[ROOT] graphis vowes

From: Dmitri Litvintsev (litvinse@fnal.gov)
Date: Thu Feb 12 2004 - 19:38:20 MET

Dear ROOTers,

I have been experiencing a major disconfort trying to
work with ROOT at the presentation stage of the analysis.

My problem is the following:

	graphics pbject added via Editor would change
	their position if I switch from Linear to Log scale.

	If I plot the histogram, and then add a text in the macro
	using something like this:

	TLatex* txt = new TLatex(10,20,"Pretty text");

	the coordnates are defined by the histogram range, that
	is the text would be at X=10 and Y=20 with respect
	to histogram. This is convenient, thank you very much.

	Now if I  switch to log mode, the text will jump somewhere
	in crazy place. Why should it? If it is supposed to be tied to
	histogram ranges it should stay in the same place.

	Well I discover, that if I want to have a macro that works
	all the time I need to draw using "NDC" reference frame, but
	then the placing of the text is not intuitively clear
	(as now instead of (10,20) I need to figure out what "NDC"
	coordinates it corresponds to).

	Could that be addressed somehow? (e.g., user specifies
	the coordinates in pad coordinates, but the inderlying
	drawing always converts the coordinates to "NDC" and
	takes into account if the scale is LOG or Liner to make
	necessary adjustments)

Dmitri Litvintsev

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