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class ROOT::Math::Polar2D<Double32_t>

       Class describing a polar 2D coordinate system based on r and phi
       Phi is restricted to be in the range [-PI,PI)

       @ingroup GenVector

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Function Members (Methods)

static doublepi()

Data Members


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Function documentation

Polar2D & operator=(const ROOT::Math::Polar2D<Double32_t>& v)
      assignment operator

void SetCoordinates(ROOT::Math::Polar2D<Double32_t>::Scalar r, ROOT::Math::Polar2D<Double32_t>::Scalar phi)
      Set internal data based on 2 Scalar numbers

{ fR=r; fPhi=phi; Restrict(); }
void GetCoordinates(ROOT::Math::Polar2D<Double32_t>::Scalar& r, ROOT::Math::Polar2D<Double32_t>::Scalar& phi) const
      get internal data into 2 Scalar numbers

{r=fR; phi=fPhi;}
Scalar R() const
{ return fR;}
Scalar Phi() const
{ return fPhi; }
Scalar X() const
{ return fR*std::cos(fPhi);}
Scalar Y() const
{ return fR*std::sin(fPhi);}
Scalar Mag2() const
{ return fR*fR;}
void SetR(const Double32_t& r)
 setters (only for data members)

       set the r coordinate value keeping phi constant

void SetPhi(const Double32_t& phi)
       set the phi coordinate value keeping r constant

void SetXY(ROOT::Math::Polar2D<Double32_t>::Scalar a, ROOT::Math::Polar2D<Double32_t>::Scalar b)
       set all values using cartesian coordinates

double pi()
{ return M_PI; }
void Scale(Double32_t a)
       scale by a scalar quantity - for polar coordinates r changes

void Rotate(Double32_t angle)
      rotate the vector

bool operator==(const ROOT::Math::Polar2D<Double32_t>& rhs) const
      Exact equality

bool operator!=(const ROOT::Math::Polar2D<Double32_t>& rhs) const
{return !(operator==(rhs));}
T x() const
 ============= Compatibility section ==================
 The following make this coordinate system look enough like a CLHEP
 vector that an assignment member template can work with either
{ return X();}
T y() const
{ return Y();}
void SetX(ROOT::Math::Polar2D<Double32_t>::Scalar a)
 ============= Specializations for improved speed ==================
 ====== Set member functions for coordinates in other systems =======
void SetY(ROOT::Math::Polar2D<Double32_t>::Scalar a)