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class ROOT::Math::IntegratorOneDimOptions: public ROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions

    Base class for Numerical integration  options
    common in 1D and multi-dimension
    This is an internal class and is not supposed to be instantiated by the user

    @ingroup Integration

Function Members (Methods)

doubleROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions::AbsTolerance() const
static ROOT::Math::IOptions&Default(const char* name)
static doubleDefaultAbsTolerance()
static stringDefaultIntegrator()
static ROOT::Math::IntegrationOneDim::TypeDefaultIntegratorType()
static unsigned intDefaultNPoints()
static doubleDefaultRelTolerance()
static unsigned intDefaultWKSize()
ROOT::Math::IOptions*ROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions::ExtraOptions() const
static ROOT::Math::IOptions*FindDefault(const char* name)
virtual stringIntegrator() const
ROOT::Math::IntegratorOneDimOptionsIntegratorOneDimOptions(ROOT::Math::IOptions* extraOpts = 0)
ROOT::Math::IntegratorOneDimOptionsIntegratorOneDimOptions(const ROOT::Math::IntegratorOneDimOptions& rhs)
ROOT::Math::IntegrationOneDim::TypeIntegratorType() const
unsigned intNPoints() const
ROOT::Math::IntegratorOneDimOptions&operator=(const ROOT::Math::IntegratorOneDimOptions& rhs)
voidPrint(ostream& os = std::cout) const
static voidPrintDefault(const char* name = 0, ostream& os = std::cout)
doubleROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions::RelTolerance() const
voidROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions::SetAbsTolerance(double tol)
static voidSetDefaultAbsTolerance(double tol)
static voidSetDefaultIntegrator(const char* name)
static voidSetDefaultNPoints(unsigned int n)
static voidSetDefaultRelTolerance(double tol)
static voidSetDefaultWKSize(unsigned int size)
voidROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions::SetExtraOptions(const ROOT::Math::IOptions& opt)
voidSetIntegrator(const char* name)
voidSetNPoints(unsigned int n)
voidROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions::SetRelTolerance(double tol)
voidROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions::SetWKSize(unsigned int size)
unsigned intROOT::Math::BaseIntegratorOptions::WKSize() const

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Function documentation

BaseIntegratorOptions & operator=(const ROOT::Math::IntegratorOneDimOptions& rhs)
 assignment operators
std::string Integrator() const
 name of 1D integrator
IntegratorOneDimOptions(IOptions * extraOpts = 0)
 constructor using the default options
 can pass a pointer to extra options (N.B. pointer will be managed by the class)
virtual ~IntegratorOneDimOptions()
IntegratorOneDimOptions(const IntegratorOneDimOptions & rhs)
 copy constructor
void SetNPoints(unsigned int n)
 specific method for one-dim
 set number of points rule
 values of 1,2,3,4,5,6 corresponds to 15,21,31,41,51,61 and they are used in GSL adaptive
 values > 6 corresponds to the actual points and they are used by teh GaussLegendre integrator
{ fNCalls = n; }
unsigned int NPoints() const
 maximum number of function calls
{ return fNCalls; }
IntegrationOneDim::Type IntegratorType() const
 type of the integrator (return the enumeration type)
{ return (IntegrationOneDim::Type) fIntegType; }
void SetIntegrator(const char* name)
 set 1D integrator name
void Print(ostream& os = std::cout) const
 print all the options
void SetDefaultIntegrator(const char* name)
 static methods for setting and retrieving the default options
void SetDefaultAbsTolerance(double tol)
void SetDefaultRelTolerance(double tol)
void SetDefaultWKSize(unsigned int size)
void SetDefaultNPoints(unsigned int n)
std::string DefaultIntegrator()
IntegrationOneDim::Type DefaultIntegratorType()
double DefaultAbsTolerance()
double DefaultRelTolerance()
unsigned int DefaultWKSize()
unsigned int DefaultNPoints()
ROOT::Math::IOptions & Default(const char* name)
 retrieve specific options - if not existing create a IOptions
ROOT::Math::IOptions * FindDefault(const char* name)
 find specific options - return 0 if not existing
void PrintDefault(const char* name = 0, ostream& os = std::cout)
 print only the specified default options