Re: [ROOT] Neural networks

From: Kirill Shileev (
Date: Tue Jan 27 2004 - 17:58:16 MET

Dear Christophe

Your example macro expects file mlpHiggs.root which is absent, there is 
also no producer for this file. Where to get it?

On Tue, 27 Jan 2004, Christophe Delaere wrote:

> Dear ROOTers,
> Some of you may have noticed the new Neural Network classes distributed with 
> ROOT since ROOT 3.10/01. The TMultiLayerPerceptron class is inspired from the 
> mlpfit package originally distributed with PAW.
> Lots of features were only added to ROOT 3.10/02 and a brand new documentation 
> is now available on the following webpage: 
> There is also a tutorial (mlpHiggs.C) which shows you how to use it.
> Don't hesitate to contact me via roottalk, the root forum or directly by mail.
> Enjoy,
> Christophe.

Regards, Kirill

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