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class ROOT::Math::KelvinFunctions


Calculates the Kelvin Functions Ber(x), Bei(x), Ker(x), Kei(x), and
their first derivatives.

Function Members (Methods)

static doubleBei(double x)
static doubleBer(double x)
static doubleDBei(double x)
static doubleDBer(double x)
static doubleDKei(double x)
static doubleDKer(double x)
static doubleF1(double x)
static doubleF2(double x)
static doubleG1(double x)
static doubleG2(double x)
static doubleKei(double x)
ROOT::Math::KelvinFunctionsKelvinFunctions(const ROOT::Math::KelvinFunctions&)
static doubleKer(double x)
static doubleM(double x)
static doubleN(double x)
ROOT::Math::KelvinFunctions&operator=(const ROOT::Math::KelvinFunctions&)
static doublePhi(double x)
static doubleTheta(double x)

Data Members

static doublefgEpsilon
static doublefgMin

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Function documentation

double Ber(double x)
 The Kelvin functions and their first derivatives
double Bei(double x)
double Ker(double x)
double Kei(double x)
double DBer(double x)
double DBei(double x)
double DKer(double x)
double DKei(double x)
double F1(double x)
 Utility functions appearing in the calculations of the Kelvin
double F2(double x)
double G1(double x)
double G2(double x)
double M(double x)
double Theta(double x)
double N(double x)
double Phi(double x)
virtual ~KelvinFunctions()
 Include and empty virtual desctructor to eliminate compiler warnings