// @(#)root/sql:$Id: TSQLStructure.h 20882 2007-11-19 11:31:26Z rdm $
// Author: Sergey Linev  20/11/2005

 * Copyright (C) 1995-2005, Rene Brun and Fons Rademakers.               *
 * All rights reserved.                                                  *
 *                                                                       *
 * For the licensing terms see $ROOTSYS/LICENSE.                         *
 * For the list of contributors see $ROOTSYS/README/CREDITS.             *

#ifndef ROOT_TSQLStructure
#define ROOT_TSQLStructure

//                                                                     //
// TSQLStructure is special class, used in TSQLBuffer for data convers //
//                                                                     //

#ifndef ROOT_TNamed
#include "TNamed.h"

#ifndef ROOT_TObjArray
#include "TObjArray.h"

#ifndef ROOT_TAttAxis
#include "TAttAxis.h"

class TStreamerInfo;
class TStreamerInfo;
class TStreamerElement;
class TSQLFile;
class TSqlRegistry;
class TSqlRawBuffer;
class TSQLObjectData;
class TSQLClassInfo;
class TBufferSQL2;

class TSQLColumnData : public TObject {
   TString     fName;             //!  name of the table column
   TString     fType;             //!  type of the table column
   TString     fValue;            //!  value of the table column
   Bool_t      fNumeric;          //!  for numeric quotes (double quotes) are not required
   TSQLColumnData(const char* name,   
                  const char* sqltype, 
                  const char* value, 
                  Bool_t numeric);

   TSQLColumnData(const char* name, Long64_t value);
   virtual ~TSQLColumnData();
   virtual const char* GetName() const { return fName.Data(); }
   const char* GetType() const { return fType.Data(); }
   const char* GetValue() const { return fValue.Data(); }
   Bool_t IsNumeric() const { return fNumeric; }
   ClassDef(TSQLColumnData, 1); // Single SQL column data.


class TSQLTableData : public TObject {
   TSQLFile*      fFile;           //!
   TSQLClassInfo* fInfo;           //!
   TObjArray      fColumns;        //! collection of columns
   TObjArray*     fColInfos;       //! array with TSQLClassColumnInfo, used later for TSQLClassInfo
   TString DefineSQLName(const char* fullname);
   Bool_t HasSQLName(const char* sqlname);
   TSQLTableData(TSQLFile* f = 0, TSQLClassInfo* info = 0);
   virtual ~TSQLTableData();

   void AddColumn(const char* name, Long64_t value);
   void AddColumn(const char* name, 
                  const char* sqltype, 
                  const char* value, 
                  Bool_t numeric);
   TObjArray* TakeColInfos();
   Int_t GetNumColumns();
   const char* GetColumn(Int_t n);
   Bool_t IsNumeric(Int_t n);
   ClassDef(TSQLTableData, 1); // Collection of columns data for single SQL table


class TSQLStructure : public TObject {

   Bool_t           CheckNormalClassPair(TSQLStructure* vers, TSQLStructure* info);

   Long64_t         FindMaxObjectId();
   void             PerformConversion(TSqlRegistry* reg, TSqlRawBuffer* blobs, const char* topname, Bool_t useblob = kFALSE);
   Bool_t           StoreObject(TSqlRegistry* reg, Long64_t objid, TClass* cl, Bool_t registerobj = kTRUE);
   Bool_t           StoreObjectInNormalForm(TSqlRegistry* reg);
   Bool_t           StoreClassInNormalForm(TSqlRegistry* reg);
   Bool_t           StoreElementInNormalForm(TSqlRegistry* reg, TSQLTableData* columns);
   Bool_t           TryConvertObjectArray(TSqlRegistry* reg, TSqlRawBuffer* blobs);

   Bool_t           StoreTObject(TSqlRegistry* reg);
   Bool_t           StoreTString(TSqlRegistry* reg);
   Bool_t           RecognizeTString(const char* &value);

   TSQLStructure*   fParent;     //!
   Int_t            fType;       //!
   const void*      fPointer;    //!
   TString          fValue;      //!
   Int_t            fArrayIndex; //!
   Int_t            fRepeatCnt;  //!
   TObjArray        fChilds;     //!

   virtual ~TSQLStructure();
   TSQLStructure*   GetParent() const { return fParent; }
   void             SetParent(TSQLStructure* p) { fParent = p; }
   Int_t            NumChilds() const;
   TSQLStructure*   GetChild(Int_t n) const;
   void             SetType(Int_t typ) { fType = typ; }
   Int_t            GetType() const { return fType; }
   // this part requried for writing to SQL tables
   void             SetObjectRef(Long64_t refid, const TClass* cl);
   void             SetObjectPointer(Long64_t ptrid);
   void             SetVersion(const TClass* cl, Int_t version = -100);
   void             SetClassStreamer(const TClass* cl);
   void             SetStreamerInfo(const TStreamerInfo* info);
   void             SetStreamerElement(const TStreamerElement* elem, Int_t number);
   void             SetCustomClass(const TClass* cl, Version_t version);
   void             SetCustomElement(TStreamerElement* elem);
   void             SetValue(const char* value, const char* tname = 0);
   void             SetArrayIndex(Int_t indx, Int_t cnt=1);
   void             SetArray(Int_t sz = -1);
   void             ChangeValueOnly(const char* value);
   TClass*          GetObjectClass() const;
   TClass*          GetVersionClass() const;
   TStreamerInfo*   GetStreamerInfo() const;
   TStreamerElement* GetElement() const;
   Int_t            GetElementNumber() const;
   TClass*          GetCustomClass() const;
   Version_t        GetCustomClassVersion() const;
   Bool_t           GetClassInfo(TClass* &cl, Version_t &version);
   const char*      GetValueType() const;
   const char*      GetValue() const;
   Int_t            GetArrayIndex() const { return fArrayIndex; }
   Int_t            GetRepeatCounter() const { return fRepeatCnt; }
   void             Add(TSQLStructure* child);
   void             AddVersion(const TClass* cl, Int_t version = -100);
   void             AddValue(const char* value, const char* tname = 0);
   void             ChildArrayIndex(Int_t index, Int_t cnt = 1);

   // this is part specially for reading of sql tables
   Long64_t         DefineObjectId(Bool_t recursive = kTRUE);
   void             SetObjectData(TSQLObjectData* objdata);
   void             AddObjectData(TSQLObjectData* objdata);
   TSQLObjectData*  GetObjectData(Bool_t search = false);
   virtual void     Print(Option_t* option = "") const;
   void             PrintLevel(Int_t level) const;
   Bool_t           ConvertToTables(TSQLFile* f, Long64_t keyid, TObjArray* cmds);
   Int_t            LocateElementColumn(TSQLFile* f, TBufferSQL2* buf, TSQLObjectData* data);

   static Bool_t    UnpackTObject(TSQLFile* f, TBufferSQL2* buf, TSQLObjectData* data, Long64_t objid, Int_t clversion);
   static Bool_t    UnpackTString(TSQLFile* f, TBufferSQL2* buf, TSQLObjectData* data, Long64_t objid, Int_t clversion);
   static Bool_t    IsNumericType(Int_t typ);
   static const char* GetSimpleTypeName(Int_t typ);
   static TString   MakeArrayIndex(TStreamerElement* elem, Int_t n);
   static Int_t     DefineElementColumnType(TStreamerElement* elem, TSQLFile* f);
   static TString   DefineElementColumnName(TStreamerElement* elem, TSQLFile* f, Int_t indx = 0);
   static void      AddStrBrackets(TString &s, const char* quote);
   enum ESQLTypes {
      kSqlObject       = 10001,
      kSqlPointer      = 10002,
      kSqlVersion      = 10003,
      kSqlStreamerInfo = 10004,
      kSqlClassStreamer= 10005,
      kSqlElement      = 10006,
      kSqlValue        = 10007,
      kSqlArray        = 10008,
      kSqlObjectData   = 10009,
      kSqlCustomClass  = 10010,
      kSqlCustomElement= 10011
   enum ESQLColumns {
      kColUnknown      = 0,
      kColSimple       = 1,
      kColSimpleArray  = 2,
      kColParent       = 3,
      kColObject       = 4,
      kColObjectArray  = 5,
      kColNormObject   = 6,
      kColNormObjectArray = 7,
      kColObjectPtr    = 8,
      kColTString      = 9,
      kColRawData      = 10
   enum ESQLIdType {
      kIdTable    = 0,
      kIdRawTable = 1,
      kIdColumn   = 2
   ClassDef(TSQLStructure, 1); // Table/structure description used internally by YBufferSQL.

// text constants, used in SQL I/O

namespace sqlio {
   extern Long64_t atol64(const char* value);
   extern const Int_t Ids_NullPtr;
   extern const Int_t Ids_RootDir;
   extern const Int_t Ids_TSQLFile;
   extern const Int_t Ids_StreamerInfos;
   extern const Int_t Ids_FirstKey;
   extern const Int_t Ids_FirstObject;
   extern const char* ObjectRef;
   extern const char* ObjectRef_Arr;
   extern const char* ObjectPtr;
   extern const char* ObjectInst;
   extern const char* Version;
   extern const char* TObjectUniqueId;
   extern const char* TObjectBits;
   extern const char* TObjectProcessId;
   extern const char* TStringValue;
   extern const char* IndexSepar;
   extern const char* RawSuffix;
   extern const char* ParentSuffix;
   extern const char* ObjectSuffix;
   extern const char* PointerSuffix;
   extern const char* StrSuffix;
   extern const char* LongStrPrefix;
   extern const char* Array;
   extern const char* Bool;
   extern const char* Char;
   extern const char* Short;
   extern const char* Int;
   extern const char* Long;
   extern const char* Long64;
   extern const char* Float;
   extern const char* Double;
   extern const char* UChar;
   extern const char* UShort;
   extern const char* UInt;
   extern const char* ULong;
   extern const char* ULong64;
   extern const char* CharStar;
   extern const char* True;
   extern const char* False;
   extern const char* KeysTable;
   extern const char* KeysTableIndex;
   extern const char* KT_Name;
   extern const char* KT_Title;
   extern const char* KT_Datetime;
   extern const char* KT_Cycle;
   extern const char* KT_Class;

   extern const char* DT_Create;
   extern const char* DT_Modified;
   extern const char* DT_UUID;
   extern const char* ObjectsTable;
   extern const char* ObjectsTableIndex;
   extern const char* OT_Class;
   extern const char* OT_Version;
   extern const char* IdsTable;
   extern const char* IdsTableIndex;
   extern const char* IT_TableID;
   extern const char* IT_SubID;
   extern const char* IT_Type;
   extern const char* IT_FullName;
   extern const char* IT_SQLName;
   extern const char* IT_Info;
   extern const char* BT_Field;
   extern const char* BT_Value;
   extern const char* StringsTable;
   extern const char* ST_Value;
   extern const char* ConfigTable;
   extern const char* CT_Field;
   extern const char* CT_Value;
   extern const char* cfg_Version;
   extern const char* cfg_UseSufixes;
   extern const char* cfg_ArrayLimit;
   extern const char* cfg_TablesType;
   extern const char* cfg_UseTransactions;
   extern const char* cfg_UseIndexes;
   extern const char* cfg_LockingMode;
   extern const char* cfg_ModifyCounter;


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