Re: [ROOT] ROOT & Qt, Swing, GUIs, Graphics Abstraction

From: Yuriy (
Date: Tue Oct 30 2001 - 11:20:13 MET

Dear Rene and ROOTers,

I am very sorry about I started this QtROOT flame war. But it looks
like that this topic is very interesting for many people.

The main result for me I found out of this talking is: there is no
open and ready to use interface form ROOT to Qt. Actually you and some
other people are talking that architecture of GUI and graphic classes
is not modern and it should be changed. It is a fact, that X11
interface is not very good if you are going to work with computer over
thousands kilometers, but it is OK for local network or inside
intranet between labs that situated close to each other.

So I thing the only solution for me will be to develop TXQt class my
self in goal to have possibility to run my application on Unix an
Windows as well. It would be OK for me if this class will be TVirtualX
child and all calls of gVirtualX will go through TXQt and after this
to Qt. So I could draw histograms inside Qt GUI windows and in the
same time I could use all power of the ROOT analysis classes.

Perhaps this is rather naive point of view and it might looks like
reinventing the wheel one more time. But the problem is, as I wrote
before, that there is no working code I could use. OK there is Go4
project, but the question is: is it open source? Could I use and
modify this for my own needs? I mean not in one or two months I mean
now. I just hope to try to do this and if somebody is interested I
could provide you with my code any time.

Best regards,
Yuriy Prokazov.

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