[ROOT] how to force autoloading of ROOT libraries

From: Dmitri Litvintsev (litvinse@fnal.gov)
Date: Wed May 30 2001 - 16:33:28 MEST

Hi ROOTers,

I have the following problem:
   I have a library whihc I want to load from root prompt.
I do as I was doing long time ago:

root [0] .L lib/Linux2-KCC_4_0/libRootEventDisplayGraf.so

and get this :

dlopen error:
undefined symbol: __ct__8TVector2FdT1
Load Error: Dynamic link library
/cdf/home/litvinse/evd/./lib/Linux2-KCC_4_0/libRootEventDisplayGraf.so can
not load
*** Interpreter error recovered ***
Real time 0:0:1, CP time 0.010

Apparently I use TVector2 and the ROOT library which contains its
definition is not loaded. I have to do:
       1) figure out what library I need
       2) load it by hand: gSystem.Load("$ROOTSYS/lib/libPhysics.so");

now it works fine:

root [1] .L lib/Linux2-KCC_4_0/libRootEventDisplayGraf.so
Real time 0:0:0, CP time 0.070

Question: Is there any means of forcing automatic loading of
          necessary libraries in this case?

Dmitri Litvintsev

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