[ROOT] Where can I find AIDA interface?

From: Exaos Lee (schlie@iris.ciae.ac.cn)
Date: Mon Feb 09 2004 - 12:34:47 MET

Dear ROOTer,
I want to change some codes based on AIDA to root as the following
// Creating the analysis factory
AIDA::IAnalysisFactory* af = AIDA_createAnalysisFactory();

// Creating the tree factory
AIDA::ITreeFactory* tf = af->createTreeFactory();

AIDA::ITree* tree = tf->create("testaa.paw", "hbook", readOnly=false, 
createNew = true);

// Creating a historam factory
AIDA::IHistogramFactory* hf = af->createHistogramFactory(*tree);
What are the corresponding classes in ROOT to AIDA::IAnalysisFactory, 
AIDA::ITreeFactory and AIDA::IHistogramFactory?

The second question, how to convert an <xxxx.aida> file into a 
<xxxx.root> file?



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