[ROOT] Performance question: Updating a colz histogram

From: Ed Oltman (eoltman@imago.com)
Date: Fri Jul 19 2002 - 15:42:12 MEST

 I have an online application which includes a 500x500 bin TH2F which I
display in response to a timer with


(I've previously called gStyle->SetPalette(1,0))  Early on, when the
histogram is still young, the refresh is pretty quick - refreshing at 2 Hz
uses a small amount (<10%) of the cpu time. Gradually, as the histogram
fills, the refresh time increases - by the time the histogram has a few
hundred thousand entries, (maximum bin contents is in the 10s) the cpu time
is 80% and climing.

Is there something I could do to speed things up, short of adjusting the
refresh rate?  I am using version 3.07/07 on Win32.  Thanks...


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