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class TMatrixTDiag_const<double>

Matrix utility classes.

Templates of utility classes in the Linear Algebra Package.
The following classes are defined here:

Different matrix views without copying data elements :
TMatrixTRow_const        TMatrixTRow
TMatrixTColumn_const     TMatrixTColumn
TMatrixTDiag_const       TMatrixTDiag
TMatrixTFlat_const       TMatrixTFlat
TMatrixTSub_const        TMatrixTSub
TMatrixTSparseRow_const  TMatrixTSparseRow
TMatrixTSparseDiag_const TMatrixTSparseDiag


This class is also known as (typedefs to this class)

TMatrixTDiag_const<Double_t>, TMatrixDDiag_const

Function Members (Methods)

TMatrixTDiag_const<double>(const TMatrixT<double>& matrix)
TMatrixTDiag_const<double>(const TMatrixTSym<double>& matrix)
TMatrixTDiag_const<double>(const TMatrixTDiag_const<double>& trc)
static TClass*Class()
Int_tGetInc() const
const TMatrixTBase<double>*GetMatrix() const
Int_tGetNdiags() const
const double*GetPtr() const
virtual TClass*IsA() const
const double&operator()(Int_t i) const
TMatrixTDiag_const<double>&operator=(const TMatrixTDiag_const<double>& trc)
const double&operator[](Int_t i) const
virtual voidShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp)
virtual voidStreamer(TBuffer& b)
voidStreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)

Data Members

Int_tfIncif ptr=@a[i,i], then ptr+inc = @a[i+1,i+1]
TMatrixTBase<double>*fMatrixthe matrix I am the diagonal of
Int_tfNdiagnumber of diag elems, min(nrows,ncols)
const double*fPtrpointer to the a[0,0]

Class Charts

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Function documentation

TElementActionT& operator=(const TMatrixTDiag_const<double>& trc)
{return *this;}
const TMatrixTBase<Element> * GetMatrix() const
{ return fMatrix; }
Int_t GetInc() const
{ return fInc; }
const Element * GetPtr() const
{ return fPtr; }
const Element & operator()(Int_t i) const
const Element & operator[](Int_t i) const
{ return (*(const TMatrixTRow<Element> *)this)(i); }
Int_t GetNdiags() const
{ return fNdiag; }