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Gviz3d - Objects Data Structure visualisation in 3D space

The Gviz3d module provides an interface for inspecting objects collections. TStructViewer represents a class, a struct or any other type as an object in 3D space. At the top of the scene we can see objects depending on a pointer root. Under it we see pointers and collection elements. Collections must inherit from TCollection or be STL collections. We can change the number of visible levels or objects on the scene with the GUI or methods. The Size of objects in the geometry scene is proportional to memory taken by this object or to the number of objects inside this object. An easy way to find some class in the viewer is to change the color of a type. We can connect for example TF2 class with red color or connect all classes inheriting from TF2 by adding plus to name. For example typename "TF2+" tells us that all classes inheriting from TF2 will be red. Navigatiion in the viewer is very simple like in usual GLViewer. When you put mouse over some object you can see some information about it (e.g. name, size, actual level). When you double click this object, it becames top object on scene. Undo and redo operations are supported.

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