[ROOT] Drawing a line in histogram in log mode

From: Reinhardt Chamonal (chamonal@ph.ed.ac.uk)
Date: Wed Jul 17 2002 - 12:54:06 MEST

I have a minor problem:
I am drawing a simple vertical line on my histogram as follows:
    Int_t binminmean = xaxis->FindBin(tabMean[i]);
    Double_t maxvalue=pedestal->GetMaximum();
    l=new TLine(binminmean,0,binminmean,maxvalue);
It works fine until I decide to change the Y coordinate to logarithmic 
scale with

The line has an ofset (it's at 1 instead of 0) and goes off the histogram.
What is wrong ?

I tried stuff like:
l=new TLine(binminmean,log(0),binminmean,log(maxvalue));
without success...
if I put 1 instead of zero it starts at 10 if I put 2 it start at 100 

I am using root 3.03.06


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