath.h, base/inc/Windows4Root.h,
	From Philippe:
	With this patch, rootcint is now aware that it is in a windows environment when parsing the header files.
	In particular, this repairs the behavior of std::cout.
2004-01-23 18:37  brun

	* cint/lib/prec_stl/vector:
	This version is now working with VC++6, 7.0 and 7.1 (Philippe)
2004-01-23 17:34  brun

	* geom/: inc/TGeoMatrix.h, src/TGeoManager.cxx, src/TGeoMatrix.cxx:
	From Andrei Gheata:
	I took a look to the way a rotation is
	interpreted from Euler angles and I found that the computation of matrix
	elements is not as it supposed to be, resulting in a confusing violation
	of the documented convention.
	  This is why I fixed it (putting also in the computation of the inverse
	  I touched also TGeoManager.cxx, fixing a warning (variable not used)
2004-01-23 16:38  rdm

	* gui/src/TGLayout.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	fix for bug 1921 in TGMatrixLayout::Layout().
2004-01-23 09:49  brun

	* eg/inc/TParticlePDG.h:
	Add a comment in TParticlePDG::Charge indicating that the function
	returns the charge in units of |e|/3
	The comment was already in the data member description.
2004-01-23 08:13  brun

	* cint/lib/: dll_stl/str.h, dll_stl/vec.h, prec_stl/iterator,
	prec_stl/map, prec_stl/multimap, prec_stl/string, prec_stl/vector:
	From Philippe;
	Latest iteration for the cintdlls.
	This version should work under windows with VC++6 and VC++7.1.
	With VC++7.0, it still fails for "vector","map" and "multimap"
2004-01-22 22:50  brun

	* cint/src/newlink.c:
	From Philippe.
	Fix for a problem reported by Valeri Fine
2004-01-22 18:37  brun

	* cint/lib/prec_stl/: map, multimap:
	From Philippe,
	hopefully the last mod in map/multimap ::)
2004-01-22 18:34  brun

	* cint/lib/prec_stl/: map, multimap:
	From Philippe
	more fixes to map/multimap
2004-01-22 18:27  brun

	* cint/lib/prec_stl/: map, multimap:
	more fixes in map/multimap: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
2004-01-22 18:22  brun

	* cint/lib/prec_stl/: map, multimap:
	From Philippe
	Fix in map and multimap for windows
2004-01-22 18:16  brun

	* cint/lib/prec_stl/map:
	From Philippe
	Fix in map for windows
2004-01-22 18:09  brun

	* build/unix/
	From Philippe
	do not create posix.dll for windows
2004-01-22 17:55  brun

	* cint/lib/prec_stl/memory:
	From Philippe:
	fix order of some ifdefs
2004-01-22 17:39  brun

	* cint/lib/prec_stl/deque:
	Another fix from Philippe for deque
2004-01-22 17:35  brun

	* cint/lib/prec_stl/: deque, memory:
	from Philippe
	fix for vc7.x allocator::deallocate and deque iterator
2004-01-22 17:19  brun

	* x11/src/Rotated.cxx:
	Fix from Philippe fixing a problem with empty strings
2004-01-22 16:46  rdm

	* cint/lib/dll_stl/cinteh.h:
	formerly eh.h renamed to cinteh.h to prevent conflict with VC7.1.
2004-01-22 16:45  rdm

	* cint/lib/dll_stl/eh.h:
	renamed to cinteh.h.
2004-01-22 15:44  rdm

	* base/src/: TFile.cxx, TKey.cxx:
	update comments describing file and key headers (some variables have
	become 8 bytes long in case of >2GB files). Also an Error() message
	was still using a wrong format for an offset.
2004-01-22 15:36  rdm

	* gui/src/TGMenu.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	require Alt key to be hold down to use the hot key.
2004-01-22 07:34  brun

	* cint/lib/prec_stl/: string, vector:
	From Philippe:
	        - repairs a type for VC7.1's string's iterator
	        - remove friend warnings for VC7.0 vector
	        - remove a wrong ifdef for VC6.0
2004-01-22 07:32  brun

	* tree/src/TBranchElement.cxx:
	Mod by Philippe and Maarten to support Long64_t in TBranchElement::GetTypeName
2004-01-22 00:15  brun

	* meta/inc/TCint.h, meta/inc/TInterpreter.h, meta/src/TCint.cxx,
	From Philippe:
	This patchs add ExecuteMacro to the list of function returning the value of the command.
2004-01-22 00:14  brun

	* tree/src/TBranchElement.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	This patch add support for Double32_t in MakeClass (by making TBranchElement::GetTypeName) correct.
2004-01-21 23:54  brun

	* win32gdk/: inc/TGWin32InterpreterProxy.h,
	Fix for windows
2004-01-21 23:22  brun

	* base/inc/TApplication.h, base/src/TApplication.cxx,
	meta/inc/TCint.h, meta/inc/TInterpreter.h, meta/src/TCint.cxx,
	From Philippe:
	This patch implements having -q terminating the processs using the return value of the command.
2004-01-21 23:20  brun

	* cont/inc/TVectorProxy.h:
	From Philippe:
	patch to increase the performance of reading/wrinting vector in split mode.
2004-01-21 23:18  brun

	* cint/lib/prec_stl/iterator:
	From Philippe:
	There is a missing #endif in our version of iterator.
2004-01-21 23:17  brun

	* meta/: inc/TClass.h, src/TClass.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	This patch enhance the speed of the backup case for GetActualClass
	(when fIsA and fGlobalIsA are null) by caching the TMethodCall object.
	With this update, the 3 cases are virtual equivalent (depending on
	the fGlobalIsA implementation) performace-wise.  (However they each
	cover different capabilities).
2004-01-21 13:34  brun

	* gui/src/TGFrame.cxx:
	From Ilka
	Initialize fTitle Pos member in the TGGroupMainframe constructor
2004-01-21 13:26  brun

	* gui/src/TGFrame.cxx:
	Fix by Valeriy Onuchin in SavePrimitive
2004-01-21 08:11  brun

	* html/: inc/THtml.h, src/THtml.cxx:
	From Axel Naumann and Thomas Bretz:
	THtml will replace a few new vars in the header template file
	%CLASS% -> class name,
	%INCFILE% -> include file name, as given by TClass::GetDeclFileName()
	%SRCFILE% -> source file name, as given by TClass::GetImplFileName()
	All of them default to "" if the header is generated for a non-class
	page. This allows e.g. linking in cvsweb.cgi pages.
	Also includes minor bug fixes in THtml's documentation (e.g.
 were sometimes not meant to be replaced) and some
	fixes for wrong indentations.
2004-01-21 08:04  brun

	* metautils/inc/TClassEdit.h, metautils/src/TClassEdit.cxx,
	From Philippe:
	The following patch make sures that the dictionary generated by
	rootcint does not prepend 'pair' with '::', thus repairing the behavior
	on windows.
2004-01-21 08:03  brun

	* base/inc/Rtypes.h, meta/inc/TClass.h, meta/src/TClass.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	This patch adds the ability to use a global IsA function to handle the
	execution of TClass::GetActualClass.
	   // This function installs a global IsA function for this class.
	   // The global IsA function will be used if there is no local IsA function (fIsA)
	   // A global IsA function has the signature:
	   //    TClass *func( TClass *cl, const void *obj);
	   // 'cl' is a pointer to the  TClass object that corresponds to the
	   // 'pointer type' used to retrieve the value 'obj'
	   //  For example with:
	   //    TNamed * m = new TNamed("example","test");
	   //    TObject* o = m
	   // and
	   //    the global IsA function would be called with TObject::Class() as
	   //    the first parameter and the exact numerical value in the pointer
	   //    'o'.
	   //  In other word, inside the global IsA function. it is safe to C-style
	   //  cast the value of 'obj' into a pointer to the class described by 'cl'.
2004-01-20 19:00  rdm

	* net/src/TAuthenticate.cxx:
	for uidgid authentication use also the effective group (as well as the
	effective user).
2004-01-20 18:59  rdm

	* base/src/: TPluginManager.cxx, TVirtualFitter.cxx:
	handle "*" as wildcard matching every uri (before it was just a placeholder
	and not checked).
2004-01-20 17:03  brun

	* cint/lib/: dll_stl/str.h, prec_stl/string:
	From Philippe:
	This update should take care of the string::iterator issue on MSVC7.1 (I
	assumed G__MSC_VER to be 1310 for that version).
2004-01-20 16:44  brun

	* geom/:, inc/LinkDef1.h, inc/TGeoCache.h,
	inc/TGeoManager.h, inc/TGeoMatrix.h, inc/TGeoVoxelFinder.h,
	src/TGeoCache.cxx, src/TGeoManager.cxx, src/TGeoTube.cxx,
	src/TGeoVolume.cxx, src/TGeoVoxelFinder.cxx:
	Several improvements from Andrei GHeata.
	additional option "i" (reset by default) to CloseGeometry() to have the
	node id array built or not.
2004-01-20 16:43  brun

	* geom/: inc/TGeoPolygon.h, src/TGeoPolygon.cxx:
	New utility class IGeoPolygon from Mihaela Gheata:
	  It is able to locate if a point is inside/outside an arbitrary polygon,
	defined by vertices in the XY plane - possibly scaled/translated. It
	will be used by the class TGeoXtru (extruded polygon) to come soon.
2004-01-20 11:41  brun

	* gui/: inc/TGClient.h, inc/TGFrame.h, src/TGClient.cxx,
	src/TGFrame.cxx, src/TGWindow.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin
	I added new method to TGCompositeFrame::SetEditting.
	This mode allows to "embed ROOT GUI applications into composite frame".
	That is very similar to ActiveX, but multiplatform.
	The following example demonstrates how it works:
	    TGMainFrame *m = new TGMainFrame(gClient->GetRoot(), 500, 500);
	    m->SetEditable();    // activate edit mode
	    gSystem->Load("$ROOTSYS/test/Aclock"); // load Aclock demo
	    Aclock a;    // create animated aclock canvas
	    gROOT->Macro("$ROOTSYS/tutorials/guitest.C"); // execute guitest.C
	    m->SetEditable(0); // back to normal mode
	The exposited frame will contain two embedded GUI application with full functionality.
	 - mods do not have side effects on ROOT GUI classes
	 - tested under win32gdk and linux
2004-01-19 23:42  rdm

	* base/inc/RConfig.h, base/src/TFile.cxx, net/src/TFTP.cxx,
	rootd/src/rootd.cxx, unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx:
	add  large file support for gcc 2.95 and 2.96 (was not supported before).
2004-01-19 19:58  brun

	* base/src/TFile.cxx:
	Fix a bug preventing to compile with gcc
2004-01-19 19:55  rdm

	* base/src/TFile.cxx:
	fix for jumping over variable definitions.
2004-01-19 19:33  rdm

	* gui/src/TRootCanvas.cxx:
	tidying of comments.
2004-01-19 19:32  rdm

	* winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	use StrDup() in WinNTFilestat() instead of strdup().
2004-01-19 19:31  rdm

	* net/inc/TCache.h, net/src/TCache.cxx, net/src/TFTP.cxx,
	net/src/TNetFile.cxx, rootd/src/rootd.cxx,
	support large files (>2GB) also in TNetFile/TFTP and rootd.
2004-01-19 19:29  rdm

	* base/src/TFile.cxx:
	simplify some R__SEEK64 ifdefs concerning WINGCC. Also allow a file name
	to start with "file:" like in TFile::Open() (will just be stripped off).
	This makes name handling for a plugin for TFile itself symmetric to other
	TFile plugins.
2004-01-19 19:26  rdm

	* base/inc/RConfig.h:
	R__SEEK64 is a feature of glibc and not gcc. So change test on gcc 3 to test
	on glibc >= 2.1. This solves also special case for WINGCC which has no glibc
	and therefore also does now not have R__SEEK64 set.
2004-01-19 16:24  rdm

	* gui/src/TGFrame.cxx:
	From Ilka:
	fTitlePos was not initialized in one TGGroupFrame ctor.
2004-01-19 16:23  rdm

	* clib/src/Getline.c:
	From Alexander Buerger:
	support "Home" and "End" keys to jump to beginning and end of line.
2004-01-19 15:00  brun

	* gui/: inc/TGMenu.h, src/TGMenu.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	 - bug fixed and  comments added to TGMenuBar::AddPopup method
	   Thanks to Ilka.
2004-01-19 14:45  brun

	* geom/src/TGeoArb8.cxx:
	Fix correct indentation (due to TABs problems)
2004-01-19 14:44  brun

	* geom/src/TGeoCache.cxx:
	Minor correction in previous fix
2004-01-19 14:43  brun

	* geom/src/TGeoCache.cxx:
	Do not use the node cache by default
2004-01-19 14:40  brun

	* geom/: inc/TGeoManager.h, src/TGeoManager.cxx:
	Add new members in TGeoManager:
	   Int_t                 fOverlapSize;      //! current size of fOverlapClusters
	   Int_t                 fOverlapMark;      //! current recursive position in fOverlapClusters
	   Int_t                *fOverlapClusters;  //! internal array for overlaps
	The new array fOverlapClusters is used instead of the dynamically allocated arrays
	in TGeoManager::SearchNode.
	TGeoManager::FindNextBoundary has a new option (using the input value of the parameter
	stepmax) to trigger optionally the computation of the normals.
2004-01-19 11:49  rdm

	* clib/src/Getline.c:
	From Alexander Buerger:
	on my machine, pressing the delete key while editing the rint command line
	inserts a ~ and deletes nothing. Also using an arrow key after finding
	something in history search mode inserts garbage. To make both keys work I
	just need to edit a few lines in clib/src/Getline.c, as described by the
	attached patch. This works very nice in my xterm, konsole and on the linux
2004-01-19 08:55  brun

	* base/src/TDirectory.cxx:
	Mods in TDirectory::FillBuffer and TDirectory::Sizeof to support opening
	files written by versions 3 or older in update mode
2004-01-18 17:33  brun

	* geom/src/TGeoArb8.cxx:
	Fix a compiler warning
2004-01-18 17:30  brun

	* geom/src/TGeoMatrix.cxx:
	Fix in TGeoMatrix::MastertoLocal
2004-01-18 17:19  brun

	* geom/src/: TGeoArb8.cxx, TGeoMatrix.cxx:
	A few more sepeed improvements
2004-01-18 13:31  brun

	* geom/: inc/TGeoMatrix.h, inc/TGeoNode.h, inc/TGeoVolume.h,
	inc/TGeoVoxelFinder.h, src/TGeoArb8.cxx, src/TGeoManager.cxx,
	src/TGeoMatrix.cxx, src/TGeoNode.cxx, src/TGeoVoxelFinder.cxx:
	Speed improvements in many functions. Speed is about 25% in case of CMS ECAL
2004-01-18 13:06  brun

	* vmc/src/TVirtualMC.cxx:
	In TVirtualMC::SetRandom set gRandom as well
2004-01-17 09:21  brun

	* cint/lib/prec_stl/: iterator, map:
	More changes from Philippe in case of VisualC++7
2004-01-16 23:48  brun

	* cint/lib/prec_stl/: multiset, set:
	More fixes for VisualC++
2004-01-16 23:27  brun

	* cint/lib/prec_stl/set:
	From Philippe:
	Fix a bug (typo) in case of VisualC++ with G__MSC_VER>=1300
2004-01-16 22:35  brun

	* cint/lib/prec_stl/iterator:
	From Philippe:
	Fix a typo in cint/lib/prec_stl/iterator
2004-01-16 22:29  brun

	* cont/inc/TVectorProxy.h, metautils/inc/TClassEdit.h,
	metautils/src/TClassEdit.cxx, utils/src/RStl.cxx,
	From Philippe:
	This should fix the issue with vector<bool> by adding a TBoolVectorProxy and by making sure rootcint write
	'std::allocator' as 'allocator and not as '::allocator'.
2004-01-16 18:52  brun

	* utils/src/: RStl.cxx, rootcint.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	Update the stl code to write Long64_t instead of long long.
2004-01-16 17:27  brun

	* base/src/TBuffer.cxx, hist/src/TFormula.cxx, meta/src/TClass.cxx,
	From Philippe:
	TBuffer.cxx : use checksum only if the class version
	   is set to the default (1) and the class does not have a
	   Streamer method (IsForeign()==true)
	TFormula.cxx: fix a typo
	TClass.cxx: add comment to explicitly the mean of the bits use
	   by TClass::Property
	TStreamerInfo.cxx: fix problem in the conversion from Double32_t,
	   use newType in GetValue.  Fix a recursion problem in TStreamerInfo::Build.
2004-01-16 14:32  brun

	* graf/src/TGraph.cxx, hist/src/TH1.cxx:
	Replace the calls to fFunctions->Delete in the destructors and Reset
	functions by an explicit loop to take into account the case of the same
	object (with different drawing options) being added to the same list.
	This, in principle, should be covered by the "slow" option in TList::Delete,
	but the logic does not work. To be revesited!
2004-01-16 08:48  brun

	* tree/src/TTree.cxx:
	Fix a typo in a comment
2004-01-16 01:07  rdm

	* winnt/src/Win32Splash.cxx:
	make scroll area 5 pixels larger to avoid small text truncation.
2004-01-15 19:14  brun

	* rootx/src/rootxx.cxx:
	Fix correct spelling for Suzanne Panacek
2004-01-15 19:13  brun

	* winnt/src/Win32Splash.cxx:
	Fix correct spelling for Suzanne Panacek
2004-01-15 17:11  brun

	* hist/src/TSpectrum.cxx:
	Remove empty blank lines in the functions doc preventing THtml
	to extract the doc correctly
2004-01-15 16:49  brun

	* meta/src/TClass.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	This patch deletes the old class only until we are really finished with it.
	In some case, the address was being reused before we finished comparing it
	leading to some confusion and crashes.
2004-01-15 11:59  brun

	* winnt/src/Win32Splash.cxx:
	One more improvement by Bertrand
2004-01-14 22:30  brun

	* winnt/src/Win32Splash.cxx:
	New version by Bertrand
2004-01-14 22:27  brun

	* winnt/src/TWin32SplashThread.cxx:
	New version by Bertrand
2004-01-14 22:08  brun

	* winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	New version by Bertrand
2004-01-14 22:06  brun

	* winnt/inc/TWin32SplashThread.h:
	New version by Bertrand
2004-01-14 22:02  brun

	* win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx:
	New version by Bertrand
2004-01-14 19:11  brun

	* build/unix/, build/unix/,
	From Axel Naumann:
	the gcc guys told me how to solve things (claiming it's not a gcc bug -
	even though things work with v3.2 but not with v3.3.1), but of course
	that didn't work...
	Nevertheless, I found a solution. We'll have to create the good old
	import libs (.dll.a) again. This takes a bit more time, and a lot more
	disk space (34MB) - but it works. This also means the ld version check
	can be removed, as all ld versions will have to create a .dll.a now. The
	--(no-)whole-archive ld flag is not needed anymore.
2004-01-14 12:42  rdm

	* winnt/src/: TWin32SplashThread.cxx, Win32Splash.cxx:
	fixed timings and behaviour to be equal to X11 version. Remains non true
	color display problem.
2004-01-14 09:45  rdm

	* proof/src/TProofServ.cxx:
	re-apply Maartens patch that got lost in Philippe's mega patch.
2004-01-14 08:48  brun

	* html/src/THtml.cxx:
	remove temporary fix in THtml::GetClass following Philippe's fix with typedefs
2004-01-14 08:41  rdm

	* base/src/TError.cxx:
	fix outdated comment on user error handler not being called in case of kFatal.
2004-01-14 01:28  rdm

	* x11/src/TGX11.cxx:
	fix several memory leaks in GefREADReadGIF().
2004-01-13 22:33  brun

	* win32gdk/src/TGWin32.cxx:
	Changes for teh new splash screen by Bertrand
2004-01-13 22:18  brun

	* win32/inc/TWin32SplashThread.h, win32/src/TWin32SplashThread.cxx,
	winnt/inc/TWin32SplashThread.h, winnt/src/TWin32SplashThread.cxx:
	I introduced by mistake the new class in win32 instead of winnt
2004-01-13 22:02  brun

	* build/win/, gui/src/TRootBrowser.cxx,
	gui/src/TRootCanvas.cxx, treeviewer/src/TTreeViewer.cxx,
	From Bertrand:
	The new splash screen and corresponding changes to show the splash screen
	in the canvas and browser.
2004-01-13 21:57  brun

	* win32/: inc/TWin32SplashThread.h, src/TWin32SplashThread.cxx:
	New classes for supporting the new splash screen on windows
2004-01-13 19:58  brun

	* meta/src/TCint.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	The issue for in TCint::SetClassInfo/CheckClassInfo which was improved to test for typedefs name but the typedef
	checking was not protected against missing nesting class/namespace.
2004-01-13 19:46  brun

	* hist/inc/TFormula.h, hist/src/TFormula.cxx,
	treeplayer/inc/TTreeFormula.h, treeplayer/src/TTreeFormula.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	//*-*   In version 7 of TFomrula, the usage of fOper has been changed
	//*-*   to improve the performance of TFormula::EvalPar.
	//*-*   Conceptually, fOper was changed from a simple array of Int_t
	//*-*   to an array of composite values.
	//*-*   For example a 'ylandau(5)' operation used to be encoded as 4105;
	//*-*   it is now encoded as (klandau >> kTFOperShit) + 5
	//*-*   Any class inheriting from TFormula and using directly fOper (which
	//*-*   is now a private data member), needs to be updated to take this
	//*-*   in consideration.  The member functions recommended to set and
	//*-*   access fOper are:  SetAction, GetAction, GetActionParam
	//*-*   For more performant access to the information, see the implementation
	//*-*   TFormula::EvalPar
	Also note that version 6 of TFormula is not supported.
2004-01-13 15:35  brun

	* gpad/src/TInspectCanvas.cxx:
	Protection in case a pointer TClass* is null (thanks Ilka, Valeriy)
2004-01-13 15:30  brun

	* html/src/THtml.cxx:
	Protections in case of funny word combinations.
	Protect GetClass to not call TROOT::GetClass when the string contains "::"
2004-01-13 14:48  brun

	* winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	Remove trailing characters in TWinNTSystem::WinNTFilestat (thanks Bertrand)
2004-01-12 23:33  rdm

	* Makefile, base/
	for all dictionaries look at cint/lib/prec_stl and cint/stl when
	generating dependencies.
2004-01-12 22:55  rdm

	* base/, cint/
	add dependencies of G__Base2.cxx on cint/lib/prec_stl and cint/stl.
2004-01-12 21:37  rdm

	* cint/lib/prec_stl/vector:
	from Philippe:
	another icc 8 related fix.
2004-01-12 21:07  brun

	* cint/lib/: dll_stl/str.h, prec_stl/deque, prec_stl/iterator,
	prec_stl/map, prec_stl/multimap, prec_stl/multiset, prec_stl/set,
	prec_stl/string, prec_stl/vector:
	From Philippe:
	icc8 defines some of the gcc symbols.  This can leads to a lot of conflicts in the cintdlls (including string).
	This patches fixes the problem.
	Extra for icc8's documentation
	Source Compatibility with gcc 3.2
	The predefined macros enabled by gcc are now enabled by the Intel Compiler. For example, the Intel Compiler now defines
	the __GNUC__, __GNUC_MINOR__, and GNUC_PATCHLEVEL__ macros. If you do not want these macros to be defined, you can
	specify the -no-gcc option.
	Additionally, this version of the Intel C++ Compiler for Linux uses the C headers shipped with the version of Linux you
	are running on, with the exception of two small substitute headers used only by the Itanium compiler for Itanium
	applications. Also, the -cxxlib-gcc switch now compiles the Gnu C++ library headers if you use the -ansi language mode.
2004-01-12 17:55  brun

	* meta/src/TStreamerInfo.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	I solved the problem in makestats by marking the TStreamerInfo which are read
	from file and successfully pass BuildCheck has built.
2004-01-12 17:25  brun

	* cint/lib/prec_stl/: list, map, multimap, multiset, set:
	From Philippe:
	This should improve the situation for G__Proof.cxx and the cintdlls on vc7.
2004-01-12 17:08  brun

	* hist/: inc/TFormula.h, src/TFormula.cxx:
	Remove unused protected functions
	    Bool_t  IsInitialized() { return TestBit(kInitialized); }
	    Int_t   GetOperType(Int_t oper) const;
2004-01-12 16:35  brun

	* winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	From valeriy Onuchin
	 -  do no call "SleepEx on return" for pendingOnly events
2004-01-12 16:34  brun

	* hist/src/TFormula.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	This corrects the polynomial calculation in TFormula.
2004-01-12 15:45  brun

	* hist/src/TFormula.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	fix the backward compatibility for TFormula.
	We still might want to remove fOper fNoldOper, but at least
	now old TFormula can be read.
2004-01-12 15:27  brun

	* cint/lib/prec_stl/: iterator, vector:
	Mods by Philippe to install the new version under VC++7
2004-01-12 13:58  brun

	* graf/src/TGaxis.cxx:
	Minor change to Olivier improvement. Use factor 1.3 instead of 1.5
2004-01-12 13:44  brun

	* graf/src/TGaxis.cxx:
	From Olivier:
	Leave more space between labels when the option MoreLogLabels is on
2004-01-12 12:32  brun

	* winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	Fix by valeriy for his previous patch, avoiding 100% cpu usage
2004-01-12 11:10  brun

	* winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin :
	I rewrote TWinNTSystem::DispatchOneEvent.
	 - rudimentary code inherited from "old win32" and TUnixSystem was removed
	 -  TWinNTSystem::DispatchOneEvent has the same "logic" as  TUnixSystem::DispatchOneEvent,
	    i.e. keep priority for different types of events:
	     1. handle GUI events (gui input, gui refreshing)
	     2. handle signal handlers
	     3. handle syncronous timers
	     4. handle file handlers (e.g. sockets)
	    I'd like to point on few important things specific to  win32gdk implementation:
	    1. it doesn't contain blocking (like MsgWaitForMultipleObjects or select under unix).
	        To  prevent from 100% CPU time occupation ::SleepEx(1, 1) is used on return.
	    2. masking file descriptors is not implemented, i.e. we process all file descriptors.
	  Rewriting this code was from my todo list, but was pushed by recent request
	  from Roger Hill which uses win32gdk inside MFC (MicrosoftFoundationClasses)
	  enviroment running ROOT event handling inside MFC event loop
	  and discussion in RootForum about   TTimer implementation
2004-01-10 14:22  rdm

	* Makefile, metautils/, utils/
	the macro $(ROOTCINTTMP) is not known in metautils/ since make
	is reading utils/ after metautils/ so effectively the
	rootcint_tmp dependency was lost. Replaced $(ROOTCINTTMP) macro by
	explicit utils/src/rootcint_tmp in metautils/
2004-01-10 11:52  brun

	* Makefile, base/inc/Bytes.h, base/inc/LinkDef2.h,
	base/inc/RConfig.h, base/inc/RVersion.h, base/inc/Rtypes.h,
	base/inc/RtypesImp.h, base/inc/TBrowser.h, base/inc/TBuffer.h,
	base/inc/TROOT.h, base/inc/TRealData.h, base/src/String.cxx,
	base/src/TBrowser.cxx, base/src/TBuffer.cxx, base/src/TROOT.cxx,
	base/src/TRealData.cxx, base/src/TString.cxx, base/src/TSystem.cxx,
	build/version_number, build/unix/,
	cint/lib/dll_stl/str.h, config/Makefile.linux,
	config/Makefile.sgicc, config/Makefile.sgicc64,
	cont/inc/TEmulatedVectorProxy.h, cont/inc/TVectorProxy.h,
	cont/inc/TVirtualCollectionProxy.h, cont/src/TBits.cxx,
	cont/src/TClassTable.cxx, cont/src/TClonesArray.cxx,
	cont/src/TEmulatedVectorProxy.cxx, gpad/src/TInspectCanvas.cxx,
	gui/src/TRootBrowser.cxx, hist/inc/TFormula.h,
	hist/src/TFormula.cxx, meta/inc/LinkDef.h, meta/inc/TBaseClass.h,
	meta/inc/TClass.h, meta/inc/TClassStreamer.h,
	meta/inc/TDataMember.h, meta/inc/TGenericClassInfo.h,
	meta/inc/TMemberStreamer.h, meta/inc/TStreamer.h,
	meta/inc/TStreamerElement.h, meta/inc/TStreamerInfo.h,
	meta/src/TCint.cxx, meta/src/TClass.cxx, meta/src/TDataMember.cxx,
	meta/src/TGenericClassInfo.cxx, meta/src/TStreamerElement.cxx,
	meta/src/TStreamerInfo.cxx, meta/src/TStreamerInfoReadBuffer.cxx,
	meta/src/TStreamerInfoWriteBuffer.cxx, metautils/,
	metautils/inc/LinkDef.h, metautils/inc/TClassEdit.h,
	metautils/src/TClassEdit.cxx, proof/src/TProofServ.cxx,
	rint/src/TRint.cxx, test/Event.cxx, test/,
	test/stress.cxx, tree/inc/TBasket.h, tree/inc/TBranchElement.h,
	tree/inc/TTree.h, tree/src/TBasket.cxx, tree/src/TBranch.cxx,
	tree/src/TBranchElement.cxx, tree/src/TLeafObject.cxx,
	tree/src/TTree.cxx, treeplayer/inc/TTreeFormula.h,
	treeplayer/src/TTreeFormula.cxx, treeplayer/src/TTreePlayer.cxx,
	utils/, utils/src/RStl.cxx, utils/src/RStl.h,
	From Philippe:
	This mega patch introduces a new implementation of the STL I/O
	which is backward and forward compatible.  In addition this is more
	exactly a new implementation or an extension of the container I/O.
	We are introducing a new abstract interface:
	"TVirtualContainerProxy", which can be implemented to present a
	proxy to any collection which the I/O (and TTreeFormula) can use
	then transparently.
	The TVirtualContainerProxy interface allows to the I/O system to
	request some information and to execute some essential function of
	the container:
	   what kind of object/data does it contain
	   does it contain pointers
	   how to insert data into the container
	   how to retrieve an array of pointer to the elements inside
	   how to create a collection object
	   how to clear the collection
	   how to resize the collection
	   how to streamer the collection (if needed)
	   how to calculate the sizeof the collection
	   how to calculate the number of elements of the collection.
	Using those primitives, the I/O and TTreeFormula should be able to
	access any collection.   The I/O should also be able to handle the
	splitting of collections that can be split (i.e. contains a single
	type of object/data).
	The current compromise selected between code duplication,
	performance of the I/O of TClonesArray and vector of pointers and
	the performance of the I/O of other containers, was to have on
	function handle all collection as if they were a C-style array of
	pointers to data.  This implies for example that the I/O of vector
	of object current passes via the construction of temporary array
	of pointer.  The cost of this construction is usually ~Qjust~R the
	cost of calculating the addresses of the elements and assigning it
	to an array element.
	Registering a collection proxy will be similar to
	     static int dummy = GenerateInitInstance((CollectType*)0x0)-
	>AdoptCollectionProxy(new CollectTypeProxy));
	Follows a few details on the modifications made to some of the
	files and classes.
	   Work around a problem in the MSVC++ 6.0 optimizer.  This should
	not affect other compilers.
	   Included the std::string dictionary into G__Base2.cxx, this
	insures its presence at all time.
	   Added a new file string.cxx holding the streamer for
	   Added proper ansi stream configuration for AIX, KCC
	   Added template specialization defect for MSVC
	   Start adding the ability to browser non TObject classes
	   To handle the reading and writing array of objects, added:
	     Int_t    CheckByteCount(UInt_t startpos, UInt_t bcnt, const
	TClass *clss, const char* classname);
	     Int_t    CheckByteCount(UInt_t startpos, UInt_t bcnt, const
	char *classname);
	     void     ReadFastArray(void  *start , TClass *cl, Int_t n=1,
	TMemberStreamer *s=0);
	     void     ReadFastArray(void **startp, TClass *cl, Int_t n=1,
	Bool_t isPreAlloc=kFALSE, TMemberStreamer *s=0);
	     void     WriteFastArray(void  *start,  TClass *cl, Int_t n=1,
	TMemberStreamer *s=0);
	     Int_t    WriteFastArray(void **startp, TClass *cl, Int_t n=1,
	Bool_t isPreAlloc=kFALSE, TMemberStreamer *s=0);
	   Enhancement to make the access to gROOT not dependent for the
	library loading order.  In particular we added:
	   which should be used instead of gROOT.
	   Improve support for STL.  In particular, now STL containers do
	have a corresponding TClass object
	   Replace SetStreamer by AdoptStreamer that allow to use not only
	a streamer function but also streamer object (allowing streamer
	with a state for Foreign classes)
	   Improve streamer performance
	   More consistency of the return value of TSystem::CompileMacro
	   Stop making the string.dll
	   enhance sgicc makefiles
	   fix TBits::operator=
	   TClassTable now warns for duplicate only for non stl classes
	   TClonesArray fix a typo
	   Add a new class TInspectObject to enable inspect non TObject
	   TRootBrowser : enable inspect non TObject classes
	   To enhance performance switch from using one array fOper which
	contained the operation code and its arguments to using 2 arrays
	fActions and fActionParams to store respectively the operation and
	its parameters.
	   A new function Convert is used to convert old version from the
	fOper to fActions.  This allows cleaner coding and offer
	optimization opportunities.
	   Start adding support in MakeClass for STL containers.
	   Insure the loading of the string support
	   make sure to avoid memory over-write
	   Add new parameters
	      stress <nevent> <style> <subbench> <portion>
	   if <subbench> is 1 or higher, print the benchmark results after
	each test.  This allows understand
	   which test is affect by a performance change.
	   portion is a binary field to indicate which test to run.  This
	allows to focus on a particular test.
	   Abstract interface used to access any type of containers from
	the I/O system and TTreeFormula. See TVectorProxy and
	TEmulatedVectorProxy for examples.
	   Implementation of a std::vector proxy to be able to read a
	std::vector without any libraries.
	   Implementation of TVirtualCollectionProxy for a std::vector for
	which we have the library.
	   Split in 3 files:  TStreamerInfo.cxx
	TStreamerInfoReadBuffer.cxx TStreamerInfoWriteBuffer.cxx
	   All the ReadBuffer, ReadBufferClones and the new ReadBufferSTL
	(similarly for  WriteBuffer) have been factorized into one
	function and 2 short wrappers.  The new main function expect an
	array of pointer to the objects (this array is most often of size
	   TClonesArray objects pass GetObjectRef(0) to the common
	   vector<bla*> v pass &(v[0])
	   vector<bla> needs to create an intermediary array to hold the
	   This mechanism is sometimes not optimal (vector<blah>) but
	allows extremely flexibly and extension.  Basically, to add
	support for a new container type using the StreamerInfo mechanism
	(in particular allows splitting), one 'just' need to implement a
	TVirtualCollectionProxy, which, in particular, will return an
	array of address to the object it contains.  Even std::map can be
	handled with this mechanism, since, for I/O purposes, it can be
	consider as a container of pairs.
	   Add a few optimization, including more caching via a new array
	of a new struct (fComp).
	   Fixed a problem (re)introduced while implementing the Foreign
	class CheckSum.  Doing:
	      class Event;
	      f = new TFile("Event.root");
	   resulted in errors.
	   Add proper support for TClass of STL containers. Fix a memory
	   Add support for load TClass via a typedef.
	   Fix a problem with multiple inheritance
	   Fixed a problem (re)introduced while implementing the Foreign
	class CheckSum.  Doing:
	      class Event;
	      f = new TFile("Event.root");
	   resulted in errors.
	   Add a
	   Add support for a new interface (TVirtualCollectionProxy)
	useable for STL containers or any user defined containers.
	   Add support for streamer with are objects (as opposed to free
	standing function or methods).  This allows the user a greater
	flexibility in writing a streamer.
	   Add a few optimizations
	   Add CanSplit to answer the question for a whole Class (for
	example some collection can not be splitted).
	   New class to wrap a class wide streamer
	   typedef for a class wide streamer function
	   New class to wrap a specific class member streamer
	   typedef for  a specific class member streamer function
	   Macro to specify a free standing streamer object or function
	for a class
	   For example:
	   A couple of optimization/simplification.
	   Add support for the new STL I/O
	   Extend the useful
	   add a connection to the proper TVirtualCollectionProxy
	   add support for STL containers (non-split and split mode)
	   Make the function TTree::GetMakeClass NON-virtual for better
	   Add support for STL containers
	   Left (in comment) a yet unproved improvement proposed by
	Victor.  The preliminary tests were inconclusive performance wise
	and it had (seemingly) problem with backward and forward
	   Performance improvements
	   This is a new package for C++ files shared between rootcint and
	   It contains TClassEdit a class to help determine some property
	of a class given its class name (stl, template, etc).
	   Introduced a new file RStl.cxx to start separating rootcint in
	   Modified rootcint to support the new STL I/O methods.
	   In particular a new class RStl is in charge of doing the
	generating of code for STL containers.
2004-01-10 01:53  rdm

	* rootx/src/rootxx.cxx:
	remove unused function Color().
2004-01-09 16:43  rdm

	* rootx/src/rootxx.cxx:
	fix typo in name.
2004-01-09 15:35  brun

	* hist/src/TFormula.cxx:
	In TFormula::Compile, delete the array of fParams and fnames in case the number
	of parameters is null. Without this fix, derived functions like TF12
	did not behave correctly when the TF2 object had one or more parameters.
2004-01-09 12:44  rdm

	* treeviewer/src/TTreeViewer.cxx:
	included HelpText.h for Win32.
2004-01-09 12:37  rdm

	* config/, proof/src/TProofServ.cxx:
	from Maarten:
	- add package directory to CINT include search path
	- rootrc settingd for Proof debug options
2004-01-09 11:04  rdm

	* icons/: Splash.gif, Splash.xpm:
	correction to the logo by Ilka, the R of ROOT on the left was overlapping
	some of the bevel.
2004-01-09 10:22  rdm

	* rootx/src/rootxx.cxx:
	added lead developers category. Scrolling can be stopped and resumed by
	clicking the right mouse button.
2004-01-09 00:10  rdm

	* rpdutils/inc/rpdp.h:
	change kMAXPATHLEN from 1024 to 2048 to be in sync with the value in TSystem.h.
2004-01-09 00:07  rdm

	* gui/src/TRootBrowser.cxx, gui/src/TRootCanvas.cxx,
	the "About ROOT..." menu item calls now "root -a" to show the splash screen
	with the scrolling credits.
2004-01-09 00:06  rdm

	* rootx/src/: rootx.cxx, rootxx.cxx:
	uses new splash screen. Screen does not need modification anymore for each
	new minor release. Version is printed over it and taken from the ROOT_RELEASE
	define. All core developers are credited. When called as "root -a" the credit
	text scrolls and shows names of all people in CREDITS file. The "About ROOT..."
	menu items in the Help menus of TCanvas, TBrowser and TTreeViewer call
	"root -a &" and show the scrolling credits. To close splash screen click
	with mouse in it. Not yet tested on display with < 255 colors so some tuning
	might be needed for these old enviroments.
2004-01-08 23:56  rdm

	* icons/Splash.xpm:
	xpm version of new splash screen (ideally only gif version is used, but this
	xpm version is just a trivial automatic conversion of the gif one).
2004-01-08 23:55  rdm

	* icons/Splash.gif:
	new gif version of splash screen.
2004-01-08 23:45  rdm

	* gui/src/TGTextView.cxx:
	fix comment, resources are set in TGResourcePool and not in TGClient anymore.
2004-01-08 23:44  rdm

	* configure, config/
	define also ROOTDOCDIR in config.h.
2004-01-08 23:43  rdm

	* Makefile:
	install all README files in the DOCDIR.
2004-01-08 18:02  brun

	* win32gdk/gdk/src/gdk/win32/gdkwindow-win32.c:
	One more cursor problem fixed by Bertrand
2004-01-08 16:15  rdm

	* Makefile, configure, config/Makefile.depend,
	gui/src/HelpText.cxx, tutorials/rootalias.C:
	fixes by Valery Fine to support QT Gui port.
2004-01-08 15:54  brun

	* hist/src/TH1.cxx, tree/src/TTree.cxx:
	Add protections in case the current directory is invalid (or incomplete).
	For example, the following session crashed:
	  TDirectory dir;;
	  TH1F h("h","test",100,0,1)
2004-01-08 11:35  brun

	* graf/src/TGraph2D.cxx:
	Fix by Olivier in TGraph2D::PaintTriangles
	    Depending on number of bins, fHistogram's maximum and minimum
	    can be different from the data set minimum and maximum
2004-01-07 17:51  brun

	* win32gdk/gdk/src/gdk/win32/gdkwindow-win32.c:
	One more fix by Bertrand when setting the cursor shape
2004-01-07 15:00  brun

	* tree/src/TBranch.cxx:
	In TBranch::Streamer recompute fMaxBaskets from the real number of baskets in fBaskets.
	With this simple optimisation, stress benchmark jumps from 640 ROOTMARKS to 743 on my machine.
	This optimisation is important in case of a Tree with many branches and a TChain
	with many files.
2004-01-07 11:11  brun

	* test/bench.cxx:
	Change size of reference files and compression numbers to reflect the changes
	in the schema evolution.
2004-01-07 11:02  brun

	* test/stress.cxx:
	Modify comments showing how to run stress several times.
	The following session cannot work
	  .x stress.cxx(1000)
	  .x stress.cxx(30)
	because stress dynamically load the library libEvent.
	The above session will work if libEvent is loaded
	before executing stress.
2004-01-07 10:12  brun

	* win32gdk/gdk/src/gdk/win32/gdkcursor-win32.c:
	Remove one statement calling SetCursor (from Bertrand)
2004-01-06 18:39  brun

	* graf/src/TGraph.cxx:
	Modify TGraph::Browse to use the environment variable TGraph.BrowseOption.
	By default the option is "alp" and can be modified by:
	  adding a line with TGraph.BrowseOption:  myoption
	  calling gEnv->SetValue("TGraph.BrowseOption",myoption)
2004-01-06 17:49  brun

	* cont/src/TBits.cxx:
	Add a few protections such that the object can be reused after TBits::Clear.
	TBits::Clear sets fNbits and fNbytes to 0.
2004-01-06 17:24  brun

	* test/stress.cxx:
	Fix a typo in previous fix
2004-01-06 17:21  brun

	* test/stress.cxx:
	In case stress is run interactively in interpreted mode with CINT,
	load automatically libEvent if the class Event is not found
2004-01-06 16:51  brun

	* test/Event.cxx:
	Preset all elements of Event::fType[20] to 0 in the constructor.
	With this mods, one can run stress without any warnings from valgrind 2.0
2004-01-06 09:33  brun

	* test/: Event.cxx, Event.h:
	Move function Track::Clear from Event.h to Event.cxx.
	Track::Clear calls TBits::Clear, fixing a memory leak problem when writing.
2004-01-06 09:27  brun

	* cont/: inc/TBits.h, src/TBits.cxx:
	Implement function TBits::Clear
2004-01-06 08:44  brun

	* hist/src/TFormula.cxx:
	Fix a problem in TFormula Copy constructor in case of a class deriving from TFormula
	(thanks Federico Carminati)
2004-01-06 08:30  brun

	* tree/src/TBranch.cxx:
	Add support for old class versions 6 and 7
2004-01-05 19:01  brun

	* tree/src/TLeafL.cxx:
	One more mod in TLeafL::GetValue.
	One cannot cast from a ULong64_t to a Double with VC++6.
	We assume a Long64_t.
2004-01-05 18:52  brun

	* tree/src/TLeafL.cxx:
	Fix for VC++6
2004-01-05 18:50  brun

	* base/src/TFile.cxx, unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx:
	Temporary change for the WINGCC version (waiting for a new version of gcc)
2004-01-05 18:44  rdm

	* gui/: inc/TGButton.h, inc/TGLabel.h, src/TGButton.cxx,
	renamed IsOwnTextFont() to HasOwnFont() (Is makes no sense) and changed
	Option_t argument in SetTextColor() and SetTextFont() to Bool_t.
2004-01-05 14:58  brun

	* test/stress.cxx:
	Store results of TFile::GetEnd in Long64_t variables instead of Int_t
2004-01-05 14:51  rdm

	* cint/: inc/G__ci.h, include/_iostream, lib/dll_stl/str.h,
	lib/dll_stl/vec.h, lib/prec_stl/string, lib/pthread/Makefile,
	src/decl.c, src/func.c, src/ifunc.c, src/newlink.c, src/shl.c:
	import of CINT 5.15.117.
	For what else is new see
2004-01-05 14:46  rdm

	* alien/: inc/TAlienFile.h, src/TAlienFile.cxx:
	update interface to support large files (Long64_t size).
2004-01-05 14:45  rdm

	* test/stress.cxx:
	problem in CINT: cast TFile::GetEnd() to double before assigning it to
	a double.
2004-01-05 13:31  brun

	* asimage/: inc/TASImage.h, src/TASImage.cxx:
	New version of TASImage class from Reiner Rohlfs
	New functions:
	    GetScaledWidth() and GetScaledHeight() which return the actual number of
	    pixels on the screen of the image in width and height, respectively.
	The position and size of the image in its TPad is not fixed any more. TASImage
	uses the TFrame of the TPad ( TPad::GetFrame() ) to define the size and
	position of the image in its pad.
	As usual the edges of the TFrame and with it the image can be moved with the
	mouse. The functions TPad::SetTopMargin() ... can be used to define the margin
	of the image. It is not possible to move the frame and the image with the mouse
	by pressing the right mouse button. The right mouse button is used to define a
	sub - window for zooming of the image.
2004-01-05 12:22  brun

	* tree/src/TBranch.cxx:
	Speed optimisation in TBranch::Streamer
2004-01-05 12:21  brun

	* meta/src/TStreamerInfo.cxx:
	Fix a bug in the new code of TStreamerInfo::BuildCheck when looking
	at the foreign clasds case.
2004-01-05 09:20  brun

	* base/src/TFile.cxx:
	In TFile::ReadStreamerInfo extend the size of the array fClassIndex
	in case the info unique number is greater than the array size.
	Set fUnits=8 in case of large files.
2004-01-05 09:18  brun

	* base/src/TDirectory.cxx:
	In TDirectory::FillBuffer and TDirectory::Streamer always initialize
	the 12 extra bytes created in case of large files to avoid warnings
	with valgrind
2004-01-03 15:26  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TTreeFormula.cxx:
	In case of data members with new data types, one must access the array
	of newtypes (via the new function TStreamerInfo::GetNewTypes or
	TSreamerElement::GetNewType instead of the GetType functions.
2004-01-03 15:24  brun

	* meta/src/TStreamerInfo.cxx:
	Fix a bug in ReadBufferConv and ReafBufferClonesConv in case of fix size arrays.
	Use the new TBuffer functions for Double32_t
2004-01-03 15:22  brun

	* meta/inc/TStreamerInfo.h:
	Add new member function
	  Int_t  *GetNewTtpes();
	This function returns a pointer to teh array of new types
2004-01-03 10:42  brun

	* utils/src/rootcint.cxx:
	Add support for the new type Double32_t in case of old style Streamers
2004-01-03 10:41  brun

	* base/: inc/TBuffer.h, src/TBuffer.cxx:
	Add the following new functions:
	   Int_t    ReadArrayDouble32(Double_t  *&d);
	   Int_t    ReadStaticArrayDouble32(Double_t  *d);
	   void     ReadFastArrayDouble32(Double_t  *d, Int_t n);
	   void     WriteArrayDouble32(const Double_t  *d, Int_t n);
	   void     WriteFastArrayDouble32(const Double_t  *d, Int_t n);
2004-01-03 10:38  brun

	* net/src/TWebFile.cxx:
	Fix a warning in a printf statement
2004-01-02 10:27  brun

	* tree/inc/TEventList.h:
	Implement TEventList::Clear. This function calls TEventList::Reset
2004-01-01 19:03  brun

	* gpad/src/TPad.cxx:
	From Bertrand:
	patch solving incorrect behaviour in RequestString calls
2004-01-01 18:57  brun

	* win32gdk/gdk/src/gdk/win32/: gdkcursor-win32.c, gdkgc-win32.c,
	gdkvisual-win32.c, gdkwindow-win32.c:
	From Bertrand Bellenot:
	code cleaning and potential memory leaks removal
2003-12-31 17:36  brun

	* base/src/TFile.cxx, winnt/src/TWinNTSystem.cxx:
	Implement support for large files under windows:
	 -stats  -> changed to _stati64
	 -lseek  -> changed to _lseeki64
2003-12-30 23:10  brun

	* tree/src/TBranch.cxx:
	Optimize format in TBranch::Print in case of large files.
2003-12-30 22:44  brun

	* geom/src/TGeoPgon.cxx:
	Remove unused variable Rproj
2003-12-30 22:42  brun

	* rpdutils/src/rpdutils.cxx:
	Remove some unused variables like kMethods, Nrec
2003-12-30 22:34  brun

	* mlp/src/TNeuron.cxx:
	Remove an unused return statement
2003-12-30 21:43  brun

	* base/inc/RConfig.h, base/src/TFile.cxx, unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx:
	In RConfig.h, define R__SEEK64 for combinations of systems/compilers
	supporting open64, lseek64 and stat64.
	Use the variable R__SEEK64 in TFile and TUnixSystem.
2003-12-30 19:31  brun

	* test/MainEvent.cxx:
	Change variable counting the number of bytes processed from Int_t to Long64_t
2003-12-30 19:17  brun

	* tree/src/: TBranch.cxx, TTree.cxx:
	Fix some consistency problem when encoding the branch fBasketSeek array.
	Modify a print format in case of files bigger than 2 Gigabytes.
2003-12-30 19:16  brun

	* test/MainEvent.cxx:
	Add a call to TTree::SetMaxTreeSize to give the possibility to create
	a Tree as big as 2 Terabytes (if the system can do it).
	For example try the following:
	  Event 100000 0 7 1
	This should create a Tree of size 7.6 Gigabytes
2003-12-30 17:32  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TTreeFormula.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	Fix a compilation error on alpha/cxx
2003-12-30 15:58  brun

	* winnt/inc/TWinNTSystem.h:
	Fix for Windows
2003-12-30 15:20  brun

	* base/src/TFile.cxx, unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx:
	Lseek64 cannot be used with gcc2.95 or 2.96
2003-12-30 14:39  brun

	* base/inc/RVersion.h, base/src/TFile.cxx,
	Fix some portability problems on Windows
2003-12-30 14:16  brun

	* alien/inc/TAlienFile.h, alien/src/TAlienFile.cxx,
	base/inc/TDirectory.h, base/inc/TFile.h, base/inc/TFree.h,
	base/inc/TKey.h, base/inc/TSystem.h, base/src/TApplication.cxx,
	base/src/TDirectory.cxx, base/src/TFile.cxx, base/src/TFree.cxx,
	base/src/TKey.cxx, base/src/TMD5.cxx, base/src/TSystem.cxx,
	base/src/TSystemDirectory.cxx, base/src/TSystemFile.cxx,
	build/version_number, chirp/inc/TChirpFile.h,
	chirp/src/TChirpFile.cxx, dcache/inc/TDCacheFile.h,
	dcache/src/TDCacheFile.cxx, hbook/inc/THbookFile.h,
	html/src/THtml.cxx, net/inc/TCache.h, net/inc/TFTP.h,
	net/inc/TNetFile.h, net/inc/TWebFile.h, net/src/TCache.cxx,
	net/src/TFTP.cxx, net/src/TNetFile.cxx, net/src/TWebFile.cxx,
	proof/src/TProof.cxx, proof/src/TProofServ.cxx,
	rfio/inc/TRFIOFile.h, rfio/src/TRFIOFile.cxx,
	table/src/TFileSet.cxx, tree/inc/TBasket.h, tree/inc/TBranch.h,
	tree/inc/TTree.h, tree/src/TBasket.cxx, tree/src/TBranch.cxx,
	tree/src/TBranchElement.cxx, tree/src/TBranchObject.cxx,
	tree/src/TTree.cxx, treeplayer/inc/TFileDrawMap.h,
	treeplayer/src/TFileDrawMap.cxx, unix/inc/TUnixSystem.h,
	unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx, winnt/inc/TWinNTSystem.h,
	Mega patch to add support for large files (bigger than 2 GBytes)
	  ==========>NEW VERSION 4.00/00 <===========
	Because this new version has a considerable number of changes,
	and new important additions by Philippe are scheduled for the coming days
	we are starting a new major version 4.
	  -Support for large files
	  -Automatic schema evolution for foreign classes
	  -New data type Double32_t
	Large files are currently tested only under Linux with gcc3.2.
	Support for other systems will be gradually added in the coming days.
	By default under Linux, files are created with the option LARGEFILE.
	Note that when creating a Tree, the default maximum size for a Tree
	is set to 1.9 GBytes. You can change this default value by calling
	  TTree::SetMaxTreeSize(Long64_t maxsize)
	The implementation of this new feature has required changes in many places.
	The files produced by this new version can still be read by old ROOT versions
	if their size if smaller than 2 GBytes. And obviously, the new version
	can digest old ROOT files.
	WARNING: note the following backward incompatibility:
	 -TSystem::GetPathInfo has a new signature: (also TUnixSystem, TWinNTSystem, etc)
	  old: GetPathInfo(const char *path, Long_t *id, Long_t *size, Long_t *flags, Long_t *modtime);
	  new: GetPathInfo(const char *path, Long_t *id, Long64_t *size, Long_t *flags, Long_t *modtime);
	 -TFile::SysSeek and TFile::SysStat have a new signature (also TNetFile, TWebFile, etc)
	  old:  Int_t    SysSeek(Int_t fd, Long_t offset, Int_t whence);
	        Int_t    SysStat(Int_t fd, Long_t *id, Long_t *size, Long_t *flags, Long_t *modtime);
	  new:  Long64_t SysSeek(Int_t fd, Long64_t offset, Int_t whence);
	        Int_t    SysStat(Int_t fd, Long_t *id, Long64_t *size, Long_t *flags, Long_t *modtime);
	 -TTree::SetMaxTreeSize has a new signature:
	  old:  void TTree::SetMaxTreeSize(Int_t maxsize)
	  new:  void TTree::SetMaxTreeSize(Long64_t maxsize)
	  All references to Seek_t have been replaced by Long64_t.
2003-12-27 19:49  brun

	* hist/src/TFormula.cxx:
	Fix a compilation problem on HP-UX/aCC
2003-12-27 17:14  brun

	* tree/src/TBranchClones.cxx, tree/src/TTree.cxx,
	More changes required by the introduction of the new data type Double32_t
2003-12-27 17:13  brun

	* test/: Event.cxx, Event.h:
	Modidy the classes Event and Track to make use of the new data type Double32_t
2003-12-27 12:28  brun

	* win32gdk/gdk/src/gdk/win32/: gdkdrawable-win32.c,
	Patch from Bertrand fixing brushes related memory leaks
2003-12-26 23:06  brun

	* tree/src/TBranchElement.cxx:
	Changes to support
	 -Long64 and ULong64_t
2003-12-26 19:38  brun

	* base/inc/LinkDef1.h, base/inc/Rtypes.h, meta/inc/TDataType.h,
	meta/inc/TStreamerInfo.h, meta/src/TDataType.cxx,
	Implement a new data type Double32_t (in Rtypes.h).
	In memory a Double32_t is like a Double_t (8 bytes).
	When written to a file, the type is converted to a Float 4 bytes.
	The newdata type is accepted as a simple variable, as a fixed length array
	or a variable length array, like:
	  Double32_t  fPt:
	  Double32_t  fVertex[3];
	  Int_t       fNtracks;
	  Double32_t *fPx;  //[fNtracks]
	The new data type is supported in all I/O modes (TKey or TTree)
	The automatic schema evolution algorithm accepts this new type.
	For example a class in a file containing a Double_t data member
	can be read by a new class where the member is now of type Double32_t
	and vice-versa.
2003-12-25 19:11  brun

	* dcache/src/TDCacheFile.cxx:
	Fix warnings with unused parameter
2003-12-25 18:55  brun

	* tree/: inc/TBranchElement.h, src/TBranchElement.cxx:
	Add a new member fCheckSum and corresponding getter GetCheckSum.
	Classversion incremented to version 8.
	In TBranchElement::GetInfo, use the fCheckSum member to find the right
	TStreamerInfo object in TClass.
	With this change and the previous changes in TBuffer, TClass and TStreamerInfo,
	automatic schema evolution is supported for foreign classes written in a TTree
	or as classes written as a TKey.
2003-12-25 18:51  brun

	* meta/src/TStreamerInfo.cxx:
	In TStreamerInfo::BuildCheck recompute the fClassVersion and the pointer to the
	TStreamerInfo object corresponding to the current class checksum.
	In case of a foreign class, do not print the Warning in case the current class
	checksum and the checksum in the TStreamerInfo differ. Instead recompute
	the correct class version using the checksum parameter.
2003-12-25 18:48  brun

	* meta/src/TClass.cxx:
	Pass the pointer to the current class as 3rd argument of TBuffer::ReadVersion
2003-12-25 18:47  brun

	* base/: inc/TBuffer.h, src/TBuffer.cxx:
	Add an optional argument to TBuffer::ReadVersion.
	The new argument "TClass* cl) is used to retrieve the version number
	corresponding to the class checksum.
	This change is required to support automatic schema evolution
	for foreign classes.
2003-12-24 18:33  brun

	* win32gdk/
	Fix a TAB problem (Bertrand)
2003-12-24 18:28  brun

	* win32gdk/gdk/src/gdk/win32/gdkdrawable-win32.c:
	A pach from Bertrand Bellenot fixing region-related memory leaks.
2003-12-24 14:36  brun

	* win32gdk/
	Fix to previous fix
2003-12-24 14:30  brun

	* win32gdk/
	Fix to Makefile by Bertrand Bellenot
2003-12-24 11:58  brun

	* win32gdk/gdk/src/gdk/win32/: gdkevents-win32.c,
	Fix memory leaks (Bertrand Bellenot)
2003-12-24 10:45  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TSelectorDraw.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	Because of a misplaced curly bracket, TSelectorDraw::ProcessFillObject was unable to draw a large amount of data (i.e.
	up to fTree->GetEstimate()).
2003-12-21 20:07  brun

	* base/src/TVirtualX.cxx:
	Fix a long list of badly formatted comments (when commenting unused pointers)
2003-12-21 15:49  brun

	* fumili/src/TFumili.cxx:
	The functions TFumili::GetParameter and TFumili::GetParError had code inverted.
	Memory leak fixed in GraphFitChisquareFumili.
	Thanks to Fedor Ignatov
2003-12-19 17:36  brun

	* gui/src/TGLayout.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- small fix in TGVerticalLayout, TGHorizontalLayout
2003-12-19 17:10  brun

	* tree/src/TLeafL.cxx:
	Fix in casting a return value to satisfy VC++6
2003-12-19 17:04  brun

	* test/RootShower/RootShower.cxx:
	Fix for Windows by Bertrand
2003-12-19 17:00  brun

	* gui/src/TGButton.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	 - TGCheckButton alignment fixed.  Label is aligned against button.
2003-12-19 14:40  brun

	* tree/: inc/LinkDef.h, inc/TLeafL.h, src/TBranch.cxx,
	src/TLeafL.cxx, src/TTree.cxx:
	Add new class TLeafL to support Long64_t, ULong64_t data types in a TBranch
2003-12-19 11:26  brun

	* win32gdk/src/TGWin32ProxyBase.cxx:
	From valeriy Onuchin:
	- mods in TGWin32ProxyBase::ForwardCallBack(Bool_t sync)
	  Do not execute the method which had failed to be executed because of delay
	  with response from "server thread".
2003-12-19 10:31  brun

	* tree/src/TSelector.cxx, treeplayer/src/TTreePlayer.cxx:
	Add the following warning in TSelector::GetSelector:
	//   WARNING when a selector is used with a TChain:
	//    in the Process, ProcessCut, ProcessFill function, you must use
	//    the pointer to the current Tree to call GetEntry(entry).
	//    entry is always the local entry number in the current tree.
	//    Assuming that fChain is the pointer to the TChain being processed,
	//    use fChain->GetTree()->GetEntry(entry);
	Modify TTreePlayer::MakeSelector to generate the code with this warning
	in the selector Process function.
2003-12-19 08:55  brun

	* tree/: inc/TLeaf.h, src/TLeaf.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	Using valgrind on TBench, I found some uninitialized memory in TLeaf
	in the case of a TLeafElement belonging to a split TClonesArray.
	The uninitialized memory came from the fact that the constructor was
	not initializing everything if it could not find the leafcount.
	In the case described above, the leafcount is not available until
	after the constructor of the leaf (or so it seems) and is explicitly
	set later using TLeaf::SetLeafCount.
	This patch insures that more data members are initialized even in
	case of seemingly incorrect configuration and insures that the Zombie
	state is removed if the leafcount becomes available after the end of
	the constructor.
2003-12-18 19:31  brun

	* krb5auth/src/Krb5Auth.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	corrects the printing of a couple of debug messages and add one more debug message.
2003-12-18 16:14  brun

	* gui/src/TGListBox.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- TGListBox. Reset GetSelected when setting OFF the multiple selection.
2003-12-18 14:21  brun

	* hist/src/TFormula.cxx, test/dt_DrawTest.C, test/dt_MakeRef.C,
	tree/src/TTree.cxx, treeplayer/inc/TTreeFormula.h,
	treeplayer/src/TTreeFormula.cxx, treeplayer/src/TTreePlayer.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	        Add support for the boolean optimization in TFormula::GetExpFormula
	        Prevent TTree::Scan from printing random value for invalid formulas
	        Add a new TTreeFormula special function:
	      Alt$(primary,alternate) : return the value of "primary" if it is available
	                    for the current iteration otherwise return the value of "alternate".
	                    For example, with arr1[3] and arr2[2]
	                 will draw arr[0]+arr2[0] ; arr[1]+arr2[1] and arr[1]+0
	                    Or with a variable size array arr3
	                    will draw the sum arr3 for the index 0 to min(2,actual_size_of_arr3-1)
	                    As a comparison
	                    will draw the sum arr3 for the index 0 to 2 only if the
	                    actual_size_of_arr3 is greater or equal to 3.
	                    Note that the array in 'primary' is flatened/linearilized thus using
	                    Alt$ with multi-dimensional arrays of different dimensions in unlikely
	                    to yield the expected results.  To visualize a bit more what elements
	                    would be matched by TTree::Draw, TTree::Scan can be used:
	                    will print on one line the value of arr1 and (arr2,0) that will be
	                    matched by
2003-12-18 14:17  brun

	* gui/src/TGListBox.cxx:
	From Valeriy Onuchin:
	- TGListBox class:
	  generation Selected signals  added when SetMultipleSelections(kTRUE)
2003-12-17 16:20  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TTreePlayer.cxx:
	Fix a problem in TTreePlayer::UnbinnedFit in case the initial value of a parameter is negative.
	In this case, the step size was set negative, forcing Minuit in RESET mode.
2003-12-16 23:42  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TTreePlayer.cxx:
	From Philippe
	This patch makes sure the formula are properly refreshed when using a chain.
	It removes the printing of some (spurious) empty lines when using a selection criterion.
	I.e. Without a selection criterion, there is always a least one line per entry (if is empty) while with a selection
	criterion, an entry is printed if and only if a least one of the sub-element exist and match the criterion.
2003-12-16 23:31  brun

	* gui/src/TGMenu.cxx:
	Protection added to TGMenu (Thanks Valeri Fine)
2003-12-16 22:58  brun

	* treeplayer/src/TTreePlayer.cxx:
	From Philippe:
	With this improvement, TTree::Scan properly correlate (as needed) the selection criterium and the printed columns.

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