// @(#)root/base:$Name:  $:$Id: TSystem.h,v 1.47 2004/12/15 22:26:04 rdm Exp $
// Author: Fons Rademakers   15/09/95

 * Copyright (C) 1995-2000, Rene Brun and Fons Rademakers.               *
 * All rights reserved.                                                  *
 *                                                                       *
 * For the licensing terms see $ROOTSYS/LICENSE.                         *
 * For the list of contributors see $ROOTSYS/README/CREDITS.             *

#ifndef ROOT_TSystem
#define ROOT_TSystem

//                                                                      //
// TSystem                                                              //
//                                                                      //
// Abstract base class defining a generic interface to the underlying   //
// Operating System.                                                    //
//                                                                      //

#ifndef __CINT__
#include <stdio.h>

#ifndef NOCINT
#include "G__ci.h"

#ifndef ROOT_TNamed
#include "TNamed.h"
#ifndef ROOT_TString
#include "TString.h"
#ifndef ROOT_TInetAddress
#include "TInetAddress.h"
#ifndef ROOT_TTimer
#include "TTimer.h"

class TSeqCollection;
class TFdSet;

enum EAccessMode {
   kFileExists        = 0,
   kExecutePermission = 1,
   kWritePermission   = 2,
   kReadPermission    = 4

enum ELogOption {
   kLogPid            = 0x01,
   kLogCons           = 0x02

enum ELogLevel {
   kLogEmerg          = 0,
   kLogAlert          = 1,
   kLogCrit           = 2,
   kLogErr            = 3,
   kLogWarning        = 4,
   kLogNotice         = 5,
   kLogInfo           = 6,
   kLogDebug          = 7

enum ELogFacility {

enum ESysConstants {
   kMAXSIGNALS       = 15,
   kMAXPATHLEN       = 2048,
   kBUFFERSIZE       = 8192,
   kItimerResolution = 10      // interval-timer resolution in ms

enum EFpeMask {
   kNoneMask         = 0x00,
   kInvalid          = 0x01,  // Invalid argument
   kDivByZero        = 0x02,  // Division by zero
   kOverflow         = 0x04,  // Overflow
   kUnderflow        = 0x08,  // Underflow
   kInexact          = 0x10,  // Inexact
   kDefaultMask      = 0x07,
   kAllMask          = 0x1F

enum EFileModeMask {
   kS_IFMT   = 0170000,   // bitmask for the file type bitfields
   kS_IFSOCK = 0140000,   // socket
   kS_IFLNK  = 0120000,   // symbolic link
   kS_IFREG  = 0100000,   // regular file
   kS_IFBLK  = 0060000,   // block device
   kS_IFDIR  = 0040000,   // directory
   kS_IFCHR  = 0020000,   // character device
   kS_IFIFO  = 0010000,   // fifo
   kS_ISUID  = 0004000,   // set UID bit
   kS_ISGID  = 0002000,   // set GID bit
   kS_ISVTX  = 0001000,   // sticky bit
   kS_IRWXU  = 00700,     // mask for file owner permissions
   kS_IRUSR  = 00400,     // owner has read permission
   kS_IWUSR  = 00200,     // owner has write permission
   kS_IXUSR  = 00100,     // owner has execute permission
   kS_IRWXG  = 00070,     // mask for group permissions
   kS_IRGRP  = 00040,     // group has read permission
   kS_IWGRP  = 00020,     // group has write permission
   kS_IXGRP  = 00010,     // group has execute permission
   kS_IRWXO  = 00007,     // mask for permissions for others (not in group)
   kS_IROTH  = 00004,     // others have read permission
   kS_IWOTH  = 00002,     // others have write permisson
   kS_IXOTH  = 00001      // others have execute permission

inline Bool_t R_ISDIR(Int_t mode)  { return ((mode & kS_IFMT) == kS_IFDIR); }
inline Bool_t R_ISCHR(Int_t mode)  { return ((mode & kS_IFMT) == kS_IFCHR); }
inline Bool_t R_ISBLK(Int_t mode)  { return ((mode & kS_IFMT) == kS_IFBLK); }
inline Bool_t R_ISREG(Int_t mode)  { return ((mode & kS_IFMT) == kS_IFREG); }
inline Bool_t R_ISLNK(Int_t mode)  { return ((mode & kS_IFMT) == kS_IFLNK); }
inline Bool_t R_ISFIFO(Int_t mode) { return ((mode & kS_IFMT) == kS_IFIFO); }
inline Bool_t R_ISSOCK(Int_t mode) { return ((mode & kS_IFMT) == kS_IFSOCK); }

struct FileStat_t {
   Long_t   fDev;          // device id
   Long_t   fIno;          // inode
   Int_t    fMode;         // protection (combination of EFileModeMask bits)
   Int_t    fUid;          // user id of owner
   Int_t    fGid;          // group id of owner
   Long64_t fSize;         // total size in bytes
   Long_t   fMtime;        // modification date
   Bool_t   fIsLink;       // symbolic link
   FileStat_t() : fDev(0), fIno(0), fMode(0), fUid(0), fGid(0), fSize(0),
                  fMtime(0), fIsLink(kFALSE) { }

struct UserGroup_t {
   Int_t    fUid;          // user id
   Int_t    fGid;          // group id
   TString  fUser;         // user name
   TString  fGroup;        // group name
   TString  fPasswd;       // password
   TString  fRealName;     // user full name
   TString  fShell;        // user preferred shell
   UserGroup_t() : fUid(0), fGid(0) { }

typedef void* Func_t;

R__EXTERN const char  *gRootDir;
R__EXTERN const char  *gProgName;
R__EXTERN const char  *gProgPath;

//                                                                      //
// Asynchronous timer used for processing pending GUI and timer events  //
// every delay ms. Call in a tight computing loop                       //
// TProcessEventTimer::ProcessEvent(). If the timer did timeout this    //
// call will process the pending events and return kTRUE if the         //
// TROOT::IsInterrupted() flag is set (can be done by hitting key in    //
// canvas or selecting canvas menu item View/Interrupt.                 //
//                                                                      //
class TProcessEventTimer : public TTimer {
   TProcessEventTimer(Long_t delay);
   Bool_t Notify() { return kTRUE; }
   Bool_t ProcessEvents();
   ClassDef(TProcessEventTimer,0)  // Process pending events at fixed time intervals

class TSystem : public TNamed {

   enum EAclicMode { kDefault, kDebug, kOpt };

   TFdSet          *fReadmask;         //!Files that should be checked for read events
   TFdSet          *fWritemask;        //!Files that should be checked for write events
   TFdSet          *fReadready;        //!Files with reads waiting
   TFdSet          *fWriteready;       //!Files with writes waiting
   TFdSet          *fSignals;          //!Signals that were trapped
   Int_t            fNfd;              //Number of fd's in masks
   Int_t            fMaxrfd;           //Largest fd in read mask
   Int_t            fMaxwfd;           //Largest fd in write mask
   Int_t            fSigcnt;           //Number of pending signals
   TString          fWdpath;           //Working directory
   TString          fHostname;         //Hostname
   Bool_t           fInsideNotify;     //Used by DispatchTimers()

   Bool_t           fInControl;        //True if in eventloop
   Bool_t           fDone;             //True if eventloop should be finished
   Int_t            fLevel;            //Level of nested eventloops
   TString          fLastErrorString;  //Last system error message

   TSeqCollection  *fTimers;           //List of timers
   TSeqCollection  *fSignalHandler;    //List of signal handlers
   TSeqCollection  *fFileHandler;      //List of file handlers
   TSeqCollection  *fOnExitList;       //List of items to be cleaned-up on exit

   TString          fListLibs;         //List shared libraries, cache used by GetLibraries

   TString          fBuildArch;        //Architecure for which ROOT was built (passed to ./configure)
   TString          fBuildNode;        //Detailed information where ROOT was built
   TString          fBuildDir;         //Location where to build ACLiC shared library and use as scratch area.
   TString          fFlagsDebug;       //Flags for debug compilation
   TString          fFlagsOpt;         //Flags for optimized compilation
   TString          fListPaths;        //List of all include (fIncludePath + interpreter include path). Cache used by GetIncludePath
   TString          fIncludePath;      //Used to expand $IncludePath in the directives given to SetMakeSharedLib and SetMakeExe
   TString          fLinkedLibs;       //Used to expand $LinkedLibs in the directives given to SetMakeSharedLib and SetMakeExe
   TString          fSoExt;            //Extension of shared library (.so, .sl, .a, .dll, etc.)
   TString          fObjExt;           //Extension of object files (.o, .obj, etc.)
   EAclicMode       fAclicMode;        //Whether the compilation should be done debug or opt
   TString          fMakeSharedLib;    //Directive used to build a shared library
   TString          fMakeExe;          //Directive used to build an executable
   TString          fLinkdefSuffix;    //Default suffix for linkdef files to be used by ACLiC
   TSeqCollection  *fCompiled;         //List of shared libs from compiled macros to be deleted
   TSeqCollection  *fHelpers;          //List of helper classes for alternative file/directory access

   TSystem               *FindHelper(const char *path, void *dirptr = 0);
   virtual Bool_t         ConsistentWith(const char *path, void *dirptr = 0);
   virtual const char    *ExpandFileName(const char *fname);
   virtual void           SigAlarmInterruptsSyscalls(Bool_t) { }
   virtual const char    *GetLinkedLibraries();

   TSystem(const char *name = "Generic", const char *title = "Generic System");
   virtual ~TSystem();

   //---- Misc
   virtual Bool_t          Init();
   virtual void            SetProgname(const char *name);
   virtual void            SetDisplay();
   void                    SetErrorStr(const char *errstr);
   const char             *GetErrorStr() const { return fLastErrorString; }
   virtual const char     *GetError();
   void                    RemoveOnExit(TObject *obj);
   virtual const char     *HostName();

   static Int_t            GetErrno();
   static void             ResetErrno();

   //---- EventLoop
   virtual void            Run();
   virtual Bool_t          ProcessEvents();
   virtual void            DispatchOneEvent(Bool_t pendingOnly = kFALSE);
   virtual void            ExitLoop();
   Bool_t                  InControl() const { return fInControl; }
   virtual void            InnerLoop();
   virtual Int_t           Select(TList *active, Long_t timeout);
   virtual Int_t           Select(TFileHandler *fh, Long_t timeout);

   //---- Handling of system events
   virtual void            AddSignalHandler(TSignalHandler *sh);
   virtual TSignalHandler *RemoveSignalHandler(TSignalHandler *sh);
   virtual void            ResetSignal(ESignals sig, Bool_t reset = kTRUE);
   virtual void            IgnoreSignal(ESignals sig, Bool_t ignore = kTRUE);
   virtual void            IgnoreInterrupt(Bool_t ignore = kTRUE);
   virtual void            AddFileHandler(TFileHandler *fh);
   virtual TFileHandler   *RemoveFileHandler(TFileHandler *fh);
   virtual TSeqCollection *GetListOfFileHandlers() const { return fFileHandler; }

   //---- Floating Point Exceptions Control
   virtual Int_t           GetFPEMask();
   virtual Int_t           SetFPEMask(Int_t mask = kDefaultMask);

   //---- Time & Date
   virtual TTime           Now();
   virtual void            AddTimer(TTimer *t);
   virtual TTimer         *RemoveTimer(TTimer *t);
   virtual void            ResetTimer(TTimer *) { }
   virtual Long_t          NextTimeOut(Bool_t mode);
   virtual void            Sleep(UInt_t milliSec);

   //---- Processes
   virtual Int_t           Exec(const char *shellcmd);
   virtual FILE           *OpenPipe(const char *command, const char *mode);
   virtual int             ClosePipe(FILE *pipe);
   virtual void            Exit(int code, Bool_t mode = kTRUE);
   virtual void            Abort(int code = 0);
   virtual int             GetPid();
   virtual void            StackTrace();

   //---- Directories
   virtual int             MakeDirectory(const char *name);
   virtual void           *OpenDirectory(const char *name);
   virtual void            FreeDirectory(void *dirp);
   virtual const char     *GetDirEntry(void *dirp);
   virtual void           *GetDirPtr() const { return 0; }
   virtual Bool_t          ChangeDirectory(const char *path);
   virtual const char     *WorkingDirectory();
   virtual const char     *HomeDirectory(const char *userName = 0);
   virtual int             mkdir(const char *name, Bool_t recursive = kFALSE);
   Bool_t                  cd(const char *path) { return ChangeDirectory(path); }
   const char             *pwd() { return WorkingDirectory(); }
   virtual const char     *TempDirectory() const;
   virtual FILE           *TempFileName(TString &base, const char *dir = 0);

   //---- Paths & Files
   virtual const char     *BaseName(const char *pathname);
   virtual const char     *DirName(const char *pathname);
   virtual char           *ConcatFileName(const char *dir, const char *name);
   virtual Bool_t          IsAbsoluteFileName(const char *dir);
   virtual Bool_t          IsFileInIncludePath(const char *name);
   virtual Bool_t          ExpandPathName(TString &path);
   virtual char           *ExpandPathName(const char *path);
   virtual Bool_t          AccessPathName(const char *path, EAccessMode mode = kFileExists);
   virtual int             CopyFile(const char *from, const char *to, Bool_t overwrite = kFALSE);
   virtual int             Rename(const char *from, const char *to);
   virtual int             Link(const char *from, const char *to);
   virtual int             Symlink(const char *from, const char *to);
   virtual int             Unlink(const char *name);
   int                     GetPathInfo(const char *path, Long_t *id, Long_t *size, Long_t *flags, Long_t *modtime);
   int                     GetPathInfo(const char *path, Long_t *id, Long64_t *size, Long_t *flags, Long_t *modtime);
   virtual int             GetPathInfo(const char *path, FileStat_t &buf);
   virtual int             GetFsInfo(const char *path, Long_t *id, Long_t *bsize, Long_t *blocks, Long_t *bfree);
   virtual int             Chmod(const char *file, UInt_t mode);
   virtual int             Umask(Int_t mask);
   virtual int             Utime(const char *file, Long_t modtime, Long_t actime);
   virtual const char     *UnixPathName(const char *unixpathname);
   virtual char           *Which(const char *search, const char *file, EAccessMode mode = kFileExists);

   //---- Users & Groups
   virtual Int_t           GetUid(const char *user = 0);
   virtual Int_t           GetGid(const char *group = 0);
   virtual Int_t           GetEffectiveUid();
   virtual Int_t           GetEffectiveGid();
   virtual UserGroup_t    *GetUserInfo(Int_t uid);
   virtual UserGroup_t    *GetUserInfo(const char *user = 0);
   virtual UserGroup_t    *GetGroupInfo(Int_t gid);
   virtual UserGroup_t    *GetGroupInfo(const char *group = 0);

   //---- Environment Manipulation
   virtual void            Setenv(const char *name, const char *value);
   virtual void            Unsetenv(const char *name);
   virtual const char     *Getenv(const char *env);

   //---- System Logging
   virtual void            Openlog(const char *name, Int_t options, ELogFacility facility);
   virtual void            Syslog(ELogLevel level, const char *mess);
   virtual void            Closelog();

   //---- Dynamic Loading
   virtual const char     *GetDynamicPath();
   virtual void            SetDynamicPath(const char *pathname);
   virtual char           *DynamicPathName(const char *lib, Bool_t quiet = kFALSE);
   virtual Func_t          DynFindSymbol(const char *module, const char *entry);
   virtual int             Load(const char *module, const char *entry = "", Bool_t system = kFALSE);
   virtual void            Unload(const char *module);
   virtual void            ListSymbols(const char *module, const char *re = "");
   virtual void            ListLibraries(const char *regexp = "");
   virtual const char     *GetLibraries(const char *regexp = "",
                                        const char *option = "",
                                        Bool_t isRegexp = kTRUE);

   //---- RPC
   virtual TInetAddress    GetHostByName(const char *server);
   virtual TInetAddress    GetPeerName(int sock);
   virtual TInetAddress    GetSockName(int sock);
   virtual int             GetServiceByName(const char *service);
   virtual char           *GetServiceByPort(int port);
   virtual int             OpenConnection(const char *server, int port, int tcpwindowsize = -1);
   virtual int             AnnounceTcpService(int port, Bool_t reuse, int backlog, int tcpwindowsize = -1);
   virtual int             AnnounceUnixService(int port, int backlog);
   virtual int             AcceptConnection(int sock);
   virtual void            CloseConnection(int sock, Bool_t force = kFALSE);
   virtual int             RecvRaw(int sock, void *buffer, int length, int flag);
   virtual int             SendRaw(int sock, const void *buffer, int length, int flag);
   virtual int             RecvBuf(int sock, void *buffer, int length);
   virtual int             SendBuf(int sock, const void *buffer, int length);
   virtual int             SetSockOpt(int sock, int kind, int val);
   virtual int             GetSockOpt(int sock, int kind, int *val);

   //---- ACLiC (Automatic Compiler of Shared Library for CINT)
   virtual void            AddIncludePath(const char *includePath);
   virtual void            AddLinkedLibs(const char *linkedLib);
   virtual int             CompileMacro(const char *filename, Option_t *opt="", const char* library_name = "", const char* build_dir = "");
   virtual const char     *GetBuildArch() const;
   virtual const char     *GetBuildNode() const;
   virtual const char     *GetBuildDir() const;
   virtual const char     *GetFlagsDebug() const;
   virtual const char     *GetFlagsOpt() const;
   virtual const char     *GetIncludePath();
   virtual const char     *GetLinkedLibs() const;
   virtual const char     *GetLinkdefSuffix() const;
   virtual EAclicMode      GetAclicMode() const;
   virtual const char     *GetMakeExe() const;
   virtual const char     *GetMakeSharedLib() const;
   virtual const char     *GetSoExt() const;
   virtual const char     *GetObjExt() const;
   virtual void            SetBuildDir(const char*);
   virtual void            SetFlagsDebug(const char *);
   virtual void            SetFlagsOpt(const char *);
   virtual void            SetIncludePath(const char *includePath);
   virtual void            SetMakeExe(const char *directives);
   virtual void            SetAclicMode(EAclicMode mode);
   virtual void            SetMakeSharedLib(const char *directives);
   virtual void            SetLinkedLibs(const char *linkedLibs);
   virtual void            SetLinkdefSuffix(const char *suffix);
   virtual void            SetSoExt(const char *soExt);
   virtual void            SetObjExt(const char *objExt);
   virtual TString         SplitAclicMode(const char* filename, TString &mode, TString &args, TString &io) const;
   virtual void            CleanCompiledMacros();

   ClassDef(TSystem,0)  //ABC defining a generic interface to the OS

R__EXTERN TSystem *gSystem;
R__EXTERN TFileHandler *gXDisplay;  // Display server (X11) input event handler


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