[ROOT] MacOSX and fortran libs

From: Constantin Loizides (loizides@ikf.uni-frankfurt.de)
Date: Sun Jan 04 2004 - 20:08:18 MET

Hi Rooters,
I am new to macosX.
After compiling ROOT I figured
out that the following error happens
when loading libVMC

root [1] gSystem->Load("/prog/root/ali-head/lib/libVMC");
dlopen error: dlcompat: dyld: /prog/root/ali-head/bin/root.exe Undefined 

Load Error: Failed to load Dynamic link library 
*** Interpreter error recovered ***

It seems that the common blocks are not found
(no wonder as we compile with -fno-common.

Now, what does that mean? Cant I use any library
with common blocks? Eg. pythia, aliroot?
(they all fail with the same symptoms)
I am lost here as I have not enough mac/bsd
knowlegde. Any ideas? (I am using
fink and Panther)


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