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class ROOT::Math::IOptions

    Generic interface for defining configuration options of a numerical algorithm

    @ingroup NumAlgo

Function Members (Methods)

    This is an abstract class, constructors will not be documented.
    Look at the header to check for available constructors.

virtual ROOT::Math::IOptions*Clone() const
virtual boolGetIntValue(const char*, int&) const
virtual boolGetNamedValue(const char*, string&) const
virtual boolGetRealValue(const char*, double&) const
intIValue(const char* name) const
stringNamedValue(const char* name) const
ROOT::Math::IOptions&operator=(const ROOT::Math::IOptions&)
virtual voidPrint(ostream& = std::cout) const
doubleRValue(const char* name) const
virtual voidSetIntValue(const char*, int)
virtual voidSetNamedValue(const char*, const char*)
virtual voidSetRealValue(const char*, double)
voidSetValue(const char* name, double val)
voidSetValue(const char* name, int val)
voidSetValue(const char* name, const char* val)
boolDoGetValue(const char* name, double& val) const
boolDoGetValue(const char* name, int& val) const
boolDoGetValue(const char* name, string& val) const

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Function documentation

virtual ~IOptions()
IOptions * Clone() const
 copy the options
void SetValue(const char* name, double val)
 generic  methods for  retrivieng options 
 set option value
{ SetRealValue(name,val);}
void SetValue(const char* name, int val)
{ SetIntValue(name,val);}
void SetValue(const char* name, const char* val)
{ SetNamedValue(name,val);}
double RValue(const char* name) const
int IValue(const char* name) const
std::string NamedValue(const char* name) const
bool GetRealValue(const char* , double& ) const
 methods to be re-implemented in the derived classes
{ return false; }
bool GetIntValue(const char* , int& ) const
{ return false; }
bool GetNamedValue(const char* , string& ) const
{ return false; }
void SetRealValue(const char* , double )
 method wich need to be re-implemented by the derived classes
{MATH_ERROR_MSG("IOptions::SetRealValue","Invalid setter method called"); }
void SetIntValue(const char* , int )
{MATH_ERROR_MSG("IOptions::SetIntValue","Invalid setter method called"); }
void SetNamedValue(const char* , const char* )
{MATH_ERROR_MSG("IOptions::SetNamedValue","Invalid setter method called"); }
void Print(ostream& = std::cout) const
 print options
{MATH_INFO_MSG("IOptions::Print","it is not implemented");}
bool DoGetValue(const char* name, double& val) const
{ return GetRealValue(name,val); }
bool DoGetValue(const char* name, int& val) const
{ return GetIntValue(name,val); }
bool DoGetValue(const char* name, string& val) const
{ return GetNamedValue(name,val); }