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class ROOT::Minuit2::MnApplication

    application interface class for minimizers (migrad, simplex, Minimize,
    User normally instantiates the derived class like ROOT::Minuit2::MnMigrad
    for using Migrad for minimization

Function Members (Methods)

    This is an abstract class, constructors will not be documented.
    Look at the header to check for available constructors.

voidAdd(const char*, double)
voidAdd(const char* Name, double val, double err)
voidAdd(const char* Name, double val, double err, double, double)
const ROOT::Minuit2::MnUserCovariance&Covariance() const
doubleError(unsigned int) const
doubleError(const char*) const
vector<double>Errors() const
doubleExt2int(unsigned int, double) const
unsigned intExtOfInt(unsigned int) const
virtual const ROOT::Minuit2::FCNBase&Fcnbase() const
voidFix(unsigned int)
voidFix(const char*)
unsigned intIndex(const char*) const
doubleInt2ext(unsigned int, double) const
unsigned intIntOfExt(unsigned int) const
virtual const ROOT::Minuit2::ModularFunctionMinimizer&Minimizer() const
const vector<ROOT::Minuit2::MinuitParameter>&MinuitParameters() const
const char*Name(unsigned int) const
unsigned intNumOfCalls() const
virtual ROOT::Minuit2::FunctionMinimumoperator()(unsigned int maxfcn = 0, double tolerance = 0.1)
const ROOT::Minuit2::MinuitParameter&Parameter(unsigned int i) const
const ROOT::Minuit2::MnUserParameters&Parameters() const
vector<double>Params() const
const ROOT::Minuit2::MnMachinePrecision&Precision() const
voidRelease(unsigned int)
voidRelease(const char*)
voidRemoveLimits(unsigned int)
voidRemoveLimits(const char*)
voidSetError(unsigned int, double)
voidSetError(const char*, double)
voidSetLimits(unsigned int, double, double)
voidSetLimits(const char*, double, double)
voidSetValue(unsigned int, double)
voidSetValue(const char*, double)
const ROOT::Minuit2::MnUserParameterState&State() const
const ROOT::Minuit2::MnStrategy&Strategy() const
doubleValue(unsigned int) const
doubleValue(const char*) const
unsigned intVariableParameters() const

Data Members

const ROOT::Minuit2::FCNBase&fFCN
unsigned intfNumCall

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Function documentation

virtual ~MnApplication()
{ }
FunctionMinimum operator()(unsigned int maxfcn = 0, double tolerance = 0.1)
      Minimize the function
      @param maxfcn : max number of function calls (if = 0) default is used which is set to
                     200 + 100 * npar + 5 * npar**2
      @param tolerance : value used for terminating iteration procedure.
             For example, MIGRAD will stop iterating when edm (expected distance from minimum) will be:
             edm < tolerance * 10**-3
             Default value of tolerance used is 0.1

const FCNBase& Fcnbase() const
{return fFCN;}
unsigned int NumOfCalls() const
{return fNumCall;}
const std::vector<ROOT::Minuit2::MinuitParameter>& MinuitParameters() const
 facade: forward interface of MnUserParameters and MnUserTransformation
 via MnUserParameterState
access to parameters (row-wise)
std::vector<double> Params() const
access to parameters and errors in column-wise representation
std::vector<double> Errors() const
void Add(const char* Name, double val, double err)
add free Parameter
void Add(const char* Name, double val, double err, double , double )
add limited Parameter
void Add(const char* , double )
add const Parameter
void Fix(unsigned int)
interaction via external number of Parameter
void Release(unsigned int)
void SetValue(unsigned int, double)
void SetError(unsigned int, double)
void SetLimits(unsigned int, double, double)
void RemoveLimits(unsigned int)
double Value(unsigned int)
double Error(unsigned int)
void Fix(const char*)
interaction via Name of Parameter
void Release(const char*)
void SetValue(const char*, double)
void SetError(const char*, double)
void SetLimits(const char*, double, double)
void RemoveLimits(const char*)
void SetPrecision(double )
double Value(const char*)
double Error(const char*)
unsigned int Index(const char* ) const
convert Name into external number of Parameter
const char* Name(unsigned int ) const
convert external number into Name of Parameter
double Int2ext(unsigned int , double ) const
 transformation internal <-> external
double Ext2int(unsigned int , double ) const
unsigned int IntOfExt(unsigned int ) const
unsigned int ExtOfInt(unsigned int ) const
unsigned int VariableParameters() const