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From: Valeri Fine (
Date: Fri Feb 06 2004 - 21:59:39 MET

Hello Thomas.

Thank you very much for your post. It is very useful and interesting

Did you see the ROOT base NOVA framework? 

That does use ROOT +  MySQL + its tables are "ROOT browsable"

>From the first glance the jobs may complement each other may not it?
Than you, Valeri

Best regards

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> Dear all,
> I wrote a small tool-class which makes it possible to look into a
> database simply by using the TBrowser. Are you interested in putting
> this feature into root?
> BTW, it seems, that the TBrowser evaluates IsFolder only once for each
> type of class, but in this particular case it would be more convinient
> if the class can be once a Folder (displaying the name of the tables)
> and sometimes Not-A-Folder (displaying the name of a column in a
> Otherwise we would need more than one (very simple) class for this
> feature...
> Best regards,
> Thomas.

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