// top doc page for Doxygen /** \page MathCore MathCore library @b MathCore provides a collection of functions and C++ classes for HEP numerical computing. This library provides only the basic mathematical functions and algorithms and not all the functionality required by the HEP community. More advanced mathematical functionalities is provided by the \ref MathMore. The current set includes classes and functions for: Note that in this latest release the \ref Vector "GenVector" (physics and geometry vectors for 2,3 and 4 dimensions with their transformations) is not anymore part of MathCore, but is built as a separate library.
MathCore contains instead now classes which were originally part of libCore. These include:

MathCore and its CINT dictionary is normally built by default in %ROOT. Alternatively MathCore can be built as a stand-alone library (excluding classes like TComplex or TRandom having a direct dependency of %ROOT libCore), downloading the current version from here. Note, that the stand-alone library, in contrast to the one distributed by %ROOT, does not contain the dictionary information and therefore cannot be used interactivly. To build the stand-alone MathCore library run first the configure script and then make. Do configure --help to see options available in configuring, like defining the installation directory. Run also make install to install the library and include files and make check to build the tests.

@authors The %ROOT Math Library Team

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