Re: [ROOT] Where can I find AIDA interface?

From: Exaos Lee (
Date: Mon Feb 09 2004 - 21:07:15 MET

Julius Hrivnac wrote:
> Maybe LCG/PI can do that as it is able to work both with Root and AIDA
> files. Try to ask Andreas Pfeifer.
>     Julius

Dear Julius,
Thank you, I have found it on this page:
o AIDA_RootConverter: new package containing conversions from AIDA 
histograms to ROOT and vice versa. The conversions assume that the AIDA 
histograms implement the developer interfaces from AIDA_DeV.
My AIDA data is the output of the Geant4 code. Now, I know how to work 
with it and ROOT togather.


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