[ROOT] Debugging code when pointer is grabbed and not returned.

From: Brett Viren (bv@bnl.gov)
Date: Wed Dec 19 2001 - 16:53:39 MET


First: Fons, thanks for the additions to the TGMenus, they seem to
work fine.

Now, I am having a problem in that I am getting SegVs in (my) code
attached to menu callbacks and I want to debug them in GDB.  The
problem is that the menus grab the pointer and when the SegV occurs
the pointer is never ungrabbed.  My entire X session is effectively
locked out and I must Ctrl-Alt-F1 to the console and kill my ROOT app
to regain pointer control.

Does anyone know how I to force the pointer to ungrab after a SegV, or
otherwise debug under GDB so that the pointer is not permanently


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