Re: [ROOT] Where can I find AIDA interface?

From: Exaos Lee (
Date: Tue Feb 10 2004 - 18:06:09 MET

Valeriy Onuchin wrote:
> Hi Exaos,
> I'm not a user of AIDA. I woud like to ask you as AIDA user:
Sorry, I am not an AIDA user either.

>  - which features of AIDA are missing in ROOT? or how
>     ROOT can be improved in comparison with AIDA (ideas, interface etc.)?
AIDA stands for "Abstract Interface for Data Analysising". Maybe it is 
just a standard sth. like XML. There are several implementations of 
AIDA, such as JAIDA, the Java implementation.

> - what is advantage/idea of using IAnalysisFactory?
> - I see you are using paw files. I think it's quite easy to add to ROOT
>   "embedded" support of PAW files. How critical to you is
>    keeping data in PAW files?

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