[ROOT] Problem with TString

From: Martijn Schellekens (Martijn.Schellekens@iota.u-psud.fr)
Date: Fri Jan 09 2004 - 10:25:26 MET

Hi Rooters,

I just wanted to report a problem with TString in the latest version: 
windows gdk 3.10/2

 >TString hello("hello you")
(class TString) ""

whereas the result should have been off course
(class TString) "hello you"

Generally speaking TString can not be given any content
Hence hello.Append(" there") results in the same void string

This version has been used under windows XP pro, running in a vmware 
Other objects seemed to work yet I have not done extensive testing.

Thanks and bye,

Martijn Schellekens

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