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// @(#)root/tree:$Id$
// author: Lukasz Janyst <>

// file:   TBranchSTL.h

#ifndef ROOT_TBranchSTL
#define ROOT_TBranchSTL

#include "TBranch.h"
#include "TTree.h"
#include "TVirtualCollectionProxy.h"
#include "TBrowser.h"
#include "TBranchObject.h"
#include "TBranchElement.h"
#include "TIndArray.h"
#if __cplusplus >= 201103L
#include <atomic>
#include <map>
#include <vector>
#include <utility>

class TBranchSTL: public TBranch {
      TBranchSTL( TTree* tree, const char* name,
                  TVirtualCollectionProxy* collProxy,
                  Int_t buffsize, Int_t splitlevel );
      TBranchSTL( TBranch* parent, const char* name,
                  TVirtualCollectionProxy* collProxy,
                  Int_t buffsize, Int_t splitlevel,
                  TStreamerInfo* info, Int_t id );
      virtual ~TBranchSTL();
      virtual void           Browse( TBrowser *b );
      virtual Bool_t         IsFolder() const;
      virtual Int_t          Fill();
      virtual const char    *GetClassName() const { return fClassName.Data(); }
      virtual Int_t          GetExpectedType(TClass *&clptr,EDataType &type);
      virtual Int_t          GetEntry( Long64_t entry = 0, Int_t getall = 0 );
      virtual TStreamerInfo *GetInfo() const;
      virtual void           Print(Option_t*) const;
      virtual void           SetAddress( void* addr );

      ClassDef( TBranchSTL, 1 ) //Branch handling STL collection of pointers


   void ReadLeavesImpl( TBuffer& b );
   void FillLeavesImpl( TBuffer& b );

#ifndef __CINT__
      struct ElementBranchHelper_t
            fBranch( 0 ), fPointers( 0 ), fId( 0 ),
            fBaseOffset( 0 ), fPosition( 0 ) {}

         TBranchElement*     fBranch;
         std::vector<void*>* fPointers;
         UChar_t             fId;
         UInt_t              fBaseOffset;
         Int_t               fPosition;

      typedef std::map<TClass*, ElementBranchHelper_t> BranchMap_t;
      BranchMap_t fBranchMap;                         //! Branch map
      std::vector<ElementBranchHelper_t> fBranchVector; //! Branch vector
#endif // __CINT__

      TVirtualCollectionProxy* fCollProxy;    //! Collection proxy
      TBranch*                 fParent;       //! Parent of this branch
      TClass*                  fIndArrayCl;   //! Class of the ind array
      TIndArray                fInd;          //! Indices
      TString                  fContName;     //  Class name of referenced object
      TString                  fClassName;    //  Name of the parent class, if we're the data member
#if __cplusplus >= 201103L
      mutable std::atomic<Int_t> fClassVersion; //  Version number of the class
      mutable Int_t            fClassVersion; //  Version number of the class
      UInt_t                   fClCheckSum;   //  Class checksum
#if __cplusplus >= 201103L
      mutable std::atomic<TStreamerInfo*> fInfo; //! The streamer info
      mutable TStreamerInfo   *fInfo;         //! The streamer info
      char*                    fObject;       //! Pointer to object at address or the
      Int_t                    fID;           //  Element serial number in the streamer info

#endif // ROOT_TBranchSTL