Re: [ROOT] patch for delete and arrow keys

From: Jiri Masik (
Date: Mon Jan 19 2004 - 16:51:31 MET

Hi Thomas,

the command line editing in Root resembles the emacs-style that's
where C-a/C-e come from. Home/End in Emacs jump to the beginning/end
of the buffer. As there is nothing equivalent to a buffer in Root
Home and End could be bound to work as you expect.


Thomas Bretz <> writes:

> Hi Jiri,
> thanks... but I do not like to learn new keyboard short cuts for each
> program. I think Ctrl-a/e maybe as commonly used as home/end. And
> instead of producing garbage on the screen it would be nice if these
> keays could do what (maybe) many people would expect these keays to
> do. What do you think?
> Thomas.
> Jiri Masik wrote:
>> Thomas Bretz <> writes:
>>>Hi Alexander,
>>>it sounds great I always thought, that the current way of editing is
>>>somehow inconvinient. It seems that you had a look into Getline.c. Do
>>>you think that it is possible to get also 'home' and 'end' working to
>>>jump back to the beginning of a line?
>> Hi Thomas,
>> you can use C-a (and C-e) to get to the beginning (the end) of the
>> line.
>> cheers
>> Jiri

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