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class ROOT::Math::Translation3D

    Class describing a 3 dimensional translation. It can be combined (using the operator *)
    with the ROOT::Math::Rotation3D  classes and ROOT::Math::Transform3D to obtained combined
    transformations and to operate on points and vectors.
    Note that a the translation applied to a Vector object (DisplacementVector3D and LorentzVector classes)
    performes a noop, i.e. it returns the same vector. A translation can be applied only to the Point objects
    (PositionVector3D classes).

    @ingroup GenVector

Function Members (Methods)

voidGetComponents(double& dx, double& dy, double& dz) const
ROOT::Math::Translation3DInverse() const
booloperator!=(const ROOT::Math::Translation3D& rhs) const
ROOT::Math::Plane3Doperator()(const ROOT::Math::Plane3D& plane) const
ROOT::Math::Translation3Doperator*(const ROOT::Math::Translation3D& t) const
ROOT::Math::Translation3D&operator*=(const ROOT::Math::Translation3D& t)
ROOT::Math::Translation3D&operator=(const ROOT::Math::Translation3D&)
booloperator==(const ROOT::Math::Translation3D& rhs) const
voidSetComponents(double dx, double dy, double dz)
voidSetXYZ(double dx, double dy, double dz)
ROOT::Math::Translation3DTranslation3D(const ROOT::Math::Translation3D&)
ROOT::Math::Translation3DTranslation3D(double dx, double dy, double dz)
const ROOT::Math::Translation3D::Vector&Vect() const

Data Members

ROOT::Math::Translation3D::VectorfVectinternal 3D vector representing the translation

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Function documentation

       Default constructor ( zero translation )

Translation3D(IT begin, IT end)
      Construct given a pair of pointers or iterators defining the
      beginning and end of an array of 3 Scalars representing the z,y,z of the translation vector

Translation3D(double dx, double dy, double dz)
      Construct from x,y,z values representing the translation

{ }
void SetComponents(IT begin, IT end)
      Set the 3  components given an iterator to the start of
      the desired data, and another to the end (3 past start).

void GetComponents(IT begin, IT end)
      Get the 3  components into data specified by an iterator begin
      and another to the end of the desired data (12 past start).

SetXYZ(double dx, double dy, double dz)
      Set the XYZ vector components from 3 scalars

PositionVector3D<CoordSystem,Tag> operator()(const ROOT::Math::Plane3D& plane) const
 operations on points and vectors

      Transformation operation for Position Vector in any coordinate system and default tag

void Invert()
       Invert the transformation in place

Translation3D Inverse() const
      Return the inverse of the transformation.

return ! operator==(rhs)