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class ROOT::Math::SMatrix<float,6,6,ROOT::Math::MatRepStd<float,6,6> >::SMatrixRow_const

    SMatrix: a generic fixed size D1 x D2 Matrix class.
    The class is template on the scalar type, on the matrix sizes:
    D1 = number of rows and D2 = number of columns
    amd on the representation storage type.
    By default the representation is MatRepStd<T,D1,D2> (standard D1xD2 of type T),
    but it can be of type MatRepSym<T,D> for symmetric matrices DxD, where the storage is only

    See \ref SMatrixDoc.

    Original author is Thorsten Glebe
    HERA-B Collaboration, MPI Heidelberg (Germany)

    @ingroup SMatrixSVector

    @authors T. Glebe, L. Moneta and J. Palacios

 SMatrix: column-wise storage

Function Members (Methods)

Data Members

const ROOT::Math::SMatrix<float,6,6,ROOT::Math::MatRepStd<float,6,6> >*fMat
unsigned intfRow

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Function documentation

T & operator[](int j)
{ return (*fMat)(fRow,j); }
SMatrixRow_const(const ROOT::Math::SMatrix<float,6,6,ROOT::Math::MatRepStd<float,6,6> >& rhs, unsigned int i)