Re: [ROOT] Crash when ttree->GetEntry() is called

From: Rene Brun (
Date: Mon Feb 16 2004 - 14:44:52 MET

Hi Alessandro,

When you have a problem reading one event from a TTree, I suggest to
activate the internal debug machinery from Root. Do the following:

root > TFile f("myEventFile.root");
root > TTree *T = (TTree*)f.Get("mytree");
root > //set Tree branch Addresses here, then
root > gDebug=2;  //will activate internal Root debug
root > T->GetEntry(0);
having activated gDebug=2 will generate a long print-out with one line
per member read from the Tree. Looking at the place where it crashes may give
you some idea where to investigate.

Rene brun

Alessandro Thea wrote:
> Hi rooters,
> I have a really annoying problem with an Event class.
> Basically root crashes when I try to get an event from the tree. But not
> always. This is why it's difficult so to find the reason of the crash.
> Have you ever experienced anything like that?
> The Event file is quite long, I don't think is worth to attach it.
> Anyway, do you have any suggestion where to look for?
> Thanks
> Alessandro Thea

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