[ROOT] tick marks and labels

From: Sandhia Bansal (sandhiab@lheapop.gsfc.nasa.gov)
Date: Tue Mar 25 2003 - 14:58:23 MET


We are using ROOT 3.02/07.

I am trying to make a 2-D plot with xaxis in log scale and yaxis in linear.

I am using NDivision=205 to produce the correct tick marks on the 
xaxis.  However the I cannot get labels to
print out in the format that I want.  I would like these to be:
	10**-10    10**-8    10**-6    10**-4    10**-2    10**0
where 10**-10 and 10**-2 are at the edges.

For the xaxis I cannot get either of the tick marks or labels printed 
The xaxis is log-scaled and should have 4 divisions with each division 
having 9 sub-divisions.  So, I am trying
to use NDivision=904 - however this does not produce what I expect.
The y-axis labels need to be
	10**0    10**1    10**2    10**3    10**4
where 10**0 and 10**4 are at the edges.

Thank you

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