[ROOT] libMySQL.so on afs ROOT v3.10.02 + gcc 3.2

From: Julien Bolmont (julien.bolmont@gamum2.in2p3.fr)
Date: Mon Jan 05 2004 - 13:41:10 MET

Hi Rooters and happy new year !

I'm trying to use root on afs with

The library "libMySQL.so" seems to have a problem. When I try to use it 
in a root session, the following happens :

root [1] gSystem->Load("libMySQL.so");
dlopen error: 
undefined symbol: SSL_new
Load Error: Failed to load Dynamic link library 
*** Interpreter error recovered ***

Other libraries seem to work well.

Any ideas ?

Thanks a lot,

Julien Bolmont
Ingénieur diplômé - doctorant
Groupe d'Astroparticules de Montpellier

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