RE: [ROOT] ...libCore.dll not a valid Windows image...

From: Faine, Valeri (
Date: Sun Mar 03 2002 - 01:18:30 MET

Does your "regular" ROOT works ?
If you have gotten the broken DLL none\ must work.
Can you check that ?


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From: Marian M. Liliac
Sent: 2/27/02 11:40 PM
Subject: [ROOT] ...libCore.dll not a valid Windows image...

Hi ROOTers,
after a night of trying to convince ROOT to start in a Visual C++
application I have finally succeed to get rid of all the compilation and
building errors.
Guess ... on execution a windows pops-up and tells me that libCore.dll
is not a valid windows application.
I use ROOT 30302 which is actually working well. Any idea ??
Thanks a lot.

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