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Date: Tue Jan 20 2004 - 19:00:02 MET

Hi Troy,

We are planning to add the ability to plot stl containers in the next few


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Subject: [ROOT] Plotting an stl vector

Hi roottalk-

I'm new to this, have what I hope is an easy question to answer:

I have a class that contains an stl vector of ints, and I use a TFile and a
TTree to write it out to a file.  When I load up the file in an interactive
session, I can see all the data, as expected, in my branches when I access
them directly, e.g. branch->GetEntry(index).  However when I click the leave
in the tree viewer, I get the message

Warning in <TSelectorDraw::ProcessFillObject>: Not implemented for
vector<int,allocator<int> >

So I'm guessing that I need to somehow convert this vector into something
that is plottable by root.  Can anyone suggest a techinque to do this?

I may have to repeat this process for a very large number of root files with
stl vectors of various types...  the more generic the better.  Perhaps the
idea is a file converter, from root-with-stl-nonplottables to

Any tips are gratefully accepted,


Troy Straszheim

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