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class TMVA::BinarySearchTreeNode: public TMVA::Node

 Node for the BinarySearch or Decision Trees

 for the binary search tree, it basically consists of the EVENT, and
 pointers to the parent and daughters

 in case of the Decision Tree, it specifies parent and daughters, as
 well as "which variable is used" in the selection of this node, including
 the respective cut value.

Function Members (Methods)

virtual voidAddAttributesToNode(void* node) const
virtual voidAddContentToNode(stringstream& s) const
void*TMVA::Node::AddXMLTo(void* parent) const
TMVA::BinarySearchTreeNodeBinarySearchTreeNode(const TMVA::Event* e = NULL)
TMVA::BinarySearchTreeNodeBinarySearchTreeNode(TMVA::BinarySearchTreeNode* parent, char pos)
TMVA::BinarySearchTreeNodeBinarySearchTreeNode(const TMVA::BinarySearchTreeNode& n, TMVA::BinarySearchTreeNode* parent = NULL)
static TClass*Class()
Int_tTMVA::Node::CountMeAndAllDaughters() const
virtual TMVA::Node*CreateNode() const
virtual Bool_tEqualsMe(const TMVA::Event&) const
UInt_tTMVA::Node::GetDepth() const
const vector<Float_t>&GetEventV() const
TMVA::Node*TMVA::Node::GetLeft() const
TMVA::Node*TMVA::Node::GetParent() const
TMVA::BinaryTree*TMVA::Node::GetParentTree() const
charTMVA::Node::GetPos() const
TMVA::Node*TMVA::Node::GetRight() const
Short_tGetSelector() const
const vector<Float_t>&GetTargets() const
Float_tGetWeight() const
virtual Bool_tGoesLeft(const TMVA::Event&) const
virtual Bool_tGoesRight(const TMVA::Event&) const
virtual TClass*IsA() const
Bool_tIsSignal() const
TMVA::BinarySearchTreeNode&operator=(const TMVA::BinarySearchTreeNode&)
virtual voidPrint(ostream& os) const
virtual voidPrintRec(ostream& os) const
voidTMVA::Node::ReadXML(void* node, UInt_t tmva_Version_Code = TMVA_VERSION_CODE)
voidTMVA::Node::SetDepth(UInt_t d)
voidTMVA::Node::SetLeft(TMVA::Node* l)
voidTMVA::Node::SetParent(TMVA::Node* p)
voidTMVA::Node::SetParentTree(TMVA::BinaryTree* t)
voidTMVA::Node::SetPos(char s)
voidTMVA::Node::SetRight(TMVA::Node* r)
voidSetSelector(Short_t i)
virtual voidShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent)
virtual voidStreamer(TBuffer& b)
voidStreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)
virtual voidReadAttributes(void* node, UInt_t tmva_Version_Code = TMVA_VERSION_CODE)
virtual voidReadContent(stringstream& s)
virtual Bool_tReadDataRecord(istream& is, UInt_t tmva_Version_Code = TMVA_VERSION_CODE)

Data Members

Short_tfSelectorindex of variable used in node selection (decision tree)

Class Charts

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Class Charts

Function documentation

BinarySearchTreeNode(const TMVA::Event* e = NULL)
 constructor of a node for the search tree
BinarySearchTreeNode( BinarySearchTreeNode* parent, char pos )
 constructor of a daughter node as a daughter of 'p'
BinarySearchTreeNode( const BinarySearchTreeNode &n, BinarySearchTreeNode* parent )
 copy constructor of a node. It will result in an explicit copy of
 the node and recursively all it's daughters
 node destructor
Bool_t GoesRight(const TMVA::Event& ) const
 check if the event fed into the node goes/decends to the right daughter
Bool_t GoesLeft(const TMVA::Event& ) const
 check if the event fed into the node goes/decends to the left daughter
Bool_t EqualsMe(const TMVA::Event& ) const
 check if the event fed into the node actually equals the event
 that forms the node (in case of a search tree)
void Print(ostream& os) const
 print the node
void PrintRec(ostream& os) const
 recursively print the node and its daughters (--> print the 'tree')
Bool_t ReadDataRecord(istream& is, UInt_t tmva_Version_Code = TMVA_VERSION_CODE)
 Read the data block
void ReadAttributes(void* node, UInt_t tmva_Version_Code = TMVA_VERSION_CODE)
 read attributes from XML
void AddAttributesToNode(void* node) const
 adding attributes to tree node
void AddContentToNode(stringstream& s) const
 adding attributes to tree node
void ReadContent(stringstream& s)
 read events from node
Node* CreateNode() const
{ return new BinarySearchTreeNode(); }
void SetSelector(Short_t i)
 set index of variable used for discrimination at this node
{ fSelector = i; }
Short_t GetSelector() const
 return index of variable used for discrimination at this node
{ return fSelector; }
const std::vector<Float_t> & GetEventV() const
{ return fEventV; }
Float_t GetWeight() const
{ return fWeight; }
Bool_t IsSignal() const
{ return (fClass == 0); }
const std::vector<Float_t> & GetTargets() const
{ return fTargets; }