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class ROOT::Math::VirtualIntegratorOneDim: public ROOT::Math::VirtualIntegrator

   Abstract class for all numerical integration methods (1D and multi-dim)
   Interface defining the common methods for the
   numerical integrator classes of one and multi dimensions
   The derived class VirtualIntegratorOneDim defines the methods
   for one-dimensional integration.
   The derived class VirtualIntegratorMultiDim defines the method for
   multi-dimensional integration.
   The concrete classes for one dimension (e.g. GSLIntegrator) or
   multi-dimension (e.g. GSLMCIntegrator) can be created using the
   plug-in manager.
   Users should not use directly this class but the concrete classes ROOT::Math::IntegratorOneDim or

   @ingroup  Integration

Function Members (Methods)

    This is an abstract class, constructors will not be documented.
    Look at the header to check for available constructors.

virtual doubleROOT::Math::VirtualIntegrator::Error() const
virtual doubleIntegral()
virtual doubleIntegral(const vector<double>& pts)
virtual doubleIntegral(double a, double b)
virtual doubleIntegralCauchy(double a, double b, double c)
virtual doubleIntegralLow(double b)
virtual doubleIntegralUp(double a)
virtual intROOT::Math::VirtualIntegrator::NEval() const
ROOT::Math::VirtualIntegratorOneDim&operator=(const ROOT::Math::VirtualIntegratorOneDim&)
virtual ROOT::Math::IntegratorOneDimOptionsOptions() const
virtual doubleROOT::Math::VirtualIntegrator::Result() const
virtual voidROOT::Math::VirtualIntegrator::SetAbsTolerance(double)
virtual voidSetFunction(const ROOT::Math::IGenFunction&)
virtual voidSetOptions(const ROOT::Math::IntegratorOneDimOptions& opt)
virtual voidROOT::Math::VirtualIntegrator::SetRelTolerance(double)
virtual intROOT::Math::VirtualIntegrator::Status() const
virtual ROOT::Math::IntegrationOneDim::TypeType() const

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Function documentation

virtual ~VirtualIntegratorOneDim()
 destructor: no operation
double Integral(double a, double b)
 evaluate integral
void SetFunction(const ROOT::Math::IGenFunction& )
 set integration function
double Integral()
 evaluate un-defined  integral (between -inf, + inf)
double IntegralUp(double a)
 evaluate integral over the (a, +inf)
double IntegralLow(double b)
 evaluate integral over the (-inf, b)
double Integral(const vector<double>& pts)
 evaluate integral with singular points
double IntegralCauchy(double a, double b, double c)
 evaluate Cauchy integral
return Options()
void SetOptions(const ROOT::Math::IntegratorOneDimOptions& opt)
 set the options
 (should be re-implemented by derived classes -if more options than tolerance exist