[ROOT] Cint warnings on const members

From: Victor Krylov (krylov@rcf.rhic.bnl.gov)
Date: Fri Feb 02 2001 - 17:41:05 MET

Hello everybody,

I have a class with some const members.
Somebody knows how to deliver from the warnings?
BananaPlantCint.cxx: In method `void CBananaEvent::Streamer(class
TBuffer &)':
BananaPlantCint.cxx:258: warning: converting to `CBananaPlant *' from
`const CBananaPlant *' discards const
BananaPlantCint.cxx:258: warning: initializing non-const `CBananaPlant
*&' with `const CBananaPlant *' will use a temporary
BananaPlantCint.cxx:40: warning: in passing argument 2 of `operator
>>(TBuffer &, CBananaPlant *&)'


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