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class TMVA::TActivationSigmoid: public TMVA::TActivation

  Sigmoid activation function for TNeuron. This really simple implementation
  uses TFormulas and should probably be replaced with something more
  efficient later.

Function Members (Methods)

Data Members

TFormula*fEqnequation of sigmoid
TFormula*fEqnDerivativeequation of sigmoid derivative

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Class Charts

Function documentation

 constructor for sigmoid normalized in [0,1]
Double_t Eval(Double_t arg)
 evaluate the sigmoid
Double_t EvalDerivative(Double_t arg)
 evaluate the derivative of the sigmoid
TString GetExpression()
 get expressions for the sigmoid and its derivatives
void MakeFunction(ostream& fout, const TString& fncName)
 writes the sigmoid activation function source code
Double_t GetMin()
 minimum of the range of the activation function
{ return 0; }
Double_t GetMax()
 maximum of the range of the activation function
{ return 1; }