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class ROOT::Math::ParamFunctor

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Function documentation

double operator()(double* x, double* p)
   virtual double operator() (const double * x, const double *p) const = 0;
ParamMemFunHandler& operator=(const ROOT::Math::ParamFunctor& rhs)
      Default constructor

ParamFunctor(const PtrObj& p, MemFn memFn)
       construct from a pointer to member function (multi-dim type)

explicit ParamFunctor( const Func & f)
      construct from another generic Functor of multi-dimension

virtual ~ParamFunctor()
      Destructor (no operations)

void * GetImpl()
{ return (void *) fImpl; }
bool Empty()
{ return fImpl == 0; }
void SetFunction(ROOT::Math::ParamFunctor::Impl* f)