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class ROOT::Math::IRootFinderMethod

   Interface for finding function roots of one-dimensional functions

   @ingroup RootFinders

Function Members (Methods)

    This is an abstract class, constructors will not be documented.
    Look at the header to check for available constructors.

virtual intIterate()
virtual intIterations() const
virtual const char*Name() const
ROOT::Math::IRootFinderMethod&operator=(const ROOT::Math::IRootFinderMethod&)
virtual doubleRoot() const
virtual boolSetFunction(const ROOT::Math::IGradFunction&, double)
virtual boolSetFunction(const ROOT::Math::IGenFunction&, double, double)
virtual boolSolve(int maxIter = 100, double absTol = 1E-8, double relTol = 1E-10)
virtual intStatus() const

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Function documentation

virtual ~IRootFinderMethod()
 Default Destructor. 
bool SetFunction(const ROOT::Math::IGradFunction& , double )
 Common functionality
 Sets the function for algorithms using derivatives.  
bool SetFunction(const ROOT::Math::IGenFunction& , double , double )
 Sets the function for the rest of the algorithms.
The parameters set the interval where the root has to be calculated. 
double Root() const
 Returns the previously calculated root. 
int Status() const
 Returns the status of the previous estimate 
bool Solve(int maxIter = 100, double absTol = 1E-8, double relTol = 1E-10)
 Methods to be Implemented in the derived classes
 Stimates the root for the function.
       \@param maxIter maximum number of iterations.
       \@param absTol desired absolute error in the minimum position.
       \@param absTol desired relative error in the minimum position.

const char* Name() const
 Return name of root finder algorithm 
int Iterate()
 This method is  implemented only by the GSLRootFinder
and GSLRootFinderDeriv classes and will return an error if it's not one of them. 
int Iterations() const
 Return number of iterations used to find the root
       Must be implemented by derived classes

{ return -1; }