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class TEveRefBackPtr: public TEveRefCnt

 Base-class for reference-counted objects with reverse references to
 TEveElement objects.

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Function documentation

 Default constructor.
 Destructor. Noop, should complain if back-ref list is not empty.
TEveRefBackPtr(const TEveRefBackPtr& )
 Copy constructor. New copy starts with zero reference count and
 empty back-reference list.
TEveRefBackPtr& operator=(const TEveRefBackPtr& )
 Assignment operator. Reference count and back-reference
 information is not assigned as these object hold pointers to a
 specific object.
void IncRefCount(TEveElement* re)
 Increase reference cound and add re to the list of back-references.
void DecRefCount(TEveElement* re)
 Decrease reference cound and remove re from the list of back-references.
void StampBackPtrElements(UChar_t stamps)
 Add givem stamps to elements in the list of reverse references.