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class ROOT::Fit::DataOptions

   DataOptions : simple structure holding the options on how the data are filled

   @ingroup FitData

Function Members (Methods)

Data Members

boolfAsymErrorsuse asymmetric errors in the value when available, selecting them according to the on sign of residual (default is true)
boolfBinVolumenormalize data by the bin volume (it is used in the Poisson likelihood fits)
boolfCoordErrorsuse errors on the x coordinates when available (default is true)
boolfErrors1use all errors equal to 1, i.e. fit without errors (default is false)
boolfIntegraluse integral of bin content instead of bin center (default is false)
boolfUseEmptyuse empty bins (default is false) with a fixed error of 1
boolfUseRangeuse the function range when creating the fit data (default is false)

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      Default constructor: use the default options