[ROOT] Several question: globals in aclic, circular dependencies in aclic, default webbrowser

From: Martijn Schellekens (Martijn.Schellekens@iota.u-psud.fr)
Date: Mon Feb 09 2004 - 15:04:55 MET

Hi Rooters,

I encoutered three problems this weekend, and I desperately need some help.

1. Global variables: critical

I tried to compile several scripts this weekend that used global variables.
The global variable was for example a TString gWorkspaceDirectory that does 
exist in my
gROOT according to GetListOfGlobals() (it is defined in my rootalias.C)
I compiled the code (ie: MUtilities.cxx) using the R__EXTERN macro and 
compilation is fine
(as a matter of fact i use ACLiC)
I created the header MUtilities_linkdef.h that is detected and integrated 
by the compilation
procedure as gDebug=6 tells me
I wrote #pragma link C++ global gWorkspaceDirectory in my linkdef file.
Yet once the script is loading it returns it can not identify 
What do I wrong or where can I find documentation that explains simply what 
to do?

2. Circular dependencies: important

I have two source files that are strongly related. The header files are 
sufficient for
compiling yet once compiled with ACLiC they can not be loaded as they 
depend on each other
and they can not be loaded simultaneously. Is there a simple way using 
ACLiC to compiling
and loading those interdependent source files?

3. Default Webbrowser: enhancement

Documentation related to my userinterface is in html (by the way thanks for 
the excellent
THtml class) and it would be nice for the users to simply press on a button 
so it opens. Is
there a methos within root that could return the default internet browser 
(on both linux,
windows and macOS)?

I thanks in advance anybody that could help me on any of those questions.

Martijn Schellekens

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