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class ROOT::Math::BrentRootFinder: public ROOT::Math::IRootFinderMethod

   User class for finding function roots.

   It will use the Brent Method for finding function roots in a given interval.
   This class is implemented from TF1::GetX() method.

   @ingroup RootFinders

Function Members (Methods)

ROOT::Math::BrentRootFinderBrentRootFinder(const ROOT::Math::BrentRootFinder&)
virtual intROOT::Math::IRootFinderMethod::Iterate()
virtual intROOT::Math::IRootFinderMethod::Iterations() const
virtual const char*Name() const
ROOT::Math::IRootFinderMethod&ROOT::Math::IRootFinderMethod::operator=(const ROOT::Math::IRootFinderMethod&)
virtual doubleRoot() const
virtual intSetFunction(const ROOT::Math::IGenFunction& f, double xlow, double xup)
virtual intSolve(int maxIter = 100, double absTol = 1E-3, double relTol = 1E-6)

Data Members

const ROOT::Math::IGenFunction*fFunctionPointer to the function.
doublefRootCurrent stimation of the function root.
doublefXMaxUpper bound of the search interval
doublefXMinLower bound of the search interval.

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Function documentation

virtual ~BrentRootFinder()
 Default Destructor. 
 Default Constructor. 
int SetFunction(const ROOT::Math::IGenFunction& f, double xlow, double xup)
int Solve(int maxIter = 100, double absTol = 1E-3, double relTol = 1E-6)
 Returns the X value corresponding to the function value fy for (xmin<x<xmax).
          First, the grid search is used to bracket the maximum
          with the step size = (xmax-xmin)/fNpx. This way, the step size
          can be controlled via the SetNpx() function. If the function is
          unimodal or if its extrema are far apart, setting the fNpx to
          a small value speeds the algorithm up many times.
          Then, Brent's method is applied on the bracketed interval.

          \@param maxIter maximum number of iterations.
          \@param absTol desired absolute error in the minimum position.
          \@param absTol desired relative error in the minimum position.

double Root() const
 Returns root value. Need to call first Solve(). 
const char* Name() const
 Return name of root finder algorithm ("BrentRootFinder").