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ROOT version 5.32 development notes

2011-12-02 11:37  rdm

	* [r42374] build/version_number, core/base/inc/RVersion.h: Stamp
	  production version 5.32/00.

2011-12-02 10:50  moneta

	* [r42372] tutorials/roostats/StandardHypoTestInvDemo.C: protect
	  for cases when noSystematics and bModel does not exist

2011-12-01 22:41  rdm

	* [r42371] build/unix/,
	  core/doc/v532/index.html, graf2d/doc/v532/index.html,
	  hist/doc/v532/index.html, math/doc/v532/index.html,
	  net/doc/v532/index.html, proof/doc/v532/index.html,
	  roofit/doc/v532/index.html, tree/doc/v532/index.html: fix the
	  last remaining HTML errors, release notes are now valid XHTML 1.0

2011-12-01 20:52  rdm

	* [r42369] build/unix/ put comments mentioning
	  the orignal files and add link to validator.

2011-12-01 18:10  rdm

	* [r42365] io/io/src/TFile.cxx: in case of corrupted file with
	  unreadable StreamerInfo record, make the
	  file correctly a zombie to avoid a crash on exit. Fixes issue

2011-12-01 14:55  rdm

	* [r42355] test/Makefile, test/RootIDE/Makefile,
	  test/RootShower/Makefile, test/histviewer/Makefile,
	  test/periodic/Makefile, test/rhtml/Makefile: fix in case
	  root-config points to a directory that has now yet been build.
	  Fixes issue 88184.

2011-12-01 13:26  wouter

	* [r42347] roofit/roofitcore/src/RooStudyManager.cxx: o
	  - In runProof() add check that proof initialization succeeded

2011-12-01 10:47  rdm

	* [r42342] CMakeLists.txt, roofit/CMakeLists.txt,
	  roofit/histfactory/CMakeLists.txt, tmva/CMakeLists.txt: From
	  some more cleanups.

2011-11-30 23:54  moneta

	* [r42339] roofit/roostats, roofit/roostats/inc,
	  roofit/roostats/src/ProfileLikelihoodTestStat.cxx: merge fix
	  42337 and 42338 from the trunk

2011-11-30 21:43  rdm

	* [r42336] cmake/modules/RootNewMacros.cmake,
	  cmake/scripts/, roofit/CMakeLists.txt,
	  roofit/histfactory/CMakeLists.txt, roofit/roofit/CMakeLists.txt,
	  roofit/roofitcore/CMakeLists.txt, roofit/roostats/CMakeLists.txt,
	  test/CMakeLists.txt, tmva/CMakeLists.txt: From Pere:
	  - Fixed a couple missing headers in roofircore/CMakeLists.txt
	  (to match the
	  - Removed option CMAKENOEXPORT from Roofit and TMVA libraries.
	  Also changed the CMakeLists.txt files to simply them.
	  - Enabled stressTMVA and stressRooFit in the CTest tests.

2011-11-30 18:59  axel

	* [r42333] core/cont, core/cont/src/TClonesArray.cxx: Import of
	  r42332 from trunk.
	  Fix off-by-one error in zeroing out slots between n and previous
	  fLast; only fill up to fLast not fSize (what for? we know only
	  slots up to fLast were filled).

2011-11-30 16:47  moneta

	* [r42325] roofit/roostats, roofit/roostats/inc,
	  roofit/roostats/src/ProfileLikelihoodTestStat.cxx: merge from
	  trunk r42324

2011-11-30 10:37  moneta

	* [r42320] roofit/roostats, roofit/roostats/inc,
	  roofit/roostats/src: merge fix 42319 applied in the trunk

2011-11-30 09:19  tpochep

	* [r42318] graf2d/doc/v532/index.html: Width 800 is still to big,
	  use 750.

2011-11-30 04:23  pcanal

	* [r42315] core/doc/v532/index.html, io/doc/v530/index.html,
	  io/doc/v532/index.html, tree/doc/v532/index.html: update release

2011-11-29 21:48  axel

	* [r42313] cint/ROOT/CMakeLists.txt, net/CMakeLists.txt,
	  test/CMakeLists.txt: From Pere: CMake fixes

2011-11-29 17:59  moneta

	* [r42311] roofit/roostats/src/ProfileLikelihoodTestStat.cxx: add a
	  missing protection which could cause in some case a crash

2011-11-29 15:40  moneta

	* [r42307] test, test/stressHistogram.cxx: merge from trunk new
	  version of test (patch 42300)

2011-11-29 15:39  moneta

	* [r42306] hist/hist, hist/hist/src, hist/hist/src/TH1.cxx,
	  hist/hist/src/TH3.cxx: merge from trunk patch 42299 (fix
	  TH1::Add) and 42304 (fix TH3::ProjectProfile)

2011-11-29 15:38  moneta

	* [r42305] tutorials/roostats/StandardBayesianNumericalDemo.C: copy
	  from trunk new version of tutorial (r42295)

2011-11-29 14:57  cranmer

	* [r42301]
	  roofit/histfactory/src/ParamHistFunc.cxx: Fixing indexing bug for
	  stat errors and N-D histograms

2011-11-29 09:31  tpochep

	* [r42296] graf2d/doc/v532/index.html: Pics do not fit page width.

2011-11-29 07:44  moneta

	* [r42294] math/smatrix, math/smatrix/inc/Math/HelperOps.h: import
	  patch 42293 to fix a warning on icc

2011-11-29 01:27  cranmer

	* [r42292] etc/HistFactorySchema.dtd,
	  tutorials/histfactory/makeExample.C: additional HistFactory
	  tutorial examples, DTD tweak, and an extra warning in code

2011-11-28 23:29  rdm

	* [r42291] doc/v532/index.html, io/doc/v532/index.html,
	  net/doc/v532/index.html: html syntax fixes.

2011-11-28 19:49  wouter

	* [r42289] roofit/roofitcore/src/RooNameSet.cxx,
	  roofit/roofitcore/src/RooProdPdf.cxx: o RooProdPdf
	  - Fix stressRooFit crash move delete of RooArgSets in
	  getAnalyticalIntegral after their last use
	  o RooNameSet
	  - Bug fix: Also copy last byte of content string in select()

2011-11-28 19:04  axel

	* [r42287] cmake, cmake/modules/RootConfiguration.cmake,
	  cmake/scripts/ Merge r42285, 42286 from
	  trunk: From Pere: fix ACLiC for CMake builds on Windows

2011-11-28 16:21  moneta

	* [r42283] roofit/doc/v532/index.html: update release notes (fix a
	  missing </ul> tag)

2011-11-28 15:31  moneta

	* [r42282] tutorials/roostats/StandardHypoTestInvDemo.C: copy new
	  version of tutorials from trunk

2011-11-28 15:04  wouter

	* [r42278] roofit/roofitcore/src/RooBanner.cxx: Increase version
	  tag to 3.50

2011-11-28 14:56  wouter

	* [r42276] roofit/doc/v532/index.html: o Add RooFit release notes

2011-11-28 14:56  moneta

	* [r42275] roofit/roostats/src,
	  roofit/roostats/src/AsymptoticCalculator.cxx: merge fix 42274
	  from trunk

2011-11-28 14:28  moneta

	* [r42273] roofit/roostats, roofit/roostats/inc,
	  roofit/roostats/src/ToyMCSampler.cxx: merge fix 42272 from trunk

2011-11-28 11:53  rdm

	* [r42269] net/net/src/TSSLSocket.cxx: From Rainer Toebbicke:
	  fix two problems:
	  1. when the remote socket goes away violently, the SSL_peak would
	  not return
	  SSL_ERROR_ZERO_RETURN as in the case of a orderly shutdown but
	  likely SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL. Failure to notice this will result in
	  read() always returning zero length but the socket never closed
	  hence the connection never recovered but the program sent into a
	  2. a normal shutdown of an SSL connection results in a "close
	  being sent. I don't think that it's standard what happens if ever
	  the socket is already no longer connected at this moment, however
	  on Linux you get SIGPIPE which kills the process. I suggest to
	  SSL_set_quiet_shutdown in that case as the socket is going to be
	  closed on both sides anyway and there isn't anything to recover.

2011-11-27 17:46  wouter

	* [r42268] roofit/roofitcore/src/RooNameSet.cxx: o RooNameSet
	  - Reduce default array allocation from 1024 to 256 to reduce
	  memory footprint
	  of complex pdfs

2011-11-27 10:05  wouter

	* [r42265] roofit/roofitcore/src/RooAbsOptTestStatistic.cxx,
	  roofit/roofitcore/src/RooRealSumPdf.cxx: o
	  - Fix memory leak in binBoundaries()
	  o RooAbsOpttestStatistic,
	  - In optimizeConst pass _funcObsSet rather than _dataClone->get()
	  to constOptimizeTerms()
	  o RooObjCacheManager
	  - Implement simplified strategy in constOptimize()
	  that is now possible with new data/pdf attach
	  scheme (can now assume that observables are always
	  the same objects - even after the dataset is changed)

2011-11-25 23:02  wouter

	* [r42262] roofit/roofitcore/inc/RooMinimizer.h,
	  roofit/roostats/inc/RooStats/ProfileLikelihoodTestStat.h: o
	  - Follow change in RooMinuit - make optimizeConst flag int
	  (0=off, 1=const, 2=const+track&cache)
	  o ProfileLikelihoodTestStat
	  - change optimizeConst(kTRUE) to optimizeConst(2)

2011-11-25 22:08  ganis

	* [r42261] proof/proofbench/src/TProofBench.cxx,
	  proof/proofplayer/src/TPerfStats.cxx, test/stressProof.cxx:
	  Import the following patches in PROOF:
	  # 42142 fixing the return code of stressProof
	  # 42238 fix check of envs and parameters in TPerfStat
	  # 42248 fix name of the internal directory in the draw fucntions
	  of TProofBench

2011-11-25 21:37  moneta

	* [r42260] roofit/roostats, roofit/roostats/inc,
	  roofit/roostats/src/AsymptoticCalculator.cxx: merge fix 42258 &
	  42259 from trunk to fix AsymptoticCalculator for no systematics

2011-11-25 19:43  moneta

	* [r42257] roofit/roostats, roofit/roostats/inc,
	  roofit/roostats/src, roofit/roostats/src/ToyMCSampler.cxx: merge
	  fix 42255 from trunk

2011-11-25 17:40  cranmer

	* [r42253]
	  roofit/histfactory/src/PiecewiseInterpolation.cxx: implement

2011-11-25 17:24  cranmer

	* [r42249] roofit/histfactory/src/HistoToWorkspaceFactoryFast.cxx,
	  tutorials/histfactory/makeExample.C: fix from George for N-D
	  histograms and stat uncertainty

2011-11-25 14:33  moneta

	* [r42244] hist/hist, hist/hist/src, hist/hist/src/TH1.cxx,
	  hist/hist/src/TH2.cxx, hist/hist/src/TH3.cxx,
	  hist/hist/src/TProfileHelper.h: merge frum trunk r42237 to speed
	  up the merging of histograms

2011-11-25 13:55  wouter

	* [r42241] roofit/roofitcore/inc/RooCacheManager.h,
	  roofit/roofitcore/src/RooMultiVarGaussian.cxx: o RooFitResult
	  - Add status history (in addition to saving the status of the
	  last step)
	  o RooMinimizer(FCN), RooMinuit
	  - Track status history and fill in RooFitResult
	  o RooMultiVarGaussian
	  - Extend functionality to 127 dimensions (from 31)
	  o RooCacheManager
	  - Bug fix for special cases that can be triggered by a call to
	  (reported by Sven Kreiss)
	  o RooMath
	  - Make initFastCERF public (for LHCb)

2011-11-24 23:48  wouter

	* [r42235] roofit/roofitcore/src/RooAbsPdf.cxx:
	  o RooAbsPdf
	  - Fix compiler warning

2011-11-24 23:23  wouter

	* [r42232]
	  roofit/roofitcore/, roofit/roofitcore/inc/LinkDef1.h,
	  roofit/roofitcore/src/RooSimultaneous.cxx: o
	  PiecewiseInterpolation, RooProdPdf, RooRealSumPdf, RooProduct,
	  RooAddition, RooHistPdf, RooHistFunc
	  - Implement isBinnedDistribution
	  o RooSimSplitGenContext
	  - New implementation of RooAbsGenContext for simultaneous pdf.
	  The difference with the existing RooSimGenContext is that
	  the logic is implemented at the generate() level rather than
	  the generateEvent() level, which allows to perform mixed
	  binned/unnbinned generation
	  o RooBinnedGenContext
	  - New implementation of RooAbsGenContext that performs binned
	  generation, with an unbinned weighted dataset as output.
	  This new context implements the algorithm of
	  the now deprecated method RooAbsPdf::generatedWeightedUnbinned()
	  o RooSimultaneous
	  - Implement method autoGenContext() that selects a split context
	  can case (partially) binned generation is requested
	  - Deprecate generateMixed() - now absorbed in generate()
	  o RooAbsGenContext
	  - Make generate() virtual
	  - Implement processing of extend mode here too
	  o RooCompositeDataStore
	  - Fix compiler shadowing warnings
	  o RooAbsPdf
	  - Add method binnedGenContext() to return a generator context
	  for binned generation
	  - Add method autoGenContex() that can return either a binned
	  or unbinned context depending on the input and circumstances
	  - Add support for ExpectedData(),GenBinned(),AllBinned() and
	  in generate()
	  - Deprecate generateWeightedUnbinned() - now absorbed in
	  o RooLinkedList, RooLinkedListElem
	  - Adjust memory management of chain elements to avoid slow heap
	  o RooGlobalFunc
	  - Add GenBinned(),AllBinned() and AutoBinned()
	  - Add RooSimSplitGenContext, RooBinnedGenContext

2011-11-24 15:21  tpochep

	* [r42225] hist/histpainter/src/TGraphPainter.cxx: Graph polar has
	  a memory-leak (found by "Instruments"). Who owns TGraphPolargram
	  is not actually clear.
	  So I set kCanDelete bit -at least canvas deletes this object,
	  when deleted.

2011-11-24 14:34  rdm

	* [r42223] core/doc/v532/index.html: mention new TThreadPool class.

2011-11-24 14:25  tpochep

	* [r42220] graf2d/doc/v532/detail_view.gif,
	  graf2d/doc/v532/editors.gif, graf2d/doc/v532/file_contents.gif,
	  graf2d/doc/v532/index.html, graf2d/doc/v532/iospad.gif,
	  graf2d/doc/v532/top_level.gif, graf2d/doc/v532/tut_editor.gif,
	  graf2d/doc/v532/tutorials.gif: Add documentation also.

2011-11-24 14:12  tpochep

	* [r42218] test/ios/RootBrowser/AxisFontInspector.h,
	  test/ios/RootBrowser/PadView.h, test/ios/RootBrowser/,
	  Mods from trunk.

2011-11-24 13:29  tpochep

	* [r42217]
	  test/ios/RootBrowser/file_icon.png: New icons from trunk.

2011-11-24 13:26  tpochep

	* [r42216] graf2d/ios/inc/IOSFileContainer.h,
	  graf2d/ios/inc/IOSFileScanner.h, graf2d/ios/inc/IOSPainter.h,
	  graf2d/ios/src/IOSFileScanner.cxx, graf2d/ios/src/IOSPainter.cxx:
	  Changes in graf2d/ios from trunk.

2011-11-24 13:16  tpochep

	* [r42215] test/ios/RootBrowser/AxisColorInspector.h,
	  test/ios/RootBrowser/RootBrowser.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: Mods
	  from trunk.

2011-11-24 11:30  axel

	* [r42210] cint/cint, cint/cint/ Import of r42208 from
	  Forward CINTSIZEFLAGS to CXXFLAGS for consistent values.

2011-11-23 21:48  cranmer

	* [r42206] roofit/histfactory/src/ParamHistFunc.cxx: ParamHist had
	  wrong index convention for N-dim histogram

2011-11-23 20:35  cranmer

	* [r42205] roofit/histfactory/src/HistoToWorkspaceFactoryFast.cxx:
	  Adding attribute to anticipate RooSimultaneous::generateMixed

2011-11-23 20:33  cranmer

	* [r42204] roofit/histfactory/src/HistoToWorkspaceFactoryFast.cxx:
	  Fix for ShapeSys and MCStat for 2-d histograms

2011-11-23 17:11  cranmer

	* [r42203] tutorials/roostats/ModelInspector.C: Adding
	  ModelInspector to tutorials area (perhaps a better place would be
	  some utility directory?)

2011-11-23 17:07  moneta

	* [r42202] math/mathcore, math/mathcore/inc/Fit/Fitter.h,
	  math/mathcore/src/Fitter.cxx, math/minuit2,
	  math/minuit2/src/MnUserParameterState.cxx: merge fix 42200 from
	  the trunk

2011-11-23 17:06  cranmer

	* [r42201] etc/HistFactorySchema.dtd,
	  roofit/histfactory/src/ParamHistFunc.cxx: Adding Stat
	  Uncertainty, ShapeFactor, ShapeSys functionality

2011-11-23 13:30  axel

	* [r42191] math/mathcore, math/mathcore/inc/Math/KDTree.icc: Import
	  of r41825 from trunk.
	  Undefined order of expression evaluation, according to GCC.

2011-11-23 13:28  axel

	* [r42190] hist/hist, hist/hist/src, hist/hist/src/THnSparse.cxx:
	  Import of r42189 from trunk.
	  Fix number of entries for projections into TH1/2/3; use the
	  number of entries of THnSparse if all bins end up in the
	  projection, else use hist->GetEffectiveEntries() after

2011-11-23 02:53  cranmer

	* [r42182] roofit/roofitcore/src/RooBinIntegrator.cxx,
	  tutorials/histfactory/makeExample.C: fix logic bug in
	  RooBinIntegrator to suppress thousands of INFO messages

2011-11-22 22:03  wouter

	* [r42179] roofit/roofitcore/inc/RooAbsCollection.h,
	  roofit/roofitcore/src/RooProduct.cxx: o RooProdPdf, RooProduct,
	  - Fix windows compilation
	  o RooGenContext
	  - Use fast assign in generate()
	  o RooAbsReal
	  - Disable two rarely used debug options in traceEval() to
	  increase speed
	  o RooAbsCollection
	  - In assignValueOnly() also pass the valueOnly flag to
	  o RooAbsTestStatistic
	  - Fix memory leak in 'slow split' mode
	  o RooAbsData
	  - Modify copy ctor of dataset with owned components to also clone
	  owned components so that 'fast split' support is retained after
	  o RooCompositeDataStore
	  - In copy ctor, explicitly take ownership of cloned components
	  - Add accessor method indexCat() to facilitate new RooAbsData
	  o RooAbsOptTestStatistic
	  - Add flag to keep track if test statistic is already in
	  optimized mode.
	  If so, ignore subsequent reoptimization requests.
	  - Add flag in setDataSlave() to take ownership of incoming
	  (needed for 'slow split' memory management)

2011-11-22 16:55  moneta

	* [r42174] roofit/histfactory,
	  roofit/histfactory/src/HistoToWorkspaceFactoryFast.cxx: merge fix
	  42173 from trunk to fix a compilaiton warning

2011-11-22 16:35  moneta

	* [r42170] roofit/histfactory/src/ParamHistFunc.cxx: fix a
	  compilation warning

2011-11-22 16:03  moneta

	* [r42167] roofit/roofitcore/src/RooRealSumPdf.cxx: add missing
	  include <algorithm>

2011-11-22 14:21  cranmer

	* [r42163] roofit/histfactory/src/HistoToWorkspaceFactoryFast.cxx,
	  roofit/roofitcore/src/RooAddition.cxx: adding missing <algorithm>

2011-11-22 07:49  moneta

	* [r42156] hist/histpainter/src/THistPainter.cxx: import fix 42155
	  from the trunk

2011-11-22 02:25  cranmer

	* [r42154] etc/HistFactorySchema.dtd,
	  roofit/histfactory/src/ParamHistFunc.cxx: Adding StatError and
	  ShapeFactor additions for HistFactory

2011-11-21 21:33  wouter

	* [r42153] roofit/roofitcore/inc/LinkDef1.h,
	  roofit/roofitcore/src/RooVectorDataStore.cxx: -- Binned
	  integration support for RooStats
	  o RooProdPdf, RooProduct
	  - Forward bin boundary definitions of component pdfs
	  o RooAddPdf,RooAddition,RooRealSumPdf
	  - Forward bin boundary definitions of component pdfs.
	  If multiple components with boundaries exist forward
	  merged list of boundaries
	  o RooHistPdf
	  - Export bin boundaries definition through binBoundaries()
	  o RooBinIntegrator
	  - Extend to 2,3 dimensional integration
	  -- Tuning of performance optimizations
	  o RooVectorDataStore
	  - In cacheArgs() explicity ignore nodes labeled as CacheAndTrack
	  that do not depend on observables
	  o RooAbsAnaConvPdf
	  - Label basis function with "NOCacheAndTrack" to prevent these
	  from being processed as such
	  o RooAbsData
	  - If defaultStorageType==Vector, automatically vectorize datasets
	  read in from file in Streamer()
	  o RooCompositeStore
	  - Implement dump() method to facilitate debugging
	  -- Mixed binned/unbinned generation support for simultaneous pdf
	  o RooAbsPdf
	  - Add method generateWeighedUnbinned() which is identical to
	  except that data is transferred to a weighted unbinned format at
	  the end.
	  (Needed to facilitate RooSimultaneous::generateMixed())
	  o RooSimultaneous
	  - Add method generateMixed() that supports mixed binned/unbinned
	  By default all components are generated binned, unless the
	  component pdf is labeled "GenerateUnbinned" with setAttribute()

2011-11-21 14:44  moneta

	* [r42148] math/minuit2,
	  math/minuit2/src/MnSeedGenerator.cxx: import fix 42147 from the
	  trunk (for bug

2011-11-18 23:19  wouter

	* [r42129] roofit/histfactory/inc/LinkDef.h,
	  roofit/histfactory/src/PiecewiseInterpolation.cxx: o
	  - Always select RooBinIntegrator as numeric algorithm for 1D

2011-11-18 23:02  wouter

	* [r42128]
	  roofit/roofitcore/src/RooSharedPropertiesList.cxx: o
	  - Implement binBoundaries() and plotSamplingHint(), passing
	  along the information from the nominal function
	  o RooDataHist, RooArgSet
	  - Deploy faster RooAbsCollection::find() method
	  o RooAbsArg
	  - Deploy faster RooAbsCollection::find() method
	  - Initialize _namePtr upop construction instead of
	  on demand as that is more efficient.
	  o RooRealBinding
	  - Implement binBoundaries() forwarding information from
	  o RooSharedPropertiesList, RooSharedProperties
	  - Move reference counter from list to object, allowing to
	  increase reference count in RooRealVar::cctor without
	  table lookup (=faster)
	  o RooHistFunc
	  - Implement binBoundaries() as a near-clone of plotSamplingHint
	  o RooBinIntegrator
	  - Adjust code so that it takes the binning information
	  from the integrand
	  o RooAbsCollection
	  - Add new faster find() method that takes a RooAbsArg& instead
	  of a const char*, as the former allows to use the guaranteed
	  unique _namePtr pointers ;
	  - Use faster find() method in various places
	  o RooFormula
	  - Move type check from DefinedValue to DefinedVariable
	  for faster processing in evaluate()
	  o RooLinkedList
	  - Implement new block allocation scheme for RooLinkedListElem
	  storage to reduce the number of new/delete[] operations
	  coming from list operations
	  - Implement new fast findArg() method to lookup an RooAbsArg
	  in the list
	  o RooHashTable
	  - Implement also here findArg() and forward to corresponding
	  list object
	  o RooLinkedListElem
	  - Add default ctor, init() and release() method to support new
	  allocation scheme
	  o RooGenFitStudy
	  - Implement clone() method
	  o RooAbsReal
	  - Implement new binBoundaries() stub method

2011-11-18 16:47  cranmer

	* [r42124]
	  roofit/histfactory/src/PiecewiseInterpolation.cxx: HistFactory
	  changes to use RooBinIntegrator

2011-11-18 16:12  rdm

	* [r42118] net/rpdutils/src/rpdconn.cxx: fix for Solaris 11.11.11.

2011-11-18 14:38  rdm

	* [r42116] cmake/modules/RootConfiguration.cmake,
	  graf2d/fitsio/CMakeLists.txt, main/CMakeLists.txt: From Pere:
	  - Fixed the generation of roots and proofserv scripts
	  - Fixed the dependencies of FITSIO

2011-11-18 13:22  couet

	* [r42114] hist/hist/src/TH1.cxx: Fix:

2011-11-17 19:48  rdm

	* [r42103] core/thread/src/TThread.cxx: silence compiler warning
	  (result unused).

2011-11-17 19:09  rdm

	* [r42098] build/CMakeLists.txt, cmake/modules/FindAlien.cmake,
	  cmake/modules/FindGSL.cmake, cmake/modules/FindGraphviz.cmake,
	  cmake/modules/FindMonalisa.cmake, cmake/modules/FindXROOTD.cmake,
	  cmake/modules/SetUpLinux.cmake, cmake/modules/SetUpMacOS.cmake,
	  net/CMakeLists.txt, net/alien/CMakeLists.txt,
	  net/monalisa/CMakeLists.txt, net/netx/CMakeLists.txt,
	  proof/CMakeLists.txt, proof/proof/CMakeLists.txt,
	  proof/proofd/CMakeLists.txt, proof/proofx/CMakeLists.txt: From
	  changes needed to implement XROOTD as external package together
	  the alien and monalisa plugins. I have also introduced a new
	  (builtin_xrootd) to build XROOD together with ROOT.

2011-11-17 19:07  rdm

	* [r42097] Makefile: when doing distclean also delete versioned

2011-11-17 18:43  rdm

	* [r42095] Makefile: fix for "install" in case we build out of

2011-11-17 18:04  rdm

	* [r42092] net/netx/ fix broken out of source build.

2011-11-17 15:48  wouter

	* [r42089] roofit/roofitcore/CMakeLists.txt,
	  roofit/roofitcore/, roofit/roofitcore/inc/LinkDef2.h,
	  roofit/roofitcore/src/RooNumIntFactory.cxx: o RooAbsPdf,
	  RooMinuit, RooGlobalFunc, RooAbsOptTestStatistic
	  - More detailed access to algorithmic optimization options
	  o RooRealProxy
	  - Fix bug
	  o LinkDef2, Module.Mk, CMakeLists.txt
	  - Add Kyles RooBinIntegrator
	  o RooBinIntegrator
	  - New numeric integrator histogram-like functions

2011-11-16 22:53  rdm

	* [r42083] config/Makefile.aix5, config/ use

2011-11-16 20:37  rdm

	* [r42075] configure: reorganize ldap.h search for Solaris 11.

2011-11-16 14:34  moneta

	* [r42059] roofit/doc, roofit/doc/v532/index.html: merge from
	  trunnk update in roostats release notes

2011-11-16 13:53  moneta

	* [r42057] hist/doc, hist/doc/v532/index.html, math/doc,
	  math/doc/v532/index.html: merge changes in the trunk for release
	  notes in hist and math

2011-11-16 12:43  rdm

	* [r42054] build/version_number, core/base/inc/RVersion.h: Stamp
	  production version 5.32/00-rc2 (release candidate 2).

2011-11-16 12:35  rdm

	* [r42053] geom/gdml/inc/TGDMLWrite.h,
	  roofit/roostats/src/MCMCIntervalPlot.cxx: fix compiler warnings.

2011-11-16 12:11  rdm

	* [r42051] core/unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx: enable StackTrace() for
	  Ubuntu > 10 systems again.
	  For more see:

2011-11-16 10:43  rdm

	* [r42048] doc/v532/index.html: update list of Math/Stat people.

2011-11-15 23:28  rdm

	* [r42036] core/unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx, net/rpdutils/src/net.cxx,
	  net/rpdutils/src/netpar.cxx, net/rpdutils/src/rpdutils.cxx,
	  net/rpdutils/src/ssh.cxx, proof/proofd/src/proofd.cxx: port to
	  the Friday released Solaris 11.11.11 (which now superceedes
	  Solaris 11 express).

2011-11-15 22:58  rdm

	* [r42035] build/unix/ following mods:
	  - without arguments installs xrootd-<vers-num> in the current
	  - build directory will be deleted by default, unless option -k or
	  is specified.

2011-11-15 17:00  moneta

	* [r42023] tutorials/roostats,
	  tutorials/roostats/StandardProfileLikelihoodDemo.C: merge fix
	  42022 in the trunk for the tutorials

2011-11-15 16:46  ganis

	* [r42021] proof/doc/v532/index.html: Addition to the release notes
	  for proof

2011-11-15 15:31  ganis

	* [r42019] proof/proof/inc/TProofMgr.h,
	  proof/proof/src/TProofMgr.cxx, tutorials/proof/getProof.C: Import
	  fixes 41904 and 41999

2011-11-15 15:25  moneta

	* [r42018] hist/hist, hist/hist/src, hist/hist/src/TH1.cxx: merge
	  fix 42017 from the trunk

2011-11-15 15:17  ganis

	* [r42016] net/doc/v532/index.html, proof/doc/v532/index.html:
	  Update release notes for proof and net

2011-11-15 15:03  moneta

	* [r42014] hist/hist, hist/hist/src, hist/hist/src/TH2.cxx: merge
	  fix 42013 from the trunk

2011-11-15 14:37  moneta

	* [r42012] math/mathmore, math/mathmore/src/GSLInterpolator.cxx,
	  math/mathmore/src/GSLInterpolator.h: import fix 42011 from the

2011-11-15 13:51  rdm

	* [r42009] tree/tree/src/TQueryResult.cxx: From Gerri:
	  work-around until the problem with list cloning is solved.

2011-11-15 13:24  moneta

	* [r42008] hist/hist, hist/hist/src, hist/hist/src/HFitImpl.cxx,
	  hist/hist/src/TH1.cxx: merge from trunk fix 41894 in hist

2011-11-15 13:23  moneta

	* [r42007] math/mathcore, math/mathcore/inc/Fit/BinData.h,
	  math/mathcore/inc/Fit/FitUtil.h, math/mathcore/inc/Fit/Fitter.h,
	  math/mathcore/inc/Fit/UnBinData.h, math/mathcore/inc/LinkDef3.h,
	  math/mathcore/src/BinData.cxx, math/mathcore/src/FitConfig.cxx,
	  math/mathcore/src/FitUtil.cxx, math/mathcore/src/Fitter.cxx,
	  math/mathcore/src/TMath.cxx, math/mathcore/src/UnBinData.cxx,
	  math/mathcore/test/testSampleQuantiles.cxx: merge from the trunk
	  fix 41830 and 41834 in TMath::Quantiles
	  merge fixes in Fitter classes 41984 42006

2011-11-15 12:00  rdm

	* [r42004] configure: From Gerri:
	  update comments on xrootd being external.

2011-11-15 10:34  moneta

	* [r41998] roofit, roofit/histfactory,
	  roofit/histfactory/src/PiecewiseInterpolation.cxx, roofit/roofit,
	  roofit/roofitcore, roofit/roofitcore/inc/LinkDef3.h,
	  roofit/roofitcore/src/RooVectorDataStore.cxx, roofit/roostats,
	  roofit/roostats/src/ToyMCSampler.cxx: merge latest developments
	  of roofit/roostats from the trunk, up to revision 41997

2011-11-15 10:28  moneta

	* [r41996] test, test/stressHistoFit.cxx, test/stressRooFit.cxx:
	  merge fix 41977 from trunk
	  - fix also stressHistoFit

2011-11-14 16:34  pcanal

	* [r41965] roofit/roofitcore/inc/LinkDef3.h: Import revision 41964
	  from the trunk:
	  Do not associate std::map<std::string,TH1I*> with the roofit

2011-11-14 13:25  ganis

	* [r41962] tutorials/proof/getProof.C: Import improvement 41958,
	  better checking and defining the working dir

2011-11-12 23:43  pcanal

	* [r41952] io/io/src/TStreamerInfo.cxx: Import revision 41950 from
	  the trunk:
	  Avoid null pointer dereference

2011-11-12 23:43  pcanal

	* [r41951] tree/treeplayer/src/TFormLeafInfo.cxx: Import revision
	  41949 from the trunk:
	  Avoid segmentation fault when the 1st entry do not have any
	  element in a collection and that we are trying to Draw/Scan a
	  TClonesArray nested in that collection.

2011-11-12 14:50  rdm

	* [r41947] test/CMakeLists.txt, test/hsimple.cxx: From Pere:
	  This fixes the running of stressGraphics test by having
	  to have the same number of entries as tutorials/hsimple.C.

2011-11-12 04:34  axel

	* [r41942] ., cint/cint/, cint/cint/inc/G__ci.h,
	  cint/cling, config/, configure,
	  core/meta/src/TCint.cxx, core/textinput/src/textinput,
	  core/thread/src/TThread.cxx, hist/hist, hist/hist/src,
	  io/io/src/TMemFile.cxx, math/fumili, math/genetic, math/mathcore,
	  math/mathmore, math/minuit, math/unuran, roofit,
	  roofit/histfactory, roofit/roofit, roofit/roofitcore,
	  roofit/roostats, roofit/roostats/inc,
	  roofit/roostats/src, tutorials/histfactory, tutorials/math,
	  tutorials/roostats: Import of r41941 from trunk.
	  Make fundamental CINT scaling variables MAXSTRUCT, MAXTYPEDEF,
	  LONGLINE configurable - without publishing them because they are
	  really internals, meant to be used only by people who ran against
	  these limitations.

2011-11-11 21:05  pcanal

	* [r41926] core/meta/src/TCint.cxx: remove stray debug statement

2011-11-11 19:49  pcanal

	* [r41923] core/meta/src/TCint.cxx: Import revision 41922 from the
	  In the automatic dictionary generator, add the windows 'drive'
	  when needed to the #included filename

2011-11-11 16:30  pcanal

	* [r41920] core/meta/src/TCint.cxx: Import revision 41917 from the
	  Avoid infinite loop in TCint_GenerateDictionary

2011-11-11 16:28  rdm

	* [r41918] configure: check only castor 2.1.9 and upwards.

2011-11-11 14:50  pcanal

	* [r41911] ., build/win/w32pragma.h, cint/cling,
	  core/thread/src/TThread.cxx, hist/hist, hist/hist/src,
	  io/io/src/TMemFile.cxx, math/fumili, math/genetic, math/mathcore,
	  math/mathmore, math/minuit, math/unuran,
	  net/net/src/TWebFile.cxx, roofit, roofit/histfactory,
	  roofit/roofit, roofit/roofitcore, roofit/roostats,
	  roofit/roostats/src, tutorials/histfactory, tutorials/math,
	  tutorials/roostats: Import revision 41895 from the trunk:
	  Fix various MSVC2010 warnings.

2011-11-11 14:49  pcanal

	* [r41910] io/io/src/TMemFile.cxx: Import revision 41896 from the
	  Do not use 'this' in the base member initializer list

2011-11-11 14:46  pcanal

	* [r41909] ., cint/cling,
	  core/thread/src/TThread.cxx, geom/geom/src/TGeoHype.cxx,
	  geom/geom/src/TGeoNavigator.cxx, geom/geom/src/TGeoShape.cxx,
	  graf2d/asimage/src/TASImage.cxx, graf2d/gpad/src/TPad.cxx,
	  graf2d/graf/src/TPaveText.cxx, graf2d/graf/src/TPie.cxx,
	  graf3d/gl/src/TGLAxis.cxx, graf3d/gl/src/TGLUtil.cxx,
	  gui/ged/src/TPieEditor.cxx, gui/gui/src/TGButton.cxx,
	  gui/gui/src/TGComboBox.cxx, gui/gui/src/TGFileBrowser.cxx,
	  gui/gui/src/TGListTree.cxx, gui/gui/src/TGSplitFrame.cxx,
	  gui/gui/src/TGTable.cxx, gui/gui/src/TGTextEditor.cxx,
	  gui/gui/src/TGToolTip.cxx, gui/gui/src/TRootBrowser.cxx,
	  gui/gui/src/TRootBrowserLite.cxx, gui/gui/src/TRootDialog.cxx,
	  gui/guihtml/src/TGHtmlDraw.cxx, gui/guihtml/src/TGHtmlForm.cxx,
	  gui/guihtml/src/TGHtmlParse.cxx, gui/guihtml/src/TGHtmlSizer.cxx,
	  gui/sessionviewer/src/TProofProgressMemoryPlot.cxx, hist/hist,
	  hist/hist/src, hist/hist/src/HFitImpl.cxx,
	  hist/hist/src/TBackCompFitter.cxx, hist/hist/src/TH1.cxx,
	  math/foam/src/TFoam.cxx, math/fumili, math/genetic,
	  math/mathcore, math/mathcore/src/BinData.cxx,
	  math/mathcore/src/TRandom.cxx, math/mathmore,
	  math/matrix/src/TMatrixTSparse.cxx, math/minuit,
	  math/minuit/src/TLinearFitter.cxx, math/splot/src/TSPlot.cxx,
	  math/unuran, proof/proof/src/TProofServ.cxx, roofit,
	  roofit/histfactory, roofit/roofit, roofit/roofitcore,
	  roofit/roostats, roofit/roostats/inc,
	  roofit/roostats/src, tmva/src/DataSetFactory.cxx,
	  tmva/src/DecisionTree.cxx, tmva/src/MethodCFMlpANN_Utils.cxx,
	  tmva/src/MethodCompositeBase.cxx, tmva/src/MethodDT.cxx,
	  tmva/src/MethodKNN.cxx, tmva/src/MethodSVM.cxx,
	  tmva/src/PDEFoam.cxx, tmva/src/RuleEnsemble.cxx,
	  tmva/src/RuleFit.cxx, tmva/src/RuleFitParams.cxx,
	  tmva/src/Tools.cxx, tmva/src/VariableGaussTransform.cxx,
	  tree/tree/src/TTreeCacheUnzip.cxx, tutorials/histfactory,
	  tutorials/math, tutorials/roostats: Import revision 41891 from
	  the trunk:
	  Remove all assigned but unused variable discovered by g++ 4.6.1
	  (including one completely nop function)

2011-11-11 14:43  pcanal

	* [r41908] core/rint/src/TTabCom.cxx,
	  net/net/src/TParallelMergingFile.cxx, net/net/src/TUDPSocket.cxx:
	  Fix SLC5 warnings (already fixed in the trunk

2011-11-11 11:10  rdm

	* [r41903] io/io/src/TFile.cxx: From Gerri:
	  in TFile::Cp: AliEn files need to know where the source file is.

2011-11-11 10:56  rdm

	* [r41901] cmake/modules/RootNewMacros.cmake, test/CMakeLists.txt:
	  From Pere:
	  Fixes running the tests on Visual Studio 10.

2011-11-10 17:28  ganis

	* [r41886] configure, net/netx/, proof/proofd/,
	  proof/proofx/ Import patch r41869 cleaning up the
	  xrootd configuration

2011-11-10 16:40  rdm

	* [r41883] core/lzma/src/README, core/lzma/src/xz-5.0.3.tar.gz:
	  silence clang warning about -Wlogical-op not being supported.

2011-11-10 15:41  rdm

	* [r41877] build/unix/, build/unix/ -
	  improve detection of debug build
	  - don't remove .gif's from doc directory

2011-11-10 14:20  moneta

	* [r41873] roofit/roostats, roofit/roostats/inc,
	  roofit/roostats/src/HypoTestInverterResult.cxx: merge fixes
	  r41767 through r41872 applied in the trunk

2011-11-10 10:29  rdm

	* [r41867] proof/pq2/ add missing libMathCore in link

2011-11-09 18:27  rdm

	* [r41850] graf3d/ftgl/CMakeLists.txt: From Pere:
	  This fixes a missing dependency on Windows build.

2011-11-09 18:17  rdm

	* [r41848] math/mathcore/inc/Fit/Fitter.h: rootcint is not happy
	  with the #ifdef _AIX.

2011-11-09 18:03  rdm

	* [r41847] build/unix/, cint/cint/,
	  cint/cint/inc/G__ci.h, cint/cint/lib/dll_stl/dqu.h,
	  cint/cint/lib/dll_stl/que.h, cint/cint/lib/dll_stl/stk.h,
	  cint/cint/lib/dll_stl/vec.h, cint/cint/lib/posix/posix.h,
	  cint/cint/lib/prec_stl/string, cint/cint/lib/prec_stl/valarray,
	  cint/cint/src/newlink.cxx, cint/cint/src/shl.cxx,
	  config/Makefile.aix5, config/, configure,
	  core/lzma/, core/pcre/,
	  core/unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx, geom/gdml/src/TGDMLWrite.cxx,
	  graf2d/freetype/, graf2d/x11/,
	  graf2d/x11/inc/X11, graf2d/x11/inc/X11/README,
	  hist/hist/src/TGraph.cxx, io/io/src/TStreamerInfoActions.cxx,
	  math/mathcore/inc/Math/KDTree.icc, math/mathcore/inc/TMath.h,
	  misc/minicern/src/cernlib.c, net/net/src/TApplicationRemote.cxx,
	  proof/proofplayer/src/TPerfStats.cxx, tmva/src/DataSet.cxx,
	  tmva/src/MethodMLP.cxx, tmva/src/MethodRuleFit.cxx: From Filimon
	  Roukoutakis and me:
	  Full port to AIX 7.1 and xlC Version: 09.00.0000.0017.
	  This port is complete (./configure --all; make) works (minus some
	  plugins that were not installed). The tutorials/benchmarks.C and
	  test/* works.
	  For the list of linux-tool packages that need to be installed
	  Port made on hardware kindly donated by IBM.

2011-11-09 17:54  rdm

	* [r41845] Makefile, core/rint/src/TRint.cxx: Since CINT cannot
	  load libMathCore on demand when a global is used
	  (like gRandom) we load libMathCore explicitly. Smart linkers
	  (Ubuntu 11, AIX)
	  strip unused libs.

2011-11-09 17:52  rdm

	* [r41844] cint/cint/src/loadfile.cxx: remove unused vars.

2011-11-08 18:14  pcanal

	* [r41816] core/thread/src/TThread.cxx: Import revision 41815 from
	  the trunk:
	  Protect the internal lock from being used before initialization
	  (from static functions)

2011-11-07 19:20  ganis

	* [r41802] proof/proofplayer/src/TPacketizerUnit.cxx,
	  proof/proofplayer/src/TVirtualPacketizer.cxx: Import path 41801:
	  Make sure hat the circular ntuples used internally are not
	  atteched to any file.
	  Should fix a crash observed quitting PROOF-Lite when using
	  file-resident output.
	  (reported on the forum).

2011-11-07 17:45  pcanal

	* [r41800] roofit, roofit/histfactory, roofit/roofit,
	  roofit/roofitcore, roofit/roofitcore/inc/RooVectorDataStore.h,
	  roofit/roostats, roofit/roostats/inc,
	  roofit/roostats/src: Import revision 41768 from the trunk:
	  Undo 41639/41759 which was superseeded by 41754

2011-11-04 18:13  ganis

	* [r41790] net/netx/,
	  proof/proof/src/TProof.cxx, proof/proof/src/TProofServ.cxx,
	  proof/proofd/, proof/proofd/src/XrdProofConn.cxx,
	  proof/proofx/ Import patches 41771, 41772, 41785,
	  41786, 41788 fixing issues with:
	  - loacting the authentication frameworg plugin in the PROOF
	  - lib paths when xrootd libs are in system lib paths
	  - packetizers when sub-sets of entries are required
	  - order of files in datasets
	  - crash using TTrees with AddInputData.

2011-11-04 12:14  rdm

	* [r41781] doc/v532/index.html: update names.

2011-11-04 12:07  rdm

	* [r41779] doc/v532/index.html: remove reference to wrong version.

2011-11-04 10:24  moneta

	* [r41776] tutorials/math, tutorials/math/Rolke.C: merge fix 41772
	  from the trunk

2011-11-04 10:07  rdm

	* [r41775] tutorials/fitsio/FITS_tutorial5.C: no more getchar() so
	  auto doc generation does not fail.

2011-11-03 17:21  rdm

	* [r41767] build/unix/ build source dist from tagged
	  version in stead of trunk.

2011-11-03 17:20  rdm

	* [r41766] doc/v532/index.html: update version number.

2011-11-03 17:07  rdm

	* [r41765] .: create version v5-32-00 release and patches branch.

2011-11-03 17:05  rdm

	* [r41762] tag pro version v5-32-00-rc1.

2011-11-03 17:03  rdm

	* [r41760] Stamp production version 5.32/00-rc1 (release candidate

2011-11-03 16:54  pcanal

	* [r41759] Reapply revision 41639 from the trunk:
	  Fix compilation on gcc 3.4.3

2011-11-03 16:40  axel

	* [r41758] MSVC2010 (aka cl 16) doesn't have manifests.

2011-11-03 16:34  rdm

	* [r41756] fix hiding issue cause by previous edit.

2011-11-03 16:33  rdm

	* [r41755] re-order initializer list.

2011-11-03 16:21  rdm

	* [r41754] fix issues causing compilation failures on Solaris with

2011-11-03 16:20  rdm

	* [r41753] fix library checking for Solaris 64.

2011-11-03 16:00  wouter

	* [r41752] o RooVectorDataStor, RooAbsOptTestStatistic
	  - Fix memory leak in cache of vector dataset

2011-11-03 15:57  rdm

	* [r41751] add missing dependency (found during // cross compile
	  for iOS).

2011-11-03 13:23  rdm

	* [r41750] From Lorenzo:
	  new patch from Kyle for the histfactory etc file.

2011-11-03 13:22  rdm

	* [r41749] From Lorenzo:
	  avoid to run script for preparing environment for rootcint, since
	  script is not always copied in ROOTSYS/bin.

2011-11-03 12:54  moneta

	* [r41748] use optimize const when minimizing the likelihood

2011-11-03 11:17  rdm

	* [r41745] From Gerri:
	  fix TFileCollection::Merge() which was progressively duplicating
	  the objects already
	  in the list.

2011-11-03 10:55  agheata

	* [r41744] New GDML writer with extended functionality (Anton

2011-11-03 07:19  moneta

	* [r41743] merge from roostats branch latest fix from Kyle:
	  "minor modifications to HistFactorySchema.dtd and some associated
	  protections/warnings in XML parsing"

2011-11-02 21:50  moneta

	* [r41741] activate optimization of const expression when
	  minimizing the likelihood in PL test statistic

2011-11-02 21:44  ganis

	* [r41740] Improve the 'friends' tutorial in PROOF

2011-11-02 21:42  ganis

	* [r41739] Reduce verbosity introduced by a recent coverity-related

2011-11-02 21:26  wouter

	* [r41738] o RooLinearVar
	  - Add (empty) default ctor

2011-11-02 19:39  wouter

	* [r41737] o RooAbsReal, RooAbsArg
	  - Another round of fixes for proxy behaviour in TRefArray
	  o RooProofDriverSelector
	  - Initialize all pointer members in default ctor

2011-11-02 18:32  wouter

	* [r41736] o RooAbsArg
	  - Compress() proxyList after each removal to retain
	  its list-like behavior.

2011-11-02 18:17  rdm

	* [r41735] From Pere:
	  This fixes some minor problems for running the tests on Windows.

2011-11-02 18:15  rdm

	* [r41734] add Pop() to context menu, so on OSX we can pop via menu
	  (as there is no
	  convenient middle mouse button).

2011-11-02 17:44  rdm

	* [r41733] remove for the time being --as-needed till we find for
	  which ld it starts
	  working properly (on SLC 5 it fails in configure when test
	  rfio libs).

2011-11-02 16:54  wouter

	* [r41730] o RooProdPdf
	  - Add method getConnectedParameters() that only reports
	  parameters that are connected to the pdf (and ignore
	  those occuring only in constraint terms)
	  o RooAbsOptTestStatistic
	  - For test statistics built from RooProdPdfs only list
	  'connected' parameters as TS parameters, to avoid needless
	  recalculation of likelihood components due to the present
	  of irrelevant constraint terms

2011-11-02 16:39  rdm

	* [r41729] Coverity.

2011-11-02 16:37  ganis

	* [r41726] Fix a couple of issues with the PROOF tutorials

2011-11-02 16:12  moneta

	* [r41725] add fixes suggested by Tim Adye:
	  - fix Add when this is empty
	  - fix FindIndex
	  - add a new method Add passing just an HypoTestResult

2011-11-02 15:41  bellenot

	* [r41724] Add mouse event handling in TRootContextmenu. This
	  should solve an issue with context menus being being stuck when
	  embedding canvases in external GUI frameworks (e.g. gtk, Qt, ...)
	  - on Linux only.

2011-11-02 15:29  rdm

	* [r41723] From Anar:
	  first version of the TThreadPool class and two test programs.

2011-11-02 15:10  rdm

	* [r41721] From Lorenzo:
	  merge changes of Kyle in histfactory schema from roostats
	  branch (revision 41704).

2011-11-02 15:09  rdm

	* [r41720] fix for finding the correct AliEn plugin.

2011-11-02 15:00  rdm

	* [r41719] fix for unuran.

2011-11-02 14:55  rdm

	* [r41718] Clarens depends on libcrypto.

2011-11-02 14:54  rdm

	* [r41717] for the time being exclude cint/cling from the package

2011-11-02 14:06  rdm

	* [r41716] in case of building the builtin freetype, make sure -lz
	  is specified
	  after -lfreetype. Fixes issue #88347.

2011-11-02 12:25  wouter

	* [r41711] PiecewiseInterpolation
	  - Add protection for use of _interpCode for legacy
	  classes read from a workspace (will crash otherwise)

2011-11-02 11:39  wouter

	* [r41710] Fix for assorted compiler warnings from nightlies
	  (mostly unused params)

2011-11-02 11:22  wouter

	* [r41709] o RooTreeDataStore
	  - Introduce explicit alternate buffer handling in loadValues
	  making this function robust for copying datasets that
	  are attached inside test statistics
	  o RooAbsOptTestStatistic
	  - In copy ctor, use internal clones of pdf and data as input
	  rather than the original pdf and data pointers stored in
	  the source object

2011-11-02 10:47  moneta

	* [r41708] merge changes from Kyle in roostats dev branch from
	  revision 41704 and 41705

2011-11-02 10:46  moneta

	* [r41707] update tutorials and merge changes done from Kyle in dev
	  branch (revision 41704)

2011-11-02 08:15  moneta

	* [r41706] set the global observables in the FrequentistCalculator
	  and not in the base HypoTestCalculatorGeneric, since the
	  HybridCalculator does not need the global observables

2011-11-01 22:47  wouter

	* [r41703] o RooVectorDataStore
	  - Correct version this time (with proper support for persistent)
	  o RooAbsOptTestStatistics
	  - Initialize all pointer data members in all ctors
	  o RooCompositeDataStore
	  - Implement sumEntries() as forward to components
	  o RooAbsArg
	  - Another fix for windows static linking

2011-11-01 22:17  moneta

	* [r41702] add a protection in case of wrong formula (see bug )

2011-11-01 21:55  moneta

	* [r41701] merge fix 41700 from Kyle in Histfactory

2011-11-01 21:22  pcanal

	* [r41698] From Elvin:
	  Last week Martin Vala from ALICE came to me with a problem that
	  he had
	  while using the asynchronous prefetching. There were basically
	  main problems:
	  1. Trying to read a root file from an archive. Here the problem
	  that when reading from an archive there is an offset of the file
	  was not taken into consideration when the file was saved in the
	  And this lead to a miss when reading the file from cache. I fixed
	  but I had to expose the value of fArchiveOffset from TFile.
	  2. The second problem was when reading using a TChain. There were
	  synchronization issues concerned to the asynchronous thread that
	  actually does the reading. All this was happening because in the
	  of TChain there is only one file cache which is re-utilized as we
	  from one file to another. This was a pretty tricky issue.
	  I attached a patch made against the current trunk which fixes
	  this problems. I gave the patch first to Martin to test it, and
	  he was
	  satisfied with it. There is a small delay when the TChain moves
	  one file to another because I have to wait for the async thread
	  finish it's worked but over all Martin said that the performance
	  way better than before. When I initially did the asyn
	  pre-fetching I
	  had no idea about these two use cases, so that's why they popped

2011-11-01 21:03  pcanal

	* [r41697] Fix medium impact coverity reports

2011-11-01 19:52  pcanal

	* [r41696] Fix high impact coverity reports

2011-11-01 19:22  pcanal

	* [r41695] 4th attempt to silence coverity about the use of fpos_t

2011-11-01 19:03  agheata

	* [r41694] Fixed references for Gtra shape

2011-11-01 18:23  wlav

	* [r41693] conform to R.RS4

2011-11-01 17:52  pcanal

	* [r41692] Make sure the clones are register both with the
	  underlying tree and the TChain itself (was missing until now).
	  This fixes <>

2011-11-01 17:36  moneta

	* [r41691] add support for vector data store

2011-11-01 16:59  moneta

	* [r41690] revert changes in isfinite for a roblem on Windows.
	  In Windows R__ANSISTREAM is defined and std::isfinite does not

2011-11-01 16:49  ganis

	* [r41689] Include the portable XpdSysLogger.h instead of

2011-11-01 16:41  moneta

	* [r41687] fix TMath::IsNaN and TMath::Finite for intel compiler
	  with icc version 11 when used in combination with gcc > 4.3 one
	  cannot use std::isnan but just ::isnan from math.h

2011-11-01 16:41  pcanal

	* [r41686] Fix Drawing a top level object (usually TBits). See

2011-11-01 16:39  wouter

	* [r41685] o RooAbsArg
	  - Fix windows static linking issue
	  o RooAbsData, stressRooFit
	  - Select vector-based storage by default

2011-11-01 16:27  wouter

	* [r41684] roofit/histfactory
	  - Import changes from dev-roostats branch
	  - Import update on HypoTestInverterResult and
	  from dev branch (only fixes for compiler warnings)
	  - Import new classes Roo1DMomentMorphFunction and
	  from dev-roostats branch (contribution by Max Baak)

2011-11-01 16:14  ganis

	* [r41682] Fix missing protections found by coverity

2011-11-01 16:02  pcanal

	* [r41679] From Gerri:
	  In TSeqCollection::Merge adding a TList of objects without a
	  Merge method (e.g. TObjString)
	  to the output list did *not* work properly, in the sense that all
	  but one set of objects is lost.
	  This is because TSeqCollection::Merge (used by TList) is ignoring
	  non mergeable objects instead
	  of just adding them to the original list as we do at higher level
	  in PROOF.
	  This patch update the behavior of TSeqCollection::Merge to append
	  the non-mergeable objects.

2011-11-01 15:57  wouter

	* [r41678] Updated version of stressRooFit

2011-11-01 15:45  rdm

	* [r41677] fix for non-absolute destionation paths, of -j switch
	  for parallel build.

2011-11-01 15:44  wouter

	* [r41676] *** Miscellaneous speed improvements ***
	  o PiecewiseInterpolation
	  - Import changes from Max baak (new interpolation options)
	  - Deploy fast iterators
	  o RooGaussian
	  - Bug fix in analytical integral over 'mean' parameter (Lorenzo
	  o RooBernstein
	  - Deploy fast iterators
	  o RooProdPdf
	  - Reorganize code for improved speed
	  o RooDataHist
	  - Add support for vector-based data storage
	  o RooGenContext
	  - Improve generation speed by putting internal pdf clone to
	  ADirty mode
	  o RooRealBinding
	  - Minimize number of calls to min() and max() for efficiency
	  o RooAbsRealLValue
	  - In randomize() Minimize number of calls to min() and max() for
	  efficiency reasons
	  o RooDataSet
	  - Make addFast() even faster by disable state propagation
	  o RooAbsGenContext
	  - Disable state propagation in output dataset for efficiency
	  - Call initGenerator() only on the first generation sequence
	  o RooVectorDataStore
	  - Add support for native vs current buffers, to support the
	  of addColumn(s)() and cacheArgs() when the datastore is attached
	  to a pdf in RooAbsOptTestStatistics
	  o RooAbsCategoryLValue
	  - Support change in RooAbsCategory to operate nominally by index
	  rather than by label
	  o RooXYChi2Var
	  - Change code to support new pdf/data attachment scheme in
	  where only the store buffers are reattached and the variable
	  objects themselves
	  o RooFFTConvPdf
	  - Bug fix in getActualObservables() - functionality of
	  setCacheObs() is now restored
	  o RooAbsReal
	  - Small adjustments in getVal() to make it faster in most cases
	  o RooAbsCollection
	  - Add datamember to keep track contents is exclusively
	  RooRealVars. For those that
	  do implement a faster version of assignFast()
	  o RooAbsData
	  - Add methods attachBuffers() and resetBuffers() - forwarded to
	  datastore - that
	  facilite new 'fast-attach' methods used in RooAbsOptTestStatistic
	  o RooCompositeDataStore
	  - Fix copy constructors so that they clone and own the subsidiary
	  - Operate index by value rather than by string label for
	  efficiency reasons
	  o RooRealVar
	  - Bug fix in attachToVStore() to properly handle RRVs with
	  StoreError tags
	  o RooAbsPdf
	  - Adjustments in getVal() to make it faster for most cases
	  - Modify generate(GenSpec*) to initialize specInit flag that
	  triggers one-time call of initGenerator()
	  - Modify generate() to not repeatedly call initGenerator() for
	  the same gencontext
	  o RooAbsArg
	  - Deploy fast iterators in more places
	  - Add various new inline methods performing multiple ops (e.g
	  retrieving and
	  clearing one or more dirty flags) for improbed
	  o RooBanner
	  - Increment version tag to 3.48
	  o RooRealIntegral
	  - Add overloaded getVal() method that also checks for shapeDirty
	  which was removed from RooAbsReal::getVal() as it is not needed
	  any class other than RooRealIntegral
	  o RooAddGenContext
	  - Disable state propagation in output dataset for efficiency
	  - Replace ROOT container classes with STL versions for efficiency
	  o RooMultiCatIter
	  - Adjust code to new RooCatType behaviour that by default only
	  tracks the
	  integer representation of type
	  o RooProdGenContext
	  - Replace ROOT container classes with STL versions for efficiency
	  o RooTreeDataStore
	  - Adjust code so that it works with the new fast-attach mechanism
	  in RooAbsOptTestStatistic
	  o RooRealProxy
	  - In lvptr() remove explicit check for lvalue
	  o RooSimGenContext
	  - Disable state propagation in output dataset for efficiency
	  - Replace ROOT container classes with STL versions for efficiency
	  - In createDataSet() create a prototype dataset in the first
	  call, and
	  clone that for subsequent calls rather than calling the expensive
	  argument constructor each time
	  o RooTrace
	  - Add (dummy) method callgrind_zero() and callgrind_dump() as
	  hook functions
	  to facilitate improved callgrind profiling
	  o RooAbsCategory
	  - Adjust class so that it works with the integer representation
	  of types only
	  and lookup associated string label on the fly, whenever it is
	  o RooFormular
	  - Eliminate overloaded getVal() as its functionality is now
	  provided in
	  o RooAbsOptTestStatistic
	  - Implement new fast-attach mechanisms for pdf and datasets: only
	  readjust the
	  buffer pointers of the dataset to the pdf observables, rather
	  than reattaching
	  the pdf to the dataset observables. This results in a _much_
	  operation of setData() and no longer entangles the test
	  statistics with observables
	  of datasets that may be deleted during the lifetime of the test
	  o RooSimultaneous
	  - Overload fillDataHist() with new version with correct
	  normalization (from Scott Snyder)
	  o RooCategory
	  - Adjust getLabel() so that it retries labels associated with the
	  current index on the fly
	  o RooCatType
	  - Make label contents 'transient', i.e. it is not copied on
	  assignment for faster
	  category operations. RooAbsCategory will load the associated
	  labels on demand from now on.

2011-11-01 15:42  rdm

	* [r41675] now that we always use explicitlink and --no-undefined
	  we can also always
	  use --as-needed (which is the default for Ubuntu 11.10 anyway).

2011-11-01 15:41  rdm

	* [r41674] some changes for external xrootd.

2011-11-01 15:08  agheata

	* [r41673] Fixed typo in TGeoTrd2::ComputeNormal...

2011-11-01 15:03  rdm

	* [r41672] coverity.

2011-11-01 14:50  rdm

	* [r41671] coverity.

2011-11-01 13:56  rdm

	* [r41670] critial coverity issues.

2011-11-01 10:13  rdm

	* [r41669] don't use "path" as local var as zsh is not happy with

2011-10-31 19:10  pcanal

	* [r41666] Allow removing branches when cloning a TNtuple (fixes

2011-10-31 16:46  vvassilev

	* [r41665] Finish up coverity issues. Add few more assertions just
	  to be sure, because in
	  release mode they don't cost anything.

2011-10-31 16:19  vvassilev

	* [r41664] Coverity - initialize uninitialized members.

2011-10-31 16:00  rdm

	* [r41663] converity.

2011-10-31 15:45  axel

	* [r41661] Solve problem with Getline() not drawing the prompt.

2011-10-31 15:18  rdm

	* [r41660] fix for Solaris Express 11 with CC 5.

2011-10-31 15:16  rdm

	* [r41659] coverity.

2011-10-31 15:08  vvassilev

	* [r41658] Got by coverity "smartness" this should revert r41657 +
	  add better comment

2011-10-31 14:54  vvassilev

	* [r41657] Use == for comparison and obey 80 column rule

2011-10-31 14:48  vvassilev

	* [r41656] Remove the unused and leaking pragma handlers.

2011-10-31 14:18  vvassilev

	* [r41655] Coverity - uninitialized members.

2011-10-31 14:12  vvassilev

	* [r41654] * Assert for the cases that cling is not taught what to
	  * Add get previous redeclaration for functions. For now it works
	  with short
	  redeclaration chains, but it will be improved soon.

2011-10-31 14:07  vvassilev

	* [r41653] To handle each input line in cling we put it into
	  separate memory buffer and
	  this buffer gets FileID (not fully valid one) and then it gets
	  processed. There
	  is a problem with the SourceLocations, because the new coming
	  memory buffers
	  have to have inclusion source location. I.e the exact location
	  where they got
	  #included. In the case of ordinary program everything is
	  #included from the
	  main file.
	  In our case we cannot do that because we don't know how many
	  buffers we will
	  end up with and expand the main memory buffer. Even if we knew
	  that wouldn't
	  help because our main memory buffer (as main buffer) doesn't have
	  real FileID
	  and generating a SourceLocation from that doesn't actually work.
	  If we generate a SourceLocation from a memory buffer that hasn't
	  come from a
	  file we will end up with couple of issues. First, we won't be
	  able to print
	  proper inclusion stack. Second, those source locations are
	  considered as
	  builtins. Last but not least, we confuse the compiler when it
	  does ordering.
	  Sometimes the compiler needs to know which file came first. In
	  order to do that
	  it looks up and tries to find the common parent of two source
	  locations and then
	  compare the offsets. In our case we don't even have common
	  Chain properly the memory buffers using virtual file (we don't
	  anything) of "infinite (1U << 15U)" size and generate valid
	  source location so
	  that clang can compare which input became first.
	  | Main memory buffer |
	  | Virtual file SLoc |
	  | address space |<-----------------+
	  | ... |<------------+ |
	  | ... | | |
	  | ... |<----+ | |
	  | ... | | | |
	  +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ | | |
	  | input_line_1 | ....+.......+..--+
	  +---------------------+ | |
	  | input_line_2 | ....+.....--+
	  +---------------------+ |
	  | ... | |
	  +---------------------+ |
	  | input_line_N | ..--+
	  Fixes the issue with the printing of overloads, if they came from
	  different files (included from memory buffers for example).
	  Needed patch in clang.

2011-10-31 13:52  rdm

	* [r41652] white space and formatting.

2011-10-31 13:40  vvassilev

	* [r41651] Void doesn't return value

2011-10-31 12:27  agheata

	* [r41649] Fix the coordinates of vertices for TGeoGtra so that it
	  degenerated into a TGeoTrap when the twist angle is 0.

2011-10-31 10:41  rdm

	* [r41647] add missing libraries needed by the static module roota.

2011-10-29 22:38  rdm

	* [r41644] fix coverity issues.

2011-10-28 18:24  pcanal

	* [r41643] In MakeClass fix the insertion of the #include for ROOT
	  classes (strip the include/ and insert only once)

2011-10-28 18:20  wlav

	* [r41642] conform to R.RN7

2011-10-28 18:13  wlav

	* [r41641] (partly) conform to R.RS4

2011-10-28 18:13  pcanal

	* [r41640] Always initialize fChain

2011-10-28 17:46  pcanal

	* [r41639] Fix compilation on gcc 3.4.3 and update white space

2011-10-28 16:00  rdm

	* [r41638] From Bertrand:
	  Port TUDPSocket to Window.

2011-10-28 15:34  rdm

	* [r41637] change TUdpSocket to TUDPSocket to be consistent with
	  naming conventions.

2011-10-28 15:34  rdm

	* [r41636] make sure product are remove after switching from
	  builtin to external

2011-10-28 15:02  ganis

	* [r41635] Another bunch of Coverity-related fixes

2011-10-28 14:30  rdm

	* [r41634] From Pere:
	  - Removed the build of executable "drop_from_path"
	  - Added "-b" option to all tests that opens a X11 canvas
	  - Copy /etc, /icons, /fonts/ when running test from the binary

2011-10-28 14:23  rdm

	* [r41633] From Marcelo:
	  Tutorial on how to use TUdpSocket.
	  - udpserver.c is a small UDP echo server
	  - testTUdpSocket sends a message to the echo server and prints
	  the answer

2011-10-28 14:17  rdm

	* [r41632] add TUdpSocket as friend.

2011-10-28 14:17  rdm

	* [r41631] From Marcelo:
	  Google Storage does not support byte ranges.

2011-10-28 14:16  rdm

	* [r41630] From Marcelo Sousa:
	  new TUdpSocket class to support UDP communication.

2011-10-28 14:07  tpochep

	* [r41629] Add using declaration to suppress warning about hidden

2011-10-28 13:47  ganis

	* [r41627] Fix another bunch of Coverity issues

2011-10-28 10:42  ganis

	* [r41623] Fix another bunch of Coverity issues

2011-10-28 10:39  rdm

	* [r41622] small typo in comment.

2011-10-28 10:39  rdm

	* [r41621] libXft is only needed when linking libGX11TTF and not

2011-10-28 10:38  rdm

	* [r41620] add check to make sure the libXft and libXext are in the
	  same directory as
	  libX11 to make sure the installation is coherent (on OSX to avoid
	  mixing libs
	  from MacPorts or Fink with the native OSX libs).

2011-10-28 10:07  ganis

	* [r41619] Fix a first bunch of Coverity issues

2011-10-28 02:46  pcanal

	* [r41617] Fix the key lookup in ReadTObject. When searching for a
	  key we always need to iterate through the list in order to find
	  the highest cycle first. This fixes

2011-10-28 02:45  pcanal

	* [r41616] add trailing newline

2011-10-27 17:56  vvassilev

	* [r41615] * Add documentation about the talks about cling.
	  * Improve styles

2011-10-27 16:15  rdm

	* [r41614] add drop_from_path to obsolete file list.

2011-10-27 16:11  rdm

	* [r41613] fix referencing etc/Makefile.arch in case ROOTSYS is not
	  yet set.

2011-10-27 16:10  rdm

	* [r41612] remove dropit executable and do path manipulation
	  directly in shell.
	  Allows for thisroot.[c]sh to work without to have compile

2011-10-27 13:18  ganis

	* [r41609] From F. Carminati: add missing -I switch for the AliEn
	  include path

2011-10-27 09:35  rdm

	* [r41606] white space.

2011-10-26 21:05  rdm

	* [r41605] fix issue with detection of libcrypto.

2011-10-26 20:48  rdm

	* [r41604] update for new location of Makefile.arch.

2011-10-26 18:35  wlav

	* [r41603] (partly) conform to R.RS4

2011-10-26 16:55  pcanal

	* [r41601] From Thiemo Nagel, remove duplicated line errorneously
	  introduced by revision 41439 (see Savannah 88170)

2011-10-26 15:51  rdm

	* [r41600] From Fed:
	  on Linux turn-off the -Wl,--no-undefined linker flag when
	  is not provided at configure time.

2011-10-26 15:19  rdm

	* [r41599] small corrections to get warning free compilation on
	  Ubuntu 11.10 (gcc 4.6.1).

2011-10-26 13:49  axel

	* [r41598] First shot at dictionaries with cling: is a replacement for rootcint_tmp (the
	  replacement happens in meta's It generates
	  dict.pcm modules, similar to precompiled headers, for the headers
	  passed as arguments.
	  TCintWithCling now imports all available modules from lib/.
	  Due to a bug in clang's module loading
	  ( which causes modules
	  with STL to not load, disable the generation of the dict.pcm
	  files for now.
	  One can nevertheless generate test "dictionaries" by running e.g.
	  clang++ -Xclang -emit-module -c -o $ROOTSYS/lib/header_dict.pcm
	  -x c++ header.h
	  which will then automatically be loaded by TCintWithCling:
	  $ root -l -b
	  Info in <UnknownClass::LoadDictionaries>: Loading PCH
	  root [0] DictTest o;
	  DictTest object has been created!
	  Still to be done: only import the module when its library is
	  loaded (i.e. hook to TCint::Load())

2011-10-26 13:37  axel

	* [r41597] Don't link the world. We still link one hemisphere,

2011-10-26 13:36  axel

	* [r41596] Add include guard.

2011-10-26 13:35  axel

	* [r41595] Don't add MATHCOREH twice to ALLHDR, do the proper
	  replacement in one go.

2011-10-26 12:38  rdm

	* [r41594] From Gerri:
	  Add option 'par' in TFile::MakeProject to pack in a PAR file the
	  code. The first argument defines the directory and the name of
	  the package.
	  For example, the following generates a PAR package equivalent to
	  tutorials/proof/event.par :
	  root [] TFile *f =
	  root [] f->MakeProject("packages/myevent.par", "*", "par");
	  Note that, because a PAR file is a tarball, for the time being,
	  on Windows
	  only the package directory and the files are generated and a
	  warning message
	  is printed.

2011-10-26 12:26  axel

	* [r41593] Initialize langopts more closely to what Tools.cpp
	  (Clang::ConstructJob) is doing, to end up with a compatible
	  LangOpt set in cling and PCHs.

2011-10-26 12:25  axel

	* [r41592] Ensure the Listener is active before initializing it.

2011-10-26 10:10  agheata

	* [r41588] Layout changes (Anton Pytel)

2011-10-26 09:52  rdm

	* [r41587] From Bertrand:
	  allowing to open ROOT files with UNC path on Windows when
	  on them in the explorer.

2011-10-26 09:19  rdm

	* [r41586] From Gerri:
	  remove unused line.

2011-10-26 08:58  rdm

	* [r41585] From Pere:
	  Running on Linux has shown a number missing fine tunings.

2011-10-26 08:49  tpochep

	* [r41584] Remove redundant includes.

2011-10-26 08:40  rdm

	* [r41583] From Gerri:
	  add --vers-subdir.

2011-10-26 08:37  tpochep

	* [r41582] I've almost break my iPad trying to pick a polymarker
	  with a style kDot.
	  So I made all markers kDotLarge in a picker's buffer.

2011-10-26 08:16  axel

	* [r41581] Wrong operator precedence: ? lower than + (thanks,

2011-10-25 20:08  vvassilev

	* [r41580] Remove redundant exports

2011-10-25 17:45  wlav

	* [r41579] (partly) conform to R.RS4 and some cleanup

2011-10-25 16:36  agheata

	* [r41578] Change return type of GetScale method to TString. Change
	  of attributes and tags according to gdml schema (e.g. twistTrap
	  -> twistedtrap, twist->Phitwis, ...). Change order of formula and
	  name in creating TGeoElement.

2011-10-25 14:50  rdm

	* [r41577] From Pere:
	  - Fixed the problem that the Fortran could be optional.
	  - Fixed Cling option in core/meta package
	  - Fixed libraries to be linked when 'explicitlink' is enabled in
	  - Generating ROOTConfig.cmake for use by CMake projects using
	  It is placed under ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/cmake directory
	  after installation or at top level of the build directory if
	  the build area.
	  Project clients just need to add these lines in their
	  CMakeLists.txt file:
	  find_package(ROOT REQUIRED)
	  - Added new macro ROOT_ADD_TEST(...) to add tests into the
	  project and
	  a new script RootTestDrover.cmake
	  - Added a new option 'testing' to enable CTest tests.
	  - Moved CPack setting to its own file in
	  - Moved CTest settings to its own file in
	  - Simplified the StandaloneBuild.cmake to make use of the new
	  - Added the tests available in /test directory

2011-10-25 14:31  rdm

	* [r41576] make help message fit in 80 char lines.

2011-10-25 14:30  rdm

	* [r41575] remove some more xrootd remnants.

2011-10-25 13:42  ganis

	* [r41574] Remove residual usage of old xrootd-related flow control

2011-10-25 12:44  vvassilev

	* [r41573] Main principle of the error recovery is to revert the
	  AST from the correct input combined with incorrect ones. Eg:
	  [cling] int i; int j; error_here;
	  This is the simplest case in which int i and int j has been eaten
	  by the compiler but the overall input contains an error. In that
	  case cling has to revert the entire transaction. That means that
	  declarations of i and j must be removed from the compiler's AST
	  and lookup tables.
	  This is not trivial for situations like the following
	  [cling] extern int i;
	  [cling] int i = 0; error_here;
	  In that situation we need to remove the definition of int i (line
	  2) but wire the lookup back to its extern declaration (line 1).
	  Of course this could be more complex:
	  [cling].rawInput 1
	  [cling]! template<typename T> T TemplatedF(T t); // line 2
	  [cling]! float OverloadedF(float f){ return f + 100.111f;} //
	  line 3
	  [cling].rawInput 0
	  [cling] #include "LotOfOverloadsAndSpecializations.h" //line 5
	  In that case we need to revert first all the instantiations and
	  specializations (explicit and implicit!) caused by the line 5 and
	  to rewire the lookup to template so that the user could further
	  specialize or instantiate the template definition. In the case of
	  overloads - similarly the same thing.
	  So we have to have error recovery for each declaration kind that
	  could cause "headache".
	  * Improve error recovery:
	  - Add handling of overloaded functions, templated functions and
	  templated function specializations
	  - Add handling of variable declarations and redefinitions
	  - Prepare the infrastructure for the more complex cases
	  * Add test cases for the work that has been done

2011-10-25 12:29  agheata

	* [r41572] Fix deadlock in TGeoBranchArray

2011-10-25 12:28  vvassilev

	* [r41571] .x-friendly function name

2011-10-25 12:26  vvassilev

	* [r41570] * AnonymousDecls test case wasn't correctly done,
	  because definition of class/struct could be done in a function.
	  In the particular case we defined the class in the function and
	  that's why it didn't show up in the lookup.
	  Moreover the extraction of that class defined in a function
	  fails. Thus move it to the pending to resolve issues.

2011-10-25 12:16  tpochep

	* [r41569] Modify SlideViewController to use external pads.

2011-10-25 09:27  tpochep

	* [r41568] Update help for "Tutorials" app.

2011-10-25 09:16  tpochep

	* [r41567] Cleanup

2011-10-25 09:00  tpochep

	* [r41566] Fix

2011-10-25 08:59  tpochep

	* [r41565] cleanup

2011-10-25 08:49  ganis

	* [r41564] Still need dynamic_lookup for old xrootd on Mac

2011-10-25 08:27  rdm

	* [r41563] From Gerri:
	  additional fixes for external xrootd.

2011-10-25 08:09  tpochep

	* [r41562] Cleanup in demos.

2011-10-25 07:46  ganis

	* [r41561] Missing include paths also for the dictionary

2011-10-25 07:32  ganis

	* [r41560] Add missing include paths

2011-10-24 21:09  wlav

	* [r41559] conform to R.RN7

2011-10-24 20:55  wlav

	* [r41558] conform to R.RS2

2011-10-24 20:52  wlav

	* [r41557] conform to R.RS1

2011-10-24 18:46  vvassilev

	* [r41556] Typo

2011-10-24 16:43  tpochep

	* [r41555] Change "RootBrowser" app's icon; fix sizes for
	  splash-screen images.

2011-10-24 15:44  axel

	* [r41554] Also distclean etc/cling/ files.
	  Don't call LLVMCONFIG if not defined (e.g. during make distclean
	  without --enable-cling)

2011-10-24 15:43  axel

	* [r41553] Ignore cling/

2011-10-24 15:38  axel

	* [r41552] Add TH1 icon to THnSparse's axis projections (thanks,

2011-10-24 15:30  tpochep

	* [r41551] Delete demos in controller's dealloc method.
	  Removed auto-generated comments in files.

2011-10-24 15:30  rdm

	* [r41550] From Gerri:
	  removing built-in xrootd, from now on use external xrootd.

2011-10-24 15:09  tpochep

	* [r41549] Fix non-standard (was 60x60, must be 72x72) app icon.

2011-10-24 14:57  rdm

	* [r41548] fix small typo.

2011-10-24 14:54  tpochep

	* [r41547] Two leaks fixed :)

2011-10-24 14:42  axel

	* [r41546] Split internal THnSparse classes (that cannot be hidden
	  in the implementation file) into a separate header.
	  Implement browser interface for THnSparse: will create one entry
	  for each axis; double-clicking that shows the THnSparse's
	  projection onto that axis.

2011-10-24 14:37  tpochep

	* [r41545] Added "RootBrowser" application for iOS.

2011-10-24 14:20  tpochep

	* [r41544] Add "Tutorials" application for iOS.

2011-10-24 13:40  axel

	* [r41543] Add -I of cling directory; MAKEDIR only defined for out
	  of source, use its value instead.

2011-10-24 13:39  axel

	* [r41542] For cling: use METACLINGCXXFLAGS, not the one for the

2011-10-24 13:31  rdm

	* [r41541] From Timur:
	  changes for iOS graphics support.

2011-10-21 20:30  wouter

	* [r41536] *** Deployment of vector datastore & miscellaneous speed
	  improvements ***
	  - Deploy minimal iterator
	  o RooDataHist
	  - Add sumEntries()
	  o RooDataSet
	  - In ctor, allow choice of vector and tree data store.
	  - Change calls to attachToTree() to attachToStore()
	  - Add sumEntries() forwarding call to stre
	  o RooVectorDataStore
	  - New RooAbsDataStore implementation, based on STL vectors
	  rather than TTrees
	  o RooAbsReal
	  - Adjust getVal() so that clean-cache elements are processed more
	  - Add attachToVStore()
	  o RooAbsCollection,RooLinkedList
	  - Add minimalIterator() returning by valye a minimistic iterator
	  (forward step only)
	  with a non-virtual step function
	  o RooAddPdf
	  - Deploy minimal iterator
	  - Skip evaluation of supplemental normalization factors if the're
	  all one
	  o RooAbsData
	  - Add static member encoding default storage type (vector vs
	  - Add method convertToVectorStore() to convert datasets with a
	  tree-based store
	  to a vector-based store
	  o RooCompositeDataStore
	  - Implement dummy loadValues() method
	  o RooRealVar
	  - Implement attachToVStore()
	  o RooAbsPdf
	  - Deploy minimal iterators
	  - In getVal() also check for negative integrals as problematic
	  o RooAbsArg
	  - Implement default version of isDerived() that always returns
	  - Add pure virtual method attachToVStore()
	  - Deploy minimal iterators
	  - Implement attachToStore() which forwards to attachToTree() or
	  depending on the storage type
	  o RooTreeDataStore
	  - Use setOperMode() with recursion where needed instead of
	  looping manually
	  over branches
	  - Implement sumEntries()
	  o RooNameReg
	  - Add special fast handling of null pointers for conversions both
	  o RooAbsCategory
	  - Implement attachToVstore()
	  o RooRealVar
	  - Implement isDerived() method that was orignally in RooAbsArg
	  - Implement attachToVStore() that optionally attaches error
	  buffers too
	  o LinkDef3,
	  - Add class RooVectorDataStore
	  o RooAbsString
	  - Implement dummy attachToStore()
	  o RooConstVar, RooCategory
	  - Implement isDerived() that always returns kFALSE
	  o RooAbsDataStore
	  - Add pure virtual method sumEntries()
	  - Add pure virtual method loadValues()
	  o RooLinkedListIter
	  - Add class RooMinimalLinkedListIterator for forward-only
	  iteration without virtual function calls
	  - Add typedef to RMLLI
	  - Add non-virtual NextNV() to RooLinkedListIter

2011-10-21 16:31  moneta

	* [r41535] fix warning on icc
	  fix a problem found by G. Eulisse, by using ::isnan

2011-10-21 14:32  axel

	* [r41534] Fix module loc.
	  Add missing final newline.

2011-10-21 12:19  pcanal

	* [r41531] From Peter: remove unused #include

2011-10-21 10:14  ganis

	* [r41530] Hopefully final fix for the return status from package

2011-10-21 10:10  moneta

	* [r41529] disable streaming of KDTRee since it will not work on
	  Windows since internal classes are private

2011-10-21 07:15  ganis

	* [r41526] Fix side effect of patch r41493

2011-10-21 07:05  moneta

	* [r41525] fix for a Windows compilatino error

2011-10-21 00:23  pcanal

	* [r41524] Be more explicit when a rule is conflicted with an
	  existing rule

2011-10-20 22:40  pcanal

	* [r41522] Avoid -Wcast_qual GCC diagnostic warning

2011-10-20 22:30  pcanal

	* [r41521] Set the virtual array size to 1, in all cases where the
	  branch is not part of a collection

2011-10-20 17:10  pcanal

	* [r41520] Properly propagate the size of an array used/cached as
	  part of the artificial elements. In TVirtualArray distinguish
	  size and capacity

2011-10-20 16:26  moneta

	* [r41519] fix some compilation problem on clang

2011-10-20 16:19  moneta

	* [r41518] merge from the development branch revision 40896
	  - Add new KDtree class developed by Christian Gumpert

2011-10-20 16:01  rdm

	* [r41517] re-order libs to make Ubunbtu 11.10 happy.

2011-10-20 15:00  rdm

	* [r41516] add cint/cling to list of optional modules.

2011-10-20 14:34  rdm

	* [r41515] cosmetic.

2011-10-20 14:34  rdm

	* [r41514] fix clang++ warning.

2011-10-20 14:34  rdm

	* [r41513] From Timur:
	  activate graf2d/ios.

2011-10-20 13:33  tpochep

	* [r41511] Add IOS sub-module in graf2d module.

2011-10-20 13:28  rdm

	* [r41510] add option --all which will enable all optional packages
	  (roofit, minuit2,
	  gdml, table, unuran, etc).

2011-10-20 09:55  axel

	* [r41496] Fix castor (also "rfio") libraries for castor 2.1.8,

2011-10-20 09:54  rdm

	* [r41495] From Timur:
	  TVirtualPad interface extended to support picking and highlight
	  object on iOS.

2011-10-20 09:51  rdm

	* [r41494] reorder SRVAUTHLIBEXTRA so all symbols get resolved on
	  Ubuntu 11.10.

2011-10-20 09:35  ganis

	* [r41493] Fix return codes seen by clients in the case of failures
	  during package building and/or loading

2011-10-20 08:48  rdm

	* [r41492] remove unused code.

2011-10-20 07:22  axel

	* [r41490] Update (c), authors.

2011-10-20 07:14  axel

	* [r41489] Allow ROOT to be built with cling, the LLVM-based
	  interpreter, as an interpreter backend.
	  This replaces CINT *only for interpreting code*; CINT is still
	  used for reflection and reflection-based calls.
	  To enable, pass
	  ./configure --with-llvm-config=/location/of/llvm/int/bin
	  to configure.
	  libCling is now built from within ROOT, using the same flags as
	  e.g. used to build clang.
	  Now that TCintWithCling is not called TCint anymore, the separate
	  dictionary for TCint can be removed; it's back in G__Meta.
	  The only configure element needed to find and use LLVM is the
	  llvm-config script which is found from --with-llvm-config.
	  makelib does not link -lCore -lCint to -lCling.

2011-10-20 07:09  axel

	* [r41488] Inherit from TCint instead of re-implementing 99% of its

2011-10-20 07:07  axel

	* [r41487] Follow class name and file name change.

2011-10-20 07:07  axel

	* [r41486] Only add CLING_INSTDIR_INCL if defined

2011-10-19 17:38  axel

	* [r41485] Enable out-of-source builds

2011-10-19 17:23  vvassilev

	* [r41484] * Update documentation;
	  * Fix typo;
	  * Remove redundant images.

2011-10-19 13:41  axel

	* [r41481] Update explorted symbols

2011-10-19 12:59  rdm

	* [r41480] print if cling is enable or not (not only when it is

2011-10-19 12:24  rdm

	* [r41479] From Pere:
	  These are the changes needed to support explicitlink option for
	  Linux and Mac.

2011-10-19 12:03  axel

	* [r41478] Fortran is not a prerequisite for building ROOT

2011-10-19 10:52  ganis

	* [r41476] Better cope with MacOsX oddities

2011-10-19 08:14  moneta

	* [r41474] use correct definition for macro (fix previous commit)

2011-10-19 08:09  moneta

	* [r41473] new version of tutorial with option for generatedBinned

2011-10-19 08:02  pcanal

	* [r41472] Fix Coverity issues: TParallelMergingFile.cxx: 34690
	  (uninitialized value), 34662,34659 (unchecked return value)

2011-10-19 07:41  pcanal

	* [r41471] Add comment for coverity 34661 (unchecked return value)

2011-10-19 07:38  pcanal

	* [r41470] Add comment for coverity 34660 (unchecked return value)

2011-10-19 07:30  pcanal

	* [r41469] Add missing parenthesis (cov 34686)

2011-10-18 19:47  moneta

	* [r41467] copy from dev branch of roostats new version of tutorial
	  with support for Asymptotic calculator

2011-10-18 16:42  axel

	* [r41466] Only use CLING_SRCDIR_INCL if defined.

2011-10-18 16:02  vvassilev

	* [r41465] Add additional html-based documentation.

2011-10-18 16:00  agheata

	* [r41464] Fixed memory corruption in TGeoPgon::DistFromInside.
	  Thread protection in TGeoBrancharray.

2011-10-18 15:41  vvassilev

	* [r41463] Teach cling how to cancel multiline input with (.@) at
	  the prompt.

2011-10-18 15:40  vvassilev

	* [r41462] Bug clarified. Patch in clang necessary.

2011-10-18 15:29  vvassilev

	* [r41461] Add a test case where the error recovery fails.

2011-10-18 15:23  vvassilev

	* [r41460] * Cleanup the demo folder
	  * Add some examples showing the expressiveness of the diagnostics
	  of cling and the underlying compiler - clang.

2011-10-18 13:23  moneta

	* [r41455] merge from development branch r41278 through r41454
	  - add new AsymptoticCalculator and its support in
	  - add utility function to make the nuisance pdf
	  + various small improvements

2011-10-18 12:26  moneta

	* [r41453] - add a new function TMath::Power(double, int)
	  impelmented using std::pow(double,int) since it is 100% faster
	  - fix for new Power function some code in TMVA
	  - Fix in TMath implementation of IsNaN for the latest C++
	  compiler when used together with cmath

2011-10-18 10:44  pcanal

	* [r41450] Set the server socket backlog to 100

2011-10-18 10:38  pcanal

	* [r41449] Check more error return. Print the index on the client

2011-10-18 10:38  pcanal

	* [r41448] separate the clientCount from the clientIdx

2011-10-18 09:52  pcanal

	* [r41447] If an object/class can not be merger, warn only if there
	  is really a need to merge (i.e. the collection of files contains
	  more than one object of this type and name

2011-10-18 09:47  pcanal

	* [r41446] properly count

2011-10-18 09:39  pcanal

	* [r41445] Decrease verbosity

2011-10-18 09:36  pcanal

	* [r41444] Update hadd and TFileMerger so that they prefix all
	  their information message
	  with their names (when running hadd, the TFileMerger message are
	  prefixed by hadd):
	  $ hadd -v 0 -f output.root input1.root input2.root
	  $ hadd -v 1 -f output.root input1.root input2.root
	  hadd merged 2 input files in output.root.
	  $ hadd -v 2 -f output.root input1.root input2.root
	  hadd target file: output.root
	  hadd Source file 1: input1.root
	  hadd Source file 2: input2.root
	  hadd Target path: output.root:/

2011-10-18 09:09  moneta

	* [r41443] add same improvements in TH1::Merge also for TH2, TH3
	  and TProfile's classes:
	  - avoid a clone when merging histograms which have all the same

2011-10-18 09:08  pcanal

	* [r41442] Output number of files merger in hadd -v1:
	  $ hadd -v 1 -f output.root input1.root input2.root
	  Target file: output.root
	  Merged 2 input files.

2011-10-18 09:07  agheata

	* [r41441] Locking of patter finder done only when allocating
	  thread data. Fixed warning about node ID array.

2011-10-18 09:04  pcanal

	* [r41440] Shift the verbosity level passed to TFileMerger up down
	  by one to allow for finer grain control in hadd.
	  $ hadd -v 0 -f output.root input1.root input2.root
	  $ hadd -v 1 -f output.root input1.root input2.root
	  Target file: output.root
	  $ hadd -v 2 -f output.root input1.root input2.root
	  Target file: output.root
	  Source file 1: input1.root
	  Source file 2: input2.root
	  Target path: output.root:/

2011-10-18 08:57  pcanal

	* [r41439] Add -v option to hadd to control the verbosity level.

2011-10-18 08:54  moneta

	* [r41438] add a missing rest of the iterator in TH1::Merge

2011-10-18 08:53  pcanal

	* [r41436] Update argument parsing in hadd to support the often
	  hadd -f output.root -T input1.root input2.root
	  to properly recognize the 'output.root' to be the output rather
	  than input1.root
	  (i.e. previously the first argument after all the -* option was
	  assumed to be
	  the output even if it was specified before hand).

2011-10-18 08:43  axel

	* [r41435] stray space

2011-10-18 08:43  axel

	* [r41434] Check out textinput from ROOT before building anything
	  (i.e. during the Makefile-update-phase).
	  We pick the one corresponding to the current cling: same
	  protocol, same branch / tag etc.
	  SVN-ignore the checked-out textinput.

2011-10-18 08:41  axel

	* [r41433] Copy Makefile from cling's dev branch; we need it for
	  standalone cling.

2011-10-18 08:13  moneta

	* [r41431] Fix the merge for histogram with the buffer
	  implement also correctly TH1::GetEntries in case of buffer

2011-10-18 08:04  pcanal

	* [r41430] add a little (stress) test framework for the parallel

2011-10-18 08:03  pcanal

	* [r41429] Start keeping track of the time since last contact for
	  each client. Trigger the merger of histogram only if (as soon as)
	  the average+2*sigma has passed since the last merge

2011-10-18 08:01  pcanal

	* [r41428] Reduce the number of call to 'flush' in case of
	  incremental merger

2011-10-18 07:51  axel

	* [r41427] Disable svn:externals for now; will need to check out
	  through cling-standalone's Makefile / configurration

2011-10-17 19:00  pcanal

	* [r41425] Set cling disable by default and add empty to
	  solve current compilation errors

2011-10-17 18:58  pcanal

	* [r41424] Remove the switch of TH1::AddDirectory as it is not
	  thread safe and in its current form is not an optimization (due
	  to the soft dependency requirement)

2011-10-17 17:30  pcanal

	* [r41423] When transfering TMemFile make sure to transfer the
	  StreamerInfo only once

2011-10-17 15:42  axel

	* [r41422] Point to ROOT's textinput library.

2011-10-17 15:41  axel

	* [r41421] Remove copy of textinput; to be replaced by externals in
	  a second.

2011-10-17 15:33  axel

	* [r41420] Disable TCintWithCling for now.

2011-10-17 15:23  axel

	* [r41419] Vassil.

2011-10-17 15:20  axel

	* [r41417] Upload cling (ROOT's C++ interpreter prototype based on
	  LLVM) to ROOT.
	  For cling, see

2011-10-17 13:49  moneta

	* [r41415] - improve TH1::Merge to remove a clone of the Histogram
	  which is being merged (this) in case the histogram have all the
	  same limits

2011-10-17 13:49  pcanal

	* [r41414] Avoid a crash in TStreamerInfo::Compile in the case
	  a) the class on file inherit from an abstract class
	  b) the class in memory does no longer inherit from an abstract
	  c) the abstract class is still loaded in memory
	  In this case, it may happen that we do not have the StreamerInfo
	  the abstract base class when build the StreamerInfo for the
	  onfile version
	  of the class.

2011-10-16 21:28  pcanal

	* [r41408] Introduce the class TParallelMergingFile part of the net
	  package. This class connect ot a parallel merge server
	  and upload its content every time Write is called on the file
	  object. After the upload the object of classes
	  with a ResetAfterMerge function are reset.
	  A TParallelMergingFile is created whether a ?pmerge option is
	  passed to TFile::Open as part of the file name.
	  For example:
	  TFile::Open("mergedClient.root?pmerge","RECREATE"); // For now
	  contact localhost:1095
	  tutorials/net/treeClient.C and fastMergeServer.C: update to
	  follow the change in interfaces
	  Introduce the tutorials parallelMergerClient.C and the temporary
	  tutorials parallelMergerServer.C
	  to demonstrate the parallel merging (with parallelMergerServer.C
	  being the prototype of the upcoming
	  parallel merger server executable).
	  Introduce a new constructor to copy a TKey from one file to
	  another without unzipping nor unstreaming its content.
	  New method AddFile(TFile*) that appends the TFile to the list of
	  file to be merged but does not delete it after
	  the merge operation.
	  Replace the method IncrementalMerge(Bool_t) with the method
	  PartialMerge(Int_t) the argument defines the type
	  of merge as define by the bit values in EPartialMergeType:
	  // kRegular : normal merge, overwritting the output file
	  // kIncremental : merge the input file with the content of the
	  output file (if already exising) (default)
	  // kAll : merge all type of objects (default)
	  // kResetable : merge only the objects with a MergeAfterReset
	  member function.
	  // kNonResetable : merge only the objects without a
	  MergeAfterReset member function.
	  Remove RecursiveMerge from the public interface.
	  Distinguish objects of classes that can explicitly be reset after
	  a Merge operation and those that should not.
	  Only the object of classes with a method ResetAfterMerge will be
	  Reset by TMemFile::ResetAfterMerge (previous
	  both object of classes with a ResetAfterMerge and those with a
	  simple Reset method where reset).

2011-10-16 19:53  pcanal

	* [r41407] white space

2011-10-14 21:50  ganis

	* [r41399] Remove hardcoded additions of dirname(COMPILER) and of
	  in front of PATH. These uncontrolled additions could hide
	  specific settings in PATH
	  and be the source of weird problems appearing in PROOF only.
	  By default only $ROOTSYS/bin in front of the original PATH.
	  Additions of dirname(COMPILER)
	  and/or of '/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin' are controlled by the
	  rootrc ProofServ.BinPaths .

2011-10-14 12:25  pcanal

	* [r41395] Avoid spurrious error message when merging with an empty

2011-10-14 12:17  pcanal

	* [r41394] Fix hadd and TFileMerger when the number of files
	  exceeds the number of available file descriptors
	  (and/or the user fixed limit). Previous, the resulting file was
	  only containing the information
	  from the last batch of files! (The issue was introduced in
	  revision 40569 (post v5.30) which was
	  adding support for merging more files than the maximum number of
	  file descriptor).

2011-10-14 12:08  ganis

	* [r41393] Add more flexibility to the definition of the library
	  path seen by proofserv. So far
	  to avoid ambiguites in some cases, $ROOTSYS/lib was removed and
	  the one of the ROOT
	  version chosen was added later on in front. This proved to be to
	  aggressive in some
	  cases. Now by default the path is the same seen by xproofd; the
	  new directive
	  xpd.filterlibpaths (see
	  allows to remove selected subpaths.

2011-10-13 22:16  pcanal

	* [r41389] Reduce to 2Mb (down from 32Mb) the default size of a

2011-10-13 22:15  pcanal

	* [r41388] Clarify comment and variable name. Fix an issue
	  introduced in r39365 where the TH1::AddDirectory was not restored
	  after a merge if it been turned off by the user

2011-10-13 21:23  pcanal

	* [r41387] Add missing protection in

2011-10-13 21:20  pcanal

	* [r41386] Deprecate TROOT::RemoveClass (in favor of

2011-10-13 21:19  pcanal

	* [r41385] update comment

2011-10-13 15:07  couet

	* [r41384] fix coverity report #32984

2011-10-13 14:16  ganis

	* [r41383] Yet another case to cover for the 'xpd.allowedusers'

2011-10-13 13:25  couet

	* [r41381] fix coverity report #33226

2011-10-13 09:58  ganis

	* [r41378] Few additional fixes for the multiuser and access
	  control mode.
	  Current behavior described in .

2011-10-12 16:03  moneta

	* [r41375] Fix in TAxis::Set when we had before variable bins

2011-10-12 15:50  couet

	* [r41374] Fix Coverty report #33226

2011-10-12 15:42  couet

	* [r41373] Fix Coverty reports #33296 #33293

2011-10-12 15:17  couet

	* [r41372] Fix Coverty reports #32881

2011-10-12 15:12  couet

	* [r41371] Fix Coverty reports #33299

2011-10-12 15:02  couet

	* [r41369] Fix Coverty reports #32879 #32878

2011-10-12 14:53  couet

	* [r41368] Fix Coverty report #33296

2011-10-12 14:39  couet

	* [r41367] Fix Coverty report #33303

2011-10-12 14:37  rdm

	* [r41366] libcastorns is also needed for Castor 2.1.8.

2011-10-12 14:32  rdm

	* [r41365] cfitsio on Ubuntu 11.10 needs -lz.

2011-10-12 14:26  couet

	* [r41364] Fix Coverty report #33295

2011-10-12 14:14  couet

	* [r41363] Fix Coverty report #32888

2011-10-12 14:06  couet

	* [r41361] Fix Coverty report #32928

2011-10-12 13:57  couet

	* [r41360] Fix Coverty report #32930

2011-10-12 13:49  couet

	* [r41359] Fix Coverty report #32931

2011-10-12 13:15  moneta

	* [r41358] re-commit fix in SetBins for TProfile2D and TProfile3D

2011-10-12 13:09  rdm

	* [r41357] From Axel and me:
	  detect other Castor libs on which libshift depends.

2011-10-12 13:08  rdm

	* [r41356] rfio_HsmIf_reqtoput only available in Castor 1, add
	  build time check.

2011-10-12 11:37  ganis

	* [r41355] - Fix the behavior of the 'xpd.allowedusers' and
	  'xpd.allowedgroups' directives
	  - Allow 'xpd.allowedgroups' to control also PROOF groups, not
	  only UNIX ones.
	  - Simplify error messages in case of login failure because of
	  non-authorization .

2011-10-12 10:48  pcanal

	* [r41354] Add note of the still reacheable memory area related to
	  base class information

2011-10-12 10:41  rdm

	* [r41353] don't print ruby config warning on platforms with
	  explicitlink on by default.

2011-10-12 10:31  rdm

	* [r41352] revert broken lunchtime commit.

2011-10-12 09:59  pcanal

	* [r41351] Comment out debug printout

2011-10-12 09:53  moneta

	* [r41350] add missing SetBins for variable bin sizes
	  (see )

2011-10-12 09:22  couet

	* [r41349] Fix Coverty reports (more UNINIT)

2011-10-12 09:12  couet

	* [r41348] Fix Coverty reports #33221 #32394 #32393 #32392 #32391

2011-10-12 07:03  axel

	* [r41347] Add missing getter for fClassName; reimplementing

2011-10-11 23:43  rdm

	* [r41346] NETO in wrong location.

2011-10-11 22:20  pcanal

	* [r41345] From Peter Van Gemmeren:
	  Add an option value ("cachedbranches") to the Print() function of
	  TTreeCache to be able to print the list of cached branches.

2011-10-11 15:17  agheata

	* [r41342] Added a lock on the part creating voxels thread data

2011-10-11 14:58  agheata

	* [r41341] Adding thread id as parameter to methods of
	  TGeoVoxelFinder to avoid passing through the serial
	  TGeoManager::ThreadId. This recovers quite good the scalability
	  with the number of threads

2011-10-11 14:43  rdm

	* [r41339] use #ifdef instead of #if in several cases.

2011-10-11 14:42  rdm

	* [r41338] make the usage of TSSLSocket conditional on compiling
	  with OpenSSL support.

2011-10-11 14:39  couet

	* [r41337] Fix Coverty reports #33221 #33218 #33219 #33222 #33220

2011-10-11 14:29  ganis

	* [r41336] - Move the check for the username after authentication.
	  This is because authentication
	  may run some credentials-to-user mapping which can modify the
	  requested username.
	  This way we really check the final username and not the one
	  requested by the client,
	  which may even not exist on the machines.
	  Side modification: when the mapping function returns more
	  usernames, the username
	  specified by the client is used to help choosing the effective
	  username among the
	  available choices; if not match is found the handshake does any
	  longer fail, the first
	  mapped username is chosen instead.
	  - In TXSocket::ProcessUnsolicitedMsg, fix an issue preventig
	  server messages to be
	  displayed during setup, i.e. when the XrdClientConn instance is
	  not yet defined.

2011-10-11 14:23  rdm

	* [r41335] make explictlink the default on linux too (was already
	  the case for:
	  macosx, freebsd, openbsd, aix and win32). This adds some extra
	  time to
	  the link stage, which can be recuperated by using the gold linker
	  (which is much faster than ld).

2011-10-11 13:30  couet

	* [r41333] Fix a typo

2011-10-11 13:28  couet

	* [r41332] More mods for the ctor from a file (M.Trocme)

2011-10-11 12:02  axel

	* [r41330] From Andrei: Fix coverity #33862 (dereference null
	  return value)

2011-10-11 10:46  rdm

	* [r41329] add TSSLSocket description.

2011-10-11 10:41  rdm

	* [r41328] add Alejandro Alvarez Ayllon for TSSLSocket class

2011-10-11 10:40  rdm

	* [r41327] From Alejandro Alvarez Ayllon:
	  I asked some time ago about HTTPS support in ROOT, and there is
	  So after finding some time, I have written a TSSLSocket class
	  that is
	  used by TWebFile to access files through HTTPS.
	  We want this feature to be available as we are developing -
	  actually it
	  is in a quite advanced state already - a WebDAV endpoint for DPM
	  And proxy/user certificates are needed to authenticate the

2011-10-11 10:26  pcanal

	* [r41326] Fix Coverity issues:
	  TFormLeafInfo.cxx: 32301,32302,32303,32304,32305,32416 make sure
	  the return value are initialized even if the function accessed
	  through TMethodCall is invalid or if GetStreamerElements 'fails'
	  TTreeFormuala.cxx: 32314,32315,32316,32395,32417,32418,32419 make
	  sure the return value are initialized even if the function
	  accessed through TMethodCall is invalid or if GetStreamerElements

2011-10-11 10:14  pcanal

	* [r41325] In TFile::GetRecordHeader, update the output fileds
	  (nbytes,objlen,keylen) even in case of error

2011-10-11 09:39  pcanal

	* [r41324] Fix memory leak (fIndexArray) See Coverity

2011-10-11 09:22  pcanal

	* [r41323] Remove unused definition (see Coverity 32155 Parse
	  warning, declared but not referenced)

2011-10-11 09:20  pcanal

	* [r41322] Remove redundant definition (see Coverity 32109 Parse
	  warning, declared but not referenced)

2011-10-11 09:01  pcanal

	* [r41321] Remove size limitation to TMemFile which can now be
	  composed on a series of memory block
	  and can handle arbitrary size.
	  To copy the content of the TMemFile use TMemFile::CopyTo towards
	  either a memory area
	  or another TBuffer.

2011-10-11 08:55  pcanal

	* [r41320] remove declaration not longer used see (Coverity 32107
	  Parse warning, declared but not referenced)

2011-10-11 08:53  pcanal

	* [r41319] Move static declaration to source file (see Coverity
	  32093 Parse warning, declared but not referenced

2011-10-11 08:48  pcanal

	* [r41318] Fix Coverity issues:
	  TTreePlayer.cxx: another instance of 34037 Dereference null
	  return value
	  TBranchElement.cxx: 2nd attempt for 34040,34042 Dereference null
	  return (stat)
	  TTabCom.cxx: another instance of 34168 Explicit null dereferenced

2011-10-11 08:33  couet

	* [r41317] Fix coverity report #33302

2011-10-11 08:20  pcanal

	* [r41316] Fix 3rd instance/part of 10912 Uninitialized scalar
	  variable in macro.cxx

2011-10-11 07:12  moneta

	* [r41315] fix for

2011-10-10 15:44  ganis

	* [r41313] - Fix an issue with option 'xpd.multiuser'
	  - Correct/add some comments

2011-10-10 15:29  rdm

	* [r41312] fix other small issue with @.

2011-10-10 15:07  couet

	* [r41310] Fix coverity report #33650

2011-10-10 14:59  couet

	* [r41309] Fix coverity report #33651

2011-10-10 14:50  couet

	* [r41308] Fix coverity report #33666

2011-10-10 14:37  couet

	* [r41307] Fix coverity report #33784

2011-10-10 14:26  couet

	* [r41305] Fix coverity report #33785

2011-10-10 14:02  wouter

	* [r41304] o RooFitResult
	  - Distinguish between reducedCovarianceMatrix() and
	  as option to reduce a covariance matrix
	  o RooMultiVarGaussian
	  - Offer above choice for RMVGs built on a RooFitResult.

2011-10-10 13:33  axel

	* [r41302] From Bertrand: Fix coverity reports #33290 & #33291,
	  #32729 & #33861

2011-10-10 13:26  agheata

	* [r41301] Allow locking adding navigators to avoid TThread::Lock
	  in TGeoManager::ThreadId

2011-10-10 13:21  wouter

	* [r41300] o RooDataHist
	  - Fix 2 bugs in sum() over histogram slices in bin-volume
	  correction mode so that
	  partial integrals over RooHistFuncs now yield the correct answer

2011-10-10 13:07  bellenot

	* [r41299] Add protections against possible null pointers. Fixes
	  also coverity report #32983 (dereference null return value)

2011-10-10 12:49  couet

	* [r41298] Fix coverity report #34374

2011-10-10 12:41  bellenot

	* [r41297] Fix coverity reports (dereference null return value)

2011-10-10 12:34  couet

	* [r41296] Fix coverity reports #34330 #34329 #34328

2011-10-10 12:18  couet

	* [r41295] Fix coverity report #32926

2011-10-08 18:23  axel

	* [r41290] Add missing #include for std::auto_ptr

2011-10-07 15:41  bellenot

	* [r41285] Fix coverity report #33163 (dereference null return

2011-10-07 14:14  wouter

	* [r41284] o RooRealSumPdf
	  - Add code to take rangeNames into account in analytical integral
	  implementations [ from G. Raven ]

2011-10-07 13:39  bellenot

	* [r41283] Fix coverity reports (dereference null return values)

2011-10-07 13:09  bellenot

	* [r41282] Fix coverity reports #33682 & #33683 (dereference null

2011-10-07 13:04  bellenot

	* [r41281] Fix coverity report #33681 (dereference null return)

2011-10-07 13:02  bellenot

	* [r41280] Fix coverity reports (dereference null return values)

2011-10-07 12:57  agheata

	* [r41279] ThreadId fix when manager is not instantiated

2011-10-07 12:17  bellenot

	* [r41277] Fix coverity report #33680 (dereference null return)

2011-10-07 12:15  bellenot

	* [r41275] Fix coverity reports #33686 & #33377 (dereference null

2011-10-07 12:10  agheata

	* [r41274] Thread safe TGeoManager. Clean-up thread data at the
	  end. Navigators cleaned-up.

2011-10-07 12:08  bellenot

	* [r41273] Fix coverity reports (dereference null return values)

2011-10-07 11:51  bellenot

	* [r41272] Fix coverity reports #32499 & #32500 (uninitialized
	  scalar variables)

2011-10-07 11:20  wouter

	* [r41271] o RooAbsArg
	  - Change _proxyList from TList to TRefArray
	  - Increment version number from 4 to 5
	  o LinkDef1
	  - Implement schema evolution for RooAbsArg [1-4]->5
	  o RooHistPdf
	  - Disable custom fix for proxy issue

2011-10-07 10:50  bellenot

	* [r41268] Fix coverity reports (dereference null return values)

2011-10-07 10:43  bellenot

	* [r41267] Fix coverity report (dereference null return value)

2011-10-07 10:39  couet

	* [r41266] Fix coverity report #32871

2011-10-07 10:23  couet

	* [r41265] Fix coverity report #32399

2011-10-07 10:20  couet

	* [r41264] Fix coverity report #32253

2011-10-07 10:11  couet

	* [r41263] Fix coverity report #32381

2011-10-07 10:04  bellenot

	* [r41262] Fix coverity reports #34546 (dereference after null
	  check) and #33208 (dereference null return)

2011-10-07 09:55  bellenot

	* [r41260] Fix coverity report #30922 (unchecked return value)

2011-10-07 09:53  couet

	* [r41259] Fix coverity reports (RESOURCE_LEAK)

2011-10-07 09:49  bellenot

	* [r41258] Fix coverity report #34547 (dereference after null

2011-10-07 09:42  bellenot

	* [r41257] Fix coverity report ##34545 (Dereference after null

2011-10-07 09:33  bellenot

	* [r41256] Fix coverity report #34548 (Resource leak)

2011-10-07 09:28  bellenot

	* [r41255] Fix coverity reports #34473 & #34470 (Dereference after
	  null check)

2011-10-07 09:25  bellenot

	* [r41254] Try to silent coverity report #32731 (dereference null
	  return value)

2011-10-07 09:23  bellenot

	* [r41253] Fix coverity reports #34195 & #34197 (Explicit null

2011-10-07 09:07  moneta

	* [r41251] initialize some variables and add default constructor
	  for I/O

2011-10-07 08:58  couet

	* [r41250] Fix coverity reports #34542 #34543 #34544

2011-10-07 08:51  couet

	* [r41249] Fix coverity reports #34549 #34550 #34551

2011-10-07 08:44  couet

	* [r41248] Fix coverity report #32985

2011-10-07 08:33  couet

	* [r41247] Fix coverity report #32986

2011-10-07 03:12  matevz

	* [r41246] Heal coverititis.

2011-10-07 02:21  matevz

	* [r41245] Avoid warning Explicit null dereferenced warning from
	  Coverity (34156, 34155).
	  This was in fact a false positive, as, apparently, Coverity did
	  not take into
	  account the assignment:
	  fPropagator = prop;
	  in function TEveTrack::SetPropagator().

2011-10-06 19:42  pcanal

	* [r41244] Fix Coverity issues:
	  TBranchSTL: cov 34339 Resource leak (false positive)
	  TTableDescriptor.cxx: cov 34219,34220 explicit null dereference
	  TSQLStructure.cxx: cov 34204,34205,34206 Explicit null
	  TTabCom.cxx: cov 34168 Explicit null dereferenced
	  TClassRef.cxx: cove 34165 Explicit null dereferenced (false
	  positive but still confusing coding).
	  TBufferXML.cxx: 34070 Explicit null dereferenced
	  TFriendProxyDescriptor.cxx: cov 34066 Uninitialized scalar field
	  TTreeCloner.cxx: cov 34034057 Dereference null return (stat) 63
	  Uninitialized scalar field
	  TParallelCoordEditor.cxx: 34051,34059,34060,34061 Dereference
	  null return value
	  TParallelCoord.cxx: 34050,34056, 34057 Dereference null return
	  TBranchProxy.h: 34048 Dereference null return value
	  TBranchProxy.cxx: 34043,34044,34045 Dereference null return value
	  TTree.cxx: 34039 Dereference null return value
	  TTreePlayer.cxx: 34037 Dereference null return value
	  TLeafC.cxx: 34036 Dereference null return value

2011-10-06 19:42  pcanal

	* [r41243] Avoid crashing in the case where
	  a) the class on file inherit from an abstract class
	  b) the class in memory does no longer inherit from an abstract
	  c) the abstract class is still loaded in memory
	  In this case, it may happen that we do not have the StreamerInfo
	  the abstract base class when build the StreamerInfo for the
	  onfile version
	  of the class.

2011-10-06 16:59  rdm

	* [r41240] fix issue with @ being used in the options part of the

2011-10-06 16:11  couet

	* [r41238] Fix coverity report #33665

2011-10-06 15:58  bellenot

	* [r41237] Fix coverity reports (dereference null return value)

2011-10-06 15:55  couet

	* [r41236] Fix coverity report #33301

2011-10-06 15:50  bellenot

	* [r41235] Fix coverity reports (dereference null return value)

2011-10-06 15:48  agheata

	* [r41234] Thread safe volume assemblies. Cleanup of thread data.

2011-10-06 15:34  bellenot

	* [r41232] Fix coverity reports (dereference null return value)

2011-10-06 15:21  bellenot

	* [r41231] Fix coverity reports (dereference null return value)

2011-10-06 15:18  couet

	* [r41230] Fix coverity report #33300

2011-10-06 15:14  bellenot

	* [r41229] Fix coverity reports (dereference null return value &
	  unchecked return value)

2011-10-06 14:58  bellenot

	* [r41228] Fix coverity reports (dereference null return value)

2011-10-06 14:18  bellenot

	* [r41226] Fix coverity reports (dereference null return value)

2011-10-06 14:16  couet

	* [r41225] Fix coverity report #33283

2011-10-06 14:10  couet

	* [r41224] Fix coverity report #33224

2011-10-06 13:58  couet

	* [r41223] Fix coverity report #33223

2011-10-06 13:53  bellenot

	* [r41222] Better check for pointer validity (avoid possible memory
	  leak - thanks to Timur for pointing this out!)

2011-10-06 13:42  agheata

	* [r41221] Thread safe TGeoXtru. Optimization in

2011-10-06 13:26  couet

	* [r41220] Fix coverity report #33109

2011-10-06 13:21  couet

	* [r41219] Fix coverity report (NULL_RETURNS)

2011-10-06 13:16  couet

	* [r41218] Fix coverity report #32991

2011-10-06 13:14  couet

	* [r41217] Fix coverity report #32986

2011-10-06 13:11  couet

	* [r41216] Fix coverity report #32985

2011-10-06 13:08  tpochep

	* [r41215] Coverity fix. Unused static variable deleted.

2011-10-06 13:07  bellenot

	* [r41214] Fix coverity reports (dereference null return value)

2011-10-06 13:05  tpochep

	* [r41213] Results of gROOT->GetColor were not checked.

2011-10-06 13:00  bellenot

	* [r41212] Fix coverity reports (uninitialized scalar field)

2011-10-06 12:59  couet

	* [r41211] Fix coverity reports (NULL_RETURNS)

2011-10-06 12:55  tpochep

	* [r41210] Coverity fix: result of gROOT->GetColor was not checked.

2011-10-06 12:54  couet

	* [r41209] Fix coverity reports (NULL_RETURNS)

2011-10-06 12:54  bellenot

	* [r41208] Fix coverity reports (dereference null return value)

2011-10-06 12:52  bellenot

	* [r41207] Fix coverity report (dereference null return value)

2011-10-06 12:43  bellenot

	* [r41206] Fix coverity reports (dereference null return value)

2011-10-06 12:39  bellenot

	* [r41205] Fix coverity reports (dereference null return value)

2011-10-06 12:17  tpochep

	* [r41204] Check the result of fopen.

2011-10-06 12:15  bellenot

	* [r41203] Fix coverity reports (dereference null return)

2011-10-06 12:10  tpochep

	* [r41202] Coverity CID 34189: the TNodeDiv ctor was passing 0 for
	  const char * parameter (matrix name) which was later used in
	  strlen function.
	  Actually, not clear who must be fixed - call to strlen without
	  check or code which passes 0.

2011-10-06 12:09  couet

	* [r41201] Fix coverity reports (NULL_RETURNS)

2011-10-06 11:56  couet

	* [r41200] Fix coverity reports (NULL_RETURNS)

2011-10-06 11:38  couet

	* [r41198] Fix coverity reports (NULL_RETURNS)

2011-10-06 11:32  couet

	* [r41197] Fix coverity reports (NULL_RETURNS)

2011-10-06 11:21  couet

	* [r41196] Fix coverity reports (NULL_RETURNS)

2011-10-06 11:00  couet

	* [r41195] Fix coverity reports (UNINIT)

2011-10-06 10:53  couet

	* [r41194] Fix coverity reports (UNINIT)

2011-10-06 10:37  bellenot

	* [r41193] Fix coverity reports (dereference null return value)

2011-10-06 10:30  bellenot

	* [r41192] Fix coverity reports (dereference null return value)

2011-10-06 10:12  bellenot

	* [r41191] Fix coverity reports (dereference null return value )

2011-10-06 10:07  bellenot

	* [r41190] Fix coverity reports (dereference null return value &
	  unchecked return value)

2011-10-06 10:06  bellenot

	* [r41189] Fix coverity reports (dereference null return value)

2011-10-06 10:04  couet

	* [r41188] Fix coverity reports (UNINIT)

2011-10-06 09:58  couet

	* [r41187] DistancetoPrimitve has a return value.

2011-10-06 09:50  couet

	* [r41186] Some clean up (extra spaces etc …)

2011-10-06 09:18  couet

	* [r41183] Fix coverity reports (RETURNS_NULL)

2011-10-06 09:17  bellenot

	* [r41182] Fix coverity reports (dereference after null check)

2011-10-06 08:56  bellenot

	* [r41181] Fix coverity reports (dereference after null check)

2011-10-06 08:48  agheata

	* [r41180] Thread safe Boolean nodes.

2011-10-06 08:45  bellenot

	* [r41179] Fix Coverity reports (dereference null return value,
	  unchecked return value and resource leak)

2011-10-06 08:45  couet

	* [r41178] Fix coverity reports (CHECKED_RETURNS)

2011-10-06 08:37  bellenot

	* [r41176] Fix coverity report (dereference null value)

2011-10-06 07:58  couet

	* [r41175] Fix coverity reports (NULL_RETURNS)

2011-10-05 22:34  pcanal

	* [r41174] Properly handle the deletion of the previous output

2011-10-05 22:27  pcanal

	* [r41173] The fastMergeServer.C (the future parallelMerger
	  executable) is extended
	  a) assign an id to the clients
	  b) receive also the filename
	  c) be able to store to multiple output files

2011-10-05 20:44  moneta

	* [r41172] use lower case for R (see )

2011-10-05 16:55  couet

	* [r41171] Fix coverity report #33137

2011-10-05 16:17  couet

	* [r41170] Fix coverity report (uninitialized variables)

2011-10-05 15:58  couet

	* [r41169] Fix coverity report #32884

2011-10-05 15:57  bellenot

	* [r41168] Fix coverity reports (uninitialized scalar variables &
	  resource leak)

2011-10-05 15:45  couet

	* [r41167] Fix coverity report (uninitialized variables)

2011-10-05 15:35  bellenot

	* [r41166] Fix coverity reports (dereference null value)

2011-10-05 15:34  bellenot

	* [r41165] Fix coverity reports (dereference null value)

2011-10-05 15:24  couet

	* [r41164] Fix coverity report #32228

2011-10-05 15:22  couet

	* [r41163] Fix coverity report #32227

2011-10-05 15:08  bellenot

	* [r41162] Fix coverity reports (dereference null value)

2011-10-05 15:00  couet

	* [r41161] Fix coverity report #30464

2011-10-05 14:39  couet

	* [r41160] Fix coverity reports (uninitialized variables)

2011-10-05 14:08  bellenot

	* [r41159] Fix coverity report (Dereference null return value )

2011-10-05 13:52  agheata

	* [r41157] Backward-compatible thread safe version of the voxel

2011-10-05 13:47  bellenot

	* [r41156] Fix coverity reports (dereference null value)

2011-10-05 13:47  bellenot

	* [r41155] Fix coverity reports (dereference null value)

2011-10-05 13:46  couet

	* [r41154] Fix coverity report #34385

2011-10-05 13:46  bellenot

	* [r41153] Fix coverity reports (dereference null value)

2011-10-05 13:46  bellenot

	* [r41152] Fix coverity reports (dereference null value)

2011-10-05 13:46  bellenot

	* [r41151] Fix coverity reports (dereference null value)

2011-10-05 13:45  bellenot

	* [r41150] Fix coverity reports (dereference null value)

2011-10-05 13:44  bellenot

	* [r41149] Fix coverity reports (dereference null value)

2011-10-05 13:38  bellenot

	* [r41148] Fix coverity reports (resource leak)

2011-10-05 13:34  bellenot

	* [r41147] Fix coverity reports (dereference null value)

2011-10-05 13:34  bellenot

	* [r41146] Fix coverity reports (dereference null value)

2011-10-05 13:33  bellenot

	* [r41145] Fix coverity reports (dereference null value)

2011-10-05 13:15  rdm

	* [r41144] Fix hiding of ReadBuffer() warning.

2011-10-05 13:08  rdm

	* [r41143] From Marcelo:
	  The changes in the GetFromWeb10 to allow parsing of chunked
	  are not yet implemented because I need to think on the best way
	  to do
	  that, but both plugins are working although for the test it's
	  slow because it's generating simple range requests.

2011-10-05 09:35  agheata

	* [r41137] Restored protected scope for
	  TGeoPatternFinder::ThreadData_t (as advised by Philippe).

2011-10-05 09:26  couet

	* [r41136] Fix coverity reports #30858 and #31644

2011-10-05 08:16  couet

	* [r41133] Protection added in TPolyLine3D::DrawOutlineCube.
	  In some cases "view" is not defined.

2011-10-05 08:03  rdm

	* [r41131] From Jan-Fiete:
	  critical bug fix "return string->GetString()" and some
	  for TGridJDL.

2011-10-05 07:47  couet

	* [r41130] Fix coverity report #30851

2011-10-05 07:34  couet

	* [r41129] Fix coverity report #32097
	  kPrintingPS was not used.

2011-10-05 07:25  couet

	* [r41127] Fix coverity reports #32099 and $32098:
	  kBackslash and kLatex were not used.

2011-10-04 21:24  pcanal

	* [r41126] Allow creating the StreamerInfo (via
	  TClass::GetStreamerInfo) for an abstract class if we already have
	  the real data list

2011-10-04 19:32  pcanal

	* [r41125] Avoid creating the StreamerInfo for an abstract class

2011-10-04 15:44  pcanal

	* [r41122] Clarify somewhat the documentation of SetAutoFlush

2011-10-04 14:07  rdm

	* [r41119] use "lipo -info" instead if "file -L" to check if a
	  library is compatible on
	  MacOS X.

2011-10-04 13:34  couet

	* [r41118] More mods for the ctor from a file (M.Trocme)

2011-10-04 13:21  couet

	* [r41117] TGraphErrors and TGraph2D

2011-10-04 13:20  couet

	* [r41116] The constructor from a file is now able to handle
	  delimiters. Like in the .csv files. (Implementation done by
	  Mathieu Trocme)

2011-10-04 13:14  couet

	* [r41115] apply style as recommended here:

2011-10-04 13:06  couet

	* [r41114] The constructor from a file is now able to handle
	  delimiters. Like in the .csv files. (Implementation done by
	  Mathieu Trocme)

2011-10-04 12:44  couet

	* [r41113] apply style as recommended here:

2011-10-04 11:52  couet

	* [r41112] apply style as recommended here:

2011-10-04 09:44  pcanal

	* [r41111] Document the return values of TChain::LoadTree in case
	  of error ; now returns -1 in case of empty chain

2011-10-04 07:32  pcanal

	* [r41109] From Matthew Straits:
	  If one is at the ROOT command line and hits enter with a
	  parenthesis, bracket or similar open, one is presented with a
	  prompt like:
	  end with '}', '@':abort >
	  While in this mode, CINT writes input into a fixed length buffer
	  (2kB on my system) using strcpy() without checking for overruns.
	  If too much is entered, it happily stomps on the next bit of
	  memory, leading to either an immediate seg fault or memory
	  corruption that leads to a crash later, often when the ROOT
	  session is closed.
	  The attached patch makes the relevant function aware of the
	  buffer length and causes the line contination logic to exit with
	  an error rather than corrupting memory.

2011-10-04 07:25  pcanal

	* [r41108] Do not use the user accessible 'global' lock to protect
	  the internals of TThread,
	  instead use an internal (but still global) mutex.
	  Having the ambiguity leads to an easy uncesserary dead-lock.
	  1. Acquire TThread::Lock
	  2. TFile::Open
	  3. TClass::GetClass()
	  7. TClass::Init
	  8. wait for gCINTGlobalMutex
	  3. TFile::Open
	  4. TClass::GetClass()
	  5. TClass::init
	  6. Acquire gCINTGlobalMutex
	  9. TNamed::SetName
	  10. use gPad
	  11. call TThread::Tsd
	  12. call TThread::Self
	  13. wait for ever and ever on TThread::Lock ....

2011-10-03 21:42  pcanal

	* [r41102] Undo the synchronization of gFile was invalidating
	  existing user code (even if the code is somewhat).
	  Use cases includes wanting to retains (and return to) the last
	  file before a function call modifies
	  gDirectory and/or force return to the top level directory of the
	  last 'current' file no matter what
	  gDirectory is ....
	  Make sure to avoid unnecessary warning about missing dictionary
	  for a transient member even if
	  the member's type is an stl collection (containing object for
	  which we don't have the dictionary).

2011-10-03 16:23  pcanal

	* [r41101] Add the methods DropBranch[FromCache]

2011-10-03 16:13  pcanal

	* [r41100] Update TTreeCacheUnzip::FillBuffer to be more like
	  TTreeCache::FillBuffer. Remove fZipBytes which is no longer used

2011-10-03 15:52  agheata

	* [r41099] Fix a double delete when destructing the geometry

2011-10-03 15:32  agheata

	* [r41097] Fix compilation problem on windows

2011-10-03 13:08  pcanal

	* [r41096] Remove unnecessary use of gDirectory. Mention that
	  gDirectory is now thread local

2011-10-03 12:56  agheata

	* [r41095] Thread-safe version of pattern finders. No measurable
	  impact on performance.

2011-10-03 12:48  pcanal

	* [r41094] Switch off the Reflex support: it was never finalized
	  and now won't be. White space change in PyROOT.h to force the
	  recompilation now that a CPP macro being passed on the command
	  line is gone (i.e. in this case the .o are 'depending' on the

2011-10-03 12:29  pcanal

	* [r41093] Avoid order of initialization issues

2011-10-03 07:30  pcanal

	* [r41092] Whenever a thread has an associated TThread object, the
	  value of gDirectory is now
	  thread local, i.e. all modifications direct or indirect of
	  gDirectory will not be
	  seen by the other thread. In particular this means that several
	  I/O operations
	  (including TDirectory::Write) are now thread safe (<b>as long as
	  all the required
	  TClass and TStreamerInfo has been previously setup</b>).
	  This model does <b>not</b> support sharing TFile amongst threads
	  (i.e. a TFile
	  must be accessed from exactly <b>one</b> thread). This means that
	  whenever a TFile's
	  control is <i>passed</i> from a thread to another, the code must
	  explicitly reset
	  gDirectory to another value or there is a risk for this
	  gDirectory to point to a
	  stale pointer if the other thread deletes the TFile object. A
	  TFile deletion will
	  only affect the value of the local gDirectory.
	  Note: gFile now always returns the file of the current directory
	  or zero if the
	  current directory is not a TDirectoryFile. In particular this
	  means that gFile
	  itself is now read-only and can not be modified directly.
	  The global values gDirectory and gFile are now all accessed via a
	  static function
	  of their respective class. The access is made transparent via a
	  CPP macro.
	  gPad, gVirtualX and gInterpreter are now accessible even when
	  their value
	  is zero and they now properly support tab completion. (and the
	  same technique is used
	  for gDirectory and gPad).

2011-10-03 07:21  pcanal

	* [r41091] Avoid unnecessary call to gPad->Modified()

2011-10-02 20:51  pcanal

	* [r41090] Use thread safe alternative to ::Form

2011-10-01 19:46  pcanal

	* [r41089] In sqlio and xmlio, use TDirectory::TContext to
	  save/restore gDirectory rather than their own mechanism (in
	  preparation to gFile becoming read only

2011-10-01 19:38  pcanal

	* [r41088] In table, use TDirectory::TContext to save/restore
	  gDirectory rather than table's own mechanism (in preparation to
	  gFile becoming read only)

2011-09-30 23:23  pcanal

	* [r41087] Use TDirectory::TContext to set/restore the
	  gDirectory/gFile state rather than just gFile

2011-09-30 21:27  pcanal

	* [r41086] Introduce TThreadSlots.h to centralize and formalize the
	  use of the TThread local memory slots amongst the ROOT packages.
	  Move the definition of gThreadTsd to TROOT.cxx.

2011-09-30 21:18  pcanal

	* [r41085] In assignment and initialization of pointers, do lookup
	  for possible cast operators if the right is an object

2011-09-30 17:03  pcanal

	* [r41082] From Matthew Straits: bring the number-of-characters
	  discussion up to date in TTree as well as TBranch

2011-09-30 16:15  couet

	* [r41081] TGraph

2011-09-30 16:11  axel

	* [r41080] remove stray comment, improve doc, remove trailing

2011-09-30 16:08  axel

	* [r41079] From Justin Griffith and me: words are identifier
	  characters instead of things between spaces. Improves moving the
	  cursor word-forward/-backward.
	  Fix display update of undo.

2011-09-30 16:05  couet

	* [r41078] TGraph

2011-09-30 16:03  couet

	* [r41077] The TGraph constructor from a file is now able to handle
	  delimiters. Like in the .csv files. (Implementation done by
	  Mathieu Trocme)

2011-09-30 15:19  pcanal

	* [r41074] From Matthew Straits:
	  Documentation update:
	  * Merge two very similar documentation blocks in TBranch.cxx and
	  have one
	  simply refer to the other.
	  * Note the boolean type triggered by 'O' in all the lists. Also
	  clarify that
	  it is the letter Oh, not the number zero.
	  * Remove documentation claiming that if you say "foo/I2" it will
	  write out 2
	  bytes instead of the default size. My tests show that if I make a
	  like this, I can store numbers larger than 65535, and moreover I
	  read through
	  the code and do not see the second character being used anywhere.
	  [Maybe I'm
	  wrong somehow? If so, please explain, because I have no idea how
	  to make
	  this functionality work if so.]
	  * Fix documentation saying that the leaftype can be "0, 1 or 2
	  0 is not legal and provokes an error message (if you say "foo/",
	  but if you
	  leave off the slash, it's ok). 2 or more are legal but ones after
	  the first
	  do nothing.
	  * Remove strings of "*-*-*-" and similar in TBranch.cxx, which
	  confuse the
	  web documentation generator.
	  * Note that TBranch::GetRow just always returns 1.

2011-09-30 14:56  pcanal

	* [r41073] Set the parent of the TPaveStats in the code produced by
	  SavePrimitive to the histogram as it should be (and not to the
	  list as it incorrectly was)

2011-09-30 14:30  agheata

	* [r41072] Avoid a crash when having duplicated nodes

2011-09-30 12:15  axel

	* [r41070] Keep a map of EDataType to TDataType* (an array, really)
	  for quick access.
	  Move the creation of builtins' TDataType objects from TROOT to
	  TDataType to populate that array.
	  Add remaining builtins to EDataType.
	  Implement TDictionary::GetDictionary(const type_info&), combining
	  those for TDataType and TClass, just like
	  TDictionary::GetDictionary(const char* name).

2011-09-30 08:25  moneta

	* [r41068] fix computation of expected limit in GetExpectedLimit()
	  in case of CLs use the full limit distribution instead of getting
	  quantiles from the p-values at each tested point

2011-09-30 07:30  couet

	* [r41067] Complete previous fix

2011-09-29 16:22  moneta

	* [r41064] fix for Coverity (23382) uncaught exception

2011-09-29 10:21  rdm

	* [r41060] icc version identification changed for version 12.1.

2011-09-29 08:48  couet

	* [r41057] Fix coverity report #30371 (RESSOURCE_LEAK)

2011-09-28 20:14  axel

	* [r41056] Fix broken r41046 (missing comma, reversed order of

2011-09-28 14:31  moneta

	* [r41052] more fixes for Coverity in histfactory

2011-09-28 11:15  couet

	* [r41048] THistPainter

2011-09-28 11:13  couet

	* [r41047] Make sure the unique canvas name generated in
	  SetShowProjection starts with a letter, and not with a number, to
	  avoid to generate wrong macro when the canvas is saved as a .C

2011-09-28 10:52  axel

	* [r41046] Fix uninitialized member (Coverity).
	  Add comment to clarify early return / "impossible" case.

2011-09-28 10:47  axel

	* [r41045] null deref (Coverity)

2011-09-28 10:44  axel

	* [r41044] Indent.
	  Fix error message at line 913 (Coverity: null deref)

2011-09-28 09:26  pcanal

	* [r41043] In TDirectory::SaveObjectAs, use to TContext to make
	  sure to revert gDirectory even if the file opening failed. Use
	  TString::Form rather than ::Form

2011-09-28 09:14  axel

	* [r41041] Fix issue reported at
	  \n moves to front of line, not just down.

2011-09-28 09:13  pcanal

	* [r41040] From <>:
	  Optionally disable the call to hin->Draw() in TSpectrum's
	  Search() function for when we want to do the drawing externally,
	  but still like the polymarker creation code.

2011-09-28 05:48  pcanal

	* [r41038] Fix cov 30393: dereference before null check

2011-09-27 15:10  moneta

	* [r41031] fix for bug

2011-09-27 15:06  moneta

	* [r41030] fix for bug

2011-09-27 14:10  pcanal

	* [r41027] In revision 40830, we reduce the number of calls to
	  ValidateAddress which check
	  if the users has deleting (and/or just zero-ed out) the
	  underlying pointer/object.
	  In the case of a simple split top-level object, however, this
	  meant that there was
	  no longer any call to ValidateAddress (because there is no
	  ReadLeaves being called
	  for this type of branch/node).
	  This patch re-add it. Thanks to Federico and Alice for reporting
	  this problem.

2011-09-27 13:36  pcanal

	* [r41026] Some more intentionally still reacheable memory but not
	  deleted at the end

2011-09-27 13:26  pcanal

	* [r41024] Avoid leaking the inner object in a container like
	  vector<vector<MyClass*> >
	  and vector<vector<MyClass*> *>. We need to call the 'special'
	  version of
	  Clear in all cases where a collection contains directly (this
	  case was the only one supported by the old code)
	  or indirectly pointers.
	  See <>

2011-09-27 10:31  bellenot

	* [r41021] Fix bug #87176: ROOT crash using Quit from TCanvas

2011-09-27 09:02  couet

	* [r41020] TSVG::Open and TPDF::Open check whether the output file
	  was successfully opened.

2011-09-27 09:00  couet

	* [r41019] TSVG::Open and TPDF::Open check whether the output file
	  was successfully opened.

2011-09-27 08:48  moneta

	* [r41018] fix a compilation warning

2011-09-27 08:40  moneta

	* [r41017] apply fixes for Coverity (resource leak, unsed
	  variables, uninitialized variable in ctor)

2011-09-27 07:46  pcanal

	* [r41016] Fix gcc 4.6.1 warning variable ‘added’ set but not used

2011-09-27 07:29  pcanal

	* [r41015] Fix gcc 4.6.1 warning variable ‘added’ set but not used

2011-09-27 07:15  pcanal

	* [r41014] Remove Shadow type warning (gcc 4.6.1)

2011-09-26 23:25  pcanal

	* [r41013] Fix memory leak

2011-09-26 23:25  pcanal

	* [r41012] Fix memory leak

2011-09-26 23:25  pcanal

	* [r41011] Mark the ownership of the TBranch by fBranch clearer
	  (and thus allow the 'reuse' of TTree object without memory leak)

2011-09-26 23:24  pcanal

	* [r41010] Add more intentional end of process memory left over

2011-09-26 21:03  pcanal

	* [r41009] Avoid uncessary use of gDirectory

2011-09-26 21:02  pcanal

	* [r41008] Remove unnecessary change in gDirectory in TBasket write

2011-09-26 20:30  pcanal

	* [r41007] Remove unnecessary call to cd()

2011-09-26 17:25  pcanal

	* [r41006] avoid double registration of the TMemFile after a reset

2011-09-26 17:18  pcanal

	* [r41005] remove inadvertently checking (r41004)

2011-09-26 17:17  pcanal

	* [r41004] Do no use the value from the key object that might be
	  deleted (as a consequence of the 'overwrite' call

2011-09-26 15:57  couet

	* [r41003] The following macro entered an infinite loop:
	  int x[10], y[10]; int i;
	  for(i = 0; i < 10; i++) {x[i] = 10*i;y[i] = i;}
	  TGraph *gr = new TGraph(10,x,y);
	  TPaveLabel *hello = new TPaveLabel(0.2,0.4,0.8,0.6,"Hello

2011-09-26 15:53  couet

	* [r41002] The following macro entered an infinite loop:
	  int x[10], y[10]; int i;
	  for(i = 0; i < 10; i++) {x[i] = 10*i;y[i] = i;}
	  TGraph *gr = new TGraph(10,x,y);
	  TPaveLabel *hello = new TPaveLabel(0.2,0.4,0.8,0.6,"Hello

2011-09-26 12:25  couet

	* [r40998] - Fix the coverity report #30371 (RESOURCE_LEAK)

2011-09-26 12:13  couet

	* [r40997] - Fix the Coverity report #30366 (FORWARD_NULL)

2011-09-24 05:58  pcanal

	* [r40996]
	  Calling risky function (strcpy,sprintf)

2011-09-23 18:54  pcanal

	* [r40993] Introduce GetLeaf(branchname,leafname) used in
	  TTreeFormula to avoid ambiguity in the syntax introduced by too
	  many slashes

2011-09-23 17:48  wlav

	* [r40992] Switch off the Reflex support: it was never finalized
	  and now won't be.

2011-09-23 07:42  axel

	* [r40988] Ruby: check_header / check_lib want more args, provide

2011-09-22 19:44  pcanal

	* [r40987] In TTree::GetLeaf (and thus indirectly in TTree::Scan,
	  TTree::Draw), properly handle the case where the branch name has
	  a slash in its name (but the leaf does not). This fixes

2011-09-22 15:40  rdm

	* [r40982] From Tigran:
	  according rfc2046 in http reply with multipart content type
	  each part should be separated by:
	  --boundery delimer
	  TWebFile does not handle this correctly (did not expect two
	  Attached patch fixes that. Tested with apache 2.0.29

2011-09-22 14:36  axel

	* [r40979] Dictionaries need bonjour / dns_sd, too.

2011-09-22 14:36  axel

	* [r40978] Only complain about HDFS link issue if there was one.
	  Fix extraction of ruby minor if there is a revision attached to
	  the minor (e.g. "3" in 1.9.3 was giving "9.3" before).

2011-09-22 14:19  axel

	* [r40977] Missing -I of dns_sd incdir

2011-09-22 14:19  axel

	* [r40976] Missing include, silence warning.

2011-09-21 19:55  rdm

	* [r40970] re-order ROOTLIBS to fix linking issues on Ubuntu 11.10
	  with gcc 4.6.1.

2011-09-21 09:01  moneta

	* [r40963] apply a fix in case of an interval with boundary on the
	  first element

2011-09-20 17:06  moneta

	* [r40960] from Kyle: fix for bug

2011-09-20 16:33  moneta

	* [r40959] - add in MCMCCalculator SetChainParameters to define the
	  parameters to be put in the chain
	  - fix a bug of computing p values in SamplingDistribution
	  introduced in 40920
	  - ToyMCSampler - clear the cached GenContext and pdf lists when
	  setting a new PDF
	  - add a unique name for teh SamplingDist objects created in the
	  - fix also the shading in the plots of SamplingDist objects and
	  the plotting in the log scale

2011-09-20 16:10  moneta

	* [r40958] add a fix from Gregory in case of a model without
	  nuisance parameters

2011-09-20 15:58  couet

	* [r40957] TMultiGraph

2011-09-20 15:50  couet

	* [r40956] The following macro did not show the x-axis in
	  TimeDisplay mode.The
	  mg->GetYaxis()->UnZoom(); command erased the Time attribute of
	  the axis.
	  TMultiGraph* mg = new TMultiGraph;
	  TGraph* g = new TGraph;
	  for (int i = 0; i < 100; i++) g->SetPoint(i, 1289420808+i, i+2);
	  mg->Add(g, "P");

2011-09-20 15:22  pcanal

	* [r40955] Small comment update

2011-09-20 14:15  couet

	* [r40952]
	  When saving canvas as an svg image, the "times" character (i. e.
	  in "x10^3" statement above axis) was saved as utf "&#0772;"
	  (combining macron) whereas it schould be "&#215;" (multiplication
	  sign). It is now fixed.

2011-09-20 14:09  couet

	* [r40951]
	  When saving canvas as an svg image, the "times" character (i. e.
	  in "x10^3" statement above axis) was saved as utf "&#0772;"
	  (combining macron) whereas it schould be "&#215;" (multiplication
	  sign). It is now fixed.

2011-09-20 13:16  couet

	* [r40950] fix
	  In TGraphPainter::PaintGraphErrors and related functions, the
	  caps that are drawn when option "[]" is specified are drawn as a
	  sequence of three separate lines. This results in an ugly concave
	  jag at each corner. The caps are now drawn using
	  TPad::PaintPolyLine, the default miter line joins makes those
	  jags go away.

2011-09-20 13:11  couet

	* [r40949] fix
	  In TGraphPainter::PaintGraphErrors and related functions, the
	  caps that are drawn when option "[]" is specified are drawn as a
	  sequence of three separate lines. This results in an ugly concave
	  jag at each corner. The caps are now drawn using
	  TPad::PaintPolyLine, the default miter line joins makes those
	  jags go away.

2011-09-20 12:02  moneta

	* [r40948] fix for setReuseNLL in SLRTS

2011-09-20 09:58  agheata

	* [r40947] Added static thread id map to be used to manage data
	  that should be specific per thread

2011-09-20 06:07  agheata

	* [r40942] Bug fix due to missing comment. The list of navigators
	  should NOT be streamed

2011-09-19 16:48  pcanal

	* [r40940] When clearing the list of files after closing them we
	  must not delete the objects as
	  they have been moved to the list of closed objects and must be
	  deleted from there in order to avoid a double delete from a
	  use objects (on the interpreter stack).

2011-09-19 16:19  pcanal

	* [r40939] Hist depends on Matrix

2011-09-19 16:09  moneta

	* [r40936] new version of tutorials with fixes for Hybrid

2011-09-19 15:31  couet

	* [r40935] On ubuntu the following macro crashed:
	  TCanvas *tmp = new TCanvas();
	  TH2F *h1 = new TH2F("h1","h1",40,0.,10.,40,1.e-2,1.e2);

2011-09-19 15:27  couet

	* [r40934] On ubuntu the following macro crashed:
	  TCanvas *tmp = new TCanvas();
	  TH2F *h1 = new TH2F("h1","h1",40,0.,10.,40,1.e-2,1.e2);

2011-09-19 09:47  ganis

	* [r40923] From Bertrand: make last addition portable. Should fix
	  compilation failure on Windows

2011-09-19 09:31  moneta

	* [r40922] - fix in MCMC calculator for using only POI in the chain
	  (previous commit did not work properly)
	  - optimize ROoStats::RandomizeCollection to not check all the
	  time for const parameters.
	  (since RooAbsArg::isConstant requires a string comparison)

2011-09-19 07:11  moneta

	* [r40921] MCMCCalculator: set the POI in the chain (the parameters
	  in the MetropolisHastings class) and not all the parameters.
	  This avoids making very large chains for problems with large
	  number of parameters.

2011-09-19 06:41  moneta

	* [r40920] ProfileLikelihoodTestStat:
	  - apply fix for case when there are no nuisance parameters. No
	  need to fit in that case for estimating the conditional ML
	  - MaxLikelihoodEstimateTestStat: use now Minimizer as in PL test
	  - SamplingDistribution: sort the values before computiong the
	  integral. This speed up the computation of p-values when only the
	  observed test statistics value changes (liek in the case of
	  expected limits in Inverter)

2011-09-18 16:58  rdm

	* [r40919] white space.

2011-09-18 16:58  rdm

	* [r40918] From Matt Strait:
	  This patch documents that TRegexp does not support '|' (union)
	  and thus
	  "a|b" does not match "a", as most users familiar with regular
	  would expect. It more fully explains what the wildcard flag in
	  constructor does, and documents the return values of the various
	  functions. No code is changed.

2011-09-17 20:36  pcanal

	* [r40915] Remove uncessary use of gDirectory in MakeCode

2011-09-17 18:06  pcanal

	* [r40914] Improve library order (see

2011-09-16 17:34  ganis

	* [r40912] Add possibility to skip the checks for the data
	  directories during session startup,
	  as they may significantly slowdown the startup process is the
	  medium is busy.
	  In such a case, admins are responsible to create the directories
	  in advance; the
	  session releated part fo the path is created by the session once

2011-09-16 17:07  pcanal

	* [r40911] Remove unused variable

2011-09-16 14:30  couet

	* [r40909] More doc update

2011-09-16 09:28  moneta

	* [r40899] When setting a new ArgSet in the ModelConfig remove the
	  previous one if it was existing.
	  Now it is then possibile to re-define the sets, example:
	  modelConfig->SetObservables(RooArgSet(x)); // define observable x
	  in the model
	  modelConfig->SetObservables(RooArgSet(y)); // remove x from list
	  of observables and add y to its place

2011-09-16 09:19  moneta

	* [r40898] apply patch to fix
	  If object contains already a fit function return pointer in

2011-09-15 15:32  couet

	* [r40894] Improve doc

2011-09-15 13:44  rdm

	* [r40891] From Matt Strait:
	  fix spelling and grammar errors and clarifications.

2011-09-15 13:37  rdm

	* [r40890] From Andrei:
	  The thread-specific data container is not initialized so one
	  test if some slot in the array is being used or not.

2011-09-15 12:25  rdm

	* [r40889] From Bertrand:
	  Allow to properly compile resource with non-cygwin shell (e.g.

2011-09-14 16:14  ganis

	* [r40877] Import fix from the head (from David Volgyes): fix array
	  deletion mismatches reported by cppcheck

2011-09-13 21:33  pcanal

	* [r40872] From Chris Jones:
	  Put in place the infrastructure to optimize the I/O writes in the
	  same way we optimized the I/O reads.
	  Rename TBuffer::ReadSequence to TBuffer::ApplySequence as they
	  can be used both for reading and writing. The 3 new signatures:
	  1. virtual Int_t ApplySequence(const
	  TStreamerInfoActions::TActionSequence &sequence, void *object);
	  2. virtual Int_t ApplySequenceVecPtr(const
	  TStreamerInfoActions::TActionSequence &sequence, void
	  *start_collection, void *end_collection);
	  3. virtual Int_t ApplySequence(const
	  TStreamerInfoActions::TActionSequence &sequence, void
	  *start_collection, void *end_collection);
	  The 1st version is optimized to read a single object. The 2nd
	  version is optimized to read the content of TClonesArrays and
	  vectors of pointers to objects.
	  The 3rd version is used to streamed any collections.
	  In TBranchElement, introduce a set FillLeaves member functions to
	  precalculate many of the (existing) conditional. Introduction
	  support for the StreamerInfo write actions and sequences.

2011-09-13 19:54  pcanal

	* [r40871] From Brian Bockelman:
	  TXNetFile currently defaults XNet.Debug to -1; this is not a
	  valid debug level for xrootd. Let's set to 0?

2011-09-13 19:29  pcanal

	* [r40870] From Matthew Strait: Clarify the wildcarding use by

2011-09-13 06:45  tpochep

	* [r40858] Parse and support an "a" option to switch on/off axes.

2011-09-12 21:32  pcanal

	* [r40857] Fix memory leak

2011-09-12 16:41  tpochep

	* [r40854] Fix to force "bb" and "fb" option in gl-viewer.

2011-09-12 15:38  agheata

	* [r40853] Adjusted IsSameLocation(...,kTRUE) to update the point
	  position and adjust the last computed safety in case the checked
	  point is within the old computed safety. Thanks to Tobias

2011-09-12 15:05  couet

	* [r40852] Protection against NaN added in FillPolygon. The
	  following macros demonstrates the problem:
	  TCanvas * canvas = new TCanvas("glC","C",800,800);
	  TH3D *h = new TH3D("h3","h3",150,0,20,150,-5,5,150,-5,5);

2011-09-12 15:02  couet

	* [r40851] Protection against NaN added in FillPolygon. The
	  following macros demonstrates the problem:
	  TCanvas * canvas = new TCanvas("glC","C",800,800);
	  TH3D *h = new TH3D("h3","h3",150,0,20,150,-5,5,150,-5,5);

2011-09-12 13:36  moneta

	* [r40845] fix a bug in deleting function lists in TEfficiency

2011-09-12 12:38  tpochep

	* [r40844] Initialize two new data-members in a ctor-init-list.

2011-09-12 11:21  tpochep

	* [r40842] "bb" and "fb" options were added to hide/show back
	  planes around a plot and front "box" (lines actually).

2011-09-12 11:20  couet

	* [r40841] Improve doc

2011-09-10 15:11  pcanal

	* [r40839] Allow the creation the iterator for i/o writes (which
	  are different from the iterators for i/o read in case of
	  associative container)

2011-09-08 21:30  pcanal

	* [r40835] Move code back into the proper 'if/else' statement (was
	  misplaced in revision 36236).
	  This fixes <>.

2011-09-08 12:51  rdm

	* [r40834] use initializer lists in the ctors. Fixes issue 86507.

2011-09-08 02:50  pcanal

	* [r40833] Avoid uninitialized memory read (past the array end) in

2011-09-07 16:58  pcanal

	* [r40830] Improve performance of TTree::GetEntry. With this
	  changes the 'overhead'
	  compare to protobuf goes from 48% to 24%. (This does not include
	  cost of the file opening which can be comparatively large for
	  files. For the example from Samvel the cost TFile::Open is 8% of
	  the cost
	  of 100000 calls to TTree::GetEntry)
	  TClonesArray: update ExpandCreateFast to also reset the non-used
	  so that calling Clear (which does too much) is no longer
	  when using ExpandCreateFast.
	  TObjectArray: Add GetObjectRef() to speed up get the beginning
	  of the underlying array.
	  TBranchElement: Use R__likely, R__unlikely in a few places.
	  SetupAddresses (because it almost always return without doing any
	  Removed a few redundant if(xxx!=0). Add notes hinting at other

2011-09-07 15:17  couet

	* [r40829] TLegend

2011-09-07 15:13  couet

	* [r40828] Rewrite TLegend::GetEntry() to take the number of
	  columns into account.

2011-09-07 12:43  couet

	* [r40824] Improve help.

2011-09-06 19:57  pcanal

	* [r40820] Make sure in BuildRealData, to consider all the data
	  member of a transient class (class version 0) as transient.
	  This fixes

2011-09-06 16:44  axel

	* [r40819] Fix GCC 4.6 unused but set warning

2011-09-06 16:43  axel

	* [r40818] Fix "set but unused" GCC 4.6 warning

2011-09-06 13:55  moneta

	* [r40814] fix initailization of data member in ctor ( coverity )

2011-09-06 10:59  rdm

	* [r40810] use TMath::Min() instead of min() (discovered by using
	  C++x0 mode).

2011-09-06 10:55  axel

	* [r40809] Fix bogus expression found by clang.

2011-09-06 10:53  axel

	* [r40808] Fix for clang, c++0x.

2011-09-02 13:55  ganis

	* [r40794] Few additions in the PROOF tutorials:
	  - New selector ProofSimpleFile showing how to merge histograms
	  via file in subdirectories;
	  the related tutorial tag in runProof is 'simplefile'.
	  - In ProofEventProc:
	  - add parameter to trigger a selector abort during SlaveBegin or
	  file abort durign Process
	  fortesting purposes;
	  - add file open notifcation at Notify

2011-09-01 18:42  pcanal

	* [r40792] From Matthew Strait: update the documentation of the
	  return value of TChain::AddFile

2011-09-01 18:38  pcanal

	* [r40791] From Matthew Strait: TChain::AddFile segfaults on
	  strlcpy if name=NULL. It should check for NULL
	  rathern than crash.

2011-09-01 17:25  rdm

	* [r40790] From Marcelo:
	  some cleanup and adding plugin handlers so TFile::Open() works.

2011-09-01 15:58  rdm

	* [r40789] From Ivana:
	  some more corrections in particle names.

2011-09-01 15:48  axel

	* [r40788] Add MSVC10 support in configure

2011-09-01 10:16  rdm

	* [r40785] From Ivana:
	  correct names of some anti-particles, instead of changing sign
	  add _bar
	  as per convention. Fixes issue: 81990.

2011-08-31 22:52  wlav

	* [r40784] pythonized SetFCN for TFitter

2011-08-31 17:09  rdm

	* [r40783] silence -effc++ for Federico.

2011-08-31 16:22  couet

	* [r40782] Th2Poly

2011-08-31 16:20  couet

	* [r40781] Fix
	  TH2Poly was wrongly picked in the canvas area after a zoom along

2011-08-31 14:59  couet

	* [r40780] Small doc fixes

2011-08-31 13:19  axel

	* [r40777] Agree in meaning on "single ESC has a meaning":
	  * rename to reduce ambiguity
	  * initialize properly, test for the correct value.

2011-08-31 12:46  ganis

	* [r40776] Make sure that iterators are always correctly defined

2011-08-31 10:16  axel

	* [r40774] From David Volgyes: Fix array deletion mismatches
	  reported by cppcheck.
	  Part of Savannah #86223.

2011-08-31 10:13  axel

	* [r40773] By David Volgyes and me: fix errors reported by cppcheck
	  + a few more.
	  Part of Savannah #86233

2011-08-31 10:05  axel

	* [r40772] From David Volgyes: missing allocation reported by
	  Fixes Savannah #86206.

2011-08-31 09:58  axel

	* [r40771] From David Volgyes:
	  Fix possible memory leak reported by cppcheck.
	  Fixes Savannah #86204

2011-08-31 09:37  axel

	* [r40770] From David Volgye: leaks reported by cppcheck.
	  Fixes Savannah #86203.

2011-08-31 09:30  axel

	* [r40769] From David Volgyes:
	  Clarify that while (var) really means while (true); reported by
	  Fixes Savannah #86201

2011-08-31 09:24  axel

	* [r40768] From David Volgyes: cppcheck report.
	  Allow !ifunc in G__ASSERT().
	  Fixes Savannah #86200.

2011-08-31 09:21  axel

	* [r40767] From David Volgyes: resource leak found by cppcheck.
	  Fixes coverity #86199

2011-08-31 09:14  rdm

	* [r40766] From David Volgyes:
	  fix of issue found by cppcheck. Fixes savannah 86206.

2011-08-31 09:11  axel

	* [r40765] From David Volgyes:
	  "There is a memory leak in cint/cint/include/fft.c at line #289.
	  The code is quite simple, you just should release memory before
	  exiting from to function.
	  By the way, the bug was found with "cppcheck" tool. "
	  Fixes Savannah #86198.

2011-08-30 16:43  couet

	* [r40763] Fix the problem reported here
	  with the option E0. The clipping was not correct.

2011-08-30 16:39  couet

	* [r40762] Fix the problem reported here
	  with the option E0. The clipping was not correct.

2011-08-30 15:16  ganis

	* [r40759] Add support for ROOT < 5.30/00

2011-08-30 15:01  ganis

	* [r40758] Fix coverity complain

2011-08-29 20:57  pcanal

	* [r40753] From Matthew Strait:
	  The class documentation for TTree, TBranch and TLeaf all say "If
	  leaf name
	  has the form var[nelem], where nelem is a digit, then...". This
	  me for a moment because if taken literally it would mean arrays
	  can't be
	  larger than 9 elements. A look at the code reveals that it
	  doesn't really
	  mean "digit" but rather "number". Or, to be precise,
	  "non-negative integer".
	  The attached patch changes "digit" to "non-negative integer" in
	  all relevant
	  cases that I could find. It also incidentally fixes some spelling
	  punctuation and wraps a few gratuitously long lines of code.
	  Possibly "non-negative" could be "positive", but
	  TLeaf::GetLeafCounter() at
	  least does not seem to make an exception for the case of zero.

2011-08-29 16:05  rdm

	* [r40752] fix error in asm, detected by clang++.

2011-08-29 16:02  rdm

	* [r40751] for OSX, if libgsl is not compatible, don't try to use

2011-08-29 15:28  couet

	* [r40750] Remove dead link

2011-08-29 15:05  pcanal

	* [r40749] Support the case where '' is not set

2011-08-29 13:34  rdm

	* [r40745] silence OSX 10.7 OpenSSL deprecation warnings, not all
	  deprecated functions
	  are yet available in the CommonCrypto lib.

2011-08-29 12:44  ganis

	* [r40744] Fix compilation issue on Windows

2011-08-29 12:25  rdm

	* [r40743] on OSX, check if .a libraries are compatible with the
	  selected version
	  (32 or 64-bit). Shared libs were already checked for

2011-08-27 04:51  pcanal

	* [r40740] 2nd attempt to suppress coverity 23708

2011-08-27 00:06  pcanal

	* [r40738] Make sure that the rule intended for a type are properly
	  found if the targetClass does have exactly the canonical name
	  (i.e. allow space variation and typedefs in the targetClass)

2011-08-26 17:17  pcanal

	* [r40732] Fix coverity 23708: inferred misuse of mixed enums

2011-08-26 15:58  pcanal

	* [r40730] Fix coverity 23719: inferred misuse of mixed enums

2011-08-26 15:48  pcanal

	* [r40728] Fix coverity 29072: truncated stdio return value

2011-08-26 09:30  moneta

	* [r40718] fix the computation of one-side profile likelihood test

2011-08-25 22:25  pcanal

	* [r40714] The generic collection proxy's Commit method no longer
	  uses the environment object, so Allocate no longer need to mark
	  it as used.
	  This prevents a memory leak in the handling of associative
	  containers stored in a TTree.

2011-08-25 18:41  pcanal

	* [r40711] Correctly calculate the size of an emulated class
	  containing an array of objects (streamerElement type kStreamLoop)
	  on 64 bits platforms.
	  Update MakeProject to properly handle the case of class which
	  version is zero and to properly initialization array of objects
	  (streamerElement type kStreamLoop).

2011-08-25 15:33  rdm

	* [r40710] add explicit check for libexpat when checking for
	  Graphviz libs.

2011-08-25 15:12  pcanal

	* [r40709] Properly support '-n 0'. Properly issue error in case of
	  unsupported options

2011-08-25 10:36  rdm

	* [r40699] From Gerri:
	  Patch adding support for backend-dependent record formatting of
	  monitoring. This is achieved by introducing a new layer,
	  described by
	  the abstract interface TProofMonSender, with the record format
	  in the backend implemenattion (currently TProofMonSenderML, for
	  and TProofMonSenderSQL, for SQL backends).
	  Currently three types of records are sent: 'summary' (derived
	  from what
	  was currently posted), 'dataset', with entries per dataset
	  in the query, and 'files', with entries per file processed in the
	  In SQL terms, each of this records corresponds to a different
	  Sending of any of the three records can be toggled independently.
	  Record format have been versionned, so that previous versions of
	  'summary' record can be still sent chosing the corresponding
	  The latest version of 'summary' has been augmented with
	  about the number of missing files and the ROOT version.
	  The headers of the relevant methods in TProofMonSenderSQL and
	  TProofMonSenderML contain the details about the records.
	  The Web doc is up-to-date.
	  The patch also add to TSQMonitoring::SendParameters the
	  possibility to
	  do a bulk insert. This feature is used by TProofMonSenderSQL when
	  sending dataset or files information.

2011-08-25 09:49  ganis

	* [r40698] Make sure that 'lite://' is not interpreted as
	  'external' cluster

2011-08-24 15:55  rdm

	* [r40696] From Marcelo:
	  change name of Google Storage (GS) class from TGTFile to TGSFile.

2011-08-24 13:59  rdm

	* [r40694] From Marcelo:
	  Use the new Apple CommonCrypto libraryt instead of the deprecated

2011-08-24 12:53  axel

	* [r40692] Implement M-Backspace (CutPrevWord)

2011-08-24 12:43  axel

	* [r40690] Fix repeated ^R.

2011-08-24 12:28  rdm

	* [r40687] From Marcelo:
	  coding conventions.

2011-08-23 18:56  pcanal

	* [r40681] Add missing protection (against corrupted files) in

2011-08-23 15:32  moneta

	* [r40679] remove a left print statement

2011-08-23 12:19  rdm

	* [r40672] add Marcelo Sousa for the Amazon S3 and Google Storage
	  I/O classes.

2011-08-23 12:18  rdm

	* [r40671] From Marcelo Sousa:
	  add two new classes to read ROOT files from the Amazon S3 and
	  Google Storage clouds. The access to these two services is via
	  requests and hence these two classes derive from TWebFile.

2011-08-23 12:09  rdm

	* [r40670] updated installation instructions.

2011-08-23 09:19  moneta

	* [r40665] fix initialization of arrays (Coverity 29906-29909)

2011-08-22 20:01  pcanal

	* [r40663] Fix coverity #29899 through 29904: unchecked

2011-08-22 17:08  ganis

	* [r40660] Fix side-effect of #36553 affecting fatally the dynamic

2011-08-22 16:45  ganis

	* [r40659] - Decouple from registered TChains in already
	  TProof::Close; allows to avoid possible crash
	  at exit ('.q') occuring after the recent revision of the socket
	  cleanup policy
	  - Make sure that the dataset name is registered in the TFileInfo
	  objects being processed, so
	  that it can be used for monitoring.

2011-08-22 16:25  moneta

	* [r40658] Fix in TH1::Add the case of average (bit kIsAverage set)
	  when histograms have zero errors

2011-08-22 16:12  moneta

	* [r40657] Apply a patch from Yuri Fisyak:
	  add a new option "S" in FitSlice which performs a sliding merge:
	  merge n consecutive bins along Y
	  accordingly to what value in option Gn is given.

2011-08-19 19:33  pcanal

	* [r40644] Announce TEntryListArray

2011-08-19 19:27  pcanal

	* [r40643] From Bruno Lenzi: TEntryListArray
	  TEntryListArray is an extension of TEntryList, used to hold
	  selected entries and subentries (sublists) of a TTree. It is
	  useful in case of a TTree with containers (vectors, arrays, ...).
	  A typical example is the case when each entry of a TTree
	  corresponds to physics events and each subentry (index of arrays)
	  represents a particle.
	  Its main purpose is to improve the performance of a code that
	  needs to apply complex selections (cuts) on TTree::Draw multiple
	  times. Evaluating such cuts can be time consuming for large trees
	  due to the need for loading the associated information
	  (branches). This operation is done once with the use of a
	  TEntryListArray. Subsequent calls to TTree::Draw only need to
	  load the requested branches for histogramming, while using only
	  the entries and subentries that satisfied the previous selection.
	  TTree/TSelectorDraw: use of TEntryListArray to select entries and
	  subentries. If the option "entrylistarray" is specified, a
	  TEntryListArray is created and filled with the entries and
	  subentries that pass the given selection. If TTree::Draw is
	  called after a TEntryList is set, only the selected entries and
	  subentries are used to fill histograms or create new entrylists.

2011-08-19 18:19  pcanal

	* [r40642] In TTreeCloner, properly handle the case there 2 of the
	  merge file do not have the same length for a string stored in a

2011-08-19 08:45  moneta

	* [r40640] update documentation of KOrdStat to add a note on the
	  working array

2011-08-18 20:24  pcanal

	* [r40638] Use the new CINT serial number of the list of global
	  object to avoid spurrious recreation of the list of globals. When
	  looking for the value corresponding to an enum type, skip global
	  that are not enums. (This improves the speed of TFile::Open per
	  60%. In TCint::Autoload use TEnv::Lookup rather thatn
	  TEnv::GetValue to skip the search through all the possible

2011-08-18 20:20  pcanal

	* [r40637] Introduce a serial number for list of global variable in
	  CINT (so that ROOT can avoid spurrious recreating the list). It
	  is accessible via G__DataMemberInfo::SerialNumber

2011-08-18 16:37  moneta

	* [r40635] fix fitting of TGraphErrors with errors in x when errors
	  are much smaller than x values.
	  Now the error is used as extimate of the scale for the derivative
	  step size

2011-08-18 16:35  pcanal

	* [r40634] try to auto-detect command line arguments that are local
	  root files

2011-08-17 22:08  pcanal

	* [r40625] Avoid spurrious error message (about missing leaf\!)
	  when setting the address of a branch contain a split vector of

2011-08-17 21:55  pcanal

	* [r40624] In branch that is splitting a vector of pointer avoid
	  introducing a spurrious dot (.) when the top level branch name
	  already contains it

2011-08-17 17:02  rdm

	* [r40621] if home directory is not correctly set in pw file or
	  user is not known,
	  use the HOME shell variable to find the desired home directory.
	  Fixes issue 83268.

2011-08-17 14:34  rdm

	* [r40617] update build instructions and move from cvs to svn.

2011-08-17 13:00  rdm

	* [r40614] Add a root.desktop file. It should be installed in
	  on a Unix system. It might be useful for people who wish to
	  access ROOT
	  through a menu on their desktop.

2011-08-17 07:12  agheata

	* [r40609] Coverity fix

2011-08-16 18:51  ganis

	* [r40608] Restore in the list for xproofd; was removed by patch

2011-08-16 12:28  rdm

	* [r40606] From Matthew Strait:
	  The attached patch repairs some spelling and grammar problems in
	  TClonesArray.cxx. It also rejustifies the text at the top for
	  reading. Some sentences are reworded a bit, but no change in
	  is intended.

2011-08-16 11:52  rdm

	* [r40605] From Matthew Strait:
	  In the attached patch, trivial changes are made to fix grammar,
	  spelling and to make text easier to read. In one case, a
	  line in a comment block is removed. A variable 'l' in example
	  is changed to "list". Some long lines are folded.

2011-08-16 11:18  rdm

	* [r40604] for macosx add check if libraries contain compatible
	  code (Fink or MacPorts
	  libraries are often not universal and contain either 64-bit or
	  32-bit code).

2011-08-15 18:30  pcanal

	* [r40603] In TSelector::GetSelector give more specific error
	  message if we can't find a class derived from TSelector in the
	  input source file

2011-08-15 16:28  pcanal

	* [r40602] r29800 is also needed for gcc 4.5

2011-08-15 15:28  pcanal

	* [r40598] Lift ancien restriction (imposed by VC++6) preventing
	  the proper use of unsigned long long by TTreeFormula

2011-08-15 08:54  rdm

	* [r40594] handle external libGLEW in non standard location. Fixes
	  issue 85355.

2011-08-14 09:40  brun

	* [r40585] Update information about Miroslav Morhac

2011-08-14 02:56  pcanal

	* [r40584] Apply to TRefArray::operator[] and TRefArray::At the
	  same protection as in revision 5761 for TRef::GetObject
	  to protect against the case where fPID points to
	  a deleted processID using the new function TProcessID::IsValid.
	  In TProcessID::Cleanup, set fgPIDs to zero to avoid using the
	  array after its deletion;
	  use this information in TProcessID::IsValid.
	  This fixes the issues 84017 an 84018 in Savannah.

2011-08-13 18:27  pcanal

	* [r40583] Avoid erasing the vtable pointer when we only want to
	  set the value of fBits

2011-08-12 20:04  pcanal

	* [r40582] Parse the declaration from right to left to properly
	  find the delimitation between member name and member type (Allows
	  custom rules for unsigned int data members

2011-08-12 15:01  rdm

	* [r40581] remove special libGL linking case for OSX 10.5, not
	  needed anymore in recent
	  versions of 10.5.

2011-08-12 10:43  moneta

	* [r40577] - cleanup header IParamFunctionfwd and IFunctionfwd
	  - simplify Chi2FCN class to store just base parametric funciton
	  pointer (like is done in other FCN classes_
	  This requires some changes in TLinearMinimizer
	  This semplification should fix the bug

2011-08-12 10:33  ganis

	* [r40576] Implement Verbose() and add option to SendParameters to
	  do bulk INSERT

2011-08-12 10:03  ganis

	* [r40573] From D. Berzano: import new version of afdsmgrd

2011-08-12 09:44  ganis

	* [r40572] Fix a Bonjour configuration issue affecting compilation
	  on linux (ubuntu) when avahi is not installed

2011-08-11 19:37  pcanal

	* [r40569] Prevent TFileMerger (and hadd) from trying to open too
	  many files.
	  Add a new member function TFileMerger::SetMaxOpenedFiles and
	  new command line option to hadd ( -n requested_max ) to allow
	  the user to reduce the number of files opened even further.

2011-08-11 16:28  moneta

	* [r40565] shift printlevel by -1 since RooMinimizer will add a +1

2011-08-11 16:28  moneta

	* [r40564] suppress warning also when setting the parameters and

2011-08-11 16:05  pcanal

	* [r40562] From ideas provided by Mike Marino, introduce
	  TClonesArray::ConstructedAt which
	  always returns an already constructed object. If the slot is
	  being used for the
	  first time, it calls the default constructor otherwise it returns
	  the object as
	  is (unless a string is passed as the 2nd argument to the function
	  in which case,
	  it also calls Clear(second_argument) on the object).
	  This allows replace code like:
	  for (int i = 0; i < ev->Ntracks; i++) {
	  new(a[i]) TTrack(x,y,z,...);
	  a.Delete(); // or a.Clear("C")
	  with the simpler and more efficient:
	  for (int i = 0; i < ev->Ntracks; i++) {
	  TTrack *track = (TTrack*)a.ConstructedAt(i);
	  even in case where the TTrack class allocates memory.

2011-08-11 10:57  bellenot

	* [r40549] Don't call layout when maximizing mdi child

2011-08-11 10:34  moneta

	* [r40548] from Christian Gumpert:
	  - new version of TEfficiency class with support for weights
	  (histograms with non-integer counts)
	  - update TEfficiency::SavePrimitive to store also the set bits
	  - list holding the associated functions is created only on demand
	  - default constructor creates two dummy histograms
	  - add in TGraphAsymErrors::Divide support for intervals in case
	  of ratio of two Poisson variables

2011-08-11 10:17  bellenot

	* [r40547] Improve layout (e.g. show/hide scrollbars) when moving
	  the mdi child windows inside the main frame (was not working
	  properly on Windows)

2011-08-10 21:23  pcanal

	* [r40543] Add one more directory where the docbook xsl files might

2011-08-10 16:14  moneta

	* [r40539] merge changes done from Kyle in
	  ProfileLikelihoodTestStat.h to use RooMinimizer in 5.30 patches
	  the trunk

2011-08-10 16:10  moneta

	* [r40538] add support for variable bin axis in

2011-08-10 15:46  pcanal

	* [r40537] Add missing operator=

2011-08-10 14:33  pcanal

	* [r40534] Quiet down the message 'Warning in
	  <TObjectTable::Remove>: 0x1945e30 not found at 1258' in the
	  TObject destructor as it often spurrious (in the case of emulated
	  class deriving from TObject and in the case where the
	  TObjectTable was enabled in the middle of a session

2011-08-10 13:57  pcanal

	* [r40533] Repair interpreter run

2011-08-10 13:56  bellenot

	* [r40531] Add a method to update the MDI buttons of each MDI child
	  when the mainframe is mapped on screen (only once)

2011-08-09 22:28  pcanal

	* [r40518] Avoid spurrious error message '/test/libEvent[.so | .dll
	  | .dylib | .sl | .dl | .a] does not exist' when running stress in

2011-08-09 16:18  pcanal

	* [r40510] Remove unnecessary downcast. Add missing headers

2011-08-09 08:28  moneta

	* [r40495] remove extra lines to fix THTML doc

2011-08-06 09:38  rdm

	* [r40485] fix in case gfortran is not installed.

2011-08-06 03:22  pcanal

	* [r40483] Since revision 38356, a shared load failure is no longer
	  an interpreter error, however we still need to recover a few item
	  (G__return, G__srcfile needs to be reset)

2011-08-05 20:49  pcanal

	* [r40482] From Matthew Strait: update function documentation

2011-08-05 16:10  pcanal

	* [r40479] Remove older code that was made redundant by r40401

2011-08-05 16:02  pcanal

	* [r40477] Avoid null pointer dereferencing in error message
	  (coverity 29840)

2011-08-05 15:58  pcanal

	* [r40476] White space

2011-08-05 08:08  couet

	* [r40469] GetBoundingBox now returns 0 for w and h when the string
	  is empty.

2011-08-05 08:03  couet

	* [r40468] GetBoundingBox now returns 0 for w and h when the string
	  is empty.

2011-08-05 07:23  bellenot

	* [r40467] Fix resource leak reported by coverity

2011-08-04 20:29  pcanal

	* [r40465] Also support the case where there is more than one file
	  but only one has the object to be copied/merged

2011-08-04 18:59  pcanal

	* [r40463] Properly handle the case where there is only one file in
	  the list by calling Merge also in this case (for example this is
	  necessary for TTree objects where otherwise only the meta data is

2011-08-04 18:58  pcanal

	* [r40462] Actually pass the command line option to the TFileMerger
	  as needed. Remove unused variables

2011-08-04 15:33  pcanal

	* [r40458] Tilda (~) is a special character only if really the
	  first character of the filename (in ExpandPathName)

2011-08-04 14:32  bellenot

	* [r40457] Make sure we write at the end of the file in which we
	  redirected stdout/stderr

2011-08-04 10:07  bellenot

	* [r40452] Update doc (TGPrintDialog)

2011-08-04 09:58  bellenot

	* [r40451] Replace the "Printer" text entry by a combo box
	  populated with the list of available printers, and select the
	  default one, if any.

2011-08-03 22:13  wouter

	* [r40447] o RooSimultaneous
	  - Roll back addition of getAllConstraints() as it
	  appears to have unintended side effects

2011-08-03 16:39  pcanal

	* [r40444] From Matthew Strait, clarify the error message in case
	  where the StreamerInfo plugin is not initialized properly. See
	  Savannah #85111

2011-08-03 12:28  couet

	* [r40437] - Option E5 help.

2011-08-03 12:18  ganis

	* [r40436] Import fix for a unwanted truncation of authentication
	  error messages

2011-08-03 12:17  ganis

	* [r40435] Make sure that connection error messages are displayed

2011-08-03 12:08  couet

	* [r40434] - New option E5.

2011-08-03 11:50  couet

	* [r40433] - New option E5. It draws boxes for the errors like
	  option E2 but in addition it allows to draw the border of the

2011-08-03 08:32  bellenot

	* [r40431] Make context menus "sticky", so no need to keep the
	  mouse button pressed anymore (make trackpad usage much simpler)

2011-08-02 17:16  wouter

	* [r40421] o RooSimultaneous
	  - Take out debug line accidentally committed

2011-08-02 13:13  bellenot

	* [r40419] Implement a hack to eat mouse move events generated by
	  Windows when pressing/releasing a mouse button

2011-08-02 10:08  bellenot

	* [r40418] Add a small offset in the text entry when it is part of
	  a combo box, to make sure the cursor is visible (especially on

2011-08-01 21:19  pcanal

	* [r40416] In FindBranch, avoid reading before the start of an
	  empty branchname

2011-08-01 21:12  pcanal

	* [r40415] In TClusterIterator::GetEstimatedClusterSize, properly
	  handle the case when we need to get the cache size but the TTree
	  is controlled by a TChain (and thus its cachesize is not set)

2011-08-01 20:51  wouter

	* [r40414] o RooAbsData
	  - Fix bug in changeObservableName()

2011-08-01 20:32  wouter

	* [r40410] o RooSimultaneous
	  - Implement custom handling of getAllConstraint() to make sure
	  constraints terms are correctled harvested for simultaneous pdfs
	  in all cases

2011-08-01 20:22  pcanal

	* [r40409] slight update to main doc

2011-08-01 20:07  pcanal

	* [r40408] Upgrade the sorting algorithm to be able to handle the
	  case where the same file block is requested multiple time (can
	  happen in case of older unclustered files on which the TTreeCache
	  is used

2011-07-29 23:28  wlav

	* [r40403] make unsigned char* behave like char*

2011-07-29 22:29  pcanal

	* [r40402] Issue an error and make the TClonesArray if the class
	  associated with the TClonesArray does not have the TObject class
	  as its left most base class (i.e. the correct TObject* value is
	  the same as the start of the memory allocated for the object)
	  which has always been an implicit required

2011-07-29 20:41  pcanal

	* [r40401] Properly enable support for TRef auto-dereferencing when
	  the TRef is in a TClonesArray

2011-07-29 20:40  pcanal

	* [r40400] update code layout

2011-07-29 07:37  bellenot

	* [r40398] Fix coverity reports (security coding)

2011-07-28 15:38  rdm

	* [r40396] restore support for alternative F77 compilers.

2011-07-28 15:37  rdm

	* [r40395] add support for make 3.82.

2011-07-28 14:38  bellenot

	* [r40394] Update documentation

2011-07-28 14:35  bellenot

	* [r40393] Allow to enter an empty string to disable filtering in
	  the browser (implement a hack in the TGInputDialog to detect if
	  the Cancel button has been pressed). Thanks to Axel for the

2011-07-28 11:22  wouter

	* [r40388] o RooProdPdf
	  - Speed up calculate() by deploying iterators instead of calling
	  o RooDataSet
	  - Increase size of string buffers related to Import() from 1024
	  to 10240

2011-07-28 11:02  bellenot

	* [r40387] Add a small marging of 2 pixels on the left side, to
	  avoid icons touching the border

2011-07-28 07:48  bellenot

	* [r40384] Update documentation

2011-07-28 07:46  bellenot

	* [r40383] A "Filter" picture button has been added in the file
	  browser, and a filtering mechanism has been implemented, as
	  requested on <a
	  href=">savannah</a>. It is
	  now possible to filter the content of several files/folders, each
	  one having its own filtering expression.

2011-07-27 20:45  pcanal

	* [r40378] Revert r40319 that introductes a lazy allocation of the
	  TArray[x] of histograms and profiles,
	  so that we can resolve a few outstanding question (performance of
	  AddBinContent, interface,
	  default behavior, forward compatibility.)

2011-07-27 18:11  pcanal

	* [r40376] dlopen_preflight is only available in MacOS 10.5 and

2011-07-27 17:19  axel

	* [r40375] Fix Savannah #84531.
	  And flag fParticlePDG as mutable, which makes remaining getters
	  const, too.

2011-07-27 16:02  pcanal

	* [r40374] On Macosx allow extension less library

2011-07-27 15:59  pcanal

	* [r40373] On Macosx, use the function dlopen_preflight to allow
	  the loading of libraries without any prefix

2011-07-27 13:38  bellenot

	* [r40372] A couple of new icons (will be used by the browser) and
	  update of an old one (better look)

2011-07-26 13:12  bellenot

	* [r40363] Revert latest change (r40354) since the trailing
	  backslash was already replaced by 0, this patch was removing one
	  extra character (the 't' of root)

2011-07-26 11:49  agheata

	* [r40362] new reference file version for phobos2 due to
	  corrections in arb8

2011-07-26 10:26  ganis

	* [r40359] Add missing protection. Fixes crash at merging via file
	  in PROOF-Lite

2011-07-25 22:27  wlav

	* [r40358] comment fixes

2011-07-25 22:27  wlav

	* [r40357] do not size check par in minuit interface

2011-07-25 16:22  axel

	* [r40354] Remove trailing backslash from ROOTSYS.

2011-07-25 14:19  couet

	* [r40352] - From Vincent
	  linegrid should be deleted only when the optionGrid is on.

2011-07-25 10:30  axel

	* [r40351] From Pere:
	  CMake: put liblzma.dll into bin directory, so we can run root.exe
	  from the build (F5).

2011-07-25 10:22  axel

	* [r40350] Ignore docbook output (html, pdf)

2011-07-25 10:21  axel

	* [r40349] Ignore build.log files from running tests within

2011-07-24 16:56  rdm

	* [r40348] use the linker option -dead_strip_dylibs instead of the
	  more aggresssive
	  option -mark_dead_strippable_dylib. The dead_strip_dylibs option
	  is used
	  when linking the ROOT plugins so they are lean and mean, however
	  not when
	  linking the applications so we don't dead strip dylibs for which
	  we need
	  the CINT initialization.

2011-07-23 16:57  rdm

	* [r40340] silence one more effc++ warning (thank god that clang
	  does not support this
	  option anymore).

2011-07-23 13:25  agheata

	* [r40339] Improved explanation on Z sections

2011-07-22 16:09  rdm

	* [r40335] libAlien depends on libProof (TDSet).

2011-07-22 15:52  couet

	* [r40334] From Vincent Reverdy:
	  - PaintAxis now call PaintLineNDC directly instead of creating a
	  TLine to call it. There is no need for it as TGaxis is a TLine.

2011-07-22 15:19  agheata

	* [r40333] SetOption now implemented

2011-07-22 15:07  rdm

	* [r40332] only use dynamic_loopkup for XPDLIB.

2011-07-22 13:02  ganis

	* [r40331] Temporarly restore '-undefined dynamic_lookup' when
	  building Linking in libXrd.a
	  is not correct for XrdProtocol plug-ins (and also does not work).
	  Some issues ned to be solved on the xroot side before we can
	  remove '-undefined dynamic_lookup'.

2011-07-22 08:04  couet

	* [r40328] From Bertrand:
	  - Avoid the “LINK : warning LNK4044: unrecognized option '/lz';
	  ignored” message on Windows

2011-07-22 07:49  couet

	* [r40327] Update

2011-07-21 23:03  rdm

	* [r40326] OSX Lion comes with builtin libpng 1.5.1 which obsoletes
	  some 1.2 constructs.

2011-07-21 11:24  moneta

	* [r40319] aaply patch from Andrei to have a lazy allocation of the
	  TArray[x] of histograms and profiles.
	  The allocation is done only if a SetBinContent() or
	  AddBinContent() is called.
	  This feature can be activated via the static

2011-07-21 08:22  agheata

	* [r40318] Removed printouts

2011-07-21 08:18  agheata

	* [r40317] Numerical fix when the top or the bottom of the Arb8
	  collapses to a single point

2011-07-20 15:44  moneta

	* [r40312] add rebuild option for expected limit and bands

2011-07-20 07:07  couet

	* [r40308] - Make sure the inspector canvas background is white.

2011-07-20 07:06  couet

	* [r40307] From Bertrand:
	  - Make sure the inspector canvas background is white.

2011-07-20 04:45  matevz

	* [r40305] * TEveDigitSet:
	  Add the following members (with get/set methods):
	  Bool_t fSelectViaFrame; // Allow selection via frame.
	  Bool_t fHighlightFrame; // Highlight frame when object is
	  Document frame-box, the new members and secondary-selectability.
	  * TEveBoxSet:
	  Add the following member (with get/set methods):
	  Int_t fBoxSkip; // Number of boxes to skip for each drawn box
	  during scene rotation.
	  * TEveDigit/Quad/BoxSetGL:
	  Move common code for deciding whether the frame should be drawn
	  Implement box-skipping for box-set.

2011-07-19 19:19  pcanal

	* [r40304] In MakeClass/MakeSelector, make an effort to add the
	  #include needed for the user classes if they are loaded

2011-07-19 17:15  rdm

	* [r40301] Some fixes for explicit linking:
	  - search for libpng on OSX in /usr/X11
	  - link builtin libpng with -lz
	  - link builtin freetype with -lz
	  - allow ALICE special way of linking with private libPythia6

2011-07-19 16:22  moneta

	* [r40297] new version of tutorial with:
	  - fixed treatment of nuisance prior when using HybridCalculator
	  by adding the possibility
	  for user to pass the name of the nuisance pdf
	  - add extra parameter useNumberCounting for number counting

2011-07-19 10:41  moneta

	* [r40294] fix a bug in computation of interpolated limit. For some
	  conditions an extrapolation was done instead of interpolating

2011-07-19 08:50  moneta

	* [r40293] fix an error message

2011-07-19 08:38  moneta

	* [r40292] fix for bug

2011-07-19 07:34  couet

	* [r40291] From Bertrand:
	  - Some variables' declaration were misplaced (C code not C++)

2011-07-19 01:20  matevz

	* [r40290] Fix typo in comment.

2011-07-18 14:40  couet

	* [r40278] TStyle

2011-07-18 14:34  couet

	* [r40277] The Modern style has now a transparent background for
	  the histogram title.

2011-07-18 11:12  rdm

	* [r40272] add Hash(), IsSortable() and CompareTo() so paramters
	  can be stored in hash
	  and sorted lists.

2011-07-18 09:56  axel

	* [r40271] From Pere:
	  This fixes the problem reported in the forum concerning ICC
	  version 12.

2011-07-18 08:57  axel

	* [r40270] From Pere:
	  Adds CPack installer capabilities to the CMake system.
	  To generate the installers is as simple as making the target
	  'package' . Alternatively you can use the cpack command like
	  cpack -G NSIS
	  cpack -G PackageMaker

2011-07-16 14:05  pcanal

	* [r40268] Undo 40266 which was unnecessary (illadvised since
	  MathCore actually depends on libCore).
	  Instead make sure that FORCELINK is really set on MacOS when
	  using the new linking technics.
	  (This makes sure libMathCore is linked into root.exe even though
	  there is no real dependency)

2011-07-16 10:37  rdm

	* [r40267] link libGviz with all needed graphviz libs so that there
	  are no undefined
	  symbols (for -undefined error support).

2011-07-15 21:48  pcanal

	* [r40266] Link libCore against libMathCore in addition to libCint
	  and add an explicit symbol request to insure that it really
	  linked in only (for now) on MacOS and when explicit linking is
	  explicitly requested

2011-07-14 22:05  moneta

	* [r40256] add a new tutorial from Kyle

2011-07-14 21:53  rdm

	* [r40255] correct order in list of Xrd libs to fix linking issue
	  on Linux.

2011-07-14 21:51  moneta

	* [r40252] HypoTestInverter: fix run of fixed scan if min max are
	  outside variable bounds
	  HypoTestResult: return -1 instead of infinity (which crashes the
	  plots) for Cls error when Clb=0
	  (CLs is = -1 in that case)
	  LikelihoodTestStats: add option ReuseNLL on by default

2011-07-14 21:22  moneta

	* [r40249] remove constant parameter in the list of parameters
	  passed as observables to the RooProfileLL otherwise they
	  RooProfileLL will free them when finding the global minimum

2011-07-14 17:33  ganis

	* [r40247] Remove typo inserted with the previous patch

2011-07-14 17:17  moneta

	* [r40244] merge fix from Kyle in roostats branch:

2011-07-14 17:16  ganis

	* [r40243] Make sure that the performance tree is removed from the
	  output list when saved to the
	  output file. Solves a segv at quit.

2011-07-14 17:13  moneta

	* [r40241] merge fix from Sven in ToyMCSampler in dev branch

2011-07-14 15:17  rdm

	* [r40240] on OSX move to a more secure way of building. We will
	  now always use
	  the --enable-explicitlink ./configure option which will cause a
	  shared lib
	  or executable to be linked with all its dependent libraries. The
	  OSX linker
	  is quite good and processing this extended set of libraries for
	  each link
	  does cost only 3s extra for all 100+ shared libs (13s instead of
	  Not much for the extra security. In addition we went back to the
	  linker option "-undefined error", so you will get an error if
	  are unresolved. Shared libs are also linked with the option
	  "-Wl,-mark_dead_strippable_dylib" which tells the linker that the
	  lib can be dead stripped when it does not resolve any symbols
	  (this should
	  solve the long standing issue of ACliC linking all previously
	  shared libs even when not needed). The same patch will come for

2011-07-14 11:29  wouter

	* [r40235] increment version tag to 3.17

2011-07-14 09:45  axel

	* [r40233] Trigger redraw of prompt after ResetInput() even if
	  prompt remains the same.

2011-07-14 09:26  wouter

	* [r40231]
	  o RooRealSumPdf
	  - In expectedEvents() add check for negative return value
	  and issue a logEvalError() which will trigger MinuitGlue
	  intervention to deal with this
	  o RooNLLVar
	  - Pass observed event count as Double_t to extended term
	  o RooAbsPdf
	  - Make extendedTerm take Nobserved as double instead of int to
	  accomodate use of asimov datasets
	  o RooMinuit
	  - Add member setMaxEvalMultiplies() to control the max number
	  of NLL evaluations pass to minuit. The default remains
	  500 (and is always multiplied by nPar)
	  o RooWorkspace
	  - Add extra check in autoImportClassCode() that checks
	  if a class exists in a ROOT shared library and skips
	  those for import. This prevents the attempted import
	  of ROOT-native classes into a workspace in binary
	  ROOT distributions

2011-07-14 09:08  axel

	* [r40229] Keep track of changed prompt, and redraw if needed.
	  Fixes issue with line-by-line input (cling).

2011-07-14 08:26  axel

	* [r40228] TDictionary::GetDictionary()

2011-07-14 08:21  axel

	* [r40227] TDictionary::GetDictionary(const char*) implements
	  generic type query;
	  replacement of Reflex::Type::ByName().
	  The returned pointer points to a TClass or TDataType object (or
	  is NULL if the type is unknown).

2011-07-13 19:48  rdm

	* [r40223] fix errors in calls to makelib when using explicit link
	  ("'s missing around

2011-07-13 19:45  rdm

	* [r40222] XPDLIBEXTRA was missing -lXrd.

2011-07-13 19:43  rdm

	* [r40221] comment out the interface to pytune() as this function
	  is not anymore
	  in libPythia6 (generates unresolved symbol error).

2011-07-13 19:42  rdm

	* [r40220] on OSX add missing krb5_net_read() and krb5_net_write()
	  Found them missing when switching to "-undefined error".

2011-07-13 19:40  rdm

	* [r40219] add missing dependencies.

2011-07-13 18:53  rdm

	* [r40218] cosmetics.

2011-07-13 16:32  axel

	* [r40214] Support type names longer than 999 characters...

2011-07-13 16:27  axel

	* [r40213] From Bertrand and me:
	  * env vars are now for all users (if installinginto C:\root, it's
	  not really per user anyway...)
	  * Try to remove trailing '\' from ROOTSYS. Waiting for
	  verification by Bertrand.

2011-07-13 14:26  couet

	* [r40211] Fix warnings with clang.

2011-07-13 13:28  couet

	* [r40208] Attempt to fix a warning with clang.

2011-07-13 09:17  couet

	* [r40206] libAfterImage 1.20
	  >>>> Do "make distclean-asimage" after "svn up"

2011-07-13 09:14  bellenot

	* [r40205] Fix a possible overflow when entering a float having its
	  fraction part exceeding kMaxInt (e.g 9.9999999999). This should
	  fix the bug #84033, TGNumberEntryField
	  Thanks to Juergen Kattner for the report

2011-07-13 08:41  bellenot

	* [r40204] Fix a focus issue (no need to keep the mouse cursor in
	  text entries to be able to type...)

2011-07-12 08:31  couet

	* [r40198] Try to code the previous fix differently in order to
	  make coverity happy.

2011-07-12 08:27  agheata

	* [r40197] Added default constructor to TGeoNavigatorArray

2011-07-12 07:56  couet

	* [r40196] TCanvas

2011-07-12 07:48  couet

	* [r40195] The following sequence produced a SEG FAULT:
	  root [0] TFile f("can.root")
	  root [1] TCanvas* can = (TCanvas*)f.Get("can")
	  root [2] gROOT->SetBatch(1)
	  root [3] can->Draw()

2011-07-12 07:48  bellenot

	* [r40194] Make the "Histogram" text entry expanding in X (as
	  suggested by Duc H. Luong)

2011-07-11 16:07  ganis

	* [r40193] - In TProofMgr, add 'ping' functionality to test in
	  non-blocking way if a PROOF
	  service is listening at a given port of a given host (adapted
	  from the macro
	  function CheckXproofdAt in getProof.C) .
	  Practical in many occasions.

2011-07-11 16:05  ganis

	* [r40192] Remove typo in comment; remove call to TSlave::Print for
	  bad workers, remnant of some debugging

2011-07-11 14:29  ganis

	* [r40191] In proofbench:
	  - Add setter for the number of files per worker to be created
	  during dataset generation
	  - In TSelEventGen:
	  - fix bug in testing write permissions on the altrenative basedir
	  - add check on the free space on the device and skip file
	  generation if less than 10%
	  or less than 1 GB.

2011-07-11 12:46  bellenot

	* [r40187] Remove a call to TString::InitialCapacity() (marked as

2011-07-11 12:00  ganis

	* [r40186] - Record in TStatus also the max memory usage on the
	  master and printed via TStatus::Print;
	  this allow a quick visualisation of the overall memroy usage at
	  the end of the query:
	  root [] TStatus *st = (TStatus *)
	  root [] st->Print();
	  OBJ: TStatus PROOF_Status OK
	  Max worker virtual memory: 394.90 MB Max worker resident memory:
	  229.47 MB
	  Max master virtual memory: 1104.55 MB Max master resident memory:
	  940.73 MB
	  - Fix issue in TProofPlayer::HandleHistogram preventing proper
	  histogram cleaning right
	  after merging when using TH1::Add; histogram were still destroyed
	  at the end of the
	  query, but there was no memory advantage in TH1::Add wrt

2011-07-11 09:36  couet

	* [r40181] TGraph

2011-07-11 09:32  couet

	* [r40180] Use a greater precision to output the X and Y vectors.
	  The following macro generated a wrong output (tmp.C).
	  void testGraphPrec(){
	  double offset=55.0;
	  TCanvas* myC = new TCanvas("myC","myC",600,400);
	  TGraph* gr=new TGraph();
	  for(int i=0;i<10;i++){
	  double point_x = 3.0+((double) i)*1e-7;
	  double point_y = offset+((double) i)*1e-8;

2011-07-10 20:42  axel

	* [r40178] * Simplify and clarify doc for SlaveBegin() versus
	  * Wording: use TTree "entry" instead of "event"

2011-07-09 18:50  pcanal

	* [r40175] add missing #include

2011-07-09 04:01  matevz

	* [r40174] In SavePicture() check environment
	  'OpenGL.SavePicturesViaFBO' before saving a
	  picture via a frame-buffer object -- this allows users to enforce
	  saving of
	  images using the back-buffer.

2011-07-08 20:40  pcanal

	* [r40173] Add missing null pointer check

2011-07-08 20:40  pcanal

	* [r40172] Add missing Set/Get Maximum/Minimum

2011-07-08 16:51  ganis

	* [r40170] In XrdProofdManager, remove assertion of the base
	  directory used for installation;
	  this is a leftover of some tests which now creates problems in
	  the new PEAC installation

2011-07-07 01:19  pcanal

	* [r40155] White spaces

2011-07-06 21:33  rdm

	* [r40154] From Matthew Strait:
	  improve Rebin documentation.

2011-07-06 21:32  rdm

	* [r40153] From Matthew Strait:
	  improve TColor documentation.

2011-07-06 20:54  pcanal

	* [r40152] Fix typo

2011-07-06 19:59  pcanal

	* [r40150] When a TFile is a zombie, it is put in the list closed
	  objects, let's not add it a second time

2011-07-06 14:17  rdm

	* [r40148] from OSX 10.7 we will compile by default using clang
	  (30% faster compile time
	  than gcc) and abi compatible with gcc.

2011-07-06 13:59  couet

	* [r40147] TPaletteAxis.

2011-07-06 13:51  rdm

	* [r40146] before generating the html version of the reference
	  manual generate the
	  files tutorials/hsimple.root and tutorials/tree/cernstaff.root
	  which are needed by some of the scripts. Fixes issue 83868.

2011-07-06 13:48  couet

	* [r40145] In Paint() make sure the min and max of the palette are
	  not 0 when these two values are null.

2011-07-06 13:01  rdm

	* [r40141] allow url of form: "proto://".

2011-07-06 10:28  bellenot

	* [r40139] Use transparent background instead of white (for better
	  look in the browser)

2011-07-06 10:19  ganis

	* [r40138] Fix issue with 'workers=n' reported on the forum

2011-07-05 12:02  agheata

	* [r40136] Allow tolerance when computing twist

2011-07-04 21:20  moneta

	* [r40132] fix a bug in Add reported by Tim Adye

2011-07-04 17:09  rdm

	* [r40131] add rule for building libXrdNetUtil.a which is needed by

2011-07-04 16:12  rdm

	* [r40130] update version number.

2011-07-04 15:43  rdm

	* [r40127] reorder lzma.h search. Fixes issue 83938.

2011-07-04 14:20  bellenot

	* [r40126] - Improve nmake makefile (use the same compiler flags
	  than the ones used by ROOT)
	  - Use new (flat) style for navigation buttons

2011-07-04 14:19  bellenot

	* [r40125] Improve nmake makefile (use the same compiler flags than
	  the ones used by ROOT)

2011-07-04 14:19  bellenot

	* [r40124] Improve nmake makefile (use the same compiler flags than
	  the ones used by ROOT)

2011-07-04 13:29  rdm

	* [r40123] libGeom depends now on libThread.

2011-07-04 13:18  couet

	* [r40122] - From Otto Schaile: Zoom with superimposed 2dim
	  histograms did not work properly. Zooming and un-zooming axis on
	  the canvas produced by a macro similar to the following one, did
	  not work:
	  TFile f("hsimple_hpr.root");

2011-07-04 13:16  agheata

	* [r40121] Added ClassDef to TGeoNavigatorArray

2011-07-04 12:51  rdm

	* [r40120] fix for OSX Lion GM.

2011-07-04 12:38  rdm

	* [r40119] ignore:

2011-07-04 12:17  agheata

	* [r40117] Fixed reflection factory for assemblies - affects G4

2011-07-04 12:00  agheata

	* [r40116] Allow creating and accessing transparently a different
	  list of navigators for each calling thread. Must be initialized
	  via TGeoManager::SetMultiThread()

2011-07-04 11:41  ganis

	* [r40115] Few fixes in 'proofbench':
	  - Make sure it can be run from any directory and no matter how
	  ROOT was installed;
	  the paths to the PAR files were such that it could be run only
	  from a own build
	  and from $ROOTSYS. The default PAr files are now exported to
	  and in <etcdir>/proof/proofbench for a prefix installation.
	  - Fix the name of the setter/getter for the file generator
	  parameters and selectors
	  - TSelEventGen, add the possibility to change only the generating
	  function, passed
	  as TMacro.

2011-07-04 07:36  couet

	* [r40113] Fix a typo according to:

2011-07-01 20:10  wouter

	* [r40099] o RooAbsArg
	  - Do not clone newSetOrig into newSet for non-name changing
	  server redirects as this results in a very large overhead
	  for redirects on large server lists.
	  o RooMinuit
	  - In initialization of TVirtualFitter also include initially
	  constant parameters into the maximum number of parameters

2011-07-01 10:04  moneta

	* [r40095] - fix bug in scanning introduced in 40092
	  - improve in the Result the treatment when only one point is
	  present and better diagnostic and comments in Add method

2011-07-01 07:59  couet

	* [r40094] TH2Poly

2011-07-01 07:57  couet

	* [r40093] The Palette and the statistics box were not pickable
	  when TH2Poly was drawn with option COLZ.

2011-07-01 07:45  moneta

	* [r40092] apply some bug fixes reported by Tim Adye in the
	  - fix RunFixedScan to work with only one bin
	  - return result when used RunOnePoint()
	  - fix a problem in streaming by storing in the class a copy of
	  the scanned variable, since it is not needed
	  to store all the linked objects (they are stored anyway in the
	  The original RoORealVar has links to the test statistics and when
	  used an optimized test statistics the streaming

2011-06-30 15:10  bellenot

	* [r40088] Add connection to the new version of the
	  Proof::Progress() signal

2011-06-30 09:11  couet

	* [r40087] TH2Poly

2011-06-30 09:04  couet

	* [r40086] The values set by SetMaximum() and SetMinimum() were not
	  taken into account by GetMaximum() and GetMinimum().

2011-06-29 16:22  pcanal

	* [r40083] Fix running stress.cxx in interpreted mode by creating a
	  dictionary for ROOT::ECompressionAlgorithm

2011-06-29 15:11  pcanal

	* [r40080] Add missing protection (addition to 40077)

2011-06-29 13:37  pcanal

	* [r40077] Prevent the use of non-existent memory when reading in
	  an object that is part of an STL collection and which used to
	  contains an embedded object (and this data member has been

2011-06-29 10:34  rdm

	* [r40076] use tail in a Solaris compatible way.

2011-06-28 17:40  ganis

	* [r40068] Fix issue affetcting GetSessionLogs in PROOF-Lite

2011-06-28 16:05  rdm

	* [r40066] update for v5-32 release.

2011-06-28 14:58  rdm

	* [r40064] fix coverity issue 23669 and 23668.

2011-06-28 08:53  moneta

	* [r40058] fix the class documentation

2011-06-28 08:34  wouter

	* [r40057] o stressRooFit
	  - Switch reference version in trunk to v530

2011-06-28 07:36  moneta

	* [r40056] fix some Coverity reports

2011-06-28 01:30  pcanal

	* [r40055] Take the lock only when really needed

2011-06-27 22:24  rdm

	* [r40054] From Pere:
	  a couple of minor changes to make standalone compilation of TMVA
	  and RooFit

2011-06-27 21:31  moneta

	* [r40050] update roostats release notes

2011-06-27 20:52  moneta

	* [r40049] add possibility to close proof for every run to avoid
	  massive mem leaks

2011-06-27 20:27  pcanal

	* [r40048] Announce TMemFile

2011-06-27 20:19  pcanal

	* [r40047] Mentioned the new Merge functionality and TFileMergeInfo

2011-06-27 20:03  pcanal

	* [r40044] Fix html errors

2011-06-27 20:01  pcanal

	* [r40042] Fix html errors

2011-06-27 20:01  pcanal

	* [r40041] Update release notes

2011-06-27 18:18  stelzer

	* [r40038] update release notes in doc/v530

2011-06-27 17:33  stelzer

	* [r40033] added some file properties

2011-06-27 17:31  stelzer

	* [r40032] added some file properties

2011-06-27 17:04  moneta

	* [r40025] from Kyle: update release notes

2011-06-27 16:37  moneta

	* [r40019] merge from dev branch fix from Kyle in tutorial

2011-06-27 16:23  ganis

	* [r40017] - In TPerfStats, add 'status' field to the monitor
	  record, an integer with the query exit status
	  (see TVirtualProofPlayer::EExitStatus (0 OK; 1 stopped; 2
	  - Add exist status also to TStatus, so that it is available in
	  the output list (TPerfStats takes
	  it from here).
	  - Send the output list, if non empty, also when the query is
	  aborted, so that the TStatus object
	  is available also in those cases.

2011-06-27 16:22  ganis

	* [r40016] Fix invalid read found by valgrind

2011-06-27 15:44  stelzer

	* [r40011] fix code convention violation

2011-06-27 15:41  moneta

	* [r40010] merge from roostats dev branch fix from Kyle 40008

2011-06-27 15:29  moneta

	* [r40006] apply some memory leak fixes in the inverter and in the
	  plot class
	  make HTIResult::Add public

2011-06-27 15:29  stelzer

	* [r40005] remove mergeinfo properties

2011-06-27 15:27  moneta

	* [r40003] update for changes in name of optimization methods (set
	  -> Set)

2011-06-27 15:12  moneta

	* [r40001] fix some memory leaks
	  -rename setXXX to Set

2011-06-27 14:46  stelzer

	* [r39998] coverity fix

2011-06-27 14:21  wouter

	* [r39995] o RooGaussModel
	  - Fix isnan issue for windows

2011-06-27 14:15  wouter

	* [r39994] o RooGaussModel
	  - Fixes from G. Raven [ LHCb ]

2011-06-27 13:20  rdm

	* [r39990] From nwhitehorn:
	  I've attached a patch that allows ROOT to build and run on
	  FreeBSD 9.0/amd64.
	  It does several small things:
	  - Fix the build system to recognize FreeBSD > 7 by treating it
	  with the
	  build architecture freebsd7.
	  - Use UTMPX instead of UTMP for FreeBSD >= 9
	  - Add a cint iosenum file (not sure why it wanted it to be called
	  - Correct a few places that use <malloc.h>, which is deprecated
	  on FreeBSD
	  (like on OS X), and has a #error in it.
	  This also fixes one other, mostly unrelated issue:
	  - Follow rename of FramebufferTexturLayer to
	  FramebufferTextureLayer in
	  MESA 2 years ago. This is not a FreeBSD-specific issue, and
	  should be
	  a platform independent change.

2011-06-27 13:19  stelzer

	* [r39989] fix event requests for Category classifier

2011-06-27 13:04  rdm

	* [r39988] From Giulio Eulisse:
	  search also DYLD_FALLBACK_LIBRARY in TSystem::Load() on OSX.
	  Fixes issue 83463.

2011-06-26 22:54  moneta

	* [r39976] reverse changes in some turials done in 39975 by mistake

2011-06-26 22:49  moneta

	* [r39975] merge from roostats dev branch :
	  - from Sven: new version of ToyMCSampler
	  - from Kyle: update tutorial StandardTestStatDistributionDemo
	  -from LM : new version of Inverter with rebuilding pValues
	  distributions using toys
	  + update comments

2011-06-26 10:17  ganis

	* [r39968] From D. Berzano: import afdsmgrd version 0.9.4 fixing an
	  issue with installation paths.

2011-06-26 10:11  ganis

	* [r39967] From Anar Manafov and me.
	  Patch introducing support for the protocol "pod://" in
	  TProof::Open to automatically
	  address the entry point of the local PoD installation.
	  Tha patch also fixes an issue with the string used to start a
	  PROOF-Lite session. So far
	  both "" and "lite" could be used; however this prevented the
	  possibility to have a machine
	  name "lite" on the local domain as PROOF master. With this patch
	  we require users to
	  specify "lite://" to start a PROOF-Lite session. A reminder is
	  printed if "lite" is used
	  and connection fails.
	  The empty "" string uses the cluster specified by
	  Proof.LocalDefault; by default the latter
	  is "lite://", so the deafult behaviour of "" is unchanged.

2011-06-25 13:57  axel

	* [r39958] Allow larger deviations for comparison (addition,
	  deltaR). Fixes stressVector for Ubu 10.10 32bit optimized

2011-06-24 20:40  wouter

	* [r39954] o RooTreeDataStore
	  - Fix for crash in tutorial rs602

2011-06-24 17:52  pcanal

	* [r39952] From Eckhard: patch required as a consequence on the
	  previous updates

2011-06-24 15:13  wouter

	* [r39949]
	  o RooAbsReal, RooFactoryWSTool, RooRealIntegral
	  - Fix inline of statics for windows
	  o RooBanner
	  - Increment version tag to 3.16
	  o SimpleLikelihoodRatioTestStatistic
	  - Allow reuse of NLL optimization (OFF by default)

2011-06-24 14:26  couet

	* [r39947] - More clean up

2011-06-24 14:06  wouter

	* [r39945]
	  o RooHistFunc,LinkDef3
	  - Apply same fix to streamer as done in RooHistPdf
	  to ajust proxyList
	  o RooAbsArg
	  - Add RooHistFunc as friend
	  o RooChi2Var
	  - Savannah bug fix #81582
	  o RooHistError
	  - Savannah bug fix #80991
	  o ToyMCSampler,ProfileLikelihoodTestStat
	  - Implement 'dual switch' for speed optimization: a switch per
	  and a static switch for all objects (the 'or' is used). The
	  remains off.

2011-06-24 12:42  bellenot

	* [r39942] Check for number of keys in TDirectory, not only in
	  TFile. This should solve potential problem with many objects
	  (e.g. TH1) in directories, as repported on the forum

2011-06-24 12:21  axel

	* [r39940] Don't set the signal handler again; the program is
	  supposed to call the default signal handler, and by setting ours
	  again it doesn't.
	  Fixes problem with ".qqqqqqqq".

2011-06-24 11:37  wouter

	* [r39939]
	  o RooAbsArg
	  - Remove commented out custom streamer
	  o RooHistPdf
	  - Implement 'default' custom streamer
	  and implement post-reading adjustment to class to fix the proxy
	  persistence issue here for now

2011-06-24 11:21  moneta

	* [r39937] fix a problem with adjusting the bin edges

2011-06-24 09:46  moneta

	* [r39935] commit patch suggested in

2011-06-24 08:40  moneta

	* [r39933] merge from development branch histfactory tutorial (up
	  to revision 39932)
	  - new tutorial from Kyle (ModifyInterpolation.C)

2011-06-24 08:39  moneta

	* [r39932] merge changes in tutorials from Kyle in roostats
	  development branch
	  (include a new tutorial StandardTestStatDistributionDemo)

2011-06-24 08:30  moneta

	* [r39931] merge from branch fix for a compilaiton warning

2011-06-24 08:21  rdm

	* [r39929] robustize the scripts.

2011-06-24 08:18  moneta

	* [r39928] merge latest fixes in development branch of roostats in
	  the trunk from revision r39839 through r39927

2011-06-23 23:12  rdm

	* [r39926] From Pere:
	  patch to include core/lzma.

2011-06-23 23:07  rdm

	* [r39924] mention on zip64 support.

2011-06-23 20:46  wouter

	* [r39920] o RooAbsCollection
	  - Fix compiler warning

2011-06-23 20:36  wouter

	* [r39919] Import changes from dev/roostats. Mostly small

2011-06-23 16:15  axel

	* [r39909] Protection for opening paren at final character:
	  "a(b(" and moving cursor to left was crashing ROOT.

2011-06-23 14:47  axel

	* [r39905] Windows: trigger the copy of liblzma.dll to bin/ by
	  adding it to ALLLIBS.

2011-06-23 12:41  rdm

	* [r39904] silence icc warnings.

2011-06-23 09:57  rdm

	* [r39901] handle new files from zlib v1.2.5.

2011-06-23 09:55  rdm

	* [r39900] coosmetics.

2011-06-23 09:30  rdm

	* [r39899] fix coverity issue 28584.

2011-06-22 21:36  rdm

	* [r39897] fix warnings on Windows.

2011-06-22 20:33  pcanal

	* [r39896] try to force the reconfiguration of the incrmental

2011-06-22 20:09  pcanal

	* [r39895] In stress10 create half of the TTree using the LZMA
	  compression algorithm

2011-06-22 16:37  rdm

	* [r39893] From Bertrand:
	  touch liblzma.lib.

2011-06-22 15:43  pcanal

	* [r39891] Mark fSockets and fInterpreter as kMustCleanup so that
	  they automatically remove themselves from the list of cleanups
	  when they are deleted

2011-06-22 14:24  axel

	* [r39888] From Eckhard von Torne:
	  Increase permitted deviation. Now passes on ICC11 SLC5 64bit.

2011-06-22 14:09  rdm

	* [r39885] add the liblzma as builtin package as it should always
	  be available to be
	  able to read any ROOT file. If liblzma is discovered on the
	  system it will
	  be used in stead of the builtin one.

2011-06-22 13:56  axel

	* [r39883] Don't write out \0.
	  Let teh compiler count (use sizeof()).
	  Fixes problem on Windows ssh'ing to Linux.

2011-06-22 13:54  couet

	* [r39882] Fix a typo in TPad::ExecuteEventAxis. The mistake was
	  introduced here:

2011-06-22 13:08  ganis

	* [r39878] Fix coverity and valgrind warnings

2011-06-22 12:51  rdm

	* [r39876] From Pere:
	  Another set of small mods to fix the MacOSX build.

2011-06-22 09:09  rdm

	* [r39871] cosmetics.

2011-06-22 09:08  rdm

	* [r39870] add xz package which builds liblzma, needed for extra
	  compression of ROOT files.

2011-06-21 21:05  moneta

	* [r39866] fix a compilation warning

2011-06-21 20:58  moneta

	* [r39865] merge roostats and histfactory from development branch
	  up to revision 39830
	  - improvements in HypoTestInverter (better interpolation + plot
	  with bands) + Coverity fixes
	  - new version of HistFactory from Kyle adding FlexibleInterpvar

2011-06-21 16:21  pcanal

	* [r39864] Optimize the case where the basket are not compressed by
	  avoid a mempcy

2011-06-21 16:14  axel

	* [r39861] Fix for Savannah #83478: more home / end CSIs.

2011-06-21 16:09  axel

	* [r39860] Fix bug in Range::IsEmpty()
	  Don't update the display implicitly when attaching: want to
	  update display often even if already attached, and this would
	  trigger two updates. Better ask for an update explicitly but
	  When having read input there's no point to update the prompt -
	  the prompt should have been shown already anyway.
	  This considerably reduces the amounts of re-draws and moves.

2011-06-21 15:46  couet

	* [r39859] - more clean up

2011-06-21 13:31  evt

	* [r39857] update release notes

2011-06-21 13:26  evt

	* [r39856] improved fix for build error on solaris, fix typo

2011-06-21 13:22  evt

	* [r39855] fix for build error on solaris

2011-06-21 13:20  evt

	* [r39854] minor but much clearer fix of buildbot error on solaris

2011-06-21 12:18  evt

	* [r39851] fix for build error on solaris and windows

2011-06-21 12:09  evt

	* [r39850] fix for build error on solaris

2011-06-21 11:52  evt

	* [r39848] copy tmva/dev 39001:39355 to trunk

2011-06-21 09:09  evt

	* [r39846] adjusting makefile to reflect move of include directory,
	  updating Version.h

2011-06-20 16:10  couet

	* [r39837] - Improvements

2011-06-20 15:37  ganis

	* [r39835] - In TPacketizer and TPacketizerAdaptive, fix an issue
	  with counter updating when a number
	  of events to be processed is specified (it was working up to a
	  certain number of files and
	  then it was getting screwed up).
	  - In TPacketizerAdaptive, fix an issue with the option
	  'ForceLocal' on 'file:///' URLs.
	  - In TProofPlayer, optimize two conditional scopes.
	  - In TProofPlayerLite, make sure that the Progress timer is
	  stopped when issuing STOP.

2011-06-20 15:00  ganis

	* [r39834] Fix buildbot warnings on clang-MacOSX-64

2011-06-20 14:24  ganis

	* [r39833] Import Xroot version 3.0.4.
	  See net/xrootd/src/xrootd/docs/ReleaseNotes.txt for a detailed
	  description of the
	  changes and fixes wrt to version 3.0.3 .

2011-06-20 14:08  rdm

	* [r39831] From Gerri:
	  The last xrootd-related updated in configure was not needed.

2011-06-20 13:43  bellenot

	* [r39830] Remove useless (and even confusing) calls to
	  SetFillColor() and SetFillStyle() in one example

2011-06-20 13:13  bellenot

	* [r39829] Remove obsolete pictures

2011-06-20 13:10  bellenot

	* [r39828] Replace superimposed pictures (doesn't work in docbook)
	  with single pictures

2011-06-20 11:48  pcanal

	* [r39824] Add Fatal error message if the output file of the
	  TFileMerger (and hadd) is deleted prematurely due to a large

2011-06-18 12:49  wouter

	* [r39817]
	  o RooDataSet
	  - Introduce pool-based memory allocation scheme
	  - In ctor for composite datasets with Link() ensure that
	  order of observables is preserved to allow use of assignFast()
	  o RooRealSumPdf
	  - Use getNorm() in expectedEvents() rather than createIntegral()
	  o RooAbsCollection
	  - Do no allocate hash tables by default
	  - Introduce contents claim counter to counter 'foreign' ownership
	  claims of contents (needed for RooAbsOptTestStatistic::setData()
	  - If collection is owning, only delete contents if claim count is
	  also zero
	  - In snapshot() raise hash table threshold from 100 to 1000
	  o RooRefCountedList
	  - Disable hash tables by default
	  o RooStudyPackage
	  - Make study package own clone of incoming workspace
	  - Implement copy ctor
	  o RooAbsTestStatistic
	  - Implement 'master' setData() method. Forward to setDataSlave()
	  of self for monolithic likelihoods or forward data components
	  to likelihood components in case node is SimMaster. If data
	  is not fast-splittable, execute slow split.
	  o RooAbsData
	  - Implement 'live check' to be able to conclude if a given
	  pointer points to a live or dead object
	  - Claim contents of _vars through new claim mechanism. Release
	  in dtor, allow _vars to delete contents if claim count is zero
	  - Add concept of owned component datasets to support
	  of dataset
	  - Add method canSplitFast() that indicate if fast split is
	  (only possible if dataset was created as composite)
	  - Add method getSimData() that retrieves pointer to component
	  RooDataSet representation for a given index state
	  o RooObjCacheManager
	  - Add static mechanism that allows to deleted cached observables
	  lists used for
	  cache optimization triggers to be deleted on a sterilize()
	  action. This
	  is useful on toy studies with setData() operation, that would
	  collect very large lists of observable clones during the toy
	  o RooAbsPdf
	  - Set contraint term to ADirty to avoid synchronization problems
	  when using
	  setData() in the likelihood
	  o RooAbsArg
	  - In clone operations set hash table threshold at 1000 nodes
	  - In getObservables() use pass-by-value iterators rather than
	  heap iterators
	  to making this faster. Also make getObservables() non-virtual, as
	  it is in
	  fact not overloaded in any subclass (anymore). Also remove
	  looping over
	  branch nodes to call getObservablesHook() as no class implements
	  o RooAddition
	  - Implement a setData() method that forwards to its components.
	  Allows transparent
	  operation of setData() on likelihood objects with constraint
	  o RooLinkedList
	  - Add method that returns iterator by value (simply forwards to
	  similar implementation
	  in RooLinkedList)
	  o RooSimGenContext
	  - Move calculation of fraction table from ctor to dedicated
	  updateFraction() method
	  - Before each generation sequence call updateFractions() so that
	  sequence are robust against parameter changes between calls
	  - In createDataSet() always make a composite dataset if the index
	  is present, as this
	  allows faster use in toymc operations
	  o RooAbsOptTestStatistic
	  - Initialize all variables in default ctor
	  - In dtor and ctor handle ownership of dataset observables, on
	  which we put a claim
	  (i.e. we need to delete contents if the test statistics survives
	  the dataset)
	  - Reimplement existing setData() as setDataSlave(), and add claim
	  management on
	  dataset observables. When attached new data to function, request
	  that object caches
	  clear full content in sterilize() operation to avoid buildup of
	  cache objects in
	  long toy runs.
	  - In setData() adjust event count of test statistics, for correct
	  functioning of extended
	  terms after update
	  o RooArgSet
	  - In ctor for list and a single object, only add object if not
	  already in list
	  (is already checked, but new procedure preserves order of list
	  elements in case
	  object was already present)
	  o LinkDef
	  - Add list<RooAbsData*> and map<string,RooAbsData*> to support
	  streaming of composite datasets
	  o RooAbsStudy
	  - Implement clone method to support polymorphic array cloning
	  o RooAbsReal
	  - Add interface method setData()
	  o RooProfileLL
	  - When storing coordinates of absolute minimum, store only those
	  that are non-constant.
	  Otherwise option to restart each minimization from known absmin
	  may alter constant

2011-06-17 19:49  pcanal

	* [r39811] Extend suppression file for more zlib intentional
	  uninitialized memory use and for new TString implementation and
	  remove old TString implementation. Add one more X11 suppression

2011-06-17 19:25  pcanal

	* [r39810] Remove memory leak of the object user (Event)

2011-06-17 16:58  rdm

	* [r39803] From Pere:
	  This patch fixes the problem reported by Jan at

2011-06-17 16:57  rdm

	* [r39802] check for Apple's clang v3 compiler and use that as

2011-06-17 14:53  bellenot

	* [r39800] Allow to change the background color with the new
	  (modern) style (instead of using the default frame background

2011-06-17 14:03  agheata

	* [r39798] Coverity fix

2011-06-17 13:52  agheata

	* [r39796] Coverity fix

2011-06-17 13:48  pcanal

	* [r39795] Fix cov 29598,29603 (unnecessary test), 29599,29600
	  (redudant assignment),
	  29601, 29602 (uninitalized data member)

2011-06-17 12:01  bellenot

	* [r39793] Fix a side effect of changes for the new GUI style when
	  changing the background color (was always the default frame

2011-06-17 08:19  axel

	* [r39789] r39708 used the wrong criterion: it doesn't matter
	  whether ESC is pending but whether something has been read ahead
	  (i.e. is buffered).
	  If it is, select() will not succeed, so we must flush the
	  characters that have been buffered.

2011-06-17 04:20  pcanal

	* [r39786] Properly recognize a TClonesArray data member even if
	  the requested type was a typedef (to TClonesArray) that is in a
	  namespace (for example edm::Event::ContaierType)

2011-06-16 18:17  pcanal

	* [r39782] From Elvin: fix memory leak

2011-06-16 16:48  moneta

	* [r39780] from Axel: apply patch to fix precision

2011-06-16 16:22  moneta

	* [r39778] apply fix to avoid using Clone also in

2011-06-16 15:55  rdm

	* [r39775] revert broken clang detection.

2011-06-16 10:46  rdm

	* [r39764] add again support for ACliC compiled plugin macros and
	  allow in addition
	  to .C also extensions like .cxx, .cpp, .cc. Fixes issue 83277.

2011-06-16 08:05  couet

	* [r39762] - Initialize the color levels for the PCOL option in
	  order to have the color palette painted correctly with the option

2011-06-15 16:28  pcanal

	* [r39757] Add missing part to 39755

2011-06-15 16:22  rdm

	* [r39756] add v532 doc structure.

2011-06-15 16:21  pcanal

	* [r39755] Make sure the TTreeCloner properly carry forward the
	  value of the kDoNotUseBufferMap bit in the branch (Addendum to

2011-06-15 16:19  pcanal

	* [r39754] Remove stray debug disabling

2011-06-15 16:00  rdm

	* [r39750] From Pere:
	  handle the lzma package.

2011-06-15 15:56  rdm

	* [r39749] when Apple clang version 3.0 or higher exist use that as
	  default compiler.

2011-06-15 12:42  rdm

	* [r39746] revert patch for testing qttestdir as it does not work.

2011-06-15 12:32  rdm

	* [r39744] link with -lpthread and not with -pthread on OSX to
	  silence clang complaining
	  about -pthread being unused during compilation.

2011-06-15 12:06  couet

	* [r39742] Minor adjustment for MacOsX

2011-06-15 09:45  rdm

	* [r39737] From Bertrand:
	  Allow to compile ZInflate.c on Windows (on Windows, sys/types.h
	  #if !__STDC__)

2011-06-15 00:02  rdm

	* [r39731] add two missing files that came with the new zlib.

2011-06-14 22:15  rdm

	* [r39730] upgrade libz from version 1.2.3 to 1.2.5:
	  - Version 1.2.5 fixes bugs in gzseek() and gzeof() that were
	  present in
	  version 1.2.4 (March 2010). All users are encouraged to upgrade
	  - Version 1.2.4 has many changes over 1.2.3, including these
	  - Fixed bugs in adler32_combine(), compressBound(), and
	  - Wholesale replacement of gz* functions with faster versions
	  - As part of that, added gzbuffer(), gzoffset(), gzclose_r(), and
	  - Faster Z_HUFFMAN_ONLY and Z_RLE compression for images and
	  specialized compression
	  - Added flush options Z_BLOCK to deflate() and Z_TREES to
	  inflate() for
	  finer control
	  - Added inflateReset2() and inflateMark() functions, the latter
	  to aid
	  in random access applications
	  - Added LFS (Large File Summit) support for 64-bit file offsets
	  and many
	  other portability improvements
	  However, note, from the zlib release notes:
	  If you are using libxml version 2.7.6 or earlier, you will need
	  to update
	  libxml to version 2.7.7 or later before installing zlib version
	  1.2.4 or
	  later. libxml 2.7.6 and earlier made unnecessary assumptions
	  about the
	  undocumented internal structure of zlib that were changed in zlib
	  and result in libxml crashing. This was fixed in libxml 2.7.7.
	  OSX 10.6 has libxml 2.7.8 and is ok, but all current SLC and
	  distributions still have an older libxml (check with xml2-config
	  Zlib 1.2.5 is between 10 and 20% faster then version 1.2.3.
	  To enable it do:
	  ./configure --enable-builtin-zlib

2011-06-14 21:38  pcanal

	* [r39728] Correctly handle the case when the LZMA include are in

2011-06-14 19:12  pcanal

	* [r39724] From Elvin:
	  additional checks before starting the prefetching thread and also
	  I modify the way memory is deallocated when the destructor of the
	  TFilePrefetch class is called. According to the documentation of
	  TThread::Delete, when the object is allocated on the heap one
	  should call directly delete which is what I added in the new

2011-06-14 17:45  pcanal

	* [r39722] Explicitly disallow executing a TTreeCloner which is

2011-06-14 15:33  pcanal

	* [r39720] Improve error recovery in TTreeCloner when the output
	  TTree is missing
	  and is not associated with a writeable file.

2011-06-14 15:17  moneta

	* [r39719] merge from roostats development branch (from revision
	  r39531 through r39718 )

2011-06-14 14:19  rdm

	* [r39716] From Adrian Sevcenco:
	  fix in Qt discovery.

2011-06-14 14:18  rdm

	* [r39715] -DREENTRANT not needed when also using -pthread on OSX.
	  Also on 10.6
	  to link with Open GL a simple -lGL works again (as opposed to
	  having to
	  link with system dylib).

2011-06-14 14:09  rdm

	* [r39714] change affiliation for the Tadel's.

2011-06-14 13:29  axel

	* [r39712] Remove hacks for TMVA, RooFit, now that their headers
	  follow the inc/ versus include/ symmetry.
	  Fixes doc for RooFit/Stat/..., TMVA.

2011-06-14 13:02  axel

	* [r39710] History line count differs when adding the history line
	  outside TextInput.
	  Update history line index of ^O to reflect that.

2011-06-14 12:45  axel

	* [r39708] If there is a pending Esc (e.g. from cursor-right's CSI,
	  or from ESC-f), also eat the following character.
	  Fixes ESC-f reported by Christoph Naegeli.

2011-06-14 09:53  bellenot

	* [r39706] Emit DoubleClicked() signals from TGLBContainer (should
	  solve a problem reported on the forum:

2011-06-14 09:34  axel

	* [r39704] Avoid buffer underrun on empty commands (e.g.
	  '@'-cancelled ones)

2011-06-14 09:23  axel

	* [r39702] Avoid sign changes due to kIsRaw / fMod sign extension.
	  Fixes '@' cancelling CINT input.

2011-06-14 00:09  matevz

	* [r39700] Print out info about FBO multi-sampling settings only
	  when gDebug > 0.

2011-06-13 22:03  pcanal

	* [r39698] Move declaration to the beginning of the routine to
	  satisfy some C compiler(s)

2011-06-13 21:35  pcanal

	* [r39696] From David Dagenhart:
	  Implement an option to allow ROOT to use the LZMA compression
	  algorithm to compress data instead of the ZLIB compression
	  LZMA compression typically results in smaller files, but takes
	  CPU time to compress data. To use the new feature, the external
	  package must be installed when ROOT is configured and built:
	  Download 5.0.3 from here
	  and make sure to configure with fPIC:
	  ./configure CFLAGS='-fPIC'
	  Then the client C++ code must call routines to explicitly request
	  ZLIB compression is still the default.
	  Setting the Compression Level and Algorithm:
	  There are three equivalent ways to set the compression level and
	  algorithm. For example, to set the compression to the LZMA
	  and compression level 5.
	  1. TFile f(filename, option, title);
	  2. TFile f(filename, option, title,
	  ROOT::CompressionSettings(ROOT::kLZMA, 5));
	  3. TFile f(filename, option, title);
	  These methods work for TFile, TBranch, TMessage, TSocket, and
	  The compression algorithm and level settings only affect
	  compression of
	  data after they have been set. TFile passes its settings to its
	  only at the time the branches are created. This can be overidden
	  explicitly setting the level and algorithm for the branch. These
	  also have the following methods to access the algorithm and level
	  Int_t GetCompressionAlgorithm() const;
	  Int_t GetCompressionLevel() const;
	  Int_t GetCompressionSettings() const;
	  If the compression level is set to 0, then no compression will be
	  done. All of the currently supported algorithms allow the level
	  to be
	  set to any value from 1 to 9. The higher the level, the larger
	  compression factors will be (smaller compressed data size). The
	  tradeoff is that for higher levels more CPU time is used for
	  compression and possibly more memory. The ZLIB algorithm takes
	  CPU time during compression than the LZMA algorithm, but the LZMA
	  algorithm usually delivers higher compression factors.
	  The header file core/zip/inc/Compression.h declares the function
	  "CompressionSettings" and the enumeration for the algorithms.
	  Currently the following selections can be made for the algorithm:
	  kZLIB (1), kLZMA (2), kOldCompressionAlgo (3), and
	  (0). The last option refers to an older interface used to control
	  algorithm that is maintained for backward compatibility. The
	  function is defined in core/zip/inc/Bits.h and it set the global
	  R__SetZipMode(int algorithm)
	  If the algorithm is set to kUseGlobalSetting (0), the global
	  controls the algorithm for compression operations. This is the
	  default and the default value for the global variable is kZLIB.
	  Note that the LZMA algorithm will only be available if the LZMA
	  libraries from the XZ package were available when the ROOT
	  being used was configured and built. If you are building ROOT and
	  LZMA then you must do something similar to the following if XZ is
	  already installed on your system.
	  Download XZ version 5.0.3 from
	  unwind the tarball
	  cd xz-5.0.3
	  ./configure CFLAGS='-fPIC'
	  ROOT was tested with version 5.0.3 of XZ. It might work with
	  versions and will probably work with later versions of XZ.
	  Then either use "make install" to put the library and headers
	  /usr/local/* so the scripts building ROOT can find them or use
	  arguments to the ROOT configure script to point to the proper
	  directories containing the XZ library and headers. These are the
	  library and the included header (lzma.h includes other headers in
	  lzma subdirectory).
	  WARNING: Data compressed with the LZMA algorithm cannot be read
	  ROOT executables that were not built with LZMA support.

2011-06-13 21:10  pcanal

	* [r39694] Update TBranchElement::Unroll to no longer split a base
	  that can not be split (i.e. respect the information returned
	  by TStreamerElement::CannotSplit (and thus TClass::CanSplit).
	  Add the ability to explicitly forbid (or allow) the splitting of
	  a class
	  (TClass::SetSplit) so that user can inforce the use of a
	  custom streamer in all possible split cases.
	  This disabling is currently _not_ done automatically for
	  backward compatibility reasons and because
	  a) Without TClass::SetCanSplit there was no way to
	  force the splitting (short of setting the split level lower)
	  b) Some classes still requires a custom streamer solely to
	  read older data files (for example for file written before
	  the advent of StreamerInfo) and are such not necessary to
	  be used when writting (and schema evolution rules can not
	  yet be used in this case).

2011-06-13 20:14  pcanal

	* [r39692] Fix support for call to MakeProject like:
	  Better error handling if the source file failed to be created
	  or if the project directory can not be created.
	  This fixes

2011-06-12 20:05  rdm

	* [r39685] From Pere:
	  - Added fitsio component
	  - Added experimentally two new options 'builtin_gsl' and
	  to build these packages within ROOT when needed by downloading
	  the source
	  code from the web.
	  - Fixed a problem with sometimes incompatible versions of the
	  interpreter and libraries.

2011-06-11 05:33  matevz

	* [r39681] Update release notes.

2011-06-11 05:20  matevz

	* [r39680] Add GUI for auto-saving of images in Extras tab of

2011-06-11 00:05  matevz

	* [r39679] Generalize TEveProjection::BisectBreakPoint() and use it
	  TEveTrackProjected and TEveStraightLineSetProjected.
	  The old argument signature is still supported but prints a
	  warning that it is

2011-06-10 17:29  pcanal

	* [r39676] Fix r39628 by insuring the copied histogram has the
	  proper type; this fixes tutorials/seims.C

2011-06-10 16:18  pcanal

	* [r39674] Remove last remnant of the recycle list

2011-06-10 16:11  pcanal

	* [r39673] From Elvin
	  - completely remove the recycle list and I recycle blocks
	  directly from the read list ( the oldest block in the list is
	  recycled first)
	  - improve the prefetching strategy so that if the user reads
	  sparsely (only one entry from a block) then the prefetching
	  thread won't prefetch the following block as it will never be
	  used. But it will prefect the block corresponding to the new
	  entry requested.
	  - so now for example if one wants to read only entries 0, 1000,
	  2000 and 3000 the program will only prefetch 4 blocks (in
	  comparison to 32 as it did before)
	  - this also leads to smaller run times when reading sparsely
	  - by removing the recycle list, during any type of execution
	  (sequential, sparse) I only use two TFPBlock thus considerably
	  reducing the memory footprint. (you can see how blocks are
	  created and recycled by putting two prints in
	  TFilePrefetch::CreateObject), and valgrind --tool=massif shows a
	  maximum size of 60 MB allocated for TFPBlock.

2011-06-10 15:54  pcanal

	* [r39672] Add header file to make the script compilable

2011-06-10 15:26  couet

	* [r39671] Improve Optimize help

2011-06-10 15:21  ganis

	* [r39670] Add protection against kinit call attempts when
	  not-terminal (backport from Xroot head)

2011-06-10 09:47  couet

	* [r39662] - TGraph2D::TGraph2D(Int_t n) initialize the points to 0

2011-06-10 09:07  couet

	* [r39661] - The constructor TGraph2D::TGraph2D(Int_t n) did not

2011-06-10 09:05  axel

	* [r39660] CINT binary is not part of ROOT anymore.

2011-06-10 08:15  bellenot

	* [r39658] Better way of checking protocol using TUrl (simply
	  ignore errors on malformed urls)

2011-06-10 00:12  pcanal

	* [r39656] extend Brian's contribution

2011-06-09 23:22  rdm

	* [r39654] to make sure we have gPluginMgr availble in the plugin
	  macros call once

2011-06-09 18:12  rdm

	* [r39652] From Pere:
	  - Finalized packages for options 'qt' and 'qtgsi' for Windows and
	  With this the build on Windows with all possible options is
	  - Changed the default for options to be equivalent to the
	  ROOT configure. They will be turned off is the required external
	  not found.
	  - Reduced the verbosity of the cmake command the second time it
	  is executed
	  and has already found the external packages

2011-06-09 18:04  rdm

	* [r39648] don't look for helper TSystem's when accessing local
	  files (file:///).

2011-06-09 18:02  rdm

	* [r39647] move slightly forward initialization of dictionaries to
	  avoid tons of warning
	  when running with statically linked module on OSX.

2011-06-09 17:58  rdm

	* [r39646] don't use TString::Data() explictly to keep code

2011-06-09 17:37  pcanal

	* [r39644] Fix warning

2011-06-09 17:18  pcanal

	* [r39642] From Brian and Philippe:
	  Reduce the memory used by a TTree in half.
	  Refactor the code reading and writing the TBasket data.
	  A single transient buffer holding the compressed data is
	  now managed by TTree (and could be made thread local)
	  rather than having one per TBranch.

2011-06-09 16:40  pcanal

	* [r39640] Improve behavior of TJoinHelper given the following
	  of the pthread conditions:
	  // When using condition variables there is always a Boolean
	  // involving shared variables associated with each condition wait
	  // is true if the thread should proceed. **Spurious** wakeups
	  from the
	  // pthread_cond_timedwait() or pthread_cond_wait() functions may
	  // Since the return from pthread_cond_timedwait() or
	  // does not imply anything about the value of this predicate, the
	  // predicate should be re-evaluated upon such return.

2011-06-09 13:27  axel

	* [r39629] Void instead of void; thanks to Thomas Lauf for the

2011-06-09 13:26  moneta

	* [r39628] use copy constructor instead of clone()
	  Fix for bug

2011-06-09 08:56  bellenot

	* [r39626] Test only urls containing "://"

2011-06-09 08:17  agheata

	* [r39625] Random generator is not recreated anymore

2011-06-09 07:30  bellenot

	* [r39623] Avoid to expand pathes that are urls. For example, don't
	  replace '~' by the $HOME value, or ':' by ';' in urls like

2011-06-09 06:38  moneta

	* [r39620] fix a memory leak (Thanks to Robert Hatcher)

2011-06-08 23:42  rdm

	* [r39614] fix some typos.

2011-06-08 20:24  moneta

	* [r39613] reset TAxis time display flag before adding histogram to
	  avoid rebinning
	  (see )

2011-06-08 19:48  matevz

	* [r39612] One more coverity 'fix' against the bug in

2011-06-08 19:35  pcanal

	* [r39611] Introduce TMemFile and update TFileMerger to support
	  incremental merges.
	  Add new tutorials ( net/treeClient.C + net/fastMergeServer.C )
	  demonstrating how a TMemFile can be used to do parallel merge
	  from many client. ( TMemFile still needs to be better integrated
	  with TMessage and TSocket).
	  The new TMemFile class support the TFile interface but only store
	  the information in memory. This version is limited to 32MB.
	  TMessage mess;
	  transient = new TMemFile("hsimple.memroot",scratch,length);
	  will copy the content of 'scratch' into the in-memory buffer
	  created by/for the TMemFile.
	  TMemFile *file = new TMemFile("hsimple.memroot","RECREATE");
	  Will create an empty in-memory of (currently fixed) size 32MB.
	  Will reset the objects in the TDirectory list of objects
	  so that they are ready for more data accumulations (i.e.
	  returns the data to 0 but keep the customizations).
	  Introduce the new function TFileMerger::IncrementalMerge will
	  will Merge the list of file _with_ the content of the output
	  file (if any). This allows make several successive Merge
	  into the same TFile object.
	  Introduce non-static version of TFile::Cp allows the copy of
	  an existing TFile object.
	  Introduce new explicit interface for providing reseting
	  capability after a merge. If a class has a method with
	  the name and signature:
	  void ResetAfterMerge(TFileMergeInfo*);
	  it will be used by a TMemFile to reset its objects after
	  a merge operation has been done.
	  If this method does not exist, the TClass will use
	  a method with the name and signature:
	  void Reset(Optiont_t *);
	  TClass now provides a quick access to these merging
	  function via TClass::GetResetAfterMerge. The wrapper function
	  is automatically created by rootcint and can be installed
	  via TClass::SetResetAfterMerge. The wrapper function should have
	  the signature/type ROOT::ResetAfterMergeFunc_t:
	  void (*)(void *thisobj, TFileMergeInfo*);
	  ResetAfterMerge functions were added to the following classes:
	  TDirectoryFile, TMemFile, TTree, TChain, TBranch, TBranhcElement,
	  TBranchClones, TBranchObject and TBranchRef.

2011-06-08 15:36  axel

	* [r39609] Reduce failures due to cygwin's spurious exit
	  codes 126 by retrying cl if the first one exited with code 126.

2011-06-08 14:50  moneta

	* [r39606] update release notes for the histogram package

2011-06-08 14:06  moneta

	* [r39603] update release notes

2011-06-08 14:03  couet

	* [r39602] - From Timur:
	  Attempt to fix coverity's warning about mixed enums. I hope,
	  coverity will not infer, that fSelectionBase (now it's int) is
	  initialized from enum and compared with another integer, which
	  later comparent with another enum in a different file :)

2011-06-08 13:16  axel

	* [r39601] Update the cursor position and redraw if there was
	  (someone else's, e.g. ROOT's) output on the console.

2011-06-08 13:04  moneta

	* [r39600] re-impelment GetSeed in derived class to return first
	  element of the seed table. Before always a fixed value was
	  returned independent of the state

2011-06-08 08:44  axel

	* [r39596] Merge r39595 from cling:
	  Reset the modifier before reading new input.
	  Fixes problem in cling where backspace would disable further

2011-06-08 08:11  moneta

	* [r39592] When drawing scatter plot for TH2 or TH2Poly do not use
	  gRandom, but an independent random generator instance,
	  to avoid interfering with gRandom
	  This fixes the bug <a href=""
	  Now the same sequence is also used for the same histograms,
	  giving therefore the same scatter plot for the same

2011-06-08 08:08  axel

	* [r39590] Centralize istty() into
	  Add check for terminal foreground process group to know whether
	  we can write (istty() is not enough), see r32454.
	  Fixes root -l -b script.C &

2011-06-07 21:16  pcanal

	* [r39588] Do no assume that there is a least one '.root' in the
	  filename passed to TChain::Add

2011-06-07 20:56  ganis

	* [r39585] In TProofPlayer, make sure that
	  TVirtualPAcketizer::HandleTimer is not called concurrently
	  during 'STOP', because this can deadlock the master. Fixes an
	  issue with 'STOP' reported by

2011-06-07 17:17  ganis

	* [r39580] Refine the part patch #37942 mapping 'localhost' to
	  gSystem->HostName(): this is only needed
	  for master-to-worker. Doing it for client-to-master breaks the
	  use of SSH tunnels.

2011-06-07 17:14  rdm

	* [r39577] From Pere:
	  - Added the following packages: oracle, mysql, odbc, gviz, fftw,
	  pythia8, unuran, table
	  - Changed the default values for the build options depending on
	  such that they display correctly with cmake-gui or ccmake
	  - Fixed mathmore build on Windows
	  - Make histfactory depending on xml option

2011-06-07 17:12  pcanal

	* [r39576] Support the case where the default size for the Cache is
	  0 and hence no cache is created. This can happen whenever the
	  AutoFlush mechanism is explicitly disabled when create the TTree

2011-06-07 17:11  pcanal

	* [r39575] Explicitly set the default cache size to 0 when the
	  AutoFlush is disabled (this is _not_ a behavior change)

2011-06-07 15:36  bellenot

	* [r39574] Cleanup (remove duplicates <code></code>)

2011-06-07 14:26  bellenot

	* [r39572] Include w32pragma.h from $(ROOT_SRCDIR)/build/win
	  instead of using $(PWD) (solve problem with out of source build)
	  Thanks to Axel who found the issue.

2011-06-07 09:30  axel

	* [r39569] From Bertrand and me: don't access character [-1] for
	  empty strings.

2011-06-06 08:48  couet

	* [r39562] - Fix a typo reported in

2011-06-05 09:49  axel

	* [r39559] Allow select/WaitForSingleObject to drive the event loop
	  for whole-line reading.

2011-06-04 10:21  axel

	* [r39553] From Pere: changes to CMake-based build system.
	  - The removal of editline option and its conditional code.
	  - A fix concerning the name of a couple of dictionary files
	  detected by Bertrand.
	  - I have tested [git HEAD of CMake] with VS10, which by the way
	  generated a number of warnings

2011-06-03 18:37  pcanal

	* [r39551] Add parameter 'copy' to TBuffer::Expand indicating
	  whether the caller
	  want the existing data to be copy forward (the old behavior and
	  new default is to copy the data forward).
	  Use this feature is TBasket::Reset to avoid a useless memcpy.

2011-06-02 21:16  pcanal

	* [r39548] Add the function TBuffer::AutoExpand to centralize the
	  buffer extension policy. This enable the ability to tweak it
	  (for example instead of always doubling the size, increasing by
	  only at most 2Mb or take hints from the number of entries already
	  in a TBasket).

2011-06-02 19:01  pcanal

	* [r39547] Remove inadvertent part of revison 38509

2011-06-01 16:06  couet

	* [r39544] From Timur:
	  Invisible (almost fully transparent) boxes are skipped now in

2011-06-01 15:49  axel

	* [r39542] When attached to a terminal, explicitly allocate CONIN$,
	  CONOUT$, to prevent others from stealing our handle through

2011-06-01 15:32  axel

	* [r39536] Fix for Solaris: raise is in std::

2011-06-01 15:05  axel

	* [r39534] Kill bin/root.exe when bin/root gets killed: forward

2011-06-01 15:02  axel

	* [r39533] Don't open the history file for enery entered line, to
	  determine its number of lines.
	  Do it when we reach 50% of the difference between fPruneLength
	  and fMaxDepth: this means the history file can contain more lines
	  than fMaxDepth (if multiple processes write to it sort of
	  synchronously), but not many (getting them to work synchronously
	  over hundreds of lines is rare).

2011-06-01 13:38  axel

	* [r39532] Also handle SIGTERM, SEGV, ILL, BUS - not just ABRT.
	  Now the terminal gets reset to default behavior also on regular
	  Properly implement re-raising of signals.

2011-06-01 13:37  axel

	* [r39531] ROOT wants to control what gets added to the history and
	  what doesn't, e.g. for TAuthenticate and the command line being
	  converted to startup input (_file0 = ...).
	  Add ability to define history entries outside textinput;
	  resurrect Gl_histadd().

2011-06-01 13:20  bellenot

	* [r39530] Improve source code layout

2011-06-01 12:59  bellenot

	* [r39529] Improve source code layout

2011-06-01 09:11  rdm

	* [r39527] update version number fro 5.29 to 5.30.

2011-06-01 09:06  moneta

	* [r39526] change to use HypoTestInverterOriginal, rename also the

2011-06-01 08:41  moneta

	* [r39525] move the virtual functions GetNCols and GetNrows in the
	  impelmentation file. No need to have them inlined

2011-05-31 21:22  rdm

	* [r39523] Start developent version 5.31/01.