[ROOT] TRootBrowser

From: Alexander Bürger (buerger@iskp.uni-bonn.de)
Date: Tue Feb 03 2004 - 13:24:05 MET

Dear rooters,

when receiving root files via email I would like to have a quick way to
see them. I wrote a small program which is attached. It tries to load
everything given on the command line as a root file and then opens a
TBrowser. There is a little problem: I want the program to terminate when
I close the browser window, so I subclassed TRootBrowser, and, to make it
used, also TBrowser. This leads to a flashing at startup as the TBrowser
creates a TRootBrowser first which is then deleted and replaced by the
MyRootBrowser. Any ideas how to avoid this flashing, or how to avoid the
subclassing of TRootBrowser?


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